Shoot pucks, win tickets


Got this from the Rangers, for those who will be in midtown tomorrow:

New York Rangers Celebrate 2010-11 Season & New Marketing Partnership with Volkswagen

The Rangers and Volkswagen are hosting an interactive event for fans to celebrate the start of the 2010-11 season, the Rangers first preseason game is against the Devils on September 23. Fans will have the chance to show off their hockey skills and shoot on an NHL regulation goal to win tickets to an upcoming Rangers game. Rangers alumni Ron Duguay and Nick Fotiu will be signing autographs and providing tips to Rangers fans on their shots.

I’m told that all you have to do is show up Wednesday, from 1-3 p.m., at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 33rd Street, outside of MSG.

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  1. Spiderpig

    yeah i know… i realized it later but it was too late! many people wanted to join so i had to choice i guess. Less good players to go around which makes it tougher to play…maybe not so bad, eh?

    My first time running the league so this year is a lesson year :)

  2. Gift of GAB-orik on

    They probably give you some uncut, ambiguous straight blade stick to shoot with.

    I play with an old model Gaborik Easton Synergy stick. The blade looks like a meat hook. Ok… so that’s an exaggeration, though only slightly.

    That stick has made it through alot of games (knocking on wood)

  3. If only there had been a regulation goal situated at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 33rd Street last year…Higgins would’ve scored 20 and still been a Ranger now.

  4. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I like that Carp didn’t hesitate to sacrifice the body during the interview. Good blocking skills.

  5. Gift of GAB-orik on

    10/29 vs. the Canes i’ll be in the Blue seats with 7 other people. We’re taking over baby! Hope to see some of you heads there!

  6. I am so angry right now. So angry. I am so sick and tired of Yankees fans. Just so sick of them.

    People on Yankees Lohud are saying the size of the monument is a travesty because George doesnt measure up to Gehrig, Ruth. The size???????????????????? SERIOUSLY????????????????????

    This guy changed baseball forever. This guy had more of an effect on baseball than any person ever will.

    WOW! Leave it to SICK SICK Yankees fans to not even appreciate the GREATEST OWNER IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS and nitpick something made to honor him. Disgraceful.

  7. I agree with them, CR. They won 20 championships before GMS arrived, you know?

    And the only thing he changed in baseball was that most teams can’t afford to compete any more.

  8. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Yankee legend was built before Steinbrenner. The monument is crazy large in respect to the others out there. I wonder who’s call it was?

  9. Best ownership? How about those teams that like the Packers that are “owned” by the fans.

    “This guy changed baseball forever. This guy had more of an effect on baseball than any person ever will.”

    For a guy that never pitched a pitch or got a basehit at the major league level that’s a tad excessive. No one that starts out playing the game and says they want to be the next GMS, but rather Ruth/Mays/Cy Young/Aaron/Jeter/The Big Unit/etc.

  10. Carp, I’ll agree to disagree with you, as I respect your opinion.

    Here’s the thing: Im not talking about championships.

    I dont want to overtake the blog with Yankees stuff, so Ill make this short:

    When GMS took the Yankees over, they were one of the greatest organizations in all of sports history. However, they were in decline. If anyone else took over the Yankees, we wouldnt be what we are today. And by that, I mean….. George was a true visionary who quite literally turned the Yankees into a Yankees Universe. We are a worldwide phenomenon today because of his genius and his drive.

  11. george also oversaw the worst championship drought in team history, and was suspended twice, convicted twice, and was a bad person most of the time before all the revisionist history began with his decline.

    read Bill Madden’s book.

    And I’d argue that the owners of the team in the 20s and in the 50s were better … and did it without the checkbook advantage.

  12. I’m a bit surprised at the ferocity with which the Steinbrenner monument has been received by the locals…

    I have no axe to grind in either direction, but for those who feel that Steinbrenner tromped all over folks who got in his way, never met George Weiss. This worthy was a cold blooded Buccaneer when it came to getting what he wanted.

    And before you get feeling that Baseball and Football proprietors are like sharks, and a bit on the seamy side, the NHL is also right up there with the barracudas. You will find Conn Smythe of the Leafs, find The Norris,s of Chicago, Jack Adams of the Wings,and other worthies who are now enshrined in the NHL hall of fame. Well wait til ilb2001 gets home, and just ask him to send you the film called Net Value, if you want to see the real lowdown on those named worthies. It sure opened his eyes. ( Mine too,)

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