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I have no idea why, but ESPN sent me this photo of Barry Melrose and the Most Interesting Man in the World.


Forty-five days until Opening Night.

45: Bob Gibson, who was the freakin’ man. The man.

45: Jody Shelley.

45: Mark Freer, who I believe was wearing that number in the late 1980s when Brian Leetch went through the whole Philadelphia team to score one of the most electric goals of his career. Freer was the last guy he toasted, prompting John Vanbiesbrouck to say, “That kid must have thought he was in a Michael Jackson video.”


I know you guys must think I’m nuts, but I had to turn down another chance to play Centennial Golf Club with Colton Orr today. Seriously.

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  1. Wait, I thought Barry Melrose was the Most Interesting Man in the World. who is that other guy anyway? Seriousky. Is that Stan Fischler’s kid?

  2. bull dog line on

    Neon Leon Bright punt returner for the New York Football Giants, wore the number 45.

  3. bull dog line on

    everybody’s favorite over the hill defencemen, Willie Mitchell, signed with the Kings.

  4. Barry Melrose’s mullet genuflected to the most interesting man in the world.

    Morning ‘Heads!!!


    #45 Tug McGraw and Cecil Fielder and Pedro Martinez

  5. I honestly think the Most Interesting Man In The World will get a crack at an NHL head coaching gig before The Mullet will.

  6. Morning all!

    GAH! Just spit out my coffee upon seeing that picture. Frightening indeed.

    #45- John Franco. He gave up his #31 to Mike Piazza when he came to the Mets and chose #45 in honor of Tug McGraw.

  7. Tank The Season on

    #45 Joe Girardi- The last person in U.S. pro sports to win a championship with the same team as both a player and coach.

  8. btw, as much as I want hockey season to be here NOW, where in the hell did summer go? It was here last week and now it’s all gray and rainy and chilly. I do not approve of this.

  9. “He can speak French… in Russian.”
    Wicky, don’t get any ideas. I’m about 20 years younger than that guy.

    Maybe Barry is auditioning for “It’s never too early to start beefing up your obituary” gig?

  10. Every time I hear the name Barry Melrose, for some reason I think of Mike Milbury, and when I think of Mike Milbury I think of Kevin Dineen ( who was a stalwart for the old Whalers. If any of you remember him he was a speedy and gutsy forward, not overly big, but an excellent and under rated player ( as were many of the Whales).

    Milbury was out there trying to intimidate every Whale he saw, and I think that he ran someone, possibly Ron Francis, and the two guys on the team at the time were Torry Robertson and Quennville who were always ready to duke it out. At least they were the most memorable in my recollection.

    So all of a sudden there’s little ( relatively speaking) Dineen facing off with Milbury. They dropped the gloves and came at each other and suddenly there’s Milbury on the ice.

    Dineen hit him with one punch and it caught him right on the button and down he went. His team mates had to pick him up and lead him off the ice, because he was still in la la land. For some reason I don’t recall him making much of a stir any longer in games. But if there was one team in the league that the Whaler fans loved to trounce ( when they could ) it was Boston.

  11. So it looks like Donald Fehr will be the next don of the NHLPA.

    I can see it now, no PED testing in the NHL. 130 MPH slap shots and goalies that don’t even need to wear pads anymore.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Hey , I thought we were getting Willie Mitchell ?

  13. Maybe I don’t visualize things right, but I’ve never seen Crosby in a close up interview, even right after a game, where his lips don’t look about the same fantastic bright red as the girl in the Progressive commercials. Can that possibly be their natural color? Petty sounding I know, but he is one odd looking person.

  14. Fran,

    Hahaha. Do not adjust your TV set, that is how he looks.

    Wonder what type of hay Mario feeds him at his house.

  15. fran, I’m thoroughly convinced that Crosby wears makeup during a game and curls his hair every night. Those teeth… dentures already, perhaps?

  16. The Puck Drops Here on

    #45 – I just have to mention Tug McGraw (again). He’s my fav Mets player. He died so young! Even named my dog, Tug. (very appropriate, I have to say)

  17. The Puck Drops Here on

    Fran, regarding your posts in yesterday’s blog about bagels and hard rolls. We grew up eating them, too. My folks moved upstate NY (Cooperstown, actually.) Mom went to a bakery and asked if they had a hard rye bread. She was told she could buy it and leave it on the counter for a few days.


  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I missed 46 yesterday, I had a good one: Total number of Rangers playoff games since 96-97.

  19. Barry Dos Equis Melrose or is it Jonathan Melrose Goldsmith. Christian Backman and Pavel Brendl not much there.

  20. Fran I wish I could send you some of the beautiful crispy bagels one of guys at work Angie picks up in Westwood NJ just as good as my friend from Queens used to make. But you know there only good the day there made.

  21. Just a statement to say what’s wrong with starting a new post every day without an essay of “I hate (Sather, Dolan, Bettman, Drury, Redden, Rozy, etc.)” or “I love (MSG, Jagr, Henrik, the 1994 team, Megan Fox, etc.)?

    Today’s post goes to show you that you don’t need a dissertation to involk comments.

  22. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Did you get Barry’s autograph when you took that pic together or did he ask for yours????

    Brian Burke has went to every session of the world hockey summit…EVERY SESSION!! The guy is a stud! You look up hockey in the dictionary and it is his picture!!!

    Say it ain’t so about willie!

    Jody “frakking” Shelley

  23. Working CCCP working. Involk will invoke comments! I can’t wait for the season to start to see how much I hate Sather & Tortorella

  24. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    45, the number of line variations torts uses per period!!

    Guerin not going back to pitt….there are certain vets that are worth having on a roster regardless, in this case guerin=shanny, I’d kick the tires regardless of roster spots.

    You are killing me, THANKS!!!!!

  25. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Let’s not forget the Colt .45
    the gun.
    but lets forget colt 45 the bevearge and the houston colt .45’s baseball team

  26. No Guerin in Pittsburgh means their top wingers are Chris Kunitz and Tyler Kennedy.

    And we thought our wingers sucked.

  27. Coach Beeblebrox on


    It is easier to take when Crosby, Malkin and Staal are your top 3 centers.

  28. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I forgot the joke, i mean U.N., was created in 45, good catch!


    Hey, you know what? Nobody cares! Another stupid post by Carp with THREE numbers today. Yaaaay! *sarcasm*

  30. Megan Fox is history. Blake Lively is quickly moving up my list!

    Rachel Bilson is making a comeback on my list as well. Especially since she broke off her engagement to that bouchebad from the Star Wars prequel.

    Go Rings/Kangers!


    not sure if link will work but it’s a pretty interesting piece on the role bloggers play in covering pro sports and the rangers get mentioned a few times. It talks a bit about the fire sather rally and the way the team feels about bloggers having access to the team.


    I would love to get you opinion on this matter as it seems to me that you fit somewhere in the middle of the debate. You a credentialed pro reporter with direct contact to fans through the blog. What do reporters think of pure bloggers etc?

  32. Tank The Season on

    Pitt is going to sign Stempniak supposedly, that’s why they told Guerin he won’t be brought back.

  33. wicky – Guerin=Shanny? Signing a 37-year-old coming off a 41-goal season isn’t the same as signing an a 39-year-old coming off a 21-goal year, regardless of the fact that Guerin has always been an inferior player to Shanahan.

    He might still be a valuable role player on a contender, but the Rangers shouldn’t be going anywhere near him.

  34. Coach, True, very true. They’ll probably shift one of them to wing anyway.

    wicky, I try. Sometimes ;)

    Do I sense a shinebox?

  35. As insane as some (Ok, a LOT) of Sather’s moves are, I just don’t think he would sign Guerin. The team still needs to sign Staal, which will put them over the cap. At least until Adios, Wade time.

  36. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The Houston Colt 45s !

    The most interesting man in the world ? Mark Pavelich

  37. Mickey M

    Just a oof information…most folks believe that WWII ended in 1945…not so. The Japanese surrender ceremony on the Mighty Mo was the formal unconditional surrender, but the “period of the emergency” was still on..the reason?

    For one thing there were still a number of Japanese holdouts hiding in the jungles and a number of those Islands Guam among them, and many of those poor starving and half insane people still held out in the woods for more than 20 years! Still thought the war was on.

    And in Europe the die hard Nazis who didn’t hi tail it to south America, formed guerrilla units and held out for a time in Germany murdering Germans who were helping the allies, trying to put their country back together again they’d be found hanging from trees, shot to pieces and the usual crap that those evil s.o.b. s were capable of, and they were also ambushing some Allied soldiers who were policing the country. The war officially ended on December 31 1946. Just a bit of random trivia that I recall ( largely because I enlisted in August 46, and when I was discharged in Aug 49, I was listed as a veteran of WWII and eligible for the G.I. Bill ( which I thankfully took advantage of.) But even so, I was always aware of how lucky I was that I’d not been born 6 months earlier, and all the heavy lifting had been done by far better men that me..

    I really led a charmed life, and I have to believe that my angel watched over me because of the number of close calls I’ve had and come thru.

    Some day if you’re at all interested I’ll tell you what I’m talking about.

  38. fran, Now that I didn’t know. None of that is in the history books I read, and I minored in history. Amazing what never makes it in to those. I can only imagine how thankful you are for surviving the few months you were in the service.

  39. Now Fran,

    THAT would be a good guest blog. And he probably doesn’t need spell check like other guest bloggers I know. . . .

  40. Fran, we are already interested. Speaking of history books- the ones I used were all written in Russian, if you catch my drift..

  41. Well Blogmomma I’ll just point out one oddity that occurred and it covers the broader area of time and events that still makes me wonder.

    I took my discharge from the Corps in Aug 49. At discharge time, there was always an officer who tried to either talk you into re upping. or if not that then sign up in the reserves. Well we all knew that the reserves was a pretty good deal right? Once a month drill, and two weeks of serious training in the summer..and for that, if you stayed in for 20 years doing this, you got a half pay pension for life! And we all knew there were gonna be no more wars right? So what a deal! I was gonna do it, but in the hustle and bustle of those college years ( and those were the “Happy Times” of the early 5os right? And they really were. ( But there still was not a whole lot of work. Many of my close friends went into the reserves. I forgot to do it. (Lucky me). within a year..early 1950 they were in Korea.Korea wasn’t even in my thoughts. Didn’t really know where it was or why I should be concerned about it.

    Those were my Chicago period. Came home to CT bummed around at multiple jobs one after the other, always trying to get some money, found my dream girl, married her, and then got desperate for work. Short and details just the pure facts. Re enlisted but in the AirForce, and it gave me a job,a paycheck, and benefits. I was going for 20 years.
    This occurred right at the end of the Korean war as it was then, and I stayed in the Airforce 4 years, but again was held back by frozen career fields, couldn’t make rank, and decided to try civilian life again. So my enlistment ended
    in l960. What happened after that/You got it. Viet Nam.
    So the irony of it all was that somehow in all innocence, I managed to weave 7 years of active duty time in between 3 wars, without ever being called upon for combat. Charmed life. Almost like the near sighted Mr Magoo.

  42. fran i knew about the japanese holdouts but never the nazis. please tell us more.

    my grandfather was a spy and hunted down the nazis hiding out in Europe after WWII. they were low-level and all of them hung.

    ever heard of operation paperclip? crazy stuff…

  43. my dad always told me the reason why mexican beer tastes good (not corona) is because the nazis that fled to south america started brewing it there.

  44. noonan

    Seems logical to me…when I was stationed in Panama, there was a local brewery that put out a beer that was great, they labeled it Cervesa Balboa( Balboa was the home town site of the Canal Zone) It was great. Then we found out that they’d brought over a German brewer ,, if you can’t beat em…join em.

  45. It’s crazy though all the propaganda and mind control experiments along with the false flag operations (burning of the Reizghtag) used that got the german people behind the war. Also fascism and the threat of the brownshirts coming to get you or your family at night must have kept people at bay.

    It doesn’t make sense.. there were too many Nazi soldiers for them to all be evil. They thought they were fighting for their country. Aah the age of information. And here I wonder why they want to censor the internet and airwaves.

  46. Fran

    wow. and near-sighted Mr. Magoo, lol.

    My father was a teenager in Nazi concentration camps during WWII – yes, my father, and he another 2 kids after me, lol! – and had his parents killed in gas chambers.

  47. Fran-
    Thanks for the story- interesting stuff, and thank you for your service to our country!

  48. Good Lord Tim, my prayers go out to you and yours. I have always been a happy man…still am. And feel that so much
    good fortune has come my way all my life.

    About 8 years ago I decided to search out all the friends I had in the Corps and try to have a 50+ year reunion. I wrote to Marine HQ in D. Co, and got a roster of the units that were at CP at the time, and recalled a number of my old gang. Went thru the internet and found about 40- of them. They were thrilled to hear from me and jumped at the opportunity. I suggested we gather at Las Vegas, and that we did. Several of my closest friends couldn’t make it..too sickly,and almost all for the same reason. Lung cancer and/ or emphesema. Two of them passed away before our meeting began. ( I have never smoked in my life, and neither has my wife.)

    More than I would have guessed went for 20 in the Corps and were either Master Gunnery Sgts, or Warrant Officers, and one guy became I contacted the San Remo and told them of my idea for a reunion and they jumped at the chance to have it there. Set aside a block of rooms for us, and when
    we arrived it was amazing. The years just fell away and they had a large sign in the lobby , Welcome 2nd Marine Wing. We had a great time introducing all the wives and funny thing was that the wives ( several of them anyhow, could not understand how overjoyed we all were to see one another said, ”
    What is it with these guys”? at most they were only together for a few years, how well did they know one another?” A wiser one explained that those few years was at a formative point in our lives, teen agers, bound together in a common endeavor, and we shared our adventures Some had fought in two wars, and several of them still smoked, and had respiratory problems, but they looked good and lost a lot of hair, and got a bit out of shape, but they were all gung ho for this gathering. In our group we had many successful folks. One guy was a civil engineer waa in charge of the highway system of Houston Texas. Another was chancellor of a Virginia college, two were successful lawyers and between the bunch of us we had i67 children. Two had become aeronautical engineers and they halped develop the great Boeing aircraft of today. Iwas so proud of them all.
    and I felt compelled to tell those who wound up Korea, that when I finally heard of what had happened over there especially at the Chosin Reservoir, I told them that I always felt s bit of guilt that I had not been with them
    ( which was true..I felt blessed but a bit of guilt. They reassured me however and to a man agreed that no one in his right mind would have wanted to be there…it was the luck of the draw. (One had been a POW when overrun by the Chinese, and he said that the chinese officer spoke English and he was surprised to see the “yellow legs” ( meaning thekhaki leggins that was part of our combat uniform, ) because he didn’t knowthey were fighting against US Marines. He went on to sayh how much they liked the Americans and if we ever got to Hollywood. Some of the prisoners said yeah they saw the stars all the time, and he was asked about Betty Grable, (was from Jersey)sure he knew her) but the Chinese officer apologized for having to have orders to turn them over to the N Koreans that they were to link up with next dday. Well they stayed with this unit for y6 days, and the Chinese officer told them that he didn’t see any point of keeping them any long, so allowed them to return to their own lines. Amazing luck. When they told our guys that they liked Americans, one of the guys said, ” Well Hell we like the Chinese a lot too…we eat at your restaurants all the time.The chinese couldn’t figure that one out at all – These 6 guys had already been written off in their units as MIAs. One of the returnees said, ” man it’s a good thing that they weren’t aware that our unit had wiped out an entire division of theirs the previous week”

    Odd fortune.

    It was

  49. Alright, who wants to post a silly hockey comment after Fran’s stories? After reading those, hockey seems so unimportant.

  50. Tim/CR, wow. We’re all lucky for that. Hugs to you and your family.

    fran, thanks for sharing these memories with us. I’m glad to hear of that reunion, made me grin like crazy.

  51. “Alright, who wants to post a silly hockey comment after Fran’s stories? After reading those, hockey seems so unimportant.”

    And Tim’s story, as well.

  52. Well hockey is important because it’s our passion. The reason for we all being together here. I can’t wait for the season to start and we have some real hockey grist for our mill…it’ll take a couple of weeks for them to get their sea legs, as is usual with all teams at the season outset, they gradually have to work into that snap and dash that they’ll play with a bit later. Kinda like Christmas morning when you were kids eh? The expectancy. WE don’t have Jagr to kick around or bemoan any longer, and Redden may well become just a bad dream remembered.

  53. See, this is why it annoys me when people come to this site and criticize us for writing about things other than hockey- especially in the off-season. I dare anyone to call this jibberish! Anyone who does just doesn’t get it. Like Fran said, we’re brought together because of hockey, but this blog is so much more than that. That’s why I come here.

  54. Not really into my bounceball, but didn’t The Crosby of the NBA, Michael Jordan wear #45 on his first comeback? As a tribute to a teenage Dmitri Kalinin.

  55. Fran

    Your stories and memories are remarkable. What a great Rangers family this is, because of people like you.


    My father was born in Poland. Rest of my mother on down in the US. He always was generous with others and helped those in need. He never held anything against the Nazis – which makes my dislike of Boston so absurd. I’ve said this before, but he was truly one of the greatest people that I will ever know. He had upwards of 15 different surgeries and iirc, probably at least 3 heart bypass surgeries before he passed away during his final surgery. He never complained about the tough life he was given, he just made a terrific life for everyone around him and made everyone around him better – which makes my whining about umpires and such so absurd. He educated others about the Holocaust up until his passing- including schools that I attended.

  56. good stuff all around today.

    My Dad met my Mom in Holland during WWII. He passed last January but Mom is still alive and well. Her stories about hiding as Hitlers armies marched down her streets still give me chills.

    I don’t think the NHL talent is diluted at all. Watch any game from 20 years ago. Half those guys could barely skate by today’s standards. There were practically only Canadians in the league before then too.

    I just think Hockey is a tough sport, to get to know. people who know it love it but until the next ice age and there are outdoor rinks all over the US, it will always be a fringe sport. There’s still plenty of money in there if even lower guys can make $2mill/season.

    I’m ready for some hockey.

  57. Bring, what does it say about a jackwagon who hates a site and can’t stay away from it?

    Joke, we see them as an entirely different species … or at least I do. Some frightening. Some excellent. But definitely completely different.

    Carl Pavano: American Idle.
    Homer Jones: Awesome 45.
    MJ did change his number to 45. I think he might have worn it in baseball, too.

    fran, keep the great stories coming.

    Bring, shinebox buddy.

    Good evening, Sally!

  58. Who’s Bring? Huh, guess I passed on that post. Oh well, I was too busy reading interesting and spot on posts like fran’s EddieJ’s, Tim’s…and, oh, that comedy stylings that are C3P.

    I love this place! (tear slides down mama’s cheek :)

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on


    HELL YEAH , bring on the season!!!!!

    Fran ,
    Great of you to share your stories . Some of us are actually learning something here . I was wondering if your name short for Francis?

  60. Just in case noone’s told youse guys lately, but you’re amazing! The stories, the lessons, the comedy… simply amazing! And to think, camp starts in 3 weeks!!!!!!

  61. We are not just a Rangers blog, we’re the history channel!

    C3P, holy moly, just scrolled through your (5,000) Barcelona photos. Tremendously tremendous! You have quite a talent with the lens, who knew :)

    Only one thing? where are you and the better 1/2???

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on


    Wade ..we know your reading this. So your on the bike right now I see. Getting into shape? You think your making the team ? Last time ive seen a vet slide this down the depth chart ,the guy retired. When are you announcing yours? Ottawa dont want ya ,We dont want ya , Our farm team dont want ya. Time for you to make a press conference and retire while you still have an ounce of dignity left . Try calling Markus Naslund. Hes got class. If you don’t end all this drama and retire ..then come training camp ,you will be cut and then you can cry fowel while you sit in Hartford.

  63. Carp,

    You talk a lot of smack for someone with the nonexistent record of confronting Glen Sather % the Rangers that you have. I wasn’t lookin to get into it w. you but bring it if that’s what you feel….

    Do your editors even know you’re on here talking about sweet air and allowing posters to slander current Rangers I all while you’re apparently golfing every day?

  64. #45 – underrated Giants CB/S from early 70’s Pete Athas. I bet even some old-time Giants fans have not thought of that name in awhile. Kinda like bringing up Bruce MacGregor to an old-time Ranger fan.

  65. >>…And to think, camp starts in 3 weeks!!!!!!

    Did somebody say *3*?

    Oh, it’s weeks…not days!

    [We play two 45 minute halves in soccer.]

  66. Do you know what could be the best indication of how strong this place is? People who seemingly hate it can’t stay away. They just keep coming back.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Yo Rod , whats it to you if Carp Golf’s ? Your not his wife .
    Carp tells it like it is and if we need to defend slandered players …that’s my job. I don’t take too kindly to idiots who bash the Rangers and say we aint got a team. Last guest post bashed the league and his post before bashed the Rangers. I know whos bashing who and nothing get forgotton. You shut your yap and shoe sum shoes Rod cuz bagging on Carp , WONT fly here.

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Go Rangers !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Lemme see here …

    Kovalchuk plays in NJ or Kovalchuk plays in the KHL …

    I’ll take door number 2 BOB!!!

    5 reasons Kovalchuk leaving to the KHL is a good thing :

    #1 Wont escalate salaries ( 10 million is too much)

    #2 Devils wont have his offensive threat

    #3 He gets humbled

    #4 No more drama

    #5 Sets an example ( good or bad)

  69. The Kovalchuk camp think they’re being clever. This is nothing more than a subtle warning to Bettman. “Boo hoo, give us what we want or else…”

  70. “a difficult decision for the free-agent winger could come in the next 24-48 hours.”

    Kovalchuk is the one who makes it difficult… lower your demands and everything will be alright.

  71. Blogmama August

    26th, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    You have quite a talent with the lens, who knew :)


    I knew! But thank you for good words…I’ve always loved photography…ever since i was a kid i have always been around photos… My late grandparents on my mother’s side were both professional photographers and owned a photo-shop for the most part of their lives.

  72. Well I really miss those old Bagels and hard rolls

    I tell you why that mention of Hy Buller’s Jewish identity bothered me, because I lived among Jews as an adolescent. and I came to love them. My best friend in those young days was kid whose family emigrated from Sevastopol, which is in the Crimean region if I recall correctly. And his parents treated me like one of the family, even though as an Irish Catholic I was accepted in their way of Life. Strict adherence to law and faith they were, He going to Hebrew study twice a week, and in festival times and their Holidays I would sometimes celebrate with them, and they’d give me Matzoh and wine, and one day one of his sisters sliced me off a sliver of pure horse radish that I’d never eaten before and wow – I thought I was gonna lose my eyes. never felt anything in my mouth so hot. They got a big laugh about it and gave me a “drying towel” which they wiped the tears away with. It was all part of their religious ceremony.
    but to me it was like taking a mouthful of flame.
    ( I was about 10 -11 and his older sisters treated me like I was a younger brother.

    But one thing that I found out about his parents was what happened to them in Russia. We had been studying about
    the Napoleanic wars in Russia, and how on the winter retreat they were savaged by Cossacks. I made mentioned that we were studying about the Cossacks in school, and his mother put both hands to her face and ran out of the room
    crying. Unknown to me, his parents had run away from their home, and his mother’s parents had been murdered by Cossacks who were turned on the Jews in Russia by the Communists. She was still terrified of them over here, and
    I tried to tell his sister that they would never bother them over here, but the fright was so intense that she could not feel secure. My first introduction to the
    fact that there were really bad folks over there.

    So much for lost innocence.

  73. cossacks or nazi…same carcillo!

    fran – ever heard of “pogroms”? wooohoooo those were fun! {sarcasm} antisemitism in Russia (USSR) was (and still is, like everywhere in the world) part of the culture… I grew up in a city that was at one point predominately Jewish city…Odessa, Ukraine, and i still had to stand up for myself (for being Jewish) on regular basis.

  74. JBytes, I’m gonna have that song in my head all night now!

    C3P, that’s awesome to know about you. My grandfather on my mom’s side was the photog/filmer in our family and I got my love of it from him. Studied for a while, even worked the darkroom (old school!) but stupidly let it fall away. You’ve re-inspired me. what kind of camera do you use?

    Good night all!

  75. one more for wicky. because I have “superpowers” I just got a sneak peak at fran’s post for tomorrow.

    fran, you the man, and I never would have taken you for more than 27 :) Yeesh. What was it I wore today?

  76. I’m with you Greg.
    Sometimes its painful, but you have to take a stand. Yes he’s a great player, easily the best available free agent for the last few years and a few more to come probably but why should you make concessions to pay him $10m per year but the team only suffer a lower cap hit. I suppose if i was a Debbies fan i would be outraged but hey, who cares, no Kovy against our defense is a god-send!

    The fact about free agency is that it is the market that dictates the demand and supply. Demand is minimal at the moment because teams either dont have the cap space or the $$ available to pay him $10m per. I say he’s been badly advised, if the money is so important he should have signed the big money Atlanta offered. I also dont think that the KHL is as viable an alternative for him, its like packing your bags and running back home to mama after arguing with your wife!!

  77. Again, this all just proves my point: The NHL can’t afford to pay it’s best players. Which isn’t entirely true, because without the hard slaray cap, Kovy would be a NY Ranger, or a Red Wing, or even a Devil without the cap. The cap is nothing more than welfare for an over expanded 3rd rate league.

  78. I would like to nominate Fran for a guest blog. . . . if he hasn’t signed up already. His stories remind me of my late grandfather who served in WWII on a destroyer in the 3rd Fleet under Admiral Halsey. I have all of his battle records and pictures on display in my living room. He served from Guadalcanal thru the Phillipine campaign, including surviving “Halsey’s Typhoon” in late 1944. He served in Korea as well. I always hear his generation refered to as “The Greatest Generation”. Every time I look at the wall, and see the sacrifices he made and the countless others that made the ULTIMATE sacrifice, I understand why.

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