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  1. I’ll glady take some of that work off your hands, Carp.

    No, srsly, I will. It will give me something to do.

  2. Good thing Stan isn’t paid by Dolan, or else that interview would have almost seemed scripted…

  3. Just read the Fishler and Boogaard articles. Stan’s was a little light and could have been a one part. The Boogaard on the other hand got me excited for things to start. I now see why Sather risked signing him for as much and as long as he did. We are going to have one of the premium fighters for 4 years. If he can skate as well as indicated not many defensemen are going to want to see him bearing down. When do we start?

  4. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    That article was too short to be a two parter

    Cant wait to hear what he says about Redden

    Better be about how he should be getting ready for bus rides in the AHL

  5. Was that a real interview, or did Rangers PR just answer questions? Funny how a paid Rangers employee gets to interview Torts away from cameras, and all his answers seem like they were written by staff.

  6. On Torts: Not much new there. Pretty routine…I was hoping he’d say something about where Prospal stands on the team. That’s a big question mark if Frolov and Dubinsky are one-two on the left. Sounds like Vinny might be the new first-line center…

    And Boogaard. I feel a little more assured given Gaborik’s assessment of him…I just simply don’t see how a guy like that doesn’t become a human pylon on the ice…Looking at a few clips though, it seems like he catches guys off guard a lot. We’ll see…hopefully he is a deterrent.

  7. What a load of rehashed crap. I do concur that it’s not unreasonable to expect the likes of Callahan and Dubinsky to show improvement, but we’re not talking about 2 blue chippers here. In other words, no matter how much improvement either show, it won’t be enough to make the Rangers much more effective than they were last year.

    IMO, AA has the most upside, but to get from what he showed last year to what he hopefully will be someday in year 2 of his NHL career is asking way too much.

    There’s no getting around the fact that the Rangers don’t even have a valid 2nd line center, don’t have a power winger and only 1 legitimate front line forward (who’s injury prone at that).

    And don’t get me started on the foibles of the backline (which no doubt Tortorella will laud in part II of the article).

    The Rangers will be vying for a draft lottery position in a year where there’s no clear cut 1st overall favourite, which kinda figures, doesn’t it?!?!

  8. Coach Beeblebrox on

    I had a dream that these were the opening night lines. And everyone was screaming because Prospal did not make the team. Then just before the game the Rangers announced that they had traded Prospal to the Islanders for their #1 pick. I know right? Pretty weird.

    Extra = Boogaard

    Del Zotto/Girardi
    Extra = Eminger

  9. I still insist on offence:
    Frolov Prospal Gaborik
    Dubinsky Anisimov MZA
    Avery Drury Callahan
    Boogaard Christensen Prust
    Defence: Un’freaken’predictable…

  10. 4everanger – I like those lines…and I don’t think they’re that out of the realm of possibility. I think that fourth-line centerman position is going to ultimately come down to who worked out more over the summer, Boyle or Christensen…the funny thing is BOTH have maddeningly good tools(Christensen’s stick handling…Boyle’s impressive size), but both are on the verge of spending the rest of their careers in the minors.

    Coach – I know you’re just playing, but no way does Drury end up on fourth line, and I have a distinct feeling Weise will have to wait for the injury bug to hit before he gets a spot on the roster, much less the lineup…Which is a shame. He’s had two consecutively good camps and has done nothing but improve down in Hartford. Also, did you mean to leave out Prusty?! I really like what he brings to the lineup.

    Speaking of which, these are the lines I see forming…mind you NOT the lines I would want:


    Christensen and Boyle take turns getting Torts’ coffee and sleeping in Chez Bowow.


    With Gilroy switching in once Eminger wears out his welcome(est. 15 games).

    Personally, I think White should be packaged in a box and mailed to Hartford with a note: “Keep in storage until July 2011.” Move Prospal to first, Anisimov to second and let the two scrubs duke it out for fourth…but I have as much faith in that as I do Redden getting “Wolfpacked”…I have a feeling Sather will bust out some nude photos of Bettman and Mario Lemiuex having a tryst and somehow finagle Reds into the lineup…

  11. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I love torts’ post game interviews. I beginning to not like anything else he says or does!

  12. That’s the only thing to look forward to after a loss. Torts’ post game interview, love it!

    I gag when I see guys like White, and Christensen being put on the top line by fans. Really makes me want to vomit.

    Artie should be on the top line. He’s supposed to be the future! It doesn’t matter whether he’s ready or not! Force feed him!

  13. Orr – Likewise. Not a fan of those two even being on the roster come October. But thinking rationally, do any of us really see White in Hartford?

  14. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    so why the hell not, I’ve got a couple of more minutes on lunch…….


    I understand these lines will never happen and white could be in htfd and EC or Boyle could be in. MZA may not do well and be in htfd (doubt it though). I put cally on the 4th line because he always wears down a bit it seems and if we had players torts “trusts” more spread out we might actually roll 4 lines like we need to.

    I’m not even touching the D at this point because it is still a joke. I hope like hell we trade rozy and/or girardi for an actual physical guy, or sign one somehow and dump the excess marshmallowness.

  15. Sure would be nice to have someone or someones step so that Prospal slides down to 2nd or 3rd line. Would mean that their is actual depth on the team.

  16. I see your logic, wicky, and raise you a ‘no way in hell is Cally on the 4th line’. Torts will run him and Gabby and Vinny into the ground again. It’s just his nature as much as we don’t like it.

  17. ThisYearsModel on

    Does not matter how the lines start, because Torts will not be able to help himself and will change them around in the second period of game 1.

  18. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I agree, not a chance that torts has cally on the 4th line. I think avery needs to get 6th or 7th forward minutes and prust needs more time than 4th line minutes (from torts), so something has to give…..

  19. Coach Beeblebrox on


    Yeah I was just playing. With that said though, I don’t believe White has any chance to make this team. Certainly not on the #1 unit. He does not skate well enough, to be anything but in the way in Tortorella’s system.

    I don’t know what the lineup will look like. But I can tell you if they honestly give out the roster spots by what we see in camp, a couple vets are going to be on the outside looking in.

    And yes I left off Prust by accident. He will be in the mix, I’m sure. White however I’m not so sure about.

    Also, Drury may not be the 4th line center, but there is no way Anisimov on the 4th line either. He’s too good and they need his offense on the top two units no matter how it breaks down.

    Prospal is heading for a down year, he won’t be providing the offense he did last year.

  20. it looks like a dman will be going to the Wash Caps. I say that because the Caps have re-signed Eric Belanger, but told him not to announce which team he is signing with until a trade is done by the Caps to move out another forward, and then they can bring in a dman. the article speculates that it will be either Bieksa, or Souray, or Mitchell

    Kaberle will be traded to one of 10 teams, according to Brian Burke, but the Caps are not one of them.

  21. Funny how we all killed Renney for changing lines constantly, but Torts does it even more. If it’s aggrevating to us, I can only imagine how it is for the players.

  22. it wasn’t changing line combos that bothered me the most. it was his stupid trap, which held back the players from forechecking, and caused the team to be a complete bore

  23. One keeps reading about Boogard, and his temperament or
    boiling point. By his name I would imagine him to be of Dutch descent, and they are not normally warlike, but if aroused they can be awesome. Ask the Brits about their dust up in the 1800s with the Boers of South Africa.

    It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

  24. How come that interview looks a lot like the interview Andrew Gross had on his blog a couple of weeks ago?

    And Orr:
    “I gag when I see guys like White, and Christensen being put on the top line by fans. Really makes me want to vomit. ”

    That’s probably the first thing that you’ve said that I totally agree with.

  25. Torts is an idiot…he’s buying himself another year talking about the building process and the young core…all while playing Gabby, Prospal, Henri, Cally into the ground and not teaching the kids to be better. He’s got everyone confused (how many too many men penalties were there)and I don’t think Avery knows whether to sh** or turn left with this guy. I also think he is partly to blame for players not standing up for one another.

    I think he made just about every player worse last year. He couldn’t decide on lines, couldn’t decide if it was run and gun or play defense, and I can’t stand to see him walk up and down the bench reading the backs of jerseys for another whole season. Instead of teaching the core he humiliates DelZotto on the bench then puts him out to the point of exhaustion while acting like Gilroy is a bad replacement for Marek Malik. He’s getting his excuses ready for another badly coached team.

    In my humble opinion…

  26. The fact that the guy yelled at Dubi for going after Crosby when he crosschecked Henri (after Henri called him on a dive)says it all to me. The fact that he later said he was wrong means nothing.

  27. I would much rather have a Ranger team that breaks in 5 or so young guys this season and maybe misses the playoffs while building a foundation for the future, than have another mediocre bubble team full of vets like White and EC and Redden etc etc who just prolong the agony, and delay the much-needed retooling of the team with younger guys.

  28. Cross Check, Because that’s pretty much what everyone in the organization is saying this summer. They’re just regurgating the same stuff over and over and over and over again. Nothing new will be said until camp starts.

    OK, I just depressed myself. Now I’m depressed AND in angry mood. Sigh. August be over now? Please?

  29. MickeyM

    You’ll have to do what I do…go to the Rodent’s site and sit and watch the countdown clock…58 days, 2 hours, etc.
    Cheers me up!

  30. Maybe this will cheer you up Mickey the Rangers have a new affiliation with the ECHL Greenville Road Warriors who’s owner and president is none other than Neil Smith. Msg just keeps recycling. LOL

  31. it is only 30 days until the Ranger prospects play in the Traverse City tourney

    that is sorta the start of the new hockey season

  32. Anyone else read the secret transcript of the Kovie hearing at down goes brown? The Pronger bits cracked me up.

  33. It’s more than hockey that has me down, but thanks. Even a little something is better than nothing, I guess.

  34. Mickey – Hope its only one carppy day – get a drink and watch Miracle or Mystery Alaska – that might help. Hope things look up for you whatever it is.

  35. Wait… the Road Warriors? LOL. They picked the name from an old WWE tag team? That is too funny.

  36. Thanks, BlueBlood.

    Not to burden anyone here or give too much info out, but unless things drastically and soon, things won’t be looking up. Basically I’m out of work at the end of the month and today got turned down for a job I applied for, the third one in the past 2 months. So yeah, depressed and angry at pretty much the entire world today.

  37. Mikey-
    You can’t wait to hear what Torts says about Redden in part 2. I’m afraid to hear it. You might even say I’m “dreddin'” it (arr, arr). If it’s anything but “He’ll be in Hartford”, I’m going to be upset.

  38. But enough about me…. how about some gibberish? Or bets on how many games Biron actually plays? Or how red Torts face will get this year?

  39. Sorry Mickey, try to hang in there. Something will turn up -it stinks to be out of work these days – I know. Stay pissed for a good 24 hours (they don’t know what they missed out on), then try again on the job front. Good luck.

  40. Mickey-
    Sorry to hear it. Hang in there- you sound like an intelligent and nice person. I’m sure somebody will want to hire you.

  41. Uh oh. I just got a chance to read the Torts “interview.” Me no likey the stuff at the end…

    try to hang on Mickey. It’s a tough world out there, so stay in here!

  42. Torts is a better coach than Renney, that’s just a fact. You can’t blame this on Torts. He doesn’t have much of a team to work with. At least Renney had a team in his first years here.

    And Renney held guys back, like Cally. He used his 4th line way too often. It was a number of things.

    No coach in the world can be a success with this team. They’re just not good enough.

  43. With not much of the hockey news, here the curious one – Jagr opened his own gas station in Omsk (town in Siberia, where he plays for “Avangard” club) by name “68”(we all know why) with his signed russian jersey as main attraction. Good Luck Jaro! But why do so petty? I would understand some oil field …
    I think next will be a Beauty Salon to challenge Avery for fashion and socializing in dark Siberian evenings.

  44. Coach – I sure hope your right in several respects…I’m not holding my breath, because I’m naturally pesimistic whenever the Rangers get someone like White…I was really hoping he’s simply be bought out thereby completing the salary cap wipe for both teams…Weise, IMO, is more than ready for the bigs. Ditto with Byers and to some extent, Sauer…I only watch Grachev play one last season, and he still looked like he needed to get his confidence…but for a big guy(6’4 220), he’s got skills…I see him as a mid-season call-up(if there’s space)…I wonder about AA…and truthfully, I think you’re dead-on there too. The kid showed he could play, and I’d be tickled to see him between Frolov and Gaborik…We’ll see though…As he showed last year, confidence is a big thing in his game. When he was on a line with Prust and Shelley, expectations were low and he played to his natural ability…Now…I say Boogaard and Prust because it seems Boo is the type of guy who really opens up ice for his linemates. If he’s on the ice, the other team needs to take notice…and that allows a shifty guy like AA to open up…And sadly, I agree on Prospal as well…although I think if White ain’t on line one, it’s going to be him inbetween Frolov and Gaborik.

    Orr – I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Torts made some MAJOR errors of judgement last year. Also, he was responsible for at least some of the bonehead moves Sather made last year(ditching Zherdev, signing Brash, signing Kotalik). Sadly, I think last year’s Rangers would have made the POs with Renney behind the bench.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Fran said,
    ” By his name( Boogaard) I would imagine him to be of Dutch descent, and they are not normally warlike,”

    Well Fran , Boogaard is Canadian first off. He was born in Saskatoon ( tough as nails place , I know cuz I live there).
    Raised in Regina and probally fought everyday growing up. The Crime rate in Saskatchewan is the highest in Canada per populas. Guys like Wendel Clark and Gordie Howe came from Sask . Breeding SOB’s is what we do best!!!

    MickeyM , Ummmm sorry to be a pest but on the last thread…you spelt BOOGAARD wrong :)

  46. Phil, the year before, Renney couldn’t get them to the playoffs, but Torts did. So, how can you think that Renney would have gotten a team that was worse into the playoffs and Torts could not?

    Doesn’t matter though. This team is doomed for the next few years. Sucks to be a NYR fan these days.

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    My bad MickeyM. I probally should n’t have commented on yer spelling considering the bad day/month yer having. Your oviously a smart person with alot of character and even though you swear like a trucker …we all love ya!!! Taker easy and think positive!!!!

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Who else would we cheer for?

    Seriously do we need anutha list?

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    RANGERS!!!! Yeah baby~!!!! wese talking ’bout youse guys!!!!

    Rangerssss Rangersssss Rangersss Rangers!!!!!!

  50. Orr – I think Renney was a decent coach, but he definitely lost the bench at the end of his time here, and he did produce a boring type of hockey. Everyone got mad when he said they had to play a defensive game because they were a two goal team, but he was right.
    As far as Torts goes, he might be ok with a good team, but this one aint and I don’t think he has a clue how to make it better. His system didn’t work with the players he’s got and he seems unable to adjust to maximize the players he does have. Not blaming everything on him – some guys aren’t good and some don’t try, but it pisses me off that he never takes responsibility and that he is so quick to excuse himself from the problems, yet seems throws someone under a bus after every loss.

  51. bull dog line on

    if you give Torts players he will win. if you give Renney players he will turn them into checkers, and change there position.

  52. I have connections to the team. So, I went up to Torts himself and asked him what he was gonna do with the lines next season.

    . . . .he told me to go f*** myself.

  53. I’m not saying Renney was Tom Terrific, just think Torts is just as bad but more of a jerk about it.
    If Torts had good players he might win, but he doesn’t and I think that right there makes him sort of a one trick pony – he has no idea how to make the team work any better, and no I don’t mean make them a cup contending team.

  54. Give credit where credit is due. Renney did a damned good job here. He had #68 and NOTHING else. He is the guy that brought up Henke, Cally, Dubi, Staal, and took a rebel castoff and turned them into a pretty good team.

    As time passed, the PLAYERS tuned him out, began believing their own press, and needed a kick in the pants. Torts was the logical replacement.

    Torts is the best coach these guys have had since Keenan.

  55. And Torts by the way made Dubi, a center, into a winger – can’t decide if Prospal or Drury were centers or a wingers, played Gabby on his off sides some nights – same stuff different guy…

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ” As far as Torts goes, he might be ok with a good team, but this one aint and I don’t think he has a clue how to make it better”

    Whaaaa??? huh??? we almost made the playoffs man!!! Game eighty fricking two dude, ya hear me? game 82 !!!! On gaboriks gimped groin!!!

  57. . . . .and I bet, if the PLAYERS knew how tough things could be, they would have tried a lot harder for Renney. I bet Renney has a long head coaching career ahead of him.

  58. How sad is it that it came down to game 82, guy #3 on the shootout – we should have made it way before that

  59. RG, if you’re faking the name, OY! Please don’t! Cause that was actually a funny post, but being RG….

    anyhoo, Greg, I knew you’d chime in on Boo!

    4ever, I thought we were friends :(

    ORR, I agree with Blueblood. It’s an apple/orange comparison as I see it with those coaches. This team needs more cohesion than last year, and I hope to see it this year. Torts has a chance to build with it. It’s all of their calls to get it done as a “team”

    Greg, also knew you’d chime in as the positive man! It’s never a bad time to be a Rangers fan! LGR!

    phew…long post for mama….

  60. Oh dear, i hate to delve into the keenan debate, but it took him a while, too, and he had a TEAM (and um, an unnamed coach who wore what number?)

    I think that era can’t be brought into current debate. way, way too many different circumstances over a period of time. Then again, just my opinion.

  61. The Most Interesting Man in the World wade Redden – He once threw a body-check just to see what it feels like…

  62. bull dog line on

    renney developed Hank after he was forced to. we all remember Kevin Weekes no. He played Dubi 2 minutes in a game against the Islanders, Sather then brought in Dave Scatchard on a tryout, then Renney decides to play Dubi. Renney most important players were his 4th line. his style was so boring that it was one of the reasons Jagr left. so please save the Renney was good crap, he had Jagr and Hank carry his ass and make him look like a coach. did we forget having Orr out on the ice in late in the third period against Buffalo in the playoffs(goal scored of course). did we forget in the same series the Brad Isbister debacle.

  63. Good evening, ‘heads!

    Torts said that he didn’t handcuff Avery last year? BC! He said right before the season- Avery is on a short leash. I was right there watching his interview.

    And Dubinsky is finally on the left wing? ABT! (About Byfuglien Time). This blog has been saying that for more than a year.

  64. Mickeym,

    google “nys dol job search”. It should bring you to dol’s website where they just announced over 84,000 new jobs. Not sure what they are or how the search works. We just had the e-mail sent around the department the other day. Good luck, and if you get a state job you can take me out for some beers and hockey talk, agreed? If you are on any of the state lists let me know. I can try to see what’s open for the titles you qualify for. I can’t work miracles but I can definitely put your name out there with a reference…believe it or not I’m actually respected in the building, in fact you could say I’m a “somebody” @ the dol. Haha

  65. Whatever your opinion of Renney Jagr left because he stated he wanted to be the highest paid player on the team and Sather eventually told him they were “going in a different direction.”

  66. Is it my inocent coment using Avery name? C’mon you’re better than that. …and yes,we are friends, but truth is even more valuable, ha-ha.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thanks blueblood. I am loyal but not nieve or bias or short sited. If I thought the Rangers sucked , I’d say so. I’m maybe a bit bias but I honestly believe this team is going in the right direction. Torts with Avery is like having a firecracker beside a lit match. Our team will be exciting and fun to watch. This team is getting better every year, now that we are keeping our young players. Right now is the most exciting time to be a Ranger fan. I can honestly say that.

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Kovy makes me wanna Frolov!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Good one CCCP.071 , Redden thought oabout throwing a body check … but always desided not to.

  69. “Nothing in this Opinion should be read as suggesting that either the Club or Mr. Kovalchuk operated in bad faith or on the basis of any assumption other than that the SPC was fully compliant with the CBA.”

    Straight from the Kovie ruling – we thought it was Lou or his attorney spinning it, but it came from the arbitrator’s opinion – how can he find they circumvented and say this? Wacko.


  70. A little dark for Mr. T at 5 am, Carp? Or do they make fluorescent golf balls? For Fox 5, perhaps?

  71. BlueBlood- my bad, shhhhhh..

    On a different note, boneheads, I received the movie in the mail from Fran, as he promised. The movie is called “Net Worth”, about hockey of course, and it’s based on a true story. Fran is awesome! He refused to charge me for the movie, but instead suggested that it is his donation to the ” Bonehead Establishment”. He says that maybe, if someone else has other rare movies or rare footage of key games from the old times, we may develop a library. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but onse I’m done, I’ll be happy to mail it to the next interested bonehead.

    MickeyM- hang in there, sis..

  72. Yeah, Renney had Hank as the backup goalie, and Weekes as the starter. It’s not like he knew all along that Hank would be “the guy”.

    Most NYR fans have a love affair with the guy, but I’m on the team that says it was a fluke. He’s an avaerage coach at best. Without Jagr, and Hank, that team would have *never* made the playoffs.

    Now he has a chance to prove otherwise. He has a team that is younger than that 05-06 team, and less talented.

    And I just want to say that Monica Bellucci’s cleavage in The Matrix: Reloaded & Revolutions is epic. I just thought that was very important to say to calm me down!!!

  73. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    I’ll say this, torts is full of crap!!

    He did have avery on a short leash just like ILB pointed out. He says safe is death and is all talk about his up tempo style and when it came to game 82 to get into the playoffs I thought renney was coaching the team, safe is death my assen!!! Torts isn’t smart enough to roll 4 lines (at least renney realized he had to), despite the drop off of scoring ability after gabby.

    The rangers best energy player is avery, he gets the opponents off their game and brings the crowd into it and forces his teammates to be more into the game and torts gives him as little minutes as possible while giving cally as many as possible???

    torts reprimands players for standing up for teammates or protecting each other???? Dubi gets reprimanded for trying to stand up for hank??? The gabby incident??? Torts calls carcillo garbage after the game, but the only leadership shown on the ice during that game after the incident is by the same guy torts doesn’t want to give ice time to???


  74. Don’t forget Voros too, Wick!

    I’m on the Torts bandwagon. NYR is just a horrible team on paper, and there’s nothing any coach can do aboot it.

    As for Aves, I’m not buying the “short leash” BS. It’s just yet another excuse for the guy. Every year it’s a new excuse. Lets see what he does this year, which is probably nothing. He’ll be an average third liner, and for all the penalties he’ll draw, he’ll also take as many penalties.

  75. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    forget about voros how??

    If the short leash statement by torts isn’t legit, then he lied blatantly. If it was the truth, then avery was on a short leash and..well, avery was on a short leash. That isn’t an excuse, that’s an admission by a not so great coach!

  76. I meant Voros was sticking up for his teammates as well.

    Regardless, before and after the “leash”, Aves was pretty useless. So, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

    I used to be his biggest follower, but I can care less aboot the guy. I’m still holding a grudge after he screwed us over for some extra cash.

  77. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    the grudge is fine, but when he gets ice time and is not “on a short leash”, he is a far more effective player. The fact that torts will punish guys by cutting their ice time, benching them, or reprimanding them for standing up for teammates or trying to in the event it might result in a penalty or does result in a penalty is just ridiculous IMHO!!!

    I can’t wait until one of the “prized” ranger young players like stepan or grachev gets lit up by someone or gets pummeled by carcillo and no one retaliates because torts thinks we might get penalized and then see what all of you torts fans think of him (not that I wish harm on any of our youth, I don’t, but just trying to make a point).

  78. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    don’t know how legit this is, but just off of twitter:

    According to Rich Hammond..The Maple Leafs and Kings have agreed to a deal that would send Brown to Toronto and Kaberle and Rosehill to LA

  79. The Kings would never send their Captain to a team for an overrated d-man, and a 4th liner.

    Wick, Aves wasn’t on thta much of a short leash in Dallas, and he wasn’t so effective there. The only thing you can do is wait and see.

    “I can’t wait until one of the “prized” ranger young players like stepan or grachev gets lit up by someone or gets pummeled by carcillo and no one retaliates because torts thinks we might get penalized and then see what all of you torts fans think of him”

    What do you mean? Voros, and Aves went after Carcillo. It’s not like he told them to stay away from him. The fact is, Gabby is an idiot for dropping the gloves with *anyone* in a game we clearly needed to win. I was pissed that Girardi didn’t step in, but he did the right thing.

    Also, this team is just an overall weak team. Nobody on NYR could beat up Carcillo, so they would have just embarrassed themselves, and wasted time. If they showed up for that game, and won, then maybe they would have made the playoffs, and not Philly.

  80. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    first of all I agree with you about gabby 100%. That being said we all know you still have to go after the guy at the least and should go after one of their star players instead. Avery beat carcillo in that fight (here is a link a winner results) http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/91434

    I disagree that girardi did the right thing and apparently girardi was clearly bothered by it afterwards. Not a very good coaching job if you have players so distressed about decision making during the game (or you have the wrong players and we should not have girardi at all if the decisions the coach wants you to make are easy and he is that distressed).

    You must really think colton orr is stupid then as well when he ran ovi late in a game against the caps a few years ago (under renney btw) after the caps had run jagr (i think it was brash). He did what the rangers should have done after the gabby incident whether gabby dropped the gloves first or not, so it is either coaching or players other than avery on this team just suck and have absolutely no spine or heart!

  81. the short leash statement was in reference to the way Avery acted in the Washington series the year before. He said how he wanted him to know where the line was and not cross that line… he even put his hand up in the air, gesturing a line while he was saying it.

    I think he wanted Avery to be himself, but just not pull any crap that was going to cost the Rangers in a big spot.

    That’s just how I saw it… could be wrong


  82. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    yes, that counts as a laurel (I thought orr had left for the evening).

    for what it’s worth I do not believe that rumour either, no way (IMHO) LA gets rid of brown! Especially for a waaaaayyyy overrated d man like kaberle!

  83. wicky (Our D is SOFT and give Prust an A!!!!) on

    maybe I am interpreting what he said incorrectly, but torts was very outspoken about his dislike for avery prior to becoming coach (granted I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors between the two). I just get the feeling what makes avery successful isn’t what torts likes and by changing avery’s game to more of one torts likes, his is essentially “leashing” avery.

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