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I went to the post office the other day. Parked next to a car covered in Rangers stickers. Then the guy came out of the post office, and he had this giant Rangers tattoo on his forearm.

And if I needed reminding about how passionate Rangers fans can be, well, this sure was it (I didn’t really need to be reminded).

Fast forward to last night. I met with my sports editor (Rangers fan) and he said that we are going to try to maintain a better presence with the Rangers this season. I don’t know what, exactly that means, and neither does he. But we’re going to try to be at more games, more practices. We can’t travel with the team like the good old days, when the economy was booming and I even flew to the preseason games that the New York papers skipped.

We can’t even cover every home game with the staff we have left, and the business in the state it is, and the direction we’re trying to go.

But we’re going to try to do more.

This place might get a facelift. We’re going to do some experimenting with stepping up the Twitter stuff, and maybe Facebook — the only reason we didn’t do more of those things in the past was that, well, we weren’t with the team enough.

So we’ll see. So bear with us. Also, if you know of any potential new Boneheads out there, feel free to recruit them. The more traffic, obviously, the more I’ll be able to do for you guys.


So Larry Brooks tweeted that Ruslan Fedotenko, one of Torts’ faves from Tampa, is going to get a tryout. I guess it can’t hurt … unless he comes to camp, works his tail off just to earn a spot, then levels off and eats minutes that should be going to young players. I don’t think the Rangers really need another third-liner, do you? On the other hand, I am of the belief that it does no good to anybody to have top prospects playing third and fourth-line minutes. They’re better off playing 20 minutes a night in Hartford.


Thirty-two days until the Opener.

And this is where it starts to get fun, because 32 is one of those magical numbers.

32: Jim Brown, O.J. Simpson, Sandy Koufax, Dr. J., Magic Johnson, the late Elston Howard.

32: Matteau, Matteau, Matteau!

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  1. Well it sure looks like you lead a happy life and get opportunities that most of us can only imagine.
    I’m so fed up with watching a mismanaged Mets team, that I don’t even care right now whether Rangers have a dynamite season…just get me away from that Citi bunch.

  2. 32, Jon Matlack. and the only other Ranger besides Matteau I can think of, Bobby Crawford.

  3. thanks for the hard work carp. i will try to recruit some fellow iowans, but that would be like trying to turn any of us into devil fans. hockey, to most of the people i talk sports with out here, is very casual to them and only 1 guy i know actually knew about the sport, the players, and was a big avalanche fan. surprising enough, alot of people do know who the rangers are when i ask them, they just dont really know the game except for the fighting. they werent exposed to it like we were. they are sooo crazy about their iowa hawkeyes college football though. not as crazy as we ranger fans, but its all they have, as far as professional sports, they have nothing. even after the hawks won, nobody really cared. i guess we are a rare breed carp, but i told my sister about the blog, she does come here sometimes, not nearly enough for a true ranger fan though!

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good news, Carp! Let us know how else we can help.

    I don’t see any negatives as far as Fedotenko attending the camp. Let them all fight for the spot. Including the kids.

  5. Hey, boneheads!
    CR9 posted the link to the petition as we are trying to convince people at LoHud to revive Paws & Claws- the blog run by Laurel. It was one of the most useful blogs and helped plenty of pet owners. But most importantly, it helped and saved enormous amount of animals. Please, anyone who visits RR, click on that link and sign it.

  6. Let’s see….they brought in Frolov, traded for Eminger and White, are giving a tryout to Fedotenko…they must be playing 90 minute games in Hartford for all those prospects to be getting 20 minutes per because there’s no room for any of them on the Rangers.

  7. onecupin70years and counting on

    3 on 2 in hockey,
    3-2 pitch
    Doesn’t more presence mean spending more money ??

    TJN has definitely jumped the shark since THE CARPER covered the rangers back in 94

  8. ccc- i think fedotenko is not evenb close to makin the team. all things equal, i know the vets like him and white are already proven nhl’ers, but look at nedved last year, or the year before. he was good. but that didnt earn him a spot. these kids are hungrier! we werent going to see more than 2 rooks anyway. we can pretty much agree mcdonagh and 1 of stepan(probably 1 yr in minors), mza or grachev are makin it. i still think there will be a trade. theres still too many nhl forwards right now. and if only mcdonagh makes it, then its only temporary. i cant see fedotenko makin it anyway, todd white probably will be 4th line center alternating with boyle. kennedy was decent and had a similar season to AA. but doesnt have the size and hands AA has. think hes an ahl’er to start. i think avery could be gone if prust keeps up the way he played last year. im not sayin that because i dislike avery., i just think him and torts are gonna clash again and with those 2 personalities ya never know. personally, id rather torts go. hopefully, some of these extra depth forwards we have will be cut loose or traded.

  9. Arnold Braunschweiger on

    If anyone’s interested in joining a yahoo hockey league I’m trying to get as many Ranger Fans as possible.

    Its Head to Head, live draft on Sept 30 @ 730 pm.
    the league name is Doomsday Prophets ’10
    ID #2634, PW-rangers

    I hope we get a post by Chris Drury on day 23, I’m sure we’d all love to know how he spent his Summer tossing pizza’s and making deliveries in the clutchmobile

  10. The White Plains Batman on

    #32-Mike Eastwood who was a great PKer/Defensive Center in 97 before the dark ages started.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of Mike Eastwood:

    #32-Harry York, who was acquired form St. Louis for Mike Eastwood.

    Speaking of Harry York:

    #32-Sean Pronger, acquired along with Petr Nedved and Chris Tamer in exchange for Alexei Kovalev and Harry York.

  12. Bruce Boudreau #32 – Blackhawks in ’86 — ok I looked that one up, but I cracked me up for some reason. Wonder if he had a 32″ waist back then….

  13. Terrific news Carp – you do a great job here, looking forward reading your stuff direct from practices and games. Thanks!

  14. Was there a rangers hockey night live on 9/4? Did anybody watch it? Anything good?

    Will the 9/11 hockey night live be a replay of 9/4 or new? Thanks!

  15. my twitter feed has been blowing up lately with rangers stuff. It’s quite nice actually, can’t wait, counting down the days

  16. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    check with cccp on the fanta….nevermind mama let you know!!

    #32 Jack firetrucking Tatum!!

  17. Carp or Laurel

    can you approve my post at 11:09…”it is awaiting moderation”

    it was for beth with fantasy league info


  18. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    # 32 Mike Curtis (for any of youse not old enough, he was clearly one of the best middle linebackers in his era)

    He said the New York Jets and Joe Namath simply “had a lucky day” when they beat the Colts in the super bowl.

    Hall of Famer ? if not, then should be.

    Jets and Namath could of beat those Colts 8 out of 10 times.
    They had better coaching

  19. Grabby

    You’re an Iowan? I didn’t know that.

    For your info, my cousin Jack, was playing coach of the Waterloo Blackhawks for a while and also of the Dubuque? fighting Saints?)In his final year pre retirment as a Scout for the NHL Central Scouting after a brief couple years with the Washington Caps. Iowa is a very active State in the hockey environment.

  20. The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, you do realize that an increased presence around the Rangers will most likely further endear you to Torts? Are you up to it? :)

  21. This is the bestest news ever Carp I even introduced my dentist to this site as he is a HUGE Rangers fan has all kinds of posters all over his office walls and he still plays. I know its been mentioned already but “my toe my toe my toe” per Howie Rose I still get chills when I hear that call

  22. CR9, Blue Blood, Laurel,
    I need to ask Ria to introduce me to this dentist – I need it after my jaw dropped down and hit the floor when I read Petition signed list. What is astonishingly astonishing it’s so international- I counted people of good will from 19(!) countries signed within first 125 signatures. Wow! Amazing.And it is not to count different US states.Impressive. Just have to keep going.

  23. Carp-As soon as the NHL comes up with a TV package deal something like the NBA or NFL,then there should be enough money floating around to get the coverage needed to get more papers and writers focusing on Hockey. Frankly I think the other sports mentioned above are more entertaining and exciting to watch. ( I am an exception probably because I played the game.)
    What I would do is fine tune the rules so that the games can appeal to a larger audience. Maybe a little more offense to go with the defense and goaltender. I think larger size rinks also would help. Right now NHL hockey is a shade above Soccer in the USA,not much more. I read that 6 teams were in financial trouble at the end of last year- a few got advances from the league to pay off salaries.

  24. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Hello everybody, I have been reading this blog for about 2 yrs now and finally decided to join in the discussion after seeing todays post. Been a NYR fan for about 23 years and just can’t get enough about hockey in general.

  25. What a proof that Love (to animals or Lorain) couldn’t be local (except hockey, of course), -but don’t know the borders. There are some countries I would gladly mention: USA, Canada, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech, China, Denmark, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Indonesia (!), Poland, Portuguese, Romania, Russia, and Spain.

  26. 4ever – I saw that, pretty amazing eh? That’s what happens when you ask for support for the best animal blogger, on the site of the best Rangers blogger – the whole world responds! awesomely awesome! Hats off to them both, and to CR9 for putting the petition up.

  27. Calgary CANNOT give Staal an offer sheet because they are missing one of the required draft picks they would have to give up… they’d have to reacquire the exact pic (either 2011 2nd or 3rd can’t remember).

  28. Per Brooks Twitter…

    Bobby ryan has not signed a contract and fedotenko has yet to accept try out offer.

  29. From Boogaard..

    ““I really think that it’s a great opportunity for me to show everyone that I can play,” said Boogaard, 28. “Everyone will see that I work hard night-in and night-out, and that starts right from training camp.”

    I hope he’s not trying to pull a Hollweg/Brash*t and forget *why* he gets paid.

    Anybody play the new NHL yet? I’m probably not gonna buy it anytime soon.

  30. I have a fantasy league for Boneheads, too, trying to draft on the 22nd, but it can be changed. E-mail for info!

    It would be nice if the real Rangers were in a fantasy league and could trade about five guys for a good defenseman or center. :)

  31. BlueBlood

    that IS exactly what happened to ALF!

    speaking of Booger… his overall rating in the new NHL is 81!! Higher than Anisimov, Callahan and the rest of the team excluding Drury (82) Prospal (83) Dubi (83) Staal (83) and Gaborik (90)! WTF is up with that? Oh and that roster (i guess update will come out later) still has Lisin and no nostrils on it!

    I am also disappointed in NHL franchise…this is second year in a row that they don’t include KHL in the game. KHL has more star players playing in it than AHL!

    Very disappointed i am!

  32. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    here are a few new numbers for the rangers apparently

    By the looks of what is posted on their lockers, here are some uni numbers for new #NYR: Frolov-31, Kennedy-13, Boogaard-94, Biron-43
    10 minutes ago via TweetDeck

  33. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I noticed that as well, but I do like the juniors in the game.

  34. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    his ranking may be due to his underrated hitting ability (the guy just destroys people).

  35. The Puck Drops Here on

    Contest time. Which Bonehead can correctly pick the home game where Torts blows up at Carp? lol

  36. Afternoon ‘heads!

    The scent of hockey is in the air.

    That is most excellent news, Carp. Good luck with that.

    Fedotenko? Ehh, guess another LW body can’t hurt. On a try-out basis, that is.

    32- Thurman Thomas

    32- Gary Gentry ( I think, I could be wrong on that.)

  37. Speaking of news… Remember the trip to St Louis I took last week? Well, it went very well and I’ll be moving there later this month!

    ZOMG, excited, but nervous.

  38. Carly…you are the man!!!! So excited about possible upgrades to “the home of the ‘Heads” thanks to your hard work!!!!

  39. The Puck Drops Here on

    Congrats, Mickey. You don’t have to become a Blues fan as part of the deal, do you?

  40. Carp as Carly. LOL.

    Linda, Mama, CR, puck- thanks!

    I’ll have to adopt the Blues as my Western Conference team. They have some Ranger in them= JD!

  41. oh and another dumb thing NHL11 creators added into the game

    Soccer “Ole Ole Ole” chant from the crowd!! Is that how they trying to reach out to futbol fans? I find it very dumb.

  42. MickeyM
    Best of Luck to you in St.Louis. I’m just afraid you’ll start singing Blues, particular considering our beloved JD being team’s GM. So, keep Rangers #1 and very descent local team close second, OK? Say hello to Mr. Davidson and tell him you’re send by NY fans to reinforce local fan base.

  43. “I find it very dumb.” Id find that dumb as well. Im going to get a free 2 weeks 2 game video game rental in November, with the new FIFA and NHL. If you’re up for it, CCCP, Ill play you then with my beloved Czech Republic Jagrs! :)

  44. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    congrats. Not a bad arena to see hockey at. That is where I have seen most of my ranger games. Watched 39 of their 41 home games my first year of grad school there. If you need any info or anything let me know!!

  45. Congrats, Mickey.

    BTW, I’ve heard the St. Louis winters are as bad as those in Albany. >.<

  46. ORR

    The new game should be cool because of all the new online leagues that you could participate in. The game play seems slower but that’s how it felt in the beginning when i purchased NHL10…so we’ll see

    you know what i did…i took my old 80GB PS3 to GameStop and traded it in for a brand new flat 180GB PS3! I only had to pay $60 difference! Now i have a larger hard drive, brand new PS3 with brand new sixaxis DualShock controller (which i needed) for only $60! Sweet deal!

  47. CR9

    whenever you ready to play – bring it on!


    Montreal fans hardly speak for all hockey fans… so, they’re dumb for chanting it, the chant is dumb (for hockey) and the game gets dumb because of it!

  48. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    oh, love that song. I actually thought it was pretty cool in the game.

  49. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on


    sorry, just had to post it one more time…

    wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!)
    August 30th, 2010 at 2:00 pm
    we named a porta potty after you up here, the 3CP hole.

  50. That’s a sweet deal CC. But, I usually beat a game then I sell it, so I don’t need the extra GBs.

    There’s some cool games coming out for the PS3, but I don’t know, I’m just not into games. NHL is really the only game that I play a lot, but it’s not worth buying anymore.

  51. Lifetime-
    You mentioned Mike Curtis, Joe Namath. How could you forget the Jets’ #32- Emerson Boozer?

  52. Very happy to hear that my local newspaper, The Journal News, will be having more Rangers coverage this year. Would be great to see some more personal articles about current and former Rangers in the community here.
    Wonder how excited Torts is that there will be more press covering him this year? Ha.

  53. nhl 11 is awesome orr. got it yesterday. they have the ohl,whl, and other leagues where u can bring up players who are in the rangers system. u dont have to create a player anymore. they got mcilrath, mza who is rated a 68?!! also you can offer sheet rfa’s now too. the draft is improved greatly. the actual one ice play is more realistic. passes can hop over sticks, sticks break, theres different tactics to win faceoffs, theres hipchecks too. u should get it.

    fran- no im not from iowa. im from ny. ive lived here since 05. and thats cool your brother played or coached in iowa. now, what i meant was hockey is so unpopular here in this region of iowa that i live, that they couldnt even support an ahl team. 2 teams. the dallas stars farm and teh ducks farm teams both were here very short amount of time before they had to move. wells fargo arena in des moines couldnt support either franchise. im sure there are hockey fans here in iowa, just not many from what ive seen. in a town of 20,000 i was the only person to preorder a copy on nhl 11 at the gamestop here. im sure in waterloo and northern iowa cities and towns there are probably more hockey fans. they have a team called the buccaneers, not sure where they are exactly, but i will go to one of their games soon.

  54. damn ridiculous. Fedotenko was so bad last season that he could not even score with 2 of the top centers in the league setting him up. they replaced him with washed up tiny Mike Comrie, that is how bad they wanted to get rid of him.

  55. fedostinko
    What is so “damn ridiculous”? Calm down. Whatever you say about his performance last season is absolutely irrelevant for that case. First, it could be all different reasons, i.e. wrong team, bad locker-room relationships, personal stuff, etc., doesn’t matter – it is not trade, draft or “purchase”, just tryout, free of charge and ANY risk. Torts have good memories about him and just curious to see if the guy will show any bits of past strokes of brilliance, which he obviously had. Believe it or not, this thing happens in hockey player’s world. In this case I guess his chances are miniscule, but it always worth to try. Almost every team in pre-season does it without hysterics, routinely. Relax.

  56. Refusing mail?

    I was gonna say 32-Mike Curtis this morning, but I didn’t think enough people would know who he was. He ruled. Didn’t he once knock the flying carcillo out of a fan who ran onto the field? I think his arm was in a cast at the time. Awesome football player.

    I know I’ve said this a thousand times before, but I never meant it more than right now. You guys byfuglien rock! You really, really, really do!

    As for the pool on me vs. Torts, it’ll be a home game, or at Newark, or at Philly. Those are the only road trips I’d possibly make. My goal in life is to never, ever make the trip to Nassau Coliseum again.

  57. No Pittsburgh Carp? Long trip but not to check out the new house that Crosby/Lemieux/Bettman built?

  58. Regarding the fedotenko tryout…

    Do you remember how upset the fanbase was when nedved was invited to camp? Did he make the team? It’s that simple really. It’s a shot in the dark and creates competition at camp. Nothing more, nothing less. And that’s IF he even accepts the offer to come to camp.

  59. I am sick of sather and torts pretending that they are going with younger players and then adding a bunch of washed up vets to squeeze out any chance of the kids getting a spot.
    kennedy, white, fedostinko, eminger. it never ends.

    it is the jason Krog mentality.

  60. Kennedy was a rookie last season with similar numbers to AA … I wouldnt call him a washed up Vet

  61. People are getting bent over Ruslan Fedotenko trying out. It’s free. We more or less did the same thing with Vinny last year and even paid him a little for his time, and that worked out great. Certain teams when on pure overwhelming talent (Oilers in the 80s, others are felons Flyers (Im a youngin that was late 70s right?). The lightning’s cup was 90% heart. Guys playing well beyond their individual means as a group. Why not bring in some of those guy see if we can’t replicate something like that. Same coach, same system, what the hell same result would be nice :D.

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on


    The time is now.

    The stage will be set.

    Come that first game vs Buffalo , we come out strong .

    We will win.

  63. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Man I need to get a PS3, all I have is the Wii and NHL 2k10 doesn’t quite cut it. Anyone else have the Wii and if you do have you thought about getting NHL SLapshot for it made by EA sports?

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOOOO IM doing the BOOGIE!!!!!!

    Boogaard a 81…yeah man!!!!

    NHL11 is perty funky …it does have the Saskatoon Blades!!! They suck of course but hey , its cool. The game has disco playing all the time? Like some tecno garbage? Weird .

  65. Tampa could not even replicate it themselves. and that is because the new rules changed everything. youth, speed and defensive mobility became the more important factors, not slow hacks.

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    OLE OLE OLE , OLE!!! Wait I’m not fronch!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!11

    GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

    If the Flyers can go all the way….WE can too!!!!

    If Voros could score over 5 goals …Boogaard can too.

    Everyone says Im all about the positives . well heres a negative tidbit:
    The habs bailed out on Halak , Hawks bailed out on neime .
    What does that say about goalies? They are expendible.
    If it comes a time to bail out …our only way outta here is a last place finish with Hank playing for another team.

  67. Ilya & Tolik,and boneheads, who celebrate.
    L’Shanah Tovah! May your names and family’s be writen in Book of Life.

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Shara pova !!! To all my Russian friends. BTW my Russian name is Sergei ( after Sergei Makarov).On xbox live ,my name is Sergei or people call me ZZ.

  69. Shana tova Sally and all you other J’s out there!
    ilb, have a great time at Tolya’s (no, not you C3)
    man, I am dying for some brisket and kugel…missing my fest this year for trip to Maine…oh well. New Year lobster for everyone!

    Carp is right, this place is Hartnelling awesome!

  70. Carp, the one benefit of having prospects playing 3rd and 4th line minutes is that they have a small chance to show their stuff to the coaching staff and to the fans – while if they are in Hartford they are out of sight and out of mind.

    And we don’t need no more steeenking over the hill washed up rejects from other teams to take those slots (“Sather Bloopers”). Let the kids play HERE – even if it IS 3rd and 4th line minutes. They’ll eventually move up the food chain, and there’s a better chance to do it right here on the varsity team.

  71. Greg et al, I love how you’re keeping up the conversation “over there” :) hmmm. quiet here tonight so far…we must have a lot of New Year celebrants out there :)

  72. Shana Tova, Sally! … And all my friends who are celebrating the holday!

    Rick (no not that one), thanks for the Mike Curtis video. I encourage all to watch it.

  73. >>that’s 6 black players on The thrashers roster. That has to be a record, no?

    Once you go black…oh never mind.

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