Going to the Rock?


The Devils are putting single-game tickets on sale tomorrow at 11, for those who like to go to the Rock for a road game.

Tickets are available online through newjerseydevils.com or prucenter.com, or through Ticketmaster (ticketmaster.com or 1-800-745-3000).

Thought you’d like to know this.

This has been a public-service announcement … or a Boneheads-service announcement.

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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carped! And at my age!!!! You think you’re better than me???

    Looks like the blog had a Dung Fly in the room. I call imposters like them a “dung fly” because all they do is eat s—t and bother people.

    Fortunately, we have a swatter for such insects.

  2. Would that be considered a natural hat trick for Mama? 3 straight posts! :)

    Orr – LOL! I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was in the locker room with Jagr, Henrik, Richter, Tikkanen, Messier, Graves, Kovalev, and Avery and we were watching a Yankees game together. And here’s the best part, in my dream, I was getting angry at cheap umpire calls. Seriously :)

  3. but thanks for the fly and fly-swatter comments.

    if there’s anything else I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to try and find my number.

  4. ilb, you’re gonna find yourself in NZ looking for socks and undies if you don’t get moving….

    hey, maybe I’ll laurel carp tomorrow!

  5. S’up all?

    Tell me, do people ask what the Rock is cooking when they go to the Rock? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

    31- John Franco’s old number. Before Piazza came and he gave it up to Mike and changed to 45.

  6. Man, I’m missing all the action today. People getting banned and carped left, right and center!

    I have no idea what clemenza is but it sounds itchy to me.

    I’m off to google clemenza.

  7. Thanks for the info Carp. You the man!

    Flyers and Bruins tickets are holding their pre-sale today with individual games on sale tomorrow if any Rangers fans want to make a longer road trip.

    I was in Boston last Jan. for a Ranger win. Great city!

  8. Clemenza…got it now.

    And about that mets story. It seems like two of the guys might have legit reasons. One had another charity meeting and the other seems to be saying he doesn’t handle those situations well. The other guy just seems to have been a piece of carcillo.

    I feel bad for the guy who doesn’t like being around hospitals etc. He may feel like he would get sick or pass out when confronted with such tragedy, not everyone has the stomach for that stuff. But if it’s just a lame excuse then he’s a jerk. Maye he donates time and money in other areas??

  9. #31 – Article of the current Russian Constitution, guaranteed people the freedom of meetings and demonstrations. It is constantly violated by Authorities and cause few brave to protest at 31th of every month which has it.

  10. Well all, in case I can’t check in later, have a great weekend and I’ll catch up on Monday. Off to lobsterfest up north bright and early tomorrow. TA!

  11. Moishe walks into a post office to send a package to his wife.

    The postmaster says, “This package is too heavy, you’ll need another stamp.”

    Moishe replies, “And that should make it lighter?”

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , sorry to correct you ” Quite being modest, Mama. You know the camera loves you”

    The word is quit , not quite . HAHA!!!

    Fran…umm is this a good thing or a bad thing? I still don’t understand mang ?

    “Greg: Are you sure that you’re not the illegitimate son of Ogden Nash? You have a very deft manner of putting words together.”

    Who is ogden Nash for petes sakes…don’t make me “google it” Thanks anywayz Fran. Deft ..huh..wha?

    “I still like Greg L’s response, Shania Twain to you too.” -CTB

    Yeah All I see is Shava pova and Shania Twain !!! Weird word that jewish word is. Im not against Jews ,Im ignorent in the whole deal of it all. Even though my Mom is German and my dad is too.

  13. YouveGot….just search for boneheads on FB (it comes up first, look for Dubi is classic pose :) You can ask to join but need to be cleared by Linda or Sally. It’s not a clique!!! But that helps keep the shinebox awardees out, if you get my drift.

    Tony, big enough to handle triple E. sad.

  14. OK all, I’ve got to call it a night. (seriously wicky). Be nice to each other!

    Greg, you correcting someone’s spelling is priceless!

    LGR! By the time I’m back it’ll only be 27 days!

    and I’m saying it first for Tuesday: 26 = Josh

    ha! and ta!

  15. Greg

    HOw much you have missed in life. Ogden Nash…ask any of his friends who he is. ( lol) Look him up he was a great wordsmith.Deft? Let me put it this way. Thew bartender puts your beer on the counter but he lets it slip into your lap. He is not deft..he’s clumsy. Rita brings another beer and gently places it onthe bar in fron t of you, and wipes upthe wet ring left there previously, with very little effort and a very smooth demeanor..that’s deft. Oh God…demeanor…let me think… attitude,mannerism,behavior, all of or sometimes none of the indicated. Look up demeanor and putit into your useful vocabulary. Every young gentleman should have one.

  16. Thanks Carp, that dude sleeps with the fishes now! He’ll wake up to a horses head in his bed…oh wait, thats his wife!

  17. The Puck Drops Here on

    Hi, Linda. Back to hockeystreams. I was right. They automatically renew my subscription yearly at the same level (HD). In order for me to change to HQ I had to cancel my HD subscription through PayPal. What a pain that was…. couldn’t find where to do it. I called PayPal and the guy told me where to look in my account but it was not there. He cancelled it for me. I have to sign up again for HQ. I’m tired. End of the first period.

  18. Hiya Puck!!

    I just got an email from them reminding me that my subscription is about to end. Did you ever get one? I’m wondering if you going through pay pal had anything to do with your automatic renewal. I did not go through pay pal last season.

  19. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    finally home from an extremely long day and……………..

    #31 Jack Tatum!!!!

  20. The Puck Drops Here on

    You didn’t use PayPal? My recollection is that it was the only way I could subscribe. I set up PayPal specifically to get hockeystreams. No, I did not get a renewal notice because my subscription doesn’t expire until Oct 17 (I signed up after their terrific start and after I signed up, they went downhill. Naturally.)

  21. so YOU’RE the reason they faded!!! It all makes sense now Puck!! LOL I wonder why they auto renewed you if you still have a month on your sub!!! Did they charge you $70 for the HQ feed???

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Fran , ahhhh great way to put it. I like that. You are too kind .Now the word demeanor …I know that one and few others. I don’t like to brag but ive been the winner of a few “scrabble” games. Scrabble is a nation wide word game that you spell words to earn scores. Top score tallied at the end , wins.

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on


    I can’t wait!!

    Seriously….Im taking it all in stride , I will freak out when the time is right. I will not over-kill my self before the pre-season! I am waiting to play Buffalo …we need a win . We need to get this stinking ,repulsive,ugly,BRUTAL,sickning feeling of losing in game eighty two in a BLOODY shoot out of all things. This is so bad. To lose in game 82!!??? Come on…Im really looking FORWARD to wiping the FLYERS off the MAT.

    RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!1 I love that retro jersey!!!!

  24. The Puck Drops Here on

    I cancelled effective immediately so hockeystreams never got to renew me at the HD rate. They were set to auto-renew me on 10/17 and PayPal confirmed that was the case. I have to sign up all over again for HQ, this time. I don’t know what the rate will be. I am not going to do it tonight.

    And, yes, they faded last year because I signed up to get the games. I do feel sort of responsible!

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    A shoot out!!???? AWWW Come on!!!

    The PHILADELPHIA FLYERS …..you will pay every game you play us. Your fans….your all CHuMpS!!! Thats right!!! Im calling ya all out. You suck and your team looks like pumpkins. Happy halloween you idiots. Rangers will pay back that feeling of discust . We will not take it too lightly ,now get off our blog!!!

    Now back to your regular scheduled programing.

  26. Puck, if you’re going there again, do it before the 14th because they are making changes then. Probably raising the prices lol

  27. gotcha.

    i guess i did use pay pal to pay them lol, i just dont even remember setting up an account!

  28. N.CountryNYRFan on

    #31 Guy Herbert, i remember when i had his hockey card when he was goalie for the Ducks, played a little for the rangers in 2000-01.

  29. I saw a gigantic inflatable pumpkin with a green Frankenstein head in BJ’s Wholesale the other day. Was quite disturbing as I thought Pronger or Carcillo has invaded the local scene. YIKES!

    31- Rod Gaspar from the Miracle Mets

  30. C3P APACHE!!!!!!!!!! omg i saw this last year! Thanks for posting it! AWESOMENESS!

    This is Carps band, with dellapina, sam, andrew gross and zip!!

  31. Looks like the NHL network will fail to show the Traverse city tournament. Even on their own network hockey gets snubbed. Great move by the NHL. I sure cant wait to watch another 2007 quarterfinal game. Maybe they could throw a season preview? How about one hour dedicated to summer moves and team previews? Nah. That would appeal to fans. I swear this league goes at of its way to generate the worst ratings. Now I know why ESPN chose the spelling bee over NHL hockey. Horrible!

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Puck drops , I saw it on here . A link that is. Just scroll up up up!!!!

  33. Thanks Linda. I’m completely frustrated. What could they possibly be thinking at headquarters? I hate basketball but the NBA network has had summer league games on all summer with nightly shows discussing the offseason. MLB network spends 2 hours a night in the winter discussing free agency and possible off-season trades. What does our network show? Nothing! Reruns. How can they not throw a nightly or even weekly show on to discuss the offseason. Now some of the best prospects in the game will play for a week in Michigan and you cant even recognize it? That’s pathetic.

  34. Blue Seat Horror on

    Fear not Vlo. I think the NHL network is planning on airing Sidney Crosby’s home run derby ;)

    At least we can see some scrimmage footage on the Rangers website.

    I think it would be great if in addition to Tortorella being on NHL Live this Saturday, they invited guest journalist Larry Brooks.

  35. Vlo

    You forgot another thing…NBA and MLB networks are free of charge! NHLN you have to pay to watch reruns.

    Gary Buttman – the great NHL destroyer!

  36. 4 am

    must be Saturday……I’ve had my nap, got in 5 straight hours without waking up. Great accomplishment….but it hasn’t been a straight 8 hours for many years. You folks help..after this I’ll go back and try for another few hours.

    Greg..you mentioned Scrabble…board game. I used to play several of the board games with my kids when they were young..great fun to recall their intensity at winning and despair at losing. Had to teach them that the good folks don’t always win, but to stay positive and have fun. They are every one of them now , happily married, and with lovely families of their own. Man can’t ask for more than that. I see them but not as often as I’d like. Hard to believe that the six grand daughters have grown to be beautiful young women and all in college and doing well.
    Shouldn’t have mentioned scrabble…it got my memories
    bank in high gear. But.. now you have given me a new family of children to fuss over…….y’all. May God gtrant you all a long, successful and happy life, and the glue that
    holds you all together as friends and fellow Ranger fans, continue to flourish. Only son, my first born, whom I’d almost despaired of, returned to the fold when he was still an incorrigible teen, and it happened when I got him involved with flying. and We both received our Pilot’s licenses within weeks of one another. he’s now a successful business man with his own company and his passion, though a wonderful hockey talent, has always been big game hunting,
    bow and arrow only.. he has Caribou heads, Elk antlers, wild boars,Bob Cats, and a couple of bears and cougars, decorating his study. Never been into killing animals myself, but chacon a son gout, as the French say..all to their own tastes. Sorry to ramble on so much about nothing to do with hockey, but at this point in time, I ,like you all, are waiting impatiently for the beginning of the season, and for me on the outside continue to indulge in this inside information and technical data that you have privy to, is pointless because I simply would not know what I’m talking about. But I so enjoy reading your posts, and the things that you do, and some of the humorous repartee that goes on. Carp, you have created a wonderful outlet for all of our passions. Bon chance, pour tout. ( look it up if you must.) …..lol.

  37. Vlo

    Two days ago I did an NHL Faceoff survey that mostly dealt with the NHL Network. I told them they need to concentrate on the now during the season! More CURRENT games need to be televised, at the expense of 4 hours of showing the same damned NHL on the Fly show. They can save the archived games and all that for the off season, but you’re the leagues damned network…. SHOW MORE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. As a Center Ice subscriber since 1996, the number of years I’ve lived in Tampa since leaving NY, PC (Post Cup) I wouldn’t mind if the NHL Network showed more games, as long as they weren’t blacked out from the package. The NHL package is one of the best reasons to have cable/satellite with (usually) both home & road versions of every game available on TV in North America. When a game is shown on NHL, both feeds are off the package & the between periods coverage is more of that “On the Fly” nonsense rather than the local content.

    So Kudos to the NHL for spreading hockey to the masses, but please don’t do it at the expense of those who are paying the big bucks to watch every game, as is.

  39. “but you’re the leagues damned network…. SHOW MORE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!”

    They probably don’t because they make more money off the center ice package and they don’t want to cannibalize themselves.

    Why they don’t show the World Championships and things like that is beyond me though.

  40. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Don’t we have a goalie #30??

    Oh well, morning ILB and all!!

    I feel a carping in my near future!!

    Later assens!!!

  41. I watched hard knocks right before I went to bed and then Jane made It into my dream. I was walking through the jets training facility and Jane was standing there looking awesome. So I yell out “hey Jane!!” and she looks at me like I’m crazy. So I say “I’m a bonehead from the blog” and she looks like she’s about to call for security. So I say “you know carp and mama and all the boneheads, we miss you”. As soon as she heard carp she got this big smile and waived me over, but Then the dream did one of those crazy environment switches where the dream no longer had anything to do with the jets or Jane. I think my dreaming mind couldn’t handle the thought of meeting Jane and was worried I’d make a fool of myself so it switched it up on me. It was probably the right call as it could have only gone downhill from there.

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