Happy New Year


And Shana Tova to all who celebrate the new year 5771 (hope I spelled that right).


Well, it looks like the typical internet wildfire, everybody jumping the gun that Marc Staal’s signing is imminent. Most legit news sources were guarded in reports of the negotiations. But some just took it and ran.

Again, I doubt Staal is really close to signing. I could be completely wrong. But I’d bet it won’t happen until after camp begins next Friday.


FYI, MSG Network made it official today. Butch Goring will replace Billy Jaffe as Islanders’ TV color analyst with the great play-by-play man Howie Rose.


Thirty-one days until the Opener. A lot of you guys beat me to the key No. 31s in the earlier thread. I’ll give you one.

31: Ed Figueroa, who went 62-39 wearing that number for the Yankees, including 20-9 in 1978, helping them to three consecutive World Series and two championships.

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  1. 31, Steve Weeks, Hardy Astrom, and Dunc Wilson, goalies of the New York Rangers. saw all three of them play in person

  2. my favorite goalie was Gilles Villemure, never once saw him play in person. every game I went to as a kid Giacomin played.

  3. Some other famous 31s:

    Ferguson Jenkins.

    Jim Taylor.

    Billy Smith.

    One night at MSG, a leather-lunged fan beside the pressbox, and behind the Islanders goal for two of the three periods, spent the entire game shouting, “Nice Rug, Smitty!” to Smith. Only he pronounced it: “Smithy.”

  4. onecupin70years and counting on

    This isn’t exactly hockey related , but where’s the leadership at the mets?
    The 3 selfish spoiled “pro’s”? want it all without giving back, they have lame ass excuses not to appear at Walter reed hospital , imagine these soldiers having such meaningless excuses? all they have to give is a little free time. They ain’t gonna be in the playoffs so they’ll have all the free time at the seasons end.

    Imagine a hockey team with Messier and some players acted this way.

  5. 31, Mike Vail. NY Mets.
    Go easy on Beltran, onecup, he seemed to have a legitimate excuse. the other two, have at em.

  6. There is no leadership on that team. And considering the Wilpons (in one of the few things they do right) are very big proponents of welcoming back veterans it’s a big smack in the face of the organization.

  7. Crap,
    when I think of Hardy Astrom, I think of the story that goes with him.
    The Rangers are going to be playing the Canadiens at the Forum during a long winning streak by the Canadiens. Astrom, who was Sweedish, tells the Ranger coaching staff that he has never lost to the Russians or the Czechs and the therefore he could beat the Canadiens. Astrom played, and the Rangers ended the Canadiens streak 6-3. The Rangers later find out the reason Astrom never lost to the Russian or Czechs is that he never played against them.
    do you remember this, and is it true.

  8. Yeah, that’s true bulldog. Beltran had something with another charity. Perez and Castillo, I mean if they were trying to increase their loathing amongst the fanbase, they’re doing a great job.

  9. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Well that’s one approach Jason. Good luck with that.

    5771? and i thought 2010 was futuristic. So if it’s 5771, then clearly the world doesn’t end in 2012. Stupid Mayans… what did they know?

  10. CR9

    following some meaningful holidays and keeping up with traditions and values (as much as one can) is not so bad…but i hear what you saying. You’re cool :)

  11. Oh it was glorious CCCP. Carp climbed to the top of turnbuckle, yelled out “BAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN” and let loose with a genuine People’s Elbow.

  12. CCCP

    I dont want to give off the wrong impression. Im aware and recognize the holidays i.e. Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, and I most certainly believe in God, but I dont go to the synagogue or follow the tradition of fasting, for example.

  13. I still can’t believe Howie Rose calls Islander games.

    My ringtone is his call of Messier’s 3rd goal of game 6 1994 against the Devils (it’s AWESOME!!)

  14. The Puck Drops Here on

    Thanks, CR9. I’m feeling computer challenged today. All sorts of work-related systems issues.

  15. CCCP
    Thanks for the persistance in getting Eddie’s picture link to work. Just thinking about that first night in a Red Wings jersey for him brings chills to my spine. One of the most memorble at the Garden. For those too young to remember the chant of ‘Eddie Eddie’ as he stood in the crease with tears streaming down his face, it was a tribute that surpassed any planned ceremony’s impact. I’m sure you’ve all seen the footage of a replay.

  16. Good afternoon, ‘heads! Too busy at work, last day before vacation. And I missed an entertainment of banning, darn..I don’t think I want to know what he said anyway. Happy 5771!

    Where is Mako?

  17. I’m a fan of the Dude, good one Blogmama! PS – I love that the poll has ‘Getting rid of Wade Redden’ as the most popular choice.

  18. Goring? ugh. glad I don’t like watching the islanders. bad enough he’s on that msg program. Keenan and Leetch are pretty stiff too thoug, but Goring is clearly blood-lusty and bat-sheet crazy. Some players are not blessed with the “active vocal” eh, edzo?

    maybe Jaffe can take Goring’s place on the msg wrap.

    poor islander fans. they don’t even realize they deserve better, like Denny Potvin -who is a far better analyst than butchie. …Listening to westphall all those years has taken it’s toll.
    but, at least it’s not Chico “ringing the dinner bell” Resch. And that irascible rascal Steve Cangialosi. Ugh. Nothing worse than a Nerd with a ‘tude.

    When does Sam Rosen retire?

    And can we get Al Trautwig in there instead of Gee-uh,none?
    Gianone’s pretty stiff.

  19. That SOB!

    I thought it was due to my Corey Hirsch comment… tho I wouldn’t have really blamed you for banning me for that one!

  20. Trautwig? The only place he is any good is back in the pelleton, and even there he drives me nuts. I aggree that Giannone is no great shakes but anyone is better than Al.

  21. CCCP

    What have you against mornings? Just think how old you’d be without them.

    Someone asked about Mako…he was a long time associate of mine when I still had a spot in the Post blog. Until they barred me ( for reasons unknown to me, but I believe it’s because i forgot my id and then their own system of impossibility worked it’s magic. happened also to Mako and he is also like me an emigre from that blog.

  22. “Yankees are allowed to “Buy” too many championships”

    The Yankees dont buy championships. The Red Sox bought 2 championships. The Yankees do anything but buy championships.

  23. wow I’ve been impersonated! is that how you call it when someone posts as you? lol i am honored…have fun being banned from the blog forever in about two minutes

  24. Mako is hangin out with a good friend this week and will probably be making his long awaited blog reappearance next week

  25. Tim (CR9)

    you didnt give wrong impression… i understood you… i dont fast either…last time i tried fasting was few years ago and it didnt go too well for me since I’m used to eating every 30 minutes or so lol… but i do visit the synagogue

  26. This dudes21 knucklehead is making it way too easy and too enjoyable for me. and I hope he owns his own business, or his boss is going to be pretty ticked when he hears from our legal department.

  27. fran

    some mornings are OK i guess… i just had to be somewhere this morning but overslept and as a result may lose some money… so, today’s morning sucked! :)

  28. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Looks like the blog had a Dung Fly in the room. I call imposters like them a “dung fly” because all they do is eat s–t and bother people.

    Fortunately, we have a swatter for such insects.

  29. Orr – LOL! I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was in the locker room with Jagr, Henrik, Richter, Tikkanen, Messier, Graves, Kovalev, and Avery and we were watching a Yankees game together. And here’s the best part, in my dream, I was getting angry at cheap umpire calls. Seriously :)

  30. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I would be thrilled if Jaffe took over for Joe

    The guy flat out sucks at his Job

    And anyone else notice the last few seasons he’s been trying to get his own little catch phrase going:”That’s a thing of beauty”

    Not gonna work Joe, JD was a ranger, and a great one, and an even better color analyst. You, you just suck

    Anyone know how long his contract is for?

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