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I still don’t know quite what to comment on other than odd bits of hockey lore that most of those recalled have already been passed on, I actually got to SEE very few Rangers games in those days ‘cause I couldn’t always afford the train fare from New Haven. But I  LISTENED to nearly all of them on radio with Ward Wilson, and Bert something or other, prior to the TV.
Most of my recollections are life experiences culled over the many years, and I’ve led a rather adventuresome life. My 82d birthday arrives in early November, and I don’t feel 82, my friends tell me I don’t look 82 ( HA), and I tell them I don’t feel 82…. I feel… 81.

I never played hockey as a youngster. Too poor; only rich kids could afford skates. Child of the depression, but when I’d finished my tour of duty with the USMC, ( I was a radio operator  (Morse Code) in a cargo hauling squadron VMR 252 Marine Air Wing)  and when not flying was stationed at the Naval Radio station NKT in the radio shack in the control tower at Cherry Point. But when I got out in 1949 (just prior to the Korean War outbreak), I’d just been transferred TAD (Temporary Attached Duty) to the 2ndMarine Division (gravel crunchers…and I was an “Airedale” … aviation units only supposedly, but with the Corps you never knew.)

By then I was a Corporal (whoeee big deal), but it was NCO and in the Corps  which was notably stingy passing out rank; a Corporal pulled a fair amount of authority. My job was to train a bunch of raw Boots just out of Parris Island and teach them to be radio operators. What a joke. Twenty kids still so shook from the “yes sirring” all over the place that they’d been indoctrinated with that I had to “unscare” them first of all. We were issued our 782 Gear (M1 Rifle, Bayonet, cartridge belt Canteen and first aid packet. I was really down, I thought that I’d be beyond all that grunt stuff.) brought to the water and boarded a WWII LST, the old 664 boat … and I almost bought it one night in a storm at
sea when the stupid ship broke a clutch and could only turn in circles, and left by the entire convoy… these were the last war games prior to the outbreak of the Korean War. And it was the entire 5th Naval district.  (Even included the old Battleship Missouri — Mighty Mo — awesome vessel).

I couldn’t sleep in the below decks — stink of diesel fumes, paint, B.O and whatever — so I fashioned a small folding cot  bulkhead,  to the 40 mm gun tub just behind the bridge, and slept in the open air, til we ran into the storm, and I woke up with waves higher than the ship. She rolled and I was afraid of going over so I clambered down the ladder soaking wet, and held by my elbows, cause I didn’t trust my hands, and had to wait the roll of the ship between each rung descent, so that when the ship rolled my way I was over the water, and then laying on the bulk head for a down step. I made it below and never came back up for the next two days.

So we conducted our assault on the island of Vieques, off of Puerto Rico, came back to my home squadron and got discharged. G.I/ Bill, went two years to University Southern CT, and instead of staying there and getting my degree I went off adventuring… to Chicago, and a fun year there.  I’ve held a zillion jobs, of all kinds, taxi driver in Chi, Mosquito killer in the swamps of Southern Jersey, factory job at Winchester Repeating arms ( my Dad was a foreman there), factory work — ugh.  I got bored and thought about re upping in the Corps, but fortunately dropped that idea fast, because one thing that the public might not know about the Marines… they are ALWAYS at war. Just don’t always know who the enemy is. But my buddies were all joining the reserves, and I figured why not? Again fortune saved me. All who went into the reserves were shipped over to Korea … and several of them stayed there – forever.

And so it went. Drove an 18 wheeler as a gypsy driver from Florida to New England and NY State and some hairy events in that activity.  etc. etc. But  then I was home with my family, single, and involved in hockey. Never a good player, but had fun, and became a rink rat. And that is the outset of  my “hockey career” such as it was.”

I became a super fan. Couldn’t get enough of the Rangers and their farm club in New Haven the Ramblers.


Hi kids, it’s Carp. I really have enjoyed fran’s stories, as many of you have. So it was pretty special to give this a read last night and post it.

Forty-four days until Opening Night.

So many 44s. First and foremost, I guess: Hammerin’ Henry Aaron, the legit home run king still. Of course, Reggie. One fave from way back in football, Hall of Famer LeroyKelly of the Browns. John Riggins.

Chris Pronger. Ugh.

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  1. Thanks fran,
    His stories remind me of my late grandfather who served in WWII on a destroyer in the 3rd Fleet under Admiral Halsey. I have all of his battle records and pictures on display in my living room. He served from Guadalcanal thru the Phillipine campaign, including surviving “Halsey’s Typhoon” in late 1944. He served in Korea as well. I always hear his generation refered to as “The Greatest Generation”. Every time I look at the wall, and see the sacrifices he made and the countless others that made the ULTIMATE sacrifice, I understand why.

  2. Fran, thank you! Life story with hockey sprinkled all over it. I guessed your age right, by the way.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  3. My father is 84. Served in WWII for three years, discharged from the army in 51. Every time he comes up with some jaw dropping story. Out of nowhere. We are lucky to have them. And lucky not to go through what they had to experience.

  4. Thanks fran, this was a great post and some great stories in there. Really enjoyed it. Just goes to show you never know who’s on the other side of the screen.

    #44 – Lindy Ruff!! Ryan Hollweg!!

    (ahem, Billy Tibbetts, lest we forget who are Daddy is at the moment)

  5. cw gatti

    That’s a memorable account of your grandpa, and yes they were the greatest generation and deservedly so. They lost several ships in that typhoon, but that whole war was replete with screw ups. But it was the side that made the fewest that won.

    You could not get me to go out on blue water again with a gun. I did take a cruise with friends and my wife loved it. I was bored stiff because I’m a very light eater, but I brought plenty of books. But never again.

    Someone asked if fran was short for Francis..yes it is( But not Saint Francis.


    My Dad was in WWII. He started out on a tanker transporting oil to England. His ship lost power in the middle of the Atlantic and the rest of the convoy went on without them. He had (yes, had) some great stories. He was on a transport later on, USS Lyon (AP-71). He was in San Francisco when the war ended. He saw some sailor (drunk from celebrating) plunge to his death from several stories up after shouting “catch me!” (Broke Dad’s heart. The war was over!) Anyhow, Dad went on another trip back to Japan to bring troops home (thru the Panama Canal) to Norfolk. He was asked to stay longer. They wanted to do some “nuclear testing” in the Marshall Islands. Dad was told there was no danger but he’d have to wear special glasses. Dad said no, he wanted to go home to his family. He was discharged 2/14/46 after nearly 3 years in the service. His 1943 Bluejacket’s Manual is an amazing read!

  7. Morning ‘Heads! Don’t have much time so I will read what I am sure is a fantastic offering from Fran later on, just wanted to say…

    #44 David Cone

    *ANd 21 Days until camp!*

  8. Carp, can you please let my comment at 8:23 go through? There are 3 links that’s why it’s awaiting moderation. Thanks.

  9. ilb,
    If the Taliban let the population know that the USA is there to help them, it would undermine their cause. USA is the Great Satan. The Taliban can not let that image of the USA die. Their cause would crumble.

    “Halsey’s Typhoon” is a book by a friend of mine Bob Drury. I was chatting with him a few years back at a bar in East Hampton and I asked him what he was working on. He told me he was writing a book about a storm which knocked out a bunch of shipps off the Phillipines in 1944. He was explaining it to me like I had never heard of it. I told him that not only do I know the story, but my grandfather was on the USS Buchanan, and is lives in Wading River. I gave him my grandfather’s # and he called and interviewed him for the book. There are no quotes or references to my grandfather in the book, but Bob gave him an autographed copy of the book which I have today.

  10. Everytime I think about my grandfather, the wars, and what he did for my family, I am stunned by the sacrifices that generation made. I look at my peers, and I don’t see too many men (or adults for that matter) like that. I don’t see the strength, charecter, or pride that my grandfather’s generation had.

    Whatever. Back to hockey.

  11. Morning all!

    fran, what a humbling and wonderful post. Just goes to show this place bring all sorts of people together. Both my grandfathers served in WWII and we still have their uniforms in a closet somewhere. It’s one thing we have never been able to part with and both have been gone for over 20 years now. My father, on the other hand, served in Vietnam and while he talks about it, it’s not with the details that you supply.

  12. Puck drops

    Those merchant sailors on the supply ships going to England during the so called battle of the Atlantic were sitting ducks for the u boats of the German wolf packs. They lost thousands of men during those trips, and they still had to courage to keep on running that gauntlet of death. My admiration for them knows no bounds. But later on, it was those Nazi u boat men who paid full price.

  13. CW Gatti

    You hit it on the head…they were a great great generation.
    ONe thing that they themselves treasured that you don’t see so much of nowadays in the general population, with the exception of the kids in uniform, is pride in their families and in their country. They didn’t talk about it – they just did it.

    A lot of people don’t really know who the real heros of the war were, because there were so many of them. Hollywood never really got it and still doesn’t get it. They have turned out mountains of pure junk and totally overlooked the quiet little guys who did so much. They weren’t the handsome and all power super men who did great single handed feats. Most of the guys I knew were skinny teen agers with acne, who did what they had to do when called on. I worked for a time for the Hertz Co in New Haven as nightmanager and paper work finisher, and my relief partner was a small Italian guy named Lenny who shared his sstory with me, and it was an awesome tale. He was drafted into the Army just prior to WWII outbreak, and had completed his obligatory 18 months service when he got the news of Pearl Harbor, and he said he threw himself on his bunk and resigned himself to the fact that he wasn’t getting out.

    He was with the very first Army troops that landed first in Ireland the Army’s 1st Division ( you know the Big Red One.

    He was getting 21 dollars a month pay. Very quiet person and very laid back, and made an excellent rental agent for the Hertz Co. No one would know that he wound up fighting in every single manjor battle from the Operation Torch; where they landed first in North Africa, and had alerted the French that they were coming and not to shoot. The French said Ok, but when they began to debark, the French opened fire. Nice eh? He said so then they really opened up on the Frnch and the French said oh so sorry ..big mistake. ( You bet – for them.) He then went onto Anzio and foguht all the way up the boot of Italy, and in some horrendous close quarters action against Kesselring;s troops. Then they sent him back with his unit to England and they prepped for Normandy, and he landed with the 4th wave on Omaha beach. He said that they were very dedicated to always attack, and never retreated, for he said that they suffered fewer casualties that way. One thing they did was follwow their own artillery bqrages much closer than othe r units, and often caught the Germans just coming out of their holes. He led a charmed life. never got a scratch. But he said that when he left a foxhole, the next guy in it always seemed to get hit. Until he reached the Huertgen Forest. The Germans were throwing 88 mm shots into the trees for tree bursts which rained downon the US troops and caused quite a few casualties. He said that a branch fell down and hit him of his helmet and he went out like a light. Came to in the sickbay with a monster lump on his head but otherwise OK. And so much for rules of warfare. He said that when they came upon SS troops they never even attempted to capture them, they just killed them on the spot. Oh how he hated the SS. He said they were miserable no good bastards especially after what they had done to our
    men at Malmedy, and after that no SS survived as far as he knew. He left the service and quietly went home and blended into civilian life, and no one ever knew that this quiet little fellow had been one of the dog faces that won that
    war over there. I still get a lump in my throat when I remember him.

  14. “Is that Bob Drury from The Post?”

    Ya know, I am not sure. I know there is a Bob Drury that writes for the Post. But he does hang around with another of my buddies Kenny Moran who writes for the Post.

    I’ll ask next time I see him.

  15. You had to bring up Lastings, CTB? God how I hated him when he was a Met.

    Carp, got any recommendations for where to eat/what to see in St Louis? I’ll be there in a week.

  16. The Puck Drops Here on

    Has anyone every walked across the Brooklyn Bridge? I hope to do it this weekend. Is access to the Bridge behind City Hall Park? I understand you can get run over by cyclists if you get in their lane. Ha!

    Any hints or tips from the Bonehead Book of Knowledge?

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    44: Ryan Hollweg, who, with one penalty, single-handedly eliminated the Rangers from the playoffs.

    44: Lindy Ruff, who, with one terrible coaching decision by Tom Renney, managed to lead the Buffalo Sabres past the Rangers in the playoffs.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “Has anyone every walked across the Brooklyn Bridge? I hope to do it this weekend. Is access to the Bridge behind City Hall Park? I understand you can get run over by cyclists if you get in their lane. Ha!

    Any hints or tips from the Bonehead Book of Knowledge?”

    The answer to all of that is yes. A tip though, if you aren’t in the best shape, is to take the subway over to Brooklyn and then walk to Manhattan so you only have to cross the bridge once. It’s a little over a mile long. Now why subway to Brooklyn and walk back instead of walk over and then subway back? The walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan is much nicer than the other way around.

  19. The Puck Drops Here on

    Thanks, Doodie. I am a walker so round trip is not a problem. I decided to do it now before they really get underway with the 4 year project on the bridge. In 4 years, I’ll be…… 4 years older! HA!

  20. Ah yes, I was at the Hollweg game. Game 3 vs the Pens in 2008. Rangers came all the way back from down 3-0 and after tying it I believe Gomez rang a shot off the crossbar. Then Hollweg takes a patented checking from behind penalty and this was the series where the Rangers PK couldn’t stop the Pens PP even if the Pens were out there with broken sticks.

  21. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    I walked across the bridge , it’s longer than you think. bring a camera for some good pics.

  22. The Puck Drops Here on

    Onecup, I have spare batteries for my camera. I am so excited to finally realize this dream. The construction project pushed me to NIKE (just do it!).

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Something you might want to do one day before the construction begins is to walk across the Manhattan Bridge. It has a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge; just make sure you’re on the south side of the bridge (out bound traffic).

  24. Joke

    I’ve left another guest blog with them about my Albany story, that they might want to use at some later date.

    I’m looking around for a suitable pic of me ( I don’t have much in the way of pics of me,) ….mostly the grand kids. If I find one, and get a chance to post it, you’ll know that I’m not 26.

    And no that’s not me with Melrose ( if I looked like that, my wife would leave me for someone uglier.)

    Just a few words about tbw ( the beautiful wife) and that’s no joke..she is absolutely the sorceress of the sewing machine. What she can do with cloth, and thread is pure magic. Sewing is her passion, and she makes the most beautiful clothing, dolls clothes, pocket books, carry bags, quilts, place mates and if you tried to buy them anywhere you’d have to have Trump’s salary. She gives them away. Everyone tells her she could go into business and make a fortune. Her response is, ” I don;t need a fortune, I love doing it, and I don’t want to have to meet any dead lines, or standards/ She is meticulous. If a single thread or stitch is awry, she pulls it all out and does it over.

    I taught her to drive when we lived in Minnesota and it was
    in my 53 Ford Fairlane with standard 3 speed transmission. I’d take her into the large parking lots and put her thru all kinds of examples. When it came time for her test, it was a blizzard day and you could hardly see. I knew she wouldn’t pass the test first time out for she was too nervous. And in Duluth they don’ ever let snow get in the way of their lives. you see,I was getting short with the AF and wasn’t re upping but going home to CT, and I knew after this test ( starting and stopping on a hill, parallel parking etc. I knew that when she got to CT and took her test again there, as long as she didn’t kill anyone she’d pass and she did first time out of the slot.

    I knew she’d forgive me. She did. Then she taught my oldest daughter to drive ( all std transmission) and then we both took turns with each of the other two girls, and they are all winter driving champs, ( and the girls then taught
    THEIR daughters to drive ( my way..std TX first).

    I’d take them to parking lots in the winter with much snow on the ground and make them practice driving, stopping, turning, and braking, on icy pavements, so the first time they got in a skid they wouldn’t panic…it paid off.

    Now we see them all growing up andmaking their own lives, a little bittersweet, but they are still there for us and they comedown to visit every so often, and we are close to them all. It’s easy gdown here…I’ve no more worlds to conquer, it’s now more fun with my new found friends from NOO Yawk.

  25. The Puck Drops Here on

    Doodie, this is a dumb question, I’m sure. Walking across the BB, do you walk with traffic or is all pedestrian traffic on one side of the bridge? If so, which side? (You made it sound like the you walk with traffic on the Manhattan Bridge.)

  26. According to a tweet from Laurie at Beyond The Blueshirts, Alexander Frolov told a Russian Newspaper that he will wear #31 for the Rangers this season.

  27. Meanwhile, Kovalsaga is turning to Trilogy:
    Kovy Identity
    Kovy Supremacy
    Kovy Ultimatum.
    I got sick just consuming coffee and croissants, reading and following this crap.

  28. That was a great post Fran. Glad you made it through the rough times, and by luck, or another factor, managed to make it through military service unscathed. We’re all lucky to have you be a part of this community!

  29. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    44 Leroy Kelly of the Cleveland Browns was one of the best NFL backs in the 1960’s. Sayers was the BEST ever !

    Back to the Bklyn Brdg. I think the entrance is by the seaport or 1 police plaza. when you get to brkln you reach DUMBO section of Bklyn , relax in a bar or cafe.

  30. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Great post Fran.. You’re the Man !
    Things were so different in America back then ,I believe that was the American Apex.All downhill after that.
    I’m a baby boomer all we do is bitch and complain.
    No one can compare to the greatest generation.
    All this PC will destroy the USA.
    My dad and uncles all WWII vets never bitched except when watching the rangers.
    Thanks Fran you’re the Man!

  31. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I hope someone is compiling every post that fran writes in here. I am pretty sure you could Print, Bind and Sell them. I would buy at least 3 copies myself. Thank you for your service, your selflessness and for sharing so much with us.

  32. Fran,

    Great story. Hope I’m as tech savvy and exuberant as you are when I’m as youthfully older.

    And I wish it weren’t so, but hockey is still a rich kids’ sport. If skates aren’t too expensive, ice time is.

  33. Something that I’ve been wondering about the Mets, for most of this season, and I never hear anyone bring it up.
    whatever happened to Daniel Murphy, their erstwhile 1b ?

    It’s as though he dropped off the face of the earth.

    This kid that plays first now, is a heck of a defensive player, but he has got to learn the strike zone.

    I would not be surprised to see them drop HoJo, and I would not be surprised to see that they blame him for the lack of hitting on this team..Personally I think that most of these do not listen to him. Davis seems to stand way too
    far from the plate, and I think that Wright does too. Wright is another one who has to learn the strike zone..maddening the amount of strikeouts by him, and going on a tear at the plate doesn’t really make up for the times he simply doesn’t put the ball into play. I’m with those folks who believe that the manager cannot properly handle either a lineup or sense when pitchers should be removed.

    There – I’ve had my say.

    Now bring on the Rangers……..I’m getting antsy waiting for it all to begin.

  34. Fran,

    Murphy got injured in the minors after a questionable take out slide. He was actually training to be a 2B. His natural position in college was 3B, but obviously he’s blocked at that position with the Mets. Many metrics say that his defense at 1B was passable but hardly great. Davis is naturally a better fielder and being a lefty is better suited for the position. He also has more raw power than Murphy. Essentially Murphy had a really hot 1/4 of a season in 2008 and his 2009 was probably closer to the type of player he’ll be. I’m not exactly too high on him when it comes to being an everyday player, but rather he could turn into a Joe McEwing “supersub”.

    As far as the strikeouts go from some of the guys in the middle of the lineup, it’s really come down to the idea that strike outs aren’t as big of a taboo as they used to be.

    Wright’s overall production at the plate has rebounded quite nicely from last year with him regaining some of his power. But I agree, he used to have a great approach with 2 strikes and has really abandoned his ability to hit the ball the other way in the past couple of seasons.

    Overall, the problem with the Mets isn’t necessarily due to Wright/Reyes/Santana, but rather that they have a blackhole at 2B and by many measures the worst regular RF in the league (Francoeur) and are young at 1B and C. The rotation has actually performed quite nicely but the offense has gone dry.

  35. CT,

    Great write up. I would add that they were the only team who thought it was wise to carry three catchers this season. The Mets have done amazingly poor jobs of carrying prospects as backup players instead of letting them develop with regular jobs.

  36. The Puck Drops Here on

    Fran, you are absolutely right in your assessment of the lowly Mets. I used to be a huge Mets fan but I got away from baseball. They take tooooo much time to play a game. Every batter has his own “dance” at the plate while the pitcher hops on and off the mound. It’s maddening. Throw the ball! Seaver and Carlton could match up for a game in a little over 2 hours. Grrrrrrr The last few years the Mets have really hit the skids. They aren’t even lovable losers. They are just losers.

  37. Actually because the Mets offense goes to sleep for 7 or 8 innings a night and their starting pitching has been reasonably decent, the Mets are kind enough to lose in about 2.5 hours these days.

  38. The Puck Drops Here on

    CT, why am I laughing? Sad but true. Yankees games go on forever. And the radio broadcasts never seem to end.

  39. Well puck, you know that when the Mets finally do get their act together (it may take an act of congress to ban the Wilpons from the game…same goes for the Dolans and the NHL) and put together a winning team it will be a long awaited celebration. Maybe not like 1994, but it will certainly lift a lot of dark clouds from over the head of the franchise.

  40. I’m going to quote fran here:

    I’m with those folks who believe that the manager cannot properly handle either a lineup or sense when pitchers should be removed.

    Absolutely, 1,000 percent agree. The saddest thing is that we could say the same exact thing about Torts and the Rangers.

  41. Mickey,

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely like to offer a ride to take Jerry Manuel to the unemployment office. But as was the case with Torts his 1st year and really last year as well, you can only do so much with mediocre talent. Now you can put some of the blame on the coaching staff for both teams in not getting the best out the talent available, but Jerry wasn’t mismanaging Chase Utley at 2B, Albert Pujols at 1B and Joe Mauer at C.

    Just like Torts wasn’t coaching another 40+ goal scorer aside from Gaborik or Bobby Orr and Chris Pronger on the blueline.

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Baseball sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Easy on Torts and the Rangers Mickey …Baseball sucks compared to the NHL . Half our players are NOT being taken out of the hall of fame because of drugs.

    Great Story fran , Im no war guy . I’d say im one of those guys against it . Nice to see you still have all your limbs!!!

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Baseball sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Mets , Yankees ..bla bla bla .

    ” but Jerry wasn’t mismanaging Chase Utley at 2B, Albert Pujols at 1B and Joe Mauer at C. ”

    WTB? I don’t know what your on about Mickey? Seriously , I never watch seinfeld but I atleast get what peeps are talking about with that. This baseball talk has me confoosed.

  44. CTB, I won’t argue that point. There have been epic fails on management for both organizations. I think the blame for the struggles of both teams can be shared amongst coaching, management and the players.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    im gonna puke!!!

    You guys keep this up and all of you will have to write a 2 paragraph essay on how Avery is good for the league.

  46. Greg, it’s OK. Take a deep breath. We baseball fans need something to get us through the long summer months without hockey.

  47. How many words, Greg? I can do word counts, not paragraphs. And do we have to cite our sources, if we use any?

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    well … no , just 2 full paragraphs on Avery will do. Words… well don’t be cheap . Write the best you can and I’ll grade you after your done.

    Baseball fans that like the Mets or Yanks could probally talk forever about the game . I’d probally start crying and freak out on everyone :)

  49. bull dog line on

    but it was Jerry mismanaging by bringing in Manny Acosta in the 8th of a one run game, and it was Jerry who ran out of position players in the 8th inning of a game that went extras. I could go on and on about how pathetic Manuel is, but this is a hockey blog so I will not speak baseball again.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    naww , youse guys go ahead … its perty quiet here so have at ‘er!!!

  51. Really, you’re offering a mere two-paragraph challenge on why Aves is good for the league? Ha, if I weren’t running out for dinner, I’d have that done in a minute.

    P.S. Two grafs ain’t no essay :)

    Toni Lydman was the NHL Times crossword clue today. Huh? I guess cause the constructor needed a four letter word with those vowels and consonants and just Googled for a weird Toni. Hell, they use Orr all the time (the real Orr ORR), but never Mess. Wonder why…

    OK, gotta run, later all!

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Rangers are the Rangers on ice. One cup ,as funny as you think it is …the Rangers are NOT losers like the Mets.

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    The Rangers suck ,bla bla bla ….Yes man , Im sooo cool saying the Rangers suck!! Yeah man im part of the herd…sure feels good to fly with the flock. Bashing Rangers is soooo cool , everyone should do it!!!! Wait , everyone does!!!! Yeah they suck man , wonder why people come to the blog , just about the stuiped Rangers . I feel so important saying how the Rangers suck , yeah part of the “in” croud now.

  54. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ernie Davis- The Elmira Express. Standout running back for Syracuse University. Heisman Trophy winner. wore #44, same as SU alumni Jim Brown.

    He was the Cheraponov of the NFL. Signed with the Cleveland Browns, but never played a NFL game. Died of Leukemia.

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers don’t suck, but Chicago is better.

    Oh, and FIRE SATHER, the Rangers would NOT suck soooooo much better.

  56. The Puck Drops Here on

    Shout out to Fran for his wondeful guest blog and posts today. Thank you for sharing some of your stories with the Boneheads.

  57. fran,

    great story..thank you for sharing…about 15 vets in my family for WWII..our family is american-italian (altho i play a commie on these here fine internets) where my great-grandfather came to US in 1880..pretty early as far as many italian families are concerned. My grandfather also a child of depression is the one who installed ranger blue in me. He was an amazing man, and growing up it was like having two dads. THAT GENERATION is AMAZING!! I love em all! There is no doubt, however, in my mind, that we will carry this nation once again to greater footing. We just stumbling a bit. There is another GREAT Generation in our future, and then another after that.

  58. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Well said!!

    good night jason!

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