Pass the ketchup


Fifty-seven days until Opening Night in Buffalo.

I’ll let you guys figure out which athletes wore No. 57 … I think Steve Howe did for the Yankees.

Anybody else?

Otherwise, I can only think of Heinz 57.

Hope to have a hockey thought at some point today, but not betting on it.

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  1. Much was said about Girardi last night. I don’t think it was about his heart. Or about the score, the game outcome at that moment. I think he was utterly confused as to what his coach wanted him to do. I’m sure he knows the drill: “Defend your teammate, ask questions later”. Torts needs to stop giving them mixed messages if he wants them to behave and play consistently. I hope he knows it.

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thats easy Carp …Steve Heinze !!!! He wanted Number 57 for ovious reasons.

  3. Remember when Girardi knocked out Zajerkoff?

    That was a classic!

    I think that’s the game where the Devils blew a 4-5 goal lead against us, and then we gave up another 2-3 goals and lost.

    One of the worst games of the 08-09 season.

  4. Ilb you hit the nail right on the head. Tortorella sends such a mixed message to this team he screws up any chemistry by hamstringing everyone making them afraid to make the wrong move with no indication of the right move. He says one thing and then contradicts it with his next statement. The team is not going to improve until settles on what the message is or the line combinations! He needs to stop being angry at everyone especially the players who I think want to do precisely what he wants if he set that in stone. Stop saying one thing and doing another.

  5. Wow, the internet has sites for numbers. once again, the internet prevents people from thinking, remembering, having fun. Dammit.

    Johnny, this is what the show should be about. just talking.

    How could I forget Johan (Mr. Golf Course Delight) Santana?

    Sally, I doubt it. But you will be the first to know!

    Good morning, Sally!

  6. 4ever

    Did you know that back in the 30’s there was a cartoon strip in the daily papers called Mandrake the Magician. It so happened that he had a brainy aide de camp that was identified by the name…Dr …Zharkov. The only one I ever knew.. Just a bit of antique trivia to go with all the current er, trivia.

  7. Kaberle sage may finally be coming to an end soon.

    And are people really still discussing this Girardi-Carcillo thing? man some of you are the most hung up, nit pickiest BONEHEADS in the tri-state area. Can’t wait til he scores some random OT goal to get us 2 important points this season so half of you can redeem him and the rest can keep going “SO! remember when he didn’t hit Carcillo?” jeeeeeeez

  8. According to my daughter, Heinz is the only ketchup, the others are all glorified tomato sauce. Also, when I was a kid we would say “pass the catsguts, please” and think it was histerically funny.

  9. …when i was a kid, when had no clue that ketchup exists. You know… Soviet childhood… wooden toys nailed to the metal floor.

  10. Tank The Season on

    I’m sure Kaberle has been offered to the Rangers but we all know who Burke wants.

  11. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB (afternoon now I guess) and all!!

    I agree, torts is a nugget!!!!

  12. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    and in this context, being a nugget is not a good thing!!

  13. i would not trade anybody from the Rangers for Kaberle…

    well, maybe Redden, but that’s it

    Speaking of Redden…our boy is a Saskatchewan kid! Dont we have someone from Saskatchewan on this blog too? Can’t remember who…Greg, could you help me out here? :P

    Oh, that’s right…it is Greg! Hey, bro… how come you don’t hype your boy Redden up the way you hype your priced investment Booger?? eh?

  14. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    forgot redden was a samsquatch! Interesting………

  15. Another website for jersey #’s is…

    looks like 57 is mostly known for NFL linebackers.

  16. Gift of GAB-orik (Welcome back Carp!) on

    lol @ allegedly.

    Yea 56 is quite obvious, and i can already think of a few for #55. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

  17. fran
    Amazing, considering it is not the most popular and frequent russian name. As always surprised by you endless, encyclopedic knowledge even in most unusual fields and exceptional memory (subject of my envy). I would lodge a motion before Carp to appropriate you an honorable title of RR Renaissance Man.

  18. In light of CCCP’s thought, I’m now willing to bet Greg $10 that *no* current Ranger from Sasquatchawan will score five (NHL) goals this season.

  19. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    last season was last season Get over it already ,

    Although you know what they : “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana ,The Life of Reason Vol 1

    The rangers have bad memories .

  20. We don’t need Kaberle. At all. I wonder if Burke will even get half of what he wants for him.

  21. Kaberle is a good player, but not what the Rangers need. Sather’s penchant for having puck-moving defensemen weakens the team because they have no people-moving defensemen.

  22. Carl Banks – excellent outside LB for the Giants – 57!

    Suppose we try to come up with someone other than LT for tomorrow?

  23. Tank The Season on

    Burke wants Gilroy and either Callahan or Dubinsky for Kaberle. What he will ultimately get will be next to nothing. Kaberle is a rental player.

  24. James –

    Girardi has no excuse – you ever put on the pads? Put your body on the line with others? There is a code here – I dont care if torts told them all not to fight – YOU FIGHT when your star is being mugged!! You dont even have to drop your gloves or helmet – just get in there and make a point – and he didn’t! THAT is hard to let go of —-

  25. Gabby needed a beatdown with the way he was playing. That’s for sure.

    I’m way past that game. I don’t even care at this point. Girardi has stuck up for his teammates on a few occassions.

    You want to throw Girardi under the bus, then you better be willing to throw the majority of the team under the bus, because nobody did a god damn thing. Aves got into a few fights, and so did Voros. That’s it. Dublowsky screamed like a little girl, and the rest of them were outplayed completely.

    I’m sure it’s already over with. Boogaard will challenge Carcillo, and he’ll either take a penalty by roughing him up, or he’ll just fight Shelley. Either way, it’s over with. Carcillo is too tough to fight anyway. He’s a borderline heavyweight. Nobody on NYR can do any damage outside of Boogaard, which he wont fight.

    For the record, I’m really looking forward to all the Shelley vs Boogaard fights for this season. It might be like the Orr vs Godard battles from Orr’s few years in NY. Classics, with a couple of knockouts on each side.

  26. Mo Lewis New York Jets, he punctured Brew Bledsoe’s lung, then the Tom Brady era started….damn!

  27. Orr,

    you don’t think prust could handle carcillo? Avery already showed he can go with him and I’d give dubi a punchers chance against him.

    I agree that carcillo is probably not dumb enough to fight boogaard but it would be fun/ effective to watch him cower away from boogaard. Nothing says boogaard can’t just grab him and toss him around like the little bizatch he is either.

  28. NOw I ask you, where else in the realm of hockey can you find folks like Onecup, who quotes Santayana, and lends credence to the claim that this is the blog of connaiseurs of the gentle sport of hockey,…no dilettantes here by Jove.

  29. The only reason Avery won that fight is because he was able to tie him up, but no good shots were landed.

    I’m talking a one on one fight. Carcillo is just flat out tough. He dropped Thornton with a solid right to the jaw during the Winter Classic. Prust is a solid middleweight, but he’s not as tough as Carcillo.

    As for Dublowsky, he fought Carcillo when he was a Yote, and it went like this

    For once Dublowsky fought smart there, but still lost the fight. He should stay away from him.

    I’d love to have Carcillo. He’s tougher than Avery, but not as talented, and is cheaper. Also, he looks like Charles Manson and can’t get any models. He has that going agaist him. But, then again Hartnell managed to get a decent chick with that horrific face of his.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    My eyes bugged out seeing that Redden is from Saskatchewan!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not Redden!!!!

    No Saskachewan Ranger will score 5 goals this year? hem hem CCCP , you dare to enter the Cash giveaway to me on the notion no Ranger from Sask will score 5 goals this year!!??

    OK here my choices/chances :

    #1 Boogaard ,LW he gonna get lots more ice time playing over here. He from Saskatoon.

    #2 Dane Byers , If he makes the team ….he could easily pop in 5 goals!!!

    #3 Wild card here …Jeremy Williams is a Sask born N bread boy.

    #4 Wade Redden , does Hartford count CCCP? He could pop in 5 goals in Hartford!!!

    #5 Matt Zaba is a goalie from Yorkton Sask and has no chance of score even 1 goal.

    So “T” CCCP ,Freddy ,coat check dude , $10 is on if….I have all 5 options here. LW3H ,very funny but yer going down!!! I’ll add the extra $5 for any Ranger to our bet!!!

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carsillyo is Garbage .Pure Garbage . He was a healthy scratch in the Stanley Cup final . This means he is worthless and useless and is even more of a detriment then Avery. Carsillyo is a punk . Id never welcome that scum to our team.

  32. Hahaha, yeah right, Greg!! You welcomed Brash*t, so you’d welcome him too. Brash*t is worse than Carcillo.

    Also, it’s just a smart coaching move by Laviolette. The Flyers are a tough team, they didn’t need him, since he doesn’t score.

    And he had one extra goal than Avery. Ha! And he scored an OT game winner against Brodiva.

    I’d welcome him in a second.

  33. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Youse guys that hate carcillo wait until he’s a Ranger, you’ll love him. Bottoms CCCP. HIC

  34. onecupin70yearsand

    dont mean to sound dumb but…whats HIC? Highly Insane Criminals? or Head Injury Criterion? lol

  35. ORR –

    YOU are missing the point – it doesnt matter who wins dude – you fight when you have to …. and that was a HAVE TOO – I dont care if you get wrecked (happend to me many times at 180 lbs!!) – point was that you fight because it was the right thing to do – not if you will win or not –

    And Girardi, as well as MANY others, were a bunch of ‘pussy cats’ (blog friendly language – CARP!) in that game – says a LOT about HEART

  36. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    in a hypothetical world, as long as carcillo played the way he does now, I would take him on our team happily. If he pulls a brash, and plays nothing like he did before he got to us, then no thanks!!!

  37. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Again I agree with coach sean. To follow up, the fact that girardi has stood up in the past for players (which still DOES NOT give him a pass on the gabby incident IMHO) and then does not stand up for our top offencive guy regardless of who started the fight, tells me the jackass (can I type that carp??) coach is totally sending the wrong message.

  38. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    kaberle talks are heating up…….if the leafs get anything close to what the rumours are…….WOW!!!!

  39. For the record, Torts was the coach when Danny G stuck up for Nicky Z. Also, remember Torts defended Dredden for sticking up for a teammate when Larry Brooks wrote some article. That was a part of the imfamous “beat up at the bus stop” interview. So, I highly, *highly* doubt that Torts is telling them to not do that. This is Torts we’re talkin’ ‘boot.

    Coach Sean, I get that, and I’m not saying it’s pointless. All I’m saying is that I want someone to hurt Carcillo, *bad*! And nobody on NYR can do that, aside from Boogaard, and like I said, Carcillo wouldn’t fight him, unless Boogaard went after Richards and Shelley wasn’t available.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , I did like Carsillyo , when he was in Phoenix . I was on the “get Carsillyo” bandwagon with you along with Too too and cheech choo. I wanted his fiestyness and thought the Rangers should try to get him .Don Cherry was all over this guy saying hes the real deal. THEN he went to the Flyers and fought with Gaborik , what a turd. I never hated Brashear like I hate Carsillyo garbage. Carsillo is a goof. Hes a loser. Hes is scum , purest of scum and is probally the most hated players to me in the league. Rangers would never trade for him. Never. Hes a turd that doent flush . He thinks he tough….Hes a gutless puke for “licking his chops” at Gaborik. He will get his . Boogaard is gonna spit on him and say…”waste of time garbage…” Prust is gonna FLATTEN him!!!! Carsillyo is slime and is a regurgetated cockroach .

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carsillo can go suck eggs and rot in holey hell. His ugly face is why mothers have abortions ( im against abortions btw) If I were ever to meet him in a bar , I d sucker punch him in the face and even if I took a few lumps …Id make sure Id have bitten a chunk outta his leg.

  42. Greg, all Carcillo ever did was beat the carp out of Gabby, and bully Dublowsky.

    Brash*T, threw cheap shots at Jagr, threw a sucker punch at Ward, mocked Shanny, threw cheap shots at Kaspar, and pulled his hair like the “kitty” he is, and is just an all around piece of crap.

    If you’re willing to accept Brash*t, and not Carcillo, then something is wrong with you!!!

    By the way, I forgot aboot Tootoo. I think I’m still on the Tootoo train. As for Cheech, fuggetabootit.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Kane better order extra large on the chicken wings cuz thats the last time that feeble organization is gonna celebrate anything with thier patch work GMing and solid sucking year after year and now back to being losers again.

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Orr , I accepted Brash cuz he was our only hope to have some brute strength and solid fighting. Boy was I mislead. Shanny handle him and we won that battle . When Brashear clobbered Bettes , I was upset but yet my urning for a big bruiser needed to be filled. If Carsillyo garbage was traded here ,Id only see a player who can agitate and be a worse sportsman then Avery. We already have an Avery and Id never want carsillyo garbage over him cuz Avery has more class,more skill,more brains,more talent,better shot,faster and isnt as ugly as sin.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I wish NYR had Kane too, and J. Johnson, not E. Johnson, or punkazz Kesler, not small Parise ,statsny is one id want too, Suter…maybe, Brown ..Dustin Brown? cuz Hes awsome.

    Parise is a Devil , I will never cheer on him.

  46. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Does anyone ever check out TJN headlines ? They are carp’s boss after all.
    2 funny headlines.Frying pan killer
    and the guy who poisoned his wife with anti freeze, WTF?

  47. 4ever, it’s ALWAYS drinking season, although there are ‘levels’.

    Kane should have put the cab driver and two dimes in the Cup also

  48. Tyler Myers, Giant great Chase Balckburn, Johan Santana, K-Rod used to be a real KNOCK-OUT PUNCH when he wore 57 with Angels

  49. If any of you guys know any1 in the music industry, i’ve got some hip hop music in the arsenal :)

  50. Linda

    4ever, it’s ALWAYS drinking season, although there are ‘levels’.


    well, I’m approaching level 10…catch up!

  51. Carp, Sorry about being a party pooper with the internet link to the database, because I couldn’t remember a #57…I can hum Beethoven’s Opus 57…does that count?

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