Fifty-four days left until Opening Night in Buffalo.

54: Goose Gossage.


Hey, Boneheads, I’ve got more vacation coming starting Aug. 23, next Monday. I’m going to be around and will post from time to time. But if anybody wants to do a guest post, here’s another chance to do it.

So … if you do want to guest blog, please let me know via e-mail at

Let me know your real name and your screen name, just so I can better identify the regulars. I know a few of you didn’t get a chance to do it last time, but I can’t remember who, so let me know again. Also, one or two of you might have asked for the August slots. Again, I can’t remember, so remind me.

I’ll post a schedule by the end of the week or so, and then I’ll need you to e-mail your post to me the night before it is to be published.

Thanks, as always.

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  1. Are you sure, onecup?
    My two posts didn’t go through for some reason. I was trying to say that Sanguinetti’s number was 54. Not for long. Oh, well..
    Good morning, boneheads!

  2. Greg

    My bet became $10 on no Sasquatch *currently in the Rangers organisation* (i.e. including Williams and Byers) scoring 5 NHL goals *for the Rangers* this season.

  3. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    What I remember most about Gossage was the home run Brett crushed.
    Anyone have an idea of the next ranger number to be retired?
    MSG loves those big nights.They are big money makers with guaranteed sell out,not the fake sell outs with empty seats.

  4. sather doesn’t have a number, but his number is up……….they should raise his suit to the rafters, with him in it………

  5. Tank The Season on

    There is nobody in recent memory whose number is worth retiring- maybe Jagr but the Pens will take care of that.

  6. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    For me, August is the worst month of all for sports. I have already seen more Baseball and heard more about the red sox and yankees than i have in about 20 years. Already burnt out on Football. The only saving grace is that there is no basketball drama to rival the daily soap operas, oh wait yes there is. nevermind… I hate my television, and my paper. Please wake me in 54 days.

  7. 94-40 = 54

    Greg, we made a bet with regards to Boogaard. I don’t remember the over/under for goals this season. Do you? Either way I think it prompted one of your infamous top 10 lists that left out #4.

  8. Greg – Playoffs included now?!? WTF?!? Gah…It doesn’t matter. Boo scores three goals and I’ll hand-deliver that $10.

  9. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Based on complete history, if Boog scores a goal this year, the overs should win

  10. Seriously, the Rangers should put Gretzky’s 99 in the rafters since they retired it with the entire NHL on national TV back on April 18, 1999. Have a Gretzky Night.

  11. Carp, well it’s hard for any of us to envision 54 years given that we’re all 26.

    As for tomorrow, I somehow sense that 53 and KRod will go hand in hand…or fist in face.

  12. Joekuh - still playing NHL '94... on

    Random question Carpfather : Do you choose those links at the bottom of each blog post, or are they randomly generated?

  13. Joekuh, I have nothing to do with those links … that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? They couldn’t be more random.

  14. >>Fifty-four days left until Opening Night in Buffalo.

    I’d like a more optimistic countdown, if you folks don’t mind. You know, like a countdown to First Day of Training Camp?

  15. #54 – one of my all-time favorite NY Giants who had his career cut short by cancer – 1970’s LB Dan LLoyd

  16. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    how are you doing my friend?

  17. Carp, any idea why the Rangers never retired Park’s number?

    Harder to do now with Leetch’s #2, but not impossible.

  18. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think they should retire kaspar’s #6 for coming up with the stick salute ;)

  19. >>I think they should retire kaspar’s #6 for coming up with
    >>the stick salute ;)

    Hmm, maybe they should hang his *stick* up in the rafters? I hate jersey retirements. I’m glad we have no such silliness in soccer.

  20. Not sure about Park … perhaps because he didn’t play the best years of his career in NY (arguable) and because that team didn’t win anything (and had two numbers retired anyway). He’s deserving. Along with many others, when you think about it. How are the Patricks not honored (Lester and his brothers, not James and his brother)?

  21. Tank The Season on

    We should retire Gretzky’s number that goes without saying, sad to think that he was on the best team we had in the past 13 years.

  22. Brooklyn Blue

    I tell you guys (n’gals)

    It isn’t often that someone posts something that makes me laugh out loud. My wife came by and said ” What on earth is so funny about that nonsense that you are always reading….I’m glad we didn’t have any visitors today, they’d have thought you finally went over the edge.” Stop that cackling. ( I had to inform her that I DO NOT cackle….)

    But that crack about Sather’s shirt in the rafters with him in it, the mental image was so laughable that I couldn’t help myself. I’m usually much more controlled.. or somewhat anyhow

    I let her know that she had interrupted a very profound
    series of opinions on the future of the Rangers.

    ( …she…under her breath…”and that’s funny?”

  23. Bytes

    The reason that soccer doesn’t do this, is because their by laws insist on raising their shorts…… and you can see how that would get out of control.

  24. I saw the effigy of father in the latest renovation photos! Not too far from the monument to isaiah

  25. >>31days until training camp!!!! Thank you Jesus!!

    Thank you Linda! That sounds so much better than 54.

  26. Pergorative…wrong spelling. It’s perjorative, and it means
    to diminish another statement or show disdain for it.

    An example: several notably erudite broadcasters like Limbaugh and Lavin, have used the word “Nimrod” to describe folks that they believed to be very foolish or incompetent. In truth ‘Nimrod was actually known as a mighty hunter, and sagacious warrior going back to the Genesis era of the Bible, and hardly incompetent.

    Now what this has to do with hockey and the Rangers I still haven’t figured out, but I thought that I’d seen that expression used here, but perhaps not. ( It may be the Nimrod in me coming out.)

  27. ilb2001

    Thanks much for the book, ” King of Russia” Being a voracious reader, I’ll be on it tonight. If you don’t mind I’ll also let my eldest daughter read it, because she has an interest in such things.

    Which brings me to another subject…..If you haven’t seen the film, “The Comrades of Summer”…get it. It’s a great movie and is perhaps tied to an actual event.

  28. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    good news, today is day 9 of 9 in a row at work, then a pleasant 2 day break.

    So, later assens!

  29. fran,
    I still try to learn…Isn’t this word “pejorative” or may be you meant “prerogative”?

  30. I gotta say, I enjoyed the “Sather to the rafters” comment. It painted a vivid picture in my mind, as well.

    Also got a kick out of ‘Mama’s comment about the lack of rafters in soccer. Good one!

  31. Fran- my pleasure. The book is yours, so you do whatever you desire with it. It gives one much better idea about KHL and who is real King ( or Kings) of Russia. Still haven’t watched the movie you sent me, but will do right after the camp.

  32. 4ever

    Two different words.

    Pejorative means to disparage, or belittle, and it refers to the type of words used. For instance made a remark, and then I followed it up with a snotty ( hee hee) comment about your intelligence level…that would signify a pejorative comment. ( Ye gad, my bad, I misspelled that
    initially.) stuck in an extra R.. so typical of my keyboard dyslexia. Sorry bout that..

    Prerogative,, refers the availing of one’s self of a
    special privilege. An option or choice …..perhaps.

  33. Another way of saying it.. ” He availed himself of his prerogative and chose to abstain.”

  34. So I was reading ESPN’s preview of the Atlantic Division, you know just because I felt the need to make my blood pressure rise a little bit…one thing struck me. Since the lockout can you name the only Ranger not named Jagr or Gaborik to score at least 30 goals in a season?

  35. Yes it is.

    Think of the millions spent in order to find someone that could do at least that. And Petr Puck has been the only one to do so.

    Now I think he was more flash in the pan than anything else, although I did hate how Renney benched him in favor of the Hollweg, Voros, etc. type players.

  36. Prucha,Prucha,Prucha……

    He has transcended hockey and become an adjective.
    Yes that remarkable season where he hovered under the broad wings of Jagr and ran up his score. Then when he was traded it set off a mini eruption among his fans. He became larger than life. He settled in among the desert emigres,and while not exactly returning to the glory of his rookie season, he has at least settled in to become a sound performer with the Howlers of AZ. Lord love him and wish him a very successful career. He will probably always continue to be
    a rallying cry among the Garden faithful who will probably never get over his departure and his sacrificial lamb status.

  37. I remember I went to a game vs the Pens at the Garden (one of my favorite regular season games in recent memory) where Prucha scored the tying goal off a point shot that went wide of the net but took a true bounce right back to him at the side of the net that he stuffed it in past a pretty out of position MA Fleury. It was his first game in a while, I think this was his in his final season in NY, and the crowd went crazy.

  38. Greg

    I had no idea you had so many bets going on! Even though I bet against you, i root for you…because god forbid you lose all those bets…you’d have to sell your trailer! :P

    anyway…here is my FINAL offer to you.

    You can have my $20 IF –

    1. ANY of your local hero boys (currently on the roster or in the system) score 5 or more goals in 2010-11 *NHL* regular season ONLY (you do not have the rights to reserve the same bet for the playoffs. Its called “POSTSEASON” for a reason! A new bet might be placed if the team makes it pass 82 games) playing for the RANGERS!

    2. You might get additional $10 IF Byers makes the team straight out of camp OR gets called up any time during regular season and stays in the line-up for 10 or more games ($1 a game after that)

    Think it over…let me now what you think. I think this bet is a Saskatchewan friendly bet.

  39. a small adjustment (explanation) to second part of the bet

    If Byers doesn’t make the team out of camp BUT gets called up during the season and plays less than 10 games you will have to pay me the $10 plus $1 for each game (up to 10 games) that he plays…

    AND if he makes the team out of camp or gets called up and stays for 10 or more games i will pay you $1 for each additional game, as stated above… capish?

  40. How’s this for a bet? If we make the playoffs, everyone send me $10. If we don’t, you send me $5. I’ll put it in a fund for a spring bonehead fest and the rest I keep for dealing with you nimrods :)

  41. Hey, how about helping some poor animals in local shelters. The nimrods are usually self efficient. Usually…

  42. Hello all. I will be on a lot more once the school year starts (sigh) but I always like when writers have something nice to say about Rangers players. Well here is one article in which that happens.

    I know it is a HockeyBuzz article, but they have Cally and Hank on the Atlantic Division All Underrated Team.

    Made me smile. Especially his last sentence on each player.

    I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

  43. See, ilb, that’s why you’re such a mensch. Selfish me!

    OK, fund goes to boneheads fest, left over goes to a shelter (but hmmm, rather than wonder where the money goes, I’ll buy food, blankets etc. maybe some belly bands!)

    who’s in?? We’ll call it the ilb/bonehead/shelter fund. Lots of heads and nimrods can do a lot of help. And I promise not to spend it on RR tix!

    Hmmm. a great idea. I’m gonna save this post as a reminder. Long live the sister blog!

  44. >>How’s this for a bet? If we make the playoffs, everyone send me $10. If we don’t, you
    >>send me $5.

    That sounds like a scene straight from the British show Hustle.

  45. Wow, all the ‘Heads are coming back. Must be getting close to the season.

    On an unrelated note, did youse hear the sad news that Bobby Thomson, who hit The Shot Heard ‘Round the World, died at 86?

    No relation to Josh, 26.

  46. I am ready for some hockey. I can’t wait for the first pre season game, and even those beginning of the year “Get to know the new rangers” shows that MSG has. You know, where they promise this and that and then don’t exactly practice what they preach, LOL.

  47. Very sad about Bobby dying. He was my father’s hero… got to get an autographed enlarged BW picture of him getting bombarded at home while Branca walked back toward the clubhouse in center. They both signed it at the Hall… gave it to my dad as a B-day gift… meant alot to him.

    Very sad to hear this just now!


  48. Hello all,
    Got the THN Yearbook today in the mail. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned it. Prediction – NYR 13th in the east. Isles – 14th. Canucks for the cup.

  49. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    can you only fight like 5 times per game in the new one as well? Wish they did too many men penalties!

  50. LMAO Joke!

    August has to be the worst. Still not close enough to hockey, and the reignition of the Brett Favre carpola… sigh.

  51. Favre? How do you like the K-Rod story. Not that I know who that is, but you can’t avoid seeing it all over the place. Comedy gold!

  52. I don’t know much about his contract and such, but I find it amusing that every newspaper talks about him injuring his thumb while fighting his girlfriend’s father. WTB? Another role model in the area.

  53. supposedly the mets just ‘disqualified’ him for the remainder of the season, and also somehow converted his contract to NON guaranteed $$$(according to ESPN). The lesson here boys and girls…


  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Power Ranking are for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Interesting …Im liking it T!!!

  55. Carp- not for nothing- you and your peers do a great job and I enjoy your blog/work but how much vacation do you all get in a year-6 weeks.. I’ve never seen so many people take vacation and then immediately schedule another one (why not just say we’ll see you all on September 15?).

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Long live the sister blog!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I need more time to think this over ,I’m liking it untill the I have to pay part…

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Long live the sister blog!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CTB , It’s 1 or over so…if he scores a hat trick , wohooooo!!!!!!

    Phil , Yeah Playoffs included except for CCCP cuz he complained with some kinda loop hole.

    Carp , Your Gretzky night is one terrific idea!!! Seriously . It needs to be done!!!

  58. Mama – I’ll be a nimrod, count me in. I’m going into the season with optimism, and I’ll even do a Greg and say NO WAY we ain’t making the playoffs. You’ll need the cash for a giant Cup winning bash – right Greg!

    Or the animal donation would be good too….lol

  59. reginald dunlop on

    Ratelle, Hadfield, Cooks, Patricks or set up a Ranger Hall of Fame with the new renovation of the garden……some of the other original 6 treat their alumni with honor…..

  60. Wick, I think it’s the same exact system. Nothing has changed in the fighting, so it’s probably only 5 times.

    What a total waste. Instead of focusing on the more realistic parts of the game, they add retarded highlight reel dekes that OV would be able to pull on a 12 year old d-man.


  61. There’s this DC Comics game coming out called DC Online. The game is $60, and you have to pay to play online, so for a full year, it would be over $200. I like video games, but I don’t like them that much.

    Pay to play sucks! If NHL does that, then I wont buy the games anymore. I don’t care how realistic it is.

  62. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I think they should retire Greshner’s #4.

    Drafted by NY in 1974, Career Ranger for 16 years, 982 regular season games played (4th overall), Ranger Captain, Rangers` all-time leader in points, goals and assists by a defensemen until surpassed by Leetch, Ranger all time leader in penalty minutes (1226).

    A true Blueshirt.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Long live the sister blog!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Guest blogging time again ..Fran should partake. I’d be willing to comment on his blog and give him an honest assesment.

  64. Patrick, been here 33-plus years (hard to believe since I’m 26). I get five weeks. Three left. Any other questions?

  65. I third (or maybe fourth?) the idea of fran as a guest blogger. He’s like our own blog maven. Hockey knowledge plus vocab lessons…it’s priceless.

    As far as making the playoffs. I say we are in for a dog fight for 6-8th place seed. Unless sather pulls off a Miracle trade for #1 center without giving up core players. Or maybe one of our own makes the big leap up like AA or stepan?? I’m optimistic, so I say we make it in. We are slightly better on paper than last years team. No olympics hopefully means a better full season for gaborik. We have some built in chemistry with a few players.

    I’m excited no matter what…about one month until preseason games!!

  66. Morning all!

    Today would be 53 and… I got nothing.

    But, less than a month til training camp :)

  67. I’m sure I’m gonna get carp’d but….

    thanks blueblood!

    Izzy, I love Gresh! actuallly met him once, at Studio 54 of all places. Gretz was there too. awesome night for mama.

  68. 53 will be Harry Carson or Don Drysdale, unless Carp decides to be more humourous and goes for Derek Morris!

  69. #53

    A: Jerry Manuel

    Q: Who is someone that will be giggling while collecting unemployment next year?

  70. Slow summer = time for boring or obvious articles on hockey:

    “The Rangers are still looking for a physical defenseman and a center. If they were to acquire any of them via trade they would have to move some salary.”

    …and in other news water is still wet!

  71. I will gladly drive Jerry Manuel/Howard Johnson/Omar Minaya/Jeff and Fred Wilpon to any unemployment office should they actually become unemployed.

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