Staal in the house; he and Torts to talk


The Rangers will have Marc Staal and John Tortorella meet the assembled media today at the MSG training facility, as a pre-camp press get-together.

Yours truly will be in the car returning from a vacation (fooled you this week, didn’t I?) and unable to attend. So if youse want to scour the other blogs and post in the comments what Staal and Torts had to say, go ahead. Please remember to attribute your info to the author who provided it.

I will try to find some other sources of info when I get back to Blog HQ.

Thanks to Sean Mayer for so ably jumping into the fray yesterday. And I’d say that even if he wasn’t my boss. (Probably).


As for the Staal contract, I think it’s pretty darn good for the Rangers. He doesn’t get to the serious money until the fourth and fifth years, and by then Drury (and Rozsival) will have joined Redden in the gonzo category — though it’s possible the Captain will stick around for less money. The cap is anbody’s guess by then, but to pay Staal a bit over $5M in exchange for what would have been a year of unrestricted free agency, is a bargain. Plus, if he truly develops into an elite first-pair D-man, that will be a bargain, regardless of what he cap is by then.

Good job by Glen Sather and Staal’s agent, Paul Krepelka, for getting it done. And getting it done before camp.


While still on vacation, my plan is to stop into the first day of camp tomorrow just to blog some stuff. I won’t be there every day, but hope to stop in fairly regularly.


Twenty-four days until Opening Night.

24: Willie Mays, Rickey Henderson, Barry Bonds.

24: Nicklas Sundstrom.

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  1. *ONE DAY!!!!!!!!* Tomorrow is the day! The beginning of the most wonderful time of the year!

    Carpy, hope you enjoyed your vacations

  2. These are the times, when I wished I was still up there….(but only these.)

    If I could talk tbw into it, we’d go up there, but none of the kids would be at home, ( # 1 granddaughter ( in age only), is now a Sr at McGill, but she’s latched on to a job with a burgeoning production Company and she’s a whiz at setting up creative web sights, and has been hired while she’s still in school to do a good deal of their layout work, while still up in school. Amazing child. I keep telling her to take in some Canadiens games, but she’s never been to a hockey game, and says she hasn’t time.
    ( Imagine not having time for Hockey?????)She loves the Apple and gets there every chance. Wants to move there right out of school next spring when she graduates.

    So tbw’d never consent to going up just for me to go to hockey games or camps. Purgatory…that’s what it is, a sort of benevolent purgatory. Oh well, I at least have y’all to carry me thru the rough times.

  3. The Puck Drops Here on

    Fran, if Granddaughter #1 (in age only) moves to the Apple you and tbw have to at least come for a visit. Just make it hockey season when you do. Life is good!

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Not much new in the article that he didn’t already post here. Still, a good article.

    I’m still surprised that they are giving Semenov another shot after what happened last year. I figured he would have been blacklisted after that whole contract fiasco.

  5. Rejoice Rejoice!

    24 is an interesting number. Frolov wore it in LA and Boogard in Minnesota. What numbers will they wear here?

  6. Good morning all!
    wicky, from last thread, I shall let Sean know the blog rules and tell him to post the “new post” alert next time :)

    Sally, LOL

    ilb is so lucky, it’s camp day already for him!

  7. Carp I’m going to ask a very stupid question. By giving Staal that many years at his age does that make him a UFA when the contract is up? I think the cutoff is 26 but not sure

    Not that I don’t think it’s a good deal for the Rangers.. Staal wanting to be in camp is a very good sign he isn’t some lazy oaf. But also a great deal for Staal he gets an extra .5million for his last name alone

  8. >>ONE DAY!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the day!

    And One
    Conjure One

    Yello – One Second
    Yes – Going For The One
    The Motels – All Four One

    Thomas Leer – Number One
    Pain Station – One Fine Day
    Howard Jones – Life in One Day

  9. Noonan,

    The contract goes 1 year into his UFA eligibility, which is what the Rangers wanted. It would have been longer if Sather had his way, but that was one of the sticking points of the negotiations.

  10. Did you see Damien Cox at the Toronto Star thinks Staal was overpaid? Is this guy serious?

    Cox’s wiki:

    Damien Cox (born Aug. 23, 1961 in Hamilton, Ont.) is a severely mentally challenged sports columnist for the Toronto Star. He has bravely covered the Toronto Maple Leafs for over 20 years, as well as the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics, and many other international hockey events, in spite of possessing very little knowledge about sports. He won a National Newspaper Award for a series on hockey developmental disabilities in 1998. Cox has also overcome numerous obstacles to work extensively in radio and television in the past decade and has been a frequent contributor to The Hockey News and, among other publications and media outlets. For three years, he was co-host of Prime Time Sports, heard daily on The Fan 590 in Toronto, and on the Rogers radio network across Canada. Cox has been named three times to The Hockey News’ “100 People of Power and Influence in Hockey.” He is a regular on TSN’s The Reporters and That’s Hockey. His weekly segment on That’s Hockey is called “The Devil’s Advocate”, a segment in which Cox will oppose the general perception of a hockey-related issue and discuss why he believes his opinion is correct, contrary to what the facts may state.

  11. Wow, Cox really missed the mark with his analysis. Staal to Rozi? One was 2nd pairing defenseman at best that was 30 when he signed. The other is 23 years old, has demonstrated 1st pair potential and is getting all his restricted free agency and arbitration years bought out with one year of unrestricted FA.

  12. Cox is also getting his facts wrong as Roszi’s deal is much less than the cap hit in the last 2 yeasr, his salary is $4m and $3m for the next 2 – which makes him a good candidate for trade as the new team will not have to pay as much as the cap hit (for a team like Atlanta or others near the cap floor thats a good thing).

    The only correct thing in that article/blog are the first 2 sentences, after that it tails off to incorrect facts and someone just trying to play devils advocate.

  13. CT

    THis is a most amusing copy…almost as if this originator of the writing had in a former life, been that slave who used to stand behind victorious Roman generals holding an olive wreath above his head and chanting, “remember that thou too are mortal”.

  14. Maybe Cox is getting paid by the Maple Weeps to write articles that don’t focus on the fact that Brian Burke has loaded up on a team that would probably be playing for another lottery pick if it had one to use.

  15. @Linda

    Hey Ive been outta the loop for a few a days but I live in the albany area have spent the last 20+ years of my life hear so anything you need to know (and haven’t got answered yet) lemme know be happy to help.

  16. UKRanger Atlanta would not want Rosi he is far to White for their new marketing campaign.

    As for the Staal overpaid report. I think this interesting fellow’s report (by interesting I mean creepy like the guy on the corner that parent’s tell their kids to stay away from, just look at his bio pic *CREEPY*) Anyways, I think his attempt at a point was the rangers could have spend less money for a one year deal. Not exactly sure being a leafs reporter & that being Brian Burke’s team what his basis is for how to run a team (wow someone to through under Sather’s bus). Anyways… yeah creepy

  17. Ive got a terrific story that is sure to bring laughs.

    This morning, I woke up with an absolutely skull-pounding headache…. On top of that, I was very weak and sweating profusely – like cold sweats – and was very nautious. My hands were literally vibrating at 100 mph. They were vibrating!! (has anyone ever had that happen??)

    I go to get out of bed, and I fall on the ground b/c Im so weak, and RedBone comes over to me and literally starts sniffing my face for an entire minute. FYI, RedBone is very very very unaffectionate. Doesnt like being picked up or hugged or anything.

    Then Tiki comes over to me and rolls over on her back right in front of me to be petted like the darling lady she is!! :)

  18. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning everyone….evening ILB??

    thanks, I felt a bit silly (not end of the world or anything though)

    still rocking that new eminem…it is just fantastic!

    ao what happened in camp today??

  19. To be fair he has another article talking about Kovalchuk and how he’s not going to be worth it. But, locking up your top D while getting a ton of his upside years in a cap friendly deal that will look even better after Drury and Rozi’s deals are off the books can’t be seen as anything other than a big positive.

  20. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I have no problem with semenov getting a contract again if he performs…I mean if he really did not take the contract due to family concerns (over bearing wife or not). He obviously wanted to be a ranger and the situation was heartfelt, so bring the guy back and give him a chance. He sure the hell brings a physical game to our blueline that we are missing!!

  21. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I will say one thing the way staal handled all of this sure makes dubi look like a douche!!

  22. One day! FINALLY!!

    Love the Major League references. It was on tv the other night and sadly it just wasn’t the same with all the bad words redubbed. Even the subtitles were redubbed. Such a shame.

    24- hours in a day and never enough sometimes.
    24- the witching hour

  23. Sure did Joke and I could have sworn I sent you another one after that. Been a crazy week here with family medical issues and the man being run off the road by some asshat yesterday.

    Tim , information is always welcome! My email is nylinda_65 at

    JB!!!! Less than 22 hours!!!

  24. I don’t know Wicky, watching this team sometimes feels like going through labor. Hopefully after 6 months we get rewarded with a playoff “birth”.

  25. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    never mind, I think linda thought you spotted the “birth” thing first!

  26. No no, truthfully I didn’t read the article, but I saw your comment and thought the improper diction could more of a Freudian slip than anything else.

  27. Cox has to be cracked. Since I don’t expect him to approve my comments, I thought I would share them here – and i was kind because I didn’t even get after him on Rozy’s contract and his half-hearted attempt to use it to prove his point.

    “Wow, I don’t where to start. I guess i could start by pointing out how Steve Zipay of Newsady (and The Hockey news) wrote that about 30 defenseman in the NHL make more than Staal’s average cap hit of $3.975 million per year.

    I could also point out that while Staal did not have the leverage of an offer sheet, the Rangers did have to pay to “buy out” some of Staal’s UFA time and his salary arbitration time – which anyone connected with baseball will tell you is what really drives up salaries.

    Damien, you fail to realize that contacts like Staal’s is that they do not occur in a vacuum. Staal’s contract is built on the outcomes of previous negotiations and deals. You know like the four year/$14 million the Toronto Maple Leafs gave to Jeff Finger.”

  28. Linda,

    that’s wasn’t me asking up top. It was a poster using name “Julie”. I did get your e-mail btw.

    Hope things calm down for you guys.

  29. ha, did you catch the typo in the last sentence of that link:

    “Here’s to hoping the King is right, because this past off-season was too long to bare.”

    this guy’s practically Greg-like!

  30. The Puck Drops Here on

    Mama, you’re the best! By the way, are you still checking P&C for comments. I want to write to you or should I just send to your email?

  31. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I find some of these tort’s quotes hilarious. First he says only 3 positions secure at this point, hank and first line wingers fro and gabby. He then goes on to say that the letters will all remain the same. How does he know this?? If only the above mentioned 3 players are secure, and none have a letter, how does he know the letters wearers remain the same???

  32. I may be wrong, but I think Pierre Larouche wore 24 for a while as a Ranger. Maybe until Duguay left and 10 became available?

  33. individual tix go on sale sept 23rd at 10 am. u will pay more with the fees then i charge for a 300 level seat.

    i am selling 2 tix to the following games. seats are 330 aisle seats the cost is 120 for the pair 60 per

    10/27 vs atl
    12/5 vs ottawa
    12/16 vs phoenix
    1/5 vs carolina
    1/16 vs phil
    2/17 vs kings
    2/27 vs lightning
    3/1 vs buffalo
    3/3 vs minn

    let me know if interested

    rather sell to you guys then stubhub

  34. dross check charlie……tucker frederickson is my favorite giant of all time….how could you not like a guy whose first name is ivan? he was real good but those knee injuries kept him from being great

  35. Thanks for pointing that out Joke,and sorry Julie for the slight! I need to get a bigger iTouch so i can actually read the screen lol and type better on it!!! Now I see why ilb has such a hard time driving!

    Laurel, he’s good thanks! The bike got dinged up (lost a mirror), all he got was some scratches on his arm.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan is stepping up!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    yes yes yes yes !!!!!!!

    Staalsie is signssie!!! Hey , in NHL11 Boogaard is rated in the mid 80’s!! He is seriously ranked higher then alot of star players!!?? What does this mean? Means Boogaard is poised to have a great year!!!

    I remember Sally asking if I had a good summer , Yes I did ty .

    We need a petition to get Olga off this blog. All she does is sing the Blackhawks song at night and preches how good they are. We dont need some idiot yakking up the Hawks in here. What a joke.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan is stepping up!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    NEW YORK RANGERS , greatest team of all time. ( suck on that Yankees)

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Stepan is stepping up!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Avery looks less then thrilled to be there. I hate the white on the collar and the red band is too fat. Oh well …maybe it will grow on me.

  39. If that’s the new 3rd jersey, it looks a lot like the road jerseys worn after Fred Shero took over in 78 and got rid of those godawful sweaters that Ferguson made them wear for 2 years. The one difference is that the old ones were Ranger blue, not Navy.

  40. In case anyone’s interested if you are a ‘friend’ of the Rangers on Facebook you’ll get a chance to purchase individual game tickets on the 21st, 2 days before they go on general sale. Didn’t know if this had been mentioned here before.

  41. Ha. That reminds me. I was watching True Blood the other night, and someone from the show said “You tell ’em uncle daddy”, and Martina Brodiva came to mind immediately.

    New jerseys look pretty cool. I might have to pick one up. Hopefully it’s not to soon to pick up a Stepan or McDonut, if they prove they’re worthy.

  42. olga stays greg. haha cmon he isnt really a hawks fan. just hates sather. and i can vouch for yukon al, midas will, hugo and any other of the folkyerself clan.

    boogaard is good in the game too. i scored at least 5 goals with him in the first 10 games. i have a good feeling about this greg!!no really he is actually rated an 81, which is mainly from his physical attributes. the game isnt made like the old ones. the players have ratings but a player rated high in offense, but low in defense and athleticism, could still score a lot of goals and be a good player, but have a low overall rating. although the game has an option to change how much a players attributes affect how they play, its still not realistic enough. but even if he has his best offensive year, he still might not reach 5 goals! its good that u didnt really bet anything lol

  43. Linda,
    That’s OK about misreading me. It was quite early in the morning! If you still need more info about the Albany area, let me know! How is your man doing?

  44. WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! Thanks to my man!

    NOVEMBER 27, 2010 Nashville TN RANGERS vs. PREDS

    and I’m gonna be there! Agravaine… any chance you guys will be there too? Mini bonehead fest in the Music City?

  45. Julie, could ALWAYS use more information for sure! The more info the more secure in our decision we will be!!

    Hockey is upon us! After a dreadfully long off season, IT’S BACK!!!!

  46. Olga Folkyerself on

    Grabby- Thanks, man…

    Ahhh Greg. BUAHAHAHAHAHA, I love it!!!! All I have to say is “Chicago” and off you go, all spazzo and everything. It’s like watching a dying fly spin around on the window sill. You even start talking stupid; like saying the Rangers are the greatest team of all time.

    Why don’t you start worrying about what Sather is doing to your New York Rangers… like missing the playoffs yet again this year.

  47. Linda,
    What is your email again and what would you like to know? I so can’t wait for the season to start. I’m taking next Thursday off from work to get a couple tix for a game in February. The season can’t get here quick enough, can it?

  48. If you care: I took my gift tix for the Oct. 24 game v. Devils…5 weeks away for mama to be in the house!!!! look for me on TV. Will be second row, jut to the right of Hank.

    Hmmm. Think MSG will put me on camera if I bring a sign saying “Boneheads rule!”

  49. Calm down…:) it was my first choice anyway, but yes, I figured sooner than later was better. Plus, it’s a Sunday, so I’ll probably take off that Monday and warren!!! (TR, you seeing this!?)

  50. HA! btw, he did not look happy in that pic. :( where did that come from?

    hey, Greg, CR, BlueBlood, love the continued chat on the “other” blog :) you guys rock. Greg, the gator though…OY

  51. The pic came from “Red, White and Blueshirts” Photos – Wall Photos on FB.

    Serious question, Mama; I wonder if you agree with me…

    Does Sean Avery just look absolutely gorgeous in glasses? Like, in other words, he makes glasses look sexy?

  52. Oh, CR….sigh :)

    OK all, camp tomorrow and first pre-season game in a week! (OY, I want us to win that one sooo bad v. the Debbies of all teams!)

    It’s go time! LGR!!!!

    as for me…TA!

  53. why the sigh? lol What was wrong with that question…It was perfectly legitimate; I demand an answer and will get one tomorrow! :)

  54. YAY Linda! It’s actually sort of surprising, I wasnt inspired with much hope this past week with the Jets and Giants, and have been discouraged by the Yankees in recent games, I actually feel renewed and invigorated for a new season of hockey. I actually have a promising feeling about this year, and with Hankie as a goaltender, always rememnber, anything’s possible.

  55. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the ‘Heads who have donated to the fundraising walk my daughter is doing in October for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society! You guys are just amazing!

  56. Does Sean Avery just look absolutely gorgeous in glasses? Like, in other words, he makes glasses look sexy?


    i dont think he looks “sexy” in glasses…he looks like a dork in them…i am a bit skeptical about his supposed “style sense”

  57. I do not believe that I’ve seen this many bloggers for any sport that encompassed quite as many avid followers of the sport that apparently is of the fair I right? Or is there an anomaly here? to help me keep my confusion at a managed level, let me take a wild guess at which ones are ladies ( or at least…females.) Blogmama, OK..Linda…OK
    CR 9…OK…………..Julie…OK….Olga……not quite sure….. this much however truly amuses me….the way that so many of you seem like my kids on Christmas mornings when they were little……………most of you.

  58. fran

    LMAO (Laughing My A$$ Off)

    you know…i dont blame you…if i didnt know, i would think CR9 (Tim) was a lady too!

    And Olga…well Olga is just confused… a guy under a female name talking Blackhawks hockey on Rangers blog!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  59. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    CR9 is the most confusing of the bunch, I bet CR1 thru CR8 self destructed somewhere along the way.

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Folkyerself Family is either a serious bunch of Night Owls, or ilb should be visiting us in New Zealand.

  61. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    I’m the best Blackhawks fan here, better than Olga! Ever since my hero Hugh Jessiman is now in the Chicago Training Camp.

    He’ll win a Cup before Sather does…

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    Stanley Cup Champions! Sweet Home Chicago Black Hawks, Greg!!!! The best Hockey team in the world!


  63. Hugo Folkyerself on

    OK, Family!!!! Last Call!!!!!

    Get Otto out from under the table, and everybody get in the van.

  64. Guys, do you really think Wade is going to end up in Hartford? As far as I see in NHLnumbers we’re under the cap. Did I miss something?

  65. Its going to be an interesting camp starting today. I really hope we get the young guys in and give them a chance.
    There was lots of praise for Ryan McDonagh by national media after Traverse City, people saying he was the best player there. Stepan and Grachev also got a lot of praise, but mostly from Rangers biased media/blogs.

  66. Good morning, ‘heads! Well, it’s 10 pm in NZ. By the time I wake up, it’ll be a full swing of training camp. Welcome to a new season! Finally! Interesting camp roster. Very few names we never heard. No Matt Macarrone?

    We are spending the night in Christchurch- town hit by the earthquake. Big crack right in the middle of the main street ( pictures on FB upon our return ), but everything is back to normal. This country has enough resources to handle this kind of disaster on it’s own. Unlike Haiti. They say they still feel daily aftershocks, but we haven’t felt any yet.

    Anyway, hope everyone has a great first day of training camp. I’m sure I’ll find all the details right here.

    Olga, is that your family van parked outside the hotel looking all crowded ? Come on in, buddy, it’s freezing out there! We can talk Sather all you want!

  67. CCCP – i just saw your post on the Fantasy Hockey site and it gave me a shiver – i really do need to get in and exclude some players from the rankings before the draft next week!!

  68. ..ooh some interesting Yahoo Draft rankings:

    396. Drury, Chris
    397. Orr, Colton

    Oh dear Captain Clutch, you really need to pick up the scoring this season!!

  69. I also saw an interesting comment from an Islanders fan:
    “Can you imagine if the Rangers has signed Streit for half the price instead of Redden 2 summers ago? Christ!!”

    Followed by:
    “With Sather, its hard to imagine it would have been half the price!”

    and another:
    “With Redden gone, who is he going to waste $6m on next?”

    It will be a great day when we can wake up as Rangers fans knowing that Redden is no longer on the roster and Slats is no longer wasting our cap space!

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