Slow as slow can be


Blame the weather and the holiday weekend … but it’s really slow hockey-wise right now.

It won’t be for long, with camp right around the corner.

And just 35 days until Opening Night.

35: A certain Stanley Cup-winning goalie whose number went to the rafters at MSG.

35: A personal favorite old-time NFLer, and father of an NBA player, Calvin Hill.

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  1. Slow is right, Carp. I only caught around 35 fish since early morning.
    Tommy Salo’s number should be mentioned too for his participation in the classic Rangers-Islanders fight.

  2. ilya

    You caught 35 fish in NY waters? Where…what kind. We don;t even get hits like that down here in FL much of the time.

    But I do recall my nabor (sic)cross the ST, once caught a GI
    can full of flounders from the Jetty near Port Canaveral, and when he brought them home he didn’t know what to do with them all, so he pulled out his grill and had a monster fish fry ( so to speak) and invited all the nabors (sic), and it was such a big on going thing that passersby driving by stopped and joined the party. he had run out of beer, so everyone chipped in and they grabbed some more cases enough to last the day on into evening). That was the most fish I ever saw caught at one time.

  3. Fran- I don’t know about 35, that was in the spirit of today’s post. But maybe a dozen or so. Mostly large mouth bass. Place called Sleepy Hollow Lake about half hour South from Albany.

  4. Carpy…. AWESOME with the Manny Sanguillen!!

    #35 Phil Niekro, Earl Campbell and Frank Thomas


  5. PUCK, thanks for that info from the previous post about the Hockeystreams HD feed. I guess I’ll just stick with the $70 version and count the days until we move back to the NY area!!

    FRAN… Pasquale Caputo!! LOL, thanks for bringing that up in the previous post, I remember that dude.

  6. John Davidson’s first number with the Rangers was 35(he wore three different numbers as a Ranger), and Steve Baker wore 35. he was the goaltender during the Rangers run to the semis in 1981.

  7. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    #35…wins that Henrik had last year ?

    by the way, I think I remember earl Campbell was #34 not #35, but I am old and my memory aint what it used to be.

  8. Ilb,

    you’re up in my neck of the woods. I’ve never heard of that lake but my wife tells me you are down by Athens which I am familiar with. My daughter has a friend down that way.

    Interesting fact about Athens, ny….the war of the worlds movie with Tom cruise used Athens as the setting for the scene where they are waiting to get on the ferry and then a train on fire goes by. If you look closely at that scene you can see a friend of mine standing right behind mr. Cruise, she was so excited to be an extra as she grew up in that town.

  9. linda- im thinkin of going with h-streams also for this year. i mean, when on the rare occasion the stream froze or screwed up, i could always find it on one of the free sites and i always heard people complain about the hd feeds anyway, so im gona keep it. cannot wait for even just preseason im so bored!!

  10. i’m waiting to see what NHL gamecenter has changed for the season. I’m not leaning that way because it’s $160, but if we can choose the feed we get, it might be worth it. I’m probably going to stay with hockeystreams also. It will only be 2 more seasons before we move back to the area.

  11. i’m waiting to see what NHL gamecenter has changed for the season.


    they have a new commercial…

    “If Crosby scores in Crapsburgh, will you cheer in Alabama?”


    “If Boogard scores in New York, will Greg poop his undies in Saskwatch-chew-on?”


    Bands: Page 12; Signal 12

    Albums: Patti Smith – Twelve; Cobalt 60 – Twelve

    Song: Peter Heppner [Wolfsheim] – Twelve

  13. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Figures, a “slow” day, yet carp finds time to give me a good carping!!

    yes, I work pretty much all the time. Thank the gods for direct tv, dvrs, and centre ice!

    you’re back!!!

    And I’m going back to work…later assens!!

  14. ilb

    My mistake…I made the error of assuming that you all are in the metropolitan area, now that you indicate that you’re up in the hunt’n fiswh’n area, I get it. ( Not always right away, but eventually.)

  15. Happy Sunday before Labor Day!

    BBQ with the family then off to the fair tonight.

    35-Joe Smith, side-arming pitcher for the NY Mets who is with the Indians organization now, I think


    Yay, 35 more days until real news!

    Probably not though.
    First day of the season headline:


    82: Martin Straka!

    Please, spare me.

  17. 6 days until the Rangers prospect team plays in Traverse City.

    and #6 will hopefully be buried in Hartford this year. the prospects for him are bleak.


    Oh sorry, can’t be this perfect all the time. :)

    If I was Greg I’d have written it like this:

    ROTOEN FISSSSSHHHH!!!?????? EHHH?!?!? RANGERS!!! CARPY iz FISh??!! LOLOLOL!!! YEAH!! Go team!!

    Come on, you know its true.

  19. ilb
    Remember your own advice…so, before “it” carcilliate all place, spare “it”, as “it” wishes.

  20. Does anyone know if the Rangers are having a season ticket holders fan fest at the training center like last year? Or is piece of crap Dolan too cheap to spring a few bucks to say thanks to the fans?

  21. Good evening, Carp!

    Just got back from the Wing Fest. It was awesome.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all the guest posts this week. I also love the Jersey Shore!

    35 days! Can’t wait!!!

  22. LMAO, Bring was right on two points, you gotta give him (or her) credit on that! The Greg impression was dead on.

    What a gorgeous day it was here. It’s dropped about 13 degrees from last week, and it’s nice waking up at it is NOT 75 degrees at 5:45 am! HOCKEY IS JUST AROUND THE BLOCK kiddies!

  23. …genderless, spiteful, malicious, malignant, virulent and pitiful amoeba, trying to get under the skin.

  24. Sally’s back too! Hi, girl! So all the kids are slowly coming back.
    When is Mako’s preseason appearance?

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Yo , Bring on the season guy…

    #1 I do not go ” LOL ” for starters.

    #2 I never go ” FULL CAPS”

    #3 I never go “EH”

    #4 I never say “Carpy”

    #5 I never get that excited about “fish”

    #6 I can spell rotten , its the tough words I have prob with.

    #7 I never say “go team”

    #8 Don’t screw up and use me in an example.

    #9 Don’t assume ,Im not perfect.

    #10 Don’t mistake my passion for stuipitity.

  26. and we still need Nasty, TR, Staal, Pavel, deja, JPG, noremry, fozzy, shattenkirkheadzo and a few others ;-)

  27. Carp,
    yes, Baker was 35. he was the goalie that Fred Shero when asked who was his number 1 goalie in the 79- 80 season was, Shero replied he’s in New Haven. meaning Baker, who at the time was the goalie in New Haven.

  28. bring on the season should be careful, or greg might find him and make him watch opening night from a hospital room. yes, greg didnt like english class. but he liked gym class. up where hes from they wrestle grizzly bears instead of humans.

  29. wick- ive been here all along!! i read the blog every day man! i just didnt post. was workin alot and tryin to catch up to all the comments was not fun. i had to skip a few posts haha. just too many ya know. i have liked all the guest blogs too. i rememeber when we first did those last year. good fun.

  30. Good evening all! Calvin Hill, the father, is an alumnus of my high school. 1 degree of separation! We had a really good football program, obviously, but he was also way before my time (especially since I’m only 26.)

    ilb, 35 fish!! I LMAO at that!

    I know we’re all excited about season coming, but I for one have enjoyed this jibberishy summer on the best rangers blog ever!

  31. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    sorry folks, haven’t posted much for the past few months so thought I would drop by and say hello

  32. @Linda/Puck

    Hey I saw you talking about hockeystreams. Could I have a little more info on them & not what the site says cause all sites say they are the best and fastest and never blacked out & we all know thats crap. Im basically looking for the basics, cost, games (mainly rangers), blackouts, etc…

    Don’t know if you saw the convo with Joke but I need to cut some bills & Im trying to somehow salvage my rangers. :)


  33. Tim

    they are making some changes to their offerings on the 14th. I’m thinking they will be changing the pricing structure. Last season I had their hq feed and it was $70. the hd feed was priced at $99. The feeds did freeze up on occassion, but the guys got on it as soon as they knew about it and took care of it. There were some games that were a real struggle to watch, but all in all, i did get to see every game last season, and spent $89 less than what wanted for gamecenter live, which i had for the previous season and was NOT happy with it at all.

    They are based out of Canada. The only games i did not watch on their service where when the Rangers were on a national telecast… which i got to watch on my own HD tv lol. The worst part about it is when you get the other teams feed, which happened for about half the games. There is no way you can choose the feed you get. If comes up with that, i MIGHT go to it because i’d rather listen to our guys (no matter how much I complain about Joe and Al lol).

    Hope this helps. If you’re thinking of signing up, do it before the 14th in case they do change the fee structure.

  34. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Glad I could help with a laugh mama!!

    On a hockey related note, slats usually has a few vet roster invites planned for training camp (I still think he has a trade up his sleeve), any one have any ideas/thoughts on who it might be?

    I think he gives one to kozlov, wellwood, and maybe witt (he usually invites a vet d man and likes the guys that other teams pay part of their salaries).

  35. Tim G, wish I would help, but I know nothing about that stuff (TR, are you out there?:) The only “fortunate” thing about living in MSG land is having MSG (or MSG2 or Versus or all that crap) but at least I get to see the games without trouble (mostly) for “free.”

  36. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    for what it’s worth, i like direct tv and centre ice. We pay 55 bucks a month (one time additional fee for centre ice of 170 bucks for the season) get 200+ channels (only watch about 10) including all of the msg networks, versus (thank the gods), nhl network and a couple soccer channels. That 55 bucks includes all HD and a HD DVR with like 300 hours.

  37. >>JB, dont forget the 12 days of Christmas!

    Yeah, Linda, that ought to count too. The thing is, I only list albums and songs that are actually in my music collection. Knowing how much I dislike seasonal tunes, I doubt “12 Days of Christmas” would find itself in there. However, I do have “Boneloc 12 Days Drinking” by Arzt & Pfusch.

    [Yes, I listen to weird underground music.]

  38. Anyone just catch Cally on Mike’d Up? Bruce Beck was hosting so it was actually watchable and Cally talked about the new acquisitions and talked about how geared up the team is heading into the season.

    I’m sure it’ll be able to be found online at some point. Was a 5-minute interview but he did a good job as always.


  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Doing the Boogy!!! " ..says Greg L. on

    Everyone will need those loud party horns cuz the Rangers will start the season on another winning streak.

    Will we keep our lead …? Hard to say but I do know we will start the season with a bang. Beating buffalo will be a start . The Sabres are going DOWN.

  40. I just got a surprise jolt…and I hope that I;m wrong

    Just finished checking out the regular schedule for this coming season, and it showed the TV schedule for the pre season games, but on the regular season, the section for TV was left blank.

    What does this signify?

  41. fran- where did u see that? cant be possible to only show preseason. whats the point? i know direct tv didnt show live ranger games a few years ago. i had to wait for rangers in 60, or rangers rewind.

  42. Grtabby

    I just went to the internet and pulled Ranger Schedule for 2010 2011

    It showed the TV for the pre season games, but under the listing for regular season under the caption TV it was all blank.

  43. Fran, don’t panic. They are still deciding between the Knicks, the Deviks, Fishsticks and the Rangers. In terms of which one goes on MSG, which one on MSG + or MSG2. Maybe delusional Dolan is still hoping Lebron changes his mind lol.

    Good morning, boneheads!

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