Fifty-eight days until hockey season


Here’s a game some of used to play in the pressbox … only we did it at the end of non-playoff seasons, not before a season.

There are 58 days remaining until opening night (Oct. 9 in Buffalo). Each day try to come up with a well-known athlete who wore the same number as the number of days left. It gets much better the closer we get, obviously, because there are more well-known athletes with low numbers.

So I’ll open it up with No. 58, Carl Banks of the Super Bowl champion Giants. Got any other 58s?

Each morning until Game 1 in Buffalo (which will be day zero) youse can feel free to throw a name out there to go with the corresponding number.

And if you don’t feel like playing, just go back to your line combinations or gibberish or jibberish.


Got a big, big, big meeting with Mr. Titleist at Centennial GC in Carmel today. Supposed to be like 79 degrees. Maybe some rain. Who cares about rain? Who cares about Friday the 13th?

Playing with my dad. He’s going on 77 and is still a 9 or 10 handicap who plays every single day if there’s no snow on the ground. The interesting thing in my family is that on my mom’s side, all the men kept all of their hair for their entire lives but couldn’t play golf. On my father’s side, all the men went bald but could play the hell out of golf. So which genes did I get? Right, no hair, no golf skill.

Fore right!

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  1. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Mr. Carp who cares about Hockey when you have a chance to be with your DAD.
    I used to go hunting with my Dad and his childhood friends and their sons and we always had special times.

    It was my Dad who introduced me to ice hockey, bought my equipment and took me to the rink before he went to work.

    My dad and his friends are all gone and hunting isn’t quite the same except when I hunt with my son.

    So bring a camera and enjoy a special , who cares if it snows or rains , you’re with your dad.
    Maybe he’ll let you win.

  2. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    First one that comes to mind…the missing teeth…Jack Lambert

    Have a fun day with dad….you made me think of my dad today, Thank You Carp !

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Enjoy your day, Carp! Let your dad win.
    It’s not too late, btw. Not sure about your hair, but your golf may still get better

  4. Morning all!

    Thanks for all the kind words yesterday, everyone. As many of you know, it’s just hard and frustrating when everything is up in the air and you have no control over it at all. But, today is a better day!

    Joke, I saw that on the news.Thanks for the reminder though. You in the Albany area like me? If so, shoot me an email at, I have a question for you.

    #58- Some mlb player has worn it recently, but I can’t recall who and I’m too lazy to google it.

  5. Coach Beeblebrox on

    58 – a reasonable amount of points for Anisimov to put up in his second year.

  6. Gift of GAB-orik (Welcome back Carp!) on

    I met Carl Banks before a Giants game in 2004. Carson too. Nice guys.

    58- Jack Lambert…. part of the Steel Curtain defense in Pittsburgh.

    58 is also the number that loser closer of the Red Sux wears. PapelBUM.

  7. let’s do some wiki research! 58 is actually the sum of the first 7 prime numbers! it is also the atomic number for cerium, a rare earth metal that oxides which is used in catalytic converters in your car and is used in your self- cleaning oven! Also, At the age of 58, Thomas Jefferson made it a standard to shake the president’s hand as opposed to bowing to the president.

  8. 58- Joe Dimaggio and Yogi Berra combined.

    58- in terms of current Rangers, Dan Girardi and Brandon Prust put together

  9. I wish I could have played golf with my Dad, but he didn’t play.

    Played yesterday with the heat index up around 105 or so. It was brutal. My partner almost passed out so we rented the cart for the back nine. Then the guy beats the carcillo out of me on the back nine. I think he was sandbagging.

  10. Wick, I know Aves technically won the “hockey fight”, but he didn’t damage the guy in any way. And Carcillo is way tougher than him, and anyone on NYR (last years team)

    It’s good that Girardi was bothered by his decision, but he made the right one. We are down by a goal, and if he jumps in, then we’re on the PK for two minutes, and lose a d-man for the rest of the game.

    And you can’t go after one of their star players the rest of the game. Like I said, it was a one goal game, and a game we *needed* to win. Some things are more important.

    And I loved what Colton Orr did in that Caps game, because we were on a 6 or 7 game losing streak, and we beat the crao out of the Caps in that game, and it was already over, but Brash*t was running Jagr, sucker punching Ward, and fighting Shanny. It was message sending time, but the game was already over, so it’s two totally different scenarios.

    Lastly, I liked how Torts responded. He was clearly pissed, and called Laviloette a “kitty”. Dublowsky did sort of the same thing, except he didn’t do anything, not just physically, but offensively, but like the rest of the losers.

  11. “Wick, I know Aves technically won the “hockey fight”, but he didn’t damage the guy in any way. And Carcillo is way tougher than him, and anyone on NYR (last years team)”

    Who cares if Carcillo is tougher than him. He shadowed Carcillo and stood up for his teammate. You really are a worthless negative Nancy much of the time.

  12. As a Steelers fan for 30 years the only #58 for me will be Jack Lambert.

    I used to play golf with my dad every week before he died back in ’93. We would spur each other on and as he was a lefty and me a righty we could correct each other’s swings in a heartbeat. Best game we ever had was i shot an 82 and he shot an 83 (par 73 course) , not bad for 2 guys who’s handicaps were in the high-teens.
    I cant wait till my 2 boys are old enough to play a round with me.

  13. Noonan, you doofus, I already acknowledged that, as well as Voros. Learn to read.

    What I’m saying, if you can get it through your thick skull, is that it’s not the pounding that he deserved.

    Example being Orr vs Fedoruk.

    But, the whole fuggin point of this is, we were down 1-0, and if you spend the rest of the game chasing their players, getting revenge, then you’re not going to win the game.

    It’s easy to say *now* what they should or should not have done, since they missed the playoffs, but they did the right thing, and responded the right way.

    It’s not fair to throw Torts under the bus for that specific game.


    So Mets fans…are you happy now? You made FRONT and BACK covers of both Post AND Daily News AT THE SAME TIME! LOL

    K-Rod, if I didn’t know who it was, i would think the police nabbed another one of those terrorist plotting a-holes!

  15. Talking about going to games with yhour Dad….

    Myu Dad brought me into NY to see a game at Yankee stadium,
    and it was against the Philadelphia Athletics,

    The pitcher for the Yanks I cannot recall, but the Athletics had a pitcher whose name I also cannot recall, but he struck out Joe Dimaggio, and my father said to me, ‘that was a strikeout on probably the greatest ball player of all time.’ I was impressed by both the batter AND the pitcher. Too awed my the grandeur of the stadium and the aura of greatness that surrounded the team and the fans. It was midst of depression and the stadium was full.

    One of my most memorable “Dad” situations of my life..and unforgettable to me. Funny how these little things stay with you.

  16. Gift of GAB-orik (Welcome back Carp!) on

    The first Rangers game me and my dad went to happened to be game 3 of the Rangers/Sabres series when Rozy scored in double OT.

    Talk about memorable!

  17. CCCP,
    Than you belong to Sharks, not the

    Jersey number of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Kris Letang
    New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierc
    Boston Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon
    Oakland Athletics pitcher Justin Duchscherer

  18. There has been several comments lately about Renney.
    ( Wonder what brought him back into the picture.)

    On several occasions back when Renney was at NY I opined that in my consideration he would probably be excellent as a Prep school coach, and in tune with teaching the youngsters the fundamentals of the game, ……….but he was a sad handler of an NHL bench during a game.Constantly behind the power curve as they say, and on many many instances easily out coached by his opposing coach. Watching him at work, you could actually see the slowness of his response to changing situations and the indecision of what to do next. At times entire plays went by where he seemedto be completely oblivious to what had occurred. ( At times you could see the assiostant coach pull him aside and explain what had just occurred. pathetic at best. I wish him well however because I believe he was an honorable guy, and hope he’s found a niche.

  19. CCCP, as a Mets fans I am NOT happy at all about what krod did. It was selfish and immature and just plain wrong. I hate that it’s carp like this that makes the team get the front and back on the NY papers. It should be their play that gets them there, not this junk. It’s like the early 90s all over again.

  20. Orr, I’m with you on this. That game and situation happened and we can argue back and forth about it til the cows come home. But that will not change what happened so can we just let it die its overdue death.

    I’m of the split camp on this, btw. I hate the Girardi just stood there, but I cannot eviserate him for it because of the utter confusion and fear that Torts brought upon the players with his mixed messages. So, in short, it’s Torts fault. BUT, it’s also Gabby’s fault for dropping his gloves FIRST. So, enough blame to go around for everyone and I just hope it doesn’t happen again this season.

  21. Good Morning Boneheads ! God Bless Ya !

    I recently went to St.Louis to check up on J.D’s progress, although J.D wasn’t available to talk to me, They did grant me am interview with a nice kid named Matt from the Team store at the Scott Trade center

    Three things I learned in the video. J.D is not President and G.M (Just President), There is a Chris Drury Inn, and I need to order a manzier.

  22. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and everyone!!

    certainly hope a new day is a better day for you!!

    I guess we just disagree on this which is fine. I personally would rather lose a game with team honour intact instead of winning one without any spines. I guess that is why I am willing to have players on a roster that are not afraid to stand up for their teammates even if it results in going down a man with a penalty.

    Oh well, we can move on!!

    Off to work, later assens!!!

  23. wicky, it has been better. Thanks! I even got a heck of a nice compliment from a co-worker, which made me grin like a loon.

  24. Pappelbond wears 58 so does Letang and Antonio Pierce did for the giants last couple of years

  25. The Fightin' Amish on

    The last game I was priveledged to take my Dad to was Leetch’s retirement ceremony. I think we beat Atlanta that night, but it didn’t matter. Leetch was Dad’s favorite, and my son now wears #2 in his (Dad’s) honor.

    Enjoy the round, Carp!

  26. Dec 27, 1992… Rangers come back in the third period down 5-2 to win 6-5.

    It was Alexi Kovalev’s first NHL hat trick… Mike Gartner scored two and Tony Amonte got the other one. Vanbiesbrouk made 28 saves… Rangers took 36 shots at Andy Moog and Adam Oates had a goal and an assist for the Bruins.

    Players on the Rangers that year that would eventually get their names on the cup were Messier, Graves, Beuk, Lowe, Nemchinov, Wells , Kocur and Zubov…

    …players on that team that did not but were memorable Rangers anyway were Turcotte, Erixon, Doug Weight and “Jeep” Patrick.

    I remember this game so well because it was the first time I had ever been to MSG (and I wasn’t that young) for a Rangers game, and it was the first Rangers game that I had been to with my father.

    I remember this great game because of my father not just because he bought us tickets and because he took the day off from work to do so… but because when all of the other fans were leaving in the third period… we stayed and were rewarded with an experience that I’ll take with me forever.

    Pop is long gone now, but what he gave me that day I will never forget and will repay the favor to my own some day hopefully!

    Thanks for making me think and smile today Carp! Enjoy your day!


  27. I take my dad to a few games every year. Would take him more often, but he is reluctant to leave mom alone. Sometimes my son joins us. These are the best games

  28. MickeyM – Gotta love Cally – best part of the whole article is the look on Pronger’s face while he takes Callahan’s hit….priceless

  29. My Dad’s not a hockey fan and the one game we did go to was a local college team with my eldest nephew. He was semi-interested. He’s a huge Yankees fan though and we like going to our local minor league baseball games together. So at least we have something in common. I love him dearly though, and constantly worry about him.

  30. BlueBlood, thanks for the link to part 2. And yeah, I love Cally. One of my favs. That pic is priceless!

  31. Believe me, I ripped Giardi for the rest of the year, only out of emotion. But, at the end of the year, watching NYR miss out on the playoffs because of one fuggin point. It made me think back to that game, and the importance of it. So, it’s easy to forgive him now. And the team was in a tougher spot at that point.

    That being said, these losers had every chance to make the playoffs. Think back to that game against the Leafs, where Hank gave up a couple of softies and an extra softie in OT. I think we blew a two goal lead in that one.

  32. What I took away from that Part 2…

    – Redden will have to play like Bobby Orr, Brian Leetch, Nick Lidstrom AND Chris Pronger, all put together, in order to make the team.

    – Gilroy will most definitely be on the team.

    – Staal and Girardi will be reunited on the blueline once Staal signs

    – Drury will be higher than the 4th line and get LOTS of PP time.

    – All letters will stay with the same guys as last year

    – Unless he flops on his face, Stepan will start the season with the team

    – Same for McDonagh


  33. Funny enough this makes me remember not my dad but my mom, as we watched the US beat the Soviets in the Olympics. My mom and dad are both long gone, but she was the one screaming and yelling at the TV with me that year, and any time we watched boxing. Dad just sort of shook his head at us and watched quietly.

  34. I don’t think Stepan makes the team either, but from what Torts said, I really think he’ll get every chance and then some to do it. Much like D’Amigo with the Leafs, who just turned pro this week after only a year at RPI.

  35. 58=number of Ranger wins this season

    they will win 42 with 32 L and 8 ot losses

    and then they will win 16 playoff games and this one will last a lifetime too

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOGAARD!!!!!!!! ( sorry just practicing!!)

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    we lost by 1 point. Could we go back and change a game and make it?…Nawww If we beat the leafs that day then the next game we would have coasted , ORR and lost . So going back and winning a game we lost would never get us the point we needed cuz every thing has a reaction . It all boiled down to Game fricking eighty two in a bloody shoot-out. It was our desiny.

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    weird man!!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Greg, with that being said, it still means NYR did the right thing.

    If they were all psychic and knew they wouldn’t make the playoffs, then shame on them for not showing any balls. But, obviously that’s not the case.

  40. He sounds like the World’s Greatest Dad and that’s better than just #1.
    You should buy him a Cadillac.

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wicky has a point but you right ORR , The Rangers needed a win bad , even at the cost of sticking up for a star.

    Hockey players only have seconds to make a choice and it can be the wrong one to do. In a snap Brashear gets clobbered by McSorley or Burtuzzi nailing Moore.A goon jumping on a player . These action is what makes a player a player.

  42. Gabby’s still a world class moron for trying to act like a tough guy when he’s the only goal scorer we had. He might have put up some good numbers, but he made some retarded decisions.

    His head better be clear for this season. Luckily he’s not playing for Slovakia.

    Unlucky for me, cause I’m dying to see another Olympics. But, the WJC is something to look forward to.

  43. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I don’t blame gabby for fighting (he made a bad decision in who he fought, if he had picked briere, no prob). I don’t think a single fight or even two makes a guy a tough guy candidate.

    The fact that he did and no one pulled a matt bradley and everyone pulled a girardi tells me one of two things…serious lack of heart and courage on the ice with gabby or horrible coaching when a guy on your team (the best offencive guy you have by a mile) feels he has to drop the gloves and then no one comes to his aid for fear of taking a penalty and getting chewed out for standing up for your number one offencive by your talks tough and safe is death BS, does just the opposite, coach!!!!

    Just an opinion though!

  44. The Bolts were winning that game 7-4. This game was 1-0.

    And if Gabby actually gived a carp, he wouldn’t have dropped the gloves. We needed him on the ice a hell of a lot more than Aves and Voros. Gabby just made himself look weak by fighting, believe it or not.

  45. Johnny, I’m not sure how official these rankings are.

    I finally beat the old man by a stroke (we weren’t actually competing). But I played one of my best rounds ever and he played so-so and I beat him by one, so that tells you all you need to know. It’s like the Rangers beating the Red Wings once a decade.

    I see youse guys, for the most part, are into the numbers game. My buddy John Dellapina checked in via e-mail and reminded me that in all those dreadful non-playoff seasons starting in ’97-98, we’d also count down the number of periods left. And as soon as the buzzer would sound at the end of a period, somebody would holler in the pressbox: 216!

  46. Carp, Nice round and thanks for mentioning John Dellapina I miss his hockey articles and thanks for your blog always entertaining. 216!

  47. Do you guys think gabby dropped the gloves to fight? The way I saw it was that he was getting his gloves off in order to hold onto carcillos shoulders to keep from getting another rabbit punch to the face. I seriously doubt gabby had any intention of fighting. Carcillo was jabbing him in the face and gabby couldnt get a hold to stop him. As soon as the gloves were off, carcillo took advantage and pummeled him. That’s the way I saw it anyway. I really hope someone makes carcillo pay this season. As well as the guy that concussed drury I Calgary. The team needs to make a statement that they wont stand for this stuff anymore. I think with prust and boogy leading the charge, the team will follow suit.


    congrats on your father/ son day!!

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gaborik didnt take any Carp from Carsillyo Garbage. Gaborik dropped ’em and didn’t care if it was a fight or what. Emotion is great , sometimes a star has to drop ’em down ORR . Giradi was a fool to not protect his star even though his star started it. Carsillyo is a clown ( why do ya think he was scratched in the playoffs) Gaborik showed this punk that hes no punk. Giradi on the other hand showed he cares more about his own trouble ( for jumping in) then the protection of the teams top player.

  49. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    congrats on the win!!! And the great day for you!

  50. I’m not buying that. Girardi didn’t think twice when stepping up for Nicky Z when Richards leveled him. Gabby looked like a fool, letting his emotions getting the best of him, just because he was a ghost in the game, and couldn’t get past Philthy’s defense.

    What happened after that? Nothing. Just a bunch of idiots who got pushed around and couldn’t show up for an important game.

    That’s not Torts fault at all. Wasn’t it Ray fuggin Emery who shut them out that game? Embarrassing.

  51. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    quite honestly that was on a team that torts was the coach, but he admittingly was not coaching his way. He didn’t know the majority of the players on the team. Torts didn’t instill his “brilliant” philosophies and screwed up policies until that following offseason.

    subsequently, that is why girardi would stand up for nicky Z and not gabby. Very questionable “rules” enforced by the coach!

  52. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I think this team would be way better if we had kept antro, especially with this roster!

  53. Isn’t perspective a funny thing? We have those who say gabby knew exactly what he was doing and who he was doing it against. Then we have those who believe he knew what he was doing but not knowing who he was up against. And then there’s me who really believes he had no intention of fighting because he knew it was carcillo and there is no way I think gabby knowingly tries to fight the guy.

    And I think it’s really unfair to keep calling girardi out for that one incident. I think it was Orr who brought up therime when girardi flew across the ice to defend Z after a questionable hit.

    I think if nothing else you could see girardi felt bad afterwords and it ate at him. I think it was a bug lesson learned and I would be SHOCKED if we ever see girardi stand around like that again should the same occassion arise.

    My 2 cents for what it’s worth.

  54. Re: team toughness…


    I guess that’s how I would order them as far as toughness/ grit. Obviously they’re not the broadway bullies, but more than enough to collectively step it up and play an overall tough team game. I think boogaard and prust are going to change the environment a lot. Remember how renney used to say the team played a few inches taller just having Orr on the bench? Well I think the same will be said about boogaard. And I think prust and avery can now play their game much more effectively without having to worry about either taking on the other teams big guys or policing the ice on their own. I guess I’m just always optimistic. I do it to myself every season.

  55. I’m on a roll here…

    Frolov prospal gabby
    dubi AA MZA
    Avery drury calli
    prust Boyle boogaard

    staal girardi
    rosi. MDZ
    mcd. Gilroy

    black aces = weiss eminger EC

    weiss plays for boogaard outside of divison and eminger spells for mdz and gilroy to ward off fatigue. Miss anybody?

  56. Joke, your right about the perspective – I just watched the whole thing again on youtube with your comments in mind and you really can’t tell if Gabby is just trying to get away from Carcillo or fight him. He is pushing and drops his glove, but Carcillos got him by the back of the neck for a good part of it. He may have just been trying to get loose. One things for sure, Carcillo deliberately targeted Gabby and made sure to pull him away from the scrum. Might have been stupid on Gabby’s part but he (like Nicky Z) always shoves back when he is messed with.

    Second thing is when you watch Aves go after Carcillo later, you don’t see it on all the versions, but Carcillo tried to run away – Aves had to catch him by the neck of his jersey. Such a puke.

  57. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    yep, and look at the reaction of the players on the rangers bench when avery starts to go with him, even drury is standing up like it meant something…too bad the coach is a putz!

  58. Girardi also went straight after Hartnell for the hit on AA last season, and he kinda choked someone (can’t remember who) during a scrum when the guy hit Prospal as well. I agree you can’t define him by that moment but it was still hard not to be pissed at him.

  59. Good evening all! Carp, what a great bit about you and the senior Carp today. Loved it.

    I’m just getting home from city after being up at 5:45 a.m., which is more than two hours earlier than I get up for work! I am beat, and just scrolled quickly through.

    Some comments today made me upset, some made me glad. You know who you are!

  60. awwww, Carp. Now I really want to shed a tear. Tell junior hi as usual!

    Goodnight all. Not to channel Greg, but I gotta go ZZZZZZZZ.


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