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I was going to go off on a big rant about Sept. 11, but I decided to keep it simple and brief because we’re back into hockey now, and so I don’t want to go too far off topic.

But to me, Sept. 11 and the Rangers are forever connected, because I was on my way to MSG for the opening of training camp when the first plane hit — I didn’t hear about it until I got inside the Starbucks next to the Garden — and I was inside MSG when the second plane hit.

And I so distinctly remember a few things about the Rangers:

That Don Maloney lost his brother-in-law, and a friend of mine, Rob Palazzo, and Brian Leetch lost a close friend.

That Glen Sather could not have handled the whole matter better than he did, and so did Ron Low, and that the Rangers did more than any other sports team in terms of visiting firehouses and lifting spirits and hosting heroes … and without any of the cameras or media attention the other sports teams craved. They did it quietly, almost secretively. For all the right reasons.

That the Rangers were supposed to be staying in the World Trade Center Marriott for the beginning of camp, but a snag had them switch hotels at the last minute.

That the Rangers played the first sports event after the attacks, a preseason game in Detroit, and allowed the media on their charter jet, and the raw emotions when the plane flew out of Westchester and banked over the still-smoldering pile of disaster at Ground Zero.


Twenty-nine days until the Opener.

29: Jim “Catfish” Hunter, may he rest in peace. I hope Joe Girardi doesn’t wear 29 next season if the Yankees win World Series No. 28 this year.

29: Reijo Ruotsalainen, who could bring it with his skates and his shot. Caused many reporters to duck in the press box above the low glass in the old days. Grazed my scalp one night. Barry Beck was laughing on the ice.

29: Rudy Poeschek.


Got this from MSG Network, which is doing a preseason special tonight:

Coach Tortorella, Chris Drury and Henrik Lundqvist Discuss the 2010-11 Season

New York – September 10, 2010 – Tonight at 9:30 p.m. on MSG, “Hockey Night Live!” presents the second installment of “HNL: Rangers Preseason Special.” Hosts Bill Pidto and Dave Maloney welcome coach John Tortorella, goalie Henrik Lundqvist and captain Chris Drury from the Rangers locker room. Below is a sneak peek at what Coach, Lundqvist and Drury have to say about the upcoming season.

“Hockey Night Live!” starts its regular preseason coverage next Saturday, September 18 at 9:30 p.m. on MSG and MSG Plus. Join Al Trautwig, Dave Maloney, Ken Daneyko, Ron Duguay and Butch Goring as they look ahead to the 2010-11 seasons of the Rangers, Islanders, Devils and Sabres.

Coach Tortorella

On being back in New York:

“It’s just good to see the boys. You know, when you don’t make it in the playoffs the prior year, it’s a long summer. Everyone’s chomping at the bit to get going.”

On managing playing time between Lundqvist and Biron:

“If Marty stays healthy, he’s going to get some of these games, as I wanted to do last year. It’s just not conducive towards a playoff hockey team wanting to get somewhere in the playoffs to play Hank that much.”

“We’ve gone through a process, Hank and I, as far as what I expect out of him and the workload. I just love the guy because he wants to do it all the time and he can’t, and I think he realizes that, especially after last year.”

On rookies making the team:

“The young guys are going to get a long look. I think we still need to infuse our team with more young guys and build our core together.

On Marc Staal’s career progression:

“He’s a big part of our core and he’s still a young man, 23, played a few years in this league already. I thought he was inconsistent through the first half of the year, had a streak towards the middle of the year that he started coming on, but the last two months of the season I thought he really got it.”

“The last couple of months, he was a stud. He’s a very important piece to the puzzle.”

Henrik Lundqvist

On the Biron signing:

“Seventy-two games is a good number if you look at a regular season, but for us, our goal should be to play in June and seventy-two games is a little too high if you want to play another two months. To add a guy like Biron, it’s gonna help us, it’s gonna help the team, it’s gonna help me, hopefully, maybe we can lower my games a little bit and have more quality and go into the playoffs feeling really fresh.”

Chris Drury

On his offensive numbers being down:

“I think everyone wants to score, no matter what line you’re on, and I’m certainly no different, but I think as you get older you realize there are a lot of ways to influence a hockey game – I certainly can’t shoot or skate like Gabby anymore, if I ever could have – but at the end of the day you want to look at the scoreboard, hopefully your team has won and hopefully in some way you’ve helped your team win.”


Also, got this about Lundqvist making an appearance (with a disclaimer at the end) in NYC on Wednesday, from the NHL:

WHO:    HENRIK LUNDQVIST, New York Rangers goaltender
WHAT: Special Q&A session with the New York Rangers goaltender, hosted by Alyonka Larionov.
Fans in attendance at the event will be able to submit questions for consideration at the NHL Store.  Fans who have questions for the netkeeper but are unable to attend can submit them for consideration via Twitter.  Tweet your questions for Lundqvist to @NHL between the hours of 9-11am on Wednesday, Sept. 15.  Answers to questions submitted via Twitter will be posted to the @NHL account post-event.
WHEN:  Wednesday, September 15, 2010, Noon – 12:30pm ET
WHERE:  NHL POWERED BY REEBOK STORE, 1185 Sixth Avenue,  between 46th and 47th Streets.
NOTE:  Unfortunately no merchandise or memorabilia will be signed. Player availability subject to change.

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  1. Great post and yet another reason why Rangers Report is the best hockey site around. The best Jerry, the best.

  2. Thanks Carp. As much as we’re all about hijinx and jibber/gibberish, today is a day of reflection and rememberance. God Bless America

  3. Carp – the Rangers are tied to my memories of 9/11 too – on that day there were young Ranger players at Penn Station by the escalators across from the Garden – a bit of a rally because it was their first day of camp…..I had just started working in the City on June 1. I was so excited that when I exited the Garden for my crosstown walk I called my husband to tell him what a beautiful day it was in the City, that I just saw Ranger players and how happy I was to be there! I also was at the first game aftr 9/11 when Mess wore the fire captains helmet – a very emotional night.

  4. >>God Bless America

    I don’t know, but it sounds like the whole world needs blessing, not just America. “God Bless Earth”, perhaps?

  5. Much like carp I typed a massive entry and deleted. Today is a day that EVERYONE much like JBytes said needs a little help.

    I would like to say thought that certain events can if reacted to poorly can ruin the world, forever. Humanity has shot itself in the foot (& face) far to many times. I fear we may not survive to many more. Never forget, never again!

  6. @noremry

    Happy Birthday! Im actually glad to have something good to say on this day. :D. Think of it as a blessing, you can make people smile on this day just by being.

  7. Garnet Exelby was brought in as a tryout. Now you guys can all learn up close that more physical doesnt = less goals against.

  8. I couldn’t remember who Reijo was traded for went to Ranger’s alltime toster.Traded Rangers to Edmonton with Clark Donatelli, Ville Kentala, Jim Wiemer and future considerations (Stu Kulak) for Mike Golden, Don Jackson and Miloslav Horava on Oct. 2, 1986. I remembered I was bummed now I know why! No wonder Craig Patrick was fired shortly afterwards.

  9. CARP—-Didn’t rexy know he was a goner when Espo got hired as GM? Espo used to kill the guy as a TV analyst, about him not hustling, no emotion, and so on. When Rexy found out about Espo’s hiring, he knew he would not be around for long. Am I remembering that correctly? Rexy was an amazing skater.

  10. Gee- Garnet Exlby? A guy that couldn’t hold onto a spot on the last place Leafs? I THOUGHT that was Sather rummaging in the dumpsters behind the Air Canada Centre in Toronto…

    His name sounds prophetic- A Ranger “Ex He’ll Be” after about twenty games in New York…

  11. Also, my parents celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Forty Years together! Forty years living with one person… insane.

    #29 – Ken Dryden

  12. Always remember. And that was the hotel that collapsed, too?

    On the poll, I’m not voting for getting rid of Wade Redden because I won’t believe it until I see it. Obviously, something has to be done to fit Staal on the roster.

    More spots open for my Boneheads fantasy league. Email for details. :)

  13. Indeed today is a sad day I fortunately am one of the lucky ones. I didn’t know if I would see my daughter’s sweet face again after all that horror. It was about 8 hours later that I got to hold her in my arms again and I didn’t want to let her go even though she was covered from head to toe with “dust” if you can call it that. She slept in my arms that night something she hadn’t done since she was a little girl. I truly believe she had a guardian angel that day.

  14. OK

    You’ve tweaqked my antenna about Exelby.My recollection of him…stood tall in his own crese, let NO ONe in without punishment, and as to the rest of his talents ( or lack thereof I know nothing). I think back to miserable defensemen that Rangers hung on to far too long, Malik?
    Redden, yes, Roszival, despite the fact that he has talent and skills, but without the inner temperament to stay with them, he fades at the sight of a foreign body near him. He then does ridiculous things. Like passing directly to the guy he’s supposed to check, for one. But- there are many many others. Several scandinavian names which I cannot recall moved in and out of the system….But y’all know whom I refer to. But this guy has demonstrated what he could do in the past…I also know that he at one time performed better than any of the Ranger D at that time period, but as to now…. Quien Sabe?

  15. USA! Enough said.

    So, Semenov is back for a tryout after his ball and chain forced him not to sign and made him cry in front of Sather, of all people.

    And Exelby, who is one of the biggest vagainas in the NHL is trying out to.

    Nothing but losers trying out for this team, naturally.

  16. Thanks for the birthday wishes all. It was a bittersweet day for sure, but I remember when I finally got home that night my kids had a birthday cake for me and it was extra special. From that day on they have always told people that 9/11 is a sad day but also a happy day for them because it’s their Mom’s birthday. :)

  17. The defensive tryouts hopefully means two things…redden demoted and rosi traded. Frees up tons of cash and roster spots for people who actually want to play hockey.

  18. Exelby is all part of a cap juggling game…if Staal and Redden are both on the blueline next year, or if McDonagh shows he’s not ready…voila…Exelby. I got friends who are salivating thinking about the hard hits this guy dishes out. But the fact of the matter is, there’s a spot on this team that is Redden’s to lose and McDonagh’s to earn. If Redden stays with the team, Exelby would probably be a cheap seventh defender. Ditto if McDonagh looks like he’d need time in Hartford(although I doubt that’s the case)

  19. noremry – That is very sweet and touching. You are very lucky to have such terrific children and vice versa.

  20. Traverse City score….

    Yogan dropping a few big hits early

    Rangers shorthanded 4 Mins in klaussen high sticking

    Columbus PP goal gives BJ prospects early 1-0 lead on NYR in Traverse City; Ryan McDonagh wearing “C”, accd to Rangers website

    stepan with the ”A”

    1-1 on a on a rebound stepan from mcdonagh and bourque


    3:58 — Columbus has just scored to go up 2-1. Goal came on wrister from left circle. 3:29 left in period.

    2 – 1 Columbus. sounds like Stajcer gave up a softie.

    3:58 — Columbus has just scored to go up 2-1. Goal came on wrister from left circle. 3:29 left in period.

    2-1 cbj. Nyr out shooting cbj 11-3. Kubalic again mcIlrath not so good in his own zone


    4:03 — Big stop on Klassen from right point. Period ends. Columbus leads 2-1. Shots are 12-4 for Rangers.

    sounds like Columbus goalie coming up big.

  22. I remember when the Rangers signed Kasparitis because he was a big hitter. They didn’t take into account that his defense was lousy. But, oh, those hits were something special as the other team went on the 2 on 1 …

  23. At least Kasparaitis had some pedigree. XLB has been a depth defenseman on a string of lousy teams in Atlanta before being a healthy scratch / 10-minutes per game player on a lousy Toronto team with a GM who can’t get enough truculent players in his line-up.

  24. Exelby may or may not make it, but by inviting him to camp and drafting Mcilrath the Rangers are sending a message to the rest of the D, particularly Staal, that it is time to put there purses down and start playing tougher.

  25. 3 – 2 NYR.

    4:25 — Rangers back on power play. Kantor for hooking at 2:11. Bourque scores off behind-the net pass from Stepan.

    4:24 — Fight at 2:05 mark. McNaught vs. Delisle. McNaught clear winner. Both get fighting majors

  26. Stepan's the man on

    He’s playing well at Traverse City. Here’s an on the scene quote from a reporter: “Stepan has been a real treat to watch in this game so far. He is quite a player.”

  27. 4:27 — Bourque was stationed in front of net. Stepan made very nice pass from behind goal line. Stepan has been a real treat to watch in this game so far. He is quite a player.

    4:40 — Derek Stepan has a goal and two assists in this game. He is flying. His heads-up pass to Grachev alone in the slot was an indication of how well he sees the ice and how he can set up goals with remarkably accurate passing ability.

    End of 2 4-4 sog 22-14 NYR

  28. 5:12 — Stacjer came up with big save on shot from right circle. Just over two minutes gone in the third. Shots are 23-15.

    5:10 — Third period under way. Stepan gets first shot of period, which is stopped.

    5:08 — Teams back on ice for the third period.

    4:55 — One period to go here. The Rangers were very strong in the second period. Derek Stepan is the talk of this game. Minnesota is leading Carolina in the other game 2-1 with eight minutes to go.

  29. NaughtyDog95

    Hell yes off the faceoff with 6 seconds left grachev from bourque Winner!

    BATTLESHIP GRACHEV wins it!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Scratch that. it was Stepan with the assist on the GWG.




    Derek Stepan finished the game with a goal and three assists to lead the Rangers.

    5:38 — It’s a final. Derek Stepan wins last faceoff to Grachev alone in the slot. Grachev rifled the puck in for the fourth straight win at Traverse City by a Rangers prospects team, dating back to last year.

  31. sure would’ve liked to see this game. when we are starved for hockey, I cant believe there is no market for TV there. Doesn’t make sense.

    I would’ve paid money to watch that game today.

  32. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Every guy that is a “known” hitter will be out of position to make a hit at times. You take the good with the bad. XLB (nice) brings a set of marbles to the back end that we do not have at this point. I for one would like to see him on our blueline as a 5 or 6 guy. Other than MDZ or Mcdonut, I could care less if he takes any other spot belonging to someone else.

    I’d rather have a guy that hits that is out of position some times, as opposed to a bunch of “positionally sound” d men that carry purses!!

  33. these lines are like music to my ears:





    man, i sure wish i could have seen it!

  34. Oh yay, Trautwig, Giannone, Michelletti, Maloney, Goring, Daneyko, ummm, ewww. they all creep me out in some way! throw in deb crooked mouth and its like family o_O

  35. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I guess in a nutshell, I agree with Fran…well said earlier Fran!!
    Good call on Eric Dickerson who ever mentioned him earlier!!

  36. “It was a typical first game of the tournament, with a lot of back-and-forth action in the beginning, but we settled down as the game went on,” said Gordie Clark, Director, Player Personnel, New York Rangers. “The top line of of Stepan, Grachev and Bourque played well together in the Development Camp and that chemistry continued here. Stepan saw the ice incredibly well, Grachev pulled the trigger on two shots and Bourque was a tremendous energy guy chipping in with a goal. On the back end, McDonagh was as steady as we thought he would be and played a great game. Thomas also contributed a true goal-scorers goal.”

  37. Tony
    The Rangers website now says that individual tickets will go on sale Thursday 9/23 so I guess they pushed it back a week.

  38. In NYC neighborhood the Muslims celebrated and cursed us out in the street.

    It was bad. They celebrated and said they’d build a mosque to Allah one day for him knocking out our two front teeth.

    Mess and gang cared about us. They did a lot

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  41. I got friends who are salivating thinking about the hard hits this guy dishes out. But the fact of the matter is, there’s a spot on this team that is Redden’s to lose and McDonagh’s to earn. If Redden stays with the team.

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