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  1. Yes, wicky, early spring here. Still skiing at some places. Beautiful mountains surrounding a huge lake. Stunning.
    Did someone mention Semenov as an invitee? Is it a joke? Or it took him a year to talk his wife into it :-)

  2. Yukon Al Folkyerself on

    Day instead of night, spring instead of fall, upside-down, toilets flush the wrong way…

    Bizarro ilb?

  3. Did I mention they drive on the left side, the emergency number is 111, and I understand only about 30% of what they say?

  4. Fran- I was finally able to watch the movie you sent me. Transferred it to my iPad and watched on the plane. Great, great movie. I didn’t know most of that story. Gives you a totally different perspective on the current players salaries and CBA. Also, gives a totally different taste to the names Smythe, Norris, Adams etc.
    Boneheads, the movie is available for the next one to watch. First come, first serve. Just let me know.

  5. onecupin70years and counting on

    We’re witnessing sather’s genius at work, let’s all thank the dolans for the priveledge.

  6. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    semenov also??

    I’d take him and exelby over the majority of the guys we have on d now!

    have fun ILBs!!

    good night mary ellen!!

  7. seriously, if Semenov and Exelby make the team, we finally have a sample size of actual heavy-hitting D-men

    Makes Eminger look useless at that point

  8. Czechthemout!!!! on


    We now have three defensmen in camp that no one wants who will be taking precious ice time away from our own home grown prospects., hurting their chances to make the team.

    Like I said on another blog, any agent who allows his clients to sign here should have their heads examined. Yet on the same day,Torts is telling Carp I believe how important it is to inject a lot of youth into the team. lolLol! What joke this franchise has become.

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