Sweet 16?


Sixteen days until the Opener.

16: Whitey Ford. Joe Montana.

16: Pat Hickey. Pat LaFontaine. Pat “Little Ball of Hate” Verbeek. Brett Hull.


And of course, 16: Sean Avery.

The lightning rod. Today’s topic of conversation. And not just because it guarantees we will do big numbers.

First, for those who know how I feel and felt, or those who don’t know or can’t remember, here it is for the record: The first time around, I wasn’t a big Avery fan. He had done some things on and off the ice that made me dislike him. I knew he was extremely high maintenance in the lockerroom and for his coaches, and not universally beloved by teammates.

Then he changed my mind. He became an extremely valuable player. A difference maker. And certainly gave the Rangers that element of sandpaper, that Esa Tikkanen combination: An annoying-as-heck pain-in-the-rear-end who had enough skill and skating ability to play second or third-line minutes.

But when he went to Dallas, I thought the Rangers made the right call, especially given the price. And when he came back, I thought they were making a mistake, even at half price, and that became doubly so when John Tortorella, who obviously didn’t like him, became coach.

And then Avery was a difference maker again down the stretch. You know the rest. He was sat down in the playoffs for some idiotic behavior, and he came back to what is popularly believed to have been too short a leash by Tortorella — which the coach completely denies — and had a miserable season, afraid to cross the line, afraid to be the player he is. Or at least confused as to who he should be.

I was having this conversation with somebody at the rink the other day. Do you think it’s possible that Avery will not be on the team Oct. 9?

Given how bad he was last year, and how Tortorella might feel about him — not to mention some teammates, although he clearly is on the good side of some of the most important players — do you think he makes it?

Let’s do numbers first: Forwards coming back — Anisimov, Avery, Boyle, Callahan, Christensen, Drury, Dubinsky, Gaborik, Prospal, Prust. That’s 10. Of those, a minimum of eight will definitely be on the team Opening Night (minus one, Drury, who will probably be out injured, but should be back soon).

Forwards brought in — Boogaard, Fedotenko (a Tortorella favorite on a tryout), Frolov, White, Zuccarello. Boogaard and Frolov are locks to make the team The others sure have a good shot. Prospects knocking on the door — Grachev, Stepan, possibly others.

OK, count ’em up. Figure out who makes it. Now figure there are going to be only 13 forwards on the team Oct. 9.

The next part of the equation is, if Avery is not in Tortorella’s plans, what do you do with him? No other team in the league wanted any part of him at half price last time he went through waivers. And now he’s coming off a bad year. You could dump him to Hartford, theoretically.

I am just not sure where No. 16 fits, especially if Tortorella isn’t convinced that Avery had figured out where the line is, and how and when he can cross it. Because if he can’t play that way, then he’s surely expendable.

And if he leaves, the Rangers will surely have trouble finding the things he can bring when he’s right. I’ll tell you something else. The fans love Avery. But the Rangers have one of the rare coaches who really doesn’t care what the fans think.

I don’t think it’s far fetched. Do you?


Going to MSG later today. We’ll talk all day and night.

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  1. thats all I have been trying to say, the numbers are not in Avery’s favor he is going to have a hard time making the roster. he has to hope for injuries.

  2. and I think Prust can do the things Avery did, without restraints, and without going over the line.

  3. Let him go and another team picks him up. And the time will come when they’ll wish he was still here.

  4. A day with Aves is like a day without hockey. Does he cross the line, yes definetly but with a stiff like the pizza man as captain they need someone with balls on the team. And Torts PLEEEEZ can anyone tell me why he is so good a coach? One Stanley Cup doesnt give you the credentials to be Scotty Bowman. Aves stays and get rid of some of the stiffs

  5. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    16 candles

    I think if they can move Avery ,they will.
    He is the ire of the NHL refs , anything marginal he’s in the box, which hurts the team and gives Tortorella fits.

    He can give the team a lift when he scores which is what the rangers need, but I think the negatives outweigh his positives.

  6. Avery was’nt allowed to play his game last year. He needs to play HIS game. He will score a points piss off the other team and give them that “JAM” that Torts so often refers to. Though I love Prust, I don’t think he offers the offensive upside that Avery does.

  7. If the Rangers dump Avery and then they might as well fold the team. They’re not that stupid are they? Prust is good but NO WAYYYYY can he replace AVERY,so ‘bull dog line’, your crazy…You eat what Avery sh*ts, because when he plays and for the most part he does, he is the best at what he does.

  8. when he plays, or feels like playing. he is hurt a lot, and he has a lot of outside interest’s. Avery offensive upside may be 15 goals, Prust is not going to score as much, but he is going to show up every night. I would rather have Prust every night than Avery only when he feels like it.

  9. Keep Aves. The peoples choice!

    #16-Brett Hull

    #16-Pre-season NYR: Bobby Hull

    #16-Marcell Dionne

    #16-Henri Richard: The pocket rocket (No ladies not that)

    #16-Bobby Clarke

    #16-Lee Mazzilli

  10. The Puck Drops Here on

    I don’t believe, for a minute, that Torts didn’t keep Aves tied up in knots last season. He can deny it all he wants but I’m not buying it.

  11. Keep Avery. When he’s on his game he’s one of the more effective guys on the team. Fonzie Tortorella I could do without though.

  12. IMO, it’s all up to Avery. Clearly, the role he plays takes a certain mindset and ceaseless energy. The latter many players have, especially those on the fringe. The former is much more difficult to maintain – getting people to hate you and continue to hate you to the point where they are ready to gouge your eyes out has to be one of the more difficult jobs in all of sports, especially when you raelize that you become ineffective if you’re not playing that way every game and every shift.

    Just be clear, I’m not an Avery fan. I think if a team cannot play with inspiration and passion, cannot come together as a unit, without the antics of someone like Sean Avery, then there’s a far deeper problem there than whether or not Avery should be cut.

    That said, Avery can be a solid asset if he can figure out how to play with an agitating edge without going over the top (to the point where his stupidity becomes a distraction for his teammates).

    If Avery can play most of his games like he did against the Dallas Stars last year (when Dallas played their only game in NY), then there should be a spot on the club for him. There clearly is value for a player like him when he plays like he did that game – bothering/pestering the opposition and actually making a difference on the scoreboard. When he continually goes overboard or worse, plays like he did for 3/4’s of last season, then I say at his age (30) he should be jettisoned in favour of a younger, bigger and potentially better player (ie Byers or Weise).

    To me the decision is clear and Avery, hopefully, realizes this. If he doesn’t and he’s cut from the Rangers, he may never play another NHL game again.

  13. I think he stays, he’s come into camp in excellent shape, he’s scored goals, he’s been passsionate and i think he stays even if its only in a 4th line role or splitting time with Boogard. Prust and Aves both offer the skills enough to play higher up the depth chart if needed which is vital if the team suffers any injuries.

    I dont want any part of Fedostinko and if Semenov or Exelby get contracts it should be to replace Redden, not instead of the younger guys like Gilroy and McD.

  14. Good post Jim. I think Avery has value, it will be interesting to see if he can maintain his most effective role on a consistent basis.

  15. Kris: I watched parts of over 40 Ranger games last season and I can count on 1 hand where Avery played the way he needs to play (and is handsomely paid to play). I concur that Tortorella has reined him in to a certain extent, but that had to be done. Whether or not one agrees with how the NHL reacted to him, I don’t think it’s arguable that he was out of control in Dallas. Not only did he become a detriment to himself, but more importantly, he became a huge distraction to his teammates.

    The job of Tortorella (and Sather I suppose) is to ensure Avery doesn’t drift over to that side again. Did you see that Dallas game? Avery played the agitrator role perfectly and actually contributed on the scoreboard and was praised up and down by Tortorella afterwards. Then the very next game he was invisible again.

    Avery did NOT play the way you state last year for well over 3/4’s of the time. Shame on him. Shame on the Rangers if they let that happen this year, especially after all the yapping about making room on the roster for young players.

  16. Are you asking do I think Avery could be gone or do I want him gone?

    Yes, I think he could be gone because I don’t think he’s Tortorella’s type of player. Even though Avery has some skills and has been compared to Tikanen, I don’t think he has the defensive skills that Tik possessed.

    Do I want him gone? I really don’t care. If they can get a more effective player in his spot then – see ya. If they’re getting rid of him just because of a personality clash with Torts and not because there’s somebody better to take his place – then no.

  17. Avery has made his career as a decent pest. But how many times can he throw an opposing team off their game? I’ve seen most every team in our conference prepare for Avery and his antics. If you know someone’s going out of their way to get you going, it’s not that hard to avoid. Playing on this ‘line’, being effective at what he does has as much to do with him, as does the coach, and the opposing team. Takes a lot to fall into place for him to be effective. He’ll be on the team, but I suspect he’ll be scratched every so often.

  18. One thing that gets lost here is that Avery ACTUALLY WANTS TO PLAY IN NY, so he will play whatever style Tors wants him to play just so he can still wear the jersey. So basically blame his play on the coach, cause he would be out there raising hell if he wasn’t on a short leash, which may not be the best thing, but teams wouldn’t be so comfortable playing us either. When he is out there doing his thing opposing players are always looking over their shoulder, and not looking for the bulls-eye on our guys back. With Aves you get a guy that loves this team, the city, and the fans, and you can’t forget that. When Messier was here he did whatever needed to be done for the team, not for the pay check. Now most of these guys are only going through the motions to collect the check, and not fighting with every ounce of strength because they care about the team. So Aves holds them accountable to some degree because he isn’t afraid to call them out if they’re slacking, that’s a reason why some don’t like him. I hope they don’t get rid of him before the season starts because this team really needs someone like him to keep everyone honest, in our own locker room, as well as the opposing locker room.

  19. The Puck Drops Here on

    I agree with Pete. I think Aves is one of the few on the team that bleeds Rangers blue and not paycheck green. To me, that’s important.

  20. When 90% of the team mailed it in last year, including Captain Invisible, Avery is a spark plug of energy that never lets up. The record with and without him in the lineup isn’t related to his skill, it’s because the rest of the team gets pumped up from him and they play harder. He’ll make a big hit, he’ll start a scrum, and most importantly, he’ll remind his teammates that there is a game going on. He just needs to get back to HIS game

  21. Avery may have to figure out his game again, but an equal part of the problem falls on the team/coach for not put him in the optimal position to succeed for what he brings to the table. We all know the Rangers had a lack of top six talent last year, too many 3rd and 4th liners. This “forced” Avery to play too high up on the depth chart. He’s not a 2nd line player, he may not even be a 3rd line player. But in my opinion he CAN be the perfect 4th line player……limited minutes, agitator, passionate, good skater, can score. Avery may have to figure out his role, but do the Rangers even know what that is, want they want him to be?

    On the right team with the right mix, Avery can be the perfect complimentary piece – a difference maker. Yeah, I know the Rangers a far from being the team that can use him in the best possible way and you rarely if ever see a 4th liner be a difference maker, but in my opinion, when on his game, Avery is a rare type of player.

    And let’s not debate whether his salary is at a 4th line level. We have to go through Redden, Drury, Rozi, Boogard, etc etc etc before that arguement has merit.

    On a different note, it’s interesting to see how the league treats Avery compared to some other athletes and other sports(admittedly he helped dig that hole himself). Avery makes some insensitive and stupid comments in front of the camera and gets himself suspended, kicked out of Dallas, and pays dearly in lost salary and reputation. Braylon Edwards gets extremely drunk, gets behind the wheel and puts his and other’s lives in danger. The result? Well he gets to play this week, just won’t start. I’m not an apologist for Avery’s behavior, but gotta make you wonder.

  22. Good morning all! Happy hockey day!!!

    Mama was prepared for today’s post as she knew it was coming. I won’t bother repeating what I’ve said about Aves 1,783 times or more, but I am happy to see a majority of yes votes here today so far!! Keep em coming!

    To the naysayers, well, kitty poo to you :)

  23. Since my posts continue to be rejected by the RR server (for months now despite Carp’s attempts to figure out why) I’m trying a new name. I’ve previously posted as Daniel J.

    The Avery conundrum is bizarre… Sean seems to fit the mold of what Torts wants in a player. He’s a great skater, good passer, doesn’t shy from contact, and is a team first guy. I had my doubts at first but I think Avery, when he’s allowed to be himself (hasn’t Torts proclaimed he wants ‘Personalities’ on this team?), makes this team better and harder to play against, especially on the Garden ice.

  24. At the end of the day, every professional player is in it for the paycheck. Avery is no different. He demanded too much when he was a free agent and bolted to the highest bidder. Does he love NY? Sure he does, but if he became a FA after this year and some team offered him $6mn to play for them I’m sure he’d bolt again.

    At the same time, I agree with the idea that he’s a player who’s value isn’t always going to appear on the scoresheet. The problem with Avery’s role the past couple of seasons is the Rangers as a team (with two exceptions, Gaborik and Lundqvist) have had problems making an impact on the scoresheet both on offense and defense. Thus, Avery’s impact on the games is severely muted.

    If the Rangers can find some consistent complimentary scoring after the top line then perhaps the team can afford to let Avery operate as his former self. An agitator seems to work best when your team is winning and he can distract the other team’s best players from focusing on the game. He’s not of as much use when his team is trailing.

    The other parts of his game are what they are. At 30 it’s highly unlikely he’ll develop anymore skill than he already has. He can skate very well and has the occasional nifty move but he also has frequent defensive lapses and takes more risks than necessary when moving the puck. If the youth movement is truly on this year then I’m not going to complain about him having a diminished role if that means the young players that the organization is looking to develop into impact talent are the ones absorbing his ice time.

  25. Here Here to Aves Bleeding Blue The guy doesnt ride the short bus to work and does have good skills. Doesnt all that coupled with wanting to be here make for a player you want on our team. Like statements above it does fall on the coach how to use him and I for one am no big fan of Torts, so keep Aves and let the chips fall as they may. And by the way the guy deserves to stay here just for The Fatso Rule he is a CLASSIC

  26. #16: Mark Pavelich. First Rangers jersey I ever owned. A Ranger and a 1980 Olympic Team member. He was one of my favorites back in the day.

  27. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    I agree with what seems to be the majority, that Torts put the kabosh on Avery last season. He appeared scared to do anything and at times dissappeared.

    He can be a big asset, as long as they remove some of the leash and allow him to play his game. I think he has matured more as a player and understands he has to draw the line somewhere.

    If he becomes a detriment to the team (after loosening the leash), I could see and understand them getting rid of him.

  28. ” if that means the young players that the organization is looking to develop into impact talent are the ones absorbing his ice time.”

    Yes, and not giving his ice time to players like Fedotenko or White. If they’re going to replace him or reduce his role it had better be with someone with a future.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m on Avery’s side in this battle too. Whether Torts likes it or not, the fact remains that TOM Byfuglien RENNEY got more (A LOT MORE) out of Sean Avery. What does that say about Torterella? Not a whole lot, especially for a coach who encourages hard work, good conditioning, and looks for “JAM,” all three of which Avery may lead the team in.

    This is all Tort’s issue and If Avery’s out (and the team is losing), it won’t be long before I start chanting for a new coach.

  30. Carp – You really think White is a lock for the team? Even with his salary?

    He’s number-two on my list of guys I personally think have no business on this roster.

    Also, if Avery is released, traded or placed on waivers, what happens to his salary? Do the Stars still pay half?

  31. Avery had a bad year last year, no way around that. But I think Torts is inept at handling players like Avery, and keeps him so off-balance as to what’s expected of him that he doesn’t know what his role is going from one game to the next. Torts was on the record mouthing off about Avery before he came to the Rangers, and then benched him the first chance he got. Then Torts earned a suspension himself the next game. He should’ve been fired the next day. I can’t believe this classless guy made it through one full season.

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    So, if Avery gets demoted and then brought back on re-entry and another team picks him up, does that mean he’ll be paid by 3 teams?

    Seriously, I hope he finds his game again. When he’s on and making good decisions he has been very effective. Don’t care much about him earning the Avery rule, but I did like his interview after Brodeur wouldn’t shake his hand and he called him Fatso.

    One reason to keep him…I don’t ever remember a game where he didn’t get under Kovalchuk’s skin. Even last year when The Russian Cap Vaccuum came to the Devils Avery had him more focused on protecting Brodeur than playing hockey.

  33. Sure Avery took the money to go to Dallas. And if someone offers him $6 million he would bolt again. So what? You would too. It’s as much a business for the players as it is for ownership. There’s a difference between a hometown discount and a ridiculously over-the-top offer. He’s not worth $4m, he’s not worth $6m. But if someone is dumb enough to give it to him, can’t blame him for taking it.

    But salary aside, to deny that he’s proud to wear this sweater is not being fair.

  34. #16, Dwight Gooden.

    I agree with whoever said that Avery is a good Kovalchuk annoyance, and that will prove to be valuable I think. However, I gotta say, if they trade/waive him and it opens up a spot for a younger guy like Zuccarello Aasen or Grachev, I won’t lose any sleep over it.


    For someone who claims to be all about communication and honesty in dealing with his players, Torts is surely lying through his teeth that he didn’t have Avery on a very short leash last year. IF he’s willing to loosen that leash a lot, then Avery can and will be an effective player for the team this year.

    I’m of the group that he makes the team, but winds up being scratched a lot. I don’t doubt that the team is trying to move him though I highly doubt that anyone would bite. I also don’t think that Dolan would be able to stomach stashing 8 million in Hartford, which would happen if both Redden and Avery were sent down.

  36. Hey all: If Avery was leashed, how do you explain the handful of games where he played on the edge and was effective (the Dallas match being the perfect example)?

    Are you saying the coach didn’t like him playing that way and reined him in after the Dallas game? If so, not for a second do I believe that – he went on record after the game praising Avery for his efforts and stated that’s the way he needs to play every game. Like most of the rest of his mates, however, Avery’s most consistent trait is his inconsistency.

  37. Avery is the only player my wife likes so we need to keep him. I am desperately trying to get her to follow the rangers with me, if we lose Avery then I have zero chance of her watching games with me. She has watched a season with me since mid 90’s when she loved graves andthe boys, she says the team has never been the same and I can’t really tell her she’s wrong. But I am trying to tell her about del zotto and prust and some good character guys we have coming up. But all my effort will be wasted if Avery goes.

    I also have this horrible feeling that time Warner is going to black out the game tonight…that will not go over well. Consider this fair warning time Warner cable!!!


  38. My wife’s favorite players since we began dating…

    Adam graves
    Todd Harvey
    Petr prucha
    Sean Avery

    you can see how she’s had her heart broken in the past. She’s reluctant to open herself to the rangers again. But I think staal is working his way into her good graces :)

  39. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Avery… ugh. Only effective when he scores goals (annoys the carp out of everyone that can’t stand him) and stays out of the penalty box (never happens becuase the refs can’t actually call a game without personal bias). He does neither anywhere near enough to really be useful. Good riddance.

  40. Joke: It’s highly doubtful Marc Staal’s going anywhere for a long time, so get her feeling good about him. Bet she’ll like Dale Weise, too!

  41. You’re so generous TR :)

    well, this has been a surprisingly happy morning so far! Gotta go, but I’ll see ya later for game night!

  42. Joke, good call on TW blacking it out. If the Sabres are playing tonight, you’ll get their game instead. I once asked a higher up at TW why that is and they said that it’s because the league and Nielson consider Albany to be Sabres territory for some reason. Why that is, I have NO idea.

  43. So I get to watch New York Rangers hockey tonight! I decided to cough up the $100 and rejoin Hockeystreams.com for the season.

    I decided to check out the new and improved site last night and the site was down. They said they had too much traffic?

    Serenity now.

  44. Mickeym,

    congrats on making it safe and sound!! I just checked and sabres are not playing, hopefully meaning no tw black out.

  45. Avery Makes the team. He has too.

    Hank LOVES him, and so does Sather.
    Plus I think he and torts might finally be on the same page as to how he has to play

    But I think even he knows this is his year (and training camp) to prove he has skill(which he does) and use it more than his agitating skills.

  46. >> That April game is a Saturday afternoon (Last game of the year) Maybe I can get a shirt off their backs.

    I’ll never understand the schedule. We have one Saturday home game & 14 on the road but we have 10 Sunday home games. They couldn’t find a way to give us a few more Saturday games? I remember as a kid all the Satuday night games at the Garden on channel 11.
    I got a shirt off their backs in 07/08.

  47. AckP – it’s been that way forever. the Rangers fill the building every night of the week at MSG and they are a good draw for the home team on a Saturday night on the road. Now that I have kids, I prefer when they’ve had some Saturday games but it never seems to be that many.

  48. Just mentioning since no one else did… I read Avery reported to camp in GREAT shape, among the best on the team. I believe he feels he’s got something to prove after last year. He’s ready to play and it’ll be interesting to see what he brings in the preseason games.

  49. Joke, thanks! And that is good news on no Sabres. FYI, if you go to the tw albany website, you should be able to find and print out the Rangers and Sabres schedules, that will tell you what Rangers games are blacked out and on what networks you will be able to find them on. It came in handy last year.

  50. I couldn’t even figure out why there weren’t any Saturday games… The Knicks aren’t playing either. Are they starting the renovation this year?

  51. scott- I know what your saying. I guess as we get older you appreciate those Saturday games a little more. I’ve had season tickets for years and now that I moved a few years ago I usually don’t get home till after 11 on game nights. Kinda tough to get up at 6 the next morning for work. Especially the times when there are 3 home games in a week. I’m at the point where I have to start selling tickets.

  52. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

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  53. beth – Minor renovation have started already. They’re supposed to start full blown at the end of the season. Three straight summers of renovation so look for tix to go up to make up all that money they’re gonna lose.

  54. #16 – Bobby Hull in his rookie season (before he became #9 the Golden Jet

    The tradition of Rangers on Sunday nights goes back to when the NHL was a six team train league. Almost all games were played on Wed. Thurs, Sat , Sun.
    The Rangers were a Wed Sun team because the Leafs and Habs played at home on Saturdays for Hockey Night in Canada TV and radio broadcasts. Up there Saturday night hockey was like going to church.

  55. Sorry if this is redundant, but what about the obvious bias the refs have against him? That has to be a factor.
    It’s a given that the key to his effectiveness is getting the other team off their game without crossing the line. If the refs have essentially moved the line, can he still be effective?
    If the refs are going to call Avery for anything and let other teams tee off on him without a whistle, are NYR better off w/ Prust or a young guy without that target on his back? If Avery is doing his all to fill that role, but the refs are killing him, the net effect is still not good for the team.
    I think it’s a tougher call than some would say, especially if a Wiese or a Byers shows some promise in preseason.
    Love the site btw, been reading w/o posting for a while.

  56. can we dump Torts instead of Avery? I’m sure Torts wont have a problem getting a new job…you know…the one when you sit in a studio and talk about hockey :)

  57. #16 Bobby Holik
    (who to this day is still probably laughing that Sather gave him a 5 year, 45 million dollar contract)

  58. As far as Avery is concerned, when he is on his game as a player going all out and agitating without taking a ton of penalties, he is a good fit for the team. Last season there were way too many games where he didn’t contribute. Blame it on him, blame it on Torts, blame it on the moon phase, it doesn’t matter why. He is a well payed pro who has to figure out how to be there every night.
    I will be at the game tonight glad that hockey is back.

  59. >>Sixteen days until the Opener.

    Snog – Sixteen Easy Tunes For The End of Times

    John Lennon – Sweet Little Sixteen

  60. The Puck Drops Here on

    jf518 has a point (welcome, by the way). The refs call everything on Aves which has to has a negative impact on his game. He gets a penalty and Torts has a fit. The refs definitely show a bias towards Aves.

  61. the rangers management is already horrible and making me want to switch teams. if they dump avery is who is the only exciting player to watch on this team, i will be finding a new team.

  62. Boneheads

    In my humble opinion, he is gone, and that is the right call. He was a destraction to the team more than an addition. He clearly cannot make a difference with his play – since the ‘Broduer’ rule he is in-effective.

    He is not a scoring threat. He is not someone that needs two players on him for his offensive abilities. He is not a positive in the lockerroom. He is not an asset on the ice with officials and he is not an asset in leadership. All of those add up to a big fat NO – See you in Hartford with you D pal Redden.

    In terms of who makes this team, I really dont believe that Boyle gets a shot here either – too slow, not really that gifted in the offensive zone. I think we go a bit smaller and fast – Zuccarello definitely makes this squad – and I like Prust to make the team and play a regular shift – he demonstrated last season that he deserves a chance. I only wish That jody Sheeley was coming back – THAT was a hockey player with guts and character – something many of this group lacked last year.

  63. Good 16s guys. I can’t believe I forgot Pavelich at 40 and again at 16.

    How about Kelly Kisio, before he switched to 11?

    16: Doc Gooden.

    Phil, no I do not think White is a lock.

    I’m kind of keeping a low profile from Mama’s newspaper.

    Good morning, Sally!

  64. The Rangers NEED Avery. He’s a spark plug in games against Patrick division teams. Why are Boyle and Christensen locks to make the team? Both are fourth line players. Stepan and Grachev deserve to be on the team ahead of those two. Frolov will have a monster season on a one year contract playing with Gaborik. Boogaard is a lock as our team goon.

  65. bitt, I gotta say it.

    I like Avery when he’s on too, and I respect the loyalty, but I want to watch the team WIN.

    If that means another direction, so be it.

    Granted, not sure I trust the current management to make a smart move….but if a young guy looks ready to step up, don’t you have to give him the shot? Callahan is an example of what I’m hoping for.

    Haven’t years of misery come from the lack of courage to make that kind of call?

    Of course, if no player steps up, we could do (and have done) a lot worse than Avery.

  66. well.. i wouldn’t say that Avery is the only exciting player to watch on this team, but he is definitely one of a kind that this team will have hard time replacing.

  67. ok…everyone’s talking about Avery taking too many penalties and i agree… but, can you recall how many PP goals were scored against the Rangers with Avery in a box? The team responds well to PK when Avery is in a box…

    I think Rozi has the worst PP goals against record when he’s taking a penalty…and he has taken some DUMB and LAZY penalties!

  68. I think they should keep Avery. He will bring very little in a trade and the Rangers are always short on fiesty players. He has to play his way. He has to agitate to be effective. I was at MSG last March against Philly following his benching and he had an amazing game. That is the way he needs to play. He can hit and agitate and stay away from dumb penalties if he does it smart. He also draws so many penalites.

  69. BANJ, .16 is the number he blew … twice the legal limit.

    tomb, the rookies play at 1 in Newark. No spectators, no TV. Maybe Tom Gulitti’s Devils blog? I don’t know.

  70. Hi GUys,

    Been a while. I moved out of NYC, bought a house, wife had a 3rd kid (finally a daugther!), she quit her job, I switched to an office in the suburbs….been a busy friekin couple of months. But I’ve been reading a little of the blog. I am getting excited for the season but thinking we will be lucky to make the playoffs this year.

    But I am hoping this is a repeat of that year when they had us pegged for dead last and Jagr carried us…3 yrs ago?

    Anyhoo, I think if we have Prust we don’t need Avery.

  71. Saw that the lines for tonight’s are up. What the byfuglien are Rozy and McDonagh doing playing together? I’ve always wondered WHY coaches put two right-handed shots together on D. Makes no sense to me.

  72. “Braylon Edwards gets extremely drunk, gets behind the wheel and puts his and other’s lives in danger”

    First and foremost, drunk driving is one of the one worst crimes one can commit. However, I am a Jets fan, and I forgive Edwards. For what is life without second chances…

    Second, we don’t know what Braylon Edwards is guilty of. In addition, the Personal Conduct policy disallows Edwards from being suspended by the NFL until his case has been adjudicated. The substance abuse policy says Edwards cannot be suspended by the NFL if he is a first-time offender. The Jets will not deactivate Edwards this Sunday, as their priority is the direction of their business and winning ballgames; not imposing a moral imperative for the rest of the universe.

    Let’s at least wait until all the facts come out regarding Edwards before hanging him out to dry.


    All of the Avery naysayers *cant* say that they dont get the most excited when the MSG crowd chants “Avery Avery Avery” and also when Avery scores a goal and goes towards the glass pumping his fists! Avery Avery Avery!!!

  73. Keep Avery!

    In response to some earlier posts, Eddie Johnstone is & will always be “The People’s Choice” of the Rangers.

    Mark Pavelich was one of my favorite players, too. I somehow picture Zuccarello-Aasen as playing like a faster Pavelich… hopefully he can put the puck in the net like him!

    I always thought Pav looked a lot cooler wearing #40 than #16. He also played his best hockey as a Ranger wearing #40.

  74. Isn’t Edwards blowing twice the legal limit a fact?

    The guy is a multi-millionaire. Hire a limo for the night or take a cab.

  75. I think that Avery can definitely help the Rangers. The question for me is will our “blustery” coach let him? I for one, don’t think he will. I don’t believe a word Torts says. He says one thing, and then does the opposite. Torts has the ego, craves the attention.

    If Avery is allowed to play his game, he is effective. But he’s afraid to play with that reckless abandon, for fear that he will be benched.

    I do not think Torts is the right coach for a team that’s trying to bring a lot of young players into the fold. Whereas Renney was very patient, Torts is very reactionary. He seems to have “his guys”, and if you’re not in that group, you’re out of luck. Clearly Avery is not one of his guys.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this unfolds. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see Avery with the Rangers for the whole season.

  76. CR9
    I guess your comment was directed at me. I’m curious, do you forgive Edwards because you are a Jets fan? Would you feel the same way if you were a Miami fan? Would you feel the same way if your children were out on the road when Edwards was driving drunk?

    I understand about withholding judgement, waiting for the facts or knowing what Edwards is guilty of. But in this instance I’ve heard enough to, as you say, hang him out to dry. I too am a Jets fan and a former season ticket holder. I would have liked my team to react differently.

    But I’m also not naive, nor am I looking for the Jets set a moral imperative either for the universe or for me personally. I get that their priority is their business and winning games. I just think that priority in this matter, is sad.

  77. Thanks CCCP, St Petersburg has a few x-NHLers on the team. But they’re down 3-1 with 10 minutes left in the game. Is Yashin still with Carol Alt?

  78. Edwards might turn out to be “not guilty” or his lawyers might be able to get the charges dropped, or whatever.

    That doesn’t change the fact that he drove drunk. Very drunk.

    The piece of carcillo.

  79. I find it interesting that the cop looked at the SUV from his patrol car at 4am and found that the windows were “too tinted”.

  80. Avery and Redden – tough for them to make it with Torts comments last spring. I think Rangers may be a better team without them. Maybe a mental thing with Torts. He never got either one of those guys on board.

  81. The NYR offensive attack should be:


    I think Avery would fit perfect as fourth line center. He played center with LA. Asisde from being the most hated hockey player in the league, he’s a terrfic skater, battles well along the wall for pucks, and has a great wrist shot. I think Boo and Prust would give him soom room out there to play. I remember Jagr once saying that Avery has all the tools to score 40 in a season. He was a PPG player when he first came to the Rangers. I think the problem is that he is soft. He always gets injured and can’t fight well. He’s a great competitor but there have been inconsistency and injury issues with him his whole career. I say keep him as the fourth line center.

  82. CT

    You are quite right, and keep in mind that any critique of Avery’s play is almost laughable considering the atrocious overall play of the team as a whole. He must remain pure while the rest of dough heads played like beer league skaters for a deplorable amount of time throughout the season ..and then it deteriorated. ( reminds me of the old comedian who said that he was very poor and lived on very little food, no job, no insurance, no car, behind on the rent…..and then came the depression.)

    Now ask yourselves, for that money do any of you doubt that the Flyers would not take Avery on if available? The team that has tolerated Carcillo for several years now?

    In a New York Minute.

  83. GCBlue – My comment wasnt directed at you. When I disagree with the POV of Linda and Mama, I feel it is necessary for me to put out my opinion in hopes that I can change their opinion.

    *Do you forgive Edwards because you are a Jets fan?* That has a little to do with it.

    *Would you feel the same way if you were a Miami fan?* Believe it or not, all I ever desire is fairness and equality. So, to go one step further, if Edwards continues to get treated according to the letter of the law and NFL Policy, and somewhere later along the line, Randy Moss of the Patriots has the same thing happen to him, I would feel the same way.

    *Would you feel the same way if your children were out on the road when Edwards was driving drunk?* I dont have children, so Ill just substitute family members/friends for children. Yes.


    Here’s the ultimate example, and I know for certain this will disagree with Mama.

    Michael Vick. As a Giants fan also, I do not like the Eagles. What Michael Vick did was absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, the SICKEST thing a person could ever do. I am an avid protector of animal rights and a lover of all animals.

    However, Michael Vick did the time for his crimes, accepted his legal punishment and the other fallout for his actions (bankruptcy). I disagree with those people that wanted Vick to be banned from playing the NFL. I dont see the need for a second punishment. For in my eyes, being banned by the NFL would have amounted to vigilante justice.

  84. BANJ mentioned Henri Richard earlier and it brought back memories of the younger, smaller, less dominant brother of the Rocket. He was a heck of a player in his own right, scoring 358 career goals while winning 11 Stanley Cups, more than any player in league history.
    Also thought of Chco Maki as another # 16.

  85. Edwards is still a piece of Carcillo. The Jets just last week reminded their players of the Player Protect program, created after the unpunished Donte Stallworth murder. Players can get free luxury limo service any time they need it by calling a number. Edwards was Staalworth’s teammate and friend, and out with him the night he killed that poor man (oh, he flashed his lights at the guy, so it was the guy’s fault).
    If Edwards or anybody else ever hits a member of my family while drunk (or texting), he better pray to God he goes to prison before I can get at him.

  86. CR9
    I agree with your assessment on Vick. He paid his debt to society and should be allowed to play again, even if some people choose to personally never forgive him.

    As for that clown Edwards (Carp – in this very rare instance I would not insult Carcillo by association), my point is that the way the Jets have chosen to react to this, even before due process, is a clear disconnect with my values. I don’t give a crap about their business priorities or winning.

  87. fran, Philly wanted no part of him when he was available to all teams at half price two years ago. Why would they want him now, after a bad year, and with a team that supposedly loves him giving him the boot for the second time?

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  89. “If Edwards or anybody else ever hits a member of my family while drunk (or texting), he better pray to God he goes to prison before I can get at him.”

    I know the sentiment, as I have friends that feel the same way. An older gentleman friend of mine lost both his sister and brother-in-law to a drunk driver, in which the drunk driver lived. Despite the efforts of his wife and son, his life went into a downward spiral after the loss of his family members, and after less than 2 years, he passed away this January. He felt that same way, Carp.

    Here’s my belief: Let the law do what is appropriate. There is no correlation between playing football and getting a DUI. Stopping him from playing football is not going to prevent him from drinking and driving. That’s what the law is there as, a deterrent. Let the law do its job.

  90. I can’t read thru all the posts, but if it hasn’t been said already, there is gonna be a trade made. The numbers don’t add up. Avery and his half price contract are worth too much to the Rangers to not have on MSG ice. He is one of the few values on this team. Not to mention he is the alter ego to this team.

    Avery will be here barring injury.

  91. GCBlue – Well, I applaud your moral standards. I respectfully disagree, though. The NFL policy is being followed and I agree with withholding punishment until his case has been adjudicated.


    Here’s just one enormous idea about why Edwards was possibly over the legal limit… What if someone spiked his drinks?

    GCBlue – Would you still feel the same way in that instance?

  92. DWI is awful. No question. I don’t like Braylon Edwards, even less now. But DWI is a societal problem. What we should be doing is learning a lesson here. When we are out with our buddies, let’s be just as vigilant in preventing DWI as we are in cruxifying Bralon Edwards.

    There is a lesson for all of us here.

  93. This will be my last post until the NYR game tonight…. I dont want my “controversial” opinions to upset anyone, so I think its best if I just drop it right here.

    I do, though, want to clear up something from the other day. I fully understand the history of the Yankees. I fully understand the historical significance that Ruppert, Huggins, and Ruth had on the Yankees. IMO, Ruppert took the Yankees from dire straits and built them into *the Yankees* ; Also IMO, Steinbrenner saved the Yankees, he restored them and renovated them into a universal brand.

    My last point, my anger with the Yankees “fans” on Yankees Lohud was this: They had the audacity to attack the Steinbrenners for the way they chose to honor the memory of the patriarch of their family.

    Here’s the kicker: Everyone – literally everyone – on that site complains about how the media treats the Yankees, and rightfully so, and they complain about other people “whining” about the team, and yet they had the audacity to whine about the size of a monument. I mean, the freakin size of a monument.

  94. Can’t wait for this game tonight. There’s some chili for later, and even an apple pie, so it’s a pretty good day!!

    Also looking forward to that 24/7/Hard Knocks series of the Pens and Caps before and after the Winter Classic. That will be pretty cool. Although seeing Crybaby’s giant lips, and Malkin’s horrific disfigured Sltoh-like face, as well as Fluery’s horse face would just make me sick. Throw in Ovechcant’s cringe-worthy jokes, and you’re gonna have yourself an awkward time.

    Anyway, poor McDonut will be with Blowzy tonight. Hopefully he, and Stepan do really well. And hopefully Booger beats up Pierre Luke Mary Kay Letourneau LeBlonde.

  95. CR9
    Your opinions are not upsetting, I welcome your thoughts and the open dialog. But with all due respect you’re missing my point. This is not about “let the law do it’s job”. This is not about how the justice system will run it’s course, although as Carp hinted at, sometimes good lawyers and money have something to say about justice.

    My point is this……..I vehemently disagree with the clear statement the Jets are making. How winning is everything, even if they need to look the other way at what you call “one of the worst crimes one can commit”.

    No offense taken, we can agree to disagree.

  96. Hartford Whalers

    this is your first post since the beginning of summer and what a ridiculous post it is!

    But i will agree with you anyway…Boyle should not be on the team.

  97. In my strongest opinion, every team needs an Avery to win the cup. Look at history. ALL teams need that guy who is going to do the unexpected when most needed. This is why Washington failed last year. If Avery is available, my bet is that he will be a Capital.

  98. I’ll reserve judgement on Boyle. He skates well for a BIG man and if he plays like Byfuglien, using his body to best advantage, then he’s useful. Otherwise, we don’t need his soft play.

  99. There was a point last season, that I am almost sure, Torts had a sit down with Avery and told him to do his thing. There is no doubt in my mind that Avery was confused and scared to be himself on the ice because of his fear of being reamed out by the coach. I can’t remember what game it was, but he came out and just did his thing, did it well, and we were a much better team for it. When he is playing his game, playing it well, there are few like him in the game that can do it as well. I am not saying he is going to score a boat load of goals, because he won’t, but the guy helps this team when he is allowed to be on HIS game.

  100. I want Avery to be here, but I feel like Torts may not want him to be. He will get a chance at the start of the season, but if he can’t do his effective job, then he may go away. I have a feeling that he will be here for the whole season, though, barring injuries. If someone were to claim Avery on re-entry waivers, it would be for half of the salary that we are paying him, right?

  101. If Avery gets traded, his ENTIRE salary counts toward the cap. He is almost as untradeable as Redden. Avery is going nowhere. He will be scratched here and there. He will miss games due to injury I am sure. But at 50% cap hit he is going nowhere.

  102. Shows how clueless Carp is. Tikkanen was one of the best defensive players in the league, even on one knee. And he drew more penalties than he took, which is the prime job of an agitator. Neither can be said of Avery, who is a goner, if not at seasons start then soon thereafter.


  103. carp

    I stand corrected …not aware that he had been passed on before by Philly.
    That’s why you’re the carp and I’m the minnow..

  104. Gravey –

    If you don’t go to a sports bar, there is always the internet.

    If you are desperate you can go to http://www.hockeystreams.com and buy a one-day pass for $6.99. You can watch all of the days games either live or taped. you should have at least a cable modem though.

  105. right about the short leash throwing him off his game last season but i don’t think he goes down to hartford. Tortorella is a smart guy and hopefully won’t micromanage again.. at least i hope not. Redden is much more deserving and make more sense. if you’re going to bury a mistake bury the big one. What’s another 3 million if you can dump Redden

  106. Why pay attention to this Rod guy? I buried him a loooong time ago. Don’t feed the monkeys. Even if they are spankin’ it.

  107. at the end of the season when we needed points Torts (the hypocrite that he is) let Avery play his game which was obvious since Avery was flying and doing his thing…we started to win games and then he got hurt.. i bet if Avery and Cally didnt get hurt… we make the playoffs.

  108. I want to see a big game from that top line of ours tonight. I am excited to see them play together.

  109. If Torts will continue to neuter Avery, than the Rangers may as well cut him. The NHL is also culpable with its rules that only apply to Avery.

  110. Avery said a while back, on Knicks Game Night, that we are going to see the “Old” Sean Avery this season. I am confident that we will.

  111. For what it’s worth, Avery’s ratio of penalties drawn to penalties taken in the last three years as a Ranger (courtesy of http://www.behindthenet.ca):

    2007/08: 31/16
    2008/09: 24/15
    2009/10: 26/25

    So, in short, another *big* scoop from Monsieur Gilbert that we should all be thankful for.

    Anyway, enough about Avery. Just why isn’t Willie Mitchell a Ranger yet?

  112. I bet esa wouldn’t take it as a compliment!

    Avery’s a joke, one of the biggest clowns in nhl history.

    No wonder this place likes him!!!!

  113. It’s obvious to anyone how Torts reacts when players make mistakes. He benched Gaborik in a one goal loss, for pete’s sake — but that’s another issue. Of course he put the reins on Avery.
    But Avery has to play consistently, as he said himself. Prust played very well for his few games last season here –we’ll see how he plays for an entire season.
    Maybe Torts will try to teach instead of punish as a coaching strategy this season. How long until Torts’ first temper tantrum?

  114. Carp, just curious since you again saw fit to call me names though I hadn’t. Done so to you……

    Are you going to ban yourself? Cause I could find my way to gross blog, where the info is, without you posting links….

    Btw, so cool the way you guys memorized lines from GoodFellas…..

  115. what was apparent last season was the refs bias against Avery. he was the recipient of some outlandish calls and non-calls that his opponents got away with things against him that he is always nailed for.

    and Torts has a huge ego. he wants to be the mouth that roars in the Rangers org. he is jealous of Avery in that he gets attention for his mouth, and Torts wants that attention on him and his mouth.

    how else to explain a coach who wants to neuter a team asset. Renney, who i don’t like, could get it out of Avery because he is the polar opposite personality, while Torts is fighting Avery for attention in the outrageous comment category

  116. Shoot the puck Barry on

    #16 – It was said above, but loved Kelly Kisio…

    I think Avery’s place on this team will depend alot on the composition of the team as a whole. The team needs some personality, not the vanilla it has been over the last few years. Gaborik adds some in his own way. Avery adds it in another. It’s the guys in between who will make this thing work– your blue collar guys like Cally and your skills guys (maybe MZA)and some toughies, too. Curious to see how it all comes together…

  117. it will really stink if Avery is dumped not to give a spot to a deserving kid, but to give a spot to a washed up journeyman coaches pet like Fedotenko.

  118. So The Hague actually has an ice hockey team (HYS The Hague)… I’m going to try to go this weekend … three Americans on the team …

    I bet they can beat the bush-league we’ll see on the ice this year on that side of the pond

  119. at least Torts was honest about the fact that he pulled back from his all-out forechecking style last season to a more careful version after they showed they did not have the mobility on d to make it work. I think that fact more than anything else is the reason he is down on Redden. his lack of ability to move and apply all over pressure made Torts forecheck system a leaky mess. Redden was the worst offender, and that is what has Torts wanting him gone. I am glad because there was no other way that Redden would have gotten dumped. his play deserves scorn of course, but he was treated with kid gloves here until he became the biggest detriment to their forechecking system.

  120. “Maybe Torts will try to teach instead of punish as a coaching strategy this season. How long until Torts’ first temper tantrum?”

    Two sentences that completely explain why Renney was a better coach that Torts. Torts is here AS PUNISHMENT to a bunch of crappy players that took advantage and did not play for Renney.

  121. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    I plan on getting the center ice package, but was wondering if there was a free live feed of the preseason games. Living in Florida, I will not be able to see them here.

  122. You’re the joke sittin there in your pajamas, unemplyoed in your mothers basement pretending to know hockey.

    Birds of the feather…..

  123. barry

    I am in agreement with you…last season;s team was such a cluster muck at the end….not even like an NHL team. They were actually embarassing. Now you can screw up on the ice, or in the dressing room, or before the press, but you’d best not do it before your fans.

  124. Did you see Edwards pitiful apology this morning what an insincere piece of carcillo. As far as Avery goes he is dead to me once he left the first time his leaving will not hurt this team at all.

  125. Crystal Water x 3 on

    I will never attend a CONNECTICUT WHALE game, the name disgusts me so much. Let’s extend this as though all teams in sports do this, and see how it sounds…

    Bronx Yankee, New Jersey Giant, Bay Area Giant, So. Calif. Padre, Ohio Brown, Missouri Cardinal, Illinois Cub, Western Pennsylvania Pirate, Wisconsin Packer, Florida Ray, Minnesota Twin, New England Red Sock, well, you get the idea, so you decide if seeing games in person of teams combining a regional name with a singular nickname excites you? For me these names are beyond disgusting. Plus we already have college football and basketball teams named Arizona, Florida, Texas, Colorado, etc. I mean “Florida beats Arizona”, great, are we talking Marlins-Diamondbacks, or Gators-Wildcats? And who says Connecticut Whale honors the memory of the Hartford Whalers? I say if you rename the minor league team Hartford Whalers and adopt that old distinctive logo uniform, you honor that team’s memory. “Connecticut Whale” honors stupidity and marketing desperation, nothing more.

  126. So im back before the Rangers game. Thanks GCBlue. I always appreciate healhty discussion as well.

    Gravey – If you have the sports pack ($12 or $13 monthly) on Directv, you get the Rangers game tonight on MSG.

    rod lurks – I really dont care what you have to say. When I see trolls, I just pass on by or laugh and pass on by. But for the sake of everyone else, please kindly accept this:

    You dont like the site, move on and find another site. You insult Carp, but you’re not even smart enough to realize that Carp doesnt get paid to run this blog. This is probably not in his job description. So, in essence, Gannett/Lohud and Carp run this blog for the good of the fans. Show some appreciation.

  127. From the recap of the 5-2 rookies loss to NJ

    “The final period was the most physical, featuring two fights. The first fight saw Rangers prospect Justin Soryal take on Myles Stoesz. The second, more physical fight, featured Rangers 2010 first-round pick McIlrath, who has played a strong game, against New Jersey’s Jean-Sebastien Berube.”

    Does anybody have a report on the more physical fight?

  128. hello everybody!!
    haven’t been on much over the summer. been very busy and just didn’t have much to say.

    as far as Avery, gotta say that i like him when he plays the game
    but not when he goes out of his way and forgets that he needs to use his hockey skills as well as irritating skills.

    we could argue forever about what Torts said to him
    but i imagine the short version would be something like this:
    if Aves maintains a valuable role as a player on the ice, such as making rushes, getting assists/goals, being defensively responsible then doing his irritating antics will be okay
    but if he isn’t responsible on the ice and isn’t producing as he is capable of then he is just being a problem.

    i don’t see where there’s confusion.
    Sean was a major pain when we played dallas but he also scored and assisted on goals and helped throw dallas off their game. i think it takes a lot out of him to do that every night, and he shouldn’t have to do that every night
    showing off his skills on a more consistent basis is NECESSARY.

    as much as i like him, if someone else shows that consistency then they’ll replace him.

    (sorry this is so long)

  129. CR… that shine box is too high quality for Rod. That box looks like a pro model and the lurker is strictly an amateur.

  130. Joke …

    My wife was a Prucha fan and now an Avery fan so they’re in the same boat !! She mostly liked when Prucha scored cause she liked the song MSG played.

    Avery has been flying in the scrimmages and I’m 90% sure he makes the team.

    My 23 man roster (in no order):

    Gaborik, Frolov, Drury, Dubinsky, Callahan, Prospal, Avery, AA, Christensen, Boogaard, Prust, White, Kennedy, Fedetenko

    Staal, Girardi, Rozy, MDZ, McD, Eminger, Semenov

    Hank, Marty

    I think they view Stepan and Grachev as a pair and will want them to develop chemistry in Hartford together with MZA




    now dump his butt in the minors

  132. Well, my wife and I just finished some Chinese food. Of the twelve possible lucky numbers in our two fortune cookies, only two are current Ranger players. Therefore, my prediction is that Marc Staal and Gabby will score tonight’s goals for our heroes. 18 and 10. We’ll see.

  133. MSG is showing “MSG Volt, NYR vs Detroit 1952” with Emile Francis in net… im looking at the net and it seems bigger than the net now days!! am i crazy or was the net bigger back in those days?

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