Been a long week for me. How about you?

There are 51 days remaining until Opening Night.

51: Bernie Williams.

51: Dick Butkus.

51: Randy Johnson.


Meanwhile, this is the shortest haircut I’ve had in 51 years, since my parents used to scalp us with a buzz trimmer then put wax on the tuft left in front so it would stand straight up:

Also, here’s Scott Burnside’s take on the discussion of new NHL rules.

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  1. mornin’ Ilb.

    fran, to answer your earlier remark … you don’t need to be tech savvy if you want to do it. Just write it and e-mail it to me. Let me know if you’re game.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Also, ’51, isn’t that the year of Bobby Thomson’s Shot?

  2. awww man, I got carped as I was typing!

    Good Friday morning all!

    wicky, thanks for the heads-up on the Gretzky game. That should be pretty cool.

    Joke, you stole my 51’s!

    51- the number of states the US would have if Puerto Rico was admitted as a state.
    Area 51- a secret military base in Nevada where people claim that the US has alien technology
    51- Ichiro Suzuki
    51—Randy Johnson as a Seattle Mariner
    And from that hockey reference page- the immortal Andrei Kovalenko

  3. It was sort of a crappy/sucky week for me until late yesterday afternoon when I got a phone call that changed it all. Here’s to hoping it turns into something really good *crosses fingers*

    Mornin’, ilb!

  4. I do think that no matter what Fran writes about, it would be a treat for every bonehead. And one thing I do know for sure- he can email. So what do you say, Fran?

    Back to courts. I need a new back. And, perhaps a left shoulder.

  5. “That’s a very poor effort on our part offensively… We have to do better. Period. It’s pathetic. We have to do better.”

    Guesses on who said that?

  6. mornin heads. at ease!! jeez whiz man we need staal to sign or sather to retire. we need some news!!! the rule changes they might implement seem like a good idea. i think the long change in ot will be good at first, but then teams will just adjust like they did after awhile. the 3 on 3 after a 4 on 4 seems better. and also, just make it so that shootout loss is 0 points. no matter whether they made it to ot. or just make a reg win 3 points. the widening the net rule is a rule that proves that the nhl talent is diluted. teams arenmt scoring as much when theres more 3rd n 4th liners on teams than should be. so they have to widen the net? just cut down on goalie equipment size. its probably cheaper to make bigger nets, but still,i guess i wouldnt complain to see more goals but then it just alters the history of th game drastically. you’ll have old timers saying “oh they scored more because of the net size, theyre not as good as they seem”. record books will have to be changed so that goals scored after th new rule took effect. just leave it the same.

  7. Grabby, if you look at the goalie equipment in the 60s and 70s and compare it to now I think you’ll see a big difference. It’s not just the leg pads either. The blocker and catching gloves are humongous.

    I think if they scaled back the size of the pads we’d see an increase in scoring.

  8. Cross Check, I agree 100 percent and I think that is the biggest, by far, reason for the lack of scoring. Absolutely. But they refuse to enforce that. Even look at Richter’s pads in ’94. Much smaller than the padded giants today … I mean, Miller in Buffalo is a scrawny kid until he puts on his Michelin pads. JD was enormous for a goalie, and he looked skinny by comparison.

  9. ‘morning all

    BOOM…mickeym gets carped right off the bat, TGIF indeed.


    best of luck on your potentially good news. And I will say your quote is from Drury.

    Is it just me or was there a serious lack of cussin’ in this weeks hard knocks? My dissappointment is tremendously tremendous.

  10. Nope, not Torts or Drury. Keep tryin’.

    Grabby, Hey! Totally agree on the goalies equipment. If they went smaller again, then the goals would go up, but the goalies would throw a hissy fit over it I think.

  11. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    For anyone our age…#51 is Butkus…then everyone else

    That is a haircut of ultra convenience

  12. Carp

    I believe so..I was in Chicago watching that game on my land lady’s TV.

    I’d only been there a short time and I left in 52.

  13. TheREALMikeyNJ on


    The hair chop looks good. High and Tight for the rest of the summer.

    And if you need a guest blogger, I can fill in on a post if you want

    I did on elast year, and dint want to hog all the opportunities from the baby bneheads

    Let me know

  14. LI, You, sir, are correct! That was Manuel’s comments after last night’s game. They did sound awfully familiar to something that Torts has/would say.

  15. First of all You look great. You remind me of a young Anthony Quinn or Ed Wynn.

    Now for some shameless self promotion.

    Myself and the authors of 100 ranger greats Russ Cohen and Adam raider will be hosting and paneling the first ever Ranger fan summer summit at Bar Nine in Manhattan from 2-4 PM.

    We will be talking ranger puck and pounding beers. We are going to having a panel discussion and be viewing some of my classic Ranger games from my collection.

    If you want more info go to

  16. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    51 is called “The Royal Star of the Waterman” and is one of the four Royal Stars in Numerology.

    1. February 20 is the 51st day of the year and Robert Huber’s and Charles Barkley’s birthday. Robert Huber, a German Chemist won the Nobel Prize in 1988 for contributing to crystallizing an intramembrane protein important in photosynthesis in cyanobacteria. From Wikipedia “The information provided the first insight into the structural bodies that performed the integral function of photosynthesis. This insight could be translated to understand the more complex analogue of photosynthesis in plants. ” I’ve always been fascinated by this.

    Charles is a loud mouth commentator that is just about the only interesting character in professional basketball today. Basketball needs Charles now more than ever.

    2. X-Men issue #51. The greatest issue of the Marvel comic ever. Nough said.

    3. 51st president. That’s how long it will take us to recover from George Bush.

    4. P 51 Mustang. Critical to the success of WW II. Otherwise we might all be speaking German. Coincidentally it cost $51K in 1945. I think not.

    5. 51st state, Washington, DC. I don’t think so. Not after these last couple years. Pricks.

    6. 5.1.6 This is the build of PHP I’ve been waiting for. It contains a fix for memory_limit restriction on 64 bit systems.

    7. 5.1 surround sound. My home entertainment system
    is complete:) Neo never sounded so good.

    8. 1951. The year “An American in Paris” was made. Love the movie, love the song.

    9. Area 51. Responsible for breeding the Bushs. Those beedie eyes aren’t human. Have you heard a better conspiracy theory about this place?

    10. 51 diggs in 24 hours to get to the homepage. Enough to keep most crap spammers out. Amen!

  17. Has anyone heard anything on the rumor front? I had 2 freinds tell me the Rangers are up to something but I can’t find anything on the internet. Carp have you heard anything?

  18. Cynar,

    theres always that trade gabby to LA and sign Kovie rumor according to eklund haha

  19. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp! Last time I saw a haircut like that, they executed the guy!

    Born in ’51.

    You do the math…

  20. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB (afternoon where most of you are I’m sure) and all!

    don’t ever put that pic up again, my kids are still crying (I kid I kid)!

    good luck and you are welcome about the game. We can’t wait to get it!

    according to mrs wicky the calm on rangers news is right before the storm of signing that physical hard hitting crease clearing d man!

    And did someone mention the “russian tank” kovalenko??

  21. wicky, I’m wondering what level of softness you would grade the D as? Scott Tissue soft? Or maybe vanilla pudding soft? Inquiring minds want to know.

  22. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    ” 3. 51st president. That’s how long it will take us to recover from George Bush. ”


    Carp, it looks like your hair got……Carped! ba-dum-pssh

  23. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    Oh yeah Mickey can we trade Manuel for Tortorella and a player to be named later? They do just about the same things…

  24. wicky, but marshmallows are nom nom yummy. Which means… err, not going there, upon better judgement ;)

  25. Staal wart,

    nice blog entry but allow me to give some unsolicited advice. MORE CURSE WORDS!!! Throw in a f-bomb at varying intervals just to keep the reader on their toes . Sounds crazy, right? But it’s worth atleast a couple hundred hits a day I promise…

    And while we are on the topic…Tony dungy admitted to dan Patrick that he has never even watched the hard knock program. But not to worry because he “got all the reports”. So there is no problem with him using his position in the media to push his lifestyle choices (again) on the general public. A nice article in the daily news today says exactly what I said the other day…he’s a hypocrite up on his very own pedestal.

  26. Joke,
    Sorry bro…not interesting in bringing in hits for f-bombs.
    I’m a professional, and thats the way I do things.
    Not sure I’d want much advice from a doc who feels the need to curse and drop f-bombs.
    I’m not a pissed off person.
    Sorry just my opinion.

  27. Joekuh, I’d do that deal if only to watch Torts’ head explode when dealing with Ollie. Within a week, he’d have Ollie ahead of Redden and Avery on his ‘do not like’ like.

    Then again, Manuel would run Redden out there everyday like Castillo and encourage then entire team to get in touch with their ‘gansta side’. That would be comedy gold.

  28. Staal, I could drop them in the comments, if you’d like. Apparently that is all I’m know for around here ;)

  29. Thanks MickeyM, but like Carp, I’d also like to keep my blog clean. I’ll never get the hits this site does so it hopefully won’t be a problem.
    I guess I could erase the comments I don’t want…haha I can “carp” people!

  30. Ok staal but here’s the deal. I’m going head to head with your blog. I know zero about healthy eating but can make mickeym blush with words that would get you arrested in most us cities. My blog will take over the interweb and all you will have left is would’ves and could’ves. My main goal will be to get Tony dungy to hear about and critique my blog in a negative fashion thus putting me on the world map. Like you said…we all just want a piece of the fame pie.

    Good luck and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  31. After reading the Burnside article, I have to say that I agree they should get rid of the trapezoids and stick curve limits. Speaking of stick rules, they ought to do something about composite sticks and the amount of breakage that occurs. Shanahans idea about shallower nets seems like a good idea. I like not letting a player’s penalty be shortened if the opposing team scores a goal. I agree with whoever said that they should make the goalies’ pads smaller. One final thing about video reviews of goals- Why can’t they put some sort of sensor in the puck and the net that tells them when a goal has been scored. It can’t be that difficult with today’s technology.

  32. Oh, and Izzy may be older than he ever was before, but I was born at a very early age. : )

  33. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    sounds like I’m going to miss a really good group of posts yet again here…damn, off to work.

    Later assens!!!

  34. Well staal it looks like this is your lucky day because it just so happens that the one thing I know less about than healthy eating is creating a website. I probably shouldhave thought about that before I ran my big mouth. So until I read blogging for dummies, you will have the market cornered for blogs about healthy eating as written by a rangers fan. But let it be noted that your days of owning that particular niche are numbered my good man. So enjoy it while it lasts.

  35. Staal, it was a joke. I’d never do that deliberately. Honestly.

    And Joke, I can swear with the best of them! Repeatedly and creatively, too. It’s all those years of parochial schooling I have :)

  36. EddieJ, I really like the idea of letting teams score as many as they want on a PP by making a player serve the full 2 minutes. Then again, with this team, they’d never take advantage of it and the Pens or the Caps would score 10 goals on them. Yesh.

  37. Mickeym,

    dont tell staal I’m asking…but do you know how to make a website? I’m thinking with the combined power of our potty mouths it’s only a matter of time until all of NY and then the US is talking about my…oops, I mean, our blog. I’m telling you this could be huge!!!

  38. We can be like that Jillian woman from biggest loser. We will just berate people into eating healthier while swearing like Rex Ryan after a loss to the dolphins!!!!

  39. Joke, sadly I don’t. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to do, but never got around to. And we wouldn’t be huge, that phrase is already trademarked by Billy Fuccillo. LOL

  40. HA! I read that as ‘sweaTing like Rex Ryan after a loss to the dolphins’. Which I am sure he does, as well as sweaRing.

  41. From SNY…

    “Lundqvist says that the knee issues that bothered him at the end of last season have mostly gone away. He also thinks that the Rangers will be in a similar position, in regards to the playoffs, like they were last season”

    “According to a Norwegian paper, many people are thinking that rookie Mats Zuccarello-Aasen will start the season in the minor leagues and not with the Rangers”

    Nice to see some people are thinking realistically.

  42. Hey guys…I swear, really I do…but its usually only when Capt. Clutch misses the net, or Redden stands still or Rozi doesn’t hit…you know stuff like that.

    So, what I can’t figure out is how do did you people post comments?
    Its not like this blog where you just enter your name and email.
    Friends are asking me how to leave a comment other than anonymously?

  43. Staal, they have to click on the comments link at the bottom, where it says the number of comments you have. Then they have a choice in which name they want to comment as: AIM, Google, OpenID, etc. If they don’t want to comment as any of those, they can choose the ‘Name/URL’ choice. Fill that out (I didn’t have a URL so I left it blank) and then write up the comment and hit ‘post comment.’ A Captcha comes up, but that’s a spam blocker, all they have to do is type in the word or words they say and VOILA!, they have posted a comment.

    Hope that helps!

  44. Torts would strangle Ollie with his bare hands within two weeks of dealing with him. IMHO.

  45. The haircut looks good Carp. I just did the same. #1 clip all around. Love keeping it short in the summer. I am extending my birthday through the weekend. Why not right? Party with my family, party with her family, party with friends. Maybe we need to have a Bonehead party too?!?

  46. Staal, how did you know about “The General” nickname?

    Happy Birthday Weekend, Nasty.

    Mickey, are we still keeping our fingers crossed?

    Good evening, Sally!

  47. No way my Gino did that. It’s an Enzo.

    I would propose a rule that says if you commit a penalty at the end of the game, the game time would be extended to include the entire penalty time. If time is running out, it is often worth the risk of taking a penalty and only having to kill of ten seconds or so rather than allow the opposing team any chance of scoring.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Habs Suck !!! ...says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Assen to the minors? Nawwwwwwww I’ll be…I’ll just say hes making the team.

  49. Mickey,

    Good luck in any endeavors you are pursuing. I hope everything works out for your best.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boston Sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Grooovey , haircut buzz boy!!!! Haha ,nice to see ya don’t have a mop of hair like I do!!! Boy it’s hot!!! WTG Carp , Your blog rocks!!!! Hands down ,#1 !!!!

    GO RANGERSSSSSS I missssss youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

    Hey ,where’s Cr9? I Know what get him out here.

    Jaromir Jagr is posing nude!!!! Roger Clements has Cheated!!!! The league just gave Boston and extra 5 million off from the salary cap…Hank needs a backrub!!!

  51. Johnny, it’s a beautiful dream. I love to be this man.

    Staal, so me and Dellapina and Gulitti and a few other writers were stuck in an airport, flying an airline I rarely flew. So I decided to join their frequent flier program to kill time. Before name and address and all of that was a check box for “title.” One of the options for title was “General.” So I filled out the form as Gen. Rick Carpiniello. And became The General among the beat writers thereafter.

    Dumb story, I know. But I get a chuckle any time I hear General. Plus I joke whenever I see a sign that says General Parking, or General admission, anything like that.

    Doesn’t take much.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Chicago Sucks again !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Some people do realize Assen isn’t the second comming of Messier!!!?? huh? Assen is 5 foot nothing , Euro and is a newbee to the league. Hoe could anyone even compare the two?
    Thats rediculas. Assen is the top scoring Euro in the swiss league..Make your own assumptions. Caparing him to Messier is rediculas cuz Messier was a born leader and won the cup before he came here. Assen is a pure goal scorer . He will make this club .

  53. Carp, LMAO! did not know that….

    Staal, if you like, at some point, I’ll also teach you how to ban people!!! Got run all, ta!


    left the iTouch at home today, so I could not do the lunchtime countdown my friend

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Chicago Sucks again !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Goood evening Linda!!

    ORR , Biff stole the time machine and I can’t get back to 1985 . I do have the sports almanac and I intend to use it!!! With this book , I have to make as many bets as I can!!!

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Buffalo sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    SHHHH!!!! Not so loud (looks around) …The DeLorean needs to reach 88 miles per hour and this dam flux compasitor just wont go. I’m stuck here in 2010 and I need to gather $$$ from bets (cheating with the sports alamac) to get back to the future!!! Oh yeah , Boogaard scoring 5 is golden!!!!

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Carolina sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOO Micheal J fox is related to Megan Fox , so ya have to be nice!!! I know , I know Megan is yesterdays news but easy on the Marty bashing!!!

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Tampa bay sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Actually Boogaard is my destiny. Go BOOGAARD!!!!

    Doc has an idea that will help the flux compasitor work ,It’s involving electricity or something? If I can only find Biff and see what he knows !!!?? If any of this is leaked out …It could hurt the space time contuation and I might not be born!!!!

  59. Blue Seat Horror on

    Aaron Asham has continued his journey through the Atlantic Division by signing with the Penguins, leaving the Rangers as the only Atlantic Division team he has not played for. He must love playing against the Rangers.

    >>left the iTouch at home today, so I could not do the lunchtime countdown my friend

    Any time of the day is good for me, my friend. Ah yes, TWENTY-EIGHT!

    I hope it wasn’t too painful not having the iTouch with you throughout the day.

    [I need an iPad…OK, want.]

  61. JB, a whole hour for lunch, and nothing to keep me entertained! I will NOT be forgetting it again!!

    {{{Greggy}}} from now on, you’re new name is OTB ;-)

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Flyers suck !!! ...says Greg L. on

    …..Geeeze , I’ll be back later ,when Olga all drunk N all.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Washinton sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Linda , I wont make anymore bets this year …wanna bet?

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Washinton sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    I bet you my “betting tab” that I wont make another bet this year. If I do get my winnings .If I don’t , you have to pay my debts.

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Washington sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    Olga’s the best , talk about conceded . Not bad , atleast your being original.

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Ottawa sucks !!! ...says Greg L. on

    I feel like Fred Flinstone when ever a bet is mentioned!!!


    Im done , no more betting !!!!

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Conceded” Greg? I’m not giving up anything.

    Not like you with English Class in the 5th Grade.

  68. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    great frakking story!!

    Good night mary ellen!!


    Thanks mucho .. I feel quite idiotic about having to make this request, but I’ve always taken help from where I could get it..from any one.

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