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I’m back … temporarily … from my vacation. As always, I want to thank those who stepped in with guest blogs, and those who hung out here when nothing was happening.

But we’re getting closer now, closer to actual, you know, hockey.

And I’m still trying to figure out the Rangers. We’ll do more analysis and over-analysis as we go through camp and the preseason and preview the season.

In general, though, I am not sure that I’m convinced the 2010-11 team is much better, if at all, than the 2009-10 team. Let’s put that another way. I think the roster on Opening Night will be better than the roster on Opening Night last year. I don’t know if it’s better than the roster that walked off the ice in Philadelphia after the shootout.

Mats Zuccarello Aasen is still an unknown, who is going to get a legit shot. Alex Frolov could be a find, but he could be a Zherdev. Derek Boogaard is a better tough guy than they had last year, but I don’t think he can play even a little bit. We’ll find out quickly. Martin Biron is definitely an upgrade who should solve some late-season problems. And I’m not sure the additions of Todd White and Tim Kennedy are anything but sideways moves.

Sure I expect that kids like Anisimov and Del Zotto and perhaps Gilroy should be better, and that McDonagh is an upgrade, and maybe some other prospect makes the jump. And sure, once Wade Redden is jettisoned that should be addition by subtraction … though he might, right now, be better than whomever fits into the fifth and sixth defense slots if you can forget the idiotic contract he carries.

And of course I expect Marc Staal do to his Darrelle Revis and eventually sign. I’m certain that will happen, though it could take a while into camp.

So what do you guys think? Are they better right now than they were in Philly?


Thirty-three days until Opening Night.

33: Tony Dorsett and Duane Thomas.

33: Patrick Ewing and Larry Bird.

33: Bob Froese, Tony Amonte.

Now for a commercial break. Well, sort of. First, Ian Laperriere got his own commercial on Versus. Good guy, model hockey player. Good for him.

Finally, if you have a minute to kill, watch this commercial from the UK. It wasn’t made by an ad agency or a company, but by a citizen who wanted to make his point.

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  1. Carp,
    I watched last years team last night, it is not a better roster than they have right now.Jokinen, Parenteau, Errickson, all on that team. I think they upgraded the roster this season. whether it translates is a different issue.
    33, Doug Soeteart, Bob Froese, and Gilles Gratton.

  2. I think they have the potential to be better but the other part of the equation is how much did the competition improve?

    Within the division I think every team either improved or at least did not regress, some more than others.  The Pens fixed a defense that lacked defense-first blueliners, the Flyers will have a pretty deep team once again, the Devils will most likely jettison only marginal players to fit under the cap and the Isles are stockpiling talent. 

    My hope is that the Rangers view this as a developmental year for some of the younger core players. The acquisition/re-signing of players like Prospal, Christensen, White, Kennedy, et al leaves me to believe otherwise although if Redden gets waived they will be breaking in an extremely young defense.  

    I think not having the Olympics will help.  Ultimately the season hinges on whether they can find consistent complimentary scoring to augment an elite sniper, something that will in turn lessen the burden on their All Star caliber goalie as well. Is this prediction for the team starting to sound familiar?

  3. 33: John Maine, Nick Swisher

    East 33rd St between 2nd and 3rd ave: My first apartment in NY.

  4. onecupin70years and counting on

    Better ? maybe? But how much better ?

    They still lack the depth of overall D and scoring.
    They have too many journeyman players who consist of 3rd and 4th liners at best.
    The rookies and young guys would have to have great years to carry this team.

    so maybe they make the playoffs and win a round is that progress?

    Still have sather and torts who are lead weights and anything dolan touches wilts.

  5. I think they are better. The clue was to preserve their young core. They did that. The core is maturing together. They will add some more young players this year on D. A proven banger on D would be nice.
    The EC has improved, but not enough to prevent them fr getting into the playoffs. And yes, it is important. If only for one reason- to grow their young players within the winning environment.

  6. Laperriere! part of Neil Smith’s worst deal. Set the stage for 7 years of no playoffs

    1996-Mar-14 Traded from New York Rangers with Ray Ferraro, Nathan LaFayette, Mattias Norstrom and round 4 pick in the 1997 draft to Los Angeles Kings for Shane Churla, Jari Kurri and Marty McSorley.

  7. The Zubov deal ranks pretty high too for Smith’s worst deal. Yes the quality they got back in return for him was higher than with the Kings deal, but Zubov was a “once a decade” quality talent.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    The Zubov deal was easily the worst. I’d include Gartner and Amonte also (especially Amonte), but you don’t question moves that bring you a Cup.

    Also, don’t forget Marc Savard. The Norstrom deal was definitely better than that.

  9. bill

    LOOKING TO BUY for 3-4 games 2 tix in the 100 Section


    could some one PLEASE sell bill 2 tix in the 100 Section already?! poor dude is out of breath!

    #33 – Michal Rozsíval

  10. I believe,comparing the roster from the Philly game to this one, the team has clearly improved, but possibly not enough to improve its place in the standings. Rosterwise, and this is based on potential, Frolov is better than anyone offensively on the team last year besides Gaborik. That should open up offense and will probably help others like Drury and Dubinsky by removing some pressure.

    Kennedy is a good skater and very solid defensivley which, the roster lacked last year. Redden should be gone and Booregard along with Prust should provide much needed grit and instill some level of intimidation on the other team finally.

    In all, the team is clearly laden with 3/4 liners but have added enough talent to make them a first round exit contender. Not much of an improvement but at least we may have hockey in May.

  11. The Zubov deal broke my heart. That dude was one of my favorite Ranger defensemen…what a waste of a trade!

  12. Hey Bill I have seasons in the 100 if you are interested… Let me know and I will give you my email.

  13. CCCP, I agree with you there. I believe he is definately holding this team back. he’s awful. he destroyed Avery, overworks his top 6, is terrible at bench management. And players just don’t respond well to overbearing, nasty J.O’s. No one does.

  14. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    #33….ME !!

    Wadda I Think ? I think we are better this year because of the addition of Frolov, and because MDZ/Cally/Dubie/Staal/AA are all still getting better and have not reached their prime yet.

  15. 33. Age of J.C. when he was crucified. (Hope, it’s not sacrileges to mention it here).
    We always try to overanalyze all moves before start of the season- that’s nature of fans and life jacket to keep blogs afloat. Truth is – nobody knows and probably it is a beauty of entire Game World phenomenon. No questions about it – on the paper Rangers are clearly potentially (key word) better looking team. But so was every off-season, even when we got damned now Drury-best on a market then, or Redden-only available and so needed defensemen at that time and so on…Hope every year is the name of fans game, with so many unpredictable “if’s” when we are dealing with humans factor. I, personally, do believe in team and for me the very process of their development with ups and downs, but most important, every game itself with unknown scenario, is a greatest fun and tough love affair.

  16. Certainly the potential is there to be a better team but potential is another word for ‘if.’ They will be better if Dubi and Cally score more, if Frolov can get 30, if MDZ is better defensively, if Gilroy becomes a solid top 4 D, if if if. Not to say it can’t happen but still a lot of things that need to go right. Personally I think enough will to get into the playoffs but I am the eternal optimist.

  17. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB (nice first) and all!!

    Torts IS horrible!!!

    This team does look better on paper…they don’t play the games on paper (at least I don’t think they do)!

    This team will struggle around the 5 to 8 position until it addresses its lack of physicality on the blueline (and will not go deep in the playoffs either until it is addressed).

    Best goalie ever #33 ROY!!!

  18. There are simply too many variables to tell if this team will be better record-wise…I don’t think I could make that call right now. These variables include, but are not limited too: Who skates on first line; will Torts keep Prospal in the center between Frolov and Gaborik, or will he continue to push Christensen? Will McDonagh crack the lineup and be the crease-clearer the Rangers desperately need? Will Redden surprise everyone and make the team; thereby ensuring guys like McD and MZA start in Hartford? Will the young guys(Anisimov, Dubinsky, Callahan, MDZ, Staal, and Gilroy) crank it up a notch, or will some(or all of them)plateau off at mediocre levels? Will Stepan challenge for a spot? for better than what they put up against the Flyers last year, I think the answer is pretty simple: Yes. Of course, it does depend on the team they ice…and there are simply WAY too many variables there. Taking Redden out of the lineup alone means they can likely add both Staal and McD(or MZA) into the mix…taking White and Redden out of the mix means two more young players could get a shot.

  19. A roster is really about potential. What needs to happen more than anything else is execution. If this team can play consistently well, then they will be better than last year. Granted, they lack talent, but hard work can cover for a lack of talent to a certain point. If they don’t work hard and play consistently, then all of the talent in the world won’t mean a thing. This team needs to play hard. They haven’t done that in two seasons. So, we will see what happens. I would love to see more talent on this team, but it is wasted if they don’t play well.

  20. bull dog line – I disagree re: Torts. I think he can be a good chunk of the problem.

    I’ve read people refer to Torts as “Keenan Lite” and I really kind of agree with that assessment. He has all the bark that Keenan had, yet he only directs it toward the weakest links of the lineup. Like Lisn, for instance. He benched this kid for a whole 60 minutes! Just sat him there, dressed…watching from the bench for a whole game. Yet when it comes to calling out guys like Redden…there’s a scratch for a game…and that’s about it. Not only did Redden not play Torts’ game, he didn’t play any game to help the team. Yet day in and day out, he gets dressed…

    But my main problem with Torts is his over-reliance on his star players. Look, by that fateful Flyers game, the Rangers best line was Prust-Anisimov-Shelley. Why? Because the first line was basically run into the ground. The second line was having to carry the PK(Drury and Callahan)…and he simply refused to skate the third line for more than 10 minutes. Lundqvist was run into the ground because the backup with the team at the beginning of the season(Valiquette) ‘couldn’t compete against the best teams,’ according to Torts. Of course, Valiquette seemed to compete just fine against lesser opponents(even the Flyers).

    This despite the fact that a quarter of the team(all its stars really) was playing in the Olympics…By April, his stars were not only starting to dim, they were flat-out dim. All of them, with exception to maybe Hank. That was an error solely of Torts’ making. And one that helped him miss the playoffs, IMO…

  21. POhil

    I think you have made a good case, and possibly as good as one can get at this stage of the season, but it really won’t be too hard to improve on last season’s team.

    I still hearken back to my earlier misgivings about this team in that I [personally will be looking at the overall caliber of play..for instance the passing game, the positional play in each zone, the goal mouth performances, the dump and glide of past season’s that often was substituted for an “attack”, and in general how the coach himself handles the team from the bench. I place this in higher in demand than whether they score x amount of goals. As long it is at least one more than opposition, if they play fast hard skating and hitting hockey and dedicate themselves to go in harm’s way on the attack, then you really can’t ask much more than that. Remember…the opposing goal tenders also have a vote in this situation.

  22. Phil,

    Good assessment of Torts. He’s not Keenan, not even close. For the most part, Keenan made his best players better (Leetch, Roenick, Pronger) but got a lot out of the team as a whole. Later in his career when he became too power hungry and the game changed he definitely lost his edge but Keenan put some pretty good teams out on the ice for much of the 80’s and 90’s even if his Cup in 94 is the only ring to show for it.

    Still, not to defend or absolve Torts, I think the issue remains that the team just wasn’t that talented compared to the better teams of the East. Take the Rangers top 3 overall players (not including goalies even if Lundqvist is better than most) and stack them against those of Washington, Pittsburgh and Philly and you see just how poorly they match up.

  23. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I love the winter olympics, but I hate the way it screws up the NHL season.

    I don”t think torts is keenan lite. If richter was getting run, kocur or someone would be out there pummeling someone and not worried about if they do they will be on the bench for half a game.

    Torts relies on his “top” forwards way too much (fine on a roster where vinny lecav, st louis, and richards are your top 3), but on a roster like we have, you have to roll 4 lines continuously.

    Torts can’t get past his own ego!

  24. Hockeyman Rangers on

    It depends on if we can get 2 or 3 lines to come together and GELL. Complimant each other on the ice and continue all season. AND START PLAYING WITH SOME HEART, START CARING ABOUT THE NY FANS AND THE NY ORGANIZATION AND GIVING IT YOUR ALL. I think if this happens we will be a OK team. I am at point where I don’t care what Redden does at camp I am sick of him (more so his awful contract) AND FOR THAT MATTER I AM SICK OF DRURY also. Move Redden, NOT much we can do with Drury, but he will at least help a little here and there. And I hope these young prospects coming up thru learn how to play with some heart not sure any of our vets know how to do this but if they all played like Callahan WE WOULD BE A BETTER TEAM IN MANY WAYS. But I really think 2 OR 3 lines need to gel out on the ice, this is the gamble that Sather takes every year HOPING SOME GUYS GEL.

  25. Phil,
    were Kane and Toews burnt out. were Crosby and Malkin burnt out. playing your best players is how you win. it is how teams have always won. you don’t win with your 4th and 3rd liners playing as much as your first and 2nd lines.
    The Rangers problem is that there roster is full of 3rd, and 4th liners. If Torts gets more 1st and 2nd line caliber players he will win.

  26. bull dog line,

    I am not sure if last year was your first year watching the Rangers but had you watched previous years (yes, under RENNEY)Avery had an impact on many games. Not necessarily on the score sheet but in the game within the game. Clearly, opponents had their mind on him and at times he got under the skin deeply of his opponents. In addition, he gave the team an identity, a grit they desperately need. No, Avery will not score 30 goals, but he has talent that Torts absolutely represses.

  27. bull dog line

    Why don’t you tell the Devils of the 90’s that you don’t win with 3rd/4th line players. Are you kidding with a statement like that? Unfortunately, by making a ridiculous statement like that you display a shallow knowledge of hockey. As far as the Pens and Blackhawks, Have you heard of Jordan Staal? Kennedy? Guerin? Byfuglen? Great support players that chipped in along with the stars. The Rangers lack those types of players.

  28. When Avery is on his game, his impact on a game doesn’t show up on the scoresheet necessarily.

    I usually hate that line that “impact doesn’t show up on the scoresheet” but Avery is one of the truest examples of that.

    We can’t possibly be stupid enough to get rid of Avery – worth only $2 million for 2 years – for Savard – who has an outrageous contract and is one concussion away from being a hockey vegetable.

    Avery can affect a game in a number of ways. In addition to being very fast and very good agitator, he has some passing and scoring skill.

  29. bull dog,

    Actually I think teams win championships by getting contributions from up and down the lineup. Particularly over the long grueling course of playoffs. It’s why guys like Stephane Matteau is known by one name in Rangers lore and Max Talbot is a cult hero in Pittsburgh.

    The average ice time for the Hawks in the playoffs, with the exception of Keith, particularly amongst the forwards was very even. Toews stood out amongst the forwards but Kane/Bolland/Hossa/Sharp/Versteeg/Byfuglien all averaged between 16-18 mins a game.

    Obviously having top end talent to put on the ice in key situations helps, but looking at the Caps playoff performance, Ovechkin/Backstrom/Knuble did pretty well but the rest of the team didn’t do much of anything.

  30. Avery has not been an a effective player for the Rangers in 2 years, and Renney was his coach during part of the 2 years. Avery problem is Avery. he is more concerned with things outside the game. when he decides to play he is a solid player, but that is only on occasion. Torts asked Avery to play smarter, and did not know how. blaming Torts is just an excuse for Avery ineffective play.

  31. bull dog line

    I disagree. We’ve seen Avery play smart – under Tom Renney. Now, I dont have any great like for Renney; however, I recognize that Avery, to this point, just cannot be himself with Torts as coach.

  32. Devils of the 90’s,
    Richer, Lemeiux, Broten, Andreychuk, Elias, Sykora,Gilmour,Arnot, Guerin, Maclean, Rolston, and I could go on. you win with top end players, yes you need complimentary players to help, but the stars carry the load.
    the guys you mentioned on the Hawks, every one of them is a first or 2nd line player.
    lets try to have a hockey conversation with out you questioning someone’s hockey knowledge because they disagree with you,

  33. Dave Andreychuk won Cups with the Devils??

    I thought he won his first Cup with the Lightning prior to the strike, and retired right after.

  34. Renney accepted Avery for who he was as a player, the good and the bad. You can’t tell a player to play on the edge but don’t fall off the cliff. you have to accept the times he does. As a coach, you should know when not to play him if you fear his mistakes would be costly. but when you put him on the ice you don’t micromanage his play.

  35. Regarding silly trades, how about Tie Domi and Kris King for Ed Olyck, thereby removing from the Rangers team in one idiotic and inexplicable move, all the toughness.

    I never understood that deal and still don’t.

  36. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    correct me if I am wrong here, but renney and avery were not together at any point over the last 2 years.

    Wasn’t avery in dallas then suspended and then in minors for the most part of the 1st of the last 2 years, then up with the rangers (and torts) at the end of the first year?

    Then the 2nd year was all torts and his ego? Right?

    I am not saying that renney is a better or worse coach than torts, just different. Renney just understood what kind of asset avery can be on a hockey club. Avery needs 6 or 7 forward minutes at least. Torts only thinks avery is a detriment to a hockey club and will not get past his own ego to see other wise. Torts seems to think avery should get 9 or 10 forward minutes. Torts really is clueless on avery as a player!

  37. Rmant

    Here’s the best part about that. I dont dislike Torts, but how can Torts tell Avery to not fall of the cliff when he himself decided to get suspended for Game 6 against the Capitals – by committing sheer stupidity. The leader/coach of the team cannot expect to act with arrogance and stupidity and then expect his followers/players not to.

  38. bull dog line,

    Someone who is as condescending as you (see: your first post to me) shouldn’t be so sensitive. Your statements are clearly shallow in hockey knowledge, I’m afraid that needs to be pointed out.

  39. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think you are right, andreychuk won his first cup with the ning!

    I still have no problem with the zubov trade because it brought ulfie (I know I am in the minority though)!

  40. CR9: Avery, except for 3 or 4 games (and I can think of only 2, one being the game against Dallas in New York) where he was effective. He was invisible in every other game that I watched (and I saw at least 40 games – on TV).

    Gotta say, too, that I don’t see much skill. Sure he can skate, but the most goals he’s ever scored is 15 and the points 39 and that was 5 years ago. He’s a 3rd liner who’s value is minimal if he isn’t agitating and hitting and at his age (30) he doesn’t seem to keen on playing that way. I suspect if he has a quiet training camp, he’ll be farmed out. Personally, if either proves worthy, I’d rather see Dane Byers and/or Dale Weise make it over an unproductive and non-motivated Avery.

  41. CR9

    You couldn’t be more right. He can’t get out of his own ego’s way. It’s do as I say, not as I do which would never inspire a team.

    Wicky- Very well said.

  42. Good points, Jim. I think he will be motivated this year, and I think Torts and the entire team will be motivated this year. Let Avery play his game, and the results will show. We may end up as a 5 or 6 seed in the East.

  43. Jim,

    I think you may be missing the point on Avery. I don’t think anyone hear is talking up Avery’s offensive prowess. What we are saying is he has a quality role as a 3rd line agitator that provides grit and annoys the opponent. Plus, he can occasionally pop in a goal. that being said, torts has completely shut him down.

  44. Ok Rmant.
    you just keep making excuses for Avery, and I will keep pointing out the truth about him.
    did not say Andreychuk won a cup with the Devils, I just pointed out he was on some of those Devil teams in the 90’s, you know, with all there other 4th liners.

  45. Kane, Hossa and Toews are definitely legit top 6 or top line forwards. No argument there.

    Big Buff and Versteeg definitely are talented, but they’ve put up numbers that are only marginally better than say Dubinsky and Callahan. They’re good players to have for sure, but certainly not all stars. They did have a very good playoffs, especially Byfuglien.

  46. You guys are going to laugh. But I believe this year, the players are going to take a more active leadership role. Specifically, Drury. There will no longer be Mr. Nice Drury; he’s going to step on toes and get players to play to their potential.

  47. The White Plains Batman on

    Avery didn’t come back until the trade deadline when Torts had taken over the team.

    As far as the Olczyk trade goes; Mess was injured a big part of 92-93 which was a disaster and they were looking for more scoring. Olcyck was a 30 and 40 goal scorer at that point, but was pretty much done because of injuries. The farm system was still stacked then so that made King considered expendable (bad move), and Kocur was the de facto tough guy. Plus, they got Kypreos as insurance the next year.

  48. bull dog – Part of the problem in Pittsburgh last year was that Malkin and Crosby were run into the ground. Both had decent showings in the playoffs(although Malkin, you could argue, disappeared). But the team clearly needed those two to be playing at 110 percent, which they simply weren’t. Anytime a team like Montreal eliminates both Pittsburgh and Washington, you know there is something awry.

    As for Chicago…I’m not sure if you watched a lot of the games during the finals, but Kane and Toews were very quiet throughout the whole series. Not to mention, they had a great supporting case to pick up the slack whenever they left it. When guys like Andrew Ladd are on your third, sometimes forth line, you’ve got a heck of a team depth-wise.

    Personally, I can’t even imagine playing hockey at the level these guys do for 80-plus games, and then tacking on another 20 games during the playoffs…and then on top of that, another eight or so games because of the Olympics. I really don’t see how anyone can look at the results of last season and not see how the games effected the ultimate outcome.

    I somewhat agree, however, playing your best players is how you win. But playing only the best players is how you get guys to burn out. The best hockey teams are those who have four solid lines that can roll and match other teams. Even if you buy the argument that Torts didn’t have enough talent to fill two top lines and that the Rangers last year were all ‘third and fourth liners'(I personally don’t…), there’s still no reason in the world why two lines were skating 24-plus minutes a game and the two other lines were scraping to break double digits in ice time. If there are six solid third or fourth liners on a team, then they should be able to take up at least 10 minutes a game…preferably more like 15 minutes(especially for third line), so that when the game is on the line in the third(or OT), guys like Gaborik can be double shifted with less of a problem. Torts seems to blow right by this thinking in his approach, which is the main reason I don’t really like him as a coach.

  49. Just picked up new NHL 11! Watch out now!

    RE: Torts-

    Listen…Torts himself admitted to many mistakes that he made during the season that cost us playoffs … i did not accuse him of anything…not playing Gaborik on PP when we badly needed points, putting the season in the hands of nostrils, mismanagement of players, redden playing minutes and list goes on and on…

  50. I believe with Avery it’s a combination of both. Torts was clearly holding him back at the beginning of last season. And Avery, perhaps, just didn’t know how to respond. At the same time, he can play well if he really gives it a full effort (game against Dallas last year).

    Torts deserves another chance, imo. But I believe that if the team starts the season on losing record, he will be back as commentator before Christmas.

  51. P.S. i think Bob Hartley could be a better fit for this team.

    i think most of us were hoping for accountability when Torts came here, but it never happened…at least not for those players who needed it.

  52. CC

    That’s what I thought Torts was going to bring; accountability. Demand more from his players and from himself. Maybe he just needed some time under his belt, and this is the year we see the results.

  53. I think Drury takes a beating on here because of the money he makes, and for no other reason.

    Drury is clearly not worth $7 million a year. However, despite seriously lacking skill, he provides a lot to a team – at the right price. I along with others have said this before – Drury is the grossly overpaid Blair Betts.

  54. Friend of the blog John Dellapina reminds us that 33 was also worn by Bruce Driver … and the unforgettable free-agent signee Dave Karpa.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  55. I agree with ILB on Avery – he has to be better obviously, but I think PART of that is due to Torts. No secret how Torts feels about him, and while nobody is saying Avery is Gabby, he can be an effective player (3rd liner) whose skills are consistently under rated.

    I don’t believe Torts has a clue as to how to make the most out of a less than stellar roster, or how to make players better. I don’t think he is inspirational, he’s a bully. He likes to tear them down and hope they build themselves back up to spite him (see Prospal’s famous remarks), but there are plenty of players that don’t respond to that. I thought he was awful last year and wish him gonzo. Also agree he speaks with forked tongue.

    I’d also like to say that disliking Torts does not automatically make you a “Renny Lover” or mean that I think Blair Betts is Tom’s illegitimate son and should be our top center or that Prucha should be scratched….

  56. CR – Let’s do it. If we start now we should be in full swing by preseason and blow them out of the water by end of October.

  57. They are better than they were last year. The kidz are developing, Frolov is strong on the puck and not a Zherdev, and Huggybear couldn’t skate either. Tortorella isn’t a 4th line guy anyways so his whole 2 minutes of icetime will be the same as any other goon–only we have the best goon in the league now! Getting rid of Redden would be awesome.

  58. CR – OK, know nothing of that site, was just looking under “Contact Us” above to see who would be the best person to start bombarding with e-mails – or we could do both. If the website petition is better, that’d be great.

  59. i don’t recall comparing Obama’s vacation time with W, CT. was comparing his with Carps ;)

    but carry on!

  60. I don’t discuss politics because I hate ALL politicians.

    But I will say I deserve more vacation than Obama and Bush combined.

  61. Blueblood

    Both are tremendously tremendous ideas. You’re a genius. Ask Carp who would be the best person to email.

  62. I think the general feeling on the blog today is that Torts needs to get some extra vacation time from the Rangers organization…as in 365/366 days a year.

  63. sorry to still disagree, but Torts is not the problem. lack of top end talent is the problem.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    P&C petition?

    Torts MAY be part of the problem, but the truth is just that our roster sucks.

  65. rmand: Then I agree. Regarding Tortorella muzzling Avery – I agree, but I also think he needs to be reigned in or else he goes over the top and becomes a distraction to the team. I am certain Chris Drury isn’t a fan of Avery’s antics – Drury likes to keep dressing room stuff away from the media and the public – Avery, when he’s carrying on like he does (and that seems when he’s the most effective in terms of agitating on the ice), is all over the media. Avery revels in it. It’s a fine line, I guess that cleary isn’t easy for Avery to straddle.

  66. >>I don’t discuss politics because I hate ALL politicians.

    Hear, hear!

    I also do not discuss religion because…well…you know the rest.

  67. does Nashville roster have top end talent? I don’t think so… and yet they in it every year and gave hell of a tough time to SC champs last season.

  68. Gaborik,Dubi, Christensen, Prospal,Cally, PAP,,Jokinen, Shelley, Prust, AA,Drury, and Voros.
    these are the forwards the Rangers made there late season run with. how could Torts not win with all that talent.

  69. bull dog

    the same argument people were making for Renney and what line-up Sather gave to him… and yet he was winning.

  70. CCCP,
    the goal is not to build a team that is 1 round in out in the playoffs. the goal is to build a team that can compete for the cup every year, and right now the Rangers don’t have that kind of talent on the team. to me, if I were a Nashville fan, being a tough out in the first round would not be acceptable.

  71. we may have a better roster with some additions that have potential but as far as the standings go we are anywhere from 7-10.

    so its the same outcome as last year

  72. to be fair CCCP, Renney never had the kind of lineup that Torts had last year.
    one last thing on Renney, he did a good job when the NHL came back, but everybody caught up to what the Rangers were doing by his 2nd full season, they went as far as they were going to go with him. he needed to go. I am not there on Torts yet.

  73. Nashville always gets in as 7th or 8th seed and ends up being knocked out by potential SC champ…so yes, it is tough

    i think last year they had a good chance upsetting Hawks but were robbed on few bad calls that cost them the series.

  74. bull dog

    true, Renney never had the kind of lineup that Torts had last year but people still complained that Renneys teams weren’t talented enough…

    and to farther prove the point that it was mostly Jagr who were carrying the team (and not Renneys coaching magic) …after Jagr had the arm injury he obviously was never the same and so was the Rangers.

    Torts gets another year… we’ll see

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “they went as far as they were going to go with him. he needed to go”

    I agree with that and was saying that in support of having him fired. The players were here and weren’t going anywhere and we needed a change. I wouldn’t have minded seeing him stay in the organization (especially with the Wolf Pack to teach two way play).

    As for Torts, I was thrilled when they landed him, but less-so now. I think he may have been a knee-jerk in the opposite direction that went a little too far. I’m interested in seeing how he does this year, but without improvement either in the standings or among the core of youth (Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, MDZ, etc.), it would be time for him to go too.

  76. Jagr, in his short time as a Ranger, probably goes down as one of the top 20 or so players in Ranger history. I would liked to have seen him play for Torts in Torts system. he would have played 30 minutes a game, and would want more.

  77. The White Plains Batman on

    Bob Hartley is not what this team needs, he is terrible and impatient with young players. He won in Colo because most of those guys were established under the LaCroix/Crawford regime. His mishandling of Lethonnen in the Rangers/Thrahers series was ridiculous.

    Nashville is underrated; every year they get more and more talent and they draft very well. Look out for Blake Geoffrion the grandson of Boom Boom and former teammate of Stepan/McD plus Colin Wilson is going to get much better. They might contend in a few years.

    The Rangers at the end of last year were strange; they had a first line and a 4th line that was their second line and two lines that couldn’t really do anything. They are better on paper at this moment.

  78. I can agree with that Doodie, if there is not improvement in the standings or in specific players I would understand him being fired. But if they go real young this year, adding 3 or 4 rookies to the lineup and seem to be building towards something, I would be less likely to let him go.

  79. Carp
    Don’t hate all the politicians – save some love for the honest ones. What? Well there must be one or two out there somewhere, Right? No? Oh well.

  80. In Torts defense, I doubt Scotty Bowman would be able to turn last years roster into a contender. But he will be expected to make the playoffs and most likely is on a short leash this year.

    CR- good work with the petition.

  81. Fedotenko to New York? This could be interesting if true… he’s a good veteran/role player and he played for Torts in Tampa. If i remember correctly, Ruslan was a big part of that Stanley Cup team with some clutch goals.

  82. Ruslan was a key part of that Cup. And of the Penguins Stanley Cup – iirc. I dont like Ruslan, but if he became a Ranger, Id like him. He could be an integral part of a playoff Rangers team.

  83. yea he played great in that stanley cup finals series against calgary… in 2004… we have like 15 forwards already, he is the last thing the rangers need right now, a guy who scored 11 goals in 80 games last year, we have enough forwards competing for jobs right now, bringing him into camp just makes it one more guy to think about putting on the team instead of a younger guy we’d rather have there, hope that artice is false

  84. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    France won 2 nil…..FINALLY!!! Amazing what happens when you dump a lousy coach

  85. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think the first link I posted was the first one I saw it on, but several tweets have now followed up. Still not sure how legit it is if at all!!

  86. Avery is a heart and soul guy. It has nothing to do with anything other than effort. The one thing the rangers have been lacking for many many years. The willingness and desire to do whatever it takes no matter what to win, that battle, that shift, that period, that game. Step by step by step. Betts, Callahan, Avery, Shelly, Messier, guys with different talent levels different roles but all played with the same passion to be the best at that moment no matter what. That kind of PASSION is CONTAGIOUS. WINNING is ALSO CONTAGIOUS. Maybe Avery should be let loose a little more no. Even is he falls off the edge. I’d rather he drag a few guys with him. At least they wouldn’t be sitting on their duff’s anymore wondering why the team can’t seem to muster any energy.

  87. The Nashville comparison is a bit off. They had some of the best D in the league the last few years with Weber, Sutter, Zanon (now with MN), Hamhuis (now with VC), and Zidlicky (now with MN). The Rangers have an average to slightly above average defensive core. The forwards of Nashville match up in talent with the Rangers, except they lack a superstar like Garborik at F. They also have had very good goalies. Basically, Nashville has had a betetr overall team than the Rangers, not to mention a really good coach.

    A team like the Rangers is going to have problems scoring when guys like Christensen, Drury (though Torts started to restrict his time later in the season), and i’m going to throw Callahan out there too are playing 17-20 minutes a nights where a lot of that time is for offensive purposes. Christensen has the talent but he has never lived up to his potential so he might pan out. Drury’s contract should be forgotten and he should be placed in a role that fits his skill sets, which at his current point in his career is the 3rd line center position. Callahan, i really think this guy is a great team player, but he does not have the talent to be in the top 6, he is an absolutely great 3rd line player, great pker, and decent 2nd PP unit guy. That’s the problem with this team though, so many 3rd/4th line guys that some of the 3rd/4th liners have to play on the top 2 lines.

    Not to mention that Dubinsky should be a good 2nd line center, but so far in his career he goes through too many lapses where he plays well below that level.

    Not that Anaheim would ever do it, but it’d be awesome if the Rangers traded Staal for Bobby Ryan somehow. The Rangers need young scoring forwards badly, and the Ducks’ D right now doesnt look too strong.

  88. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    tim g
    i agree.

    yep, one with pitt and two with carolina. is there another one???

  89. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on


    Source: Bobby Ryan has reached agreement with Ducks for contract believed 5 yrs for approximately $5.5M per.

  90. 33(and a half) years driving for Fedex….now happily retired(ex-fedex)…from jan 76 till mar.3,1985 i went to EVERY home game…as any fedexer can tell you,don’t make plans for the evenings..anyway,in all those years of working the latest i ever got to a game was with two minutes left in the first period…boy,i was a nut!but,i loved it…in those days we would congregate in the stairwells in between periods for recreational doobiefests…it was a blast…

  91. Carp’s own words-

    “But I will say I deserve more vacation than Obama and Bush combined.”

    Forget about Bush. WE are reversing everything he did.

    But Obama at least puts in a 15 hr day each day.CARP-There is no way you could be a part of that.

  92. Mako …

    Are we doing a Fantasy league again?? I gotta redeem my San Jose type season by winning the Presidents Trophy, then choking in the playoffs !!!

  93. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    So I have a question for all of you here…..Do you guys comment on the blog from your jobs or do you comment from home??? I always seem to be on the opposite of everyone and this place seems more lively during the day which makes me think most are posting from work.

  94. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on


    To silence a bad rumour before it spreads, sources say zero truth to the notion #Flames are about to tender offer sheet to Marc Staal.


  95. Random responses:

    Carp deserves every second of his vacation, and then some.

    somerset, MAKO, CCCP has set up a fantasy league. I believe there are still spots. e-mail him at

    wicky, for me, both. and I think the same for many others depending on time zone etc. Because you are “on the opposite of everyone” and always at work, your time with the assens is different. But thanks for always being here!

  96. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    thanks for the input and you’re right, I do work a lot. ILB will tell you it is only because I don’t change poopy diapers!!!

  97. Exactly, he hides at work and makes mrs wicky do that. I still doubt he knows which way the baby starts. Both of them. Not that I blame him :-)

  98. Ya know, after reading through some of these posts, there sure are some naysayers out there.

    Folks, we go the Boogeyman, we got one of the best scorers in the game, we got one of the best goalies and we have some young talent sprinkled in with a bit of veteran talent in Drury, Avery, Rozival, Dubinsky and Frolov, (Staal can be traded for a top forward).

    NO, there is no Briere, Richards or Carter or Malkin or Crosby or Ovechkin, but there is some hope of optimism about the teams future, which is refreshing for a change.

    This isn’t the days of Ortmeyer, Hollwegg, Kim Johnsson, Jessiman, Montoya or Garth Murray. I think we have legit prospects in McDonough, Krieder and Stepan, along with MDZ, Dubi, Anisimov and Callahan, kids to build around.

    I am much more optimistic this season. We got the Boogeyman to patrol the ice. Just having that makes us play harder, and in my mind computes to more wins.

  99. Vogs

    Everyone keeps saying the team looks good on paper, but…

    You actually did make it look good on paper – you just made me a bit more optimistic.

  100. Carp – that commercial from the UK was awesome, but scary

    Everyone should watch before driving their Iphones.

  101. First off, with all due respect to Ian Laperriere, he was probably the only guy on the Flyers team that hadn’t been given some sort of promotional spot by Comcast…who own both the Flyers and Versus.

    It’s frankly annoying how much they self promote that team, might be better off naming it the Flyers network.

    As for the Rangers, well I’ll certainly be curious to see how this latest mix pans out. I probably differ from most, and figure the D to be less of an issue than the lack of offense on the team.

    The Rangers have been in the top third defensively for almost the entire span since the lockout, yet their ability to score goals hasn’t been there.

    Having Dubinsky from the start should help, and Frolov at worst you’d expect to be on par with the combo of Kotalik/Jokinen…which puts the Rangers pretty much back where they were last year.

    I can’t see a whole lot more goal scoring come from the likes of Avery, Callahan, Drury or Christensen…and the improvements from Anisimov and Del Zotto I expect to be upward, though not greatly.

    Without the offense being addressed, I see the team once again battling for the 6th-10th position.

  102. vogs, I’m always excited for new season. And I like your positive attitude, like Greg!!

    Are we gonna win Stanley? Prob not. Make the playoffs? Sure hope so. Is everyone gonna whooo hoooo and bitch all season? For sure!

    It’s all about being a Rangers fan! I say, and always will, LGR!! (clap, clap, clap clap clap)

  103. I think we are better on paper compared to last year.

    If kids play well and certain other people are traded or demoted then I think we can compete with any team in the league.

    I never post from work computer, not smart to do unless you are your own boss or get paid to blog.
    But having said that…I use my smart phone quite liberally while “at work.”

    I am seriously considering a name change to nut!but

    and the natives are getting restless.

  104. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    funny tweet from lupul

    I just valet parked in Compton. I’m now thinking I probably should’ve asked to see some credentials…

  105. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    thanks for the input everyone, guess it is just the mountain time zone that throws it all off!

  106. Czechthemout!!!! on

    —According to Larry Brooks, the Rangers have offered Fedatenko a tryout but he’s not yet accepted. So much for wanting to give some kids into the lineup. This clown Sather needs to go and fast. Any kid who signs here should have his agents head examined.

    As for some of the political stuff. Please spare me the anti Bush nonsense. The average unemployment rate under his presidency was in the mid 5 percent range. Some of you would trust the vast job creation and business acumen of an individual that has never even run a hot dog stand.

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I'm doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    So WHADDA I .. AHH Think?

    Carp , your assesment of Boogaard is wrong. BOOGAARD is the shizzzel and with our young boys growing to men …we will be beasts in the East. Easy to say we will suck then all of a sudden ZzZz was right? We are poise to make sum NOISE.

    CCCP has a hate on for Torts , good . Cuz Last Ive heard Torts makes the “world most interesting man” say “interesting…” Tort is a run of a muck freak. We need that. Avery will have a great year or will be traded. Its up to how Torts wants to play it.


    The time is now.

    The stage will be set.

    Come that first game vs Buffalo , we come out strong .

    We will win.

  108. Czech, the thing about political talk is that half the people are agreeing with you. the other half think you’re an idiot. And there’s no way to convince the other half you’re anything but. And that’s true no matter which side you’re on.

    That’s why it’s not good to talk politics here.

    OMG, I can’t believe I forgot … 33: Kareem.

  109. Czechthemout!!!! on

    You are right Carp. I will try not to respond to some of the nonsense on politics on here.

    Sather is like an addict. He can’t stop himself from bringing in any other teams scraps. He thinks that some miracle will occur and some of these scrubs will turn into stars. How else can you explain this move, the Kennedy move and so many of the other head scratchers that come out of his brain?
    Eminger ? He of 6 teams in six years?

  110. Kennedy is rookie that had very similar numbers to Artie last year.

    I wouldnt lump that into the same category

  111. Fed’ trying out for the team is one thing, him actually making the team in another. If he plays well enough to make the team then good for him and shame on the kids who didn’t beat him out. If he makes the team just to be a “veteran presense” then shame on sather, torts and us for hoping those days were gone.

  112. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I have no problem bringing guys like white, kennedy, feds, or whomever for a try out. I mean who cares if it is young guys or old guys that earn their spot as long as they earn it. If the roster is full of vet guys and no youth after the end of camp (or vice versa) because they are what gives the rangers the best chance to win, then I am all for it.

    I want this club to win and I want the guys out there that give it the best chance, you know the guys that earn it in camp. Who cares if they are rookies or vets or somewhere in between….you play to win the game. Not to have the youngest or oldest roster.

    It is just like the real world, if you have 43 positions in your company and 43 green asian women can do those jobs the best then you hire 43 green asian women. Who the hell cares if you have any white males on staff or not. Maybe the white males should apply themselves more.

    young guys young guys young guys, who gives a carcillo!! Just win rangers!!

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