Day 1 …


… of a new hockey year.

So Happy Hockey Day everybody!

Me, I’m going over to training camp in a little bit. I can only stick around for a while, and not linger all afternoon, but I’ll post some stuff as soon as I can from there.

See youse later.


Twenty-three days until the Opener.

23: Jeff Beukeboom.

23: Don Mattingly.

23: Chris Drury and Scott Gomez.

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  1. Today, but they will be making cuts periodically, first one is after the pre-season game againt the Debbies next week.

    #23 David Beckham – England’s ambassador to world soccer and celebrity gossip mags

  2. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    um…Michael Jordan anyone? And Noah, Cleveland fans will be so mad seeing him they’ll literally see 666.

  3. I love it – twitter updates from training camp already!!

    stevezipay – Zuccarello among players struggling

    agrossrecord – Gilroy among better skaters

    Andrew Gross also quoting Derek Stepan saying he feels he is ready for the NHL – ggod news Derek, we need a #1 center: are you the one?

  4. So I think I saw it mentioned on last night’s post, but what’s the verdict on the new 3rd jersey?

  5. I’ll not be getting those dodgy looking sunglasses or trousers Aves is wearing though – that Vogue internship didnt do much for him did it?

    On the other hand i liked the hoodie i saw Gabby modelling – it was very Abercrombie & Fitch!!

  6. Yeah, I saw the jersey last night. It’s got the design of the NHL 75th anniversary jersey, the color of the Liberty jersey and the lettering of the 80’s jersey.

    Not flashy but classic looking. I give it a 6.5-7 out of 10.

  7. I love the new 3rd Jersey

    I always thoguth the Rangers blue JErsey shoudl have been darker liek the on efrom the 60’s

    Cant beleive today is training camp!

  8. Mama beat me but here is gross tweet…

    AGrossRecord Workout monster Sean Avery tearing up endurance skate for second straight year at #NYRangers training camp.
    8 minutes ago

  9. You confused me on that one too! Go Aves!!!!

    you know it’s hockey season….TR’s back!

    I like the 3rd jersey. First time I think I’ve said that.

  10. I think I somehow thought of how excited mama would be to hear about her boy andthen saw the bold lettering at thehead of the post and my mind saw blogmama.

    Anybody else basically useless at work at this point? Haha

  11. Useless isn’t the word JOKE. Between today being camp day, and my son starts his season this weekend…2 mite games, 7am tomorrow and 10am on Sunday, I’m totally stoked. Then pre-season game next week vs. Devils. Wish the weather would feel a bit more hockey-like (although I’m guessing I’m in the minority there).

    Love the 3rd jersey…and that hoodie is awesome. I might have to break in the new AMEX next week while I’m at MSG.

  12. When did Brooks become such a fanboy for kovulchuk? He has a tweet about NHL not inviting kovi to some superstar photoshoot. Calls it amateurish. What a baby he is turning into lately.

  13. Wow…. 3rd Jersey is very classy…Thank goodness. I really like it, I’m not a “jersey guy” but I would almost buy one of those, so I guess the marketing is working. Those will sell like hotcakes.

    Hey, would anyone be interested in Howard Stern’s interview of Messier, Leetch, and Richter 3 days after the Cup in ’94? My brother just sent me a 40 minute recording of this the other night…it’ snothing amazing…but funny and a nice little piece of history. Let me know if there’s interest and I can upload it tonight or this weekend.

  14. I gotta believe most of the younger kids are gonna get sent to hartford to start the season but if I had to put the best line up together right now Id say it would look something like this.



    The rest of the overpaid under productive scrubs traded, waived or demoted. Thats my take.

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