Happy September!


Happy, because September means hockey … pre-training camp, training camp, preseason.

And, 39 days until Opening Night.

39: The Dominator. Dominik Hasek, maybe the best goalie ever for a stretch of years. Certainly in the conversation.

39: Doug Weight, until he was traded for Esa Tikkanen, and Todd Marchant (for one game), until he was traded for Craig MacTavish.

39: Dan Cloutier, who liked to fight as much as he liked to stop pucks. About his gloves, following the event on Long Island, he said, simply, “They came off.”

You guys already mentioned some of these, if not all … also, 39: Dave Parker.


39: Chris Chelios’ age in 1939.

See youse.

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  1. We don’t have enough players like Cloutier. I’m sure Wicky will agree :-) Why did we ever let this kid go?

  2. Blaze,

    congratulations!! Hopefully the funding is able to bring relief if not a cure to those suffering.


    enjoy the last day and best wishes as you forge ahead!!

    For those who are Twitter savvy…jimcerny has some links to good articles about informal ranger workouts with some good quotes etc…I’m not sure if articles are at rangers site or NHL site

  3. The list of #39 Rangers includes a whole lot of AHL-level players and a Stanley Cup champion coach: Drew Bannister, Joel Bouchard, Alexandre Giroux, Dan LaCouture, Steve LaRouche, Peter Laviolette, Shawn McCosh, Brad Smyth, Vladimir Vorobiev, and Trent Whitfield.

  4. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    LOL, love the Chelios reference.

    Thirty-nine is the sum of five consecutive primes (3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13) and the sum of the first three powers of 3 (31 + 32 + 33). Given 39, the Mertens function returns 0.

    39 is the smallest natural number which has three partitions into three parts which all give the same product when multiplied: {25, 8, 6}, {24, 10, 5}, {20, 15, 4}.

    39 is the 12th distinct semiprime and the 4th in the {3.q} family. It is the last member of the third distinct biprime pair (38,39).

    39 has an aliquot sum of 17 which is itself a prime. 39 is the 4th member of the 17-aliquot tree

    The thirteenth Perrin number is 39, which comes after 17, 22, 29 (it is the sum of the first two mentioned).

    Since the greatest prime factor of 392 + 1 = 1522 is 761, which is obviously more than 39 twice, 39 is a Størmer number.

    The F26A graph is a symmetric graph with 39 edges.

    The atomic number of yttrium

    oh, I will turn 39 this October :(

  5. I think Daniel Goneau is on that list too. Him and Vorobiev, they were good for like that three or four game stretch in the mid to late 90’s.

  6. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    Daniel Goneau,Chris Jensen, Todd Marchant, Tom Younghans, Rafael Soriano, Jon Adkins, Roy Campanella, Larry Csonka and Tyler Arnason,

  7. Blaze,

    I hope I’m not being a downer here, but my local paper (Albany times union) has an on line article about hannahs family and confusion as to if they really won or not. I guess the dad thinks they are in third place but website says they are a finalist but pepsi won’t say if they are or not. Man, I just really hope they get the money. I can’t imagine the stress involved.

    Do you have any inside info or further details? Either way I wish nothing but the best for that girl.

  8. onecupin70years and counting on

    NY Yankee Steve Hamilton #39 master of the Folly floater.

    Alfred Hitchcock 39 steps.
    1939 One of the greatest years in Hollywood movie making
    Gone with the wind
    wizard of Oz
    wuthering heights
    mr. smith goes to Washington
    Goodbye Mr. chips
    drums along the mohawk

    check em out and more

  9. ilb,
    …”September does have that distant, sweet hockey smell”.
    For me,speaking literally it always combination of sweat and old leather(we had all leather gloves,)not unlike horse saddle after long ride. But figuratively,I agree with your poetic metaphor – it is a smell of a crisp early morning in a fall in antisipation of evening game.

  10. Blaze

    the times union has updated the story at 10:18 to say the family appears to have finished second but results won’t be final until late September. I’m not attached to the family in any way and i’m stressed just thinking about it. I’ll never buy another pepsi product again if they put the family through this and then doesn’t do the right thing in the end.

  11. UKRanger
    May be I’m biased, being “everything hockey” fanatic, but when it comes to unfortunate, tragic events, Hockey Community responds the best possible way out of any big sports, for stories I try to follow. That’s my point and I’m a sucker for good deeds .

  12. Congrats blaze!!

    “Cr9 , well you spoiled baby!! Yankees always win so the Rangers sit back seat huh? Thats gross man. Yankees playoffs always take second fiddle to the Rangers. Infact Ranger game are top priority ‘round here and if anyone bugs me while im watching….”

    Greg, it has nothing to do with the Yankees winning all the time. Nothing. Zero. Nada. In April, May, and June, if the Rangers/Knicks are in the P/O, the Yankees take a backseat to them. In October, the Rangers take a back seat to the Yankees. It’s my standard operating procedure – as a true NY fan!!!!!

  13. @ Joke

    yes, i do have inside info. yes,there has been some confusion about who finished second. Pepsi isn’t really offering too much info at this point in time, only that we came in 2nd. we’re surmising that something happened with that other fund. perhaps they cheated or something. I’m not exactly sure. I’ll keep u updated.


  14. EddieJ

    actually Kovalev should be pronounced Koval*YO*v since the letter before last in Russian pronounces as “YO” which is like E with two dots on top. You’re welcome :)

    *39* games is how long it took Gretzky to get to 50 goals during 1981–82 season.

  15. CCCP

    I’ve always wondered about the difference between OV and EV…is there any in meaning? I was told that it was like in English Johnson is John’s son, and in Irish MacDuff is son of Duff…( same with Scots).

  16. Good afternoon boneheads. When I think of Doug Weight, I think of a really good player that for some reason was in Keenan’s Chateau Bow Bow. Didn’t get much playing time but contrary to Iron Mike’s initial assessment of the kid, he carved himself out a really nice NHL career.

    The Tim Kennedy Cap Space Maneuver Is A Go ! Video


  17. fran
    Russian last names creative development in a very short: Meaning is almost right – it could be mostly son of…,(Anisimov and Frolov – old russian names: Anisim and Frol) but also means generally belonging to…(trade, things, animals, etc. example Kovalev – blacksmith family, Nemchinov-from germans or probably look alike. Grachev-means rook alike, which make it appropriate to call him rookie.Gonchar(ov)-potter). As for OV or EV, it depends on which consonant letter before it – hard or soft phonetically – hard to explain to non-russian speaking.

  18. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    Yep, a crease clearing goalie indeed!!

    hang in there.

  19. Happy 23rd birthday MZA!

    CCCP – I don’t know which fantasy league you won last year, but it wasn’t mine.

    I’ve invited most of the participants back from last season, and it is on Yahoo. :)

  20. I have 4 TVs in the same room, for Jets, Giants, Yankees regular season games. And Rangers, Jets, Giants, Knicks regular season games. LOL! Postseason is top priority over reg. season!

  21. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    There’s no reason you can’t watch Rangers and baseball at the same time. For Cripes sake, you can watch a baseball game and read War and Peace (formerly known as WAR- What is it Good For?) at the same time. Just watch the Rangers until you hear the crack of the bat, then look at the baseball game for 5 seconds. The rest of baseball is irrelevant.

  22. Spiderpig

    you’re right…it wasnt your league, sorry

    i won the league at ESPN Fantasy Hockey, which in my opinion is better than yahoo.

    Thanks for invitation anyway…i just registered for your league again.

    P.S. whoever invited me last year to the ESPN Fantasy Hockey league, please invite me again!

    OR if boneheads want to join one at ESPN, say “I” and i will create one! (i would prefer to be invited in one) :)

  23. CCCP-
    Thanks for clearing that up. I guess Sam, while not exact in his pronunciation, is close. He must have done his homework. Everyone else (like me) pronounces it “lev”.

  24. I’d be careful not waste my time looking at the BB every time I hear the crack of the bat, most of the time it’s a foul ball anyway. Wait until after the crowd starts cheering.

    LMAO @ formerly known as War- what is it good for!

  25. just for conversation sake,
    with Neimi still out there, would you trade Hank to get a center, and then sign Neimi to replace him.

  26. I thought Doug Weight was traded in the 92/93 season. Oilers were in town, Weight and Tik did the classic “switch locker rooms”. I don’t know if Nielsen was fired by then, but Keenan wasn’t the coach.

  27. >>Just a friendly reminder,and my shout out to JB…
    >>16 days until training camp!!!!!

    Hi Linda! “Sweet Sixteen” sounds great.
    [Billy Idol reference.]

    [Darn it, I missed “19” by Paul Hardcastle and “Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks.]

  28. CT,
    you are correct, I was at that game, remember it well. Neilson had been fired at that point, and Weight never played for Keenan as a Ranger.

  29. ilb2001,
    I came up with 2 teams on the cusp of winning the cup and needing a goalie, so lets try these. Hank to LA for Kopitar, or Hank to the Caps for Backstrom. would you do either of those. I don’t believe either team would, but just for fun, would you?

  30. i wouldnt… with all the promising young talent that is coming up for this franchise, i wouldn’t trade Hank even for Ovechkin :)

  31. @Izzy Mandlebaum

    Funny you mentioned War and Peace. I just watched the highly inaccurate movie… “The Last Station” last night.

  32. It’s now official! After all the confusion this morning…Pepsi confirmed it just now.

    Hannah’s Hope Fund comes in 2nd place and wins the 250K grant.

  33. I don’t often recommend movies ( for one thing, don’t see many of them BUT A GOOD ONE WAS “tHE cOMRADES OF sUMMER” about Russians trying to form a baseball team and league with an American coaches help. Really well done.

  34. Thanks 4 ever

    I appreciated your efforts. I get hooked on foreign names and languages, I find them very interesting. a friend of mine I served with from LA was a member of a latino gang, called patchukos .he tried to teach me Spanish. But I had trouble, because no one else was there speaking it, and I kept after him to speak to me so I could comprehend, but it proved too tiresome for him., He stuck to English.

  35. Great news blaze! And again I hope that money brings Hannah her dream cure. All the best to you all. Send her some bonehead love from rangers report!!

  36. This guy who has taken all these hostages at the Discovery Channel…why couldn’t he have gone after the right place to make demands…Versus.

  37. Hannah’s Hope wins $250,000 prize


    “There was confusion earlier Wednesday about whether the charity founded by a Clifton Park family had won the grant in a Pepsi Refresh contest. Only the top two finalists receive the grants, and Hannah’s Hope was listed as “3rd place” on the company’s website. However, the web page that displayed the finalists listed Hannah’s Hope as a winner.

    “Hannah’s Hope is #2 on the leader board and is a finalist in the $250,000 category,” said Pepsi spokeswoman Melisa Tezanos in an email confirming that the group had received enough votes to get the cash award.”

    “Fifteen minutes before voting closed for the Pepsi contest on Tuesday night, Hannah’s Hope was in first place.

    “We kept checking and within a minute and a half, we went from 1 to 3,” said Matt Sames.

    The family went to bed thinking they had lost because only the top two vote-getters win a grant. But on Wednesday morning, the Pepsi Refresh site listed them as a “finalist.”

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey Heads…

    Hasek, probably the best ever. He did it with lousy teams in front of him, every year. His career ended with two seasons on the Wings, he didn’t get carried by a defensive juggernaut (like the Devils) or play on all-around solid teams (Montreal and Colorado) like Fatso and Roy.

    See youse all soon.

  39. Spiderpig – its just me, thee and CCCP right now!!

    Come on Nasty1, cwgatti and others! What about Carp and Mama – are you guys in?

  40. LW, double LMAO!

    I thought I was already in someone’s league? you have to start over, like in real life? OK, you can count me in, but can I not do anything ? :)

  41. she’d be better off with the cops than with me, for sure.

    While it being September makes me sad in many ways, I do now officially have King Bus Man on my calendar page! btw, did you all see the post about Hank’s Vogue spread on Aves’ blog. Funny.

  42. Laurel, Linda, Sally, MAKO, UKRanger, Nasty 1, True Fans Bleed RW&B, 4everanger, ilb2001, LW3H, Carp, fran, Joke, Izzy, Olga, CTB, wicky, blaze and everyone else… join my league…15 more spots still available..first come first serve!! hurry hurry!!

    OR ELSE!!!

  43. This James Jay Lee guy should have invaded MSG and held Slats, Dolan, Blowzy, Dreary, and Dredden hostage, and scare at least half of them into retirement.

    Guy was shot top shelf where mama hides the cookies. One less nutcase around.

  44. C3P, I e-mailed you for crying out loud.

    ORR, huh? why bring me into the nutcase discussion? and I don’t hide cookies…I don’t even keep them in the house! :)

  45. every time i try to accept invite…it says there’s no invite for me.

    my Username is BlazePHR


  46. blaze, I’d never seen him. awesome! Seems like he’ll be great for SNL!

    ilb, what do you think? :) CR’s post was the highlight…ha ha ha

  47. Mama

    That’s 2 insults from you today. :( :( :(

    First, a Rangers abandoner, and now that my post cant be the highlight.

    :Puppy dog eyes: What did i do wrong?

  48. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    you could put mrs wicky and me down for 2 I’s as long as hits get points!

  49. CR, only one newspaper for Sun “abandoner” link, but I was serious about same link being best thing ilb missed today :) all in mama love and fun…

    C3P, outstanding names for the team etc. on FL. still no idea what I’m supposed to do. All tips welcome from all…

  50. hmm, this thread got me trying to figure out the meaning of my last name of russian origin…too bad i only have my americanized name to go on, so i can’t find an exact match :(

    interesting topic for sure

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , thanks for clearing that up with me. I see how it can be perty hard to follow all yer NY teams when they all kinda interact with each other at some point in time. I appreciate your honesty and I do realize when one of yer teams is in the playoffs , you have to put full attention on them and not ” watch other channels” it screws up the feeling when ya intermix the teams.

    CCCP ,”T” im in!!! Last time I played one of these…maybe 13 years ago , I won!! I dunno what type of fantasy thing ya mean but sign me up big guy. Gimme a min to email ya cuz im more of a “texter” than an emailer.

  52. ESPN Fantasy Hockey spots still available!

    New Rule: Draft position will be determined based on when you join the league! Nine teams are in…hurry and you can snatch top 10 pick! :P

    email: odessitbk@msn.com for invite

  53. and i’d like to apologize for talking fantasy hockey on the blog…but its off-season! promise not to talk fantasy hockey during the season! thank you for your cooperation!

  54. because hockey talk on the hockey blog is more outrageous than seinfeld quotes, food chat, and the general zaniness and jibber/gibberish that comes with this place!! hehehe

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    count me out “T” , I cant send an email to save my life!! I tried and tried , wont work. Maybe if Linda is nice she can email ya my email . Once I get a reply , I can respond. plus I already said im in , no need for a lousy lame email to say so. My word on here is golden. So whom ever stole my spot , im getting it back!!! Maybe.

  56. S’up heads. Been a really long day that is finally winding down. Thanks for all the kind words earlier. As I told my now former co-workers, it’s the people that I’ll miss the most and you people here at RR are outright fantastic.

    Don’t know if I’ll be able to check in over the next few days as I’m going to St Louis tomorrow thru Saturday. I’ll be there for an interview, so keep your fingers crossed, please and thanks.

    Last but not least.. September! Hockey Soon! Finally!

  57. Greg, I’m about to turn in, but I’ll try to help you out with getting on to the league page. I’m sure 3CP will hold a team for ya!

  58. brooksie scores:

    The NHL has given the NHLPA an ultimatum regarding the contested front-loaded contract of not only the Devils’ Ilya Kovalchuk, but Vanocuver’s Roberto Luongo and Chicago’s Marian Hossa, as well, The Post has learned.
    A well placed source reports that the league has informed the Players’ Assn. that the league will grandfather the recently submitted Kovalchuk 15-year, $100M contract, Luongo’s 12-year, $64M deal that is entering its second season and Hossa’s 12-year, $63.3M deal that also is entering its second season into the CBA under the following conditions:

    1. That the cap hit on future multi-year contracts will not count any seasons that end with the player over 40 years of age. The cap hit would be calculated on the average of the salary up through age 40 only.
    2. That the cap hit on future contracts longer than five years will be calculated under a formula granting additional weight to the five years with the highest salary.
    The league has given the PA, which is being directed by Donald Fehr, until Friday at 5 pm to accept these conditions. If the PA refuses, or if negotiations fail to yeild a common ground, the league has informed the PA that:
    1. It will reject the Kovalchuk contract.
    2. It will move to immediately devoid the Luongo contract.
    3. It will move to immediately open proceedings for a formal investigation into the Hossa contract.
    The NHL owns sweeping punitive powers against teams and players judged guilty of circumvention under Article 26 of the CBA.


  59. lmfao… sent CCCP. GOOD LUCK GREG!!

    Peter, WHOA! Great info you posted up there!

    Mickey, good luck in St. Louis! I called JD and put a good word in for ya lol

  60. common sense would dictate that if you wanted to do something about hossa and luongo, you should have done it before their contracts were signed/approved, not a year or two after the fact.

    Mayor Munchkin strikes again!

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Good luck Mickey!!!

    TY Linda , Now get some sleep !!!! Do ya ever wear a mask over yer eyes at night to keep the light out? Just curious..I never have.

    I could use a health dose of Pronger!!!!!

  62. Greg, i was thinking of getting one because we fall asleep with the tv on. I do have sleep apnea, so I have that mask to wear though lol!!

  63. Does anyone else think its interesting that the players attending the pre training camp scrimmages/prep are: Brandon Dubinsky, Evgeny Grachev, Steve Eminger, Pavel Valentenko, Sean Avery, Todd White, Matt Gilroy, Wade Redden, Ryan Callahan, Artem Anisimov and Lundqvist…. no sign of Drury around… I guess his quiet leader skills are kicking in, cant hardly hear him from his cabin

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Fire sather …then what? We already have youth playing this year and our GM did not break the bank wreaking this team . Our GM is going along with the program and he is not trying to make some “out landish move” just to save his job.

    You bring in some new GM and he will be under the gun and would destroy this team from fear of being fired if he did produce a winner. Were comming along fine , no need for another Fire Sather rally cuz that was flat out EMBARASSING.
    First time I was ever embarassed being a Ranger fan besides when we picked Hugh Jessewoman.

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Im In CCCP , Beware of ..you know who ,

    team BOOGAARD !!!!!

    GO RANGERSSSS!!!!!!!!


  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    Fire Sather- then hire someone who knows what they are doing. Sather has already wrecked this team for the last 10 years. Bringing in someone to dismantle this team would be doing Ranger Fans a huge favor. The Rangers are destined for yet another non-playoff season.

    Backing Sather as GM of the Rangers is the biggest embarrassment.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    TOP 10 Anticipated players to skate on the ice :

    #10 DELZOTTO!!!!!

    # 9 Will STAAL be back!!??

    # 8 PROSPALS celebration!!

    # 7 A must rested HANK!!!

    # 6 Return or the old AVERY!!!

    # 5 Return of GABORIK !!

    # 4 REDDEN’S demotion!!??

    # 3 FROLOV!!!!

    # 2 Zucarello ASSEN

    # 1 BOOGAARD!!!

  68. Olga Folkyerself on

    Top Ten anticipated Ranger events for 2010;

    1 Staal holds out until November.
    2 Gaborik loses 30 games to injury.
    3 Hank Gets overworked again.
    4 Avery gets muzzled, loses any effectiveness.
    5 Frolov has the worst season of his career.
    6 Slats trades Ranger youth for a washed up vet at the trade deadline.
    7 Assen gets crushed and finishes the season on injured reserve.
    8 Boogaard scores one goal, while 3 go off his skates past Lundqvist.
    9 Tortorella gets fired once the Rangers officially miss the playoffs.
    10 Drury Captains the Rangers into 13th place, amazingly it doesn’t bother him.

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Rangers rule!!!!!!!

    Olga , you are sooooo full of it.

    Staalsie a no show …nawwwww.

    Gaborik out with injury…nope not this year!!!

    Hank better be overworked ,hate to pay a goalie 7 million for nothing.

    Avery will NOT be muzzled.

    Frolov will have a break out year.

    Sather will never trade away youth , btw why Olga do you call him slats? Is he your buddy?

    Assen will fly and score 30!!!!

    Boogaard scores 6 goals and I make $$$

    Torts gets the Rangers into 6th place!!

    Drury will never earn his paycheck , broken record.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    The sad thing about Olga’s predictions is that all of them have at least a 25% chance of coming true, with some a much higher probability than that. I’d say the lowest are the Staal holdout, Boogaard, and Aasen. Staal because I think he signs during the preseason. Boogaard because I don’t think he scores a goal. Aasen because we’ve seen tiny guys get crushed and bounce right back up.

    But the others all have like a 50/50 probability. So sad.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    “Torts gets the Rangers into 6th place!!”


  72. Orr,

    I taped and watched the 10pm hard knocks last night and it was not edited.


    last report I read was that police think they know what town that girl is from and PETA offering reward for any info. I don’t think it will be long until they find her. And somehow they think her brother filmed it. To me she looked like a young kid so I don’t know how severe any punishment will be.

  73. @ UKRanger

    yes, there’s still room in the league. we’re hoping to fill all 20 spots. I believe there’s still 6 spots open.


    as long as they identify the young girl so the whole world will know who is the lowest of the lowest. they should plaster her face with the headline “Murderess”.

  74. OK I’ve put this off too long… I gotta ask it

    ( Once again displaying my lack of expertise when it comes to cyber talk)

    What does LMAO stand for?

  75. I love free wifi!

    Morning ‘heads :)

    38- the age of someone born in 1972

    I’m intrigued by fantasy hockey…


    Okay so on Ranger Rants we get like 3-4 NEWS posts in the last few days. Good quality posts with information from team workouts and interviews with players…

    Here…we get a useless “Happy September” post and some numbers about players nobody cares about anymore.

    I come here now only to see how bad the post are. Do your job, Carp. Go REPORT on things. This is supposed to be the Ranger REPORT after all.

    What a joke this site has become.

  77. Fran,

    it “laugh my butt off”

    You can google or search “text speak” or Internet acronyms and you will find a list of all of them…or just ask us :)

  78. I honestly can’t believe Bettman has managed to make things even worse. I am sure his intentions are good. Circumventing the salary cap is unacceptable. However lets be honest its gonna happen one way or another & forward thinking intelligent people plan ahead and make their leagues stronger (take the luxury tax in baseball).

    No I am not praising Bud Selig, he is dumb as a bag of rocks. Stick figures suddenly develop balloon shaped heads, men start making animal noises on the baseball field, testicles start disappearing everywhere; yet he claims to know nothing. Despite all of this he was at least lucky enough (or perhaps smart/dumb enough) to not destroy his whole league with his own stupidity.

    Bettman on the other hand seems to know whats best for everyone. Like playing ICE hockey in areas where water never freezes, for those of you who are as dumb as him ICE hockey is played on ICE, which is FROZEN WATER. Also like any sport the fans (that would be the people you want to care Buttman) have to actually want to watch the games.

    There is a reason the phrase selling a ice to an eskimo is an example of something tough (or stupid) cause its something they don’t want. Much like hockey in many of the towns you force it on, yet deny it from towns that would kill for it, support it, & actually help make it better like Quebec & Winnepeg. You further alienate fans by forcing teams on them they could care less about, with your stupid zoning & blackout restrictions. If a team doesn’t get the support they need don’t punish the fans of team that does. Move the team that is failing to a place where it will succeed.

    There are multiple leagues succeeding in this country, more on this planet, and sadly sports like lacrose, soccer, and even team tiddly winks are challenging the NHL for their spot in America, Oh & BTW 2 of those get more time on ESPN networks as well.

    Sorry for the long post all but Its been 12 hours and no lit the tinder. Someone had to start the Bettman beatings…

  79. Gee thanks guys…now why couldn’t I have determined what those meant?

    ( And I thought that French was tricky).

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