Third jersey = your wallet


I’m not going to go on and on about a topic that was discussed yesterday: That the Rangers will trot out another “third jersey” which would make this one their sixth or seventh or eighth jersey, actually. I’ve lost count.

If it’s going to be a throwback, that’s fine and great. The Rangers wore throwbacks in ’91-92. So if the blue jersey is going to have an old-style diagonal “RANGERS” or “NEW YORK” on the front, fine. But if they’re going to come up with another Lady Liberty or whatever, well, I’m totally against that.

And I’ll tell you why. Lady Liberty was a pure money grab. Your money. Their grab. It was another way to turn your pockets inside out. Now, I know a lot of you liked those jerseys and nobody forced you to buy them. But, let’s face it, if nobody would buy it they wouldn’t do it.

Again, the only reason for third jerseys is to have stores full of new stuff for you to buy. If you’re OK with that, well, it’s your wallet.

I find it distasteful that one of the best jerseys in all of sports will be replaced for some games by a merchandise sale.


Forty-seven days until Opening Night.

47: Rich Pilon. Who once said, as a Ranger, “screw ’em all, I can still play.”

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  1. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

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  2. Heh. I love that Pilon quote. Agreed on the new jerseys, just another way for the league/team to make money off its fans.

  3. Rich Pilon was the best Ranger in history. . . at icing the puck.
    Imagine if he played now?!? He would be on the ice 57 minutes a game!!!

    #47 sure fire HOF JOHN LYNCH!!!

    Unless the 3rd jerseys depict the World Trade Center and EVERY dime of the purchase price goes to charity, I will flatly reject them.

  4. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Carp, are you kidding? You mean teams only make 3rd jerseys to sell them? Holy crap, this is unreal. This is a revelation beyond all my comprehension, I’m STUNNED, STUNNED I tell you!

    Duh! Of course the are sold for money. Why do you think they sell ANY jersey? So fans can show solidarity? For posterity? If it was all so “special” and had some hint of exclusivity, and was not about a money grab, they would not sell any jerseys, ever.

    We can’t have it both ways. Teams have to make money. If they want to sell 10 jerseys I could care less. Its stupid, and I hate it, but if people want to open their wallets for these things, more power to them.

    As long as they keep the original sweaters, and wear them 90% of the time, I’m not going to cry over it.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    Carp , and some of you are missing the point. The 3rd jerseys are due . They are due. Every other club had them ..why not us? I too like to wear a “new” unique look like other teams do .Our jersey is sacred ,yes but a 3rd jersey would be really cool!!!!!!! COOOL , like in AWSOME!!!! Rangers dont need money so no sense in playing that card ,only senseable move is to evolve and be proud of our team wearing whatever jersey is on thier back.

    New York Rangers , greatest franchise. Starting to make some Noise.

  6. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Tom Glavine

    Good Guy
    Good Baseball Player
    Good Hockey Player

    Number 47

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    ALRIGHT CARP , when the firetruck is gametime already.


  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    When can we buy the new 3rd jersey? I ‘ll be a sucker!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

    Delzotto SCORESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE pass Gaborik!!!!

  9. Agree in general with “General” Carp. Call me conservative, but I absolutely hate “Liberty” jerseys from the very beginning- distasteful, corny and always reminded me cheap tourist souvenir stores around ESB. Old time diagonal “Rangers” is my favorite, period. As for commercial part of that, let’s face it –they will always find the way to commercialize – selling merchandise, old style or new, trying maximize profit with so called “novelty” stuff, capitalizing on fans curiosity and boredom. (Too bad if this become the only purpose).

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    DUBINSKYYYYY scoreeeeessss!!!!!! Nice pass Callah …(GOODMORNING momma!!!)… annnnn!!!

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    GREAT GOAL Zucarellooooooo!!!!! Holey Hell you look great in that 3rd jersey!!!!

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    Zucarelllllooooooo rymes with Carpinelloooooooo!!!

  13. Good morning, Carp! Your hair looks lovely! I was roadtripping all over the place with my mom, but now I am back.

    47 days til my favorite nosepicking NINJA comes to Buffalo!

  14. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71)
    Speaking about commercial, I would suggest you to divide you wonderful info in several parts (more is better) and place it as separate posts. First, it will give Carp and RR clear advantage in numbers of hits. Secondly, I think, based on my humble experience, people can’t swallow so much info in a one shot particular in the blogs format, regardless how good it is.(and yours is great).Just friendly suggestion.

  15. I don’t know if the rich will stop trying to make money because they’re already rich, this 3rd jersey is most likely another scheme to get into your pants… pocket that is.. I’m proud of the Rangers, but if they come out with a Hello Kitty Sean Avery jersey, i’m … wait.. I’d buy that!

  16. They are bringing back the libery head? I LOVE THAT LOGO. AND IT WILL CERTAINLY GET MY MONEY!~

    hell when i find a great tattoo artist that’s going to be my first tattoo

  17. jesus Carp i know you are a traditionalist but it’s not like they are getting rid of their first or second jerseys. the liberty head is a cool logo that identifies with NYC.

    Everyone loves the Hartford Whalers logo because it’s a cool design. well probably the coolest ever. i have 3 whalers shirts and 1 hat

  18. #47 – Jay Hook – the first pitcher to win a game in Mets history – 4/23/62 vs the Pirates.

    The Ranger organization should just be honest and come out with a jersey that has Dolan on the front waving our money.

    The only 3rd jersey I ever bought or will buy is the current home jersey with Rangers across the front. The original blue jersey had New York across the front and was worn on the road. Those are the 3 jerseys I own and will ever buy – white with Rangers, blue with New York, blue with Rangers.

  19. OK, I’m rofl at the Hello Kitty Avery jersey. I wonder if Sean would put that in his closet.

    I jest, I jest :)

  20. Third jersey= earth shattering news! Agree with cwgatti, if it is for charity, I’ll be first one to buy it. Otherwise, who cares.

    From multiple sites, it looks like the Kovalchuk saga might be over today. Again.

  21. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    MOrning ILB and all!!

    good luck!

    I liked rich pilon (I know, shocker to some of you). He just wasn’t a good passer, so he did ice the puck a lot.

    Just curious, anyone here think slats is still interested in souray, or has that boat sailed so to speak??

    Off to work, later assens!!

  22. Jay Riemenschneider on

    I get the vitriol on a lot of hockey business related subjects but the jersey thing seems like #83/100 if we’re going to make a list of crap going on in this league. So yeah, IMO the liberty jersey was the best jersey any team outside the original 6 has worn in decades. And for me, cash grab or not it’s just nice to see something different every now and then.

  23. Boo Tom Glavine, yay Jesse Orosco.

    I’m indifferent on the 3rd jerseys. However I hope they go for the retro look like the rest of the original 6 have done (Chicago and Detroit have been the best in my opinion, the Habs have had some ghastly jerseys).

    A good website to see the evolution of NHL teams uniforms.

  24. Carp, totally agree to many stupid jersey’s…IMO the Liberty jersey looked pathetic.
    But then again, I don’t buy many jerseys and the only one I would buy would be the normal true broadway blue sweater.

  25. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Sweater is the old school term… when they actually pretty much were sweaters, made of wool or cotton, and probably didn’t breathe much, and you could ring them out at the end of the game.

    They are no longer sweaters, they are jerseys now. They have ‘technology’ incorporated, and holes, and are lightweight and all that. To me it’s a sweater no longer.

  26. Carp:

    Man, are you jaded. And I like it.

    3rd jerseys can suck it. And so can mid-career number switches. I’m talking to you, Kobe.

  27. Oh, an if you haven’t figured it out, it is Nasty 1, I switched to NastySays. That is also my Twitter name. Just like the sound of it better.

  28. The hat is ok, but definitely not M&N’s best work. I like to have the logo of the team on the front myself, but don’t let my preference on that matter sway you.

    I’ve scanned the M&N selection this year and it’s somewhat underwhelming. Which is frustrating because my wife left her Whalers hat on the last plane trip we took and the available replacements aren’t as good. I do like this one though:

  29. Thanks Nasty. For alerting me to the 15% off and to the all white Men’s hat. I didnt know they had Mens in white.

    With the Yankees World Series 2009 Champions hat, the Mens is half black/half white, and the Womens all white. So I got both, and wear the Womens one more often!

  30. Not to worry Carp – a buddy of mine works for the Rangers, in their Merch department, and confirmed that the “new” thirds are the home blue with “New York” written diagonally across the front. Personally I was rooting for a graphic of the Gorton’s fisherman brandishing a hockey stick. What? The Islanders already took that one?? Damn their keen eye and style savvy.

  31. I want that jersey from the 70’s. It’s been in like the last 10 NHL video games.. the one with the actual team logo in the middle. GIMME!

  32. CT, I was very very close to buying that one. I like it a lot. I agree about the logo on front. I haven’t seen much though. The few M&N ones in the shopnhl rangers section are decent.

  33. Also, I played NHL Slapshot for the wii. It is by EA, and it comes with a hockey stick controller, and I must say, it was a lot of fun. I might have to buy the 2011 for the 360 and Slapshot for the wii as well. Good times.

  34. nasty

    i got my friend hooked on
    every time a new pair of kicks comes out they usually have something to match em.
    and they are in jersey so the shipping is quick.

  35. The New Era collection is very traditional. Just the normal Rangers logo on different styles. I wish they did more with their NHL collection because they go all out on their MLB hats (although some of them are really gaudy).

    Since for all intents and purposes baseball season is over for me I’ve taken to wearing my Rangers hat or as Nasty knows it, “the one that got away”.

  36. Mike Green wore 47 for NYR in ’04

    Offhand, 47 is also a safe prime, of the form 2p+1 where p is also prime (in this case, 23).

    47 was also the distance of Scott Norwood’s missed field goal attempt during Super Bowl XXV.

    Personally, I prefer hockey and math facts to football!

  37. Ugh, I backtracked on that link for the hats Nasty and saw the camo hat that’s on sale. That’s one ugly hat, it pretty much deserves to be an Islanders hat it’s that ugly.

  38. Wouldn’t it be nice if the biggest problem for the Rangers was the design of their third jersey and if it was ok to sell them?
    How about designing a new GM and coach?

  39. That’s mucho weird, that photo. I thought perhaps it was photoshopped as well at first. WTB! Hankie looks good, though, any shot. He’s the hottest model in that pic BY FAR!

  40. Yeah CT but he is never good…
    I haven’t bought any Rangers merchandise in ages. I definitely won’t buy this new third “jersey”.
    I bought a Leetch Jersey in 1992 and I haven’t purchased any merchandise since.

  41. (bounds in)


    Things went really really well and they want to meet with me in person!!

    Finally, something good!!


  42. I have a Rangers hat my Dad got for me a garage sale a few years ago. It’s not great, but it works. LOL.

    The lone jersey I have is a Leetch white one with the ‘C’ on it. Bought it in Buffalo about 10 years ago (don’t ask, long story)

    I have two player t-shirts though- Dubinsky and Del Zotto. Got’em both at the game I went to in January.

  43. As long as it is NOT the Winnipeg Jets clone from the Furgeson era…

    THAT was henious

  44. Hehehhe @ “Hankie”, CR9, too funny. He’s definitely the most sweaty and MOST talented in the pic. I’m still so confused.

  45. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    I guess dolan can’t raise ticket prices , so he conjures up another 3rd jersey.. he can stuff it. next he’ll raise cablevision prices.

  46. Mickey

    Thanks! It was great! Barcelona is so beautiful… but expensive! We did everything we planed to do…so it was a really good little vacation! Definitely will comeback to Spain again.

  47. Aaron Ward announces retirement today, but can anyone remind me what kind of brawl or bad blood was exactly in locker room related to him before his departure from Rangers.I have kind of fuzzy memory about it.

  48. i think it was a problem with all the goals that went into our net off Ward… he scored on his own team in half a season more than in his entire career! I dont think Jagr liked that…

  49. Yeah, I remember the first time that happened. I think we were playing the Pens and it was tied 5-5, and Jagr took a late penalty, and the puck went off Ward’s foot.

    He admitted to Hank in the pre-season that it was a problem he had had in his career. I thought he was joking, but clearly it’s true.

  50. Hey, welcome back, CCCP. Spain is great.

    Great news, Mickey. Let us know when is the meeting, so we would keep our fingers crossed.

    Nasty, TR and CTB are talikng hats again- smells like hockey.

  51. ORR:

    Don’t you think that looked a lot like “28 Days” mashed with the “Dawn of the Dead” remake? Not saying it didn’t look good, but it sure as hell didn’t look original.

  52. To me, putting New York across the front like they used to is a good idea, but it shouldn’t be a third jersey- it should be their away jersey. I also wish they had done something more with the crest shoulder patch that they used on the liberty jerseys. It was the team crest, but with a more angular, modern look to it. Maybe they could put that on the front of the jerseys.

    I realize that third jerseys are a money-making scheme, but I still enjoy something new every once in a while. I guess that tells you something about people today. We have a short attention span. We need something new every 5 minutes.

    Orr- enjoyed that “Walking Dead” trailer. It looks like it’ll be good. I’m just a sucker for a good zombie movie, I guess.

  53. Chris- Are there any totally original zombie movies? I mean they’re basically all the same. How much can you do to a zombie movie to make it different? The premise is the same in every one- the dead come to life and hunger for human brains. The people who aren’t “zombified” yet are fighting to get away. How many ways can you package that?

  54. Is “zombified” even a word? Come to think of it, I think maybe Wade Redden was zombified last season.

  55. CCCP, did you run with the bulls?

    Any interest in regaling us with a guest post about the trip? Any coat-room incidents?

  56. The White Plains Batman on

    That “New York” jersey is disgusting. I prefer Lady Liberty any day of the week.

    When I think of the NY jersey from the 80s I think of undersized moustached men getting pummeled by Clark Gillies, Tim Kerr, Rick Tochett, Esposito in charge, and just mediocre hockey.

  57. Eddie,

    The king of the NHL zombies is Brind’Amour, and he sired Redden. Redden’s been a zombie since signing that largeassed contract Uncle Glennie outbid himself on! And on THIS blog, zombified is definitely a word, it’s great having our own language!

    Thanks for the nod Carpy!! WELCOME HOME 3CP! HOLA SALLY!
    Nasty AND tr posting! LIFE IS GOOD!

    24 days until camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Chris, you can say that, but the series is based on a comic which came before 28 Days Later, if I’m not mistaken.

    But, that being said, just like EddieJ said, their isn’t much originality in the Zombie flicks.

    I’m just excited, cause it’s a TV-show, so it has more to offer. The first season is 6 episodes, but I think they’re adding an extra 6-7, and already greenlit a 2nd season, so I’ve heard.

  59. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    CCCP . Spain in not in Spanish Harlem , did you take a jet or subway to go ?

  60. Hola!


    Bull running and fighting is actually illegal in Barcelona now. They have a big arena where this used to happen for years and since it can’t be done anymore, they are turning it into a big shopping mall/market. We did not have a coat check incident, but we did have a bag delay incident — the luggage with all of our clothes arrived 6 hours after we did.

    onecupin70yearsand counting:

    We took a raft, lol. Bumpy ride it was. I paddled and CCCP was blowing into the sail.

  61. Top 100 Salary Cap Hits for Next Season and their 2009-10 Stat Rank

    We’ve put together a list of players with the highest salary cap hits for next season. Also included are how many points they recorded last season, and how they ranked against the rest of the league. Fowards and defenseman are ranked separately. Goalies are ranked based on their goals against average. Signings include up to the 24th of August. Take a look at top cap hits for each position: centers, left wings, right wings, defenseman, and goaltenders.…0-2011-season/

    Chris Drury @ #15….*ouch*

    Wade Redden @ #26…*ouch*

    Michal Rozsival @ #73… *ouch*

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    No more bull fighting? Thats good . Any other half of “Freddy Krugar’s” gotta be the better half. HAHAHA!!!

    noonan Said,
    “ive never found a NYRangers hat i liked”

    Joined the club ,trying looking for one over here where I live…impossible.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    New Jersey Devils,Azzlanders,Flyers, and punk azz Penguins all suck. Buffalo and ottawa , you guys suck too.

    Ahhh I feel better now.

  64. I like merch , I like marketing , I like rangers stuff …im all for it ..
    if you dont like.. u dont buy it ….simple as that

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    Well now that you mention it ilb…Chicago is a joke . Pathetic champions . Toronto is still bush league ( ty miami pimp), Atlanta is our first african american hockey club so maybe they might be ok. Washington is full of pukes.

    ORR , Hats dont make you bald .Bad genitics do.( if you hate baldness.) Im like 40 with a sick head of hair. Its so longs and thick I usually wear a backward Rangers cap to keep it outta my eyes.

  66. Bwahaha, I have that hat CR. Actually, it’s my dad’s, but you know, what’s his is mine!!

    My dad has a brash*t load of 94 NYR stuff. Shirts, hats, jerseys, autographs, clocks, cards, etc. He keeps it locked up.

  67. The White Plains Batman on

    The biggest zombie ever was Glen Hanlon when he was coaching the Caps. The guy had the “Mmmmmmm Brains” look on his face.

    Jeff Van Gundy was a pretty big one too.

  68. I’m gonna start talking shoes, I swear….

    C3P’s better 1/2!!! Hi! Your existence must be proven at next bonesheads fest! Glad you survived Spain with the coat check man!

  69. ORR, I have a ton of stuff I bought in 94 too. Only ever worn one thing twice. So silly, but I feel like I need to keep them safe :) maybe when I get really old, like 29, I’ll start wearing it all and won’t care cause by then I’ll only have til about 31, 32 to go :)

    Greg, it’s called a haircut. just a thought.

  70. Carp

    I’d love to do guest post about the trip but i do NOT want to upset the Universe with my non-hockey gibberish-jibber!


    Still cant deal with the fact that i am taken! lol :P

  71. C3P, thanks for the fall off chair moment :) yes, that’s it, and if I ever meet your better half, watch out — coat check cat fight! (better 1/2, I kid, and bless you and good luck to you!)

  72. Same here. I have loads of stuff from 94 and every New York Championship.

    I get triples of shirts and hats and stuff that you wear. One to save and store away. One to wear currently. And One to wear several years down the road when the previously worn one no longer looks good.

    I also buy about 5 more duplicates of hats, shirts, replica Stanley Cups/World Series trophies and the like for my family/friends!

    I love spending money on championships!

  73. Tank The Season on

    For all Boneheads with iPhones / iPod Touches, NHL 2K11 was announced and will be out … probably right about now.

  74. Crack of midnight and still no Willie Mitchell contract? How can this be? I mean, darelle revis is about to sign but not Willie mitchell? Somethings not right here… The world deserves to know where Willie Mitchell is going to play!!

  75. Ok, I’m taking bets here…

    Who signs first?

    Darelle revis
    Willie Mitchell

    then as a somewhat obvious side bet we can say who will have the biggest impact on their team and we can all pretend like we don’t know the answer is Willie Mitchell.

  76. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    WOW, good news, they made a sequel to District B13 called D13U. Stoked!

    Good night erin!

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Third jersey's , 'bout time!!! ...says Greg L. on

    Boogaard scores 5 goals = your wallet

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