Here’s Wade Redden


Everybody knows Wade Redden’s situation. He had a tough exit interview with John Tortorella last spring, and his contract is the obvious one that can be dumped to Hartford in order to get the Rangers under the salary cap before the season.

I asked Redden how he can keep the speculation about the Rangers dumping his contract to Hartford from swirling around his head.

“That’s another challenge to kind of leave that to the side. There’s nothing that can be done about that right now. It doesn’t help to dwell on those things, I don’t think. They’re going to make the best decision they feel is for the team, and I want it to be with me on the first lineup of the year. That remains to be seen. Obviously a lot of things can happen between now and then.”

“Obviously I’ve got to come in and play and play well and show that I belong. I think in talking after the season last year (with Tortorella), they have decisions to make, so I’ve just got to come in and do what I can do, and that’s really all I’m focusing on.”

On the exit interview with Torts last season.

“The way it was, I know there’s a lot of D-men in camp, obviously, and last year we had a pretty solid six, too, with some young guys coming in. So obviously they have some choices to make and that’s out of my hands. What I’ve got to do is just feel good abouyt myself, feel good about what I’m doing out there, and those things will take care of themselves.”

“I don’t want to go back and dwell on the past. I want to come here with a clear mind and that was the focus all year — come in fresh, try to have some fun, come to camp ready to go.”

On whether he agreed with the assessment of the coach on his play last year:

“I’m not really going to go back to last year. That really doesn’t help anything. We’re taking it a day at a time right now. There’s lots of guys in camp and lots of decisions to be made.”

On if he thinks there’s a job for him here:

“That’s what they told me. That’s how I’m approaching it. I played in this league for a long time, so like I said, I have to do what I do best and not worry about anything else.”

He came to area a couple of weeks ago, and began skating, partly because his wife is expecting a baby soon so they wanted to get settled. But has been around the rink for two weeks.

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  1. Redden says he has to come in and focus on doing what he does best. I’m guessing he means fishing the puck out of the back of the net after his opponent scores?

  2. this is a very interesting training camp b/c there are so many possible ways this roster can turnout. The Rangers are really hoping Stepan can play his way onto a top line b/c that simplifies everything

    Tim Kennedy, to me, is an interesting player. I dont know really anything about him but he was the 8th leading scorer on a playoff team but was then bought out. I’m assuming he’s terrible in his own end then but 4 points in 6 playoff games at 23/24 suggests he belongs.

    This is what i expect:
    Dubinsky, Prospal, Gaborik, Avery, Frolov, Anisimov, Drury, Callahan are locks to be top 9 players. That leaves 1 spot open. It could be White/Christensen/Kennedy/Stepan as centers or it could be Prust/Zuccarello/Wiese/Williams as wingers.

    Then you have the 4th liners. Boogaard and Prust are locks with guys like Boyle/Byers/Dupont and guys like Christensen/Kennedy/White who didnt make the top 9 maybe getting placed there.

    The defense is pretty straight forward. Redden is gone (unless Redden severely blows away Rozsival) with Gilroy, McDonagh, Exelby, Semenov and Eminger competing for the 6th and 7th d-man (obviously McDonagh or Gilroy wont be the 7th)
    basically everything revolves around Stepan. If he is that good right away, then everything falls into place. If not, then someone else needs to step it to round out the top 9.

    My prediction is one of the fringe players/prospects has a great camp and cements themselves in the lineup. If its a center, Prospal moves to 3rd line RW, if its a winger then Prospal centers top line.

  3. “Ok, per Gross Gabby has a sore back – what’s wrong with Henri though? “Precautionary”???”

    Haha, Day 1! So it begins!

    Check out if you want to see what Dublowsky thinks of Staal’s 5 year contract. His face says it all.

  4. Burns phoned TSN on Friday.

    “Here we go again,” said the three-time NHL coach of the year. “They’re trying to kill me before I’m dead. I come to Quebec to spend some time with my family and they say I’m dead. I’m not dead, far (expletive) from it. They’ve had me dead since June. Tell them I’m alive. Set them straight.”
    A report on Thursday suggested that Burns’ condition had taken a turn for the worse.
    The 58-year old has returned home to Magog, Quebec to be with his family.

  5. >>“Ok, per Gross Gabby has a sore back – what’s wrong with
    >>Henri though? “Precautionary”???”

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Top skilled players tend to develop mysterious soreness/injuries when there are no pucks [or soccer balls] to play with.

  6. Yeah Crosby cries like a baby and whines like a little girl but that little illegitimate son of a cocker spaniel can sure play hockey.

  7. I actually welcome Redden to CT, we’re in the process of refinancing and need our home to appraise for as much as possible. Wade moving in keeps the median home price up. Come to Darien Wade! But stay on the other side of town.

  8. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning/evening ILB and all!

    spent the last 3 hours trying to catch up on everything!!!!

    Burns is def NOT dead!

    Skates seem interesting, can’t wait for a wrap up.

    Sick as a dog and off to work….later assens!!!

  9. Apparently the golden boy MZA struggled today. Still only day 1, but I still say he starts out in Hartford.

    Anybody hear aboot that boxer Floyd Mayflower, who beat up his ex gf or wife, in front of his kids because she’s getting it on with a basketball player? Then he stole her iPhone. He beats up girls, but he wont fight that guy. What’s the world coming to?!?!

  10. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Ok fellow Boneheads I am really looking for some VERY IMPORTANT INFO. I picked up Direct TV’s sport package which includes MSG and MSG+ channels. I live in south central PA do any of you know if direct Tv will air the Ranger games on MSG. I have had it a couple of weeks and notice they seem to black out quite a few channels and different games of all sports for whatever reason. And it will say that it has been blacked out by direct tv. I just wondered if any one else that lives out of the NY area has been down this path already. If they are going to black them out I will have to go the Center Ice route. I am starting to get nervous that I will miss the first game, which as you know CAN NOT HAPPEN. thanks for your help in advance.

  11. >>someone asked me the other day…why NYR fans are so hard on
    >>Redden? so, NYR fans…WHY? :)

    Um, because he plays like a certain “P” word which I’m sure is not be appropriate to use on this family oriented blog?

  12. Hockeyman Rangers :
    I have Direct TV with the sports package also. They will black out the Ranger games on MSG if you do not have the NHL Center Ice package.
    Just like you can’t watch the Yankee games on YES unless you have the baseball package.
    Not sure if they black out the pre season games.

  13. Dredden is the only cocaine addict I know of that doesn’t have the super strength that comes with the addition. This guys a loser in every sense of the word. Obviously not counting that fluke moment when he knocked out that Caps player.

    He’s not even worth having at the league minimum.

  14. I was not saying “correct, Tony” as if you needed any confirmation from me, it was meant that Im aware of that also.

    OTOH, a long time ago, I used to be able to get access cards – basically, like stealing, so please dont judge me – with every channel on DirecTV for free.

    Like I was even able to get Yankees games that were blacked out due to Saturday FOX and Wednesday and Sunday ESPN blackout rules. Even though I got all the movie channels, etc, the only reason why I needed the card was for the Yankees games, and other NY games that were blacked out.

  15. That is so so hilarious Tony! I feel much better that others did that too!

    By chance, do you happen to know anyone now that still has that ability, or if it is even possible any longer? I know that DirecTV really cracked down on that stuff and enhanced their systems to prevent that. Since it’s illegal, and you may not want to post anything about it here, you can contact me via FB

  16. Thanks for all the info, Carp! Are you still on vacation?

    From that interview I gathered that Redden isn’t particularly confident he is staying in NY himself. There is no attitude “I’ll show you what I can”. I’m sure he cares, but I don’t sense he is confident he can do it. Carp, did you sense he already gave up?

  17. CR – It’s no longer possible, Now the card number is registered with the box & they activate the card # instead of just the box.
    But i’ll give you a tip. Don’t add the phone line to the box. It’s the only way they can tell where the box is being used.
    We have a place in Mexico & we have a dish hooked up & all I do is bring my direct TV box with us & we get all the stations we get at home. Including local AZ stations.

  18. Tony – You are a godsend! Truly! Ive always wondered if I could do that exact thing. Thank you! Thank you!


    That’s not very encouraging news on Lundqvist. I know it’s only minor, but those type of minor injuries have a way of nagging and worsening. Let’s all pray it’s just an aberration for Henrik.

  19. twice the salary?? cmon. I agree with Orr. he is not worth minimum wage.

    I don’t care if it is hartford or europe. just get rid of this dreadful mistake.

  20. Ilb – I think Redden’s baseline presentation is very flat, so other then when he was heard yelling at Torts last year, I think he presents with the same demeanor-very hard to read what he’s thinking or feeling at any point in time.

  21. The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, thanks from all the ‘Heads for going to/reporting from camp on your vacation day. You’re da best!

  22. hockeyman- i dont recommend direct tv. i had it, paid extra for msg and sports channels, but got the games blacked out except for versus. i only got to see rangers in 60. they showed msg before and after ranger and knick games. i live in iowa, and they said because i live too far away, or some bs. so i cancelled it. this was a few years ago, but thats my advice

  23. uhh yea, what tony said thats exactly what they did to me. i already was paying alot for it, and if i wanted to see the games live i had to pay a whole bunch more for alot of channels i dont even watch.

  24. Hockeymon – Center Ice can get you the games on MSG, but only on regular definition. You have two options for the live action, watch on low def (not a good option) or watch through the feed of the other team if available, since channels other than MSG make their high def feeds available to Center Ice. MSG Network really jobs the out of town Ranger fan and the NHL should be embarrassed that one station can do that to the fans.

  25. Happy HOCKEY New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no word yet CR. Don’t want to talk about it here, it’s supposed to be a happy, exciting day on the blog!

    LMAO @ Redden’s fetus embarrassed to come out!!

  26. I see Shor, TR, jpg and joekuh have COME BACK….. TO…. THE BLOG (Rock style!)

    ILB, do they let you drive your iPhone in NZ??

  27. linda

    lots of news starting to come out. this is going to be a very interesting camp. lots of kids, new faces, tryouts….

    hockey is in the air!

  28. I wish first pre-season game was at home….

    TR, it’s warren season!! I’m determined to make it there way more often this year. I’m just gonna have to suck it up on school nights, maybe get to work a little later :)

    OK, nobody yell at me, but I kinda feel a wee bit tad sad for Redden. I said don’t yell!

  29. laurel, i’d feel sad for him too if he wasn’t making $6.5 million with such diminished skills. The money is not his fault, that’s all on Sather, but to continue trying to prove you still have what it takes, when everyone can see it’s gone,that’s just denial ;-)

  30. Mama, I sort of feel bad for Redden too. I know, I know, the $30+ million guy that gets paid to do nothing. But, he wears a Rangers uniform, therefore I feel bad for him.

    And Im making it a point to get up to NY more often this season just to meet all you wonderful ‘heads – and of course, the bestest and most beautiful ‘head, Mama!

  31. CCCP =

    We are hard on Redden for many of the obvious reasons. However, last season I decided that I would give him the benefit of the doubt and really watch how he plays. I even dvr several games and use his play to show some young defensemen what the role is and what it is NOT. I only get to the garden a couple times a season, and in person it looks worse.

    Now, there were some games he played ok hockey (in the NHL which I would bet is OK on some teams who need a 400K a year sisth defenseman) – and there were some games when he just kind of skated in circles, he did not make his spots or get to his points up ice, and generally gave away the lane on more than one occaision. I was baffled – I really cant figure it out. I did not think he was hurt, but who knows. Either way, he really struggles in the zone, cant keep the play going up ice, and at times looks lost – literally lost in the zone. That is why, at least in my humble opinion, many are so hard on Mr. Redden. I was excited when the trade happened because I was thinking that we were getting a 500K a year D man who would be dependable for maybe 3 years. I really dont know what to think now …

    CARP and others … your thoughts??

  32. Rangers captain, Chris Drury, says missing playoffs made for very unpleasant summer. “The only thing worse than going through that as a team would be not learning from it,” Drury said of the Rangers’ missing the postseason a year ago. (from FB)

  33. Please. I’m sure Dreary was telling his wife “I wont let missing the playoffs ruin our summer in sunny California, as we swim in the ocean at night making sweet passionate love while I shower you with all of my money that I don’t deserve”

    If Blowmez was still a Ranger, he probably would have said “Hey, at this point, missing the playoffs is so funny. It’s like Seinfeld, but hey, it’s funnier, because I’m still rich, and you’re still balding, Trautwig”

  34. Coach Sean

    You have hit on it. But the real reason for Redden’s odd playing style is he attended the summer camp run ky Marek Malik, and really paid close attention to the special session on “guarding the net” know, where the defenseman stands
    way in the far corner of his zone, while the goal tender goes mad trying to make saves and collect rebounds? He even coined a name for it, ” The sentinel”

  35. Oh and Linda

    That really was funny about the you know why I am so eager to read all these postings…there is great humor here.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan is stepping up!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    “I don’t want to go back and dwell on the past. I want to come here with a clear mind and that was the focus all year—come in fresh, try to have some fun, come to camp ready to go.”- Wade Redden.

    You don’t want to dwell on the past? come in fresh? with a clear mind? Is he on drugs ? Seriously , is Redden oblivious ? Try to have some fun!!!???? Huh …whaaaaa …Im Wade Redden and I wanna have some fun this year!!! Im coming in ready to go …omg Iwanna puke.

    Shory said a perty funny analogy on Redden:
    “Probably because he’s getting paid like double what he’s worth and he still skates around like he has a drink he doesn’t want to spill.”

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!


    New York Rangers – greatest franchise of all time.

  37. Fran, all the credit for that post goes to whoever typed it. I almost fell off of my chair when I read it!

    Whoever posted that… COMEDY GOLD! I have a feeling it may have been CCCP

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan is stepping up!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Rangers !! RANGERS!!! RANGERS !!! ,RANGERS!!!, RANGERS!!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOO gotta love camping!!!!!

    Holey Hell im pumped!!!!!!!

  39. Sorry for mentioning this, but I couldn’t resist.

    There’s a Lady Gaga blowup doll. On the box it says “I wanna take a rid on your disco stick” & “She loves it when you poke-her-face”. It’s called the “Lady Gag-Gag love doll”

    Hahaha, too funny. Naturally she’s suing.

  40. question regarding the Carp’d for Life hockey fantasy.

    I just want to make sure I’m getting this straight. Are we making the picks ourselves every 90 seconds? or is the computer doing it based off your Pre-Draft Player Rankings?

  41. Regarding the mosque near ground zero, I say let them build it. But across the street, we should put a topless bar, called “You Mecca Me Hot”. next to that, a gay bar called “The Turban Cowboy” and next to that, a pork-rib restaurant called “Iraq o’ Ribs”? Lets see who’s really tolerant!

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan is stepping up!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    In Order for Redden to make our club ..he would have to :

    #10 Make a public statement saying he sucks.

    #9 Grow a full beard like Mara and just stare at everyone.

    #8 Gain 30 pounds of power .

    #7 Gain new legs :Wade Redden, a defenseman, a man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we
    have the technology. We have the capability to make the worlds first Bionic man.
    Wade Redden will be that man. Better than he was before. Better. Stronger.

    #6 Gain a heart and fight every game.

    #5 Rip up his contract or say the dog ate it.

    #4 Jump in Docs time machine and tell himself not to sign with the Rangers , Oh wait this has redden not making the Ra …

    #3 hypnotis everyone into believing it is 2005 again. ( when Ottawa picked him over Chara)

    #2 Score a “Godie Howe” hat trick every game. (Yeah I did say Godie : )

    #1 Change his name to Gaborik.

  43. blaze

    It will be a “LIVE” draft. The draft is called “snake” draft, which means each participant will take turns in order to make a pick. You will have 90 seconds to make your choice. Of course, if you cannot make it to the live draft, computer will pick for you. So, i would suggest pre-drafting your players in case you cant make it.

  44. “#1 Change his name to Gaborik.”
    Are they getting married?

    Guess nothing else happened today during the camp. Btw, wifi spots are not that easy to find in NZ. So thanks everyone for all the updates. All I need to do is go to RR page. We also constantly traveling. It’s actually not bad driving on the left. I’m still having one issue- every time I need to show the turn, I activate windshield blades instead. I must have the cleanest windshield in NZ. They probably think I have OCD.

  45. Grabby – Yeah, if you are out of the local area, the games have to be blacked out even if you pay for the channels.

    That sucks that MSGHD is not on Center Ice! What about Devils and Islanders MSG/MSG+ games. Cablevision sucks!

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan is stepping up!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Ilb , Hope ya having fun in NZ , is that close to New Hampshire?

  47. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    For what it’s worth, we have always had centre ice along with direct tv and love it. The only time we did not get to see rangers games is when the whole versus debacle was going on, but that is now fixed. We have the sports pack and if the game is blacked out on the actual msg channel (i think 634 or 635), we always get the msg feed on centre ice then. It might be different in other parts of continent!

  48. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    HockeyMan – I did have that setup here in SWFL – you’ll still need Center Ice (yeah I know). You’ll get the pregame and postgame shows in MSG and CI for the game. Versus no pre or post games at all. I was very happy with the set up and just autorenewed CI.

  49. gardenfaithfulinfla on

    Oh, Hockeyman – last year I did get the preseason games – they were not blocked out. Hope this helps!

  50. wicky, I was just talking about MSG in HD on Centre ice for non New Yorkers.


    Please dont laugh everyone – or go ahead and laugh….but in case you couldnt tell, I have severe OCD. Im not sure if any of you noticed my obsession with certain things – like perhaps referees or Boston :)

  51. Today’s Redden jokes are the best I’ve read in quite some time. I actually laughed out loud while I was at work.

  52. CR9
    But of course we did. But you’re not alone here buddy. Folkerself family OCDed with Sather and multiple personality in addition, ZzZz – with wording, capital letters and exclamation signs, Blogmama (that sacred)- with Avery, Fran with his non-stop working clear and phenomenal memory, ORR- everything about and around sex, myself with this blog, and everybody here – with Redden presence. List goes on and on. So, don’t worry, really. It is nothing excessive about you.

  53. CR – We all spent lots of time here since April talking about one point – we all have Rangers OCD, or maybe its Carpomania

  54. Hi, my name is BlueBlood and I’m a Carpomaniac…its been one minute since my last post

    Nothing compulsive there, right :)

  55. CR – Thanks for the news on Center Ice and the HD feeds on MSG. It is hard to find that information. I missed hearing Sam call the games.

  56. MD – You’re welcome! I couldnt stand watching last year in standard definition. This year is going to brighter – on the ice and TV set!

    BB – You’re on a roll tonight! Carpomaniac! Can a Carpomaniac beat a Hulkamaniac?

  57. CR – Do you even have to ask – lol – Carp is the MAN. Carpomaniacs have shineboxes – all Hulkamaniacs have are ripped tank tops and an old bald guy in tights.

  58. BB – LOL! Shineboxes beat all! Tiki is going in for a biopsy on the 20th or 21st iirc. I drop her off at 8am and then have to worry the rest of the day. :)

  59. She’s gonna be will be good to finally know for sure what is going on so they can treat the poor thing. Try not to worry – its a good thing.

  60. Thanks for all the info, boneheads. Like Hockeyman, I live in PA, and was going to forgo the CI package and just sign up to get MSG. I guess it won’t work. Damn. It’s good to find out before the season starts, though.

    John Bednarski #23

  61. BB – Yes, she’ll be fine. It’s just in my nature to worry! It’s part of the obsessiveness! Thanks for the kind words!

  62. Goodnight, Carp.

    Shall we hope the Rangers remain in early-season form or end-of-season form this year?

    Since our mid-season form was for shite!

  63. What do you all mean, good night!? What am I, chopped liver. It’s 7pm here, I’m just getting started lol.

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Magellanic clouds are supposed to be the highlight down there. I would suggest that you take the opportunity to learn a bit while you are there. Those sights just aren’t visible here in northern latitudes.

    I find Astronomy fascinating.

  65. Midas Will Folkyerself on

    Generalissimo Sather won’t be letting too many rookies on the big club this year. Even with Redden demoted, on defense I see Stall, Rozival, Girardi, Del Zotto, Gilroy and either Eminger or Semenov. Maybe both, if he wants to use seven. No room at the inn for a ute like McDonagh.

    It not the “Sather Way” to bring them up right from College without some time in Hartford to “Develop”.

  66. So I said let me see if once camp is getting going what’s going on here….

    And the first post I scroll too is calling Redden a coke fiend.

    Funny how Carp had standards to ban me for nothing but apparently no standards for anyone else, no matter how many slanderous posts they make……

    I won’t get on Carp too much. For one thing he’s apparently in the vicinity of sather, so there’s a ray of hope hell ask a qustion…. though if the last 10 years is any indication it undoubtedly won’t be a tough one….

    Besides I’m sure he’s feelin beseiged now that hockeys back and cutting into his teetime.

  67. Yukon All Folkyerself on

    Left Wing is pretty much set, too. Frolov, Avery, Kennedy, Fedotenko. and Boogaard gets the odd shift when necessary. Prust gets to hang with stogypuss in the SkyBox, waiting for an injury to get in the lineup..

  68. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Center is all set too. Dubinsky, Drury, Anisimov, Todd White. Maybe Prospal, if things get crowded on the left.

  69. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t forget Christensen at center,too. He was on the first line last year.

    Right Wing is the only spot left for a rookie. Gaborik, Callahan, Prospal, and possibly Grachev.

  70. Olga Folkyerself on

    2 goalies, 7 defensemen, 5 Centers, 5 LW and 4 RW.That’s 23 players.

    Training Camp might just as well be over for the rest of them. Everyone else gets on the bus.

    Barring trades, or waiver pickups…

  71. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Look for me in the Black Hawks lineup for the playoffs. Look for Sather playing golf in Florida. Or fishing in Banff…

  72. Hugo Folkyerself on

    OK everyone, Mother is waiting at home for all of us!!! Find out which table Uncle Otto is under and get in the van…

  73. “And the first post I scroll too is calling Redden a coke fiend.” LMAO! It should be around midnight for ilb! Good night ilb!

  74. BANJ! LMFAO!!


    BlueBlood September 17th, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    CR – Do you even have to ask – lol – Carp is the MAN. Carpomaniacs have shineboxes – all Hulkamaniacs have are ripped tank tops and an old bald guy in tights.

    BLUEBLOOD, love it! Hilarious post!

  75. # Linda September 17th, 2010 at 7:49 am

    FIRE SATHER Olga! hehehe


    # Carp September 17th, 2010 at 8:48 am

    new post. sorry Linda.

    Carpy, *THANK YOU* for making me the first Carping of Day 1 of training camp! I will cherish that crown!

  76. CT Blue

    Don’t worry about Darien…they’ve enough money in that little burgh to float the entire US Navy. ( And don’t say that I’m wrong…I think that I’ve inspected half of the homes there, for insurance purposes.

  77. Just got a card from a young woman up in CT inviting me and tbw to Bridgeport for the 100th birthday of her Dad. February.
    Lord I hope he makes it. Great guy. Used to work with me years ago when I worked for a national Insurance inspection and Investigation company. I was branch mgr of the New Haven Office and he the Bridgeport. A retired Fire Captain with Bpt FD and a wonderful human being. He sent me a letter about a year or so ago telling me that at his age ( I believe it was about 96,) that he’d just had a pacemaker installed, and he gleefully explained that they had given him a LIFETIME WARRANTY ! Now I ask ya, can you do better than that?

  78. Sad part is your franchise for #1..signing him for that.. and #2 he has made and has millions..he has a familly and who cares if he just skates around. He isn’t doing drugs or he would be in rehab. I will agree his game went south a while ago…but the Rangers made the error..Not Wade. If you wanna bad mouth someone..BLAME NEW YORK RANGERS !! They made the call. He made the money..I hope he takes them for the whole contract. I would and so would everyone else put in his shoes. Like the Rangers ever have a chance at the cup..THAT’S the best joke. When Wade went to play there everyone new that he would go downhill..Look at the team !!! Don’t get mad and bad mouth this post..really think about all the facts!!
    Where was the team before he got there?? Where is it now?? EXACTALLY !! If anyone is to blame..NYR for giving out the contract !!! And anyone posting on here and thinks they now the game so well and who should be doing what..Is that why you are playing NHL??? At least he made the NHL and made millions…WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? HAHAHAHA

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