It’s Go Time!


First one of the year. Take that, Jets.

Seatbelts on. Here we go.


Boy, talking to some Devils people, they are really, really in a bind with their cap issue. Wonder if they’ll “invent” a long-term injury to somebody and take a chance on circumventing the cap again and getting slapped by the league. Doubt it.

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  1. haha sorry. I was referring to ORR saying that the announcer was chico.. I’ll better direct my comments for now on!

  2. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    lol Carp, the man was just asking me why he was shying away. I tried to say he was plotting strategy and getting leverage! GOOD ON MAIR GETTING EXTRA PENALTIES!!!!

  3. btw, Torts has a plain black tie in a proper size and simple gray suit. Bodes well for us!!! Maybe he does read the blog!

  4. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    lmao Carpy! You’re great on the fly!!


    #16 DAVE SILK!! how could you guys have forgotten our other Olympian???

  5. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    i’d copyright that term Carp, but i stole it from Chris Y2J Jericho lol

  6. MickeyM stopped packing to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Linda, it’s good so far. The movers finally came about 2 hours ago so I have boxes and stuff all over the place, but I stopped unpacking to watch the game. It’s also roastingly hot here. Thanks for asking :)

  7. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    lmao @ the quote book…they’ve been saying that the past 2 seasons, I’ll believe it when I see it

  8. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    Mickey, central air is soo awesome in these hot/humid climates! I hope your new place has it!

  9. OK, how is Biron’s Marty going to be chanted differently than Brodeur’s when they both play? (maybe only tonight!)

    btw, I notice how the noise is coming from the upper decks, not the hartnelling red seats who don’t show up.

    I think Step’s in…..(ha!, get it?)

  10. Terrible turnover! With all this new cash Staal has come to, maybe he’s become too heavy to skate the puck out of the zone?

  11. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    i hope this chico thing is not a trend for the season. who the byfuglien wants to hear this asshat during a Rangers telecast?!

  12. MickeyM stopped packing to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Linda, it does. That was a prequisite.

    OK, so that line is awful defensively. Phew!

  13. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    ORR, it’s kinda scary lol. he needs that hydrolize product they are always giving away!

  14. MickeyM stopped packing to watch Rangers hockey! on

    asshat.. lol. I’ve heard assclown, too. Describes some people perfectly.

  15. Carp didn’t say new post? Slacker….get to work dude!

    Carp, ick on the drunken Dev asshats. Security!

  16. MickeyM stopped packing to watch Rangers hockey! on

    I could have sworn McDonagh was a righty shot. Oh well. Also, he’s wearing Tytin’s old number.

  17. Holy Bageezus! This whole thread is filled with my two favorite posters – Laurelinda!

    What’s the score?

  18. Haha, Sam and Joe keep acting as if it was Semenov’s decision, but they know it was all his wife. Even Sam said “his wife………and he”

    Semenov needs a shiny new pair of pants that he can wear to control his friggin family.

  19. Just checking in from NZ. Can’t see carcillo from here and you guys, as always, stink at commenting. It’s ok, I’ll watch it when I’m back home.

    One thing I want to add- Avery should be playing on our team. Disagree with whoever said Prust can do the same. No, he can’t. Nobody can. It will take an effort on both Tort’s and Aves’ part to make it work, but it should be done.

    See you all back in US. And LGR!!

  20. It’s funny how they’re trying to avoid throwing Semenov’s wife under the bus …. it was all her fault – no one wants to play in the KHL

  21. CR, bad choice!!! And I’m over the place and killing Carp at night cause, well, he knows….you all will just have to suffer :)

  22. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Ok I will step out on a limb here and predict that Stepan and McDanough will make the team. There may be some growing pains but boy these kids are good. I only wish they could have convinced Kreider to make the jump as well. He is also real good.

  23. that was a great pass by Stepan also on that play to McDonagh moving into the slot from the blue line

    Stepan is the real mccoy when it comes to passing

    and McDonagh is a bruiser

  24. czech, I agree, but I’ll feel better when they give them numbers like 20 something, not numbers in the 50’s.

  25. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    somerset, Joe’s waiting for his first interview with the ‘big bodied boogaard’ for that special moment

  26. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    where in the blue hell is Mako… we need to be working on the nicknames for the new guys!!!

  27. Frolov’s got a pair of hands, huh?

    Tell you what: if he’s what he should be, the Rangers have a No. 1 line. Unlike last year. It’s not Pittsburgh’s or Washington’s. But it’s a No. 1 line, and that makes all the other lines better.

  28. MickeyM stopped packing to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Oh man. I go to make dinner and I missed Frolov’s goal. Goal- yaay!

  29. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    i’d enjoy watching Stepan and McDonagh on a nightly basis from now until June!

  30. Dear Santa,

    Mama would like a laptop (really an iPad) before Christmas so she can post on RR and watch Rangers at same time without tripping over kitties to do both.

    Love, mama

    P.S. She’d also really like Aves to be Ranger all year and play.

  31. Girardi and staal got caught sleeping. too wide. I agree, at least trip him and force him to take a penalty shot.

  32. MickeyM stopped packing to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Linda,I had to dig for some pans and plates during intermission, that’s why I;m cooking now!

  33. >>Bought a Macbook Pro a few weeks ago…will never go back to pc…ever

    Congratulations, Staal! Welcome to the Mac family.

    I’m awaiting delivery on a 27″ iMac and retiring a G5 PowerMac. I don’t want my current 15″ MacBook Pro to feel too lonely.

  34. “i’d enjoy watching Stepan and McDonagh on a nightly basis”

    So would I, and my comment is intended to be dirty ;)

  35. Carp really?
    I’ve never owned anything but PC’s and laptops…endless updates, virus’s problems.
    my mac just works…every time…so far anyway. no freezing, virus/security updates…nothing

  36. well, I’ve had the virus problems with my pc, no doubt. And that’s a pain in the aasen. but when they’re both up and running, I’ll take the pc. I really don’t like my mac … it also is company issued and has nothing good loaded on it.

  37. Swayze Ghost…..I am Pareeseeing myself!

    macs rule. all i’m gonna say. Carp, yours is, um, not yours right :)

  38. They’re giving away tickets to WWE between periods, on-ice contest. They might as well be giving away carcillo-salad sandwiches. What trash.

  39. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    Orr, i forgot to give you praise for the swayze ghost comment! AWESOME!

  40. Apple is pissing off a lot of companies again with their stance on several things. Android, baby!!!

  41. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    guys, shattenkirkheadzo sent me a pic from the VW event, of Nicky and disco duguay. I’ll post it up on the FB later

  42. WWE? Gee, makes sense I guess not to give away tix to YOUR OWN SPORT AND TEAM!!

    sorry for the yell…

  43. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    methinks “swayze ghost” is officially part of the bonehead lexicon.. and where in the blue hell is TONY???

  44. MickeyM stopped packing to watch Rangers hockey! on

    carcillo-salad. EWWW. You’re ruining my fancy dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup, Carp.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    I hate not being able to see the action!!!! Preseason baby , no need to get excited but WOW!!!!

    YEAH man , we love it …you hate us …wese gonna win games!!!


  46. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    there are women in new jersey and in the south who would kill for that hair height!

  47. Linda, I agree.
    Mickey, you have Fritos with that? It’s a must side. Love that meal.

    Mess, I heard so many bad things about Droid. Went with Blackberry until Verizon finally hooks up with Apple next year.

    LGR and RR!

  48. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Gordie could use some Just for Men. All he needs to do is ask Mex or Clyde for some free samples.

  49. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    mmmm grilled cheese and tomato soup! ya need some goldfish, premium crackers or oyster crackers with that!

  50. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Mame, no fritos, but I do have vanilla vodka and coke. :)

  51. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    dg, all i can hear in my head now is, “not only am i the president, i’m also a client…” thanks lol

    Mickey, no play for mr. gray

  52. Linda, people in the south and jersey have been killed by people with that hair height :) “excuse me ma’am…” Pow!

  53. >>Apple is pissing off a lot of companies again with their stance on several things…

    You don’t sound like you know what you’re talking about.

  54. Mama, My gf & sister both have the Incredible – and it really is, it’s just a great phone. I bought the DroidX. I love it, but I think the Incredible is better.

    But that’s just me though – I hate Apple and their closed stance on everything, no customization, etc., wanting total control over it, so I’ll never buy one.

  55. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    lol @ you bastage! you’re feisty tonight!

    JB.. 6 minutes to Fringe!

  56. >>guys, shattenkirkheadzo sent me a pic from the VW event, of Nicky and disco duguay.

    Ah, I stopped by during lunch. I did snap a couple of shots with the iPhone.

  57. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    Mess, you’re a riot! ya need to show some pics of those metal days!

  58. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    It’s weird to see a PK without Cally being all over the place.

  59. effing dvr and cabledolanvision. Why can’t you dvr two shows while watching a third!!! just had to give up something to continue with the boys….no choice really, but now I see Thursdays will be a problem for me. Hulu anyone?

  60. i’m finally able to watch a bit of the game rather than getting twitter updates.

    but now i see that i need to download Veetle TV to watch.
    is that safe to do?

  61. yes thanks guys. im kinda , uhh ahem, busy at the moment, wink. just checkin in and were winning! gonna watch later on h streams! later aasens!

  62. N.CountryNYRFan on

    why not give both players the misconduct…the bias against the Rangers starts already and Avery isn’t even playing

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    GO BOOOGAARD !!!! Oh wait , hes in the box …its pre season .No need to panick , when the time comes we will dress all our horses.

  64. NCountry, great mind think alike :)

    Grabs, wink, excuse me? Your priorities are off or I feel bad for her for sneaking off to check :)

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Mama , ya need that link back in yer name. I can’t comment in the blog now!!


  66. Mama, make an account on this site

    When you see the show you want to download, click on it, and choose one of the file hosts to download from, like hotfile, megaupload, rapidshare, netload, etc. I use megaupload, but I pay $10 a month for it so I can have unlimited downloading.

    If you don’t pay for it, you’ll only be able to download a certain amount of MBs.

  67. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Wonder if the Devs Gelinas is related to ex-Cane and Canuck Martin Gelinas.

  68. abc12(13Kennedy) on

    is anyone else irritated that the Panguins get to take part in their second Winter Classic??

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Momma , dont believe him!!!! Sure sure ORR , we have seen your “fake links” numerous times. Ya up to yer old tricks and I would advise Momma NOT to click on it!!!

  70. Fake links? Were you expecting a porn site? Haha.

    It’s legit. You make a free account. Just have to make a name, password, and give you’re email, and that’s basically it. There’s a better site than that, but for some reason you can’t get to it here in America now. Shame.

  71. Greg, sorry, can’t link :(

    ORR, um, I’ll take hulu for free thanks. I don’t miss that many shows and if I do, my life will still go on.

    carp, he’ll have a great obit but it won’t end til then…

  72. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    OT in a preseason game is like the steak you were promised was excellent, but turns out to be disappointing.

  73. Oh, this is gonna be a loooooong season :)

    Can’t wait to read Carp’s take on tonight tomorrow…

  74. Mama

    it’s just a meaningless game. Please dont take this game with anything other than a grain of salt. This doesnt mean ANYTHING for the regular season.

  75. SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  76. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    froyo with a star, not too shabby

    TOO MANY DAMNED COMMERCIALS!!! wtf 5 minutes of show, 3 minutes of commercial!

  77. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    At the end, Chico was sounding like he was talking about Fatso when he was going ad naseum about Parise.

  78. I love the MSG/fans tradition of songs and chants after goals and wins etc… and here’s to the first stick salute!!!

  79. Tank The Season on

    Gotta say that Stepan must start the season as #1 center. It’s key that him and McDonagh both make the team.

  80. MickeyM…more great minds re: stick salute! I love that!!!

    Guys, all they really play of that song is the wha ooo part. It’s cool. :)

  81. FYI

    We created the stick salute a few years back…. Then the Boston College hockey team stole our stick salute and were lauded by ESPN for “their” stick salute. True story.

  82. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    CR, isnt the stick salute a European tradition that the Rangers started doing when Jagr was on the team?

  83. if Christensen is the #1 center in game 1, then we will know that the talk about giving the kids a chance and earning a spot is just total bs by both coach and GM

  84. I like “A Message” and “Strawberry Swing”

    That being said, Coldplay doesn’t belong in Hockey. Anything that was, or will be on the tv-show Glee should *NOT* be in Hockey!

    Even Sweet Caroline. I liked it, but I didn’t like it when I started hearing it in other arenas in other sports.

    They need something original!!!

  85. you are right. I was just identifying the player who started the ranger stick salute. it was Kasparaitis’s idea to do it.

  86. CR, did not know that. I know (or thought) the stick salute was a unique cool thing by the Rangers (I have a great pic of one in my house. it’s awesome.)

    Here’s the only time I’ll agree with you on an anti-Boston rant :) As a BU grad, home to Mike Eruzione, BC is a hartneller for ripping that off and stealing credit!

  87. YES!! Blogmama has agreed with me!!! WOOOHOOOO!

    Seriously, Linda. We started the stick-salute post lockout.

    And to be fair and completely honest, Mama, Boston College ripped us off and started doing it, but they didnt steal the credit for it.

    It was ESPN that gave them the credit. And we all know what ESPN is. Everything Sox Patriots Network!

  88. Hugo –

    Come on Man. That’s not a conspiracy. That’s actually the truth. That’s what happened. I show you respect, Id appreciate the same respect in return.

  89. I swear to God, no matter what I say, I get questioned and have it attributed to my Boston conspiracies/paranoia.

    If you cant even believe something that actually happened, then why do i even bother posting here…

    now im angry, adios til the regular season.

  90. Bless Kasparaitis then. Seriously, who has the real history behind he stick salute? I should know, but don’t :( since I love it so much. Bad mama!

    Good night tonight. Not perfect, but I love a win! Welcome to the NHL Stepan! (btw, it’s Step-ahn. Not Step-on. Small but significant difference)

  91. Hugo – I care. We started something special and unique. They ripped us off and then they got the credit for it in the media. How can you not care????? I thought I had earned just a bit of respect, but I thought wrong…

  92. I’m glad Pee Wee didn’t score tonight. I’d rather the Devils win than have him put up any points.

    I just don’t want that fuggin guy on the team unless it’s on the 3rd or 4th line.

    Step-On all the way!

    I’m anxious to see Artie though. I’m expecting improvement!

  93. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    A lot of teams have started doing the stick salute. Why is it only a Boston team gets mentioned/blamed/called out?

  94. Because ESPN lauded them for it, and didnt laud any other team for it. Let’s just drop it. I was just giving an FYI for those that didnt know the history of the stick of the salute. It’s over. Good night!

  95. CR, come on, down boy :) No conspiracies all, BC is asshat and BU rules…Beanpot anyone? Only one of the best collegiate hockey tourneys ever!

  96. MickeyM stopped UNpacking to watch Rangers hockey! on

    Aww jeez guys, it’s only the first preseason game, can’t we wait until game 10 to start bickering amongst ourselves?

  97. Sweet game! Garden had some spirit for a pre-season game.

    Didn’t get to stop by to see Carp, I will next time.

    Gaborik for 50 this year?

  98. Midas Will Folkyerself on

    There is probably a European conspiracy theorist out there complaining that the Rangers stole THEIR stick salute…

  99. OY, it is gonna be along season. Day One and you’re all fighting more than Boogy….chill, have love, or Frolov…whichever…:) I had a great night!


  100. Olga, that was bad call, you know it. wicky (where you been tonight anyway?) this third wicky is for you :)

    The Folks family is in the house…so time for me to say final TA! OY, I’ll catch up on you folks and all tomorrow.

  101. Great game tonight! I was hoping to see a shootout in person since it’s preseason and it doesn’t matter, but the Gaborik goal was nice. I guess the Rangers didn’t rearrange the three stars after the game was over because Gaborik was not one of them. It was Boyle, Parise, and Frolov.

    I got to watch the game in a suite with my dad because somebody from the Rangers called him to see if his company would be interested in buying into one of the new suites that will open in 2013 after the renovation, and they look pretty cool. To the left, before you get into the Garden, they have two mock suites set up.

    They are marketing the standing area as similar to your living room with two flatscreens in it and a “cozy” atmosphere. They are making new suites lower to the ice (top of the 100 level, I think), taking out some of the regular seats around there, I guess. Those will run you $500,000 to $1 million per year. They are also gonna add some cool suites at the bottom of the seating area, where you walk up from the food area to seats at ice-level. You can pay $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 for those per year. However, it sounds like you (mostly companies obviously) will have ownership for any event at the Garden. They will also be adding “bridges” around the top of the arena, in from the sides above the 400s. This will be pretty strange to look at, but I guess it could be cool.

    It sounds like the seating capacity will rise overall, even though they are taking out some of the regular seating for new suites. And the work is being done in the summer, so the Liberty will be playing in Newark.

    As for the game, no Rangers played particularly badly in my mind, except for Fedotenko running over Brodeur for no reason. I noticed MZA making plays on the backcheck a couple times, and Rozsival played a solid game. Biron made a couple great saves, and Brodeur did not look sharp. Great passing by Stepan and Frolov for that first PPG. That was a BS call for a misconduct on Boogaard, since he and the Devil were both shoving. I’m hoping to see a little less of Kennedy and Fedotenko, especially since this game had a lot of regulars in it.

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