Gilroy serious about camp


Here’s some of a conversation with Matt Gilroy today:

On his summer, after sitting out the end of last season:

“I just worked on my confidence a little more, and definitely my work down low and closing people out, using my skating in the defensive zone. Offensively I can jump into plays, but I can also use it to my advantage (on defense). I put 10 pounds on and it didn’t effect my skating at all. It just made me stronger. I  feel stronger. I feel quicker. So it all worked. It is practice games, and we won’t see until real games start, but I feel comfortable.”

On this camp, compared to last year’s:

“The only thing you control is yourself. The coaches want me to play. They told me what they want of me, and I think they’re starting to see that I learned and keep improving every day, and just get in their good graces again and go from there.

“I think we all have a clean slate. Torts was pretty adamant about that. Everyone’s got a clean slate and go from there … start off right and show them I’m here to compete and here to contribute. That’s what I was brought here for, to be an offensive defenseman and I’m going to do that this year.”

On his serious approach this year:

“It’s my job. I have the best job in the world and why not take it seriously. I come to the rink for three hours a day and it’s not that hard to be serious for three hours a day. I can goof off when I’m away from the rink, but when I’m coming here I come to work and come to compete. 

“I’m taking it as I want to take other people’s jobs, guys who played more than me last year. I’m challenging for those spots. I want to be a contributor to this team and I want to be a big factor.”

Disappointed that they brought in some veteran defensemen for tryouts?

“No. It’s the New York Rangers. Everyone wants to play here, everyone wants a shot here. I wasn’t surprised at all. Just more guys you have to compete against. It does affect me but I’m not going to worry about that. Just worry about myself.”

Lesson from last year:

“Be prepared. Physically it was fine, but it’s the mental aspect of the 80-game season coming out of college .You’ve got ups and downs and you’ve got to roll with it. I took it too hard if I didn’t play a lot, and took it (to heart) too much. You’ve got to roll with it, and I certainly learned the hard way. But that’s motivation to turn it into good this year.”

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  1. laughed at this puck daddy comment——–

    John Tortorella vs. Larry Brooks of the NY Post in an “8 Mile”-style rap battle. Brooks gets off strong by rhyming “Tortorella” with “Sorta Smell-uh,” but the Rangers coach evens the score by rhyming “lyin’ tabloid” with “giant hemorrhoid.”

  2. Stepan was the center for Frolov and Gaborik in the first scrimmage game, and he scored one goal and Frolov scored 3

  3. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    was the second scrimmage more physical than the first again?

  4. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    The wolf packs are chaning their name to the Connecticut Whale??? – Per Andrew Gross Tweet..

  5. Just saw that Gravey. Not sure if I like it. I always thought the New Haven Nighthawks was cool.

  6. Here is the Wolf Pack/whale story from the Hartford Courant:,0,4627592.story

    Howard Baldwin, former owner of the Hartford Whalers, has assumed control of the franchise and is hoping this leads to the NHL’s return to Hartford. The change does not go into effect until mid-February 2011. They are playing an outdoor game at Rentschler Field and it is expected that is when they make the switch.

  7. Tank The Season on

    Stepan looks like he is going to make the team to get in his 10 games like Del Zotto last year and will stay if he’s good. He HAS to.

  8. looks like they weren’t kidding when they said that the NHL Network has been completely revamped and improved for this coming season. not only are they now going to be more like the NFL and MLB networks in live coverage on game days and live look-ins. but get this—they are going to televise 35 preseason games, including 3 tomorrow night.

    we already know that the Rangers games will be televised by MSG. but now many other teams games will be shown too


    The 35-game schedule begins with the Eastern Conference Champion Philadelphia Flyers taking on local rivals the New Jersey Devils at 7 p.m. ET in the first game of a Sept. 21 broadcast triple-header. The next night, the Tampa Bay Lightning will play host to the Stanley Cup® champion Chicago Blackhawks at Winnipeg’s MTS Centre and will be among three games available. Other highlights of the pre-season schedule include the 2010 Kraft Hockeyville game between the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators in Dundas, Ontario and the New York Islanders hosting the Montreal Canadiens in Quebec City. 33 out of the 35 games will be shown in HD.

  9. If our portly ol’ friend Jim Dolan puts a few more pounds on, they could use his likeness as the new Connecticut logo.

  10. From previous Drury post.
    Guys, just try to be fair. Redden is absolutely liability for the team with his deadly combination of attitude, money paid and total disrespect for game and his place in it. Agree. Rozsie is obviously overpaid,(closely competitive however in this price range), but at least showed time to time(agreed, not enough)dissent game, sometimes better than average and always keep coaches hopeful. As for Drury, I always feel unfairness toward him, kind of angry mob mentality. You can’t hate the guy just because Organization gave him more money that YOU believe (only AFTER his first season) he is not worth; it’s not his fault at all-he was undoubtedly the best commodity on a market at that time (including specialists’ opinions). But you can’t deny he is giving heart and body in every game, he is not so vocal or talkative, but lead by sample and by all accounts not only on ice. So, I really find it to be a baselessly disrespectful to make a distasteful, gleeful (?) jokes about injury, obtained in demonstration of professionalism and scarifies, which become so routine for many in his case – another prove of my point.In short-he IS a Captain of MY team and definitely deserves my respect.
    P.S. And yes, his play leaves much to be desired, but it is not a point here and is another topic.

  11. Rjam, Stepan’s looked good … again, I put very, very little importance on what a player does in scrimmages (see: Soren True; Christian Dube, etc.) But I spoke with Stepan today and will post something on that later or tomorrow.

    wick, the second scrimmage was pretty physical, yes. Mostly among bubble guys and prospects and longshots, though.

  12. CCCP,

    Yeah, but not in Hartford. NY is much closer to ocean. So, Rangers should be what?…like “Dolphins Ocean Riders” ?

  13. This is totally off topic but…I just got a Itunes gift card…and I want more music.
    Any suggestions?
    I love Pearl Jam, Neil Young etc.
    anyone get the new Robert Plant?

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