Waiving bye to Redden


This just in… according to Larry Brooks, Wade Redden will be put on waivers at noon.

Which means he’ll clear. Which will then allow the Rangers to demote him and his cap hit to the Wolf Pack, soon to be the Whale.

Wonder if that means he’ll play tonight in case anybody wants to see him.

Whatever, it’s the first step in what was obviously inevitable since the end of last season.


Today’s a football Saturday, so I won’t be around … and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to put up the rosters for tonight’s game at Newark, 7 p.m., on MSG. Maybe. Not promising.

Though I’m sure the key guys who didn’t play Thursday will play tonight: Lundqvist, Callahan, Del Zotto, Avery, Anisimov, Gilroy, Prospal, not to mention Redden, and I’d guess that Grachev will play tonight.


Fourteen days until the Opener.

14: Lou Piniella, Bill “Moose” Skowron.

14: Y.A. Tittle, Fred Biletnikoff, Dan Fouts.


Completely unrelated, and borderline jibberish (or gibberish), a friend of the blog sent this along. Don’t know how many of youse were into the Honeymooners, but yours truly was better at reciting Honeymooners lines than Seinfeld lines once upon a time.

Will have a new blank thread at game time.

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  1. CARP …

    I’ve been Carped !!!!

    This post should read – According to Somerset, Wade Redden will be put on waivers at noon

  2. this is far from over. he still has to decide if he is going to take the hartford assignment, get loaned overseas (with a new kid probably not an option) or terminate his contract and become a free agent.

  3. Im interested in seeing this guy Manning tonight. I’m surprised he survived the first round of cuts.

    Plus, Grachev and Exelby will probably be playing

  4. Sather escaped another of his horrendous contracts that everyone knew he shouldn’t have offered in the first place. Woo hoo, what an amazing genius he is.

  5. wish him well wherever he winds up, but that was just way too much money for someone who’s best days were past. Now if we could only waive Sather and Fire Dolan lol ;-)

  6. I haven’t been this happy with getting rid of a player since the Rangers traded James Patrick! Getting rid of Brashear is up there but he didn’t play enough games as a Ranger to build up the same kind of disdain.

  7. I don’t believe Wade, under the CBA can unilaterally terminate his contract and become a free agent as if he were to sign with another team, it’d be a defacto renegotiation a la the NFL…if he could simply terminate and re-sign, he could have done that with the Rangers to avoid being waived…

    I think his options are Hartford or Europe or an NHL team claiming him on waivers under his current contract.

  8. It’s amazing… now that he’s gone, the sun is brighter, the air seems clearer, food tastes better. Wow, what a feeling!!! :)

  9. If Valentenko plays tonight … I think we will be talking about him tomorrow around the “Bone-Head Water Cooler” tomorrow.

    I think he is the forgotten prospect and could be the reason that Semenov and Exelby are sent packing because he can hit and has a cannon

  10. #14 Mike Allison, CHris Ferraro, Theo Fleury, and my second fave hockey player of all time Brendan Shanahan

  11. #NYRangers lines: Fedotenko-White-Callahan, Byers-Anisimov-Grachev, Avery-Kennedy-J. Williams, Boogaard-Newbury-Weise.
    from Gross

  12. Regarding Evan’s post, if he clears waivers(which he will) he is then assigned to Hartford.
    I believe if he refuses the assignment the Rangers are allowed to terminate his contract, making him a free agent. But he is not allowed to re-sign with the Rangers.

  13. It’s not even that we hated Redden! The contract was so huge because Sather had to outbid himself for a guy who’s best days were behind him, and then they insisted on playing him top minutes. This frees up a spot for one of the young guys, and hell, I’d rather go with the growing pains of a young player than watching Wade fade.

    Now Brashear, that was just hate lol

  14. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Bon voyage!!!! I can rest so much easier now… and we still have cap room and flexibility. We might dig out of this hole after all!!

  15. Why is Sather always allowed to waive his mistakes, or pretend they didn’t happen, or that no one could have predicted the result? And the old grandpa still has his job? Why does the term “washed-up” not apply to Sather?

  16. Valentenko is not making the team over Gilroy, McDonagh and Eminger. definitely can see him as mid season callup though

  17. looking forward to seeing MDZ and his added in the offseason muscle, Valentenko, Grachev and, of course, my boy Cally. Laurel will be happy Aves is in tonight too

  18. kc, because Dolan has man love for him, that’s why.

    Nice Gabby, ‘reddence’!

    oleo, i think maybe Redden’s spot on the roster may go to McDonagh. ( i’m really going out on a limb there, aren’t i :-) heheh)

  19. In my opinion there is no way that Redden would terminate the contract even if he could. The Rangers owe him 26 million over the next 4 years and he has a wife and family. Why would he throw that away for a deal that wouldn’t come close to those numbers. Personally I glad he is going so that the young guys with potential can play. Also, from last preseason and the Devils game on Thursday, Semenov looks like a perfectly servicable fith or sixth Dman. Let’s see what Eminger and Exelby have to offer tonight.

  20. Honeymooners was one of my all-time favorite shows. I liked the old ones that I saw in syndication better than the ones that came in the later 60s.

    You know we really need a defenseman with a little …”Bang! Zoom!”

  21. Wow, $60 a ticket for a preseason game. I have tickets to the Hurricanes preseason game Oct. 1 and the tickets are free. I don’t know what kind of promotion they are running because I got the tickets from someone else, but the ticket price printed on the ticket is $0. It’s going to be general admission seating too, so I’m sure I’ll get a good seat.

    As much as I like the Rangers I don’t think I’d pay that much for a preseason game. Unless, of course, they coerce that from you for being a season ticket holder.

  22. Debbies lineup for tonight per Guliti

    Forwards: Zach Parise-Travis Zajac-Ilya Kovalchuk; Patrik Elias-Jason Arnott-Alexander Vasyunov; Brian Rolston-Tim Sestito-David Clarkson, PLL Leblond-Brad Mills-Chad Wiseman.

    Defensemen: Andy Greene-Anton Volchenkov; Alex Urbom-Henrik Tallinder; Bryce Salvador-Matt Taormina.

    Goaltenders: Johan Hedberg, Mike McKenna.

  23. Puck Daddy….

    I know it’s a difficult truth to wrap one’s head around, but there’s almost no way Wade Redden(notes) sets foot in Hartford this year, unless Madison Square Garden burns to the ground two hours before a scheduled game. The Rangers rumor mill, which always specializes in a particular brand of wishful thinking, heated up this summer as several emerging defensemen appeared poised to at least compete for a spot with the big club. This, many decided, was the year Redden’s contract — which has for so long hung around the club’s neck like Coleridge’s albatross — got muscled out of the lineup and down to three years of bus-riding.

    But this isn’t going to be the year for Ryan McDonagh(notes) or Matt Gilroy(notes), at least not at Redden’s expense. He’s owed $6.5 million for each of the next four seasons, and while ownership might have been able to justify burying that much in the minors for one season, the term and money are both too long to stuff it in the minors.

    Whether or not you find the idea repulsive (and you should), Redden is going to be a part of the Rangers’ blue line for the rest of his comical contract. You may as well start dealing with it now. By Ryan Lambert


  24. Noah, 4 months before Christmas, so either Uncle Glennie was pretty late with my birthday present or very early with the Christmas on.

    Blaze, very nice

  25. Redden’s actually only got $23m of cash due to him on the remainder of his deal, not $26m. Clearly, this makes him a lot more attractive to other NHL teams…

    The countdown to Sather using the $6.5m cap space now burning a hole in his -brain- pocket in some incredibly stupid way next July, begins now.

  26. 9/25/2010!! Something more epic than King Kong monkeying around on the Empire State Building!

    We all knew this was happening, but the excitement is still sky high!

    Now imagine if Blowzy somehow gets dumped? But hey, I don’t want to get greedy over here!

  27. Since the Rangers were over the cap by 4 million or so, the cap space is more in the 2 million range.

  28. SCOTT, that’s why the Rangers have the best fans. They offer to drive the guys where they need to go ;-)

  29. I wonder if he’ll even get in a pre-season game. It will definitely be an away game.

    He should get a home game. It will be the only time he gets cheered, and receives a standing ovation.

    Luckiest guy in hockey though. He gets to make all that money while returning to stardom, just in a different league.

  30. But I would walk 500 miles
    And I would walk 500 more
    Just to be the fan who walked 1000 miles
    To take you to Hartford

  31. 4generations 4 cups on

    I’m pretty sure everyone smiled or celebrated when they saw this/any headline similar to this.

  32. Redden comments on waiving..

    “Obviously I’m disappointed. After my wife giving birth I honestly though that maybe the team would give me another opportunity to prove myself. I know more NHL teams out there will want me, and I’ll be ready to prove these guys wrong, because I surely think they’re making a mistake. But, that’s the way the game works”

  33. I wonder how many of you folks know just how small a city Hartford really is. Yeah it,s the State Capitol, and all, Aetna and the Hartford ( and it’s bronze Stag out front,) and a few other big name insurers etc., but they are all clustered in a very tiny area. Geographically, it has a dividing line between north and south. Generally speaking the south….largely Italian…the north…African American, and other assorted minorities..the east (ahem)…the Connecticut River. So where does their fan base come from? You got it. The surrounding townships, where all of the CT hockey is played and originates. The Civic center is smack in the midst of this in a huge shopping mall ( or at least it was when I remembered it), and. Avon Old Farms is a prep school in the area of west Hartford ( not sure if it actually is in Avon, but most likely…alma of Leetch and possibly Craig Janney who hailed from the northern border town of Enfield. The further south one goes in CT the more remote the hockey becomes, although the suburbs of New Haven which is on
    Sound, generates a lot of school and amateur hockey action, but they no longer have a city arena for hockey, or they didn’t when I was there also and Bridgeport has now supplanted them…..and they NEVER had an arena back then.

    New Haven hockey goes back to the 20’s with the old Eagles, and then the Ramblers, and the Blades, and the Tomahawks,and the Nighthawks,and then…Lord knows…but nothing anymore. No fan base left there. East Haven and West Haven and Hamden, the three small towns that gird New Haven have all the school hockey action now….along with YALE! And they have their own rink, the Whale shaped arena called the Ingalls rink.

    So anyone playing in the Civic Center for the AHL team, is almost certain to be living in one of the surrounding suburban towns. It’s a very compact area.

    Are they really going to call that team the Whale?

    That would compound the stupidity that has always followed that franchise. Most Hartford (sic) fans would welcome the return of the Whalers name and logos and colors, and
    the fan workup that they had Bonanza and all.
    a little known feature about Whalers was that among a small group of fans there, they wanted to bring a mascot to the fore in the guise of an 1840’s dressed Whaling sailor with beard and wooden harpoon, and clothing and call him Ahab, and he’d run up and town the aisles inciting the crowd. Nothing ever came of it though.

  34. “I know more NHL teams out there will want me, and I’ll be ready to prove these guys wrong, because I surely think they’re making a mistake. But, that’s the way the game works”


    Wade, YOU ARE the mistake! CIAO!!

  35. paul g in sunrise on

    If Redden still wants to play in the NHL he will refuse to report. Thus the contract will be voided and he will sign somewhere for his true value. He won’t be hated there becuase he won’t suck up tons of cap space.

    14 – Don Murdoch –

  36. The next time we’ll be this happy will be at the conclusion of the 2011-2012 season when Drury’s tenure is done. (UNLESS something AMAZING happens before then)

  37. # CCCP September 25th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    “I know more NHL teams out there will want me, and I’ll be ready to prove these guys wrong, because I surely think they’re making a mistake. But, that’s the way the game works”

    Wade, YOU ARE the mistake! CIAO!!


    i wonder if he watched video of himself in the off season? His baby is 3 days old and she’s already getting around him

  38. True UK, too bad Dolan won’t rid us of his! But I digress, lets enjoy this and hope Sather doesnt blow this money on another over 30 guy. Keep some flexibility

  39. hope Exelby,Semenov and Valenteko try to out hit each other tonight.

    Rangers lineup is much grittier than the debs,tho it will be interesting to see where the goals comes from on that Rangers lineup.

  40. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    that would be great…if we could get rid of the 2 other overpaid d men and fill those (3 total) spots with physical guys with smaller contracts…this blueline might be all right!

  41. Haha, I don’t know how I missed this, but apparently last year, Lindsey Lohan threw a drink at Aaron Voros’ model gf because Voros and Avery didn’t want her to sit at their table.

    Avery says it’s BS, but that’s a pretty random group of people to start a rumor aboot.

    Voros getting bullied by women now. Unreal!

  42. Del Z & Mr. Hanky-poo comment on Dredden

    “It’s a business,” second-year defenseman Michael Del Zotto said. “It’s a lesson there. Every year, you’ve got to come in fighting for your job. You se that more and more with young guys coming up and skating around right off of their draft year.”

    “It is a business,” goalie Henrik Lundqvist added. “It doesn’t matter who you are in this league, you’re never really safe. A lot of things happen from one year to another. You just have to appreciate the good times. A lot of things can happen.”

  43. And Blowzy comments…

    It’s business I suppose. When you don’t live up to your contract, you go to American Hockey League. You have to try to play consistent and do what your team asks of you. But, he’s a good guy, and professional.

  44. TR – When you say terminate his contract, you are saying Wade Redden “terminating his contract” so the Rangers would no longer be on the hook for the $6.5 a year in that scenario, right?

    Gooooodbye Wade!!!!!!!!!! Adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I see the rangers waiving rosival before the trading deadline to free up more cap space. Lets face it fellow ranger fans, Rosival stinks, maybe next year it will be drury and than I can see the rangers finally showing some progress towards getting to the stanely cup. Three dead contracts off the books, yipee!!!

  46. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    why do a lot of the reporters (no offence intended) seem to say both AA and EC have secured roster spots already?? EC??? Am I missing something?? I would figure at this point that the only secured roster spots are hank, biron, gabby, fro, staal, prust, mdz, and booger out of the 23. EC???

    I mean obviously you would have to figure that girardi (waaaayyy overpaid), cally, dubi, dru, are pretty much assured spots as well, but EC????

  47. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    my apologies, I worked until 2330 hours last night and just couldn’t read all the old posts!

    My bad!

  48. If I was Rozi I would be very cautious

    We don’t have to argue anymore if Redden is worse than Rozi and vise versa… Rozi is all alone now! lol

  49. WoooooooooHoooooooooo 3CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Redden can take his happy, healhty newborn on the road with him as he dines with his Whale buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Disclaimer: I actually feel bad for Wade not being able to settle down with his newborn.

  50. cr9


    he either accepts the assignment and goes to hartford

    goes to europe (huet w/ hawks) and the rangers pay most of his salary (doubtful)

    or he refuses to report to hartford or doesnt agree to play in another league. at this point the Rangers could terminate the contract. (shanahan w/ devils)

    talks between sather and meehan have been a common occurrence this off season . they are good friends and sather could have given meehan permission to talk to other teams. even if he played for the league minimum i believe its still better than playing in the ahl.

  51. carp..fred biletnikoff was no.25,i’m almost positive…..great hall of famer who would be cut in early august these days because he wasn’t a great athlete,only a great football player…it’s all about athleticism…a pity those athletes can’t tackle,they drop many passes,and fumble at first contact…however,i rant……..no.14 ernie”let’s play two today” banks

  52. Does anybody else think it’s totally hysterical that over 500 people “Like” the announcement on the official Rangers page!? And there are also over 220+ comments! Seems like this just made everyone’s day!

  53. no longer Dredden the new season. like a breath of fresh air, we waive(r) goodbye to the hapless dman who was better at bank checking than body checking.

  54. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    to quote nancy kerrigan…”WHY?? WHY???” I mean If he earns it fine, but It seems with the depth currently in the preseason at the position, torts isn’t very good at poker I guess or EC is so good that no one can take his spot??

  55. Good to know that while the Rangers are now paying Redden $6.5m to not play for them, the Fishsticks are still paying Yashin, Witt and DiPietro $10.6m combined to not play for them.

  56. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I was kidding about the “keep up” thing because you had posted it earlier to me. Linda is correct I always post about witt, but not necessarily about the fishies paying him, yashin, and DP.

  57. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    do you think I am a wittaholic??? Or just a relic because I like his style of play??

  58. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    if streit is out, fishies might need a d man, if we could unload rozy or girardi to them, that might be nice.

  59. Question: Does anyone know if ilb has returned to the US safely, and does anyone know if Mama is alright? A yes or no will suffice.

  60. I am in dyer need of help. I am a drunk tree climber and need a way to make a mark on the trees that I successfully conquer. I’ve been going at this for about a month or two now and need suggestions on what to do.

    Thank you

  61. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    Redden gone? It’s like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. Heck, it even makes me feel better about the fender bender I was involved in earlier today. Less than a week and already I need to report an accident. ARGH.

    I do feel a little bad about this happening just days after his baby was born. Yet, it just shows how much Torts wanted him gone.

    Hockey tonight!

  62. Gift of GAB-orik on


    I feel bad for him too. Wife gives birth and he gets released. On a human level… that totally sucks.

    I wish him and his family well, he’s still gonna make a ton of money no matter what he does. So I can’t feel THAT bad.

  63. hey, for $26 milllion bucks, which is what Redden has left to be paid, you can send me to Sheboygan, Kokomo, or Timbuktu

    A Whale of a deal. for him.

  64. MickeyM is STILL unpacking on

    14- Theoren Fleury.

    And Marc Staal’s number in juniors. Why I recall this, I have no idea.

  65. Bottom line – this team is now a better team. Also, it is a team that now has some options.

    Great move by NYR mgmt.

  66. Good afternoon all! Thanks for the tip CR!!! You guys are cracking me up here today. See ya at go time….

  67. cablevision customers can expect to see price increases to help defray the $26 million cost of Sather’s blunder.

  68. Rangers should retire the #6. Instead of raising it to the rafters, bury it under the Garden. Kasparitis and Redden may have ruined that number forever.

  69. “if streit is out, fishies might need a d man, if we could unload rozy or girardi to them, that might be nice.”

    Unload Girardi? Slap yourself.

  70. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    PBR guess who else wore #6 for the Rangers? Glen Sather. Bury it deep my friend, right next to #88. (Lindros, Hodge)

  71. from Gross, tonight’s lineup—

    Tonight’s lineup

    Five players will suit up for the second straight preseason game – Ruslan Fedotenko, Tim Kennedy, Alexei Semenov, Dale Weise and Derek Boogaard – and that number is six if goalie Chad Johnson is included, though the plan is for Henrik Lundqvist to play all three periods.

    Ruslan Fedotenko-Todd White-Ryan Callahan
    Sean Avery-Tim Kennedy-Jeremy Williams
    Dane Byers-Artem Anisimov-Evgeny Grachev
    Derek Boogaard-Kris Newbury-Dale Weise
    Michael Del Zotto-Steve Eminger
    Garnet Exelby-Matt Gilroy
    Alexei Semenov-Pavel Valentenko
    G: Henrik Lundqvist, Chad Johnson

  72. scott, I don’t get the James Patrick hate. IMO, you could count on one hand the number of better all-around defensemen the Rangers have had since the early 1980s.

    emj, I think you’re right … but he’s listed as having worn 14 at some point in his career. Unless there’s another Biletnikoff.

    Maybe they’re trying to get Boogaard in shape.

    Ps, it’s ridiculous to think Redden will terminate his contract, isn’t it? I’d play four years in Hartford for that money. Heck, I’d play 20 years in Hell, naked, standing on my head, in four feet of carcillo, for that money.

  73. Mama –

    No updates on Tooooki Spaloooki. Should get update Monday. Glad you’re alright; ya didnt post here yesterday…had me worried :)

    Any word on ilb’s trip back to the US?

  74. hey now Carp, there are children reading this blog! Thanks for searing that image into my retinas and my memory!

  75. the sharks-ducks game last night had 5 fights in a 2 minute span in the first period.

    a Parros-Boogard fight this season? they don’t meet until March

  76. Hey PBR, dont forget what number Sather wore as a Ranger?!

    A hint….think Jerry Seinfeld Lidster.

  77. Carp:

    I agree that James Patrick was a pretty good player in the 80’s for the Rangers but the last few years of his Ranger career, he was outright awful. Obviously, the way Keenan abused him didn’t help but he was really bad for about two years before that. I know you were there for every game in those days and I think you have to admit that his play was on a steady downhill for a few years. Then again maybe you don’t have to admit it and I do respect your opinion very much. I just thought he was an absolute detriment as the team was growing to championship caliber.

  78. MSG getters, the Matteau game is on!

    Scott, Patrick will always be for me what I Ranger should embody. I was ill when he left. And don’t even get me started on Beezer (name of my first cat btw). That was the year I almost stopped being a Rangers fan I was so upset.

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