Staal in the fold


Hey, Boneheads. Sports editor Sean Mayer here with some excellent news to report for Rangers fans:

Here’s the brief from The Associated Press:

NEW YORK — The Rangers have agreed to terms with Marc Staal on a multiyear contract, assuring that the young defenseman will be at training camp when it opens Friday.
Staal, a restricted free agent, could have drawn interest in the form of an offer sheet from other teams but instead reached a deal to stay in New York, the team announced Wednesday.
While playing in each of the Rangers’ 82 games last season, the 23-year-old Staal had eight goals and 19 assists — both career highs — and a plus-11 rating. He has played in 202 consecutive games, including the playoffs, dating to Feb, 19, 2008.
Staal has 13 goals and 39 assists in 244 NHL games in three seasons with the Rangers. He led New York last season with an average of 23 minutes, 7 seconds of ice time per game, and twice logged at least 30 minutes.

According to, Staal will receive a shade under $20 million over five years.

Keep an eye out for Carp’s column — on the Rangers as they prepare for training camp — in Thursday’s edition of The Journal News and on

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  1. Carped big time.Re-post:
    Some read for passionate Hank’s fans:
    What’s really interesting in Staal contract is the way how it is structured – in opposite of this mega deals with pennies payed on the final years: total worth $19.875 mill, with a breakdown of: $3.1 mill.this season; $3.675 mill. in 2011-12; $3.775 mill. in 2012-13; $3.875 mill. in 2013-14; and $5.45 mill. in the final year.
    So,annual salary cap hit will be $3.975 million, and the contract does not contain a no-trade or no-move clause.

  2. ORR,
    No, buddy. I’m absolutely sure, that behind the scene, it was well known how much other clubs would gladly pay for real for him and trust me, there were a numbers of them. So, all parties involved knew that and long negotiations was about who will blink first at more or less known, reasonable numbers (+,-).I believe it wasn’t min. or max. – just optimum.

  3. good that Staal is now in the fold. but what is really needed this year is much better home record. watching the Rangers pre-season show right now and Torts agrees that the rangers home record was the biggest problem. he said that being around .500 at home is unacceptable. and he also said that Redden is too slow at everything he does, that he got more ice than he deserved at times last year due more to his rep and his contract than his play deserved. he warned that he is not going to be given a job this year. with the Staal signing, hopefully redden is sent to the AHL after camp.

  4. Darren pang tweeted his best players list from tc tourney…

    Mcdonagh listed as second best dman behind pieterangelo

    stepan best forward with grachev at 5th

    not too bad

  5. i’m dying to see Stepan in action with a big boys.BTW,Stepan is a wide-spread,common First russian name,which make me wonder…

  6. Has there been any information at all about Boyne or Boyd or whatever his name is..(I’m getting senile I think, I can’t remember some of these guys names.) The big guy who used to be pulled out now and then to kill penalties.. the “quiet” man….. is he still under consideration to make the team?

  7. Stepan is good. Torts mentioned him in that show. he may need some seasoning in hartford, but eventually he will be a key Ranger centerman by next season if not this one

  8. If you look at Staal’s contract breakdown, I think Slats was worried the league wouldnt approve of the contract so he put the “bonus year” at the end of the contract .. ha

    I dont think any of the prospects at the Traverse City Tourny are making the club right out of camp with the exception of McD.

    5th Place is pitiful out of 8 teams … these guys need some more “seasoning” in their respective leagues

  9. styopa zhopa! thats what i call my friend Styopa uzkaya zhopa! lol

    Stepashka, Grach as Xryusha and Anisimov as Filya!

    sorry my American friends…a bit of nostalgia here.

  10. somerset, i know 5th place is bad, but its only out of 3 games played. at least the top guys are playing well. the ones we all talk about, grachev,bourque,stepan,mcD, but where is teh pashnin kid? or valentenko??? they have been loaned to khl or other league for now?

  11. Somerset have you read how much more experience the other teams had over the Ranger’s I know for a fact that the Wild had several players who played in NHL games, several who had AHl experience. Some of these guys may need more seasoning but it’s not like they got blown out. Your much to pessimistic. “Stepan and Grachev continued to play well and provide offense, and McDonagh and McIlrath continued to be the solid two on defense” as per Andrew Gross quoting Gordie Clark.

  12. Blue Seat Horror on

    Grabby, if you’re asking why Pashnin and Valentenko are not at Traverse City…

    Pashnin = under Kontract to KHL

    Valentenko = too much pro experience due to his time in AHL and KHL

  13. Blue Seat Horror on

    Prospects spent a lot of time shorthanded, routinely failed to score on the power play, hit a lot of posts, and ran into a couple of “hot goalies.” They sound perfectly seasoned for the Rangers.

    What’s the problem? ;)

  14. Blue Seat Horror on

    In all seriousness, I can’t wait to see the likes of Stepan, Grachev, Bourque, McDonagh, McIlrath in a Rangers uniform (maybe not this year, but I’m willing to wait). They’re actually allowing these yutes (did you say yutes?) to develop some chemistry.

    4 games against 4 different teams won’t reveal much, but combined with their stats from last season, I like the way they’re trending.

    Also interested to see what Kreider, Yogan, Werek, Thomas, Niemi, Klassen, Pashnin, Valentenko develop into. Also keeping an eye on Carl Hagelin, who had a good season at U. of Michigan last season.

  15. I’ve been coming to the blog for a year and a half and I dont think Josh has ever commented (except to chuckle at my blake reference) But here we have SEAN MAYER the sports editor, putting up a post about Staalsy! I wonder, could Sean maybe be 27? lol ;-)

    Off topic but some redneck jackaasen ran my man off the road on his motorcycle today. Bad beard and cowboy hat standard. Fool doesn’t know that there’s possible video of it and he may be getting a visit from the Police before too long.

  16. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hammerhead, I don’t think we should be too disappointed in a 4 game tourney when most of these kids were just playing together at this level for the first time. The ones who had already developed chemistry (Bourque-Stepan-Grachev) had a great showing, and we can be encouraged that the pairing of McIlrath-McDonagh was mentioned as one of the top pairs in the tourney, having developed their chemistry at Traverse City.

    It’s a sign of good things to come…

  17. Actually, Sean Mayer wishes he were 27. He’s 35, has three boys — a 4-year-old and identical 18-month-olds — and feels older by the day.

  18. you’re still young!

    Tony, we’re like that little kid in the Disney commercial “We’re too excited to sleep!”

  19. I’m not down about their showing at the TC Tourny, it just might explain the recent explosion of Veteran Tryout Contracts.

    I’d like to and I’m sure the Rangers would like to see Stepan and Grachev tear it up in Hartford for awhile.

    McD and Valentenko look like pros when they play … they should make the team.

  20. blueblood- the kids also played just like the rangers in the fact that they had a good start and finish, but lousy in between. wow they really got the ranger stamp of approval huh.

  21. linda- all i know is we got a really good line in bourque-stepan-grachev. could be a great line in the future. kinda wondering how kreider wouldve looked there.

  22. Excellente news on Staal. Good to have him in the fold before camp starts. And camp should be MIIIIGHTY interesting.

    Uhh, hi all!! :)

  23. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    so don’t i feel like the frakking a hole……..I’m wondering why there is such a dearth of posts on the previous thread? It is because our fearless leader decided to not even give the common courtesy of a carp around!!!

  24. cccp
    Yeah,to play with Fosberg and Naslund…Oh,sorry, almost forget Nylander (what happend to him?.)Can he come back to play on the 1st line?

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come on, Stanley don’t you want to go
    Hida-hey, Stanley don’t you want to go
    Bring the Cup back to that same old place
    Oh Sweet Home Chicago

  26. Now that Staal is signed for 5 years I am much more excited about the future makeup of this team.
    In a couple of years time when our roster is chock full of these guys (and no more albatrosses) its going to be much easier to sign a complementary scorer or fill a gap (provided Slats doesnt burn more cap space unnecessarily):
    G: Hank + 1
    D: Staal, Girardi, DelZ, McD, McWrath etc..
    F: Gabby, Cally, Dubi, Grachev, Stepan, Kreider, Anisimov

    Looking good Rangers 2012/13..!!

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