First cuts of camp


From the Rangers:


38 active players remain with the club

New York, September 24, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned the following 13 players to Hartford (AHL): goaltenders Jordan Parise and Cameron Talbot; defensemen Lee Baldwin, Sam Klassen, Tomas Kundratek, Jyri Niemi, Blake Parlett, and Nigel Williams; and forwards Chris Chappell, Ryan Garlock, Chris McKelvie, Justin Soryal, and Kelsey Tessier.  In addition, the Rangers returned 10 players to their respective junior club: goaltender Scott Stajcer (Owen Sound, OHL); defensemen Daniel Maggio (Sudbury, OHL) and Dylan McIlrath (Moose Jaw, WHL); and forwards Ryan Bourque (Quebec, QMJHL), Roman Horak (Chilliwack, WHL), Randy McNaught (Saskatoon, WHL), Christian Thomas (Oshawa, OHL), Ethan Werek (Kingston, OHL), Jason Wilson (Owen Sound, OHL), and Andrew Yogan (Erie, OHL).  Forwards Brodie Dupont and Devin DiDiomete will also continue training camp with Hartford.

The Rangers now have 38 players remaining in training camp, including three goaltenders, 13 defensemen and 22 forwards.  New York continues their exhibition schedule tomorrow, September 25 at 7:00 p.m. when the team will travel to New Jersey to face-off against the Devils at the Prudential Center.  Prior to the game, the Rangers’ morning skate is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.


Goal (2):       Jordan Parise, Cameron Talbot

Defense (6):  Lee Baldwin, Sam Klassen, Tomas Kundratek, Jyri Niemi, Blake Parlett, Nigel Williams

Forward (7):  Chris Chappell, Devin DiDiomete, Brodie Dupont*, Ryan Garlock, Chris McKelvie, Justin Soryal, Kelsey Tessier

* Player must clear waivers prior to being assigned to Hartford


Goal (1):    Scott Stajcer (Owen Sound, OHL)

Defense (2):  Daniel Maggio (Sudbury, OHL), Dylan McIlrath (Moose Jaw, WHL)

Forward (7):  Ryan Bourque (Quebec, QMJHL), Roman Horak (Chilliwack, WHL), Randy McNaught (Saskatoon, WHL), Christian Thomas (Oshawa, OHL), Ethan Werek (Kingston, OHL), Jason Wilson (Owen Sound, OHL), Andrew Yogan (Erie, OHL)


Goal (3):       Martin Biron, Chad Johnson, Henrik Lundqvist

Defense (13):         Michael Del Zotto, Steve Eminger, Garnet Exelby, Matt Gilroy, Dan Girardi, Brandon Manning, Ryan McDonagh, Wade Redden, Michal Rozsival, Michael Sauer, Alexei Semenov, Marc Staal, Pavel Valentenko

Forward (22):         Artem Anisimov, Sean Avery, Derek Boogaard, Brian Boyle, Dane Byers, Ryan Callahan, Erik Christensen, Chris Drury, Brandon Dubinsky, Ruslan Fedotenko, Alex Frolov, Marian Gaborik, Evgeny Grachev, Tim Kennedy, Kris Newbury, Vinny Prospal, Brandon Prust, Derek Stepan, Dale Weise, Todd White, Jeremy Williams, Mats Zuccarello

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  1. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    Now that I think about it, everyone complained about Rosival not shooting in the PP. But IIRC he had a couple of one-timers that got through..

  2. Congrats, MD.

    I wonder if they will play Redden in any of the Garden games. Same for Avery, though his receptions would be just the opposite, and maybe they don’t want to hear those, either.

  3. Knowing that cuts were being made today, I would have liked to see a few of those cut get a game in to see the speed of the game and to give them a taste.

  4. “The first cut is a criminal thing
    The first cut goes deeper in
    Each impression makes a chain reaction..”

    That’s according to Eurythmics.

  5. Jokuh, I remember one incident in particular where everybody at the Garden was hollering for Rozsival to shoot, and there was no way he could have gotten it through, and everybody groaned when he passed it.

    And in fairness, if he’d have shot and had it blocked and turn into a breakaway the other direction, he would have been killed by the crowd.

    I’m not defending him; he was awful most of last year. But the guy can’t win. And it will get worse for him when Redden’s gone.

  6. Tank The Season on

    I think Stepan may turn out to be the best forward the Rangers have drafted in the last 15 years.

  7. I would like to give Rozsival some time because he has shown some ability (albeit not last year). That said, if they can trade to clear cap space, that could be a good thing. To upgrade at center (and we need one big time), there is going to have to be more space than just Redden cleared.

  8. Rosivsl got knocked on his arse last night. I mean someone from the devils really got him open ice with a straight on body check and really leveled him directly back on his wallet.

  9. if Stepan is ready, they do not need another center. with Stepan and AA they have the makings of #1 and 2 centers for years to come.

  10. I was in the pool! on

    I liked the play of Kennedy last night. He really goes 100% all the time. I think he might be a suprise. MZA played a similar game. Both are smaller guys but they buzz. The more you get on net the more you score. I didn’t realize boyle was only 25. If he keeps up the physical play/up tempo he will make this team.

  11. I do not see Stepan or AA as a #2 center at least for a few years. Though they may get there, I prefer not to muddle through another season or two without a true #1 (and perhaps #2) center.

  12. Joekuh - Bloodsport!!! on

    Carp, I know exactly the play you’re talking about. Zharkov(?) was gone for tripping. Rozy was @ the right point holding the puck, and everyone was screaming shoot. I looked at the path in front of him and thought, “Where?. The man’s standing right in front of him!!!” But when he passed to Gaby and Gaby sent it back, he let a one timer go that Brodeur had to make a good save on.

    You’re right though. If/When Redden’s gone, Rozy will become the new Malik, for better or worse.

  13. I don’t know what games you are watching. Stepan is better than any center the rangers had last season. you mean you want to trade for another pigface Joke-inen? because that is exactly what happens when you trade for a supposed #1 center. we already saw that movie, and it was a horror story.

  14. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    as far a centres go, I really think the rangers have their eye on richards from dallas at some point via trade or next off season…. just speculation on my part though!

  15. I think Kennedy is gonna make the team. As I said earlier, I think Rozy is the guy we should be banishing to Hartford. We all have assumed that it would be Redden. I am not sure of the salary cap right now, but is it conceivable that Rozy gets bought out/ traded and Redden actually stays? I have a feeling that is what’s gonna happen. In the short term anyway.


  16. I think a #1 center may not come until next year via free agency because I agree we are not likely to get one via trade. That may mean that AA or Stepan serves in that role this year, but I don’t think they are ready to be an NHL #1 center. A NYR #1 center, perhaps (sadly).

  17. Wicky,
    I have been saying that forever!!!!! Brad Richards!!!! Only now, EVEN I am beginning to think that it will NEVER happen.

    BUT. There is a glut of effective players on this team right now. I am no forensics expert, but the evidence leads me to believe that there is GONNA be a trade soon.

  18. No surprises on the cuts. More surprises on who’s still remaining up. Newberry, Williams and Manning? I guess I don’t understand…

    Here’s some devil’s advocate thoughts about keeping Redden: It would mean White and Eminger would be goners for sure, which in turn would likely mean Stepan would be on the roster(he only makes $800,000)…but McDonagh and MZA would be sent down(both make around $1.3 million).

  19. I was in the pool! – I like Kennedy too…but he’s a tiny guy…couldn’t weigh much more than 170 pounds…he was getting shoved around pretty bad last night.

  20. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    still want to see xlb and valentenko play.

    i agree with you again!

    off to work, later assens!!

  21. Forwards I’d like to jettison are Avery, Christenson, White (and Boogaard and Drury but they aint goin’nowhere). And dont need Fedotenko as long as Prospal’s around

  22. Manning an unsigned FA w Junior eligibility remaining, they’re likely deciding whether to sign him.
    Newbury and JWilliams get a game or 2, as respect for their seniority, and to see whether they are useful insurance against longterm injury to a vet F.

  23. look at the #1 centers on the teams in the league. in most every case, it is a homegrown drafted player. Datsyuk, Toews, Sedin, Getzlaf, Kopitar, Crosby, malkin, Richards of philly, Zajac, staal of canes, Backstrom in wash

  24. dark horse to keep an eye on, Mike Sauer, looked calm under pressure last night and can be physical when needed. I liked McDonagh, but I thought Sauer was better last night.
    my only knock on Stepan is I thought his skating was only average. otherwise, what was not to like about him.

  25. Tim Kennedy was pretty good last night… i like his game…

    didn’t like EC at all… esp. when he was put with Gabork and Frolov…with Stepan in the middle they were great…as soon as EC was put in the middle that line went quite right away

  26. IF Stepan is their center for most of this season, then I predict that Gabby, if healthy, will score 50 goals, and Frolov will score 30+

  27. Stepan’s skating? he stole the puck from Kovalchuk on a forecheck, and he was everywhere in the offensive zone cycling the puck with one of the fastest players in the league in Gabby all night when they were together.

  28. the one area where Stepan has to learn and improve his positioning is in the defensive zone when the opponent has the puck. that is likely the thing that Torts wants him working on. also his faceoffs, which he went 50%, Stepan himself said he is learning that as well.

  29. bull dog – I like Sauer too…but I think its going to be tough for him to beat out both Valentenko and McDonagh…it’s a shame. He should have been here last year.

  30. what does that have to do with Stepan? those teams also did not sit there and say,” oh, he might be good several years from now”, like you.

    no, they played those kids right away if they showed they were nhl caliber. wake up.

  31. The Puck Drops Here on

    I cannot wait until Drury and Uncle Glennie start posting again. I’m laughing already.

  32. the colorado Avs had a much improved team last season, and they did it in part by dumping their vets and going with 3 19 year old kids at Center.

  33. Might I offer a suggestion pertaining to Redden?

    It’s quite possible that I’m over thinking this, but knowing what a contrarian that Sather is, might it be unwise to start booing Redden the moment his name is mentioned or he comes out on the ice??? That sort of pressure is what guys like Sather get their hackles up about, and he just might interpret it as the “great unwashed” – ( the fans to everyone else) – just might be trying to influence his prerogatives about who to send down and who not to send, and result in keeping him in NY? A guy with a lifetime contract isn’t about to hold still for being…nudged, let alone forced. Just a thought.

    I must confess that just seeing one game ( or even a half dozen) games, leaves me with no idea of who should be left
    here. Too much happens out there among different types who respond in different ways to the early action.

    I am most interested in your thoughts however, because y’all are much closer to the event than I am, so I’m keeping my trap shut for now about the players ( the TV crew…welllllll – that’s another story.

  34. there is no question that Redden is going. that interview with Torts on MSG said it all. he flat out stated that he was unhappy with Redden, that Redden was too slow last season, and he made it clear that he was not giving him any more favoritism this year based on contract or past rep. sather just said the same thing about contracts and rep for all players this year, we’ll see if he really means it

  35. easy there jd, 1 pre season game does not make Stepan a star. Kovalchuk lost control of the puck, and Stepan did OK keeping up with Gaborik. his smarts allowed him to keep up. I, like you, think he is the best option to be the teams top center, but there is a long way to go in camp before that happens.

  36. I did not say he was a star. I said that he was the best option by far right now for the rangers between Frolov and Gaborik. I also pointed out what he still has to work on defensively and on faceoffs.

    but his passing and playmaking are topnotch and just what the doctor ordered between 2 veteran scorers.

  37. Well said bull dog line. I am not rooting against Stepan, but after one game, I am not ready to anoint him a first line center. He does need to play to get to that point if he can, but to have him put right in there from the get go could do him more harm than good.

  38. jd,
    I agree with your thought that when a player is ready, regardless of age, he should be with the big club. if Stepan is ready, there is no reason for him the go to the AHL. same for McDonagh, MZA, and even Grachev who people have forgotten about.

  39. oh sure. let’s put multi team failure journeyman Eric Christensen as the #1 Ranger center. and let’s also not rush McDonagh. we need to have Redden out there instead cuz those kids need more seasoning while these wily vets make every Ranger fan puke.

  40. czechthemout!!!! on

    Reading some of the posts from the last thread had me shaking my head.

    It’s a wonder why people post things when they are either not watching the game or are not paying attention.

    A few of the “not yet ready brigade” and you know who you are, were out in full force.

    Derek Stepan last night played in one game better than any center the Rangers put out on the ice last year! Now I know there are some positioning issues ande faceoffs that he has to work on. He also will run out of gas at some point during the season. But all that said, he has no buisness being sent to Hartford because that will only retard his development. I predict he gets 15 goals and 40-50 assists this year.

    Than there were a few “MCD was mainly invisible last night”
    Ok, what game were you guys watching? He made one or two errors last night but by any objective measure he was the best or second best(SAUER) dman in the game. He made less errors than Staal and Girardi did. He was also alot more physical than they were. In fact, he even chiped in on the offensive side of the game in the first by almost converting a georgous Stepan pass late in the first on the

    I thought MZA was nervous but clearly he needs time to adjust to the NA game. He did flash many a times last night and looks like he could be good too.

    Lost in all the hoopla surrounding Stepan,McD and MZA was the play of Mike Sauer. He was excellent! He blocked several shots, was tough behind the net and covered up for some of Semonov’s mistakes. He did himself alot of good yesterday. If he can only stay healthy, he can be a darn good number 5 or dman.

  41. Stepan in his first pre-season game(and first camp) looks a lot better than any young Ranger that i can remember… better than Anisiomov and Dubinsky that is for sure.

  42. czechthemout!!!! – Agree one-hundred percent on all points. The only thing I’d add is that Staal and Girardi looked like garbage last night…that was the most concerning part of the game last night, since that’s technically the team’s first pairing.

  43. you can’t be concerned with how Staal and Girardi played last night. they are vets getting there work in. they will be ready when the bell rings.

  44. I would not worry about Staal and Girardi. they looked awful last night but they both seemed to be in “take it easy” mode. they were vets in an exhibition game, and were not exerting themselves like they normally do.

    I agree with the post about Sauer. he looked solid as a bottom pair type guy

  45. Here’s the point, I think, with Stepan. Maybe he’s ready, maybe he’s not. But if he’s not, who’s the No. 1 center? The third/fourth liner who was the center last year? or Dubinsky, who the coach sees as a winger? Certainly not the captain — and isn’t that the whole sin in a nutshell, that the guy making $6.5M or whatever it is CAN’T center the No. 1 line better than some castoff?

  46. Czechthemout!!!! on


    You are dead on! I was just cutting them some slack. But they were both terrible.
    In fact, I am stilled puzzled by Girrardi’s contract. I think he is grossly overpaid and would not be anything more than a number 5or 6 on most teams. He is very slow and only selectively physical.

  47. Czechthemout!!!! on


    Great point on Stepan. EC certainly did not look like a first line pivot. In fact he sucked! If he plays another game like that, he will find himself in Hartford.

  48. my opinion on the Rangers center’s.
    AA is on the team as the number 2 center, I think Boyle will be the 4th line center, and I think Kennedy is going to be the 3rd line center. to me Stepan is not fighting for just a roster spot, I think he is fighting to be the number 1 center. if he is not the number 1 center, he will go to the AHL, and Christensen will be the top center. Chritensen only makes the team if Stepan does not. Drury will play right wing.

  49. while I am at it.
    right wings will be,
    Gaborik, Cally, Drury, Prust, and Zuccarello.
    on the left,
    Frolov, Dubi, Prospal, Boogard, and I think it is going to come down to Avery vs Fedetenko.
    10 wingers and 4 centers, and 7 Dmen with 2 goalies gets you to 23.

  50. the D is a little harder.
    Staal, Girardi, and MDZ are givens. Rosie, McDonagh, Gilroy , and maybe Sauer.

  51. Stepan is also a winner. he was the captain of that champion team USA in the world jr tourney, and he did a great job of keeping that team upbeat in a battle with a loaded canadian team and the entire areana crowd and country of canada against them.

  52. The only time I heard Christensen’s name last night is when he fell down, and Sam called it.

    Fugg him, he deserves to be buried in Hartford. Better yet, the staff should tell him he has a spot on the team, then send him to Hartford right before game 1! Bwahaha, that’s what that dork gets for holding out. You believe this guy? He gets the opportunity of a lifetime to play with Gabby, and scores a couple of goals then disappears for the rest of the season, and thinks he’s important enough?

    Fugg him! Step-On FTW! I’ll reserve judgment for White for now, but with Dreary out, he seems like the likely candidate for 3rd line center.

    And I like how Booger was so eager to fight, but with that being said, if we have to deal with guys refusing to fight him for the next four years, it will be extremely annoying. He did throw one nice hit last night, it was a sandwich with another Ranger that almost benched a Debbie. Other than that he looked pretty damn slow. I might be able to skate faster than him with skates on my hands while doing a handstand.

  53. I don’t think Sauer will ever have a realistic shot with this team. He just keeps getting passed up by all these prospects. Staal, Girardi, Gilroy, Del Zotto, McDonut [most likely], and possibly Valetenko, and eventually McIlrath. These injures have been a major setback for him, but hopefully he plays well enough to be able to get a decent return in a trade.

  54. Great point on Stephan, Carp.

    If only there were someone who could simply ask those responsible, in their 10th year(!!!!)
    How the team could be in such a fix, with nothing but journeymen or unprovens for the No1 center spot (also arguably the most important position on the roster,)

    If only.


  55. Stepan looked really good out there but you can’t have him and Anisimov centering the top 2 lines.

    Anisimov and Stepan are both way below average when it comes to faceoffs. Keep that in mind going forward…

  56. CCCP,
    the jibberish starts a little later, so you and the Saved By the Bell crowd can take back over then.

  57. where did you get that? Stepan was 50% in his only game. don’t lump him in with AA’s faceoff %, which was just under 45% last season.

    besides, that is easily fixed by using a better faceoff guy in crucial late game situations in the defensive end.

  58. McDonagh looked really good to me last night, I don’t care what anyone says…
    and all this talk about EC being a No. 1 center…no reason why EC or drury can’t play wing on this team…

  59. I can’t believe the guys looking for obscure reasons to go with the status quo. unless they want a repeat of last season, that is. EC is a journeyman forward who has failed on several chances, as he already has been on 4 different teams. if he is given, and i repeat GIVEN the #1 job, cuz he certainly has not earned it, then the rangers will be outside the playoff group once again for sure.

  60. Mueller played one pre-season game, and he already has another concussion.

    Two concussions in his last two games. Poor guy. He was on fire with the Avs at the end of the year, finally getting his game back, until Blake through a semi cheap shot ending his season.

    I hoped Slats was going to trade for him last season. Pretty good player, just needed to get out of Phoenix.

  61. I will sum up EC in one word: ANTICLUTCH. Whether its the game on the line, or his job, he will surely disappoint.

  62. Carped …

    15 more cuts to go …

    The absolute definites are:
    C. Johnson, Manning, Byers, Newbury, & J. Williams

    Bubble Players are:
    Eminger, Exelby, Redden, Sauer, Semenov, Valentenko, Boyle, Fedotenko, Grachev, Kennedy, Stepan, White, Weise, & Zuccarello

    I think Avery makes the team

  63. I know that one preseason game doesn’t really prove anything but I’ve been around hockey and have watched the Rangers for a long time and Stepan sure looked like he belongs in the NHL to me. He was confident with the puck, fit in well with Frolov and Gabby without being deferential to them, which is sometimes a problem for a rookie playing with a veteran star player. Sure he will make some rookie mistakes and has parts of his game that need to be polished, but if he continues to play like he did last night it would be ridiculous to send him to Hartford. Did you notice the dropoff in the first line’s play when EC took over at center?

    Carp -Are you in the North or South press box when you are at the game? I tried to pick you out from my blue seat but couldn’t spot you.

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Its not that EC is gonna lead us to the promise land….He only here to help Gaborik. Period. He was the only player besides old man Orange that actualy passed to Gabby on a continuous basis. Last year Gaborik was new . He needed ANYONE and EC was that guy. Don’t shun EC cuz hes not the flavor of the month anymore. EC should be our 3rd line guy or yes …maybe trade him.

    BOOGAARD gives us INSTANT toughness!!!!!

    I never got the game and its only preseason so I wont cry.

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Dam Canadians are drunk all the time!!!!


    Too Bad Sam Klassen was cut. I knew he never had a chance but im still rootin for the kid!!!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!

    Deep down we all know the Rangers are playoff bound. All the naysayer on here a few weeks ago..should be ashamed of themselves.

  66. People need to get a grip a little bit with some of their judgements… How many of you have actually watched EC play outside of his time with the Rangers last season?

    As far as last year went, I think he filled in ok considering he joined the Rangers mid-way… got put with the top player on the team playing in MSG. He had an injury he and the team were hiding the last week of the season. That said, were there disappointments in his game, sure. But he wasn’t the only one.

    For those that want to jump at the fact that ‘he doesn’t stick’ and has been with several teams already and that means he sucks. It’s not fair for this kid because he’s still only 26… his development was curbed in Pittsburgh because he was being called up and sent down as an injury substitute as much as anyone else I’ve ever seen. The Pens were in no need to rush his development by keeping him up in the NHL, but they possibly hurt that development by using him as a yo-yo instead of just keeping him up or down.

    He has had cronic shoulder injuries and also suffered an MCL injury in the middle of being traded to Atlanta in the Marion Hossa trade and then back to the Ducks when Atlanta feared he would never develop and/or stay healthy. That’s where the Rangers came in last year.

    Will Christensen ever regain his offensive prowess (Leading Scorer/ MVP in WHL 2003 at age 18 when he was also a Canadian Major Junior all-star), we’ll have to see. But I think he has it in him. I think given the opportunity to settle in with a club and remain healthy for a given time, the kid will be productive.

    I would love to see Stepan make the team and be all that we want him to be. But it’s a tall order for the 20 year old. If he gets sent to Hartford to develop and dominate among the AHLers and Christensen becomes the top line center for Gabs and Frolly he will be successful. That line would kill it… just as Stepan would kill it on that line. I think everyone watching how he played down the stretch last year and in one preseason game last night are being too harsh.

    Should he be a #1 center on most teams no… but for the Rangers… with Gaborik… for this season, I would have no problem there.

    I just don’t understand why people are too quick to kick dogs while they’re down. Let the preseason unfold a bit and see how this roster shakes. It’s going to be extremely tough this year to let some guys go… but some good players are not going to make this team, that’s just the way it is. I just think that if things happen in a certain way, and EC ends up on the top line opening night, I think we as fans need to give him another chance and let him prove that he does or doesn’t belong.

    Ok… ready for the bashing.


  67. Is ECs contract 2 way? I hope so.

    I want this:


  68. Boogaard has one move. And it is DEVASTATING. He is such a poor skater, that when he finally get back on the backcheck, the opposition has the puck at our goal line. After 15-20 seconds, he finally gets back only to find his momentum has carried him past the point (where he is supposed to be) and deep in his own end. That is where he absolutely destroys the unsuspecting NHL player (who has never seen such a poor skater since his pond hockey days).

    Just one of many. . . .

  69. Boogard actually gets Brashear on a similar hit. Not as deep in his own zone (because Brashear sucks too), but very similar.

    Boogard will be the first guy in the modern NHL era to actually KILL someone on the ice

  70. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t pencil in Stepan for 1st line Center just yet. Sather likes to “develop” his prospects, and by “develop”, I mean keep Stepan in Hartford while he goes through all the other NHL veterans, like EC and Todd White or whatever cheap center shows up on the waiver wire. He’ll even put Prospal in Center rather than have a kid come up from college and grab the No. 1 Center spot on His Team.

    Not saying it’s right- but it’s The Sather Way.


  71. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    I was just reading Jesse Spector’s blog over at the Daily News and came across a little nugget of info that I found slightly odd. Apparently, as of yesterday morning/afternoon, the Redden’s hadn’t yet named their newborn daughter. Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that even if you don’t want to know whether it’s a boy or girl, the expecting parents would at least pick out one name for each gender.

  72. >>…Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that even if you don’t want to know whether it’s a
    >>boy or girl, the expecting parents would at least pick out one name for each gender.

    Perhaps they have, but don’t care to share it with the public? I honestly do not understand why that should be anyone’s business anyway. We should only be interested in the guy’s hockey life, not his personal one.

  73. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    I liked NZ in his time here. Woulda been nice to pair him with Gabby n see what would happen. Ah well.

  74. U Otto Folkyerself on

    Hugh, when you poke at Badger Greg in the cage, use a sharpened stick and jab him in a tender spot. Like this:

    Your CHICAGO BLACK HAWKS! Stanley Cup Champions 2010!!!!!

  75. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    JBytes, that is an exceptionally valid point and one that I probably should have thought of in the first place. Can I plead a fried brain from moving my entire life to a totally different time zone? :)

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    sung to the Eagles “Hotel California”

    In a dark Garden hallway, Redden sat on a chair
    Warm smell of Ben-Gay, rising up through the air
    Up ahead in the distance, another red light
    My legs grew heavy and my sight grew dim
    I played lousy that night
    Sather stood in the doorway;
    I heard the coaches yell
    And I was thinking to myself,
    ‘This could be Heaven or this could be Hell
    Then he lit up a Stogie and he showed me the way
    As we walked down the corridor,
    I thought I heard him say…

    Too bad, the Rangers can’t afford ya
    Hartford’s a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
    Such a lovely place
    Too bad, the Rangers can’t afford ya
    For the rest of the year (For the rest of the year)
    You can play down there

    Slats mind is definitely twisted, his head’s up his rear end
    He’s got a lot of pretty, pretty prospects he calls friends
    They all skate here in Hartford, never breaking a sweat
    Some try to remember, some try to forget

    So I called up the Captain,
    ‘Please bring my pizza by nine’
    He said, ‘We haven’t had delivery there since nineteen ninety nine’
    And still those voices are calling from the NHLPA
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear them say…

    Too bad, the Rangers can’t afford ya
    Hartford’s a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
    Such a lovely Place
    They are livin’ it up at Madison Square Garden
    What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise)
    Bring your alibis

    Salary Cap’s at the ceiling,
    Put some players on ice
    And I said ‘We are all just prisoners here, cause Sather sets the price’
    And in Madison Square Garden,
    They are tenth in the East
    Sather killing the Rangers
    But Dolan just won’t fire the Beast

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the Garden I played before
    ‘Relax,’ said the night man,
    ‘You’re here for Cap relief
    You can get bought-out any time you like,
    But you can never leave!’

  77. Stepan is clearly going to be a 30 goal 55 assist player and may turn out to be a perennial Team USA guy. Tortorella is gonna ride him.

    You don’t typically see a college player play his first NHL level game and know exactly what to do.

  78. Del Zotto came up at 19 years old last season and was by far our most talented Defenseman. Like someone said before, Stepan will be this year’s Del Zotto.

  79. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    Tank, I hope you’re right, but after one pre-season game, I don’t see Sather putting a college guy on his first line. He just doesn’t do that… He’s too “Old School”.

  80. U Otto Folkyerself on

    “Stepan is clearly going to be a 30 goal 55 assist player”

    And Prucha was the next Jagr, Ortmeyer a future Rangers Captain, Dawes was the left winger we always wanted, Montoya a future Vezina winner, Tyutin was going to anchor the defense, and Sanguinetti was going to be a can’t miss defenseman…

    I’m going to wait on this one, if you don’t mind. I think I’ve heard it before…

  81. ftw-for the win
    and U Otto, Tyutin COULD have possibly been an anchor for us on D if he wasn’t traded

  82. U Otto Folkyerself on

    Miked- True enough. But his career as a Ranger was squandered for a total of 58 points from Zherdev.

    Thanks Glen.

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s why I hate Sather with such a passion. He’s fumbled his way through the last ten years with little to show for it. I don’t see this year’s team as anything close to a contender. Maybe 8th place, IF they get some breaks.

  84. Midas Will Folkyerself on

    The Rangers will NEVER go anywhere as long as Sather is running the team. Either as GM, President or even if he was the one responsible for wiping sweat off the Ranger logo on the locker room floor…

  85. I keep seeing references to Zherdev……..
    strange person.A world of talent, ( the kind that most players only dream of having), yet a cipher so far in his career. In fact it almost seems as tho he has made a career of being unwanted.

    Goes to show that a guy like him can be a boon to a team…or an anchor. It’s maddening to see that skill and effortless ability fail to become anything but an occasional gasping play ripped out of thin air, and then – absolutely nothing for weeks on end.

    The human mind…and all it’s variances. how many teams has he tried to stick with a team,( and how did he fare in the overseas league that he played with….what was his reception like there?

    I for one am going to try and follow his progress this season and see if he’s matured, mentally at least and decided to come to play the game every night…not just now and then.

  86. Olga Folkyerself on

    I mention Zherdev only as just as another example of how Sather doesn’t know what the hell he is doing with this team. Which makes me fear what might happen with a prospect like Stepan. Sather is just as likely to either bury him in Hartford or trade him off for another one year wonder.

    Go Chicago Black Hawks! At least your management knows what they are doing…. 3 years after another fossil, Bill Wirtz drops dead, they won the Cup.

  87. William – I’ve seen nothing from Christensen to suggest what you say is true. Look, I ‘ll agree on the fact that the guy has all the tools to be a successful NHLer, but so did Alex Daigle. And so did Patrik Stefan. Jamie Lundmark anyone? You can’t undo how the Penguins developed this guy and he is what he is: A third-line center. The Thrash thought he might be more, but could never get the same Erik Christensen to show up every night and traded him. Now this is a very telling fact: He couldn’t rise above third line on a team that had Bryan Little and Todd White as their top pivots. He eventually lost his spot when Peverley, a waiver pickup, came along.

    Now you bring up his hear in Kamloops, and the interesting thing I find is that was his ONLY superstar year throughout his career. That to me says it was more of an aberration than anything else.

    Look the bottom line is, Christensen will make a team very happy as a third-line center. The only problem is, he’s on a team with a boat-load of third line centers. He’s not as good as Drury or Dubinsky at pivot and is soon to be surpassed by Anisimov. Stepan has only played one game, but already looks more suited to play top center than EC. Now even Boyle is looking like he’s bringing more to the table. I simply don’t see where he fits on this team. And there’s simply nothing I can see to be gained from sending Stepan down to marinate in the AHL, if he’s already outplaying the guy most pundits had automatically penned in between Frolov and Gaborik.

  88. I don’t think Christensen has all the tools to be a bonafide NHLer – his skill set means that to contribute he would have to be a top six forward and he is not. There are flashes of brilliance but its not there consistently.


    He wanted WAY too much $$$$. He was awarded a ridiculous arbitration. Good for him if he changed his ways, but Zherdev being a Flyer in on ZHERDEV!!!

    That’s just obsessive Sather bashing.

  90. I am convinced that EC’s biggest problem is between his ears. Average player, but mentally he is a career AHLer.

    With the numbers in camp, I can’t help but see a big trade coming. . . .

  91. Joekuh - I made it outta Blog Training Camp! on

    Put it this way. Its up to EC to prove what he is in these preseason games. Is he gonna be a top 6 center, or not?

  92. i’m sorry but how can anyone argue for keeping Zherdev after the way he played in the Washington series. Frolov is a much better player anyway…

    as for Christensen, after recording his 1st point as a Ranger on Dec 31st 2009 he wound up with 8 goals 18 assists and a plus 14 in 41 games. over an 82 game season thats 16 goals and 36 assists and this is without much PP time.

    Christensen was signed right away on July 1st so clearly the Rangers figured him as an NHL player and while the Drury injury most likely gives Stepan the top line center role on opening night, it will be Christensen’s job to lose as Stepan will be the one sent down most likely when Drury returns.

    This is the team I expect to come north:

    Alexander Frolov ($3.000m) / Chris Drury ($7.050m) / Marian Gaborik ($7.500m)
    Brandon Dubinsky ($1.850m) / Ryan Callahan ($2.300m) / Tim Kennedy ($0.550m)
    Sean Avery ($1.937m) / Artem Anisimov ($0.821m) / Vaclav Prospal ($2.100m)
    Derek Boogaard ($1.625m) / Brian Boyle ($0.525m) / Brandon Prust ($0.800m)
    Erik Christensen ($0.925m) / Todd White ($2.375m)

    Marc Staal ($3.975m) / Daniel Girardi ($3.325m)
    Michael Del Zotto ($1.087m) / Michal Rozsival ($5.000m)
    Ryan McDonagh ($1.300m) / Matt Gilroy ($1.750m)
    Steve Eminger ($1.125m)

    Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m) /Martin Biron ($0.875m)

    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled using the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $59,400,000; CAP PAYROLL: $58,671,667; BONUSES: $1,737,500
    CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $2,465,833

  93. Typical life of a Ranger’s fan – last night MSG networks (MSG and MSG Plus) were both airing Ranger games at the same time that the Rangers lost. MSG was replaying the Rangers-Caps game that we were talking about a few days ago and MSG Plus was airing a Ranger OT loss to the Isles. At least we got a point! We don’t even get any respect from our own network.

    What made it more horrible was the Mets were losing to the Phils and the Yanks were losing to the Red Sox at the same time. There was nowhere to turn to!

    At least MSG redeemed itself by airing the Messier hat trick vs the Devs in the 94 Conference Finals later in the night.

  94. oleo …

    look at those salaries and Cap Space.

    It’s amazing how you a tweak out a decent roster and have money to spare when certain people arent sucking up 6.5 million dollars of it for nothing

  95. I’m Still not sold on Boyle … I think MZA makes it over him, but beside that, I agree with Oleo’s roster

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