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Our friends Andrew Gross and Steve Zipay are reporting that there have been talks between Marc Staal’s agent and the Rangers, and that there may have been progress made.

I will be surprised if he’s in camp when it opens next Friday. These things usually need some leverage to shift, or some immediacy to arise, in order to be resolved.

I could be wrong. Maybe they’ve closed the “chasm” that Glen Sather said existed back in June and it’s nothing a little negotiating can’t finish off.

But more often than not, it goes past midnight (which in this case is the first day of camp) before a settlement. Certainly, the Rangers want him in ASAP, but it’s not absolutely necessary that he’s there for every workout and all of the preseason games. And certainly Staal wants to be in camp ASAP, but it won’t hurt him much to miss some of it.

So we’ll see. Stay tuned.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    The Stalling of Staal has everyone stalled in what Staal will do. Sather Stalling Staal only stalls the development of Staal.Staal should stop Stalling too.

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Shania Twain too you too ILB!!! I have learned a new festive!!!

  3. I’ve got a wii and it’s now strictly for my kids. The only games I’ve ever enjoyed for that thing is Mario cart and boom blox. The kids like the Lego games and my daughter likes some of the animal sim games.

    Daddy likes his ps3 where he can blow peoples heads off or steal their cars and all the other stuff I can’t do in real life. Favorite ps3 games so far have been modern warfare2, gta 4, batman arkham asylum was fun, I played the first uncharted and have uncharted 2 on deck. I’m playing borderlands now and it took a while to warm up to it but it’s cool. I like the whole trophy system they got going. I haven’t played a hockey video game in years. I just found them too unrealistic to be any fun.

    The Shara pova greeting on last thread was classic.
    I’m not Jewish at all so I feel left out :(

    I wish there was a holiday for those of us who are part Irish/ native American/ German. All you guys get your own holidays and I get nothing…im going to declare this weekend as St. Woundedkneeoberfest and only I get to truely celebrate!!!!

  4. Joke

    You just need to embrace your culture. I’m Itilian and Irish. A little Jewish back some ways and raised Catholic generations back. My favorite holiday is Friday. I celebrate the end of a hard week with Guiness and pasta. I end up feeling guilty and regretting it all day Saturday. Go to Church Sunday and that’s the end of the festival.


  5. Greg, double LMAO on your posts!

    and Carp carp’d himself. priceless.

    Anyhoo, someone asked earlier about the first HNL preview. Hey, it is what it is, but here’s my take on the highlights.

    Pidto wasn’t half as bad as predicted, but Maloney much better. Signings he liked: Biron first, then Frolov. He’s sure Staal will be signed!

    Guests: Biron, Gilroy, MDZ (get a haircut please honey!) White. MDZ is mature beyond his barely 20 years for sure. Gilroy’s been bulking up, looks good.
    Biron had an interesting take as a fellow goalie breaking down what he liked about Hank’s play. Doesn’t know how many games he’ll play (yeesh, they said Hank played 75 last year!!! WTB! did I hear that wrong or was it really that many!)

    Anyway, the end of last year is a motivation, everyone wants to play great, be part of the team etc. Still, nice little appetizer to the season.

    I won’t see Saturday’s til I get home from Maine, but THAT should hopefully be interesting. Torts is the guest.

  6. Mama,

    that was me, so thanks for the summary…can’t believe I forgot to watch it. I will be sure to set the dvr for this Saturdays.

  7. Anyone know when individual game tickets go on sale ?
    Bringing the family to NY in Nov & first thing they want to know is “are going to a Ranger game”

  8. Just had my Rosh Hashanah dinner! Apples with honey…some smoked cheese…bottle of semi-sweet kosher wine from France (yes, France!)! Mocha double chocolate cup cakes! Life is forking sweet!

    Once again, to all the Jews and gentiles in da house… Shana Tova!

  9. Shana tova to all the wonderful ‘Heads celebrating! In the spirit of the holiday, and the two days off of school for all the gentiles :-), Staal will sign tomorrow.

  10. CCCP,

    I had a lot of fun with uncharted. Loved the story line and the way the cut scenes blended back into the gameplay. I can only imagine #2 is the same if not better.

    I borrowed borderlands and uncharted 2 from my brother and started borderlands first because I had just finished uncharted and wanted a break from the series. Borderlands is fun but seems to be taking a long time to make it through, so uncharted 2 will have to wait a bit.

  11. No prob Joke. Really, not much else you missed beyond my recap (well, OK, the MDZ haircut thing was my own input :)

    I will add, it was interesting watching MDZ and Gilroy together. 6 years apart in age (Gil really is 26!) yet both rookies, and MDZ seemed to have an edge in the self-assured zone. Maybe it was just me and they handle TV differently, but it struck me anyway. Gil was the only one who said Coach Tortorella, not Torts.

    Tony, I believe they are now. If you come to town and don’t tell us local heads, you’re gonna get so newspapered you’ll be buried with ink on your face!

  12. MDZ does not need a haircut. What straight guy doesn’t love long flowy hair like that of the Jaromir, Henrik, or MDZ :)

  13. Mama, we’re in NY Nov 13-19.
    We’re looking for 6 tickets to either the Oilers on the 14th or the Bruins on the 17th. The Ranger web site says nothing about individual games.
    Warren 77 ??

  14. CCCP
    September 8th, 2010 at 8:29 pm
    I’m not Jewish at all so I feel left out :(
    its OK, nobody’s perfect! :P

    Haha….actually one of the most perfectly put together females I ever had the pleasure of meeting was a Russian Jewish girl. Her name was polina and she always corrected me when I called her PAULina. She was drop dead gorgeous and sweet as can be. Such a good natured girl who seemed oblivious to how beautiful she was. I have a story but don’t want to offend anyone by telling it…it involves a bit of racisim on the part of a coworker we both had at the time. I want to tell it because I would like to know a word that was used…is it ok with the Russian Jews to tell and ask a question?

  15. Joke, just to be safe, e-mail me it at and I’ll pass on to my Russian experts :) for clarification then let you know. Fair?

    Tony, I just inked your dates in my calendar (Staal, ha, and Girardi if anyone’s keeping track) You are so on! You must see warren, and heads!

    Let me know what you get for tix so we FB the details and let folks know. Bring your camera and take a great pic of mama! (it will take many frames :)

  16. CR, yes MDZ does. Just a little shaping and cleaning up. Only Hank from who mentioned has a good cut. Don’t get me started on JJ (from olden days).

    You didn’t know C3P was Jewish? Oy Vey! :)

  17. Tony is here in November? Perhaps we should start planning a little W77 gathering again? Make it on quarterly schedule instead of semiannual? I’m in.

    Mama, family party at Tolya’s is tomorrow. Leaving for two weeks ( New Zealand) Friday. Will miss first two preseason games. Well, not really. Thank you, Slingbox. Will be definitely checking in on RR, but probably won’t post much. Will miss you all!

  18. ilb, I’m all over it. Just need the date from Tony (sooner than later dude, the heads are hard to schedule!)

    well, OK, than have a great time tomorrow! And have an excellent (hopefully non-working) trip with Mrs. ilb, you both deserve it. Who’s watching the boys?

  19. The Puck Drops Here on

    Mama, you are showing your age. I enjoy those commercials now more than I did at the time!

  20. We are up to 150+ signatures on our P&C petition. Still have a lot of work to do. C’mon ‘heads! And their pets…

    LMAO @ tan in NZ, Linda! It’s early spring there, we are talking warm jackets. But thanks, I’m sure we’ll enjoy it. Which reminds me, mrs. ilb keeps reminding me that I haven’t packed carcillo yet. My answer- what’s the hurry, there is a whole Friday morning. Mama, my mother in law is staying with the boys. She and Leo have very interesting relationship, as you can imagine.

  21. If it’s at least 60 and sunny, that’s tan time!

    ilb, mrs. is gonna be on you!!!! then again, she’s probably used to this :) Good luck to mom in law, again…oh Leo, shhh. It’s OK, she’s a friend, now go bother Casey….(get the belly band!)

    yes, lots of work to do!

  22. The Puck Drops Here on

    Linda, I am trying to downgrade my hockeystreams to HQ from HD. It seems that they automatically charge my Paypal without my having to approve it. I cannot find a way to change my level of subscription. I sent them a note to “contact us” and no response. Why am I not surprised? Any idea other than a flat out cancellation of my subscription and starting over?

  23. LMAO! I thought you guys were talking about Gift of Gab Vinny. I forgot all about the orange Prospal! Isnt he Fankist?

  24. The Puck Drops Here on

    I spent most of last year watching it in HQ since HD was unsatisfactory. Why pay for HD again?

  25. Linda, ilb…LMAO!

    OK all, a Happy New Year to Jew and to all the rest a good night! (that was pretty humorously inclusive, eh?)

    mama says…TA! til the morrow!

  26. thats pretty odd Puck, they always responded to any questions or problems I had pretty quickly. How long ago did you contact them about it?

    What was your sign up date? I did not think it was an automatic renewal, especially with ‘changes’ coming on the 14th.

  27. Puck, i remember sooo many of the HD people being frustrated last year. I actually had one or two games in HD because the HQ feed wouldnt work at all, and it looked great to me. Then again, a little bird running on a wheel to bring me a stream would have been great!

  28. Atlanta signed Dawes … adding to the growing list of Black Players to their team

    … it’s just weird

  29. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I feel Staal may sign before camp and not end up being a holdout. Hopefully just to show he is a class act and wants to be there with his team, but I could be wrong especially with agents and Sather involved.

  30. Needed a break from online shopping and I come back to a new post- All right!

    4ever, wicky, LI, CTB and ilb- thanks for congrats! It’s daunting and scary and yet exciting at the same time. The only bad thing is no more MSG, unless I sign up for Center Ice. Same with my Mets, too. :(

    That is fabulous news on Staal! Get in camp, Marc, get in camp asap.

    ilb- Have fun on your vacation! I have friends in NZ and they say it’s OK down there after the earthquake, except for Christchurch,where it hit the hardest. Just something to keep in mind.

  31. Staal will be signed before next Friday (technicality later),which gives him a formal opportunity to start Camp at time, avoiding Torts wrath and threats.

  32. ilb.
    Happy jorney! I envy you – for all my life NZ was an epithomy of exotic country on the end of the Earth and a very beautiful one.BTW,it is #21 on international list of Petition (I count them in amazement).Happy New Year!Have fun.

  33. CCCP,
    Please,do not overeat – it directly affect brain power and we we need yours.Happy everything! Lohaim.

  34. Atlanta signed Dawes … adding to the growing list of Black Players to their team

    … it’s just weird


    i don’t think its weird… Hotlanta is like a black Hollywood…hopefully it will bring more attention for hockey

  35. I think my brain is officially fried today cause I forgot to wish everyone who celebrates it a happy Rosh Hasannah!

    I probably spelled that wrong, but right now I’m too tired to look it up correctly. That sentiment remains the same though.

    And now to bed before my eyes fall out.

  36. Arnold Braunschweiger on

    copied from

    New alternate jersey Reebok verifies the news we’ve all been dying to hear. The Rangers will wear an alternate jersey next season. But will it be the Lady Liberty logo make her glorious return?

    The answer is no. Icethetics has discovered that the Rangers will wear a navy blue third jersey, with NEW YORK emblazoned in red, diagonal text down the front. However, it’s not the typeface we’re used to seeing on the Rangers. It’s more of a “retro” font, if you will — straight (not italic) with a vintage white stroke on the letters.

    In addition, there is a thick red stripe that wraps around the sleeves and bottom of the jersey, bordered in thinner vintage white stripes. The collar is vintage white with vintage white laces and the little Reebok triangle is red.

    It’s not at all what we were anticipating, but it’s still a very sharp jersey and very appropriate for the Rangers’ 85th anniversary season. For the record, Rangers blogger Greg Caggiano was first with the details that the jersey would read New York across the chest.

    The team’s home and road sweaters will not change this season.

  37. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    you and mrs have an enjoyable and safe journey!!!
    we have a wii as well and bought nhl slapshot, but haven’t played it yet because we can’t stop playing nhl11 on the 360!!

    Well, just got home from work and caught up with all the posts and am off to bed. Got to work early in the morning!

    Good night john boy!

  38. Ah well, it’s 4:30, and here I am wide awake as usual, for about a couple hours, then a brief nap again for another couple hours, but in the meantime I must check in with my good friends in Rangerland.

    Greg: Are you sure that you’re not the illegitimate son of Ogden Nash? You have a very deft manner of putting words together.

    As to all of the nationalities involved here. the sky is probably the limit.
    As for me I’ve about 80% Irish and 20% Flemish. But as my old Jewish childhood friend’s mother would say when we vexed her, ” ach – Meshuggenah!”

    The NY Post is remarkably quiet about Ranger info, but they are laden to the gunnells with Jets and other football teams
    info…replete with pics. As for the NY times, I simply don;t trust the truthfulness of anything that is printed there, including the obits. To take a line from Greg…ZZzzzzzzz.

    Now for a hot cup of decaf, and an attempt to get back to sleep for another couple hours….if possible.

  39. The Puck Drops Here on

    Morning, ‘heads. I’m not coming up with any 31s. Let me get a cuppa joe and try again.

  40. The Puck Drops Here on

    31 days in January, March, May, July, August, October and December….. yawn….. I need another cuppa…

  41. I don’t know if they think too highly of you either CCCP.

    BTW, we should hold the fantasy draft at W77.

  42. The Ranger 31s is dominated by goaltenders with just two skaters wearing 31. The list also includes one player who never played a game for the Rangers on the web site.

    The Goalies are: Hardy Astrom (Don Cherry’s favorite netminder), Alex Auld, Dan Blackburn, Guy Hebert, Corey Hirsch, Jean-Francois Labbe, David LeNeveau, Peter McDuffe, Jason Muzzatti, Curt Ridley, Steve Weeks, Vitali Yeremeyev.

    The Skaters are: Alexader Frlov and Rob Zamuner.

  43. Batman,

    nice call on frolov 31…I have really high hopes for him. Just seems like frolov and gabby could be awesome together or frolov can give us that second line sniper we need to free up the first line.


    you’re the best ;)

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