Got this from MSG last night. A bunch of kids from Garden of Dreams were painting the ice at the Garden, with Rod Gilbert (the real one, the legend). They painted this message along the blue line:


Twenty-two days until the Opener.

22: Mike Gartner. Nick Fotiu.

22: Emmitt Smith. Dave DeBusschere.


Won’t be getting over to the rink the next two days … and really, not much going on there with John Tortorella skating the boys into the ice with no pucks.

I do want to start some conversations this week, with my feelings, and yours, on guys like Marc Staal, Brandon Dubinsky, Wade Redden,  Tortorella, and anybody else you want to discuss. Suggestions?


Tonight MSG Network does one of its season preview shows. Some of the topics won’t make you happy. Some will. Well, one might.

A look at the top stories in the news, including major signings.

  • Mark Messier examines the Rangers’ top prospects and their shot at making the team.
  • HNL! catches up with the Islanders’ Rick DiPietro.
  • Breaking down the Eastern Conference: the best and worst of the East.
  • Stan Fischler explores the top five offseason stories in “Five for Fischler”.
  • Hockey players or baseball players? The guys critique the baseball swings of Zach Parise, Kyle Okposo and Sidney Crosby from this summer.

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  1. Pumped and ready to go now…

    Carp… you should get some more stuff from Schoeny… that interview piece was great. I’d like to hear more from him a little as the preseason moves along. He seems to be able to give the fans a bit of everything in the organization at this time of year so those who want to hear about players young and old can get some good information.

    I’d like to hear from bubble players as camp goes along too… Boyle, Prust, Avery, Kennedy and White. As well as the young guys looking to take these players spots

    Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter… any effort on your part is a good one! Thanks!


  2. I’d like to have Girardi give a run down on how he expects to perform this season in comparison to how he did last year. Also…Erickson…what are his thoughts about what is going on in general. it’s hard to believe that a player with his in close talents for handling the puck and his really dynamic slap shot, cannot be more productive, if given the opportunity to get between some really talented and agressive wings.


    I agree with you 100%.

  3. I don’t see Avery and prust as bubble players.

    And I love the reports coming out about mkllraith killing the conditioning sprints. One writer said the kid can definitely skate…puts to rest the fear that somefans had of this kid being a 10th overall “goon”. He was on everybodys draft board at 12-15 for a reason. I hope we see him in the NHL sooner then later.

  4. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning/evening ILB!!!

    Prust is NOT and bubble player and no way avery should be considered one (unless his coach is an idiot).

    you should do something on how great it would be if exelby and semenov where in the opening night line up!!!!

  5. Years ago, Don Cherry said this about Toronto Maple Leaf defenseman Borje Salming: He could go into the corners with eggs in his pockets and not break a one.

    Seems like this is also a good description of Redden and a few other Ranger defensemen.

  6. The Staal parents dont know what protection is!

    Thomas Pock, seriously? LMAO! I cant believe anyone would remember that guy. Every time he came up, I said this is going to be the “Pock-moving” defenseman that we need.

  7. Carp,

    how about a rangers report poll along these lines…

    Where will redden play the ’10-’11 season?

    1. As a ny ranger
    2. As a member of the wolfpack
    3. For another NHL team
    4. Europe
    5. Retire

  8. Yay! Henrik Lundqvist blog is back! The 2nd best Rangers blog on the planet! All stories and pictures of the one, the only, KING HANKIE!

  9. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    “like making”. A “G” rated version of orr……funny, but I like the “R” rated orr better!!!!

  10. “The guys critique the baseball swings of Zach Parise, Kyle Okposo and Sidney Crosby from this summer.”

    Do you mean that there are people that give a flying carcillo about hockey players’ baseball swings?

  11. Good afternoon all! I’m in computer/crackberry software update hell this afternoon!!! TR, save me! I’ll pay your plane, train and automobile to Westchester :)


    however, LW you made me spitake…outstanding!

    I adore Carp’s idea of discussions, but I have to say, much as I love, we’ve done Aves to death here. First time I’ll ever say pass on Sweet 16 :)

    5 days til first game!

  12. orr, you’re bordering on libelous and defamatory … actually, you’re beyond libelous and defamatory … so please back off that stuff. thanks.

  13. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    apparently stepan is going to be the centre for gabby and frolov in the first scrimmage!!

  14. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    22 – Keith Lincoln in a powder blue San Diego Chargers old school AFL jersey.

  15. Good morning(afternoon for you), boneheads! Going kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park for the day.

    We had a dinner last night and our waitres was from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She knows the whole Staal family. This is as close as I’m getting to hockey in this country lol.

  16. (drive by post)


    That picture is from the future- it’s the Staal brother’s kids in 10-12 years.

    #22- Al Leiter

    Off to pack more boxes and bug the movers again. The hartnellers haven’t called me back despite 4 voice mails I left. GRR.

  17. Mickey, don’t pay up front. deposit is one thing, but wait til stuff arrives when told and in shape. impossible to get money back, easier to withhold :)

    I have great movers my family has used for years. When a friend moved she went cheaper with no-names and regretted it big time.

  18. babs did u see that movie planes trains n automboiles too? haha before that was a better one. what about bob. thats was a good movie!

  19. Jerseys:
    currently have:
    1. blue home mark messier jersey from his “return” era.
    2. white home leetch with ‘a’ on it
    3. third liberty head jersey

    used to have:
    – authentic leetch home blue jersey with ‘c’ and fight strap
    – messier blue away jersey ( mid 90s style)
    -white home wayne gretzky jersey

  20. Good afternoon, Carp!

    Looks like Redden caught a bad cause of the Obviouslys yesterday. Wonder where he got that from…

    Getting cable on Tuesday! Can’t wait for hockey!

  21. love what about bob, only bill muray could pull that off. and dreyfuss was great, too. but not as classic as planes etc.

    “Those aren’t pillows!”

    jersey tale: bought real signed Gretz Rangers white jersey at auction, gave to my brother for Christmas. Stupid, stupid, stupid. and he has a signed Gravey stick he won’t give me in return.

    moral: sisters rule, brothers are, well, you get my point.

  22. and the one i have now is a blue jagr jersey. its cheaper with less letters lol and imagine if mza becomes a star? his name is gonna probably wrap around from his back and then around halfway across the front. i know in nhl 11 hey cant fit it on the jersey, so it looks like this-“zuccarello aa and then it just stops. shouldve just put aasen or zuccarello and not both.

  23. Grabby, he decided to just go with Zucchini, instead of the full last name.

    How aboot Uncle Buck? Anybody?

    Although, I don’t like seeing Macaulay Culkin because he A) reminds me of Michael Jackson, and B) reminds me that he somehow, someway, by the grace of the gods managed to get Mila Kunis, which blows my mind into next century. Not as bad as Brian Austin Green getting Megan Fox though.

  24. Grabs, your CR’s new best friend.

    I think they’ll just do zuccarello on his jersey, but we’ll see. Wish I knew what he has at camp. Carp?

  25. Mama,

    WHAT???? If I had a signed stick or jersey of the Gretz or Gravey, Id give it to ya! I always look out for my younger sisters, aged 26!


  26. I have a Callaman away jersey, a Del Zotto home jersey, and Hank home jersey. Also have a Team USA Patty Kane jersey.

    I had an Orr jersey, but someone thought it was a good idea to give me $150 for the jersey while he was on a contract year. And I had a Prucha, and Ortmeyer jersey which I sold before they were dumped. I was really bummed to get rid of Ortmeyer.

    I’ll definitely get a Staal 3rd jersey, and maybe a rookie depending on how he plays. Some of these guys may not be worthy yet.

    I also want to collect a few USA jerseys, and I might even get a few West jerseys, like A Kings-Brown or Johnson, Nucks-Kesler, Blues-Johnson or Backes, etc.

  27. Jerseys:

    I only get official jerseys. I hate hate hate unofficial jerseys!

    Jagr Czech Republic and Away Rangers. Richter, Messier, Leetch Home jerseys.

    Yankees: Rivera home and away, Jeter home and away, Alex home and away, assorted Damon, Soriano, Little Unit Randy Johnson, Vazquez, Joba,

    CC, Pettitte and Jeter 2009 World Series official.

    That’s all I can remember right now – I gave all mine to my 2 favorite brothers to hold onto because I feel like they are bad luck for me to personally have

  28. I have 17 jerseys (don’t laugh at me)
    4 white – 13 blue – no 3rd jerseys – no name on any of them.
    Each trip to NY I get another jersey for family members to wear at Ranger games.

  29. Mama, you bring the Rangers your Mama love and they win the 2011 Stanley Cup, I give you my bonehead word I’ll get u an authentic signed Messier stick and Gravey stick! Who knows, i might get ’em both for ya anyway :)

  30. Geez Tony!

    I don’t wear my Rangers gear to games. Only did once with my aforementioned brother. Again, what can I say.

    OK, last wicky for me. I’m over the effing computer today!

    TA! See ya tomorrow.

  31. You threw the jersey out or the cat?

    I believe that is also how the designers of that Nashville mustard 3rd jersey stumbled across the colour to use.

  32. I threw it out. I didn’t have a choice. I washed it over and over again, and used a brash*t-load of products, but that sour cat-piss smell lingered.

    I couldn’t even sell it. It was only good for those who like to get high off of cat piss.

    I loved that jersey too. It was the blue jersey with the gold crowns. Hard to find an authentic one on the internet at a reasonable price.

  33. ORR!!!!! Cats do not!!! OY!

    fyi, to all my Yom Kippur friends…this is awesome. We can’t all be famous and know famous people, but this rocks!



  34. Blue Seat Horror on

    I have a Home and Away jersey.

    Blue Liberty jersey.

    White Wolfpack jersey (which I wear to all the preseason games, and I take it out mid-season when the vets look like they don’t care about playing hockey anymore hoping it will inspire the Rangers brass to bring up some kids)

    Blue practice jersey

    Old blue NYR jersey with New York across the front (my cat decided to shred the sleeves, though I will admit, the cat was provoked)

    And I have a nice “Potvin Sucks!” T that I wear to all Islanders games.

  35. Ironically the cat’s name is Henrik. My other cat, Ranger, just died.

    I have a Puggle named Del Puggo [for Del Zotto]. After a good rookie year, I thought it was the right move to use his name.

    I’d like to get a mean dog, and name him/her Boogey. But, I’m not running a zoo over here.

    Also have a Turtle named Smeagle, and a Frog named Frodo, which I might change to Zuccarello if he is halfway decent.

  36. ORR, you and Greg need to chat re: odd pets.

    sorry about Ranger.

    If I ever get a dog again, I think, to keep with my lifelong theme (beezer, puck, zamboni, stanley and cup) I shall name her Lady Bing. Good one, huh? and it’s mine!

  37. all my jerseys are blue. I have one with nothing on the back (it was supposed to be a Niklas Sundstrom but my brother went on the cheap), a Shane Churla one courtesy of an ex boyfriend (I had gotten him Gretzky one), and my Liberty GRAVES 75th anniversary jersey courtesy of a cool guy from Canada i used to talk to on MSN hockey chat.

  38. BANJ I am the fetus, goo goo g'joob on

    I have a white Messier jersey from his first year as a Ranger, a Gretzky silver Easton stick he left behind at the meadowlands, Piazza pinstripe from his first Met year, and a green Curtis Martin from his first Jet year.

  39. every time i see that “Here’s Redden” header, i think of ‘he’s butters’ from south park.

    Orr +2 lol

  40. Jersey’s

    George McPhee #21 not 37
    Norm Maciver #37 (no laughing I thought he was going to turn out to be the next Rejo on our D.
    Kasparitis #6

    My son has a Hank jersey.

    As I type this list it appraes I need an update…lol.

  41. Orr – If the Rangers win the 2011 Cup, I’ll get myself and you a Lundqvist Sweden 2006 authentic jersey. If not, I’ll only get myself one :)

  42. I have signed Gretzky Home Jersey, Signed Away Avery, Game worn Barnaby Home, Game worn Jagr Allstar Jersey, signed Lindros Liberty Jersey (I know… weak), Pavel Bure signed home jersey (only one not a pro jersey), and a pair of Averys game worn Graf Skates.

  43. If the Rangers win the Cup this season, I’ll be Lindsay Lohan for not only Halloween, but for every holiday of the year, Jewish holiday’s included.

    Dredden might find me a little appealing though.

    Did anyone hear at the time, that Marc Staal and Lohands were dating at one point? Gross. Marky Marc needs to be schooled. She’s not a catch by any stretch of the imagination. I hope he sheathed his sword during these encounters.

  44. OK

    Is there a Ranger game on tonite, being TV’d with NHL CenterIce package?If so what channel?I can’t find any listings.

  45. Orr

    Just to show that you can often get too smart mouthed about something, which I mistakenly did years ago when visiting my mother in law. She leived in Flager Beach Florida andtbw and I were visiting….
    She owned a pug, and I’d never seen one before.When she asked me if I’d like to hold him, wise guy me said, I wouldn’t mind if I knew which end was front and which was back, for they both looked the same to me. Hoooeeee! Never got over that one even after much apologies, and she made sure that i was never left in a room with him again.

  46. i own an authentic girardi jersey. initially got the cheaper version but was so disgusted at the lack of quality that I had to go big or go home. i know everyone here hates dan, but hes my favorite ranger. i like so much about what he does and i hope hes part of this team for the long haul

  47. CR, what do you think of those cheesy Yankees jerseys with the names on the back? I can’t believe how many people have those.

  48. Carpy, those jerseys are blasphemous! And this coming from someone who is NOT a Yankee fan. Tradition baby!

  49. BANJ I am the fetus, goo goo g'joob on

    Agreed, There is a guy at my job with a #3 jersey with Ruth on it. I told him he should have put DUH on it.

  50. Kovalchuckles is getting shifted to right wing to play with Parise and Zajerk. Here’s what he said…

    “Those two are probably are among the best players in the league, so it’s always fun to play with great players”

    Hahaha? Parise I can understand, but Zajerk?? Gimme a break. What a dope! I hope he scores 25 goals this year, and the Devils lose in the first round again.

  51. Carp – I CANT STAND THEM! HATE THEM! What true fan has a Yankees jersey with a name on the back????

    I dont mind little kids having those jerseys, though. Kids like that sort of thing.

    No offense to any boneheads that happen to have them. ‘Heads can get away with that.

  52. >>Hahaha? Parise I can understand, but Zajerk?? Gimme a break. What a dope!

    What exactly did you expect him to say? You guys should stop giving much importance to players’ comments. They’re never going to say what they’re really thinking.

  53. Carp and CR,

    Those cheesy Yankee jerseys are significantly less in cost than the legit MLB sanctioned non name on the back ones. It’s the only jersey that may fans can afford.

  54. You know people get whatever they can afford to show their team support. Not everyone can blow enough for the coolest jersey. So they get what they can afford that’s pretty low
    putting people down for that!

  55. He doesn’t think Zajerk is “great”. He’s a good player, but he’s not great. Especially “among the leagues best”. Think of all the centers in the NHL.

    I’m not expecting him to say “Travis is a solid center if he’s playing with the right wingers, but he’s no Crosby, Backstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, E. Staal, Getzlaf, Savard, Stastny, Malkin, Kopitar, Stamkos, Carter, Betts, Thornton, H. Sedin, Lecavalier, Mike Richards, Johnny Toes, Spezza etc., but he’s my friend so I’m going to say he’s great”

    He’s good. That’s all.

  56. No worries CR, I wouldn’t wear one myself. The funny thing is, right after I typed that post Cano hit a HR and the camera in the crowd zoomed in on a guy with a Sojo jersey with the name on the back. In this case, if it wasn’t for the name I wouldn’t have recognized the number.

  57. Chuck – lol, off the top of my head, I thought Sojo’s number in 2000 was 12. But I looked it up and it was 14. :)

    I apologized Steve. I’ll leave it at that.

  58. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    that is seriously like 5 laurels…You are in mid season form!!

    I’ve got a blue liberty head authentic jersey with fight strap. I’m not normally a name and number guy, but I do have a chris simon jersey as well. I think we have an avery one here as well. Mrs really wants a prust one. We need to find a couple for the wicksters at some point.

    numerous autographed pucks, pics, and such.

  59. Chuck – Sojo was also one of my favorites. The 2 run single off Leiter in WS Game 5 on Leiter’s 144th or 145th pitch of the night! He also had one of the funniest plays I remember, when he went to throw the ball to 1B, he got his feet tangled and tripped, LOL!

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ranger pre-season report is on MSG starting at 9:30.

    First picture was the Black Hawks holding up the Stanley Cup!

  61. Chuck. I understand the money difference. It seems to me that MLB should be making cheaper jerseys with no names on them. The Yankees don’t have names on their jerseys. As you know.

    But I wouldn’t put money in MLB’s wallet by buying a Yankees jersey with a name on it.

    I’d sooner wear a Yankees T-shirt.

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    I have 4 Ranger jerseys, An old Blueshirt with “New York” on the front. An old Ranger white with #7 on the back, a plain white jersey and a White Liberty Head.

    All bought from before Sather got his hooks on the Rangers. I haven’t spent a dime on the Rangers since.

    I also have a red Black Hawks jersey with #35 (Esposito) on the back. So I’m not exactly a recent Hawks fan. It goes back to the 70’s.

  63. Carp,

    I don’t think that MLB gets a cut of the jerseys with the name on the back since they’re not “authentic”. Half of them are most likely counterfeit and the other half are most likely NYY’s way around of sharing profit with the league. Regardless, those “cheesey” jerseys are the only ones that many fans can afford.

  64. Jess Hugh Folkyerself on

    They listed the Rangers under “Playoff Contenders”. That’s a bit of a homer call, eh?

    10th is more like Sather’s batting average.

  65. I can’t watch HNL anymore. Those guys just piss me off.

    I’ll be waiting for the first pre-season game. Until then, I’m staying clear from those HNL creeps. Honestly, that group just gives me an uncomfortable feeling. Troutwig, Maloney, Goring, Danekyo, Du-Gay, Bill Pedo-phile. Horrible group.

  66. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    I don’t mind Dave Maloney at all. He’s smart and speaks what he thinks for the most part. I don’t always agree with him, but I think he would be better than Micheletti in the booth.

  67. I like Maloney as far as his job goes, and the fact that he wont hold back unlike Joe Mich, but he just gives me an uncomfortable/awkward feeling.

    Du-Gay is way worse. His embarrassing style, and that one time where he had on those cheap sunglasses in the studio. Ugh, he’s just cringe-worthy.

  68. Not a huge jersey person, but i have one away rangers – no name, one blue liberty head practice jersey, and a Hartford Whalers jersey (the navy blue, grey and green away jersey)

  69. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    N.CountryNYRFan- are you from around Plattsburg by any chance? That’s what they used to call it up there…

  70. Owen Folkyerself II on

    Hugh Jess, it should be a bargain- No Demand, Hardly used… I’ve got a Jessiman Rangers jersey- Want to buy it? Mint Condition :)

  71. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    I know, Olga. I was going to re-sell it to greg… I’ll tell him that’s why it’s so rare. I’ll probably have to mis-spell “Jessiman” on purpose or else he might get suspicious.

    He’s from Saskatchewan, y’know…

  72. You know this chat about alternate jerseys is a bit off putting for us older traditionalists. I cannot recall the details of the Jerseys of Rangers from the 50;s back but they were always the same. In general I like the straightforward appearance of the white and blue shirts, etc. no extra frills, traditional in all respects. the only shirts I recall that soured me were the so called “Liberty shirts. I thought they did nothing for either the Rangers or the Statue. I felt that they looked somewhat tacky. Glad not to see them any more.

  73. But speaking of monstrosities, what did you all think of those monstrosities that the : Wild: ( oh my), wore since the North Stars left?

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    fran- I have one each of the old Original Six jerseys except Montreal, (too many bitter memories from 1979). All away (colored) jerseys except a home (white) Rangers #7.

    My white liberty jersey was a gift from co-workers when I transferred to a different facility at work. Their hearts where in the right place…

    Trouble is, after all those years, my wife shrank them all ;)

  75. Hugo Folkyerself on

    “Trouble is, after all those years, my wife shrank them all ;)”

    Olga, your gender slip is showing….

  76. Hugo Folkyerself on

    fran, I thought the worst of them was the Calgary Horses head, or the Buffalo “Black Hole” jersey. That one looked like third place in a 8th grader’s Design The Jersey contest.

  77. CR9
    September 18th, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Thomas Pock, seriously? LMAO! I cant believe anyone would remember that guy. Every time he came up, I said this is going to be the “Pock-moving” defenseman that we need.

    CR – I can’t believe anybody could forget that guy, lord knows I’ve tried – lol. He made you appreciate the play of Mr. Malik….well almost.

  78. Midas Will Folkyerself on

    Thomas Pock got what was eventually called the “Prucha Treatment” from Sather. Keep the player in NY but only play him sparingly. After 10 games or so of sitting in the stands, shove him out on the ice, where he was destined to play poorly after sitting so long. After a season or two of that treatment, Sather could justify dumping him off to another team with no protest from fans for getting rid of a “lousy” player.

    It’s “the SATHER WAY”.

  79. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Hush Otto!!! Don’t wake up Mother. We don’t want her posting here. CARP wouldn’t allow it…

  80. Carpinello'sGrocer@yahoo.com on

    Why is this newspaper covering this joke of a franchise or has James Dolan decided to kick out the paper if they don’t cover the only relevant Msg team in NYC….THE KNICKS

    It’s time this joke team disappear forever and the money be spent elsewhere on a paper that will fold soon anyway.

    Send Carpinello packing, send this joke teams blog into oblivion.

    No one follows or cares about this team, it’s the Yankees town.

  81. U Otto Folkyerself on

    I see we have a dung fly in the room.

    Carpinello’sGrocer@yahoo.com is a dung fly because he eats crap and bothers people…

  82. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Well, it’s been just like a Folkyerself family reunion on here. It’s nice to have the family here…

    Except for Mother. You people should be happy she’s not here.

    Good Night, all.

    Otto! Get in the van, it’s time to go home…

  83. Someone a short whileback mentioned Mike Gartner and crowned him ” the fastest”….mebbe, mebbe, but anyone who has ever seen Reijo Ruotsolainen in his prime might just disagree with you.

    But not me! Oh – nevaire. I’m just the messenger.

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