Prospects skating


I’m headed over to the MSG Training Center where the Rangers’ prospects are skating in preparation for the Traverse City tournament, which begins tomorrow with the Rangers against Columbus.

Here’s the Rangers’ schedule in the eight-team tournament.

No, it is not televised, as far as I know.

Hope to come back with a few comments from some of the top prospects later on.


Thirty days until Opening Night.

30: J.D.

30: Willie Randolph.

And one week until training camp.

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  1. JD, Grant Ledyard, Larry Melnyk, and Gilles Villemure, all wore 30 for the Rangers. Nolan Ryan wore 30 for the Mets, Bernard King wore 30 for the Knicks, and Dave Megget, and Tony Galbreath wore 30 for the Giants.

  2. LETS GO RANGERS…no shot these games would be on MSG, im still stalking MSG after the NO POST GAME COVERAGE AFTER THE PHILLY SHOOTOUT LOSS, what a joke

  3. Argh, I’ve been carped! Repost…

    I watched hard knocks right before I went to bed and then Jane made It into my dream. I was walking through the jets training facility and Jane was standing there looking awesome. So I yell out “hey Jane!!” and she looks at me like I’m crazy. So I say “I’m a bonehead from the blog” and she looks like she’s about to call for security. So I say “you know carp and mama and all the boneheads, we miss you”. As soon as she heard carp she got this big smile and waved me over, but Then the dream did one of those crazy environment switches where the dream no longer had anything to do with the jets or Jane. I think my dreaming mind couldn’t handle the thought of meeting Jane and was worried I’d make a fool of myself so it switched it up on me. It was probably the right call as it could have only gone downhill from there.

  4. Carp

    since you supposed to attend more games this season you will probably need an assistant, right? I’ll work for free! well, maybe be for some hot dogs…but that’s it! wadda ya say? :)

    #30 – Konstantin Klimov
    Team USSR 1974

    #30 – Gerry Cheevers
    Team CANADA 1974

  5. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    LOL Joke even in your dreams your subconscious saw things going downhill.

    SNY has Grachev/Stepan video..

  6. OK here’s a question for all of you folks in the Big Apple….there are several former northerners transplanted down here to a State which has not one, but two teams with the ability to cause blacked out games. Bolts and Cats.

    Is there any manner in which we could hook up somewhere and catch the preseason games, or the training camp activities?

    we who only have access to NHL Center Ice?

    I’d be quite grateful for the info. Thanks mucho.

  7. fran

    On Directv, they have a Sports pack for around $12 a month. With that, you get any preseason game that is on MSG or MSG Plus. There may be only 7-8 preseason Rangers games, and Im not sure if you can purchase the Sports pack for one month and then cancel.

  8. Tony
    i just checked my email and in a message I got last month about picking up my season tickets, it says that individual game tickets will go on sale Thursday 9/16 at 12:00. They will be availible at and ticketmaster.

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