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I just wanted to add something to what I wrote this morning about Derek Boogaard as a weapon.

He absolutely is, because there are going to be plenty of guys who won’t mess with him — and some who will (Colton Orr three times in the first month, for example). Boogaard is a pre-emptive weapon that way.

The thing is, though, he could actually dominate games if he could skate well enough to run around blasting opponents, and forcing other teams to try and stop him, instead of him stopping opponents’ tough guys. If he had enough ability to deliver hits, and then have that Sean Avery middle-of-every-scrum characteristic, he’d be a huge difference maker.

Alas, I don’t even know if he can skate well enough to play every night.


Here is tonight’s lineup, according to Steve Zipay:

Alex Frolov-Derek Stepan-Marian Gaborik
Brandon Dubinsky-Erik Christensen-Mats Zuccarello
Sean Avery-Todd White-Evgeny Grachev
Brian Boyle-Artem Anisimov-Brandon Prust
Dan Girardi-Alexei Semenov
Matt Gilroy-Ryan McDonagh
Pavel Valentenko -Michael Sauer

Martin Biron, Chad Johnson

I don’t believe many papers are sending reporters to this game. I only know of Zipay being there. Reminds me of when our paper traveled full time and how I’d be alone at some of these road exhibition games.

Zip reports that Tortorella said he expects to make cuts down to a manageable practice number after this game, which makes sense with only one preseason game during the week (Detroit Wednesday), then a home-and-home vs. Ottawa with almost an Opening Night lineup next weekend. You want to start focusing on system once you get it down into the low to mid 20s.

Tortorella said there would be more than two players cut, and since he said that Evgeny Grachev was”up and down” in his first game, this could be the make-or-break game for him in this camp. Eminger and Rozsival are sitting it out, slightly banged up, for precautionary reasons.

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  1. >>…then a home-and-home vs. Ottawa

    You know, “home-and-home” is one of those hockey expressions I never quite understood. Why is it “home-and-home” and not *”home-and-away”*?

  2. i am currently watching a Rangers Tampa game on hockeystreams, with Petr Nedved on the team. AND MARA on the bolts! LMAO!

  3. Who knows, maybe the Boogie man can get a skating instructor, i’m sure he’s at least a little bit excited at the prospect of more playing time. Can’t wait to see Biron. JBytes, because every away game after a home game is a “home and away”. ;)

  4. bill pidto just looks like Chris Hanson should be interviewing him at a kitchen table. He is just freaky looking

  5. im looking for a stream as well. atdhe isn’t working and neither is channelsurfing.

    who’s got a feed?

  6. LOL!

    I just wanted to impart a bit of wisdom to those that were – in all seriousness – thinking that the goings on early in last night’s game gives any sort of indication of what the regular season will look like.

    The preseason means nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  7. has Benoit Allaire made it to Training Camp yet ??? Our goalies have looked like crap so far in all 3 games

  8. I don’t have confidence in Biron, and Ochocino looks like he should be delivering girl scout cookies.

    Hank is going to be himself and have his typical year where he has one or two months where he looks horrible, and a few good months, with a lot of classic saves, and a lot of horrfying weak goals.

  9. Blue Seat Horror on

    Stephane Auger = garbage. That’s been obvious for 2 years now. No matter who’s playing. That ref flat out sucks. Loves to be on the mic at center ice.

    I wish they kept stats on refs the way they do on players, just to see who makes the calls. Somebody must keep that stat.

    Anybody know where this info can be found?

  10. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    I have no problem with what Valentenko was doing. He overdid it, but that is what the D needs to do.

  11. That probably should have been a goal, but Biron did a good job by touching him to make a case for it not to be.

    Heard them talking about it on an earlier goal: how come no replay on questionable goals in preseason? Are they lazy?

  12. haven’t had time to recap last night’s thread yet and today….where is everyone on my Sweet 16?

  13. That was almost a clinic in penalty killing by the Rangers. Good to see McDonagh getting time against the Red Wings number one unit; great experience.

    Where has Prospal been this preseason? Has he played?

  14. Thanks Linda. If you couldn’t tell, I haven’t been paying too close attention. Free the Fankist!

    I really like Biron’s mask, especially since it has the old third jersey logo, which I’m sad isn’t coming back, along with the American flag motif.

  15. This day is not ending well for mama so far. I would like to win, but am also getting tired of OT (in only third game!) if we get there.

    All, hate the glee, if you like, but watch the language about it. personally, I watch it for Jane Lynch. she’s hysterical.

  16. sorry Orr, that doesnt sound fun, especially when you can hear her through the walls…kinda frightening when you stop and think about it ;-)

  17. Jane Lynch’s best role was the therapist on Two and a Half Men. I don’t think she was the hook lady.

    Red Wings playing a song that the Rangers use!

  18. Jane Lynch has been on lots of stuff. She’s brilliant. I’m over the glee chat, but ORR, I can feel your pain over the neighbor.

    Guess I’m just cranky :) late to game and want a win….

  19. I’ve never watched Glee and have no intention of doing so, but why it has to trigger homophobic ass-hattery from posters, I’ve no idea.

  20. jeez … relax people – so what if I said homo – “not like there’s anything wrong with that”

  21. Sprider, yes, she was awesome in that show! I’m telling you, dvr glee just for her and zip though the rest. She rocks!

  22. Linda – I get excited when the B*st*nians dont win the awards. Like Michael Chiklis, Ellen Pompeo, Steve Carell, Denis Leary, etc. :)

  23. (?h?·m?)

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    Genus of the primate family Hominidae. Members of Homo are characterized by a relatively large cranium (braincase), limb structure adapted to erect posture and a two-footed gait, well-developed and fully opposable thumbs, hands capable of power and precision grips, and the ability to make precision tools. The genus includes modern humans (Homo sapiens), the extinct species Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Homo neanderthalensis (the Neanderthals), and the early form of H. sapiens known as Cro-Magnon.


  24. Linda is channeling Gravey…

    somerset, mama loves ya, just be careful with wordage….that’s all….typing humor doesn’t always come thru.

  25. Thank You Mama,

    I normally use the term “Glee-Lover” when describing a person who likes the same sex, but since we were talking about Glee … I was at a Loss of Words

  26. >>Grachev invisible – Hartford in his immediate future again.

    For what he’s shown in camp thus far, I’m afraid he might be a Whale for quite a while. He looked a lot more promising last September.

  27. Czechthemout!!!! on

    McDonaugh good again today. vtank was terrific. Stepan did not do much but again looked like he belonged. Sauer with a down tick of a game today. AA looks darn good as does Avery. white showed nothing again. MZA was better today. Very disappointed with Grachev. Did almost nothing today. CJ was terrible. But so was Biron. Gave up two soft goals.

    I wanted to make a separate comment for Dubi. I amm one of his biggest supporters. But I have to say that Torts should have a talk with him. He is gliding out there like he is some kind of star. He needs to be told to bust his ass a little more.

    Also Gilroy was good tonight.

  28. >>Zuccarello, Grachev, and Valentenko look AHL bound.

    You forgot Saur. Valentenko showed enough to stay up. Had Rangers not signed McDonagh, he probably would have made the squad.

  29. Gilroy looked really good. I think Vtank could beat out XLB and Semenov.

    MZA looked good, but I think he starts the season in Hartford because FTank has been really, really, good.

    White is Uselss … and I was a supporter of his at the start of Camp … He’s a give-away machine

  30. czech-agree but duby is a lock for the team, sooo its not like hes gotta bust it for a preseason game. gabby wasnt really good either, so? im talkin about the kids. they are the ones needing to show they belong. duby has proven he can its nothin to worry about. wheres prospal been though? im really sad about grachev. he looks like he hasnt progressed. atually regressed since last year

  31. wow, ya throw the ball to the corner of the endzone with noone within 10 yards and do NOT get an intentional grounding call? hmmm PLEASE WIN SEATTLE!

  32. Remember Staal had a good first camp, and a bad second camp. He made the team a year later, and now has a shiny new five year contract to buy all kinds of cool toys with [hopefully legal toys]

    He definitely needs time in the AHL. I think MZA should start in Hartford too. I like both V-Tank and McDognut though, but I think one will make it.

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Sure hope Grachev is alright. He may be having a weak showing but he is no Jessewoman!!! These games are important to his developement….and important to my hockey draft!!!!!

  34. idk hank was bad last night.biron wasnt bad johnson was. im just scared grachev is gonna get passed over by more blue collar guys because he has no jam to his game. i mean, this was possibly his last game to show torts what he can do and he was pitiful. has he even had a scoring chance, let alone a shot the past 2 games? not good for him.

  35. Blue Seat Horror on

    Let be real here. Grachev can never be a Jessiman because he was a 3rd round pick while Jessiman was clearly first round material.

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