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I’ll have some Derek Stepan quotes later on …

Eighteen days until the Opener.

18: Walt Tkaczuk.

18: Peyton Manning, Darryl Strawberry, Phil Jackson, Eddie Westfall.


The NHL has video of its new rules interpretations on its web site. You can see that here.


Just got word that I’m going to Thursday’s game. See ya later.

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  1. Mama got carped again! lmao!

    I wouldnt put a single stock in any word that comes out of Brooks’ mouth, BUT, just in the off chance that he was right about Avery, it’s a good thing Drury got injured. Gives more time to Avery to prove himself.

    How can our management and coaching staff not see how valuable Avery is?

  2. ….And for a measly 2 million dollars. You’re paying Redden $6.5 a year, Roszi $6 a year, and Drury, either $5 or $7 a year.

    We’re paying $2 friggin’ million. For a guy that can score 20 goals and agitate the other team. We’re paying $1.6 for a guy who may have lost his nerve to fight due to an end of 2009-10 injury and who hasn’t scored a single goal in 500 years – Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogaaaard!

  3. Thursday, September 23, 7 p.m. EST

    Rangers/Debbies TV: MSG

    Will be on Directv if you have the Sports pack (not to be confused with NHL Center Ice)

  4. Messi used to wear 18 because Ronaldhino wore 10 at Barcelona and Riquelme was 10 for Argentina. He now wears 10.

    #18 – Russ Wheeler

  5. I was going to say UK that since national team rosters vary from tournament to tournament, particularly the larger ones (Euro, WC) players will usually switch numbers based on who is or isn’t on the team at that time. Plus #10 is typically reserved for the team’s best forward and Messi was a bench player in 2006 and shared attack duties with a host of players his first few seasons at Barca.

  6. Staal Wart, meant to say this yesterday and forgot. You weren’t carped for going off topic. it was a total coincidence. we encourage jibberish and gibberish, etc.

  7. blogomomma

    what’s a Boneshead fest? Sorta like an Oktoberfest without the beer? Just mucho mucho palaver?

  8. Blue Seat Horror on

    Carp, thanks again for the training camp reports! You’re fueling the frenzy that will only truly be satiated by a piece of frozen rubber bouncing off the Buffalo Sabres logo at 7:10 pm on Oct. 9.

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