Captain’s Night


Got this from MSG Network, which will show “Mark Messier’s Greatest Moments” tonight at 8 p.m.:

“MSG Countdown” Tuesday, September 14, 8:00 p.m. (30 min)

“MSG Countdown” unveils the top 25 moments in different categories from Knicks, Rangers, Devils and Islanders games…and players.

On Tuesday, “Countdown” presents “Mark Messier’s Greatest Moments,” from “The Captain’s” first goal as a Ranger in 1991 to his Game 7, Stanley Cup-winning goal in 1994 at Madison Square Garden.


 (Editor’s note:, you might argue that would make it also either Brian Noonan’s Greatest Moment or Adam Graves’ Greatest Moment).

Hope to have updates on Traverse City later tonight.

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  1. Look again, CT.


    I cannot believe I forgot Joey Kocur … but it’s completely unacceptable that it took so long for somebody, self included, to come up with Josh. Byfuglien.

    Johnny, is that the first time you’ve commented without a Seinfeld reference?

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  2. Ok, I saw you added it in there Carp. I’m going to hold you to your promise about the press credentials :)

  3. So, does CT get gold and silver since I presume Carp cant get any medals – since he awards the medals? Conflict of medal interest?

  4. Since when do blogs update the readers on when television progamming regarding the blog subject is airing?? This is the only blog that I’ve ever seen do it.

    A+ work Carp

  5. “I wonder if knocking out Modano cold in Dallas is part of the highlights?”

    Probably not. But, I heard they show the video in paramedic schools all over the country in hopes that they can avoid a situation like that in the future. Bwaha!

  6. Carp – Ive meant to compliment you for a while for always alerting us to TV programming re: the Rangers. That goes above and beyond your scope of work, and you should be commended for it.

  7. Carp, some good news. the skills competition has been officially downgraded

    “The NHL’s Board of Governors approved Tuesday a change to the league’s standings tiebreaking procedure, putting more focus on regulation and overtime victories.

    In the past, the first tiebreaker was total wins. The amended rule will eliminate shootout wins from that equation, leaving the total number of regulation and overtime wins as the first tiebreaking mechanism.”

    hooray. this is a start

  8. tix for the following games i have

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    1/5 carolina
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  9. But first, Hockey Night Live: Rangers Preseason Special, where Torts says that Drury will be given a chance at an offensive role, but he has to do well or he will be buried. And Drury talks about making pizzas this summer!!!

    I like the idea of an open competition at camp, but Torts is pretty overly optimistic about White.

  10. Here’s my hat trick:

    C3P, excellent link! I’ve been saying that forever! Except my take is more like, 3 seconds of play then 3 minutes of walking about around patting each other on the assens….folo’d my commercial I guess :)

    truth be told, hockey was even better before the carcillo TV timeouts. Then, the only break you got was on a whistle. ah, olden days, I sound like fran :)

    last call for response before I say ta….

  11. which e-mail CR? thought I responded to what I got? If not, resend to the non-work addy. I’m beat, so gonna say TA!
    kisses to the tikster!

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