Back at the Garden


Nobody available pregame. No John Tortorella presser. Nothing new to report, except that there were six fights in the rookie game (a 5-2 Devils win). See Tom Gulitti’s blog for some details.

So we’ll be back with a game thread later.


Not to belabor the point, but I believe I made it clear I am not totally anti-Avery.

And I wanted to add:

a) That it was he and Lundqvist who called the team meetings and demanded, publicly, some accountability from their teammates when the team bottomed out (ok, one of the times they bottomed out) last year.

b) That in the infamous Carcillo-Gaborik/Girardi game, Avery was the only one to answer the bell, and he did it multiple times. He took it personally, when not nearly enough did … and on a night when the coach decided it was a good night to take on a writer instead of his own team.

c) If the coach can’t coach Avery to be the player he needs to be and can be and should be, then that is as much on the coach as it is on the player. And if the player can’t do it, whoever is at fault, then the player is of no use here.

d) I am of the very firm belief that if Avery can rediscover that agitating touch, then more minutes will come, and so will some production. He’s awful defensively, and he falls down a lot for such a good skater, but he does have a lot of positives in his game. And if he can return to being that player, he can be a very crucial part of this team.

I could probably go on for another 45 paragraphs. But I won’t.


Congrats to Wade Redden and his wife on the birth of their baby girl.

Also want to welcome back all of those familiar names who have come back in the nick of time. Even if one might be an  idiot.

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  1. Jay Riemenschneider on

    I’m not an idiot, even though I eat horse (crow?) all the time. Hey, my butcher talked me into it.

  2. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Tickets – check
    Ranger jersey – check
    Molly Wee to see homo Larry – check
    Spending the rent money on garden beer – check
    Starting a disappointing season – check
    Watching Devils fans get the Carcillo knocked out of them? – check


  3. Tom (sniffles) Poti. his allergies are bothering him, like the goalie in Slapshot. “the hair, the hair, I can’t breathe”

  4. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I think we are gonna surprise a lot of people this year. This years team will be a definite upgrade from last years team.

  5. completely disagree with the comment on the previous page about them seeing Grachev and Stepan as a pair. if that was true, then Stepan would be centering Grachev, not Fro and Gab

    if stepan is ready, then keeping an old dog like Fedotenko or White instead of him is ridiculous

  6. an idiot? I resemble that remark. It’s good to be recognized for one’s outstanding qualities I suppose.

    I’m chomping at the bit for some Rangers hockey. I’m kind of interested in seeing how that Devils first line looks too.

  7. Good evening all!!!!!

    Got Most Wanted playing on MSG (excellent Rangers V. Devs stuff) and am ready to go! I got flutters in my tummy I’m so excited, but man, I would reallllllly like a win. I kmnow it’s just pre-season, but it’s the mental angle, ya know? Oh, and for the team, too :)

    btw, was quite pleased by the previous thread. Majority seems to follow my side, which is just smart thinking anyway :)

  8. Carp, under your tutelage we have graduated from idiot to moron to bonehead. such great progress in such a short amount of time

  9. noremy and tomb, there’s plenty enough resemblance to go around :) excluding yours truly of course.

    speaking of which, where’s c3?? :)

  10. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    avery is a problem child no doubt.. but you can’t hang the teams failings upon his shoulders.. Blame should be placed upon the idiots: sather dolan and torts

  11. Yeah, oops. I thought there was. Oh well. Silly not to, huh?

    but, love the olllld Hank special. Did you happen to see who represented The Journal News? Our old buddy Gross!

    Love when they said, “just a year ago, nobody knew who he (Hank) was.”

    if you’re new to this show, how confused are you right now :)

  12. I agree with the post on the previous page about the name Connecticut Whale being a dumb thing to do.

    it is like the California Seals. they did not want to associate with Oakland, but then they changed it after a couple seasons to oakland Seals, then after a couple more they became under Finley the california Golden Seals, even though his baseball team was called the Oakland A’s. not the california A’s

    it is all stupid marketing and pr hacks trying to deceive the folks.

  13. Chico!!! OK, since I’m still laptop free, I wanna go soak it all in. See ya the break (tv or otherwise)…I almost want to cry I’m so happy!

  14. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    Duker, hockeystreams all the way!! Welcome back by the way!!

    And Nasty’s here, and Salty’s back…it’s hockey season!!

  15. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    Duker, try channelsurfing or

    Czech! good to ‘read’ ya again


  16. Chico Resch?? WHY? I think it’s time that we called those MSG suits and make it clear that Rangers fans do not want to see/hear Devils or Islanders broadcasters during our matches.

  17. Linda is ready for some RANGERS HOCKEY! on

    satan eyes in net for the Rangers! he scares me! Hey, Torts looks like he had a decent tie on!!

  18. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Ok, I’ve seen enough. Stepan and Mcdonough are for real! I know it’s one period but boy those guys are good!

  19. The Puck Drops Here on

    Linda, can you get hockeystreams? I cannot even get to their homepage. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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