Higgins to Italy?


A story made the rounds yesterday that Chris Higgins had signed to play in Italy next season.

But I figured out it wasn’t THE Chris Higgins, because THE CH goes by Christopher … and because the story was accompanied by a photo of him celebrating a goal … and we know that couldn’t be THE Christopher Higgins, could it?

Forty days (and forty nights, I guess) before Opening Night.

No. 40: Begins and ends with Gale Sayers, one of the two or three greatest running backs I’ve ever seen — I’d go Jim Brown and O.J. Simpson if I had to choose. He was also a kick return waiting to happen.


Well, according to the NHLPA, the Rangers have two of the top rookie prospects in the league. Sounds like a guess, though:


TORONTO, ON (August 30, 2010)Twenty-three of the top NHL rookie prospects will gather outside of Toronto at the MasterCard Centre on Wednesday, September 1, for the 2010 NHLPA Rookie Showcase. This unique event will provide Upper Deck and Panini America – the official trading card partners of the NHLPA and the NHL – with an exclusive opportunity to photograph many of the game’s top young prospects for the first time in their official NHL team uniforms, in shots that will be used for upcoming trading card and memorabilia launches.

The 23 NHL rookie prospects in attendance for the 2010 NHLPA Rookie Showcase will be available for media scrums prior to the event at approximately 9:15 a.m.

NHL prospects scheduled to be in attendance include:

Taylor Hall (EDM), Tyler Seguin (BOS), Nazem Kadri (TOR), Jordan Eberle (EDM), Kyle Beach (CHI), Jonathon Blum (NSH), Joe Colborne (BOS),  Scott Glennie (DAL), Erik Gudbranson (FLA), Calvin de Haan (NYI ), Zach Hamill (BOS), Ryan Johansen (CBJ), Jacob Markstrom (FLA), Ryan McDonagh (NYR), Chet Pickard (NSH), Brayden Schenn (LAK), Jordan Schroeder (VAN), Kevin Shattenkirk (COL), Jeff Skinner (CAR), Magnus Svensson Paajarvi (EDM), Tomas Tatar (DET), Mattias Tedenby (NJ), and Mats Zuccarello-Aasen (NYR).

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  1. Almost right: subtract O.J., add Barry Sanders. Jim Brown was unREAL – around you, over you or, preferably, through you. Never seen the like since.

  2. i KNEW i should have said Gale Sayers last night!

    MORNING ‘HEADS! have a great Tuesday everyone


    and to the goal scoring Scooby, we should offer a Sgt Hulka type “WELCOME IT IT-ALY” send off!

  3. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Wasn’t Joe Morrison # 40 ?

    Isn’t he one of the most underrated NYG of all time ?

  4. Thoridan

    I agree with you about Jim Brown. He was awesome. I used to be a big Packer’s fan while living in northern Minnesota some time back,and that was the era of the great Vince Lombardi.

    All he did was instill fear into those players and he immediately dropped the prior Coaches star quarterback ( Lamar McHan), instead took a kid off of the bench and put him as QB…a relatively unknown guy named Bart Starr.

    Oh what a team that was. Atkinson Kramer Dowling, Taylor,
    and the heavy end sweep that was almost unstoppable.

    In the early 50’s the Browns were always the team to beat. … the days when I lived in Chicago, the Cardinals were one of Chi’s two teams, along with Halas’ Bears. The Cards used to play in Wrigley field, and the Bears in old Comiskey park. ( For some reason Soldier’s Field was not used except for the pre season opening event which always pitted the prior years NFL Champs ( often the Browns), against the College All Stars. Soldiers Field was so vast compared to the ball parks, that I wondered about the seating lines being so far from the field. But later on they made it work. My memory dims but I believe that the great QB of the bears was Otto Graham.

    I also admired the great quotes of Lombardi, like “Winning isn’t every thing, it’s the ONLY thing.” And ” Football isn’t a contact sport – dancing is a contact sport – football is a collision sport.”

  5. onecupin70years and counting on

    40 as in 1940
    Jim Brown then Sayers. Jim brown took a beating and gave them. Sayers was electrifying.
    I was once Joe Morrison play qb on one the pitiful giant teams in the 60’s.

  6. Good morning all!

    I’ll go there- #40- the departed Steve Valiquette.

    So Higgins doesn’t want to play in Florida, eh? I thought that would be perfect for him down there.

  7. UKRanger – (from your previous post)MZA is in fact a left winger. He’s listed as one and he shoots left. In fact, MOST of the Ranger forwards shoot lefty, I just discovered, including the newly acquired Kennedy. In fact, of the players you listed, only Frolov and Drury are right-handed shots.

  8. Panini America? The official card partner is a sandwich company? Do all the rookies get a free one at this shindig, that would be awesome.

  9. Funny, when Fran mentions “some time back” it usually means that some of us weren’t even in our parents’ plans…

    I remember my grandfather, he was in his late 80s and I was in my early 20s. He loved watching hockey, was never into soccer. One day, back in Russia, we were watching hockey game together. I think it was World Championship. All of a sudden he started to read all the adds written along the boards in English. So I asked: “Grandpa, how do you know English?”. He said: “I learned it in school. About 75 years ago.”

  10. Coach Beeblebrox on


    FWIW Stepan and Weise are RH shots. So there are a few around. MZA is a LH shot but he has almost always played the RW. He has played LW too, but he’s more comfortable on RW and I expect he will be a RW in the NHL.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    40- Henrik Zetterberg.

    Before the lockout, when hockey was on ESPN, I once heard Gary Thorne make this remark about a then unheralded Henrik Zetterberg:

    “Here is Henrik Zetterberg, who plays like his name sounds.”

    Oh really Mr. Thorne? And what exactly does a Zetterberg sound like? Does it sound like commenting that there is “no more 1940” after only winning the conference finals?

  12. If you were chained to a chair every night during hockey season and forced to watch a game with either Joe Beninati or Gary Thorne doing the play by play, who would you rather have to endure?

    Bonus, you have to choose either Chico or Pierre McGuire as the color commentator.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Thorne and McGuire and I don’t think it’s close. Thorne is just nonsensical and stupid, but he has a GREAT sportscasting voice. Beninati is all of Thorne’s negatives, plus every cliche in the book, plus terrible voice, plus NHL shillboy for Crosby and Ovechkin.

    McGuire is also an idiot but without “Edzo” there, he is much more tolerable. Chico Resch is the absolute worst know-nothing homer in the history of color commentary.

  14. I’m with Doodie on this. Thorne and McGuire. Beninati’s voice alone drives me up a wall and Chico would be slobbering over Fatso every second, even if he wasn’t in the game.

  15. Charlie,

    The penalty for that is your family would have to endure a eulogy from Doc Emrick.

  16. Maybe mama, but I think Joe B comes across annoying even on close captioning. I pity the poor typist that has to write whatever garbage that guy spews.

  17. I’d take Chico over Joe B and “Edzo” lover anytime! I dont hear Chico as often as those two clowns… so to me Chico is still tolerable! I can’t wait to hear what Chico got to say about Kovalchuk drama

  18. I was in the pool! on

    Imagine if Redden plays like a superstar in training camp. That would piss me off even MORE!! Imagine if he still has it but hasn’t bothered to show it for 2 years.

  19. Charlie,

    Hehe, exactly what I was thinking. Some how he’d manage to fit in “waffleboard” as well and describe your age in terms of minutes and seconds.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Because his life ran out of ticks, we will shuffle him into the hearse for the big drive to the cemetary so his pine box can waffleboarded six feet under.

  21. Carp,

    If you read the caption on that shot of Higgins closely, it says he’s celebrating a TEAMMATE’s goal. Makes slightly more sense.

  22. his final tilt came to a stop…his verve was full of joy and he couldn’t survive another tick by the skin of his teeth!

  23. Thorne and Chico are the lesser or two evils. Thorne has the voice but lacks the knowledge and Chico ain’t too bad, he’s passionate about the game.

    Pierre can’t stop talking about Crosby long enough to say anything about the game going on jn front of him.

    “And with 145 seconds to go in the tilt the advancing forward throws the pill at the net where it is waffleboarded out of harms way”

  24. Hey all, found some wifi on lunch so figured I sneak a post in. I would pick anything ANYTHING that doesn’t have Pierre in it. There is just something about his “insightful between the bench commentary” that makes me remember how intelligent I was at the age of 4. Any idiot with Marbles in his head or even jelly (al la Steve Young) could ramble on more intelligently about what is going around them.

  25. Thorne would be OK if he didn’t scream at the top of his lungs at the most routine play. He makes a dump-in sound like it was a slap shot that just missed being a goal by inches. I swear I thought the guy was going to pop a few veins in his head while announcing a game.

  26. CR9

    That video is sick for sure… it made me remember the days back in Ukraine…my grandma always had cats and dogs around (the reason why i love them so much) and from time to time she would just drown the entire litter! She would drop them in the bucket full of water, cover it up…and that was it…My sisters and I could not understand why she did that and we would cry for days! I guess it was a humane way and one way to control homeless pets population because back in my neighborhood we had tons of stray animals who were abused in every way possible.

    But the video you posted is clearly disturbing and it looks like those girls done it before. Hopefully they’ll get whats coming to them.

  27. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    If I hear “waffleboarded” ONCE during the season, I’m watching the rest of the game on mute. DAMN I hate Beninati’s cliches.

  28. CCCP

    A bit overdue, but Im glad you had such a great time in Spain. And the pictures you took are outstanding. How was the Barca match – and who was it against?


    Blah blah blah! Who cares about anyone named Higgins? Nobody!

    40 more days until we get posts of any substance.

    Can’t wait.

  30. blaze

    It says “Sorry, u may only vote for the same idea once per day. please try again tomorrow.”

  31. CR9

    Thanks man! I had a blast at the game! It was a Spanish super cup game Barcelona 4-0 Sevilla! I bought Messi jersey before the game and he scored a hat-trick! Good times! Definitely will come back to Spain again!

  32. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    other than JD and sam, thorne and clement from ESPN were my favorite broadcast duo by far, next closest were panger and levy. I thought they were all very good. I hate biased homerism announcers, kind of why I like joe m and maloney, they both call it how they see it.

    UK already mentioned him, but I don’t think he get mentioned enough period….Pat Tillman!! Rangers lead the way, go easy bro!!!!!

  33. Mellisa from New York Rangers just called me trying to sell season tickets! She sounded very nice on the phone and i got her number if anyone’s interested! :)

  34. CCCP, just try to offer her a 17 year payment plan except make it backloaded. I wonder if she’ll reject the offer over the phone and ask “what do you think this is, New Jersey?”

  35. CR9- you can vote up to 10 times a day. Don’t wait for the response, just hit the numbers. And I won’t watch that video. From your description I can imagine what’s it about..

    LMAO, CTB…

  36. Can’t believe I forgot the “Fishin’ Magician” Pavelich. That is the last time I count on the Rangers web site for anything :-)

    I want to take this time to thank everyone for their kind words on the Herb Carnegie blog article – I appreciated it. Also want to let everyone know that Google has given my Ranger Ramblings site a clean bill of health so please click on my name to visit.

    As for Thorne or Beninati, that is tough but I would reluctantly pick Thorne. Joe B was great when I used to hear on the old Sportschannel show that highlighted the AHL about a decade or so ago. Now, bleck!

    Speaking of bleck, has anyone heard anything on who will be teamed with Howie Rose on the Fishsticks games? I am so hoping that Joe Mich. goes back and they give the TV job to Dave Maloney. He really has maken huge strides as a broadcaster and might be the nudge that Sam Rosen needs to bring his game back up to his JD-level.

  37. @ CR9

    That can’t be. I’ve been voting 10 times a day. weird.

    thanks for your effort though. its much appreciated.

  38. AnthonyM, I think Butch Goring got Jaffe’s old job. Poor Howeie, he has to deal with Wayne Hagin during the summer and now Goring. YEch.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    “Blah blah blah! Who cares about anyone named Higgins? Nobody!”

    ::Cut to Chris Higgins:: “Hey! What did I do!?”

  40. Screw Howie. How can any “Rangers fan” take a job with the Islandorks? It’s not like he’s desperate for a job. Doesn’t he do the Mets, or some NY team?

    He deserves the misery of Bitch Goring’s creepy pedophily voice.

  41. Wow, I forgot Pavelich, too. The smurf who, on Hat Night, scored five goals … so there were thousands of red hats on the ice … three different times.

    Dennis The Menace Vial.

    40: Chien Ming Wang.

    BRING, I suggest you stay away until Opening Night, then. And I’m not promising anything of more substance then, either.

  42. blaze

    I just followed ilb’s advice; disregarded the messages and voted the 10 times.

    I was texting 101885 to the number 73774 …. Correct?

  43. Vial and Domi both happened to be called up from the minors for a game at the Spectrum one Saturday afternoon … and it just so happened that they had both been suspended by the AHL at the time. Neil Smith joked that they were recalled because, “you just want to get a look at some of the youngsters.” From then on, all goons were called “youngsters” when I spoke with Smith.

    And I’d take vuzuvelas, or whatever they’re called, over Beninati or Thorne.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I liked the vuvuzelas! It added a tenseness to what I was watching, like the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood

  45. I think I delivered enough shineboxes for BRING to stay busy at least until the next offseason..

  46. CTB

    i wanted to ask her about 17 year payment plan but she sounded so sweet that i almost wanted to buy tickets and give them to her! I get free tickets during the season from my buddy who’s a season subscriber.

    …and no Mickey, she wasnt giving them for free.


    i know of Crazy Legs Hirsch as much as wiki tells me! lol
    i was searching online for #40 and his name came up. But the real question is… how much do you know about Crazy Legs Hirsch? :P

  47. i brought a vuvuzelas with me from Barcelona game! Next time you hear vuvuzelas at the Garden…yup…that’ll be me!

  48. So we’ll know who to blame for all the danged noise, noise, noise. Cool.

    Orr, Howie does radio for the Mets.

  49. I remember Pav’s fine goal game well because it was my birthday and I was at the game – 2/23/83 – and I believe the Rangers pasted the Whalers something like 11-3.

    After the game a friend of mine asked a Whaler rookie, Michel Galarneau, whether he liked Hartford or Binghamton better. Poor kid spoke English with a heavy French-Canadian accent and he looked like a dear in the headlights. Obviously he feared saying the wrong thing lest he be sent back to Binghamton and the AHL.

  50. Anyone else bummed that the Rangers have only one Saturday home game this year? And it’s the last game of the year. What ever happend to all those Saturday night games at the Garden I used to watch on channel 9 when I was a kid?

  51. Doug Weight resigns with Fishsticks…
    Chris Chelios oficially cllas it a day…
    Tomorrow is the last day for NHL to decide on Kovalchuk’s contract…
    That’s all we have. Yuck.

  52. CR
    I’m pretty sure that that is one of the sickest things I have ever seen. I hope she is punished to the fullest extent of the law

  53. bull dog line on

    number 40, Mark Pavelich, who later changed his number to 16, and Kelly Miller, who later changed his number to 10 when Pierre Larouche was banished to the minors by Ted Sator. Miller then changed his number back to 40 the following season when Larouche(who had been wearing 24) got his number 10 back. Miller was of course traded later that season in that awful Bobby Carpenter trade.

  54. Good afternoon all! Been a busy day.
    CR, I have to pass on the video. I had to skip a whole puppy torture passage in a book I’m reading today and still the two lines I caught made me sick.

    AckP, I did notice that. Don’t get it, don’t like it. Friday and Saturday are the only times I get to enjoy warren!!!!

  55. As a season ticket holder, even worse than that is the 10 Sunday home games. Who in their right mind wants to get up on a Monday morning after going to a game? Especially since I usually don’t get home until after 11 on game nights. There are definately flaws in the schedule this year. Goes right along with the flaws in the team I guess.

  56. JBytes [Allez Les USA Blueshirts] on

    >>Who in their right mind wants to get up on a Monday morning after going to a

    Don’t you get up and go to work on mornings after weekday matches?

  57. JBytes [Allez Les USA Blueshirts] on

    >>Anyone else bummed that the Rangers have only one Saturday home game this

    Not at all! That means I only have to weasel out of only one Saturday date.

  58. bull dog line on

    sunday, and wednesday used to be the traditional home nights for the Rangers. I happen to like the sunday home game, it completes an all sports day, NFL, and NHL.

  59. >>I liked the vuvuzelas! It added a tenseness to what I was watching…

    I’d love to watch a hockey game to the sound of vuvuzelas. I hope the NHL allows them in next year’s Winter Classic.

  60. I hate afternoon weekend games. kills most of the day. And going to a game on a weeknight is different than watching at home, when you can just click and go to bed (well, not most of you :)

  61. CCCP

    Not a whole lot, but there is one thing that he probably will always be remembered for and that is his movie career ( or such that it was.) He was an outstanding running back for the LA Rams.

    He was cast in the lead role of a movie called Unchained.

    And that movie gave birth to the memorable theme song, ” The Unchained Melody”

    You know…” Oh my love, my darlin, I hunger for your kiss, a long lonely time…..” I never saw the movie itself
    ( I’ve never been a BIG movie goer, but there have been some quite memorable ones.) I;m sure that some of the boneheads have heard it.

  62. Oh, my slip up…that opening of the theme is ” Hunger for your touch,” not kiss …( there goes that super romantic
    disposition of mine again.)

  63. Yeah, blaze, it’s been 1st since the middle of the day.
    Terrible disease, btw, with very little research…

  64. Incidentally, I find it difficult to think that no one has ever seen Mischa Auer in a movie. I admit that he was a regular bit player in most Bob Hope movies etc, and he always claimed to be Russian. He had a career playing flunkies of one kind or another, usually a butler, or hotel manager, or waiter, or some such thing, and he always talked rapid fire with a sort of Russian accent, and they have reruns of all those old shows on the movie channels. the reason I mention him is that he was more Russian than the Czar, and he always seemed to work the word Dniepropetrovsk, into everything that he said. I never knew what it meant, or whether it was really a Russian word….was it?

  65. Ahhh

    The it was a real place. He was a skinny goggle eyed guy and always seemed to be in a dither about something, and he played in very man y films, and always the same type role, never in anything serious. Strictly comic relief. But he had a long and apparently fruitful career. I’ve gotta look his info up..

  66. The things that you find out about people….what a life this guy led. He was born actually in St Petersburg in 1905. His father was a naval officer in Czar Nicholas II Navy and was killed in the Russo Japanese war. Had a long acting career, and he spoke six languages.

  67. Tank The Season on

    Here’s some news, apparently Khabibulin was sentenced today and will do some time:


    Min sentence = 30 days Min Fine = $507.60 DUI Assesment + $500.00 DPS + Jail Costs. Plus State Certifed Alcohol Screening and counceling.

    Anyone ever hear something to the effect that Dominik Hasek, years ago, was pulled over for doing something even worse than this in or near Buffalo and he got away with it somehow?

  68. Carp, is it over??? I’m only getting Countdown on MSG. Awww. that would have been nice on that last 100 degree day of August!

    I just totally screwed up my Quicken and now have a negative balance of $58,904. Hartnell!

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    I was just wondering who pronouces “Delzotto” with the “otto” sound said like Joel Otto . I say it that way and a few americans that I have talked too said I say it differently but Im probally saying it the right way. They say zoto with the “O” sound when I use the aw sound. Anyone understand what I mean?

  70. Greg, sadly, I do know what you mean (just kidding:) It’s the Gaborik issue all over again :) “Delzahtto”…

    potayto, potahto? I like MDZ :)

  71. AckP….those were road games on ch.9 on saturdays…like bulldog pointed out,wed. and sunday were probably 90% of home dates back then…knicks had tues. and sat. nites….back in the real old days,the knicks were on ch.9 on wed. nite and rangers on ch.9 sat. nites…how i looked forward to those games!i love having every game of every sport(including my beloved fighting irish) available now,live or via dvr,but back then it seemed that less was indeed more….

  72. emj, the difference back then was, no bullcarcillo TV timeouts! Didn’t matter if you were a kid on a schoolnight, the game lasted as long as the game, not as long as the commercials had to be thrown in :)

    isn’t it nice we all have these memories, even though we’re only 26.

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Delzahto ,Delzoeto …is purely NY slang , My Delzhoto way of saying is Canadian so I’d sound “funny” to a few of YOUSE guys. Doesn’t appy to russian guys like CCCP and Ilb.

  74. the Saturday night games on Ch.9 were road games. The Rangers played at the Garden mostly Wednesday, and Sunday nights. The Knicks played at home on Tuesday, and Saturday nights.

  75. but greg, if you’re a canuck and he’s a canuck, then you must be right, right? Forget us southern staters….:) Hell, I watched him play all year and I can’t remember how the announcers said his name! Summer! MDZ! (not that certain announcers, ahem, see above posts, got it right :)

  76. Some of you older guys may remember that if the Ch.9 Rangers game, or Knicks game ended around 10:15 PM,(no post game show), MSG would show one wrestling match, I think it was called “Madison Square Garden Spotlight On Wrestling.” What great times, all for free!!!!!!!

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz
    I liked that it …”Doesn’t appy(?)” to me – (you exclude me from this category. Probably b/c I never made fun out of your spelling, leave alone your Canadian pronunciation. But of course it’s funny, as every post of yours(in a best possible way).

  78. Dell za toe

    ga Ba Rick

    and in honor of the shinebox clip…

    I would like to apologize to bull dog line. I feel like I disrespected him, yeah I did. I disrespected him a little bit. And carp, I didn’t mean to get blood on your floor. I’m sorry.

  79. I liked hearing the French-Canadian announcers say Higgins when he played in Montreal. “Chreesteepher Eeegeens! Et le but!”

    The English pronunciation of course is “Higginswide”.

  80. Joke,

    Dell za toe, yes…or as I said, Dell Zah tow.

    GabaRick. no emphisis on the Ba..put it together, say it fast.

    ha ha!

    the end of that shine box clip always makes me ill…:) great, but tough movie.

    You’re a pistol, you’re really funny. You’re really funny.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    LW3h , have we heard them say le but? Higgins never scored a goal for the habs has he?

    Momma , plz dont call me a “canuck” . Im a Ranger!!!!! Canuck….ewwww noway hosey!!!!

    del zau toe .

    4ever ,your a russian too!!?? heyyy ease up on the “apply” I cant believe I screwed that one up. You calling me funny? , like do I amuse you ? Im here for your entertainment ( from goodfella’s).

    I can’t believe momma called me a Canuck!!!!!!!

  82. Olga Folkyerself on

    I wore number 40 in our roller hockey league. Just before one game, my son changed the 0 on my jersey to a Q. I skated the whole game with 4Q as my jersey number… I kept it thru the rest of the season.

  83. alright!!! sorrry! geez whizzle sticks! I use that term rarely, but with endearment! Greg, you are not a canuck but a Ranger!

    p.s. when did canuck go from term of endearment to insult. I need to know cause I jokingly call my Canadien friends canucks…do I need to apologize!?

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    Anybody watching Ranger-Devils game seven in ’94? It’s on right now on MSG Countdown in 60.

    Matteau X3…

  85. Olga, Carp, mentioned game 4 earlier. Thought I’d missed it. Guess they’re doing a recap of series. Off to enjoy that now, hopefully.

    ilb, son? there’s a whole family of Folks here!

    OY, I’m done with you all. Tomorrow to catch up. TA! (and I mean that wicky!)

  86. Bugsy, I think roller derby followed Rangers on Saturdays sometimes, too. Jane McManus would love to know that (she plays, you know?).


    the prodigal son/brother has returned!!!

    Welcome back SHARKIE!!!

  88. Sigh. Them were the days. My stomach still clenched even though I knew the outcome. Anti ’94 folks, watch and appreciate, them was the golden years of our lifetime.

    Hope to have another, sometime….thanks for the TV tip Carp and Olga…

    all the rest, TA! (wicky, this doesn’t count!)

  89. i saw on FB that Hank recently got a cortisone shot for the knee! I have to go find the link, but Carp, you have any info on this?

  90. from the 70s…and brought to you by theSchaefer Circle of Sports……Schaefer.the one beer to have when you’re having more than one…..from 2010.any kind of Sam Adams

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    No need for an apology Momma , im just teasin ya!!!!

    Olga , a roller hockey player!! wow thats hot. Your probally perty tough so I ‘ll have to be good or I’d prob get beat up. 4Q , that’s very unique.

  92. voted… i was getting a message back that you can only vote once per idea but i sent 10 votes in anyway…good luck.

  93. Is it just me or does it smell like September in here?

    #39 Doug weight…really would have loved to see him stay a ranger. Even though the whole tikinen ’94 yadda yadda…blah blah I know I know.

    ‘night, boneheads!

  94. No, not kidding. I never get to pay 100% attention to hockey in October – Ive got the Yankees in October.

    While everyone here cant wait for hockey, Im hoping September never ends.

    I need the physical and emotional rest to prepare for October baseball.

  95. I dont miss the October Rangers games – unless they are on at the same time as a Yankees playoff game. It’s not good luck to watch 2 games at once, imo. All my focus and energy/effort has to be directed towards one team.

  96. I just dont get worked up over the Rangers games – win or lose. I dont have the energy anymore, Im getting old fast.

  97. I know this is a late post, but maybe someone can answer a question for me in tomorrows post. Speaking of pronunciations of players names, why does Sam Rosen always pronounce Kovalev’s name Kovalov? I thought it should be pronounced as it’s spelled. Or is he correct? Thanks.

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    “I just dont get worked up over the Rangers games – win or lose.”

    Cr9 , well you spoiled baby!! Yankees always win so the Rangers sit back seat huh? Thats gross man. Yankees playoffs always take second fiddle to the Rangers. Infact Ranger game are top priority ’round here and if anyone bugs me while im watching….

  99. As i’m a Cardinals fan and not a Yankee$ fan looks like my October schedule is going to be fully clear for Hockey!!

    Did anyone else read the puck daddy article with quotes on the salaries for K’chuk’s new “contract”?
    Looks to me like a 10-year $90 million contract with 5 random years of $1m,$1m,$1m,$3m,$4m at the end

    Its still blatant cap circumvention in my eyes based on the salaries, but i guess if it satisfies the arbitrators ruling with the position of any NMC/NTC then they have to approve it…


    Good Morning ‘Heads! Soon enough, in addition to all our jibberish/gibberish, we’ll have RANGERS HOCKEY to discuss!!!

  101. 39, Rangers forward, Tom Younghans, and Giants DB Corey Raymond. also a very famous one Roy Campanella Dodgers catcher.

  102. Morning all.

    Congrats, blaze!

    Melancholy and bittersweet are my words for today as it’s my last day on the job.

    39- Bobby Parnell

  103. Congrats, BLAZE! Had no doubts.

    Hang in there, MickeyM, it gets better.

    September does have that distant, sweet hockey smell.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  104. Cris

    Pronoucing guys names is often a futile endeavor because a lot og people don’t pronounce their own names the way that they are written.

    No Del Zotto sounds very much like an Italian name to me, and in all of the so called “romance’ languages ( which is how they describe Spanish French, >Italian and Latin) they get the pronunciation ( correctly) of the language that they derive from.

    I would think that using the long O, like in tote, would not be correct even with the English usage. The double TT
    would seem to be tip off that it is to be pronounced with the short O like in bottle.

    GMC used to put out a car some years back called a DeSoto.
    Single T, and named after the historic Spanish explorer, why I don’t know. It took the long O.. otherwise they might well have called and spelled it DeSotto. ( which they did not.)

    Just a little interjection of some whimsy, largely because I’m a bug when it comes to foreign languages…they fascinate me.

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