Forty nine days until Opening Night.

49: Ron Guidry.

His 25-3 season (all three losses to pitchers named Mike; can  you name them?) was one of the best pitching seasons I’ve ever seen, along with Bob Gibson’s and Dwight Gooden’s.

Any others, besides all the San Francisco 49ers?


We spoke on this on a slooooowwwwwwwwww Saturday — maybe the lightest traffic we’ve ever had here — but there is talk that the NHL will change the tiebreaker rule, to where wins in regulation and overtime count more than wins in those silly, stupid, non-hockey, skills competitions.

Here’s a blurb on that.

I’ll have a guest blog schedule tomorrow … it won’t be every day for the next two weeks, just a few sprinkled in.

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  1. hahahaha!!!!! i dont post for 3 days and first time i post from Barcelona internet cafe i get CARPED!!! I LOVE IT!!

  2. Viva, posting from Barcelona shows such loyalty. Ola!

    Let’s Rangers? Are they missing some letters over there?

    Watch out for flying bulls.

    Good morning, Sally!

  3. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    A special good morning to our traveling Ukrainian!!!

    amazing post at the end of the last thread.

    Still think the guy from the new clash of the titans looks just like avery!

  4. wicky

    If it’s the same guy as in Avatar, Worthington, the guy does look exactly like Avery! :)

  5. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    49, the number of comments under the “I Saw Sam” thread! (sorry carp)

  6. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think he was in the most recent terminator as well, but that is the guy!


    Oh my god this is torture!! These posts SUCK!!! I didn’t think anything was worse than guest bloggers but these horrific number posts take the cake. I can’t even read this site anymore!!

  8. I think we gotta get MSG in contact with fran. This guys hockey knowledge is unreal. He could host any MSG vault show that centers on hockey. Or a one hour sit down between fran and the maven. Fran has forgotten more hockey then anybody on this blog will ever know.

    I’m one sarcastic piece of carcillo…but in all honesty I want to thank fran for all his postings and for sharing such great history on the sport we all love.

    Thank you fran!!

  9. I think I meant “in all sincerity”. In all honesty doesn’t really work in that sense I don’t think…ha, I’m sure fran can correct my horrible grammar. My spelling is too far gone to be helped now.

    Anyone got a shine box on hand for our new friend? I’d hate to have to send him all the way home to get his own.

  10. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think I might know where we can find one!

    honestly, have a nice life!!!

  11. I have the word from VERY reliable sources that BlogMama spent last night with Sean Avery!

    Eat your hearts out, ladies, and Sean Avery lovers!


  12. if they change the tiebreaker rule i dont think it will favor the rangers. we need the shootput wins to count since we are putrid 4-4 .

  13. ilb, thanks for breaking out the box.

    BRING, i suggest you go get yourself one. or go to one of those other sites where they don’t post for days or weeks. that’s got to be a lot more fun than this.

  14. Dunno about putrid…I can’t find any OT stats offhand, and putrid is a word I save exclusively for power play. Although… three minutes of 2-2? So just a LOT of turnover rushes and breakaways. Sounds like a shootout where you have to get past a defenseman.

    What about this weird “three faceoff dots” rule alteration? Any thoughts?

  15. Hey, MY tv is interesting.

    Admittedly, it’s because I just bought the box dvd of the ’94 Stanley Cup Championships–Rangers v. Devils/Vancouver games.

    Gotta get my hockey somewhere, right?

  16. actually,ive seen beninati on espn before also. but it wasnt for any major sports. i think it was lacrosse like in the pic u posted, or for something else. the guy definitely backdoor bang banged his way into a summer job. his wife made him do it i bet

  17. Grabby – We only get two ESPN channels here. I’m guessing in the US, Beninati doing lacrosse will be closer to ESPN Ochocinco than Ocho. Rated somewhere lower than ESPN Favre but a touch higher than their hockey highlights.

  18. lw- actually, and ironically, the “espn 8 , the ocho” was from a movie. dodgeball. haha. i know, me with my movie references. and yes, it is sad to see how little attention hockey gets on espn. its sickening. i mean, they go on and on for weeks about favre and lebron still!! who cares!!! they couldve had something about the gm summit and the rule changes or anything related to hockey.they will put any hockey news on a ticker on the bottom of the screen. and thats about it

  19. ello guv’na cheerio mate. i’d fancy some chips with my fish, thank you very much. would you care for a little espn with your hockey sir?

  20. I did get the reference, Grabby. Watched Dodgeball on a flight somewhere, sometime (probably to/from NYC) – didn’t think it was up to much, FWIW. Never really been much of a fan of the whole Stiller/Wilson/Ferrall-esque comedy.

    You are to a northern English accent/dialect what Beninati is to hockey announcing.

  21. I really hope they keep the shootout but make it more of a rare appearance.

    Like 4v4 3v3 then the shoot out. Or even make the OT’s a little longer 10 mins for 4v4
    5 for 3v3.

    I know i read about this somewhere, except for the times

  22. lw, i do like how northern english people talk. its almost as fun as listening to people from wisconsin or north dakota talk. like in the movie fargo.

  23. Good afternoon all! I’m LOL’ing at these posts.

    LW, thanks for wrecking my afternoon :)

    sigh, I knew 1:07 wasn’t an imposter. CR!!!

    ilb, excellent as always. how’d your tennis results turn out? Better than the fishing record? :)

    Bring, thanks for the hit. Won’t need it in 49 days though, so TA!

  24. P.S. C3P, excellent post from abroad! I am jealous! Is Barcelona still standing? Done Grabby’ing for me…in 5 hours it’s 48 days!


  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Don't bogard ,Boogaard's ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Hark the herald angels sing …

    “Glory to the New York Rangers!!!!!”

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Don't bogard ,Boogaard's ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!! Alrightttt , let’s get in shape!!!!

    Delzotto will be better then he was before .Better,stronger and faster ..he will be the worlds new Millionaire!!!!!

    YW Carp , I’m just telling it how it is . Like …you not being Rangers fan , that really sucks bad but it adds to the whole mystic and non bias reviews by you.

    LW3H , I’ll take my hoverboard in pink the movie.

    YO CCCCCP!!!! Hows it GOWAN !!!??? You see an actual bull fighting match yet? I heard it perty cruel. Great to hear from you and Ilb ( him being gone , I noticed …wicky haha)

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Don't bogard ,Boogaard's ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Hey wait a minute….If this site gets no hits and Carp’s boss shuts this site down …I wont be able to collect on all my bet winnings!!!!! Carp , you need to post anuther pic of you and your buzzcutt!!! That had alot of hitzz!!!

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Don't bogard ,Boogaard's ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Ten reasons this site rocks!!!

    #1 Always full ‘The boneheads’ they are savey ,crude and Hilarious!!! Everyone is unique is some sort of way .There is a universal cast of boneheads.

    #2 Always non bias reviews by Carp .Excellent Live shows!!

    #3 updated blog ,everyday something is said . You never hear just “crickets” on here. Someone is always awake.

    #4 Editors that care ,Carp and Laurel. Lots of responses and both have a great sense of humour.

    #5 New words on here make this place the only place to go that has it’s own special language . Ya can tell a newbie when thay ask “What is that?”

    #6 There is a shoeshine box.

    #7 Lots of female opinions ( makes this board not all testosteron driven)

    #8 The only site that hasn’t banned ORR.

    #9 The Hockey rodent even came here!

    #10 The players do read us!!!

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Don't bogard ,Boogaard's ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOO Go Rangers!!!!!!

    Now back to your normal scheduled programing….

  30. The Puck Drops Here on

    ZzZz, loved your ten (as in 10) reasons. I bet you could add 10 more without too much trouble. :-D I love #3 …never hear just “crickets”. #5 is good too.

  31. 2 things, I hate the shootout because the goals don’t count in a players totals which is BS. When Gator used to pitch I remember I had a floor model tv and one of the cats I had at the time Busby used to come and sit and watch Guidry pitch and swipe at him if you remember he had a windup like no other.

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Don't bogard ,Boogaard's ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Ilb , Thanks . The words like Holey hell, Buffuglin ,and carcillio are ones I ment. I geuss ORR has a few for players and cr9 has a few Jagr refences. I try not to contribute my own words but often times I use some dumb word misspelt and I hear it from the “Brash”.

    Puck drops , Some sites ya enter ’em and all ya hear is “chirp .chirp” silence …over here ,there is usually some one drunk or ya got Mike Teh man feeding us pure unedited Ranger views and requests. I prob could add more ,haha but then it wouldn’t be a top ten list.

    Grabby , it is so true about ORR isnt it hahaha!!!!

  33. Joke

    Here in the quiet solitude of my “PC Chamber” you’re making me blush.

    Actually my hockey “memory” such as it is has huge gaps.
    ( Like everything else about my memory)

    And I am well aware of the advancemnt of the years, especially when look back at my life. ( I couldn’t have REALLY done all those things)…but I did. And recollection only is triggered by some word, some phrase, some “pithy” comment by a blogger or writer, and it brings back a long forgotten instance ( and even that is not always totally pure in memory.

    Here’s an example] Yes I’m an old jarhead from the tail end of WWII who vowed NEVER to return to military service.

    ( but I did.)

    I went to the USMC recruiting office and was told that I could re up but only if I dropped one rank. That stoned, me because it was so hard to make rank in the Corps, and all I wanted was a job and a steady income ( and the benefits)
    Here I was with my wife and incoming son to be and broke and no prospects.Desperation is an awful thing. I had 2nd thoughts and decided that at my age then (mid 20’s) did I really want to return to a branch that is ALWAYS at war,
    always prepped to get a 24 hour notice “Pack up, and ship out) and then off to some god forsaken beachhead and scramble up for a foot hold…nahhh.

    All I wanted was a job, and steady income and benefits.

    I went next door to the Air Force and once they learned that I was former USMC they practically dragged me in to
    sign me up. I was saved. My only son, was born the following August…total cost to me …$25. Otis AFB.
    But one thing I made sure that I brought with me was my hockey gear. ( I had a sea bag just for that….you should see my old Hyde skates with the sewn achilles guards sewn on the back…you’d laugh your sneakers off.)

    Actually got to play quite a bit of hockey while stationed in Duluth. It was cold war stuff and Air Defense Command Fighter Interceptor group and one of the fighter pilots, a Dartmouth grad came trolling around for folks to make up a squadron team.So we found a bunch of guys who were locals and stationed in their home bailiwick, mostly Finnlanders Swedes and Danes, with a few Norwegians. We got booked for games against local teams ( very very good btw), and on one occasion that I well recall, was against a team from Canada from just over the border at ( either Fort William or Fort Francis, I never got those two straight). And We played them at the old Curling Club rink in Duluth, and they took our measure OK. I did notice that there was a white haired guy on the Canadian team, that was very very slick with the puck, and he looked quite familiar to me. I asked one of the guys on the team who he was, and he laughed and said, that’s Edgar Laprade. Totally stunned. My early idol from the Rangers now an elderly gent playing hockey for fun?
    I could hardly speak, but was too proud to ask for his auto…should have though. He was a smooth if not fast skater but you could not get a puck away from him.

    Sorry about all the build up, but I figured that unless you knew the background for it, you’d find it hard to believe.

    air Force

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