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Goin’ golfin’ but I’ll be around for most of the next two weeks, and with more time to hang out here at RR since I won’t have to do any other work …


I have scheduled a few guest bloggers to fill in some holes. Youse who are guesting, please send me your post the night before it is scheduled, to

And those few who don’t like guest blogs, check out the schedule and stay away those days.

Here’s the sked. We may add more guests, or change some dates.:

Wednesday, Aug. 25: cwgatti.
Friday, Aug. 27: Fran.
Saturday, Aug. 28: Tim G.
Sunday, Aug. 29: Anthony M.

Wednesday, Sept. 1: DanLD.
Thursday, Sept. 2: JVogs.
Friday, Sept. 3: Noah.


Forty-eight days left until Opening Night. I don’t know of any Ranger who ever wore No. 48. The only Yankee I can think of was Tim Stoddard, and he might not have worn it.

The most noteworthy hockey player I could think of was Scott Young, who wore 48 for a lot of teams.

Hang in there. We’re getting to the good numbers soon.

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  1. 48 – Danny Briere, Torii Hunter are the only 2 i can think of.

    48 Crash by Suzi Quatro was a hit single around the time i was born.

    Other than that i got zip, nada, nuthing! This offseason is boring – i even saw Hacklund is now saying the Debbies are thinking of trading Elias to make room for Kovy and Parise’s expected end of season raise

  2. Gravey (Formerlly known as Jor71) on

    Forty-eight is a double factorial of 6, a highly composite number. Like all other multiples of 6, it is a semiperfect number. 48 is the second 17-gonal number.

    48 is the first number of the form (24.q) and is in abundance having an aliquot sum of 76. It is the lowest composite number to fall into the 41-aliquot tree having the 7 aliquot number sequence,(48, 76 , 64, 63, 41, 1, 0). 48 is highly abundant with an aliquot sum 158% higher than itself.

    48 is the smallest number with exactly ten divisors.

    There are 11 solutions to the equation ?(x) = 48, namely 65, 104, 105, 112, 130, 140, 144, 156, 168, 180 and 210. This is more than any integer below 48, making 48 a highly totient number.

    Since the greatest prime factor of 482 + 1 = 2305 is 461, which is clearly more than 48 twice, 48 is a Størmer number.

    48 is in base 10 a Harshad number. It has 24, 2, 12,and 4 as factors.

    The prophecies of 48 Jewish prophets and 7 prophetesses [1] were recorded in the Tanakh for posterity
    According to the Mishnah, Torah wisdom is acquired via 48 ways (Pirkei Avoth 6:6)
    Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, sat under a bodhi tree for 48 days attempting to understand the nature of reality and Universe. Buddhism was the result.

    48 is twice the total number of major and minor keys in Western tonal music (twenty-four), not counting enharmonic equivalents. Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier is informally known as The Forty-Eight because it consists of a prelude and a fugue in each major and minor key, for a total of forty-eight pieces.
    48 is a song by Sunny Day Real Estate
    48 Hour Parole is a song by the Hollies
    48 Crash is a song by Suzi Quatro
    Formerly known as Bonehead, Familiar 48 is an alternative pop/rock band
    The jam band Phish has 48 albums to date.
    On the band tool’s album, Ænima, there is a song named Forty-Six & 2; the sum of which is 48.
    AKB48 is the name of a Japanese pop idol group that consists of approximately 48 members.

    48 is the number of the car driven by 4-time and defending NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson
    48 is the retired number of President Gerald Ford’s jersey at the University of Michigan

    the code for international direct dial phone calls to Poland
    the model number of the HP-48 S/SX/G/GX/G+/GII
    the 48 Hour Film Project
    The First 48, an American crime program, 2004-present
    48 Hours is a television news program on CBS
    48 Hrs., a 1982 film starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, followed by Another 48 Hrs.
    Arizona is the 48th state in the Union
    The 48 United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) are also referred to as the “Lower 48” or the “48 contiguous states”
    ’48 is an alternate history novel by James Herbert
    The 48 Laws of Power is a book by Robert Greene
    The number 48 in ASCII is what you add to any single digit integer to convert to its ASCII value
    MAC address uses 48-bit (6-byte)
    The number of the French department Lozère
    a model of Harley-Davidson in the Sportster line

    Thank you Wiki

  3. Good Morning ‘Heads and all!!

    JB, got it in early for you today to brighten up your Monday morning!!

    Enjoy the time off Carpy!

    48 – Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR) and the Cowboys “MOOSE” Daryl Johnston.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Have a great time playing golf, Carp. Hope the weather gets better for you.

    ‘Heads, if you haven’t read it yet, go back to yesterday’s post and read the last comment by Fran.

  5. Gooooooood morning all!!

    Had a crazy busy weekend so wasn’t able to check in til now. Buuut, yes Carp, still crossing our fingers as still waiting to hear back from the original call.

    50- Benny Agbayani
    49- Jon Niese (who’s had a fab rookie year)
    48- Aaron ‘Byfulgin’ Heilmann

  6. Good morning all! Gravey, I’ll have to go back and read that after my second cup of coffee.

    Greg, excellent posts last night! and thanks buddy. But trust me, you contribute words in your own unique way :)

    48 is not my age yet, thank heavens.

  7. Mama,

    I’m with you on being very excited for fran’s guest post. Did you read his last post on the last thread? That’s twice he got carped. I can’t help but think of the dos equis “worlds most interesting man” now when I read them. I swear there’s a movie to be written here.


    I have a pretty big interest in ww II so I could sit and listen to you forever I am sure. Have you ever watched the mini series band of brothers? Awesome production and I would love to hear your opinion if you have seen it.

  8. My grandfather was a sea bee in the pacific during WWII and my granmothers brother served under Patton, he came home shell shocked and never really recovered from what I am told. All long before my time.

  9. I feel a sudden attack of writer’s block coming on. Hope not to disappoint. One reason that I’d have made a lousy reporter..never could meet a deadline.

    Folks, the hockey that was played then, is mucho different from what is played now. For one thing…..the fouling that was let go and completely ignored in oft times critical situations was staggering. I mean guys getting held and tackled just before getting a shot off on goal and the ref standing right there and ignoring it..happened often. ( Dennis Potvin was one of the worse perpetrators and he got away with it an incredible number of times. Same with
    Chelios and a big dude named Doug Harvey on the Canadiens. But on the other hand….CHARGING , was often called and for a lot less than what happens now. Charging used to be
    called often, but now you can start skating a 55th St, and hit a guy on and they let it go.

  10. My grandad served in WW2, as did his brothers.
    He served in transport corps in Burma, N.Africa, Sicily and Italy. His younger brother Robert was killed smothering a grenade to save some local children in Normandy and is having a road named after him this year.

    I have the complete box set of “The World at War” narrated by Sir Lawrence Olivier, a gift from my grandad before he died.

  11. Not to downplay anyone contribution on this blog, Fran is undoubtedly the best RR Company resent acquisition.
    BTW, Respect has shown for him here, just another evidence of highest human quality of this blog. (For ZzZz, who is a great entertaining character by himself,- to put as #1 on his “what’s good about this site“ optimistic list). Love you guys. (may be because of rain…)

    >>JB, got it in early for you today to brighten up your Monday

    Thanks for the early update, Linda. I take it that you have the iTouch with you today?

    [I should listen to some *Section 25* today.]

  13. By the way, Gravey, this is my favorite part:

    “Formerly known as Bonehead, Familiar 48 is an alternative pop/rock band.”

  14. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    Hey, did anyone go see Piranha 3D??? If naked chicks is your thing, I highly recommend it.

  15. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    Hey, no one mentioned that the Rangers will be unveiling their 3rd jersey in November. Axccording to steve zipay on twitter.

  16. Ukranger,

    congrats on your family’s long overdue and well deserved honor. Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of. I don’t like giving up too much info on web but it seems like our ancestors share some interesting qualities. My grandfather and his family were all minors from the new York/ Canadian border area. Also, the niece named in that article has my last name in her name.


    this is why I think this blog us so muc better then anyother. Yes, it is a hockey/ ny ranger blog at it’s core. But it’s also so much more with all the varied people with all kinds of experience, history and talents etc. For the people that don’t get it, I feel kinda sorry.

  17. UK- amazing story, congrats…

    My dad served in 1943-1945. Went from Ukraine all the way to Germany. Two of his brothers and his mom were killed. He still tells some stories…When you get older, you start listen to them more and more…It’s difficult to imagine what people went through.

  18. I am personally not concerned with my own background because it primarily concerns me and my friends. I have no real with holds here because I sense a spirit of camaraderie here that I find quite refreshing and comfortable with. There is nothing in my past life that I have reason to be concerned about, it’s an open book to anyone, but who’s really interested? Everyone has a story to tell, and I,m sure than many adventures of each of you is also to follow, as it concerns your attachment to the NY Rangers via the stimulus for this friendship at long range.

    Some of the things I recall were foolish happenings, and result of poor decisions, but if you can’t laugh at yourself…you’re gonna be an unhappy dude eventually.

    One reader mentioned the name of the capitol of NY some time back and as usually happens one word triggers an incident in my life that I’ll never forget…and there’ve been plenty of them. If you find them of interest I have no compunction to not revealing them. You might find them humorous, and in turn trigger some personal recollections that we might all enjoy.

    Let me know.

  19. Fran,

    that may have been me as I was born and raised in and around the Albany area. I think there are two other regular posters from this area so it could have cropped up in one of earlier conversations. I think I speak for many when I say any of your stories are more then welcomed and I would love to hear your Albany memory. Just don’t use up all your good ones before your guest blog haha :)

  20. Idk if it’s just semantics…but if zipay says rangers are to “unveil” 3rd jersey, does that mean it won’t be the lady liberty jersey from seasons past? Unveil makes it seem like it will be a new design. Anybody have any ideas??

  21. Tim Stoddard was #43 when he was with the Yankees. Why on earth do I know this? I had the same number in little league at the time. Like our esteemed captain, I would have preferred having #23.

  22. the puck drops here on

    I don’t like 3rd jerseys. Just a ploy to sell more jerseys. UGH And, when are they going back to the home whites? Ok, I’m a traditionalist. So what! :)

  23. I have Gretzky signed white liberty…Very nice jersey.

    Fran- you are rught that the blog makes one very comfortable and willing to share…

  24. Who said Mama’s age was 48?! Whoever it was, wait til I get my hands on them, I’ll…I’ll, I’ll….do something bad!

    Mama is New York Yankees David Cone, but she looks like New York Yankees Robinson Cano!

  25. ilb

    I’ve been looking into learning some new languages – Russian being one of them. What would be the best way to learn Russian?

    I was looking at perhaps an online program or online learning tool.

  26. 3.Try to get a job as a waitor in Tatiana restaurant on
    4.Buy “Blatnoy slovar”(russian convicts dictionary)
    first,and “Azbuku”(ABC book) for kida – second.

  27. Why is one team still required to wear white jerseys during games? In the age of colour HDTV, is that still necessary?

  28. fran, like Joke, I’m an Albany area native- born, raised and still there. Would love to hear your stories about our esteemed ‘capitol’.

  29. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning/afternoon ILB and all!!

    mama is 48? I’m really confused here, I thought she was like 29 or something!

    A jarhead and a zoomie…!!! For what it’s worth from one wartime vet to another, thanks for what you did!

    I think the 3rd jerseys are going to say new york down the front instead of rangers.

  30. OK guys , MikeyM and Joke, I’ll put it in the blog on Friday but it’s not about Albany per se, but an adventure which I’ll never forget back years ago, and I’m sure anyone from that area knows The Storm King.

  31. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    fantastic story, and congrats to you and your family and your great uncle’s story finally being revealed in the proper context!

  32. Gravey, I wouldn’t even pay to see a movie like that. Although, Kelly Brook is naked, but you can see everything in “Survival Island”

    Also, another noteworthy babe, Jessica Szohr.

    Lol, Killers piranha’s? What a horrible choice of a remake.

  33. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    Kelly does get into some girl on girl kissing and swimming.

    Also, you can see her naked in 3D!!!

  34. UK, same sentiments as everyone else.

    Tom, you’re 5 days early :)

    I’m still 26. No worries. Although, after finally getting to the eye doctor today, I’m feeling more like 27.

  35. Oh, OK. I’ll know now, thank you. I was afraid (almost).Still good humor, irony and even sarcasm are not punishable here as well as share of knowledge. Viva Carpocratia in Rangerland!

  36. I see that the Isles booted Billy Jaffe for Butch Goring. the news said that Jaffe had signed a new contract with MSG, but the Fishsticks would not approve it.

    I like Jaffe, he is certainly better than Goring, and Jaffe did a nice job on NHL Live when he was on that show.

    I guess Wang can’t stand to hear any criticism of his little toy. he wants phony happy talk and puffery instead of calling it straight.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "New Jersey's are for New Jersey ,not us !!! ...says Greg L. on

    New Jersey’s? We have new jerseys? …like new threads? Whats this im hearing!!????? Is this good or bad news? Lady liberty? or the Slant down NEW YORK in the front…nawwww couldn’t be that one…could it? Whats going on here??? Ok , do I spell Googel?

  38. I think you can handle Google, Greg…I’m not sure you’ll be able to spell “third jersey”. It’s two words, you know :-)

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "NEW YORK RANGERS RULE!!! ...says Greg L. on

    HAHA ya just did it for me Ilb (sucker)!!! :)

    Actualy third jersey is easy …Third as in the THIRD PERIOD in game 82 ,we couldn’t score!!!!!!! and the word PERIOD as in after the overtime period there was a devastating shoot out. A shoot out , of all things …in game 82!!??? why would the NHL allow that? That sucks man , really bad cuz we CHOKED on jokeanen…and many other players. How can the league allow having a shoot out to solve a playoff fate? Its really dumb . We need an Avery rule ( speed of it) to be put in NOW . After game 70 , no game will be desided by a shoot out. Plain and simple. Im thinking buttman needs a WAKE UP CALL.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "NEW YORK RANGERS RULE!!! ...says Greg L. on

    ” Abdelkader Byfuglin!” ,great word Mickey!!

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "NEW YORK RANGERS RULE!!! ...says Greg L. on
  42. If you boneheads missed the Two hour Interview I did with Ron Greschner, it’s a must listen for any die hard ranger fan.

    Also, Erik Christensen’s “The NHL Life you save may be your own” video is up.


    Cheers !

  43. If you boneheads missed the Two hour Interview I did with Ron Greschner, it’s a must listen for any die hard ranger fan.

    Also, Erik Christensen’s “The NHL Life you save may be your own” video is up now.


    Cheers !

  44. If you boneheads missed the Two hour Interview I did with Ron Greschner, it’s a must listen for any die hard ranger fan.

    Also, Erik Christensen’s “The NHL Life you save may be your own” video is up at this time.

    Cheers !

  45. Mouth, listened to it last Thursday which is quite a chore Blueshirt Banter locks up my aol like a vise. I have to listen and not do anything else. But what a great episode to be held captive by. I made a comment here last friday that the boneheads were missing a great interview of a great player and person thanks for your good work!

  46. How awesome is this??? my friend Taran is going to be a new cast member on SNL. Its going to be announced later this week.

  47. joke

    I did see Band of Brothers and thought it very well done. But the last, “The Pacific” was incredible. It got to me personally a bit more because both brothers upstairs from me were in the Marine Corps, and both came home, but the guy in the apartment beside us was a rear gunner on a Navy dive bomber, and he never came home. Lost at Midway.

    One thing you have to keep in mind about WWII that is so different from today is that there was no big deal being in the service. EVERYBODY was in. ( Except the 4fs, who not ac cepted. But there were a LOT of women from the nurses to the lady WASP ferry pilots who got a raw deal after the war and very little recognition. But the Pacific dealt with guys that I knew. Some of them were our D. I. s and some of them were quite strange. Vets of Guadalcanal, Tarawa and Betio, and Peleliu, People think that casualties are high in the mideast…….. Marines at Tarawa took an atoll that the JApanese Commander boasted would last a hundred years. THey took it in 72 hours, but had 5000 casualties with 3000 kia. Most of them thru screw ups by the upper level mopes.

  48. Steve, Thanks so much for the kind words. I was excited to have Gresch on. I know may be 2 hrs seems too long but I really could talk to these guys all night. Not many Rangers went through so many regimes as he did.

    I’m sorry about the aol lockup thats gotta be a bitch not to be able to navigate away from the page.

    I appreciate your dedication to show. You and the boneheads and Carp are the best.

  49. Olga Folkyerself on

    48 beers. Two Cases. Eight Sixpacks. A 30 pack and an 18-pack. A weekend supply in my fridge. 48 things you can’t buy before 1PM on Sunday.

  50. Mouth, thanks for the reminder (all 3!) I keep forgetting and want to hear.

    Linda, LMFAO at tinyurl to Greg….

    ilb, KMTWA :) mama is not happy. new frames are rocking though.

  51. Fran,

    I’ll have to ask my mom where my grandfather served exactly, like what islands. I know that as a sea bea he cleared landing strips on islands for the planes to come in on. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Did you know any see Beas? Did they have a reputation either way among the other branches? I know different units had reps for hard partying, fighting etc. I had to look up the storm master as I wasn’t familiar. Looks like it’s a few hours south of me, down in the Hudson valley. Seems like an interesting place, maybe have to pop down for a visit.

    On that link for jerseys… I liked the last one that was basically our blue jersey with the lady liberty crest.

  52. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    can you imagine if WWI and WWII had the media coverage and general public access that we had in Iraq and the Stan……..WOW!!!

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    I still have a Blue jersey with NEW YORK diagonally down the front. I think they were used around ’86 or so. I remember buying it in Cupolo’s at Niagara Falls on my way to Toronto. I also bought a Bobby Orr Bruins jersey there too. Don’t tell CR though…

  54. Joke, Storm King is kind of semi-lower upper Hudson Valley, around near West Point. About an hour from where LoHud is based. Worth a visit.

    My opinion on the jerseys (at least for us) is similar to the NHL rules. stop messing with what works at leave it alone!!!!

    we have the best jersey in the league. for crying out loud!

  55. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    I’ve worn both and I gotta admit, the Indian and Tomahawks has got it over diagonal lettering…

  56. Fran,
    Your posts are always interesting, can’t wait for your guest blog. No writer’s block – just write as you do any post.

    Both of my parents served in WWII and I was shocked to learn that women who served were thought of so poorly. I was always proud of my mom (and dad), and never quite realized what “your mother wears army boots” meant, or why it was the ultimate insult when we were kids. Did men in the service (in general)think that way too, or was it more the civilians? I think all veterans should be thanked and appreciated. I think the way vets are treated today is a disgrace, but never realized until recently that women who served in WWII were treated so poorly and stigmatized as well.

  57. Blueblood, not disputing any of your all’s great posts, but fyi, women who served on the home front got hartnelled when the war ended, too. …”Thanks for helping the war effort, now go back to the kitchen…”

    just saying…

  58. Midas Will Folkyerself on

    Mama, you can’t just make up names! The whole family is riled up!!! No telling how many may show up now!

  59. Shhh. I’ve been secretly digging in the historical register. Eyewish Ud (from a very small exiled island nation) is looking forward to the reunion. Visa sponsors anyone?

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    OMG! Don’t get them going… Just agree to disagree and run away! You’ve never seen a Group Folkyerself have you?

    It’s Nasty.

  61. Mama – Completely agree with your statement – Rosie the Riveter was well hyped, until the war ended. Then the women who helped the effort at home were accused of stealing jobs from vets, etc.

    Was just shocked to learn for example, one lady recounts a story of returning home from the service to Boston (sorry CR9) and actually having stones throne at them for having served. Amazing – patriotism used as a way to call women floozies or whatever term…

  62. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Now calm down, Uncle Otto. She’s just trying to expand the Folkyerself Family Tree…

  63. Blueblood, yep, a messed up time all around. And not much better now, sadly.

    Otto, don’t make me ban you! or your family! I have superpowers!

    wicky, this post was for you….

  64. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Blogmama, our family wishes to extend to you a laurel and hearty handshake in the spirit of friendship…

  65. BlogMammal!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! LOL! Talk about senses of humor! I love this Olga guy!

    U. Otto! LOL!

  66. LMAO! Hugo, same back, and a wicky good night to you all! Hey, the Folk family is Grabby’ing and mike in ia’ing…!

    (where has been mike in ia been, anyway?)

    OK, niters all! TA!

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hugo, I think I have them all rounded up and in the van. I’m going to take them back to the compound. It won’t be an easy thing, it’s a Compound Problem, you know…

  68. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    you laureled like two or three times…HA HA love it!

    Good night elizabeth!!

  69. Gravey

    Your mathematical discourse was stunning to me. ( Math has always been an area that left me mystified. It was without doubt my worse subject in school.)

    And they call this the lost generation..bah! Now if only the government doesn’t get in these bright young minds and mess them all up.

  70. Good mornin’ all!

    Carp, nope, not bad news. I just wanted to say that. It’s kinda hilariously perfect as a compound swear word. Although, does anyone else say Byfuglin phoenitically when using it as a swear word? Cause I sure do, even though I know it’s not pronounced like that.

    Actually, if I could have some good vibes from everyone this afteroon, that would be awesome. Got some good news yesterday and today is the first step, so crossing my fingers.

  71. Oh yeah, 47- Rich Pilon (I think?)

    and everyone’s favorite ex-Met, Tom Glavine.

    Doesn’t Rich Peverely of the Thrashers wear it as well?

  72. Blueblood

    I don’t believe that your momma wears combat boots was a put down, there were too many gold star flags in the windows for that. My mom worked at the Winchester Repeating Arms factory during the war, and she worked in the cartridge department as a quality control inspector. She sat at a huge steel table with a huge magnifying glass and a very bright light from twelve to eight and then my sisters and I saw ourselves off to school. She also took weekend jobs as a waitress for a caterer, and then waitressed during the summer at a huge formal restaurant at the beach in Savin Rock West Haven. She said that she had to take the brass
    cartridges and hold them under the glass and search them for nicks or any kind of deformity and then dump them in a pail beside her. She handled ALL calibers, from the European 9mm ( we were the “arsenal of Democracy’ back then)
    to the huge 20 mm and 50 caliber and 30 Caliber carbine and
    also the 303 British in addition to the regular 45 caliber
    for the sidearms and the Thompson sub machine guns. She said that it was so monotonous and that at times she;d fall asleep and her face would be in the pile of shells on the table. The guy who dumped the big pile of shells on her table would come by and rattle the shells to wake her if the foreman was coming. Winchester’s also put out the weapons, the M-1 Garand rifle, the 30 Caliber Carbine. In New Haven we had for industry not only Winchester but High Standard
    target pistols, Marlin Firearms, Mossburg, and employed
    some of the best arms workers in the country. By the end of l980, most of them had left the city due to ridiculous taxing policies. Up in Hartford, Colt, and in Bridgeport was Remington, and just over the northern border in Springfield Mass was Smith and Wesson. Within a 40 mile radius of Hartford were most of the firearms producers of the country. My dad who had been a signalman in the Army during WWI enlisted in the Navy and was stationed at Wildwood NAS in New Jersey ( where I got my job spraying swamps).At age 16. Before the war ended we were both in the service at the same time for a very brief period.

  73. ilb, thanks! and good morning to you!

    fran, you have such fascinating stories. And I hate to say this, but those are the kind of stories I wish I could have learned from my own grandfathers, but they both passed away when I was very young.

  74. Good luck Mickey! Everything is going to work out your way! And I say it like that as well – Bi-foo-glee-en – even though it’s pronounced Buff-lin.

  75. uh oh, before anyone starts handing blogmammal shineboxes, I am blogmammal! Im just not nearly as funny as the Folkyerself Family! :)

  76. the puck drops here on

    All the Folkyerselfs (is plural Folkyerselves?) came out last night. It was a full moon, of course. Fascinating!

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