Kovalchuk’s contract voided


According to my buddy Tom Gulitti’s twitter, the arbitrator has ruled in favor of the league in the Ilya Kovalchuk case.

In other words, his contract has been rejected and he’s an unrestricted free agent again.



Here’s the NHL’s reaction:


NEW YORK (August 9, 2010) — Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the National Hockey League, today released the following statement with regard to the decision by independent arbitrator Richard Bloch that the League properly rejected the contract agreed to by the New Jersey Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk:

“We want to thank Arbitrator Bloch for his prompt resolution of a complex issue. His ruling is consistent with the League’s view of the manner in which the Collective Bargaining Agreement should deal with contracts that circumvent the Salary Cap.”


Here’s the NHLPA’s reaction:

TORONTO (August 9, 2010) – The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) released the following statement today:

“The NHLPA is disappointed with the Arbitrator’s ruling to uphold the NHL’s rejection of the contract between the New Jersey Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk.

The NHLPA is currently reviewing the decision and will have no further comment at this time.”

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  1. If true, the Devils can trim a couple years off the top and still get Kovalchuk. They’ll just have to make a minor roster adjustment.

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on


  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Repost to deb only ,
    ala Voros …exactly!!! Yes . You see it here don’t you !!!
    Boogyman is da man!!!! My 3rd fav Ranger!!!!

  4. im sure he will resign with NJ for 11-12 years instead…im hoping he goes to the Islanders…

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo ddeb , you wanna go 5 percent on Gaborik to Boogaard ?
    What ever Gabby ends up scoring , Boogy will have gotton 5 percent of what he did . $10 says Boogaard does 5 percent.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    …move Kovalchuk to Center , then have Frolov on the left ,Gaborik on the right….nawwww!!!!

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Just Boogaard cuz I have the “TR” , the “inside scoop” ,The “rod Gilbert dreaming” on him.

    Boogaard parents live around here . I may pick up a newspaper route just to get close to his parents place .If I can find his twitter or his text number then I can give BOOGAARD pep talks and then maybe get him on some kinda conditioning program!!??

  8. Like carp, i’m conflicted about the prospect of Kovalchuk becoming a Ranger, but with that being said i would have liked to have seen the Rangers hold off on signing Frolov. What if this Kovalchuk situation get dragged out until mid-September when the rangers can essentially replace Redden’s cap hit with Kovalchuk at a cost of a million more dollars? I don’t know if they can sign Staal and still do that. I know holding off on Frolov and waiting to see if the seas part for Kovalchuk would have been a risky endeavor; they probably would have wound up with neither. However, where is this team going this year? One of the few advantages of the Rangers’ meddling position is the ability to take a risk like this and wait it out.

    I hope he stays in the NHL above all else. American fans lose out if he goes to Russia. He is a top 5 player in the world in my opinion.

  9. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    NHL Wins. Sweet! The NHL now needs to fine the Devils a substantial amount to discourage teams from trying something similar in the future. It will put some risk to fiddle with circumventing the Cap.

  10. Blue Seat Horror on

    Didn’t Kovalchuck say he wanted to be a Devil for life? How disappointed he must be.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Boogaard needs to keep shooting pucks at some targets. Ya never know when the coach will put ya out there on the PP.

    Kovalchuk is just a pimped up Zherde….um maybe strike that.

  12. Awesome!!!

    I was having serious doubts in the week that just passed… but I’m pretty happy the league won… Lou tried pulling a fast one… something I’m sure he had in the back of his mind to do since the last CBA was contructed and he sat there at the helm.

    Should be very interesting to see how this goes now… will the Devils convince the Kovalchuk camp to accept less money so everyone can save a little face after the love fest that ensued after the signing was announced. Throwing Parise caution into the wind??

    Or does the Kovy Camp stick to their guns on acting like Newark was the place to be forever??

    Good job by the league, good job by that arbitrator… this contract was different from Hossa and Luongo, I don’t care what anyone else says!


  13. Wow. Can’t to see the fallout from this. My guess, and it’s just a guess I tell you, a restructured deal is ready to be inked just in case this happened.
    and if he does go somewhere else, then he’s just a hypocritical money-grabbing hoo ha for life.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Top 10 reasons we don’t want Kovalchuk :

    #1 He is too expensive

    #2 Avery hates him ,visa versa.

    #3 No cap room

    #5 he is a floater , invisable come playoffs

    #6 He wants to be a Devil for life.

    #7 Our rookies will suffer ,development.

    #8 He wants wayyy too many years ( contract).

    #9 He’d end up worse then Lisen,Zherdev,Oli and Kotalgeek.

    #10 he is a winger , we need a center.

  15. Stupid Eklund saying “don’t be shocked if the Devils rework the contract”

    The idiot said he wanted to be a “Devil for life”, does anyone really think he would go sign with another team? He’ll look like the biggest fool, and he’ll lose a brash*t load of respect.

    Shocked, ha! Hacklund is such a rod gilbert.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    ” he gets some kind of Avery-style herpes ” …that sounds scary!!!

  17. 4 generations 4 cups on

    yeahhhh they already had a presser before his deal went through and now hes officially not part of the team at all. i dont know how theyre going to work out the cap, if they trim off those 500,000 dollar years its going to push the cap through the roof.

  18. Bravo! Yes for justice – it will be peace!(means-quiet lockout in 2012-13)I’m kind of glad anyway.

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Glad ya liked it Momma , Avery is a key piece in our so-called Ranger puzzle. One corner piece is missing and the redden piece just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

  20. 4 generations 4 cups on

    even if they only chop off 3 years of the contract it brings the cap hit a million dollars higher. that makes it 7.178m instead of 6…

  21. screw Lou. he held that press conference announcing the signing and glorifying Kovalchuk as a debbie, all while knowing full well that the league had ruled it invalid. Lou got word from the league beforehand, but decided to go ahead with the bs presser anyway. he thumbed his nose at the league and the other teams, and got it back in spades today. so screw Lou, the karma came back to bite him today. good.

  22. The only reason why he said he wanted to be a Devil for life was because they signed him for 17 years. If he truley wanted to be a Devil for life he wouldn’t have kept talking to the Kings after the 1st time they turned him down. I’m hoping the league fines the devils so that a renegotiation will be impossible. Get Kovi to the Kings and out of our conference.

  23. after this embarassment, either the Devils and him come to some kind of agreement on $ or years… and they re-work the deal, or he’s going to save himself from further embarassment and take the KHL $…

    it’s Newark or Nyetvork…


  24. Greg – that’s the second top-10 list you’ve done with no #4. Weird. I guess it’s missing from your keyboard, like 50% of the alphabet seems to be…

  25. CCCP
    “i wonder if Kovalchuk still wants 10 mill” Yeah, in rubuls, which about $350G.
    I really don’t like this snobby, arrogant, greedy Son of All Laughs. So much for negotiation of honest LA contract, hah…

  26. old coach 92 on

    Pretty much what I expected because otherwise the deal would have made a mockery of the cap and opened the door for all kinds of craziness. Lets see what the fallout of this is in terms of fines, a new deal for Kovy and the Devil’s cap situation. Very interesting.

  27. 4 generations 4 cups on

    I’m just not sure what kind of bargaining chips the Devils hold other than the simple fact that he was once a devil, and wanted to come back for more money. Im just not sure how that is even a bargaining chip. This guy needs to be making less than 7 million a year for any team to be able to manage him, i say 8 is the max. lets see how it’d work with 11.5m being league max (i THINK)

    year 1: 11.5m
    year 2: 11.5m
    year 3: 11.5m
    year 4: 11.5m
    year 5: 11.5m
    year 6: 11.5m
    year 7: 11.5m
    year 8: 7.5m
    year 9: 5.5m
    year 10: 3.5m

    still 9.7 million.

    maybe 6 years 10 million
    then 4 years 5 million.

    that’s 8 million, and that’s not what the devils will do at their holier than thou cap status.

    Go get em, Dean!

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    LW3H ,
    ” that’s the second top-10 list you’ve done with no #4. Weird.”

    wow , weird is right!!! I reread it a few times too!! Tanks for letting me know. Yeah my keyboard does produce some incorrect spelling .

    I geuss I need a number four .

    #4 His arrogance will destroy any team chemistry.

  29. tr-808
    You know Russian obviously much better than I do, like everything else… Of course it is – ?????.The wooden one.Ha-ha.

  30. Gee, maybe this time we can get an on the record statement from the rangers whether or not they’re interested in the most attractive free agent in nhl history. Maybe.


    You still don’t know why mitchell isn’t a ranger.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Alot of people speak Rushing . I do .

    #1 Get the ( bleep bleep ) outta my way !!

    #2 Answer the bloody phone!!!

    #3 run those scissors over here!!!

    #4 Come on eggs , fry already!!

    #5 Gotta get to my towel!! ( at the pool)

    #6 It takes this long to pump gas!!??

    #7 Come on comercial , end already!!!

    #8 Get outta my way!!!

    #9 right leg ..left leg …right leg ..

    #10 Wow , do you eat fast!!!

  32. Bettman and the NHL are preparing for the next lockout, which they will again pretend to do for the “benefit of the fans and hockey”. But the reality is they will have a lockout for the benefit of the owners of small market teams. Bettman needs the small markets to be on his side, because there are more of them and he gets his power from them. He doesn’t care about players or fans, just his own power, and making rich owners richer.

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Mitchell isn’t a ranger cuz hes GARBAGE . He sucks , old Vancouver has-been ,wanna-been.

    Wille Mitchell wont make this team cuz we have better prospects that are better then him . He is NOT homegrown and Kovalchump? Rangers wont over pay for him. Period. No intrest , zero , nadda , ziltch.

  34. I must’ve missed the on the record statements from every other GM not called Lamoriello or Lombardi on their interest (or lack of) in Kovalchuk. I hope all the other NHL teams have blog insiders doing the work of their town’s crappy journalists too.

    Does Mitchell know why Mitchell is not a Ranger? If Mitchell concussed himself in an empty forest, would it make a sound?

  35. Greg, first, learn how to spell Russian :)

    second, don’t engage.

    if there is a lock out…..don’t even speak about that. This is the only sport I care about and that may send me goodbye (well, for a year). ARGH!

    give me half mil a year to sit on the bench. I’ll be happy!

  36. Lamoriello statement on arbitrator ruling

    New Jersey Devils President/CEO/General Manager Lou Lamoriello today issued the following statement in response to Arbitrator Richard Bloch’s decision in regard to the team’s contract with Ilya Kovalchuk:

    “We have reviewed and respect Arbitrator Bloch’s ruling in the Kovalchuk matter. We also note and appreciate his finding that nothing in his opinion should be read as suggesting that either the club or Ilya Kovalchuk operated in bad faith or on the basis of any assumption other than that the Standard Player Contract was fully compliant with the CBA. That has been our consistent position throughout.

    “While we do not currently have a contract with Ilya Kovalchuk, discussions have resumed and we are hopeful that a contract will be reached that meets with the principles in Arbitrator Bloch’s award and the NHL’s approval.”


  37. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Kovy.

    will this mandrama ever end?? :-)


    Peter Forsberg was seen walking the streets of Sweden when he apparently sneezed so hard, his nose blew off his face.

    Make of this what you will!!!

    Sundin is available for comment, but he hasn’t decided if he wants to comment since he is so confused with life choices.

  39. What exactly does the “Arbitrator Bloch’s award” entail?

    Does the arbitrator actually give a number of years or salary per that would be more adequate? Or does this just mean the “award” is the decision that their former contract circumvented the CBA agreement?


  40. the latter, William. The arbitrator upheld the league’s rejection of the contract. So as of now, there is no contract and he’s an unrestricted free agent.

  41. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but sometimes, like Carp, I’m right.

    “While we do not currently have a contract with Ilya Kovalchuk, discussions have resumed and we are hopeful that a contract will be reached that meets with the principles in Arbitrator Bloch’s award and the NHL’s approval.”

  42. Wow, hate when it gets busy at work and some breaking NHL news happen. Do you really think it’s going to come down to simply restructuring the contract? Or do you think that we need to get our wetsuits out and cover up because carcillo is about to hit the fan?

    CCCP- LMAO, but it’s kish meh. Mir is mine, meh is me. But I agree with an idea.

  43. this just in, willie mitchell is still not a ranger!!!! and there is speculation that he could or could not sign a contract with rangers or the 29 other teams. oh wait, im getting confirmation just now… yes, our own man on the scene rod gilbert,is ready to tell the anxiously waiting fans that hes not going to tell us what he doesnt know. which is alot.

  44. The decision essentially suggested that there was an attempt to circumvent the CBA. Now, NHL may decide to fine the Devils, decrease their cap and fine Kovalchuk. I doubt they will do that. They made their point. By the way, I don’t think that decision will make the lockout more likely. Quite opposite, everyone knows now it’ll have to be addressed. Had the arbitrator ruled in team’s favor, the NHL would insist that contract length be included, which might’ve been a difficult point to solve.

  45. Yeah, thanks Carp… I understand, I was just wondering what the actual wording, “Bloch’s award” meant… thought it was a funny choice of words.

    There would have to have been a conversation at some point between Gary and Lou stating where the middle ground would be no? Very fascinated to hear what the chronology of this whole thing was…??


  46. The other interesting situation is that Lou has indirectly mentioned that he didn’t want that contract, but rather was pushed by the owner. Is it possible he had an idea it would be rejected?

  47. Greg L. – Well state on both Mitchell and Kovalchuk. On Mitchell…I simply don’t understand why the Rangers would want him…In fact, I have a distant memory that he was either invited to camp one year or was in talks about signing with the Rangers after he left the Devils organization, and they didn’t want him then either.

    On another note…there was some talk about Rozsival and the Hawks’ Campbell was brought up…I bet if the Rangers offered Rozy straight up to the Hawks for Campbell, Chicago would give Sather a gold-plated pen and a fresh cigar to sign the deal.

  48. ilb, I always look forward to your insights. seriously. especially since I know how you learned about hockey :) you are tremendously tremendous.

    sorry all, just had to say…

  49. On Willie Mitchell- let me offer a bit of medical insight. Sorry if it’s a little boring..
    He has been suffering from prolonged post concussion syndrome since January. By the middle of May he was still suffering from intense headaches. By the middle of June (two weeks prior to FA) he said that his symptoms abruptly disappear. Abruptly being an operative word. PPCS, once it lasts more than 3 to 6 months doesn’t resolve abruptly. It’s not only physical component, it’s also psychological, behavioral, it involves higher mental functions etc. I don’t think he is ready to return, and if he does it’s a mistake on his part.

  50. Mama- thanks! If you could only help me with well known behavioral problems of my little terror. Well, maybe both of them:-)

  51. C3P, that’s not nice :)

    OK all, I can only imagine what the night will bring here. Please, talk hockey and Kovy or anything else, but behave! I haven’t recycled a lot of Sunday newspapers yet…saving them…

    P.S. About recycling newspapers (sorry, sister blog in me still) Do you know that your local shelters need newspapers for animals’ cages? I give hundreds away a month from work. Consider that, my sister blog friends, before chucking them away or even putting them in the recycling bin.

  52. Blue Seat Horror on

    Anybody else think Lamorillo and Elmer Fudd were separated at birth:

    “This awbitwatah’s wubbing me the wong way!”

  53. ddeb, he’s a constant learner :)

    ilb, welcome…wow, again with the insight, and serious Dr. ilb stuff. Awesome!

    as for the terrors, all hope may be gone there, but I don’t think so….I’ve tried to offer advice…:( we’ll chat private :)

  54. fyi, Blueshirt in Paris is hopefully asleep by now his time, but I want to thank him for the awesome pics of the Cup in Paris.

    That, my friends, is what this blog is all about. Yes, Rangers news etc….but who else has a friend in Paris sending pics of the Cup from overseas?

    Nobody but us.

  55. why is willie mitchell not on the Rangers?

    lets see Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, Rozsival, Eminger, Gilroy, McDonagh, Redden. They already have 8 d-men for 6 spots (Redden has gotta be lock to be waived)

    so where does Willie Mitchell fit on this team?

  56. Mitchell’s also refusing to turn over his medical reports, or at least he was.

    He recently said 4 teams that have tendered offers (The Rangers not among them), and will decide soon.


    That’s weak man. Your buttboy defending you (somewhere above)forgot Garth Snow being on the record w/IK, Snow amongst others.

    So both NY area GM’s were on record regarding Kovalchuk, leavin’ one that wasn’t.

    Did you get an official comment from them, or go golfing?

  57. And the Rangers have supposedly been talking 3-way trade involving Savard, but one that doesn’t involve him landing here.

    Other names were Rosival & Gilroy, so – if you believe where there’s smoke there’s fire – if someone’s getting booted from that defense (apparently not Mitchell, though Morrison was on their radar so its possible they’re still “tinkering”)in order to add a different element, they could be odd men out.

    That’s all I got. And you guys will take this (or totally disregard it) me go in peace it’d be nice for a change.

  58. oleosmirf – Mitchell didn’t belong on the Rangers BEFORE his concussion. The guy was OK in his prime. OK being the key here. Now he’s got PCS? Yeah…

    ilb2001 – I don’t think there’s anything boring about that. It’s good info and a good post.

  59. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    so anything happen yet with kovi….did someone say something about mitchell??

  60. besides the inevitable Marc Staal re-signing, the Rangers are pretty much a set team.

    besides the complete overreacting to the Boogaard signing, Sather has had a terrific offseason…wow i cant believe i just said that…

  61. Rod – Even if the Rangers did trade Gilroy and Rozsival, they’d still have enough defensemen to start the season(Staal-Girardi, MDZ-Redden, McDonagh-Eminger, with Sauer as a call-up). No need on this roster for a guy who was half-decent at the peak of his career.

    On Savard…let me take a stab at this one…Ottawa is the third team…

  62. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    slats would be an idiot if he did not dump rozy for sure and either gilroy or girardi to add serious physicality on the blueline!!

    like you are a doctor or something…..sheeesh!!

  63. Hugo Folkyerself on

    I’m still here ilb. Olga and I are as close as ever… we’re inseparable.

  64. oleo- bite your tongue, the offseason is still young :-)

    If they trade away Roszival and Gilroy- that is $6.75M off the cap right there- a lot of money to sign someone. Or to just keep Redden lol.

  65. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    a set team perhaps, but one that is soft as hell on d (with the exception of mcdonut apparently).

  66. I never thought they SHOULD sign Mitchell.

    They did, or so I was told.

    And no one knows who the target is/was with the 3rd team.

    Wish I knew.

  67. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    oh, thought you played one on television along with your commercials!

  68. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    just because she is blonde……….plus she has like five laurels to her credit already today!

  69. Olga Folkyerself on

    OK strictly hockey tonight. Anybody know why Willie Mitchell doesn’t sign with the Rangers?

  70. Mama – your newspapers hold great power and control over us all

    Re Kovy matter – I must be thicker than I thought, per Lou:

    “We have reviewed and respect Arbitrator Bloch’s ruling in the Kovalchuk matter. We also note and appreciate his finding that nothing in his opinion should be read as suggesting that either the club or Ilya Kovalchuk operated in bad faith or on the basis of any assumption other than that the Standard Player Contract was fully compliant with the CBA. That has been our consistent position throughout.

    How can the arbitrator say they were trying to circumvent, but neither the clug nor Kovy operated in bad faith? Or is this just Lou’s spin?

  71. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    yep, he was making around 3 mil I think. Sad part is he wouldn’t be my first choice to sign, but he is more physical than any d man we have right now (except mcdonut perhaps).

  72. any of u guys that think the rangers don’t need kovy sorely on this team 1.either haven’t watched the rangers and their lack of scoring the past 6 years 2.have your head up your ass and or 3.have no idea what hockey is,to say that they don’t need him or can’t use him is just a foolish statement……

  73. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Olga, I hope that was a typo! If you re-arrange the letters for Blogmama, you will get Olga- Bamm! Keep that in mind…

  74. Of course the team needs Kovalchuckles, but…

    #1 – We can’t afford Kovalcuckles

    #2 – Kovalchukcles doesn’t want to be a NYR, and do we really want someone who wants to be a “devil for life”

    #3 – He’ll never sign with another team after making the statements he has made.

    #4 – He’s married, and wont bring any babes to the garden

  75. Atl at one time or another had Kovalsuck, Heatley. Hossa, Kozlov and Tkachuk. how did that work for them? eh, joebob??

    selfish divas do NOT win anything. team players do

  76. Hey, Rod, got something to say to me? Say it. I can’t unravel your comment above.

    the Rangers were not involved with Kovalchuk.

  77. and of course I should have added how did NJ debbies do with him? a total choke job in round 1, that’s what. he sure helped them all right. NOT

  78. Thanks Mama – no wonder I got confused, besides being thick in the head it was double talking legalese spin control – lol.

  79. rod gilbert

    Glen Sather needs to come out and say he isnt interested in Kovalchuk??? does that mean he needs to come out and say that about Stepniak or Paul Kariya or Jose Theodore or Jordan Smotherman?

    since the word of Carp or Larry Brooks or Andrew Gross isnt enough for you how about the fact that they can’t afford him without getting rid of multiple big contracts should be enough for you to figure it out on your own

  80. Very sad story I heard tonight. My best friend is a police offer. Unlike quite a few officers, he’s actually a good one. Generally lets people off without tickets, without arrests (mainly because it’s too much paperwork).

    A few days ago, he had a drunk and disorderly that got booted out of a bar. The guy didnt have any money for a cab, so he asked my friend for a ride home. He was going to give him a ride, but something else came up, so he told the guy to walk home. Later on, the guy was hit by a car and died. :(

    Again, it goes to show how short life is; maybe one day, i’ll realize that concept for it’s too late.

  81. Rod Gilbert II on

    Hey guys, Rod II back. Got some breaking news, not that you deserve to hear it. My sources tell me that atleast one Ranger currently on the roster WILL NOT BE THERE in 6 months. They aren’t sure who, although I’m pretty sure I know who it is, but I’m not going to say who. Atleast until a transaction is made. You’re welcome.

  82. Hey Carp, remember the Bobby Grainger commercial when Shanny takes a slapshot and asks “What apple?”

    Maybe you should invite Rod out to see how good you are with a club since he’s so obsessed with your golf swing…..just saying…

  83. Bobjoe you’re a moron,where do u think the rangers are goin for the next 6 to 8 years with one player on their team with dynamic skill ONE ! O don’t u watch the nhl? The game is skill skill and more skill,reference washington pitt philly san jose vancouver detroit etc all have multiple skill players,tell me when there’s gonna be another guy like this around via freee agency over the next 5 years? You can’t bc they are all locked up bc of the joke that the cba is,and again tell me how they will get another great skilled player bc they sure as hell aren’t gonna develope any or do u not follow all the great picks slats has made.shut your mouth bc u have no clue what hockey is or what the game is nowadays.

  84. And again atleast they got to round 1 unlike you know who,if watchin the rangers not only the whole season but in game 82 (an elimination game btw)just not get a sniff or a prayer of scoring after our great dangling fourth liner shelley tipped that goal in isn’t enough to convince u that they have not an ounce of skill in their veins outside of gabby then you’re truly living drunk and or stoned,gimme some of what you’re on.joker.

  85. CHRIST!

    The question to ask the incredibly – make that HISTORICALLY – incompetent Glen Sather was how he COULDN’T go full bore after Kovalchuk (though some reports from well-respected journalists said the Rangers DID extend an offer), arguably the best free agent ever.

    Or, if you believe what the Rangers “say”, which is nothing on the subject, as opposed to other GMs in NY and around the league, they didn’t go after him at all.

    Jeez, talk about needing to spell it out.

    Carp, you ever ask that? “Why not IK?”

    And don’t give me a bunch of jibberish about salary caps or whatever else.

    Everyone and their mother knows if this Ranger team is to compete again anytime soon in a meaningful way, several INSANE contracts need to be swallowed.

    And the time to do it and turn the corner was now. Arguably. But this was one way to do it.
    Can’t we ask the questions at least?!

    For heaven’s sake, we still don’t know if Wade Redden will get demoted; even the village idiot came to that conclusion years ago.

    Is MSG unprepared to do so for the Rangers, and will only ante up for the Knicks? They can give $100m deals to b-ball players I never heard of but not one of the top talents in the NHL when their team is DESPERATE for scoring?

    What the hell is going on and why have the questions never been asked on the record?

    Could you imagine if the Knicks had never even glanced in Lebron James’ direction and no one said a freakin’ word about it? People would have gone nuts and demanded answers.

    Oh Hey, RGII,

    What are you doin’ here?

    I thought I told you to GFYM?

  86. Wait, you guys are just getting me started.

    And let me clear up one other thing before calling it a night(a roar from the crowd).

    People keep asking me how I know this or that, who my source is, who I know, etc.

    You people ever stop and realize the Rangers aren’t the only team in the league? Other teams know what’s going on with the Rangers, cause they’re the ones talking to them.
    And the people around those teams talk. A lot.
    Too much sometimes.

    I don’t know somebody. I am somebody.

  87. What does GFYM? Im horrible with acronyms, but it looks kind of funny/cool.

    Rod, do you need reassurance? Rod, *you are somebody, you are somebody special, you are somebody*

  88. Rod must be a fan of Santana

    “Teach em how to stand for something don’t let them stand for nothing
    Teach em how to stand proud teach say it just say it loud
    I am somebody, somebody I am somebody, I am somebody, I am somebody, & I can
    Be who I want to be, go where I want to go love who I want to love”

  89. lol, i guess my imagination aint that great! I just looked it up and after the words it says “The four words guaranteed to start a fight!”

  90. Rod Gilbert

    well if the Knicks didnt have the cap space, they would not have been able to attempt to sign Lebron.

    the Rangers don’t have the cap room to sign Kovalchuk unless they are to waive Redden and move Rozsival + Avery something and in 2011-2012 one of Dubinsky, Callahan or Anisimov would be shown the door. That isnt going to happen nor would the Rangers be able to go deep in the playoffs with such a weak group of defenseman.

    there is a simple explanation why Kovalchuk was NEVER considered by the Rangers brass, he cost too much money now and in the future.

  91. Rod – wait you ARE somebody. Wait a minute while we all bow to your supreme prowess at being SOMEBODY, i suppose thats better than being NOBODY.

    Kovalchuk will still be a devil, only this time Lou will have to find other ways to get the guy his $100m before he retires (aged 37) without making it as obvious as Crosby’s homosexuality.

  92. Wow, look how you creatons carry on. Amazing.

    I don’t know what I was thinking when I tried to talk some serious Rangers hockey with you people, but this is some kind of strange-ass circle jerk I can have nothing more to do with.

    It is sickening. Not so much what you post here, just knowing retards like you exist in the world.

    Oh, how nice. Now Sidney Crosby’s gay, huh UK?

    That goes with Redden the drug addict and laughing at Fleury being abused, etc, etc.

    Carp, I apologize.

    I see now why you go golfing so much!

    Have fun all guessing what the Rangers will do next.

    I’ll know before you EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

  93. Rod – i am not a homophobe, i’m just using the obvious as a simile to the blatant nature of the cap cirumvention in that contract and all my gay friends have said the same about #87 (remember his GQ mag shoot?).
    If you think calling us names from the Urban dictionary is an insult we’ve all got thick skins on here and its just a bit of banter between people with a common interest.

    As for your last line – go back to urban dictionary and look up wannabe (#3 specifically).

  94. As for all this tuchas talk…….ah me, such a thing to be regurgitating………let’s hear it from the Poles..a respected old member of my unit used to say ( in Polish according to him).. and I quote ” Aht soya moya dupah” !
    Or that’s what it sounded like.

    Notice the stress put upon it? And in Gaelic ..”Pugh ah ma hone”

    Now for some grown up talk.

    HOw many years did K -chuck play for Atlanta?

    HOw many goals did he score for them during his tenure?

    How deep did his team go in the playoffs during those years?

    How CLOSE did they come to the cup?

    Just wondering.

  95. just a thought on

    Been a while since I posted read all the time. I got to admit Rod is a comic genius, gotta be.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov is getting Prucha's #25 !! " … says Greg L. on

    Maybe Rod Gilbert is ….

    #1 Glen Sather!!!!!???

    #2 Mark Messier!!!???

    #3 Donald Brashear!!!???

    #4 Derek Boogaaard!!????

    #5 Lou Lam?

    #6 Gary Buttman? He maybe has to scroll sites as a fan response thing?

    #7 Larry Brooks?

    #8 Jesus ?

    #9 a spy?

    #10 Micheal Jackson ?( still alive?)

  97. yes greg, you are a somebody too. but not as special as rod. theres just no way. not only is he a comedic genius, but he knows EVERYTHING!!!!! cmon,somebody, anybody. share with us what we all have learned from rod. anybody? shirley there must be an olga or a hugo or a joebob,bobjoe,jimbob,bobbysue,bobbob,boob, or a johnboy here who is just marvelled and in awe of this non-creaton. hes not just a human. hes a human bean!!

  98. Interesting that Rod should get so upset about an allegation of homosexuality from someone else after he called me Carp’s buttboy in his post at 9.26pm…

    In any case, my point wasn’t that *only* the Devils and Kings had commented publically about signing Kovalchuk (argue amongst yourselves about how genuine the Isles’ interest was). Clearly, Sather isn’t the only GM to be silent on it though.

    Has Ken Holland had to deny or confirm interest in Kovalchuk? No, because it was a complete non-starter. Might not be a direct parallel to the Rangers situation, but why should Sather have to tip his hand publically even if he was interested and willing to make room for Kovalchuk? And I’m far from a Sather defender.

  99. more than likely every gm thinks about all sorts of deals and possibilities, that’s how e2 gets his blog material. ….try a reliable source if there is one when it comes to Glennie’s ideas……fishing, cigars, Jimmie…..are his top priorities.

  100. i just dont capitalize and use puncuation marks. doesnt mean i cant spell. shirley was a joke. its in a movie. cmon dude are you 15? never seen airplane?

  101. This is getting better and better….Let me tell you- if it wasn’t for Kovalchuk and Rod, we would have a very long summer. I just noticed something else- is it only me or does anyone else think that we’ve been bickering with a 8 year old who just figured out how to type?

    LW3H- so much for your British accent, eh?

    Fran- thank you again, I’ll be looking in my mailbox for that movie. And, by the way, this is not how you say it in Polish :-)

    Good morning, boneheads!

  102. yep, everyones a little on edge huh. even me???? . im sick. got a high fever, and have to go to work. just grumpy. my bad lw. im usually not uptight about simple things like that.

  103. Time for a new competition Carp? See who can guess (or in Rod’s case know) what the new length and cap hit of K’chuk’s Devils contract will be….

    I’m going 12 years, $8m per
    (9.5m for 10 years and 2 years at 500k!).

  104. thanks ilb. actually,i just called in sick. i hate to do it, i hardly ever take a day off, but im beat up so yea, i took a vitamin c,advil and a grocery bag for my snot rags. see youse all later or tommorow.

  105. Rod Gilbert III on

    I know things and you don’t. Na, na, na, na, na.

    I know that the Rangers have a guy on the current roster that will be on the roster for the ENTIRE YEAR. But, I’m not telling you guys because you don’t deserve to know.

    So there!

  106. Wow! Unlce Larry is in a total worst case scenario mood this week isnt he? First its Redden plays well enough to make the roster, now its Hossa’s deal voids the Stanley cup win.

    So what happens then ? We award it to the Flyers, oops cap cirumvention a la Pronger, so lets have a one game playoff between San Jose and Montreal in Las Vegas?

  107. Morning all!

    I’m surprised at the Kovalchuk ruling, though pleased that the Devils were the ones that got screwed in this. I do think they’ll rework the deal,but the Devils will have to dump some players in the minors or in upside down deals to fit him under the cap at higher amount.

  108. And goodness do we need hockey with the amount of vitrol and arrogance perpetuated around here recently. Go take a swim or have a drink if you’re that worked up about stuff. Sheesh.

  109. Wow at LB,too. Mr. Doom and Gloom right there. I highly doubt that the league will vacate the Hawks title, the negative backlash will be too much. Not to mention that this could get dragged out into a long, costly legal battle if Bettman were to do that.

  110. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Boy a lot of people really are angry the Rangers didn’t try and get Kovalchuk. I like to troll around other boards and there seems to be a lot of anger.


    You say the Rangers never made an offer to Kovalchuk, other people have said otherwise, but so be it. My question is, what did you make of Dreger a while back indicating that Kovalchuk needed to say (and prove) he wanted to be a Ranger? That IMO is highly interesting, because Dregs is plugged in. That IMO sounded like leading info from someone within the Rangers organization. If I didn’t know any better it sounds like something Messier would say.

    There were also rumors of several teams with much smaller 2-3-4 year deals on the table for Kovalchuk. Who is to say the Rangers were not one of them?

    Of course they have to deny it, because it puts them at a weakness for other teams to know they needed to make cap space. It could have put Staal in danger of an offer sheet, it could have lowered value in a potential trade for Redden, Rozsival or Drury. I know unlikely but we have to consider all possible scenarios.

    Either way, I’m personally glad they didn’t make any insane offer to get Kovalchuk. While I agree with Rod that it would be nice to have Kovalchuk, you would need to gut this team to make it happen, and it would be just another huge bad contract. I really like the new Sather/Messier conservative approach. Develop the kids, be patient, don’t try and rebuild the team every summer.

  111. If you look at the other deals what might it mean to the other teams if the cap hit of each deal changes?

    Hossa – Chicago would be even more screwed than they are now as it would be a $2.6m rise, so bye bye Huet!
    Luongo – would leave Vancouver with $1m in cap space, so OK
    Pronger – Flyers would need to lose $2m payroll to fit the $7m per under the cap
    Savard – the extra $2.5m would take them over but Seguin and Recchi have large bonuses which the cap hit can be deferred till next season if achieved(i think)
    Franzen & Zetterberg – would take Detroit $3m over which trading Filpulla, Kronwall or Hudler would resolve (or ask Draper and Holmstrom to retire?)

  112. Putting in print that the league may consider vacating the Blackhawks title is not only the most ridiculous thing to come out of the Kovualchuk saga, but probably the most ridiculous idea to come out of Larry Brooks as well.

  113. Larry’s just in a foul mood this August. Or bored. Or both. I can’t figure out which.

  114. Good morning all! For the record, mama does not like that nasty acronym used by somebody here last night. just saying.
    has camp started yet?

  115. Coach Beeblebrox on

    tomg: I think Kovalchuk is only overrated by his agent and his ego. He’s a great player, he’s a 40 goal guy and those are not cheap. However, he should not be making more than Ovechkin or Crosby, no way no how. He is “worth” probably what Gaborik is making, but not much more.

  116. For the 800th millionth time, no way I touch Kovalchuk. Even with a 10 foot pole and all the cap space in the universe.

  117. Rod Gilbert II on

    Hey guys. Just wanted to assure you that I also am somebody and I also know everything before you. EVERY SINGLE TIME ALSO! Whether or not I tell you, trust me, I knew. And I’ll let you knew that after the fact. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Occasionally I’ll tell you something ahead of time and if it doesn’t happen, its not because I didn’t know, I knew it, but then it didn’t happen because no one else knew, not even the people who were supposed to do what I knew. So I was still right. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    Here’s another little nugget, even though I hate you all and don’t think you should gain anything from my hockey knowledge. My sources tell me the Rangers are looking for ways to improve their roster. Is it via trade, free agency or the 2011 draft? I’m not telling you. I’m not even telling you if its the Rangers roster or the Wolf Pack. But its true. And I know what’s happening right now. In detail. But I’m not releasing that detail. Atleast not until after it happens.

    Rod Gilbert I: I did get your original message above, hope you didn’t think I was ignoring you. To be honest, I’ve never been great with acronyms so I ended up going to the wrong place. My deepest apologies, although she didn’t seem to mind. Lovely house, by the by, and a great cook. I bet you enjoyed that growing up! The cooking, that is. Talk to you soon about stuff we know and everyone else here doesn’t! – Rod Gilbert II

  118. What a brilliant prediction: “the Rangers are looking for ways to improve their roster”

    Isn’t that the default?

  119. I would take Kovy in a heartbeat, he is a proven 40+ goalscorer who’s done that without a true #1 center to play with (a bit like Gabby).

    Problem is we dont have the cap space and he wants too much money. If i was a GM who had $8-9m cap space i would offer it all to him for 8-10 years and then hire the best scouts to make sure my team is stocked with good youngsters to help manage the salary cap over that period.

  120. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    feel better bro.

    I’m trying to remember in farsi, not quite the exact same words in farsi.

    Who the hell is CHRIS T? is that JOSH T’s little brother?

    You touched kovy??? EEEWWWWWW! Lysol, NOW!!!!

  121. The reason why signing Kovalchuk doesn’t make sense is not that he’s overrated (he’s not – he’s very, very good), or that he doesn’t do well in the playoffs (he was the Devils leading point getter in the playoffs) or that he wants too much money (which he does). It’s the freakin’ length of the contract. To be obligated to pay a guy 9 or 10 million dollars 10 years from now is crazy. I would definitely do it if the contract length was for 5 or maybe 6 years, but not 10 years.

  122. rod II- awesome post man. hysterical!!! you sir,are not a creaton, nor are you a subhuman mutant like the rest of us.

    uk- yes i would take Kovy under the same circumstances you had proposed.

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