Drury out four weeks (updated)


In the morning scrimmage, Chris Drury broke a finger blocking a shot and he will miss four weeks.

No surgery will be required.

More later.


by the way … because of the schedule, he would only probably miss three games.


Vinny Prospal, one of the alternate captains last season, said he doubts anyone will wear the C in Drury’s absence, because last year when Drury was out with a concussion, nobody wore the C.


Prospect Andrew Yogan will require shoulder surgery this week. It’s from an injury with which he played all of last season — a torn labrum — which was discovered during physical exams on Friday.


Drury’s injury is reportedly to the index finger on his left (top) hand. Remember, he played in the playoffs two years ago with a broken hand.

“It’s not good news,” said Marian Gaborik. “Hopefully it will heal quickly and we can have him back. It’s frustrating, but it is what it is. It’s his top hand, which is better. He’ll be able to skate, and hopefully he’ll get back soon.

“He’s the captain, obviously, and a big part of our team. So we have to manage without him.”

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  1. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    EC was the pivot for gabby and fro this scrimmage and they didn’t score….it is just a scrimmage though!

  2. Wicky – No surprise there…but it appears that history may be repeating itself…As I recall, the only reason Christiansen is on this team to begin with was Drury’s concussion.

    Hopefully, EC on first line is a very temporary experiment…I don’t think there’s a first-line pivot even close to as weak as him. Why the Rangers’ management doesn’t see this is beyond me…but I guess if given a choice, I’d take him there over White, who seriously turns my stomach.

  3. I dont believe this. I was expecting Drury to come out this year and produce decent-to-good numbers. Now, when he comes back, he’ll be in training camp form.

    Tiki is awake and well and being monitored! Pathology tests come back in a week!

    Get better soon, Chris!

  4. Will MSG play a slo-mo replay of the shot that broke Drury’s finger? Fading from color into black and white as Al Trautwig’s voice over intones

    “Rarely has a professional athlete given so much of his body in the name of victory…Chris Drury proves once again why he is the consummate winner in professional sports, little league baseball and pizza restaurant management.”

  5. Carp,

    what is the teams attitude towards yogan injury. Do they blame themselves for missing it pre draft? Could they be justifiably angry at player for non-disclosure of an existing injury?

    Re: drury…no big deal as car pointed out that most if those four weeks will be preseason anyway.

  6. All joking aside, and I don’t hate Drury like many do, but if he is going to be a part of this team, and the captain of the team, I want him there opening night.

  7. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    my favorite call from last season is easily the joe m call during the canucks rangers donny brook when byers and bieksa get to the penalty boxes!

  8. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I don’t hate him like many either (hate his salary though), but I think it is only 3 games.

  9. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I’m not a Drury hater either. People wouldn’t be so mad if his salary wasn’t so high. But we beat that horse to death.

    It’s an unfortunate break, yes i took the pun opportunity.
    3 games isn’t so bad… though i’m sure he wants to be on the ice opening night.

    Hello Stepan??

  10. hope this gives Stepan the ice time he needs. I would love to see Stepan win the center spot over White or EC. i just feel those 2 are the jason Krog types, journeyman vets who are more fillers and temp workers than anything else.

  11. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    agree with you on R and R yet again!

    I think white has potential to be honest….EC..meh!

  12. “Vinny Prospal, one of the alternate captains last season, said he doubts anyone will wear the C in Drury’s absence, because last year when Drury was out with a concussion, nobody wore the C.”

    Even when Drury was in the lineup, you could argue that nobody wore the C.

  13. Blue Seat Horror on

    You’d think that for 7 mil a season Drury could afford better equipment that would protect him when blocking shots. Or maybe a tutor to teach him how to block a shot without exposing his most vulnerable spots.

  14. Guys, just try to be fair. Redden is absolutely liability for the team with his deadly combination of attitude, money paid and total disrespect for game and his place in it. Agree. Rozsie is obviously overpaid,(closely competitive however in this price range), but at least showed time to time(agreed, not enough)dissent game, sometimes better than average and always keep coaches hopeful. As for Drury, I always feel unfairness toward him, kind of angry mob mentality. You can’t hate the guy just because Organization gave him more money that YOU believe (only AFTER his first season) he is not worth; it’s not his fault at all-he was undoubtedly the best commodity on a market at that time (including specialists’ opinions). But you can’t deny he is giving heart and body in every game, he is not so vocal or talkative, but lead by sample and by all accounts not only on ice. So, I really find it to be a baselessly disrespectful to make a distasteful, gleeful (?) jokes about injury, obtained in demonstration of professionalism and scarifies, which become so routine for many in his case – another prove of my point.
    In short he IS a captain of MY team and definitely deserves my respect.
    P.S. And yes, his play leaves much to be desired, but it is not a point here and is another topic.

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