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Let me first thank Carp for the opportunity to do a guest blog.  This is my second time (the first was a belated thank you letter to Jaromir Jagr) and it’s tough to follow all the recently great and well-written entries.  Consider the posts before me like a bunch of episodes of “Lost” and this to be something a little easier on the brain…a “Jersey Shore” episode if you will (more on that later).  Anyway, let’s get to it…

If some of you are like me, when you are bored, you fire up YouTube and randomly search for entertaining Rangers clips for some quick entertainment.  Well, while some Boneheads like to post links in the comments every now and again, I thought I would use this opportunity to list my favorite Rangers-related clips with a little blurb on why I like the clip.

(DISCLAIMER: None of these clips will have any connection to 1994.  If you’re starving for clips from 1994, that means you: (1) aren’t a big fan; (2) don’t have MSG Network in your cable package; and/or (3) don’t know how to use YouTube too well.)

There is really not too much to dissect from this clip.  Simply put, and I don’t think I’m biased, the Rangers goal horn and song is at the top of the NHL.  Granted, you barely hear it these days (insert rim shot here).  But, when you’re at MSG and if you’re lucky enough to see a goal, there’s nothing better than joining the other fans: “WHOOOOOA OHHH OHHH!  WHOOOOOA OHHH OHHH!  WHOOOOOA OHHH OHHH!  WHOOOOOA OHHH OHHH!   HEY!  HEY!  HEY HEY HEY!”  I’m getting pumped up just thinking about it.  Is it October yet?

There is simply no way not to group these three clips together.  The first clip is the highlights of Game 5 of the 2008 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Devils, a game the Rangers won 5-3 to clinch the series.  The second clip is the handshake line following the game.  The final clip is Sean Avery’s postgame interview.

One of my favorite parts of the game highlights is the guy in the first row giving the Devils the double middle finger while they were celebrating Gionta’s goal that opened the scoring.  LOVE IT.  But, there are several other reasons to love the game highlights: (1) the sheer amount of Rangers fans at the Rock (or Pebble, if you will) that night was mind-numbing; (2) the game itself was crazy entertaining…the Devils score first, the Rangers reel off four unanswered goals, the Devils score two back (including a shot that somehow found its way home from center ice), and John Madden has a penalty shot to tie the game only to be stopped by Henrik; and (3) it was sweet, sweet redemption from the first round sweep by the Devils two years prior.

As you obviously recognize, the game feed used for the clip was TSN.  And, as we all discovered, Devils color commentator Chico Resch, on the MSG Plus feed, unleashed an epic whiny, homer rant during the handshake line.  So, the second clip is the MSG Plus feed.  It contains the final seconds of Game 5 and the handshake line.  Resch maintained an optimistic disposition until around 3:01 of the clip.  I love that he admits to being a homer during the rant as if this was breaking news to anyone.

Now, what is interesting about the MSG Plus feed is that they actually showed Brodeur and Avery not shaking hands.  But, the camera angle they used did not make it evident at the time.  So neither Emrick nor Resch picked up on it at the time, which is understandable since it was hard to recognize it at the time.

But, the MSG feed did capture it as it happened.  So, it was automatic that Avery would be brought in for a postgame interview.  And no write-up can really do it justice.  Just watch and enjoy and remember a time when Avery actually was able to play like himself and not the watered down version of himself that Tortorella is forcing upon him.

Ahh yes…when Rozsival had his most value.  If it wasn’t for Chris Drury in Game 5, this game might have been looked at as the turning point of the Rangers as an organization.  I remember screaming louder than I have ever screamed before when Rozsival buried that goal in double overtime.  The highlights of the game don’t even do the game justice as it was nerve-wracking, nip-and-tuck, back-and-forth, low scoring affair (a.k.a. just another day at the office for Tom Renney).  Still, I still find myself watching it all the time.

A tribute to a Rangers Report favorite and cult hero.  Seriously, who doesn’t miss this guy?

The reason I chose these three clips is that I happened to be at all three of those games.  I will never forget Orr-Fedoruk.  I was given a seat a few rows behind the visitor’s penalty box so I had an incredible view of the fight from the other side.  After Orr knocked Fedoruk out of commission, everyone around me was going wild and I was in shock.  The way Fedoruk went down, I thought he died.  It was really scary to see and, as much as I despise everything there is to do with the Flyers, it was a relief to see that he was okay…and it made me feel better about watching the clip of the fight over and over again.

Orr-Rupp happened at the Rock while the Rangers were enduring a miserable losing streak.  After Orr roundhoused Rupp to the ground, I thought that would breathe some life into the team and maybe turn things around.  They lost 3-0.  Sigh.

Orr-Brashear was an instant classic.  They went for nearly a full minute and, to me, it was mostly a draw…though, Orr got some great licks in there, which, years later, is even sweeter than it was back then.  The combination of great love for Orr and extreme hatred for Brashear makes this matchup fun for everyone.

(And now…just for fun…)

(banging head on desk)


That is all.  Hope you guys enjoy the clips (except for the last one).  If any of you love “Jersey Shore” as much as I do (don’t judge me), check out my latest “Jersey Shore” power rankings here:




Hi, kids. It’s Carp.

Thirty-seven days until the Opener.

37: The Old Perfesser, Casey Stengel.

37: Paul Broten.

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  1. The Puck Drops Here on

    Everyone must be watching the clips. Think I’ll do the same. Good way to start my Friday at work before a holiday.

  2. Noah

    The fiery emotion just oozes out of your very pores.

    I do believe that you are worthy of being considered as one of the old Gallery Gods of the old Garden on 55th St & 8th ave in the late 40;s and early 50’s.

    Those guys were also dyed red white and blue, and their loyalties to a very mediocre line of Ranger teams, were
    fascinating to watch. ( If I were you I’d keep away from balconies, and above all never bring a multi-knotted rapelling rope with you. (lol)

    We await further action on your behalf.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    The Rangers goal song is titled “Slapshot” and it’s by Ray Castoldi, the Music director of Madison Square Garden. He has also been the organist since 1989. Sadly, I knew that without looking it up. Interesting fact once I looked it up to double-check the accuracy of my statement: the song made it’s debut the night the Rangers raised the Stanley Cup banner in 1995.

    I like the post about the 06-07 playoffs. I think the next time guest blogs roll around, I would want to write one about that season. I still maintain that the team that year was easily the best we’ve had since the lockout and probably will be the best team we have for at least another 2 or 3 years, and possibly even longer. I really thought we had a chance that year. Then Chris Drury screwed us for 6 years (that year as a Sabre and the next 5 as a Ranger).

  4. Good post, Noah. Really enjoyed the links. Well, could do without Wade Redden.
    Coton Orr- the best right since Joey Kocur?

    Good morning, boneheads!

  5. 37, George McPhee.
    did not realize that still being able to enjoy 94 makes you less of a fan. history is what sports are all about.

  6. in answer to the Hernandez question, he wore 37 with the Cardinals, and 17 with the Mets. he could not have 37 with the Mets because it is retired for Casey Stengel.

  7. >>in answer to the Hernandez question, he wore 37 with the Cardinals, and 17 with the Mets. he could not have 37 with the Mets because it is retired for Casey Stengel.

    Yeah, I thought about that after I posted it.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I think what he was saying was that if you hadn’t seen or have had the ability to see a plethora of ’94 material, then you are less of a fan, i.e., it’s on MSG network ALL SUMMER, you can find a ton of video (including whole games) on youtube, etc.

  9. Good morning all! Noah, I love this post! Haven’t had time to watch all the clips yet, but I definitely will…..Guess which one I’ll start with!

  10. Noah,
    I for one do not miss Colton Orr, guys like him are a dime a dozen. and can we please stop making excuses for Avery, he has not played well in 2 years, thats nobody’s fault but Avery.

  11. bull dog – I’m no apologist for Orr either…but my issue comes with the fact that he fit well with a line that was one of the best checking lines in the league and he did his job. I kind of balked when I saw the Leafs signed him to a million per for four years…but then Sather brings in Brashear for $1.6 million…and now Boogaard.

    I would gladly take Orr back these days, only because it would mean $600,000 more on the cap, and that’s before you consider the fact that the Rangers had to take a has-been like White back to simply get Brashear off the books. Theoretically, you could say letting Orr go is now costing the Rangers $3.9 million!

    I still really liked that line of Sjostrom-Betts-Orr. Betts and Shoe made up for Orr’s foot speed, and they were a solid unit.

  12. Doodie’s right. I’m not poo poo’ing 1994 in any way. But if you’re a fan, it’s highly likely you have experienced MSG shoving specials and replays down your throat. But do I still watch them? Of course!

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys

  13. Here are some other “immortal” # 37s: Paul Broten, Brent Fedyk, Daniel Lacroix, Norm MacIver, Mikkael Samuelsson, Tim Sweeney, Tony Tuzzolino, and Ryan VandenBussche.

    I always liked Paul Broten, but why does it always seem the Rangers end up with the Shemp types when it comes to brothers as opposed to the Moe or Curly types? The Rangers have Paul instead of Neil (or even Aaron) Broten. They acquire Fedor Fedorov instead of getting Sergei Federov; Marcel Hossa instead of Marian etc, etc, etc. :-(

  14. The Puck Drops Here on

    Doodie, I did walk across the Brooklyn Bridge last weekend. Good thing, too, because the construction project had already obstructed some of the view on the north side of the bridge. I had a great time and took a bunch of pictures. Thanks for the tips.

  15. well, they did get Wayne Gretzky and not Brent. And James Patrick, and not Steve (though he came later in a trade for Dave Maloney … and they had Don, too). And Henrik Lundqvist and not his twin brother.

    but, they didn’t get the other Staals, either.

  16. Fran
    The old Garden was on 8th Ave but was between 49th and 50th street. Saw many games there in the 60’s, sitting in the balcony for $1.50 (50 cents with a GO card if you didn’t mind standing for the whole game and not seeing the 1/4 of the ice along the near boards.)
    As for Casey – Well, we’got Throneberry on first and he’marvelous as long as he doesn’t have to catch the ball. Now up the middle there’s Chacon and Mantilla can turn 2 sometimes while on 3rd we’got Charley Neal who homered in the World Series for the Dodgers In ’59. Behind the plate is Choo Choo Coleman and starting on the hill will be Jay Hook who can explain scientifically why a curveball curves, he just can’t throw a curve. I’m so excited I’m doing the St. Vitus dance.
    If you remember any of this stuff, you are as old as me.

  17. Someone mentioned the name George McPhee and as usual that triggered a moment in time, for me……….

    My eldest daughter was offered a teaching assistantship
    by the Bowling Green (Ohio) economics dept as a teaching
    assistant, and had no time for school activities. She said that McPhee was BMOC among the co-eds there, but she only ran into him at a couple of gatherings and both times he was dead drunk. She never went to a game, nor heard of him again, until I happened to mention his name as having been signed by the NY Rangers. Her response was,,,”Really?
    lots of luck.” Put her down as ” undecided” as to his future’

  18. ‘afternoon, boneheads!

    Been busy at work this morning but wanted to update blog on the puppy girl situation. According to some euro papers she was brought in an interviewed by Bosnian police. And just like I thought, due to her age she is in no real danger of severe punishment. Her parents may face up to $5000 in fines and possible jail time.

  19. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    Good post Noah. I just remembered how damn good that game 5 vs the Devils was. If only RnR shot the puck more…

  20. which brings me to a question… why did Drury and Gomez had to do a coin toss to see who gets #23? Gomez always wore #23 and Drury obviously could’ve picked a different number!

    Sather is such a show off!

  21. That guy at the us open needs a De Niro style smack down. I’m talking freshly shined shoe to the face. Total disrespect to a woman and older man. The young guys around him should have quieted him down before it got out of hand. Disgusting punk talking trash to a woman like that, sticking his finger in her face. I’m not saying the woman was right but you can’t be acting like that.

  22. Carp
    Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s the Ferraro twins (who hailed from Long Island) played on the Ramapo Saints Bantam AA team out of Sport-o-Rama. That team went out to the Hockey USA Tier 1 National Championship Tournament and won the whole thing.

  23. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    CCCP, invite sent. Joke, to be honest, the kid sat down. The old man initiated the escalation after (it looked like) everyone calmed down. I can’t blame the kid for defending himself.

  24. Cr9,

    I take it all back, they deserved it…lol


    I almost would agree if it was just the old guy right from the start. But you can tell the young guy is being a piece of carcillo and I can only imagine what he was saying to the girl the whole time. The lady turns to walk away and the young guy keeps going at her verbally. Assuming the old man is her dad then I can justify him wanting to protect his daughters honor by having a few words. To me it looks like the kid jumps up a little too eager to fight a guy that looks to be about 70. Nobody is faultless but the kid was out of hand. Early reports in the paper said the guy was using f word all night and the lady asked him to stop and he got mouthy. To meit looks like they are fighting about seats or maybe not moving to let her through?? Idk, just irks me to see a young, strong guy like that get lippy with a women and then toss an oldman like that. My two cents I guess

  25. Old Coach:

    Were you one of the gallery Gods of the late 40’s and early 50? If you [paid 1.50 for seats, then it must have been a bit later for we paid >85 cents, and true you had to stand at the rail, but they were best in the house Did you know Norman McLean from I think White Plains…he was one of the leaders in the nuttiness that went on up there. I lost rrack of him shortly thereafter and have heard no more.
    we were good friends…he get me in up there, and I helped him get in to New Haven Ramblers games ( Rangers farm then) when Emil Francis was their main goalie. ) Great times, great guys, more laughs than a comedy show. They were straight out of Damon Runyon.

  26. NY post has updated article and better more detailed video up. Woman slaps the kid but because I’m at work I can’t really turn it up to hear the verbal exchange…can anybody listen or read lips better then me? It also seems to show the old man doesn’t grab kids neck until kid stands up. A lot of blame to go around it looks like.

    But if anybody can tell what’s actually being said it would help. Does the kid tell her to hit him?

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    In response to the tennis fight video:

    What do you call it when an Italian person only has one arm?

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Seems like the guy was being a loud-mouthed jerk, but in truth probably hadn’t done anything ACTUALLY wrong. Rude? Probably. Wrong? No. Then the woman smacks him, and he mouths off some more, but still just sits down. Then the old guy comes over and puts his arm around the guy’s head and they both take a tumble with the old guy getting the worst of it.

    In the end, it looked like they all got what they deserved.

  29. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Good afternoon ILB and all!!

    good links and post. thanks!

    did you guys see comrie signed with the pens?? Avery will have fun with that one!!

  30. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    The old man moves toward him 1st. Arguing is one thing, everyone gets into those. But when you put your hands on someone, that person has the right to defend himself how he sees fit. Just IMO.

  31. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    I just realized the implication of what I said. Once Marian dropped his gloves 1st on Carcillo…. :(

  32. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    you name the cup yet??? I still like the paws and claws cup the best!!

    re the video. This is one of those weird situations. If I was the younger guy (granted I’m reasonably sure that I would not have been as “mouthy”) I would have done the same thing in defending myself if the old guy went after me like that. With that being said, had I been in the stands and saw the young guy do that to the old man, I probably would have jacked the young guy…..I know, weird right??

  33. i like the “Paws and Claws Cup” the best also. We should honor our RR matriarch with a tribute to her kindness and generosity.

  34. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    the only other one I can come up with is Lord Carpleys Cup.

    off to work, later assens!!

  35. Hey all. Got a question I’m hoping someone can help me with. I live in upstate new york (about 20 minutes north of Albany for anyone keeping track). That for some bizarre reason means I’m supposed to be a Sabres fan. I’ll go off on blackouts and zoning at some point later in the season, I’m sure. What I need help with is if anyone knows enough about said blackouts and zoning & all that insanity to let me know if I where to order center ice or gamecenter would I be able to see all the rangers games. Or would i miss some? Which ones? Which networks? Home? Away? please help trying to consolidate bills & I miss so many games as it is.

    Thanks in advance.

  36. I was watching that match on TV last night. Was wondering what happened. Not that complex to me…He was saying all that pleasant stuff to a woman. And was waving his hands in front of her face. Where I come from, he would be in the hospital.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, she got in his face and slapped him much earlier on in the process. The guy, while rude, probably drunk, and foul-mouthed, didn’t instigate anything.

  38. Tim g,

    I am from Albany and get center ice each year. The only rangergames you will miss are maybe three or four throughout the year that are on NHL or tsn network. You can get NHL network for about $4 extra a month, nothing you can do about tsn games but that rarely happens. It’s too risky to not get center ice in out area because as you know they play buffalo all the time. Then when knicks start, you have to worry about them as well.

    Also with center ice you get so many other good games besides rangers. Definitely worth it in my book. You can save a little by ordering early or save a lot by waiting until about 1/2 way through season. You can pay in installments as well of about $40. Hope this helps.

  39. One more thing about center ice…

    Not sure if you have high def tv but center ice only provides one HD channel, all other games will broadcast in non HD. I have HD so I watch mostly MSG HD unless blackout or buffalo on, that’s when center ice comes into play.

    Any questions, let me know

  40. Any guy should have enough pride and decency to walk away from any possible loud, let alone physical, argument with a woman.

    The deal should be approved. And as much as it sounds like NHL bullied NHLPA into amending the CBA, I disagree. Essentially, NHL caved in and by amending the rules is trying to save their face. If the deal isn’t approved, the Kovalchuk is gone to KHL, and with him potential 50 exciting goals. They agreed to grandfather his and other contracts as long as the CBA is changed to address these long contracts in the future. First of all, everyone knows those are ridiculous contracts and the issue should be addressed. Second, what future? They only have one more offseason left before they have to look into new CBA. How many players will be available to even think about those kinds of contracts? How many teams will have the money or cap space next year?
    After that, the issue is back on the table anew. Clean slate. Of course NHLPA agreed. Good move. On both parts.

  41. Anybody else seen the knitted beards you can buy for winter time? Was I the only one reminded of Sally from the playoff Mara beard contest??

  42. Fran
    My first Ranger game was in ’54 with my Dad and Uncle when I was 5. I didn’t become a gallery regular until the early 60’s when I was in high school and I don’t think I had the pleasure of knowing Norm, although I sat in so many sections that I may have met him once or twice.

  43. Great pst Noah. I’ve only commented a few times over the past few years, but figured I’d start doing so more often after everyone’s kind words about my post yesterday.

  44. Doodie,
    Yes, he did. If you watched carefully final part, old man already took his women by back of t-shirt in obvious attempt to finish further escalation (like saying-enough already, stop it) and get back to their seats, women proceeded, and at this time punk was shouting in her back something, following it with an obscene gesture or something…I can assure you it wasn’t pleasantries, but kind of direct and rude insult. You could clearly see how old man (gentleman, no doubt) reacted on that, when he turned around and without any hesitations and further word exchange, went to action, unfortunate for him but noble.
    And all this thing is not about who started first or anything – it just about totally inappropriate, uncivilized pattern of behavior to older people, pure impudence and audacity, lack of basic understanding of just normal human norm.ILB is right 1000% – I was sadly surprised, that punk after all can still be able to talk using unbroken jaw and limbs – soft surrounding. In some stadiums I knew he (or his leftovers) would be nicely packed in medium size duffel bag.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    As I said, rude, foul-mouthed, etc. But the woman got in his face first AND slapped him.

  46. Thanks Jon. You were a tough act to follow, as was everyone else.

    Speaking of the Paul Mara Beard Contest, to this day, I want a recount!

  47. Good friday afternoon ‘heads.

    Things went well, in case you were wondering, now it’s all down to mulling things over and making decisions. EEK.

    I thought stuff like that was banned at tennis matchs. Insanity.

    Off to see some sights!

  48. It is official:
    The agreement means that Kovalchuk’s contract with the New Jersey Devils will also get approved as part of a new global settlement. His 15 year, $100 million will be approved once all of the agreements between the league and PA are signed. Deals like those signed by Kovalchuk, Roberto Luongo, Marian Hossa, and Marc Savard will be the last of their kind.


  49. If you have the studio version of the song on your iTunes, it sounds an awful lot like “WHOA” and not “GOAL.” But, you may be right, who knows.

    Either way, the song is awesome!

  50. Doodie
    It’s really doesn’t matter. Not my point, as I stated – it is matter of certain culture and basic understanding of human behavior, not a criminal case in court. Don’t know about you, but I was brought the way if someone throws dirty insults to my mother, daughter or wife or insult older people in my presence,I throw punches reflectory, regardless of consequences. And I’m not saying that I’m right-just comes naturaly.

  51. i’m with 4everanger… if i was with that lady…oh boy…that kid would been collecting his teeth from the ground in a second! Though, i must admit…i try to avoid these type of situations as much as i can since most of the time when confronted with BS like that i just go blind and the rest is not up to me!

  52. Blue Seat Horror on

    If they send one of your guys to the hospital you send one of their guys to the morgue.

    That’s the tennis way!

  53. re: the trophy names

    Championship Trophy – YOUSE THE BEST LORD CARP CUP! which is a donut trophy with carp’s face in the middle!

    Last Place – Porta-Party Trophy! (i hope wicky gets that one)

    Best Regular Season Record – TA, Paws ‘n Claws Oy Vey Cup!

  54. Oy! So much to catch up on!

    First, Doodie, that punk was out of line. According to witnesses, he dared the woman to slap him, so she did, and he slapped her back. In watching the video, I’m more appalled that someone didn’t step in to ease the situation until it got nuts. Not defending the ultimate result of what she and her companion did, but geez, all she did was ask him to stop saying Hartnell and he went crazy. Punk.
    P.S. Full disclosure. I once (long ago) punched out a guy in a bar. All I’ll say is, he deserved it :) Bartender wasn’t happy, but I was!

    On Kovy, I’m just glad it’s over I guess. We’ll see if deals like this “will be the last of their kind.”….see more in next post, I’m going on too long for your heads’ attention :)

  55. Oh, I love the name the Cup deal! Brilliant! Thanks to those who included moi, in whatever form (or course I love those best!) But so many good ideas!

    May I add?
    Last place: Shine Box Cup
    Second place: You Got Carped Cup
    First: Carpinmama

    League awards:
    Most traded: TA
    Most beloved: Paws and Claws
    Worst contract: Pause and Clause (thanks Puck!)
    Most disappointing: Oy Vey
    Most delishy: Aves (OK, OK….had to throw that in!)

    That’s all I got got for now!
    Hey, C3P, before season starts and we have to ban fantasy talk, I know we can all message on the espn site, BUT (oy, another site to keep track of)…are all league folks FB bonesheads? If so, it would be a good idea to set up an easy discussion board there. If not, Sally and Linda, we need to get them in? Am I right?

  56. Laurel, I believe the league has either a message board or chat available. If we did it on facebook, everyone would get alerts and they may not like that.

  57. @Joke Thank you so much. If I have center ice but not versus will I miss those games? Or will center ice pick them up?
    Same thing with MSG, let’s say MSG is showing it will Center ICE be blacked out.

    Does anyone know is gamecenter (’s deal) goes with the same blackout rules as Center also.

    Im not to worried about NBC I can get that on Airwaves. Im trying to see if I can go all broadband. Hulu, netflicks, gamecenter,, & and air waves.

    Thanks again

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's do the BOOGY!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    I think the winner should get a championship belt , like in the UFC and the WWE.

    The Bonehead belt!!!!

    The Bonehead Fanatsy draft heavey weight champion!!!!

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's do the BOOGY!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    We can give out belts according to bloggers weight. If your like 130 lbs ya get the lightweight belt if ya win.
    This idea could be a problem cuz I can see bloggers trying to “cut weight” just to win in the draft.

    Good post Noah , I watched ’em all .John V , good job yesterday.

  60. Linda, saw your FB message and post here. You’re right. We’ll keep it to espn. Sigh, more work for mama!

    CR…uh, no!

    TA all. Long week and need to sign off. See you every now then over the long weekend. Have fun, but be safe! No texting, iPhoning etc while driving!

    This message brought to you on behalf of the Carpinmama :)

  61. i already assigned the names for three cups..see my post at 5:55pm


    12 out of 20 ppl in the league are from RR

    i have my cousin and some of my buddies in the league as well. We can definitely chat inside the league…

  62. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    congrats….at some point, you should eat at the courtesy diner. It is quite the “experience” if you want to see a very eclectic group of people. Food isn’t bad, but I always ate breakfast food there no matter the time of day!

  63. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Love the porta potty one CCCP. They are all good actually!

    back to work, later assens!!

  64. OK, all good Cup names…. C3P, still want fantasy league for dummies help! send to my other e-mail please!

    also, Linda is right, we’ll keep fantasia to espn, not here or FB (I’m doomed!)

    OY, TA etc….LGR!

  65. Okd coach

    Norm was a real tall lanky guy ( I’d say about 6-5 and about 165 lbs, and he wore large plastic rimmed glasses, and he had a big grin all the time showing lots of teeth. And he was pure NY. And no matter what anyone told him, it was never news to him, he always had a response and a grin, like, “so…there’s a hippo in the pool,what about it?”

  66. >>where’s JB? 13 days and approximately 15 hours until camp opens!!

    Salut Linda! I was somewhat distracted by work most of the day. I got home and decided to catch up on some Euro Qualifiers [more fùtbol].

    Ah yes, feeling lucky with “13”!
    [Album: Saga – Generation 13; AND, I can still reference Depeche Mode’s “Little 15”.]

  67. JB, we missed Wingers “SEVENTEEN” lol, yes, i went there. Hairbandarama!! (and Neil Sedaka’s happy birthday sweet 16 lol)

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's do the BOOGY!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Zucarelloooooooooooooooo!!!!! This little guy could be the second comming of Marty St.Louis!!! sure , I know he may not make the club . Read this from the link posted earlier today:

    ” Whether Zuccarello-Aasen opens the year on Oct. 9 with the Rangers in Buffalo or with the Wolf Pack at home against the Charlotte Checkers, he’s entering camp with the belief he can play in the NHL. But he knows there will be an adjustment to playing in a new league on smaller rinks with unfamiliar teammates.”

    We are loaded with speed ,speed and more speed. Our team besides Boogaard is fast!!! That is sweet!! Al of ’em are quik.

    Delzotto,Cally,Dubi,gaborik,Avery,giradi ..even Drury is fast. This team is beuty . Im excited and I know when the season starts , I wont be watching baseball!!!

    RANGERS , where for thou are you Rangersssssss!!!???

    We haven’t had a player “cameo” fer awhile…

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's do the BOOGY!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    ahh I feel better.

    Now back to your normal schelduled broadcasting.

  70. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Let's do the BOOGY!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    I can’t resist!!!!

    GO BOYS!!!!! This team is super cool!!!! Our team rocks man ,minus Redden.

    GO GO GO GO GO!!!!! I can’t wait til the season , then im gonna get excited!!!!

    seriously 5 difference makers this year.





    Zucarello or frolov

    If all of them improve , hands down …we win the east this year . Bank it.

  71. Nice post Noah. But we all know that stupid show Lost fries the brain much more than Jersey Shore ;)

  72. Tim g,

    don’t quote me on the following but I don’t think anything blocks out center ice games except if and when the rangers might play on the NHL network. As for if it is on versus, I have versus HD and so I don’t really remember ifthey showed it on cent ice at the same time. Remember, center ice is standard def except one channel. So if it was on versus I wouldn’t bother watching it on the other channel. I hope that makes sense. My problem is when on my HD MSG channel it tells me I should be watching rangers in HD, but instead I’m watching buffalo in standard on the HD channel. So that’s when it is best to have center ice. I watch rangers on center ice and sometimes it is the away broadcast or Sam and Joe. But you get to wath and hear all kinds of games, say 9 or 10 a night if that many teams are playing. Can’t beat it. I don’t know about any of the streaming stuff.

  73. People are underestimating the Rangers this year. They got better by subtraction and addition. A sweet backup goalie that can give Henrik a rest, the most feared enforcer in the league, a kid from LA who is strong on the puck and can play along the boards pass and score, Callahan, Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Girardi, Staalzy (sign already chump nobody is giving you an offer sheet!) and the rest of the kidzz Kidzzzz, etc. etc.

    Drury’s contract is up soon and Redden will have to work his soft tushy (I didn’t swear for you, Carp) off and play well or he can be lifetime captain of the Wolfpack. win-win right there. It’s a bright future.

    Happy Friday kids it’s getting late I’m off to the bar


  74. I watched diary of a wimpy kid tonight and the older brother looks a lot like Artem anisimov…to me I guess.

    And I hope my above post makes sense.

  75. I’m jonesing so bad for hockey. i swear, i feel has if I’m going through withdrawal. i can’t take it anymore. i need my hockey, REALLY bad. I get this anxious feeling when i sit @ the puter looking for any kind of hockey related news.

    is this bad?

  76. Blue Seat Horror on

    It’s okay, blaze. It’s okay. I think they have a patch your doctor can prescribe to get you through the summer. It simulates the feeling you get when you see 2 defenders and a forward chasing 1 puck carrier behind the net and leaving the slot unguarded.

  77. wow, Friday night and the boneheards are out in minor force. I can tell we are gettin closer to hockey season.

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