I saw Sam


No, that’s not some version of Sam I am.

I was at a football practice yesterday and randomly bumped into the real Blogfather, or the Grandblogfather, of this blog: The great Sam Weinman and his boy Charlie.

He told me of some great news. That Pat’s Hubba Hubba is still open, though the sign only says Hubba or something. I had been told that it was closing.

Anyway, it was great to see him and Charlie, with whom I have a connection. When Charlie was born, Sam had to back out of covering the U.S. Open at Pinehurst. So I got the assignment in his place. And I love the Open (have covered two at Winged Foot, one at Medinah, two at Shinnecock, one at Bethpage and one at Baltusrol, plus Pinehurst). I was kidding Charlie that I was going to call him “Pinehurst No. 2” or Michael Campbell (who won at Pinehurst). He crinkled his nose and said he didn’t like either, and suggested I call him Charlie. So Charlie it is.


Fifty days until Opening Night. Anybody got any 50s besides 50 Cent?

Today is the Rangers turn on NHL.com’s 30 in 30 series. Here’s the story.


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  1. Hockey Players #50:
    Troy Bodie (ANA)
    Corey Crawford (CHI)
    Jonas Gustavsson (TOR)
    Chris Mason (STL)
    Antoine Vermette (CBJ)

  2. wise approach! now drink about half a gallon of water to battle the dehydration… and start again tonight!

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- Good thing you didn’t use Son of Sam for the title…

    1950 Rangers- The 1949–50 New York Rangers season saw the Rangers finish in fourth place in the National Hockey League (NHL) with a record of 28 wins, 31 losses, and 11 ties for 67 points. They upset the Montreal Canadiens in five games in the Semi-finals before losing a close seven-game Stanley Cup Finals to the Detroit Red Wings. The team reached double-overtime of the seventh game of the Finals before Detroit’s Pete Babando scored to give the Red Wings the Cup.

    Game 7 Double OT. If only…. then the chant would have been “Nine-Teen Fif-ty”

  4. Carp, didn’t read yesterdays blog until today.Thanks I had forgotten about butch stick until then. I will now forget it again.

  5. Kypreos tweet…

    RealKyper Sounds like clubs have now been told W. Mitchell will not make any decision until after weekend is over. Van SJ Wash and LA remain in hunt
    about 16 hours ago

    my weekend is ruined. Why does god feel the need to toy with my emotions? This is bigger then lebron, bigger then kovulchuk, bigger than the beatles.

  6. OMG, if Pat’s closes I would be very tempted to fly back to the east coast for one last chili cheese dog. Pat’s got me through my very first hangovers as a teen growing up in westchester. I assume we’re talking about the one in Port Chester, not the “classy” one in Stamford?

  7. LW, LOL at no Chris Drury.

    Steve, I wish I had enough hair for a butch stick.

    emj, he was too made at me; so I didn’t ask.

    Izzy, today he’d be Pete “Firetruckin'” Babando. Like Bucky F. Dent.

  8. cb, the classy one in Stamford closed. I don’t know about the other one by the Cove.

    Now, if Walter’s ever closes, that will be the apocalypse for me.

  9. Did you call him Sam or SamuEL. And were you wearing a papie’ machet hat over that haircut?

  10. Thanks for the Ranger link 4everRanger. Any Ranger hockey news is good to see today.

    At least they predict the Rangers to just make the playoffs as opposed to those “hockey experts” at Sports Illustrated. That’s Pretty much what I am expecting this year also.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "In Carp we trust !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Sam , yeah good old Sam. Carp , you should have told him that if he didnt quit …this blog would have crashed. Sam running the blog ,well things couldn’t have been more sparatic. Trolls were comming up in bunches and the fighting and name calling wouldnt stop. Sometimes it would take days for Sam to do anything if he even did at all. Sam’s a good guy Carp but for running this blog…you beat him hands down . Your infusion into the comments have put you on celebrity status. Your querky statements and bold points have this blog a buzz. You talk a big game and you always back it up. That is why you are the blog father , one and only …none of us would have it any other way.

  12. Izzy

    I recall that game as being one of the many that I listened to over the radio, ( no TV then). Those were the Rangers that I recalled so well..Edgar Laprade, Dunc Fisher and Tony Leswick was their big line, but closely followed by Don Bones Raleigh centering another line. That was a heart breaking loss because they should have gone all the way…Detroit had their “production Line” Howe, Lindsay and Sid Abel. Memory dims here a bit now because it was so long ago, that I don’t recall the line makeups. but they had a Finnish wing named Pentii Lund, and defensemen were ( don,t quote me now) Allen Stanley ( had to go to Toronto to become appreciated), Pat Egan # 4, with the blazing wrist shot from the point)..slap shots were hardly if at all used back then, most players didn’t trust the accuracy of them, other D men ..I believe that Fred Shero was still with them, along with Frank Eddolls, and I don’t recall whether they had brought up D man from the Ramblers Jack Lancien who was a pretty steady D man, and I don’t remember whether Chuck Rayner was in the nets, or Gump Worsley had been called up but with all that hi power on the Wings I was stunned that Babando had scored the goal. Maybe one could call up the roster of that team back then…they played great hockey…but the Wings and Canadiens were awesome.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Boogaard needs more ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    LW3H , I’ll explain to you later about that picture. All I can say now is that…the book Marty had .I bought the new 2000-2050 edition I picked it up when the hoover craft went digital. What you see is the old book that Marty lost to biff and Doc eventually made marty burn it. I had to travel to the future and grab it at an new Taco bell store. ( you see all companies are run by Taco bell in the future)
    Boogaard will tip in 2 goals ,1 on a breakaway and 1 pp goal and score one on a beutiful two on one.

  14. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    fran- look in Wikipedia under

    1949–50 New York Rangers season

    That’s where I found it….

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Boogaard needs more ice time !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Fran ,

    Back then the goalies wore rags, no masks and really small pads and glove. That was when hockey was at its purest. Sure im too young to reminice with all your stories but the faithfull on here need to be told “how it was” Back then hockey ment something. You played for pride and passion. Every player loved the game and the thought of money and contracts were never though of .The average carreer was ’round 5 – 7 years so there was no time to haggle about whos going where. One referee ,honor and respect (most nights) and no helmits ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Those were the days….Fran , we need to never forget how it all started , the molding of the league up to this day.

  16. Source: NHL to change tiebreaker

    By E.J. Hradek
    ESPN The Magazine

    The league will change its regular-season tiebreaking system for 2010-11, an NHL source told ESPN.

    The first tiebreaker will be a combination of regulation time and overtime victories, with shootout wins excluded. In the past, the first tiebreaker had been total wins of any kind.

    Columbus GM Scott Howson proposed the change at the NHL general managers meetings in Florida last March. The league’s Board of Governors and Competition Committee both voted to implement the change for the upcoming season.

    The league is making the adjustment to give more weight to victories gained in some form of team play, rather than by shootout.

  17. Carp – Gotta agree with Greg there, The Great Sam Weinman was loved by most here and did a terrific job, but this blog is a whole different animal since you took over – you are indeed the original Blogfather!

    Also, I asked you about the number of hits, where they were from etc. about a week ago, and you were kind enough to explain to me just how big your audience is….if I had only clicked on the little “Sitemeter” icon on the right I would have seen all the stats for myself (duh). Wow – truly impressive. Terrific job – great to see your audience is so wide reaching. Congrats.

  18. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    it is just uncanny how the guy on the new clash of the titans looks sooo much like avery……freaky almost!

    good night jason!

  19. Izzy

    Thanks for that heads up

    HOw could I have possibly forgotten some of those guys.

    Buddy O’Connor ..that 3rd center I was looking for.. slick little centerman they got from Montreal in the mid 40’s, and was actually their # 1 C! All he did was win the Hart AND
    Lady Byng in about the 47-48 season. ( those were the years of my service time, and my mother who was an avid New Haven Ramblers fan ( never missed a Saturday night game at the old New Haven Arena, she’d write to me and give me the hockey low downs..many of the gys on that 49-50 team were call ups from the Ramblers, like Jackie Gordon ( a slick little center man very good puck handler passer and scorer, but he had a tough time cracking that center position against Bones Raleigh,O’Connor and Laprade. Guys like Lancien and Nick Mickoski were Ramblers who got the call, along with great defenseman Hy Buller who the Rangers got from the Cleveland Barons…..one strange feature about Buller who used to KILL the Ramblers with Cleveland) when the Rangers picked him up, the news papers had to make a point that he was Jewish. I never understood what the relevance of that was, but back then, bigotry abounded.

    Danny Lewicki, what a terrific scorer he was. I think that hhe also came from the great Barons team, ( but don’t quote me). Great skater with speed to burn. Izzy you are right about the equipment, and some of it was self created. I recall Emile Francis when he described how he had taken a “trapper’ model 1st baseman’s mitt and had cuffs sewed on to it, and snagged many a shot. I used to watch him during
    Ramblers practices in the early 50’s when I became a rink Rat and used to scrape and douse the ice manually with guys I had grown up with who were on the HS team ( which I never could make).( Mr. Zamboni had not yet introduced his wonderful ice making machine at that time.)

    Here’s how it was done: Take a 50p gallon oil drum and tip it sideways, mount it on a frame with two large wheels on each side, and with a heavy bar ar=cross the back ( like a baby carriage), and then get a few guys to push it ( whiel on skates of course) around the ice surface. This contraption also had had a cloth ( possibly burlap) beneath a length of pipe with holes and that would actually crate the ice surface after the scraping.
    The scraping was not so easy. they had large steel blades about 4 feet by about two feet ( never measured them) and with 2 wooden handles attached on one long side, and then two skaters would push these blades along the ice and scrape it in the same pattern as is done now. And MSG had the same equipment, only used UNIFORMED scrapers to clear the ice, and make new ice. It wasn’t easy because those things were heavy. But we were young and it didn’t matter to us because it gave us free ice time at the arena for some of our pickups. MSG paid their scrapers, we did it for ice time.

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