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The Rangers have announced their entire roster for the game tomorrow — Martin Biron will play in goal, and Derek Stepan will center Alex Frolov and Marian Gaborik, at least to start.

Also, according to Andrew Gross’s blog, Dylan McIlrath will play in the rookie game at Newark tomorrow afternoon, then be returned to his junior team. Too bad. I was hoping they’d at least give him a look in a couple of preseason games, even though it was a foregone conclusion that he’d be returned to juniors.

Andrew also has the transcript of John Tortorella’s press conference here.

Here’s the roster for the game vs. the Devils:

D: Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Alexei Semenov, Michal Rozsival, Mike Sauer, Ryan McDonagh.
F:Brandon Prust, Marian Gaborik, Tim Kennedy, Brandon Dubinsky, Ruslan Fedotenko, Brian Boyle, Erik Christensen, Alex Frolov, Dale Weise, Mats Zuccarello, Derek Stepan, Derek Boogaard.
G: Marty Biron, Chad Johnson

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  1. You’re not going to Carp me that easily.

    Your assessment of the Ranger defense is merely a commentary on contemporary mores.

  2. I’ve read differently about tomorrow’s game. From Blueshirt Banter:

    The guys for tomorrow’s game have been announced and it looks like this:

    Forwards: Gabby, Frolov, Stepan, Prust, Kennedy, Boyle, MZA, Dubi, Weise, Fedetenko, EC, Booger

    Defense: Staal, Girardi, Semenov, Sauer, McD, Rozy

    Goal: Biron, Chad Johnson

  3. According to Andrew Gross:
    Here’s the game roster:
    D: Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Alexei Semenov, Michal Rozsival, Mike Sauer, Ryan McDonagh.
    F:Brandon Prust, Marian Gaborik, Tim Kennedy, Brandon Dubinsky, Ruslan Fedotenko, Brian Boyle, Erik Christensen, Alex Frolov, Dale Weise, Mats Zuccarello, Derek Stepan, Derek Boogaard.
    G: Marty Biron, Chad Johnson

  4. The quotes i read earlier has Torts saying that Stepan will get some time centering Frolov/Gabby but he will also put Christy and Kennedy there too to see how they do.

    Will be good to see Staal/Girardi against the Debbies top line too.

  5. what, no Redden? he is the best dman in Ranger history. he is a sure Norris trophy candidate. he is better than Bobby Orr and Lidstrom combined

    well, at least he is paid like he is, huh Sather?

    too bad they can’t send the Gm down to hartford with him.

  6. the guy had a kid today – im sure he will be in the hospital all day and wont get any rest – Im sure Redden plays over the weekend

  7. Blue Seat Horror on

    Darn. I was hoping to see Avery against Brodeur and Kovalchuk.

    Anyone want to start a pool on how much they’ve raised the price of beer at The Garden…

    Of course, as someone in my section astutely noted, it’s not the price of the beer that went up, but the price of the pretzel they give you with it.

  8. Carp
    NOw there’s a name to be remembered.Waldshtein…slight variation on that gives you Beethoven’s “Waldstein Sonata” stupendous piece of piano music. Try it, you may find that you like it.

  9. tickets oct 1st friday vs ottawa

    selling a pair for $55. the cost of both tix is 120. buy one get one free.

    section 330 aisle seats

    i will be out of town starting next week

    email me if interested

  10. Aw bummer! It just won’t be the same first night without 16!

    Interesting roster, I think, but that’s pre-season I guess.

    We gonna chat about offense tommorow :)

  11. 16’s days are numbered in Ranger blue. he may make a good teammate for six, skating with the Whale.

  12. According to Torts, Pavel Valentenko apparently has a bomb.

    Look out! I’m looking forward to seeing him in pre-season as well.

    Imagine if both he, and Mickey-D become solid d-men for us, while Blowmez gets older and more bald, and Pyatt centers their third line? I’d love to see the look on the faces of Habs fans then.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on


    we are back baby!!!


  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Stepan ,steppin up the ladder !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    My luck , my first overall draft pick on CCCP’s fantasy draft is injured!!?? Hope Olga is happy , I got one of her boys from ChicaCHUmPS.

  15. We’re gonna have to get some streaming links up in here for us currently not living in the area.

    i.e for me and linda

  16. fran..from a previous post…i’m not an expert on the old russian teams, but i think valeri kharlamov was one of the top five russians of all time…i still remember wanting to wipe that smirk of boris makailov’s face

  17. bull dog…grrrrrrr

    hey wicky, I was referencing you saying I s–k! WTB! Hey, I’m not happy, but I have my good reasons. Next year I’ll own and kill!

  18. If we get rid of Avery, I will seriously be very very very very upset. We let him walk the first time, understandably.

    We let Jaromir walk for likes of Wade Redden.

    You cant possibly let Avery go when his cost is a very reasonable $2 million per. You just cant. Dump Redden for christ sakes, or Roszival to the minors.

    You DONT dump a reasonable contract with a high upside. You just dont.

  19. Pool, I don’t think it will be televised … not even spectators at the game …

    But I’d bet MSG will have some highlights on the telecast tomorrow night.

  20. Avery’s upside is around 15 goals. But his real upside is not quantifiable. When he is playing the game the way he knows how to play, the Rangers are a better team than they are without him.

  21. aww, Carp quoted Bruce!! (I know you were going for Neil, but hey, that’s what I heard :)

    bull, this issue has been debated here more than any other topic I believe….again, I don’t wear rose (or orange :) colored glasses where’s he concerned, but there are upsides, and I think with this “newly” structured team there is a chance for even more.

    and I hate to boil it down to salary, but all things considered (R, R and D anyone?) he is worth what he brings to this team.

    phew. that’s all I got left on this subject tonight. See you in October Sean!!!

  22. the Rangers can do better? which of the following guys on this team do you consider better? Drury? Redden? Roszival? Booooooooooooooooooogaaaaaard?

  23. I’m embarrassed. CR said it better and quicker than I did. Geez, and I get paid to write and edit for a living :)

  24. Geez, it is thundering and storming like hell here now. I think it’s the heaven’s response to bull dog :)

  25. What in Holy Hell is this storm all about?

    so much for that Harvest Moon, Sally!

    I think I might discuss Avery tomorrow or Friday …

  26. Anyone watch those highlights on the Rangers website from the scrimmages of the past few days…

    First thing that stood out to me: Ryan Callahan is FLYING all over the ice and had one really stand-out play in one clip.

    Second, Avery was tagging guys with his stick and even slash/breaks Semenov’s stick when the two of them rolled out of a corner.

    Dubinsky looked like he was skating hard and Girardi on defense looked like he was moving really well too.

    I really think Callahan could have a special year if he can just keep his body in good health. He gets so beat up as the year goes on, but it’s hard to imagine him playing any other way… and who would want him to??

    Can’t stand it anymore, I feel like I’m 12 years old all over again… can’t wait for the games to count!


  27. Sally!
    I’m applying to be an exercise science major at University of Buffalo. Wish me luck. Maybe I can even send you my essay to see what you think. lol.

  28. Sally killed it in the fantasy draft yesterday! She even got Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogaaaard for PIM!

    ZZZZZ wouldve been proud!

  29. Was watching Rangers-Ottawa last year’s home opener on MSG when the power went out … saw Brashear pillow-hand the hell out of Carkner.

  30. CCCP,
    you guys area all talking about the Avery of 3 years ago. now he is just a shell of himself (i know its Torts fault).

  31. Wow, Carp, I lost no power…it was a quick but powerful storm. Stanley freaked! But all quiet now….

    OY, you really gonna do Aves? OK….but I warned ya!

    (post early so I can chime in :)

  32. Carp, pillow hand…LMAO!

    bull dog, if Carp posts about Aves, well, you’ll have a fun day :)

    all, I’m out of steam….niters and TA! Tomorrow is Rangers game day!!!!!!!! Whooooo hooooooo!

  33. just wait bull, just wait….

    dang, you made me wicky! he’ll get me for that later…see ya in the morning all! Final TA!

    Oh yeah…LGR!!!! It’s go time! (screw the Jets, they ripped off Izzy anyway)

  34. Gaborik, Cally, Drury, and Prust on the right. maybe Zuccarello if Drury plays center.
    AA, Christensen, Stepan, Kennedy,and Boyle at center. I still do not see a spot for Avery. Sorry!

  35. Oh bull….you make me wicky!

    Carp, let the Aves chat fly…bull, I gotta TA while respectfully disagreeing with your position on him. Interesting though, why he prompts such heat, compared to other league players.

    Sweet 16, I’m with ya!

  36. Mama,
    what am I waiting for, is Carp going to teach me a lesson about how good Avery is. I am just looking at the numbers, and to me it looks like Avery is going to have a hard time being in the lineup, he may not even make the roster.

  37. bull…the numbers aren’t so bad comparatively, and numbers don’t always tell the whole story (as Carp has said about other players:) I happen to think he brings a lot to this team. And I’m interested in what Carp says too. May be the end of our friendship…:)
    I kid!

    May we discuss later? I really gotta TA! thanks for the chat bull, and wicky, thhhhppptt!

  38. Goodnight Carp! Couldn’t see the harvest moon here either. :(

    ranger909, that’s awesome! Buffalo is a magical land! I’d be happy to read your essay about exercise science because I know sooo much about that. And by “sooo much” I actually mean “absolutely nothing.” But good luck!

    CR9, ha thanks! I think there should be a stat for hot and/or weird looking in the fantasy league. Rosens Nosens beta would easily win.

  39. CR9 is right. Avery is a key player when he is agitating.


    Avery is not liked by Torts. I don’t care what anyone tries to pretend. Torts did not like him before he got here, and Torts has handled him poorly, trying to turn him into a choir boy, ruining his best asset, which is playing on the edge and getting the opponents, and his own team, riled up.

    so, I would not be surprised if they are trying to get rid of him by getting him into a numbers situation. but if he goes it is Torts fault more than anything else.

  40. What’s important is that Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh get some burn. It is crucial for both of these two to make the team together being as they were teammates at UW. That’s something an NHL team rarely gets at the same time.

  41. No question Stepan possesses first-line BHL center skills; but, does he possess first-line NHL center 82-game season endurance capacity?

  42. OK we;ve seen this Avery thing picked apart ad nauseum. Someone used the term ‘unquantified? Pretty close.
    This is his genre; a game breaker. He’s done it numerous times, but his circumstance has gone buried in a welter of minor hissy fits about his penalty taking, and his lack of goal scoring. 15 goals from a guy whose goals are not usually in quantity, where they are among a rash of goals by the team in a blowout. His usually come at an unexpected and critical moment when it appeared as tho the team was drowning or
    coming apart at the seams. He has lightning foot work and turn around speed which is often overlooked. True it
    sometimes appears as tho his scoring was as much a surprise to himself as to the audience or the other players, but that’s what made them so out of the blue so to speak. Those kind of goals stun an opponent, coming when they thought they were home free. 12-15 goals for a spark plug with a mouthy demeanor…I’ll take that any day on my team.

  43. VOROS!!!!!

    and bull dog..jeez what is your deal on Avery? Did he kick your dog or sleep with your gf or something?

  44. Blue Seat Horror on

    Couple things about tonight.

    Pierre Gauthier better start packing his bags. The Price is wrong.

    Wonder if Brooks Orpik will open the discipline for the season for his hit on Franzen. This year’s rule change…knee-on-knee hits.

  45. Blue Seat Horror on


    Well said regarding Avery. Unfortunately few of those positive facets really manifested last year under Torts. Also, he was penalized alot early in the season, sometimes for what seemed like pretty borderline calls, which didn’t help his stock with his coach and seemed to hurt his confidence to play his game.

    One thing that always impressed me about Avery was his wrist shot, which he could unleash before anyone knew it. Didn’t see much of that last year, though.

  46. Hi all (waves tiredly). Been a long two days, but I made it to St Louis in one piece. Have cable and interwebs hooked up and my stuff comes in about 9 hours. After that it will be flurry of unpacking and shopping before settling in for the first Rangers game in too long. I would have more excitement for it, but right now I’m just too darn tired, so nighters all.

  47. Good morning, boneheads! Well, it’s 6:15 pm here already.

    Happy game day, everyone!

    We will be back home late Saturday, I’ll watch the games on DVR then.

    It’s been a long summer, but WE MADE IT!!

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