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From the Rangers:

September 26, 2010 – New York Rangers 3 at Detroit Red Wings 5 [Pre-Season Game: 3; Away Game: 2]

* The New York Rangers were defeated by the Detroit Red Wings, 5-3, tonight at Joe Louis Arena, in the second game of their back-to-back road set.  The Blueshirts are now 2-1-0 in pre-season action.

* After allowing two early goals to the Red Wings, the Rangers got on the board with an even strength goal from Sean Avery, his first goal of the pre-season, at 8:35 of the first period.  Avery led the team with four shots on goal and logged 13:25 of ice time.

* Forwards Erik Christensen and Artem Anisimov each notched a goal in a span of 27 seconds mid-way through the second period to tie the score at three goals.  Christensen’s goal, his first of the pre-season, was unassisted at 11:37 of the middle frame.  He finished the contest with four hits and three shots in 17:02 of ice time.  Anisimov’s goal was a shorthanded tally at 12:04 of the second, his second goal in as many days, and he is now tied for the team lead with two goals in the pre-season.

* Rangers forward Alex Frolov recorded an assist on Anisimov’s shorthanded goal, and is now tied for the team lead with three assists and four points in two pre-season contests.

* Todd White registered an assist on Avery’s first period goal and won a team-high, five face-offs in 10 attempts (50%).  White has recorded an assist in each of his two appearances with the Blueshirts, having tallied an assist in last night’s 5-4 overtime win at New Jersey while making his Rangers debut.

* Martin Biron turned aside 19 of 22 shots in the game’s opening two periods (39:59) in a no decision.  Chad Johnson stopped 10 of 12 shots in the third period, and is now 1-1-0 in pre-season action.

* Rookie defenseman Ryan McDonagh led the Rangers with 24:43 of ice time, and registered three blocked shots.  Defenseman Pavel Valentenko and forward Brandon Prust tied for the game-high with five hits apiece, while defenseman Dan Girardi led all skaters with four blocked shots in 23:06 of ice time.

* The Rangers do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, September 27.  The Blueshirts next practice is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 28, at the MSG Training Center.

* The Blueshirts will return to action on Wednesday, September 29, when they will face-off against the Detroit Red Wings at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of their home-and-home set.  The contest will be broadcast live on MSG Network.

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  1. Dang you Lin! OK, popping in and popping out. wicky, this doesn’t count…new post (which carp forgot to note :)

  2. yes, now I see he did. I’m gonna sign off. My game, like some others tonight, is totally off :) niters and ta all. Catch you tomorrow….

  3. Linda,
    I think Grachev goes…I hate to say it but he looked better last camp
    I think Exelby is gone.
    White, Newbury, Williams, Johnson. I’d rather see Vtank than Semenov…who really just seems big and slow. I’d rather see kids get spots than old guys. Let them grow together and see what happens.

  4. Staal, would you rather see V-Tank get that 7th spot instead of Semenov? I’d rather Semenov get it, or Eminger.

    The way I see it, it’s either McDognut, or V-Tank taking Dredden’s vacated spot. Unless a miracle happens and Blowzy is injured traded or waived.

  5. you know me Staal, i’d rather see the younger guys too, for the exact reason you stated. Grachev, another year of seasoning in Hartford. I’d like to see how Stepan and McD progress during the year.

    I like how Double A seems stronger on his feet so far, and he looks more confident. He seems comfy with his linemates, and that’s always a good thing.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Being sent down to Harford isn’t a bad thing ,unless yer Wade Redden…

  7. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    just finished watching the game finally…..

    did dubi or grachev actually play??

    semenov and valentenko continue to look good. I think valentenko looks better than mcdonut at this point.

    I think sauer, byers, and grachev are going to be cut. XLB is probably done at this point….white I’m not sure about.

    Boyle seems to have seriously worked in the off season, he really seems to want to make the roster.

    AA looks like he has learned to keep his head up and definitely hits more.

    at one point the rangers had boyle, AA, prust, valentenko, and girardi on the ice and 4 of the 5 delivered at least one good hit during the shift….predictably over priced girardi was the only one who didn’t.

  8. watched Semenov play for a couple years in SJ, and he was not popular. yes, he fought occasionally, but he was a 7th dman who made giveaway blunders and bad penalties in his own zone

    plus his “my wife won’t let me” act last year at Rangers camp is not exactly a selling point for him.

    I prefer valentenko, but I know that they will give him more experience in Hartford. it will probably come down to Eminger vs Semenov as the spare dman. neither is a a standout, but Eminger has more offensive ability and Semenov has more size and strength

  9. This kid Zuccarello was great on the forecheck tonight. He’s a fiesty player who is fun to watch. I can only see him better as he adjusts his game to the NHL. This guy should be the #2 right wing behind Gabby.

  10. Dublowsky has looked extremely unimpressive. Completely invisible in his pre-season games. He’s on a contract year, and he wont start out playing with Gabby like he though he was going to do when he signed his 2 year deal.

    Now we’ll get to see the real Dublowsky. He better step up his fuggin game!

  11. If Slats had balls he would get rid of Blowzy in any way possible. It would be awesome to have another two rookies on defense.

    But, if we wait out Blowzy’s contract, that will be two full years for one of them in Hartford, which isn’t bad at all.

  12. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    i agree about trading rozy. I wish we would not have overpaid girardi so much, It would be nice if we would trade him too.

  13. Frolov/Stepan/Gaborik

    No idea how Prospal or Fedotenko will fit in. Perhaps ZUccarello is actually Hartford bound.

    7th should be Valentenko but they’ll want more experience atvthe position and he needs more minutes than that.

  14. MZA needs to provide offense if he wants to make the team. He’s had a few decent flashes, but he hasn’t done anything to prove he deserves a spot.

    And why do you have MZA on the second line, while Cally has to play with the scrubs?

  15. I liked Valentenko. I do not care for Eminger, Exelby, or Semenov.

    Todd White is crap, Tim Kennedy is worth keeping around, Boogaard is the man, Avery remembered who he is, Stepan should start the season as #1 center, Anisimov and Boyle looked better than last year.

  16. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I still think valentenko looks better than mcdonut.

    I also think that this team and d would be better with both semenov and valentenko in the top six than without….just not sure how that is possible (unless the other r goes or overpriced does for some reason).

    XLB was really disappointing to me. He used to be a big hitter and we could use that, but he showed nada!

  17. Valemtenko is one mean kid…i really like him and hope he makes it… and semenov is pretty good too with that big body and long reach. I think Grachev needs more time to make the club so i think he’ll be cut…

  18. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    agree about grachev. byers is an AHLer that can not fight at this level(has heart). I think sauer is going back down. white is iffy. I think kennedy and feds make the top 12 forwards.

  19. grachev looked better then some think. his forecheck led to the first goal. exelby has no purpose on this team. he is slow and they will e plenty tough.

    bottom line they have a bunch of fairly good young prospects for the first time in forever.

    gilroy will make the team.. semenov maybe 7th d man but he needs to stay out of the box.

    staal, girardi, roszival, del zotto, gilroy, mcdonagh, and semenov are the 7 dmen. let sauer and the russian guy play big minutes in the ahl…

  20. byers has more skill then voros and do not bury him yet. wiese and grachev have upside, more size, and are a little younger…

  21. not a jets fan but they are legit.

    giants had a terrible loss today. jets after week 3are the best football team in town..

  22. Giants were absolutely yucky. Offense is awful. No discipline and or grasp of fundamental concepts. However, the referees cheated us all game. Changed the whole complexion of the game with it tied 10-10 and that garbage penalty safety call. The day the referees call that on the Patriots is the day he.ll freezes over.

  23. Mainly, our offensive line is just shite. That was the key to our Super Bowl season and the year after and the 5-0 start last year. Being able to dominate the line of scrimmage – pound the run game and give Eli time in the pocket. On top of that, what the heck is wrong with Kareem McKenzie? Does he have no discipline whatsoever. As for our defense, it’s really telling how important coaching is when watching the Giants defense these past 2 years. Steve Spagnuolo was a genius.

  24. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    how about mcdonut getting big minutes in the A and valentenko in the top 7. You think mcdonut has played better than valentenko to this point???

  25. Can someone please tell me who McDonut is??? I simply cannot figure it out. I know all of our potential defenseman and defensive prospects, and I cant for the life of me figure it out.

  26. It amazes me to see the antipathy that some Bonesters have for both Ericksen and Avery. To say that these two are not skilled is to ignore what happens before their eyes. Ericksen is a masterful puck controller and has a deadly shot when he can get it off. In my humble opinion, that game showed up Dubinsky as either not ready, or unable. He was in fact the invisible man.
    It was an eye opening game, concerning the returnees as much as the newbies. If Ericksen gets enough playing time between some of these new shot makers, I am convinced that barring injury, he will have a very respectable year.
    One of the most pleasurable things about that game, was not having to watch Roszival waste valuable ice time out there. And at this juncture, it would seem that there is more of a problem in goal, than among the skaters.

    These announcer teams will be my nightmare before this season ends with their endless clap trap on nothingness, while ignoring what goes on.. on the ice.

  27. fran

    lol @ Bonesters. Agreed on Christensen, I think he is a respectable 3rd line center, and perhaps 2nd line center. Dont think our problem will be in goal this season – Hank and Biron are fine. This is the preseason. Biron probably wasnt playing his hardest. As usual, I think the key to the team will be putting pucks in the net and our defensemen.

    With Redden gone, it’s addition by subtraction. I think we have a nice mix of Dmen that can perhaps play better defense in front of Hank than in past years. I think the Rangers will surprise many people this year.

    Agreed on announcers. They’re all fools. They’d rather talk about who gets credited with a goal or an assist than what the Rangers need to do to improve.

  28. mcD

    that must be the one;;with the large number of Ericksens trying out, I wasn’t sure which first name applied.

    I’d be content if the mike men would just do the play by play, and forget all the chit chat nonsense ( most of which none of them has even a clue anyhow. As it stands now, what the Rangers mike people give is an unending back fence gossip
    and NO play by play.

  29. ORR


    It starts out a bit slow but it is so well done with great acting!

    You don’t have to wait a week to see each episode; you have a luxury of watching one episode after another! That’s how I do with most of these shows… I let them play for few seasons and then just watch in bunch! I watched all four seasons of Dexter in a month! Its fun!

  30. I watched Dubi in the first Devils game and I thought he was pretty damned good. He must of had a bad day yesterday. . .

    I have to believe a trade is coming soon. There are too many bodies (all of whom are carbon copies of each other) to just pick a roster from.

    With Redden gone, and that extra $$$$ layin around? I see something goin down.

  31. boy, you guys put an awful lot of stock into pre season games. the vets are just getting there work in (dubi), and the young guys play harder to make an impression. they are just pre season games.

  32. bulldog- exactly, im not worried about duby or gabby or even drury when he returns. they all are gonna be there. what im worried about is grachev. more than anything else, they shouldve put him back with stepan like in traverse. ok i didnt get to see the whole game, but besides the hit he laid to create white the pass to aves, i didnt think he did anything really to stand out in both games. he was a little more noticeable last night just because he was on the line for the first goal, but he was so much better last year. and he was even with his buddy AA, who was great. i hope he didnt get discouraged by having all these guys in camp and maybe it scvared him. or maybe hes sctually the 3rd round pick he originally was. idk, but i thought hed be on teh teamno doubt this year. i mean, if mza makes it over him i will be pissed. the little hobbit will not thrive in this league. yes, hes quick, and has a good net presence for a small guy, but we have too many midgets, and eff kennedy too. keep boyle.

  33. what i meant was, if mza makes it to teh team faster than grachev, i will be pissed. meaning, both imo should be WHALES tis season, and if theres an injury to any forward, i would wanna se grachev get the first callup. hope he does well this year. in fact, i’d actually like to see gilroy put on fwd first and call up v tank or sauerkraut sandwich. no semenov or xlb. they are not better than mcdognuts or kraut sandwich. id also like to know if nigel tuffnel is gonna ever vye for a spot?

  34. mza looks like harry potter. his stick is probably as big as harrys magioc wand. love to see mxa ride out on the ice opening night riding a broomstick. he could be our mascot.

  35. The White Plains Batman on

    MZA’s a little more mature than Grachev at this point in both actual age and hockey experience, bu he’s borderline in terms of where to start the season.

    I like Grachev a lot and he’s still very young, but he needs to learn to use his body more. He was coasting or not actively involved too much yesterday. A guy his size with his speed/puck protection should dominate and have two or three opponents chasing him.

    Dubinsky has been quiet but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  36. Why would even a veteran be ‘quiet’ at this transformational period this year? If nothing else, he should be setting an example. ( Like Avery perhaps?)

  37. Good morning all! fran, liking your posts today :)

    fyi, whoever tr was here last night, it’s wasn’t THE tr. so faker, quit it and get yer own handle.

  38. You got to love this Kennedy Kid.

    He’s already been paid by Buffalo, and is making money no matter what happens.

    HAs been pretty good in camp so far, and to top it all off, is missing a front tooth. old time hockey player, love it.

    But seriously, He’s definitely a suprise as I thought his singing was kind of odd, but I can definitely see him stealing a roster spot.

    MZA too, though he hasn’t been outstanding in the pre season so far, he def has hands and can make plays.

    Anyone think now that Streit is out for 6 months, Sather has called Wang to see if he’ll pick up Redden’s tab before the end of the day?

    I could see it happening as the Isles are not even close to the cap floor. Then we ccould still boo him all the time, haha

    So happy NY Rangers hockey is back!!!

  39. I only saw half the game last night but a couple of our guys looked a bit out of their depth. MZA looks like he has skill but i think he needs some time in Hartford to acclimatise, then maybe a mid-season call-up. I didnt even notice Grachev or Dubi until i checked the boxscore, Christensen i noticed because he got put on his a$$ and scored in quick succession, otherwise he didnt stand out for me.

    I was impressed by Frolov, Prust, McD, Avery and Anisimov. Its only pre-season but Frolov looks pretty motivated and could be a bargain if he can continue to score like he has.
    Avery has to stay too, he’s shown both sides of his game this weekend.

    Cuts are coming some time today, i can see Valentenko, Grachev, Byers, Weise, XLB and maybe MZA and Fedostinko going too.

  40. UKRanger – I think Valentenko and Zuccarello will eventually go down but I would be very surprised if it’s today. They’ve showed enough to still be fighting for a spot and will only benefit from experiencing a few more NHL games.

    Tortorella loves Fedotenko and he played well in both games he played so I’m sure that not only does Fedotenko not get sent down today, he’s a good bet to make the team.

    Exelby has no chance with McDonagh, Semenov, and Valentenko playing so well.

    I was hoping to see more from Grachev, Weise, and Sauer in this camp but no doubt they will all eventually get sent to Hartford.

  41. I know this will never happen but does the team send a wake-up call and send Dubinsky to Hartford? He has done NOTHING so far this camp while the other guys on the bubble are outplaying him. I think only 2 or 3 of Stepan, White, Christenson, Boyle, and Kennedy make it. Should Duby deserve to be thrown in that mix if he continues to do nothing?

    Hoping that he’s just dogging it because he’s a lock (which is quite presumptuous since he’s underachieved for 2 seasons now) is a lame excuse and greatly deserves a wake-up call to me while Callahan who IS a lock is throwing his body around like it’s the playoffs.

  42. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I have to admit, the vid that mavenator put up was pretty frakking cool!!!!

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