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So Garnet Exelby will be in Rangers camp as a tryout

Here’s what I wrote in the comments late last night:

No harm in creating some competition at camp and adding a missing dimension to the group, right?

If they are going to dump Redden to Hartford, they might even have cap room to carry an extra defenseman this year. Might be good to have seven, and one of them a rugged guy who can step in for rugged games.

But, honestly, I can’t say I remember seeing Exelby play at all last year. Don’t have any idea what he has left … and he wasn’t exactly Norris Trophy timber at his best.

I have no idea how Ruslan Fedotenko could fit in … another third-liner?!

And Alex Semenov? Well, he just about made the team last year when he decided to bolt. 

Maybe they can deal Rozsival. Or perhaps they can make a better deal that would have to include Girardi or Gilroy.

Let the speculation begin.


Also, I had a sit down with Jim Schoenfeld the other day. Haven’t had time or opportunity to post the highlights. But he said some interesting things about the young kids trying to make the team, and what it will take for them to do so. Especially some cool things about Grachev.

Hope to get to those Monday.

Later on, we will post whatever the Rangers send along from Traverse City.


Twenty-eight days until the Opener.

28: Tie Domi. The one and only. 

28: Sparky Lyle.

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  1. ilb

    Glad you finally got a chance to sit down and take that piece of NHL dirty laundry in. The complete baseness of those owners and the power they exerted over the players was almost criminal in itself. And the debt that Ted Lindsay’s sacrifice
    left a debt that these young players today cannot even begin to comprehend. And we all during those years bought the concept that Adams was a fatherly and shrewd handler of players…someone to be emulated by other GMS. Hope that you enjoy your vacation in the DEEEP south.

    Bone heads who search the night skies:

    I’m not sure what can be seen that far down so close (relatively speaking) to Antarctica….I know that some can
    not be seen from your area (i.e. The Southern Cross), can
    be seen from Panama, but I doubt from here in Florida,even though I’ve never looked for it.

  2. Exelby is a physical guy, but he has had concussion problems in the past. Courtesy od Ryan Hollweg on at least one occassion.

  3. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning/evening ILB and all!!

    good call on larmer and everson walls (I thought walls was 24, but oh well).

    I really hope semenov and exelby make the team. If we had youth on d that could play (besides mdz and mcdonut, i also want both to make the team) I would be worried. Hell i’d be happy seeing a d corps of mcdonut, valentenko, mdz, exelby, semenov, and two of staal/girardi/gilroy/eminger.

    But what ever, as long as we actually add a couple of guys that are physical. LGR!!!!!!

    off to work, later assens!!!

  4. I didn’t miss it … I’m not trying to name every 28 I can think of … just some highlights, some lowlights, some personal faves.

    I think Everson Walls was 24.

    28: Colton Orr.

    Good morning, Sally!

  5. I have liked the two Hockey Night Live episodes that have aired so far. I have liked what the players and coach have said. The only problem with that is that I liked what they all said last year as well. :)

    I am officially back to work this week, with last week being a half day Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I was on an overnight camping trip. I will be a regular contributor to the blog. I have missed it.


    LOL, not that I was really that missed. But I am definitely excited to come back. I have my ticket stamped for the emotional roller coaster that is NY Rangers hockey.

  6. It has been the first time in 9 years that I watched anything regarding 9/11. Have any of you seen Hotel Ground Zero or 102 Minutes That Changed America? We need to get our act together and grow from what happened that day. It is amazing to me how so many more could of died that day but for the amazing resolve of all everyone who responded so valiantly that day. I was born in England and came here at age 3 I am so proud to say I am an American!

  7. i was trying to see if traverse city was being shown anywhere online but couldnt find anything, but anyone who just wants to see hockey theyre showing propect games between other nhl teams on hockeystreams site.

  8. oh hey wick, mcdonagh is makin the team. all he has to do is play better than redden. how hard is that? lol. or lets put it this way, the only way he doesnt make it is if he plays worse than redden and thats almost impossible. exelby sucks but would be good for a 7th like u said.. semenov isnt making it just because he skipped out last minute before last season started. u think slats is really gonna forget that?? ha.he chose his wife over the rangers??? what would greg have to say about that? his loyalty is in question and big greg wont let him forget it

  9. a trade is coming. I cant remember a time when there where so many good/really good players attending our camp. Along with Redden’s demotion. I’m thinking that either Rozy is being traded or a combo of 1 O and 1 D maybe Gilroy and Avery is being traded.

    Fedetenko is almost a lock to make the team bc of his relationship with Torts.

    1 of Semenov or Exelby will make the team because no one in our camp plays like them unless Valetenko really impresses and beats them out

  10. Chris, niiiiiiice on the Steve Larmer! Early bird catches that one!!

    Nice to see Carpy with all these posts too, you KNOW its hockey time when he’s got multiple hockey related posts in one day lol

    and we have appearances by STAAL & NASTY!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!
    Nasty, of course you were very missed!

    Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday. Hopefully get to watch some football (or feetball for ORR) later on!


  11. As Giant fans know, OJ Anderson wore 24 for for the 90 Giants, therefore Walls could not have 24 with the Giants. don’t challenge me on numbers! LOL.

  12. I had a dream Boogaard killed somebody this season with a huge hit.

    He hit him against the bench, and the player hit his head on the ice, and his head literally exploded. It was like that scene from Scanners. Then Dancing Larry slipped and cracked his skull while trying new moves, which made me really happy!

  13. >>I had a dream Boogaard killed somebody this season with a huge hit.

    I had a dream that, as a result of said huge hit, Bettman went on to make the NHL a no hitting league.

  14. Uh, Orr…
    Do you often have such dreams? Not that I’m being pushy or anything, but if you need any kind of, ah, you know, ah,help?

    My daughter has in laws in NYC who are very good professionals in that field. ( Not blowing their horn, or anything like that,) but a sound husband wife team, that have helped many others whose conditions were a lot further advanced than yours apparently is…but you never know…never know when everything just goes pop. ( I do hope you don’t keep sharp objects in the house, but again – no offense intended.

  15. NaughtyDog95

    Ok since I was asked to focus on stepan. First few rushes he’s solid shot is up to par. not wereks cannon. speed is good ice awareness


    Faceoff play is solid hockey sense looks to be big asset even from what I saw of him in the frozen four


    Rangers to the pp


    Carrying play most of time as a team Thomas has some sweet moves almost had another on a breakaway

    5:50 — McIlrath doing a great job in front of net helping keep pressure off Talbot. He just knocked a guy flat.


    Talbot quick to hold rebounds for stoppage. Baldwin just smoked a cane player with a hipcheck

    5:53 — Under four minutes to go. Marc Staal’s youngest brother Jared is playing on Carolina’s third line.

    5:52 — Another nice Talbot save. Both goalies are on their game here.

    5:55 — Under three minutes to go. Stepan just wheeled around but shot wide. Shots are 13-7.

    5:57 — Wilson gets five minutes for fighting along with Carolina’s Kennedy.

    5:56 — Fight off a faceoff. Rangers’ Jason Wilson was the winner. He is quite a quick puncher.


    Wilson just tuned up Kennedy off the faceoff matching majors


    Rangers to the pp skinner for interference

    6:00 — Interference against Jeff Skinner. Werek unit starts power play for Rangers with Manning and Baldwin.

  16. NaughtyDog95

    End of 1 scoreless sogs 14-7 nyr

    6:02 — First period ends. Rangers outshot Carolina 14-7 and will have a very brief power play to open the second period. Game is scoreless and has featured very good goaltending and defensive discipline on the part of both teams.

    6:01 — Stepan unit comes out for last 49 seconds of period. Murphy made a couple of stops on long drives by Niemi. Shots 14-7.

  17. Sather and Torts are constructing the team via the spaghetti method: Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. That will be what the team is comprised of.

    ilb, Glad to see you made it to NZ, safe and sound. Just don’t confuse them with the Aussies, they’re not fond of that. :)

    28- Daniel Murphy (is it sad that I have a t-shirt with his name of it and he’ll never be more than a Joe McEwing type player?)

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogying in my dreams !!! " ..says Greg L. on


    ILB’s , hope you all are having a blast!!!

    GO Grachev!!!!!!

    Yeah man and Stepan!!!!!!

    Rangers are so cool my tv freezes up everytime they show a Ranger highlight!!

    Olga , your team sucks . Chicago is a joke. You are a fair weather fan and a borderline troll. Borderline. You reak of trollism but act like a Ranger reg. Get off you azz a cheer on the real deal!!

    NEW YORK RANGERS – greatest team of all time.

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogying in my dreams !!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Whooaaaa we got Mikey ,Nasty and Blaze . Fran being Fran . Ilb out in the boonies. Mickey mouse and Cr9…yeah peeps are around!!! Sally ,ORR and that joke guy…Lw3h razzing my boogaard!!!??? Bulldog and good old gatti. Gatti , dont hate me dude. I was only being myself that day. I see wicky ,Linda,Chris and somerset. Nice to see the blog filling up again!!

    Magic mirror …Magic mirror.

  20. Any boneheads in the Albany, Selkirk or Rensselaer area? If so, I have some questions I’d like to ask you, off the blog of course.

    email :
    please title it ALBANY, so i get it out of junk mail!!

    Thanks tons!

  21. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    welcome back!

    I’d still like to see them both in our top 6!

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg- Sather is the joke, and when you delude yourself about his regime, you’re the butt of the joke.

    If you don’t like Chicago winning the Cup, fine. But if you even believe in your wildest dreams that these Rangers are the greatest team of all time, you sound like the dumbest putz in all Saskatchewan.

    And I think I didn’t take in enough territory…

  23. Rangers most glaring weakness going on for years now, basically since Beukeboom has been gone has been having one of the softest defenses in the NHL. I hate Exelby, but they really need a guy like him, someone who will throw the body. Semenov is a force, 6’6″ physical, will drop the gloves on occasion, and has upside, even though he has kind of drifted around the last few years. McDonaugh from all I’ve read and heard can be a physical force also and should have a good chance of making the team. Rangers have the potential to have a much more physical defense this year than years past and that can go a long way. With McDonaugh likely to win a spot, if one Exelby or Semenov finds a way into one of the D spots, maybe winning a job over Eminger, and Redden going to Hartford, I think the D will be greatly improved. Rangers have really addressed their glaringly soft defense this past year, especially with drafting McIlrath who is a monster, and it’s good to finally see they’re finally getting it. Your defense cannot survive when it’s made entirely out of soft puffs like Roszival, Redden, Staal (though he will through an occasional big hit when he’s motivated to do so, but still mostly an offensive Dman), Del Zotto, Girardi, Gilroy, etc. Gilroy and Del Zotto have good offensive upside, as well as Sauer, but it would go along way if there’s at least one physical force back there, and it sounds like McDonaugh could be, and if you throw in a Semenov or Exelby I think it can go along away in filling a gaping void this team has had for years.

  24. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    did the rangers have an informal workout today or was TC it??

    Great post Mike!

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