Bulldog, not LT


Fifty-six days until Opening Night in Buffalo. (You ready, Sally?!)

I’m not going to give you the obvious 56 … who last I checked is still in a world of trouble, and who once tried to fight a colleague of mine, Ernie Palladino, who maybe stands 5-foot-5.

No, my 56 is my favorite author: Jim (Bulldog) Bouton, who penned “Ball Four”, one of the hilarious real-life sports books ever, and the sequel, “I’m Glad You Didn’t Take it Personally.”

Of course, the number 56 also reminds me of Joe D. for obvious reasons.

And a certain ex-Ranger who wore that number after he left.

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Sure missed Zubie. He was underappreciated by COLON Campbell and given away to Pittsburgh.

  2. Somebody wake me up when Willie mitchell signs.

    When I think about hockey #’s like 57 and 56, I think about those cheesy preseason jerseys and how the names and numbers look like they’re ironed on and half peeling off. And it’s always some guy who has no chance of making the team, hence he’s wearing a jersey with the #57 on it.

    But that reminds me of when I used to watch rangers training camp in glens falls, ny and messier would be wearing a green #57 or graves in a red #62. those were fun times.

    Head meet pillow…

  3. How about a Ranger? Michael Sauer played a couple games with a 56 on this back last season, right?

  4. bull dog line on

    there is only 1 56, but since we can’t use him, I will give you the Giant who wore 56 before him. Center Jim Clack.

  5. bull dog line on

    as we move lower into the 50’s, I think we ought to try to name 1 player from each of the 4 majors to have that number.

  6. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    hope everyone has a great day. Later assens1

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery is classier then Car-sillyo!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carp get Carped by Carp. Now Ive seen everything.

    CCCP , “T” Freddy K ,Coatian you are on …$10 or $15 says someone from Sask on our beloved Rangers will score 5 or more . (I sure hope we get Jose 3or more in net a few times!!!)

  8. >>Not to get you into a depressed mood, but that’s what, according to LB, current
    >>NHLPA’s state of affairs looks…

    Me, depressed? Not in this lifetime! I just can’t imagine myself feeling an iota of pity or concern for a union which represents a bunch of millionaires.

  9. Hey, Greg. I clearly only said current Rangers and you’re trying to include Williams and Byers now? I’m still confident enough to take that but you can’t have anyone currently outside the organisation.

  10. The NHL power trip over the salary cap hurts the fans, especially Rangers fans. The millionaires that the cap benefits are the owners, not the players. And the owners will just keep raising ticket prices. And the Rangers will be stuck with lousy players and will not be capable of signing good players any more. While it’s great to have Gaborik, it’s kind of pointless if there’s no one any good to play with him. The NHL wants you to blame “greedy players” because that gets the true dastardly ones, the greedy owners, off the hook. Don’t buy the NHL spin. But the NHLPA better get their act together.

  11. Since there isn’t really anything to say about the Rangers and it is day 56 – regardless of his of the field behavior, which is atrocious and sad, LT is still the best defensive player I have ever seen. I remember the first time I saw him play for the Giants. It was a preseason game and he was the right OLB. The play was a quick pitch to the RB sprinting to the left. LT beat his block and ran the play down, tackling the back for a 3 yard loss. I turned to my son and said that we needed to watch this guy because that was a play that didn’t seem humanly possible.

  12. I hope they do the player introductions at opening night at MSG this season. I want to hear the crowd when they say “and youurrr NEW YORK RRRRANGERS CAPTAAAAAAIN NNNNNNNNNUMBER 23 CHRIS DRRRURY!

    30-25-55 this year pizza fans! bank on it! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  13. The White Plains Batman on

    Yeah, Zubov was great. I’ve said it a 100 times here but once that he’s retired from the KHL bring him back to the organization in some capacity. I know he was only here for a little amount of time but he led the 94 team in scoring and was key in those playoffs.

  14. Jbytes- if NHL and mr. Bettman keeps pushing NHLPA and the players don’t have any answers, the product will suffer. The fans will be looking at very diluted pool of talent and eventually our beloved game will be as pleasant to watch as curling. Don’t underestimate the commissioner. He does what he is paid for well- makes money for owners. Imagine the league with the players taking home less than half of gross revenue, the league with 40 teams spread out through all the states and cities where word ” hockey” has never been used before? Why not? As long as the owner makes money.

  15. Orr – fake trades don’t really work when you’re talking about a Brian Burke team. He’ll be the first to invite a microphone to him to announce what he’s managed to accomplish. Or in this case, why he never wanted to trade Kaberle all along and how the other 29 GMs are idiots for not offering him what he wanted.

  16. On a different note, I’m starting my annual tennis camp today. Love it. I’ve been doing it for many years. It’s in the place called ” Total Tennis” upstate in town of Saugerties (exit 20 on Thruway). Wonderful place. It has 20 courts, including 11 red clay. Simple accommodations, good food. 5-6 hours of grueling tennis every day, or as easy as you want. They have coaches for every level. I come here for 7-8 days every August and a few weekends during the year. If you like tennis, check it out. If anyone is here during the next week, I’ll be easy to recognize- I’ll be the only Russian wearing RR T. :-)

  17. maybe he gets traded this week. maybe day 55 will be the lucky day to trade the nose picker

  18. >>…upstate in town of Saugerties (exit 20 on Thruway)…

    I drive up there every June to play in the gruelling Round Top soccer tournament.

  19. According to TSN, Kaberle is staying put since there were no substantial offers. I thought a few days ago Burke had at least 5-6 teams involved and was deciding which offer to accept. Can you say FOC?

  20. Burke is definitey only saying that so some team can sweetin the deal. I doubt he’ll be a Leaf. This fool needs to take what he can get. Obviously he wont re-sign him, so just take what ever deal is the best available.

    Thank fuggin Hank that NYR are not involved, or else you know Burke what get the deal he wants.

  21. ilb-
    The product has already suffered. The talent is already watered down, and the NHL already has teams that are spread through states where the word “hockey” has never been used before. I guess what you’re saying though, is that it can still get worse. Ugh! Now I’m depressed.

  22. EddieJ- unfortunately, that’s exactly what I meant. 10 more teams and EC will become a legit first line center on some teams. Oh, wait…:-) How about Matt Maccarrone?

  23. Greg

    I will have to agree with LW3H, you cannot bring players like Williams and Byers into the bet. Only current roster players. And to not make you too upset I’m gonna raise the bet again…My *$20* dollars say that no Sucks-catoon boy CURRENTLY on the NYR roster will score 5 or more goals in 2010-2011 National Hockey League season.

    Ready to shake it?

  24. So wait a second. Is there a real possibility that Tort’s goes White, Christensen,Drury, Boyle up the middle? With Anisimov, Dubinsky, and Prospal on the left? Here we go with the over abundance of mediocre centermen again.

  25. Artie is going to stay at center. Torts has never mentioned anything aboot moving him.

    Dreary could move to the wing. And I’m not even sure Boyle is making the team this year.

    Doesn’t matter, really. They’re all scrubs, besides Artie. What a terrible group of centermen to have.

  26. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think slats should take advantage of knowing some of the “teams” that are interested in kaberle will not get him and should be opportunistic and get rid of rozy and/or girardi!

  27. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think if white has a good camp he is the first line centre for gabby (based on how he played with kovi in ATL). but I don’t think EC, boyle, or white has a guaranteed spot!

  28. Kaberle has to be traded today because his no move clause kicks in at midnight.

    If two of EC, White, Boyle are playing center in October then you might as well start your fantasy basketball season because hockey won’t be very enjoyable.

  29. Hi, Mama. Just spoke to mrs. She told me your book came in the mail. Thank you very much. I won’t be able to see it until next Sunday, but according to her it’s written in a language I would easily understand.

  30. Evening all!

    I got nothing constructive to add, just wanted to say ‘hi’!

    Wait, we’re still talking Kaberle? Doubt he’ll be traded as Burke wants the moon fot him.

    BTW, did you know that the Starbucks on the Thruway close at like 9pm? Seriously, I stopped for coffee on the way home from central NY last night and the Starbucks was closed. WTB!

  31. Saugerties, huh. Wasn’t that were Woodstock was? You could have a hunt for all the sleeping bags left behind in the mud.

  32. Mama- I’m going to ace their assen off!

    MickeyM- Woodstock was in Woodstock. Which is 12 miles from Saugerties.

  33. Go get em ilb! backhand the byfugilen out of them!

    Advice to all: after spending time with visiting west coast friend in city for 3 days, DO NOT come here in August! OY VEY! wayyyy too many people. Insane! Insane!

  34. Woodstock was at White Lake in Bethel, New York… Max Yasgur’s Farm to be exact… not in Woodstock NY as orginially planned.

    Not that it mattered much where it was as it did what it was.

    Anyway, I think Boyle does become an odd man out in this equation. I also think it’s possible that White doesn’t make the team if he doesn’t have a strong showing in camp??

    I wouldn’t bet money against White making the team, I just think it’s possible that he’s not on the opening night roster??


  35. Lol @ “Woodstock was in Woodstock”

    William is correct in that the actual stage etc was set up a few miles down the road from the actual town of Woodstock. I’ve never seen it myself but I guess if you go wondering around the farm fields there is a plaque set up where the actual event took place. I’ve been to Woodstock a few times, cute little place. Which reminds me that seeing that plaque is something I’ve always wanted to do.

    Funny story…my dad tried to get my mom to go down to the festival after it became a “free” show but her mom wouldn’t let her go because of the already wide spread stories about sex, drugs & rock n roll. Boy did they miss out.

  36. CCCP,

    I can only imagine how tortuous it must be for rod Gilbert to be reading posts about tennis and Woodstock and not be able to tell us how much we suck for not talking about Willie Mitchell. Haha!!!!

    welcome back to the blog.

  37. >>Kaberle has to be traded today because his no move clause kicks in at midnight.

    Why, GMs can no longer ask [some might say demand] players to waive their no trade clause?

  38. I know more than a few things you people dont…..
    Including that you’re a bunch of clueless losers.

    Goodnight Sally!, golf, and slander do not make for a cool or particulary informative rangers blog.

    Carp thanks agin for all the hard work on behalf of Ranger fans, you lardIass..

    (I won’t even get into the bs enforcement that leads you to ban me while allowing disgusting and unsubstantiated – character attacks on players)

    Is it any wonder Sather’s still in charge?


  39. Haha…he said four. I don’t even play golf and know that it’s “fore”

    but good job lurking on a blog that you consider useless. Took a whole 6 minutes to post after your name was brought up to comment.

    Sorry for feeding the troll.

  40. ilb, close enoough, I say.

    Joke, emailed ya back. And thanks, was out all day yesterday and a good chunk of today.

    Hey! I just saw a Chris Drury ad… for Little League baseball. Might be the most boringest ad ever.

    Man, it’s pouring at Citi tonight.

  41. Alexei is one of my all time favorite Rangers. My son ( who’s name is Alexei too, btw. And his official name in US is Alex as well) has many of his signed jerseys. Great guy if you get to know him closer.

  42. ilb – but I’m not qualified to DeFibrillate Ted Turner. It’s thinking like that which keeps Sather in charge.

  43. LW3H-I can certainly give you a hand with the defibrillator. That won’t help Sather, though :-)

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery is classier then Car-sillyo!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LW3H , That bet is a separate bet then yours and mine. We haven’t added (outside guys like byers).

  45. I love that AK took saxophone lessons. From what I recall, it was the alto sax, which is cool, but not as cool as the tenor.

    (disclaimer: I played the tenor for 12 years. Still have it actually, though I don’t play anymore.)

  46. AED’s may be the easiest medical devices to use, other than say a blood pressure cuff. They actually tell you exactly what to do. Pretty nifty.

    Not a fan of the new American Heart Association guidelines for CPR though. You’ll need to call two ambulances, one for the one getting CPR and another for the one administering it.

  47. Gato Barbieri probably is the best jazz tenor sax I’ve heard. Too many altos.

    Disagree with you on new guidelines. It actually makes it more feasible to administer for an amateur.

  48. Yeah mickeym, I would probably need the extra ambulance. I played flute in fourth and fifth grades but had to quit because I would get dizzy and headaches from loss of breath. So if I’m huffin and puffin at CPR for twenty minutes, I’m probably heading to the ER myself…lol.


    he will go hungry from now on.

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery is classier then Car-sillyo!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “T” , current Rangers ? Byers has a chance to make the club .

    I’m saying to you that there is a player from Saskatchewan that belongs to the Rangers and he will score 5 goals or more this year in the NHL or the AHL. You can’t take that bet cuz yer scared. Redden is my top dog here cuz Im thinking he is one that will pop in atleast 5 goals. Im speaking of Redden cuz of the statement you made yesterday. ” Oh, that’s right…it is Greg! Hey, bro… how come you don’t hype your boy Redden up the way you hype your priced investment Booger?? eh?”

    Well put yer Money where yer mouth is. I will run with Redden .So $20 says someone from Sasquatchwan will score 5 or more. Too scared to do it..arnt you. ( this only applys to CCCP)

  50. I have never heard of him before and I’m a jazz fan, mostly the older stuff, big band and the like. Have to check him out.

    When I went through the training 2 years ago, it was 30 to 2. Which seemed absurd at the time. They might have changed since then…

    The flute, Joke? Color me impressed, cause not that many boys will pick up a flute at that age.

  51. Good story for ilb and Mickey…

    I saw alexei kovalev play his first game as a ranger at the knickerbacker arena in troy, ny (maybe lansingburg?). It was a prospects game against isles players. My dad who knew, and still knows, nothing about hockey was immediately impressed with Alex. It was so obvious that he was going to be an nhl’er. I followed him from that day on as one of my faves.

    I remember when he started flying lessons and they lost his plane on radar. When he landed he assured the team with a qoute that went something like “don’t worry, you never lose Alex”. They had a segment o a pregame about it and I remember Sam rosen being very nervous about the whole thing. I think they mentioned his sax playing around that same time. As well as his love for fast cars.

    Also when he first played for Montreal he made it a point to learn French. He just comes across as a guy with a thirst for life and knowledge which is admirable.

  52. Second guess is the correct one, Joke. That Knickerbocker arena’s in the ‘burgh, not far from the high school.As opposed to the other Knickerbocker arena, which is now the TU Center.

    Great story, but man, that must have been back when the Capital District Islanders were around. I can’t believe they played at game there, only thing worse would have been playing it at Frear.

    They show that clip of Alex flying with Sam practically everytime he plays against them, I swear. Or at least part of that segment.

  53. Gah, falling asleep. Long-ish weekend so early to bed for this night owl. Catch y’alls tomorrow!

  54. Wow, quiet night considering it was the Kaberle sweepstakes last night – i’m surprised people weren’t on here advocating a swap of some sort?

    I think Burke is over-estimating the guy’s value from the sounds of it, they are desperately short at forward and very well stocked on D with little or no cap space, Burke’s missed possibly a great opportunity to get his hands on some prospects or picks to replace the ones he traded away. Now if he wants to trade he needs Kaberle’s approval which weakens his position alot, even at the deadline next year.

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