The Whale lives!


The sea was angry that day my friends.

… The Rangers brass is en route to Hartford as we speak for the press conference that will confirm the stories in the Hartford Courant, that former Whalers owner Howard Baldwin will assume control of the AHL Wolf Pack.

He does not own the team, but he will run it, and his plan is to increase attendance and popularity in an attempt to bring the NHL back to Hartford. Included in that plan is the changeover — in mid-season, mind you — to a new name (Connecticut Whale), with new colors, logos and uniforms.

This does not change the Rangers’ relationship with the team at all … at least not yet.

Strike up the Brass Bonanza!

Here’s the AP story:

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – The former owner of the Hartford Whalers is expected to announce that he is taking control of the city’s minor league hockey team.
Howard Baldwin has called a news conference for Monday evening with officials from the AHL and the Hartford Wolf Pack.
The Hartford Courant reported Sunday that Baldwin plans to change the name of the Rangers affiliate to the Connecticut Whale.
Baldwin runs Whalers Sports & Entertainment which is trying to generate enough support for hockey in Hartford to convince the NHL that the city deserves a team. He has said that increasing attendance at the AHL games is an important part of that plan.

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  1. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    the sea was angry that day my friends……

    show off!

    thanks for the updates and response

    the new eminem album is ridiculously good!

  2. This Whale is dead on arrival to dry Hartford. Commit suicide in disgust. RIP. Amen.
    Leave the name – ever hungry Pack is much better association with hockey club, than single, fat, mighty but slow mammal.

  3. wicky
    i told you, nasty and babs about this back in july, lol.
    i cant remember who reported it. might have been mitch beck.

    but i could be wrong…

  4. anyone interested in tickets for the

    10/1 friday pre season game vs ottawa. i have a pair in section 330
    they cost 60 a tix 120 for the pair.

    i want only 60 for the pair.

    buy one get one free
    email me

  5. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Wick…. i agree 100%. The new Eminem album is crazy good. I’ve listened to it more times than i can count, and it’s still awesome.

    Side note… if Hartford were to get another NHL team, their attendence would still be higher than the Devils games in Joyzee. And there would still be alot of Ranger fans there.

    Let’s go Whale-rs…. err… Whale.

    I don’t know why i just thought of this… but my buddy once made a remark about an ugly chick we both knew… he called her a “sea donkey”. We both laughed til we couldn’t breathe. Not at her ugliness… that’s mean.

  6. Hey all!! Been crazy busy this weekend and today. All my stuff’s been loaded and is on it’s way to my new place- major props to the movers, btw, who loaded everything up in under two hours, I was trey impressed. I leave tomorrow for the 17 hour, 2-day trek, so I probably won’t be able to pop in for a few days at least.

    In hockey news- Glad to see Stepan looked good yesterday. Can’t wait to see him play live. Drury’s broken finger- ok, my first reaction was ‘on the second day of scrimmages, c’mon’, then I settled into, ‘ehh, just means Stepan or White will make the team for a week. Which could be a good thing.’ Reading about all skating that Torts makes them do makes MY legs hurt- yikes!

    I haven’t looked over the past few days, so there might be ones here that people have already mentioned:

    21- the late, great Roberto Clemente
    20- Howard Johnson of the Mets, Freddy Sjostrom
    19- Stevie Y, Jonathan Toews
    18- Marc Staal (jumping the gun a day early :)

    Laters all!

  7. honestly, i really hate this. there may not be a better logo in all of sports, past or present, than the whalers logo. it doesn’t work with a c and a w, only the h and a w.

    not to mention, the wolfpack is an awesome name for a hockey team.

    color me upset.

  8. I say bring back professional hockey to Conn. That would be Devs. Isles. rangers and the whale? Haha i’m all for it.

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