Devils slapped over Ilya


This from the NHL:


        NEW YORK (September 13, 2010) — As a result of the finding by Arbitrator Richard Bloch on August 9, 2010, that Ilya Kovalchuk’s initial free agent contract with the New Jersey Devils, dated July 19, 2010, constituted a circumvention of the NHL/NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement (the “CBA”), the National Hockey League announced today that the Club has been disciplined in accordance with Section 26.13(c) of the CBA as follows: 

        The Club has been fined $3 million. 

        The Club will forfeit its third-round draft choice in 2011 as well as a first-round draft choice in one of the next four Entry Drafts. It will be the Club’s decision when, within the next four years, it will forfeit its first-round choice. The Club must advise the League of that decision by the day following the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final in the calendar year in which the choice will be forfeited.  Per the terms of the settlement reached earlier this month by the NHL and the NHLPA, there will be no corresponding reduction in the Club’s Payroll Room resulting from the Club fine. 

        The League now considers the matter closed and will have no further comment on the situation, including with respect to the discipline that was imposed today.


And here is Lou Lamoriello’s reaction in a statement:

“We were today advised of the ruling by the Commissioner with respect to the Kovalchuk matter. We disagree with the decision. We acted in good faith and did nothing wrong. We will have no further comment.”

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  1. So Bettman is willing to punish owners who go against him. How will owners react to this? Or does Bettman already think he has enough small-market owners in his pocket? Interesting power trip.

  2. the 3 million doesnt have any impact on the cap, but the 1st round pick? and a 3rd? why? the fine was bad enough. not that icare about lou or the devs, but it seems pretty lousy.

  3. Harsh – why do the Devils get fined but not Kovie – didn’t they both “circumvent”?

    Wonder if this has to do with the fact that the Devs announced the contract without getting NHL approval first, and also if Bettman is still investigating Hossa, Pronger, et al. What a can of worms this will be….

  4. why harsh? its in the CBA!! you circumvent…you get punished!

    ‘26.13 (b) The System Arbitrator may find a Circumvention has occurred based on direct or circumstantial evidence, including without limitation, evidence that an SPC or any provision of an SPC cannot reasonably be explained in the absence of conduct prohibited by this Article 26. The investigation and findings of the Investigator pursuant to Section 26.10 shall be fully admissible in any proceeding before the System Arbitrator under this Section 26.13.(c) In the event that the System Arbitrator finds that a Circumvention has been committed by a Player or Player Actor, the System Arbitrator may impose any or all of the following penalties and/or remedies set forth below. In the event that the System Arbitrator finds that a Circumvention has been committed by a Club or a Club Actor, the Commissioner may impose any or all of the following penalties and/or remedies […]’

    According to the CBA, if the arbitrator finds agrees that the league has properly rejected a contract for being in circumvention of Article 50 (which is what has occurred here) then, not only does the commissioner have any and all of the Article 26 penalties at his disposal, but he specifically may:

    (i) Impose a fine of up to $5 million in the case of a Circumvention by a Club or Club Actor, *but in no circumstances shall such fine be less than $1 million against any Club or Club Actor if such party is found to have violated Article 50 of this Agreement*

  5. CCCP – Seems like Bettman is using “any and all rememdies” in this case – making an example of them. It seems harsh because there were no set guidelines in place defining length of contract / cap hit in this regard. I completely agree that the contract was ridiculous and transparent, but there are no specific numbers to go by.
    Seems particularly strange to me as the arbitrator ruled they were guilty of circumvention but also said they acted in good faith…how can it be both? Also, how does the club, but not the player get slapped?
    Setting the tone for the next CBA I guess…ah well, at least it happened to the Devils :)

  6. My dog is not well again, I lost a lot of money on what I thought were sure things and should have been sure things, and most importantly, the Jets really got cheated tonight by the referees. I mean, I complain a lot of referees, but this was egregious. And then the Yankees lost first place. I feel like just smashing something.

  7. CR – Screw the refs, don’t take it so hard. Nothing is ever a sure thing, but I’m really sorry about the finances.

    What happened with the dog?

  8. ORR – That’s more than a little messed up, they ask if its cute – eh nooo. Why does Perez Hilton exist again?

  9. the money is the least important. it’s the Jets and dog that matter.

    Tiki had this pimply rash thing on here face since probably the end of May or end of June. Finally a few weeks ago, her face got better with their medication. But now, since the medication has run out, her face has gotten even worse than it ever was. It’s all red and irritated all around her lips on top and bottom. Now they have to do a biopsy on the 28th iirc. they said biopsy doesnt mean checking for cancer. they said biopsy could be many different things that are not dangerous and treatable, but the worry wart in me is very concerned. This has been going on for 3 or 4 months and Im getting sick of it. I just want her face to get better so I can stop worrying.

  10. Of course they acted in good faith! would they say otherwise??

    There were no specific numbers to go by because these long deals (i.e Hossa, Kovalchuk, Pronger) exposed a big hole in CBA which Buttman plugged up pretty good.

    Buttman is still an a-hole though and it couldn’t happen to a better team!

  11. CCCP – I meant that the Arbitrator himself said they acted in good faith while at the same time ruling circumvention.

    As for the rest – agreed.

  12. CR – don’t they do skin biopsies for mange and all kinds of parasites, etc.? I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, the fact that they are finally finding out exactly what is wrong means it will be treated correctly this time. Stay positive.

  13. The arbitrator probably repeated what Lou’s been saying nonstop. Even in his reaction letter he (Lou) repeats that phrase again “Good faith”

  14. Thanks guys/gals. Yes, they said a biopsy is for many different things that are treatable, not dangerous, and not cancer. However, and I pray to God with everything that i have that I am wrong, it’s almost like I can see the writing on the wall…

    The Yankees have lost 7 of 8 games, should have lost all 8 in a row if not for one swing; i got into a big fight with one of my brothers and we haven’t spoken in a few weeks; the Jets got cheated repeatedly today and it was obvious for the whole world to see; the Yankees have been cheated hundreds of times over the past couple weeks; Man U threw away 4 points for no reason early in the season; and I lost 2 bets with Rafa the best tennis player in the world screwing me both times. Even the Giants got cheated on Sunday, but won anyway.

    No need for a respone, just needed to vent.

  15. CR – Not making light of your worries, but for now forget about the sports – there will be other games that will go your way. Pet your dog and wait for the biopsy report so he can get some real relief, and consider calling your brother to make up tomorrow.

    Life is too short to have all this making you crazy. You’re too good of a guy to be weighed down by this junk. Get some sleep and take care of business in the morning. Good luck, hope things improve for you.

    Night all.

  16. Tough to understand just how much that sort of thing can affect you if you don’t have a dog yourself. Best of wishes, CR.

  17. thanks again, and cccp just provided with a much needed laugh tonight. Louis CK – a Red Sox fan – is the most non-funny “comedian” ever. Ever. Even less funny than Dane Cook. Louis CK one time talked about – in his comedy routine – having sex with animals. Im serious. He talked about how if it wasnt frowned upon and if he could guarantee the animal enjoyed it, he’d have sex with animals. Like that was in any way funny. Please tell me others agree that that is so not funny.

    No offense, 3CP :)

  18. None taken lol

    of course that hole “Red Sox saga” doesn’t bother me so I find Louie to be funny… no offence, Tim :)

    The best comedy meant to push binderies…

  19. CCCP

    lol, ive seen a few episodes of his Louie show on FX. And I saw his entire Louie show on HBO a few years ago. I never found anything funny. I understand the notion of pushing boundaries, but talking about having sex with animals isnt pushing boundaries, isnt remotely funny, it’s just plain sick.

    There was one scene from this Lucky FX show that I found funny, where his date was in the bathroom at a place. Louie was outside the bathroom as was some other guy. The other guy starts banging on the door yelling repeatedly “Ive got to take a dump.” Then the guy yelling that walks away, his date comes out of the bathroom and thinks it was Louie banging on the door and yelling, and she says “Go take your dump” and walks out on him! LOL!

  20. see… even a Red Sox fan can be funny!

    yeah that was a funny scene… my favorite is when his mom comes to town to announce that she’s a lesbian…and the one where he gets high with his neighbor

  21. I agree with CCCP mainly because he’s my fantasy league commissioner and he may take my draft picks if I disagree with him.

    Ranger Prospects At Traverse City : Land Of Gargantuans Or Lollipop Guild Video

  22. CR9
    Hang here buddy; stick with our sanctuary of sanity. Having all my life dogs I know – worries are not different at all than about your own kids. It is serious, but will be OK. Forget about money and sport’s result – it’s what it is, just money (will get it back) and sport (will win next time). So, be wise, have a glass of vodka, go to bed and in the morning it will be all different attitude, more for fight than surrender. And remember all creatures around you needs you, so be strong and we are with you, brother. Good night and good Luck – you deserved both.

  23. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    cheer up bro!! at least the rangers are….ok, well cheer up!!!!!

    good night mary ellen!!!

    and p.s. HA HA AHA HA HA on the devils

  24. HA! Mouth

    not only can i take the picks from you, i can also fine you for 30000000 (hope that is not too many zeroes for you) shout-outs on your radio show to the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine!

  25. You guys are so awesome! You know that? Of course you know that!

    Mama, you better check in, in the morning so that we know you’re safe and sound :)

  26. Haha wow, that’s pretty funny considering there was no written rule against this certain thing that the Devils did, but we all knew it was circumvention. Maybe a little harsh, but it had to be done. Strange that Bettman would do it to a supposed cronie in Lou.

  27. I hate it when people flat out lie like Lou is. You cheated to get a $9m per year player down to a <$7m per year cap hit.
    Just take your punishment and dont do it again! If you dont like change the CBA!!

  28. It actually sounds like a bargain- You save better than 2 million a year on your cap hit for how many years? And it only cost 3 mil??? It sounds genius to me.

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