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Ooops. I lied about the last post being the final post.

From the Rangers:
September 23, 2010 – New York Rangers 4, New Jersey Devils 3 OT (Pre-Season: Game No. 1, Home No. 1)
• The Rangers defeated the Devils, 4-3, in overtime at Madison Square Garden in their opening game of their 2010-2011 pre-season schedule.
• Marian Gaborik notched two power play goals, including the overtime game-winning goal at 3:12 of the extra frame.  His power play tally at 6:43 of the first period opened the game’s scoring.  Last season, Gaborik tied for third in the NHL with 14 power play goals.
• New York notched two goals in seven power play attempts overall (12:24).  Last season, the Rangers ranked fourth in the NHL at home with a 22.9 power play percentage (38-166).
• Forward Alex Frolov led the team with two assists and three points in his Rangers debut.  He also led all team forwards with 22:25 of ice time, and tied for the game high with six shots on goal.  Frolov signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 26.
• Martin Biron turned aside 17 of 19 shots in the game’s first two periods (40:00) in a no decision while making his Rangers debut.  Chad Johnson stopped six of seven shots in the third period and overtime (23:08) to register the win.
• Derek Stepan, the Rangers’ second round choice (51st overall) in 2008, tallied an assist on Gaborik’s first period power play goal and registered four shots in 18:14 of ice time.  Last season, Stepan established career-highs with 12 goals, 42 assists and 54 points while skating in 41 games with the University of Wisconsin Badgers of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA).
• Forward Brian Boyle notched the Rangers’ third goal of the contest with an even strength tally at 14:20 of the second period, and led the team with four hits.
• Defenseman Dan Girardi recorded an assist on Gaborik’s game-winning, power play goal at 3:12 of the overtime period.  Girardi also registered two blocked shots in 26:40 of ice time.
• Dale Weise, the Rangers’ fourth round choice (111th overall) in 2008, registered the only assist on Boyle’s second period goal.  Last season, Weise established career-highs with 28 goals, 22 assists and 50 points in his second season with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).
• Defenseman Marc Staal led all skaters with 27:37 of ice time.  Last season, Staal led the Rangers with a career-high 23:07 of ice time per game.
• After an off day tomorrow, the Ranges return to action Saturday, September 25, when they will face-off against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of their home-and-home set; the game will be televised live on MSG.  Prior to the game, the Rangers morning skate is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center

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  1. carp’d

    September 23rd, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    got a new phrase for our top line of stepan, gabby, and frolov


    because i have a feeling they’ll be scoring some SICK ****ING GOALS

  2. Mickey, that’s why some members of the media, self included, are really hoping he makes the team. He’s a great interview and seems to be a really nice, friendly kid.

  3. You’re going to give me Carp-al tunnel syndrome.


    Yeah i was wondering what the Boogy misconduct was for too.
    My funny moment of the night was when a Devils was acting obnoxious about the late tying goal and I told him that at least it’s the Rangers 3rd string goalie giving up a soft goal and not their starter like Uncle Daddy.

  4. i agree that i like stepan’s interviews.

    caught him after the first period and i loved that he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

    that’s what i like to see in a player. really is pretty special.

  5. Stepan HAS to make the team. Great passing, great shooting. He has more talent than anyone who played center for us last season.

  6. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Nice to see the Rangers PR department has again, NOT remembered their AP Stylebook rules. *tsk, tsk*

    27 minutes for Staal?! In a preseason game?! I suppose it’s good to see Torts in mid-season form, but yikes.

  7. 27 minutes is a little too long for a pre-season game. Horrible giveaway that led to Zajerkoffs goal, but I’ll let it slide since it’s pre-season.

    Biron looked alright, but like I said, it’s only pre-season.

    As for Zucchini-Assen. I thought it played well, but it’s not by any stretch of the imagination a lock for this team.

    Looking forward to seeing Hank, Grachev, Del Z, Gilroy, and a few others.

  8. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    OK, I just read Orr’s Step-on as Strap-on. Which is not good and tells me that it’s time for bed cause I’m apparently punch drunk.

    Niters all.

  9. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    CARP! YOU ARE EN FUEGO TONIGHT MY FRIEND! wow, earning that paycheck in one game after the summer off :-)

  10. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    worst part about tonight was our two worst d men were staal and girardi……oh well, just the preseason. Has the roster been announced for the saturday game yet??

  11. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    oh, did something happen to rozy, didn’t see him much in the game!

  12. Blowzy refused to shoot on a 4 on 3, as he usually does on a PP.

    He just stood there with a nice line to shoot, and decided to pass, and there wasn’t another chance on that PP.

    Some things never change. I thought Boyle was pretty good, not just by scoring that goal. I’d rather have him on the 4th line than anyone else. He knows his role. He needs to bring that flavah explosion to the opponents mout every game!

  13. Blue Seat Horror on

    Roszival was the weakest link on D. Gave the puck up; slow, slow, slow. He allowed opponents to catch up to him and in most cases surpass him when going for a puck in the corner in the D-zone.

    Not much of an improvement there. Too bad they don’t stick to the whole “every spot is earned” propoganda because there are plenty of d in camp who could fill his spot with more passion, more motivation, and for far less cap drain.

  14. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Was at the game tonight. Big ups for the Stepan(e Matteu…lol)kid. It’s like he fit right in with gabby & frolo. McD impressive as well…definitely an upgrade over dredden.
    Love the idea of the SFG line:

    Scores Fantastic Goals
    Several F’n Goals
    S F’n Good
    Same F’n Goalscorers!

  15. Stepan. Frolic , McDonut, Fedotenko & Zuccarello are keepers. Prust boxing lessons really paid off. Different team this year. Dubie even looked faster and almost scored. Still wish we had a different coach. Angry John T. still determined to make Avery’s life difficult. Could be a fun year.

  16. yeah and no to Gaborik too..who needs guys who can score goals

    r u serious? the frodo kid has a great scoring touch… wtf?

  17. Tank The Season on

    Zuccarello may be a P.A. Parenteau style AHLer. He seems to know what he is doing but the question is what will it translate to in the end.

    I am much higher on Stepan.

  18. You know I wasn’t comparing them…

    Getting rid of this or that guy just after one pre-season game sounds as ridiculous as getting rid of Gaborik

    That’s all I’m saying

  19. P.A. Parenteau? Meaning that if P.A went to play in Swedish Elite league he would be the top scorer and the MVP of that league? I don’t think so…

  20. PAPY might do well in that league. I think he can be a star in any league other than the NHL.

    And I agree, it’s dumb to throw him away after one game. Personally, I just don’t think he’s going to be what everyone expects him to be. As I’ve said so many times. The way people talk aboot him, he’s going to be easily the rookie of the year, and score 30g-60p etc. He might need a little time, like most prospects.

    He’ll have a lot of tough competition though, unlike Step-On who has to compete with the likes of White, and EC who are not really the guys you want in between Gabby, and Afrolov.

  21. OK, finally un-Carping myself :)

    Great game tonight! I was hoping to see a shootout in person since it’s preseason and it doesn’t matter, but the Gaborik goal was nice. I guess the Rangers didn’t rearrange the three stars after the game was over because Gaborik was not one of them. It was Boyle, Parise, and Frolov.

    I got to watch the game in a suite with my dad because somebody from the Rangers called him to see if his company would be interested in buying into one of the new suites that will open in 2013 after the renovation, and they look pretty cool. To the left, before you get into the Garden, they have two mock suites set up.

    They are marketing the standing area as similar to your living room with two flatscreens in it and a “cozy” atmosphere. They are making new suites lower to the ice (top of the 100 level, I think), taking out some of the regular seats around there, I guess. Those will run you $500,000 to $1 million per year. They are also gonna add some cool suites at the bottom of the seating area, where you walk up from the food area to seats at ice-level. You can pay $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 for those per year. However, it sounds like you (mostly companies obviously) will have ownership for any event at the Garden. They will also be adding “bridges” around the top of the arena, in from the sides above the 400s. This will be pretty strange to look at, but I guess it could be cool.

    It sounds like the seating capacity will rise overall, even though they are taking out some of the regular seating for new suites. And the work is being done in the summer, so the Liberty will be playing in Newark.

    As for the game, no Rangers played particularly badly in my mind, except for Fedotenko running over Brodeur for no reason. I noticed MZA making plays on the backcheck a couple times, and Rozsival played a solid game. Biron made a couple great saves, and Brodeur did not look sharp. Great passing by Stepan and Frolov for that first PPG. That was a BS call for a misconduct on Boogaard, since he and the Devil were both shoving. I’m hoping to see a little less of Kennedy and Fedotenko, especially since this game had a lot of regulars in it.

    I was sitting at the end the Rangers shot at twice. I think I could look down and see Carp. And Lou was in the press box, as well. I was standing next to Lou before the game as he waited to go in the club entrance, still steaming from his fine, I bet. :)

  22. it was nice to see girardi for the most part hanging with fowards and knocking the puck off their sticks instead of helping them score for a change.

  23. The best part about last nights game was seeing the d-pairings with the walking zombie Redden in them. New man crush for senile Miccheletti ” Wade is a great person and a really nice guy ” Yea well it helps if he could play hockey UGHHHHHH

  24. Watching Rozy last night. . . . .I wonder if we have been banishing the WRONG overpaid veteran to Hartford.

  25. Met Lou last night, have to say he is a class act. Asked him if he’d consider coming across the river and got no response but he was very nice especially to my daughter (she’s 7)

  26. Was at the game last night. Some observations:
    Boogard is HUGE.
    MZA is TINY.
    Semenov is alot bigger than I thought.
    Brodeur is looking OLD.
    I liked what I saw. Even the power play, which supposedly they have’nt worked on yet, looked like it had better movement than it has in the past. I’m (cautiously) excited about this season!

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