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It’s really getting slow now, isn’t it? It’s the annual calm before the training camp storms.

A few days ago, the Rangers’ web site had this interview with Marian Gaborik, who discussed the new players the Rangers have acquired, including former Minnesota teammates Todd White and Derek Boogaard.

In the meantime, I was wondering if any of you had an opinion or a guess as to what the arbitrator might rule in the Ilya Kovalchuk case, which could be decided Monday. My buddy Tom Gulitti noted that another crucial decision in Devils history occurred via arbitrator, when the Devils were awarded Scott Stevens as compensation for the Blues’ signing of Brendan Shanahan.

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  1. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    to follow up on yesterday’s topic….shocking here really, but I agree with ILB, mitchell is the guy to sign as long as healthy. A one or two year deal as a physical guy on the blueline that really lacks a physical guy. He could bridge the gap between now and the pashinin/mcilrath days (we hope). And help staal (and mcdonut and/or valentenko if they make the club). Witt on the cheap should be the back up plan IMHO!

    BTW, morning ILB and all and loved the laurels mama!!

    Does anyone have the clip of I think fetisov (with the wings) hitting messier low and graves just forgetting the rest of the play and turning around and going after fetisov?

  2. My guess is that the Devils will have to resructure the deal, otherwise the cap shenanigans will get out of hand.
    Also, I never meant to suggest that the Chicago deep dish pizza was in the same class as New york pizza. In my opinion it isn’t really pizza at all but a completely different dish. All I was saying was that the version I had, which supposedly was the original from 1966, was very good (and nothing like the time I had it at Pizza Uno, which I guess is the Dominos of the deep dish world.)

    Carp- I am old but remember I’ve known you since we both were young.

  3. In this Kovalsaga IMO is one dangerous political overtone – if NHL lose, it will raise a probability of a lockout in 2012-13 season when CBA will be negotiated. Silly, NHL could easily avoid that after first sign of using loopholes and did nothing. Is it stupidity, laziness or arrogance? Devil’s win will create last, fat point in chain of precedents and make everyone, except their ownership look stupid. My bet on last one and I hate it.

  4. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    speaking of pizza, I still like the “P” line of prospal pizza prust

  5. Good afternoon, boneheads!
    Hi, Wicky and the wikcsters!
    We are still on? The blog that is. Good to know. It was getting so quiet, Carp had to carp himself.
    The arbitrator is from NJ? He could be a Rangers fan!

  6. He is from south jersey, could be Philties fan; works in Boston – to think even deeper

  7. By the way, the arbitrator can’t make the decision in terms of restructuring the contract. It’s either the contract is valid, in which case the NHL has to immediately register it, or it was an attempt to circumvent the CBA. In that case carcillo will hit the fan. NHL can fine the Devils(and Ilya) for millions of dollars and/or decrease their cap by certain amount. Most of the reports tend to suggest the contract will remain valid. I believe so too. But we’ve seen some strange decision from arbitrators before. This case is different since the arbitrator can’t rule anything in between.

  8. Afternoon greeting from the smoking sauna that is alabama.

    41 days until September 17!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tank,
    On August 4, the hearing between the NHLPA and the NHL began in Boston with Bloch.

  10. cccp
    he also awarded scott gomez 5mil i believe in 06/07.
    i could be wrong. im to lazy to look it up.
    someone check the wiki…

  11. Someone was asking…
    if the NHL wins then the Devils can be fined up to $5 million, according to Tom Gulitti.
    BTW,Richard Bloch has had his share of NHL cases. Among them, a case in which he awarded our unforgetable Scott Gomez a $5-million dollar contract for the 2006-2007 season.

  12. Who cares about Devils history! The best arbitrator decision for the Rangers was in 1991. Arbitrator awards Oilers Troy Mallette as compensation for Adam Graves.

  13. What do you think of this??

    Could the NHL enact a quick decision re: these long contracts where if the player leaves the league prior to the end of his contract then the cap hit per year doubles? For example…kovi
    to khl for the last three years of his NHL contract…the devils are then hit with a cap hit of double the amount of his salary for each of those years. So if kovi was due one million for those last years, the debbies get hit with a two million cap hit.

    Does that make sense? Would it be a sufficient deterent for teams to not hand out these long term deals? Thoughts?

  14. The White Plains Batman on

    Funny how Stevens didn’t want to come to the Devils at first and held out from what I remember.

    Also, the other arbitration decision that helped that franchise; when Crowder went to Detroit and they got Randy McKay and Shawn Burr as compensation.

  15. Oops, some words got deleted…

    Should read…if kovi goes to khl for last three years of his NHL contract…

  16. I like my idea…and if they can do the Avery rule in 24 hours then why can’t they do a kovi rule in the same time frame. Can I get paid for my idea? Any of you guys want to represent me in talks with bettman?

  17. Legally the contract may be valid, but even the NHLPA should have pause where todays NHL minimum salary is the salary proposed 17 years from now

  18. CR9 is still asleep, no worries. I am in a great mood today, despite the Yankees loss to the Sox last night. I will be losing to “noremry” later in fast-scrabble!

    anyone else on FB want to play 2-minute-turns scrabble later tonight?

  19. The contract will be renegotiated and it will include that Sean Avery is not to play against NJ at home or away because it will cause Kovalsuck and Marty discomfort

  20. Not much of the news value, but just read MZA interview where he is saying how sad is he to leave MODO and state that he would like to play in NHL for 10 years and come back to finish his career in MODO. Make whatever you want out of this.

  21. Rangers galore on

    here is the Rangers current organizational depth chart according to the Hockey News——–

    it looks pretty accurate, but of course some of the players may be put at different positions by Torts, such as Dubi on the wing etc

    this is not a line combo grouping. it is a rating of the pecking order of the players, by position, from team sources.



    Vaclav Prospal

    Alexander Frolov

    Sean Avery

    Derek Boogaard

    Dane Byers*

    Evgeny Grachev*

    Justin Soryal*

    Matt McCue*

    Devin Didiomete*

    Chris Chappell*

    Ethan Werek*

    Jason Wilson*

    Chris Kreider*

    Carl Hagelin*

    Greg Beller*


    Brandon Dubinsky

    Chris Drury

    Artem Anisimov

    Erik Christensen

    Todd White

    Brian Boyle

    Derek Stepan*

    Kris Newbury

    Brodie Dupont*

    Ryan Bourque*

    Andrew Yogan*

    Max Campbell*

    Daniel Hobbs*

    Lukas Zeliska*

    Roman Horak*


    Marian Gaborik

    Ryan Callahan

    Brandon Prust

    Mats Zuccarello-Aasen*

    Dale Weise*

    Jeremy Williams

    Christian Thomas*

    Randy McNaught*

    David Kveton*

    David Skokan*

    Jesper Fasth*

    Zdenek Bahensky*

    Roman Psurny*


    Marc Staal

    Michal Rozsival

    Michael Del Zotto

    Dan Girardi

    Wade Redden

    Matt Gilroy

    Steve Eminger

    Ryan McDonagh*

    Michael Sauer*

    Nigel Williams*

    Lee Baldwin*

    Tysen Dowzak*

    Sam Klassen*

    Tomas Kundratek*

    Jyri Niemi*

    Dylan McIlrath*

    Daniel Maggio*

    Pavel Valentenko*

    Mikhail Pashnin*

    Ivan Baranka*

    Ilkka Heikkinen*


    Henrik Lundqvist

    Martin Biron

    Chad Johnson*

    Cameron Talbot*

    Scott Stajcer*

    – Hot, – Cold, * – Rookie, – Injured, (IR) – Injured Reserve, (H) – Holdout, (M) – Minors, (J) – Juniors, (C) – College, (E) – Europe, (S) – Suspended

  22. Hammer… LOL.

    Tim, I love Scrabble…will kick your…who’s the player that works for that word?

    re: kovi…can’t wait to see how this plays out. This is beyond him personally….

  23. Joke –

    Actually your idea would make the problem worse. You are suggesting that if the Devils are going to pay Kovalchuk 1 million then if he leaves their cap hit for him should be 2 million. Now they way the deal is structured, his cap hit should be $6 million on the books until he is 44. And so yeah, I guess if he retires before then that $6 million in cap space comes off, but even at only $2 million(and for Kovi it actually would only be $1 million) it would not deter anyone. What they should do is either change it so that the cap hit is whatever you are paid that year OR make it so that once the contract is registered with the league then only permanent injury or a trade, waivers, etc. can be used to get that money off the cap. Tell the Devils they’ll definitely have a $6 million cap hit for Kovy in 10-12 years even (when he’ll be through in about 8) and then let’s see if they still want to go ahead with their deal.

  24. Wicky and the Wicksters latest CD, “Gimme a Hard Hittin’, Crease Clearin’ Defenseman” On Sale NOW!
    Also available for download on iTtunes!

    3CP- very sad – The Wicksters would have loved the Vladinator on our blue line (and so would have I)

  25. 4everanger – If MZA is that sad to leave MODO, as opposed to being excited at a chance to play it in the NHL, he should not worry he will be back with MODO soon enough.

    I kid. Although he is being a bit sentimental I think all 5′ 7″? of him wants to play in the NHL.

  26. Mama- I’m such a doofus, I hope Popeye didn’t get upset at you.

    My guess, the contract goes through.

  27. Gamers – how are the NHL games on Wii? Wii is the Pong of where video games are headed. IMHNGO

  28. fran…i’m with you…how great was col.tibbetts…he said he never lost a night’s sleep…that war would’ve gone on till 1950! and we probably wouldn’t have color tv yet….and chevy would be no.1

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    believe it or not im a sqrabble whiz.

    Chess , foozball and hockey are my passions!!!!


    YEAH YEAHHHHHH ,gimme gimme sum gametime!!!!!!

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    come on already CARP!!! Gimme sum GO TIME!!!!!!!!

  31. ddebened

    It’s scrabble, but you have 2 minute turns. The RR poster noremry and myself play it often. Im trying to hornswaggle Laurel into playing tonight also!

  32. I love Katy Perry. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pop star that I put on mute so much.

    How can that horse face brittish bastard Russel Brand get that chick? Money aside, he’s not funny, he talks a mile a second, and has such an annoying accent. Brittish accents are only good when they’re coming out of a Woman’s mouth, Keeley Hazel, Cheryl Tweedy, etc.

    It’s a mad world, it’s a maaad world!

    Oh yeah, and fugg the Devils history. That’s all their fans have to hold on to. Actually, I guess that’s all we have as well, ha.

  33. What songs (add video) do you think are sexy in their own right? – then lets get back to scrabble.

    don’t like?
    Ain’t No Other Man

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    das right ilb , I used to play alot of yahoo sqrabble 4 years ago . I can amazingly find words. My vocabruary is not the largest but my desire to compete and win , makes me find miracle words and the spelling just comes to me . I like to create 7 letter words using the triple word scores . Using all 7 is a 50 pt bonus and scooping up a double word score in the process!!!

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddebend- Do you think Cr9 is sexy?

  36. ORR,

    she’s not all real so I can’t say she’s perfect but if you want a hot British babe then check out gemma Atkinson and let me know what you think. If she was all natural then I think she would be my #1, but plastic ain’t really my thing.

  37. cccp is the ukranian vin deisel so idk. ilb is like the most interesting man in the world, greg and tim ar like jonny depp and benicio del toro from fear and loathing in las vegas. carp and mama are seinfeld and elaine. josh is george costanza, ddeb and orr are han and chewie, linda is princess leino, wicky is brndan witts agent

  38. and yes, i liked gemma in the last bond film, she played the “strawberry fields” character. but she was also luscious in teh clash of teh titans. the movie sucked, but she was good.

  39. gemma is more than cute bro. love red heads. well, actually, i love all different types, white,black,hispanic,asian, bring em all on over!

  40. Mike,

    two different gemmas. I wasn’t familiar with arterton until I just googled her, not bad but I’ll take gemma atkinson. Let me know what you think of my gemma.

  41. She’s cute. I’m not an “ass-man” though. She’s the hottest of the bunch though. The one girl that’s dating the Lakers guy looks like a pig-man.

    I think, for my money, quite possibly the hottest girl in the world right now…..

    Brooklyn Decker.

  42. i almost paid money to see prince of persia just for gemma arterton, but i didnt. for atkinson, i would though. is she in movies or just eyecandy


    if this link works this is a safe gemma Atkinson pic. She goes back and forth between brunnette and blonde…super cute face, curvy with great accent and a bit geeky as far as being a gamer and into cool movies etc. Just fake on top which takes away some hot points in my book.

  44. Ohhhh, I know the Gemma you’re talkin’ ‘boot. I actually paid to see Prince Of Carpia. Wasn’t the worst movie in the world, but it’s definitley the last time I’ll check the flick out. I do admit, without her I would have been sleeping with buttery popcorn soaking my shirt.

    I think she just got married, sadly. Why can’t these people just do the normal thing, and get married at 50!

  45. sorry carp. im just letin off steam before i go on a date. its our first date and im nervous. and i cant talk sports. she is not into sports at all. shes like a real girly girl. idk. wish me luck guys and gals.

  46. Mike,

    she’s done some tv and film roles but known more for modeling. I think she was discovered doing stuff like car model at auto shows.


    I tried picking the most “safe for work” image of her I could. I thin we are keeping it pretty clean…right?

  47. This one is going right in rump roast.
    Greg wins the scrabble!?
    Another couple of reasons to FIRE SATHER.
    Opinion, Olga?

  48. Good luck mike…I’m reminded of the scene in there’s something about Mary where Ben stiller “prepares” himself for his date with Cameron Diaz. Enjoy your night!!

  49. joke, i was just gonna mention that!! dude im happy you said it first cuz i was gona actually say what woogy said in the movie!! good call man. thanjks orr and joke. im nervous but first dates always are fo me. i am kind of a guy that tries bein funny to break the ice ya know. but i already hung out with her once, so i kinda know what shes like. i just havent been on too many dates since my divorce., i’ll just be myself. i know that whenever i dont try to impress a girl and act like myself, i always leave a better impression.

  50. Hmmm, let’s see…. Katy Perry, Christina, Kim Kardashian, about the usual level of intelligent hockey speak for this place. It’s not even worth READING here anymore.

    BTW, the Rangers HAVE been talking trade, but damn if I’ll share it with you rude pr*cks.

    Maybe “Momma” can find out the details for you with her “Special Powers.”

  51. sup yall

    NHL is a joke league when it comes to rules so anything could happen. Doubt that they will award the Thrashers with a better or more picks though that’d make no sense.

    I don’t think any rules changes should be retroactive. But everyone knows Kovalchuk isn’t playing until he’s 44. Sucks they didn’t think of this earlier… you would have thought Pronger’s contract would have raised an eyebrow.

  52. “He’s very strong on the puck, in the corners and in one-on-one situations,” Gaborik said of Frolov. “He has a great drive to the net with the puck. He’s going to be good.”

    That’s what I’m talking about. Frolov is going to be just what the Rangers needed. And Redden captaining the Wolfpack

  53. “Hmmm, let’s see…. Katy Perry, Christina, Kim Kardashian, about the usual level of intelligent hockey speak for this place. It’s not even worth READING here anymore”

    Wow, what a wittle baby.


    You’ve been drinking too much vodka!!!

  54. She’s pretty perfect. And shame on Andy Roddick for always losing with her in her corner. The guy can’t even win when Federer is off his game and Nadal is injured. How do you lose with her in your corner?? It’s madness!

  55. rod is referring to a trade that wount happen because the person wount waive his NTC to come here.

    so dont anyone worry about it, lol.

  56. ORR

    I think you mean there’s not enough vodka to drink so Brooklyn Decker start looking pretty! All she has going for her is her name…

  57. She’s the hottest! Too bad she’s taken. I’m thinking maybe Aves’ chick could have introduced her to one of the NYR, or at least Shayk.

    Damn it! That’s what these guys need, babes! That would make them play better.

  58. ORR

    having big boobs does not make a girl hot! There are plenty of girls like that…

    There’s one woman who will forever have my heart (besides my fiance) – Monica Bellucci :)

  59. Fugg the boobs, she has everything. I didn’t even know she had big boobs till I saw her on that Sports Illistrated Swimsuit tv special in HD!!

    First time I saw her, that perfectly molded face at the US Open. I was shaking like Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox combined. Either that, or I was really hungry, cause I remember I was waiting to eat some Tacos, and I’m a Taco guy.

  60. TR

    rod is referring to a trade that wount happen because the person wount waive his NTC to come here.


    waiving NTC to come HERE? Please explain :)

  61. Hey Rod, if you don’t like it don’t read and do us all a favor by not commenting either. Remarks about Mama will get you nothing but a Russian coat check and a shinebox, so piss off if you’re gonna be so nasty. Go talk about the wealth of hockey news today on some other blog – you know the ones that shut down for the summer…

  62. Woah, down Rod.

    Nobody, NOBODY takes shots at Mama. NOBODY. WTH is wrong with you? Because some people dont believe every word you type, that gives you a right to attack people who have done nothing wrong to you?

  63. Blue Blood,

    I won’t be doing you guys any favors, not after how I was treated.


    I just did, so don’t sound like such a fool.

    And “Blog Momma” or whatever her name is DESERVED it for DELIBERATELY misconstrueing something I said, then issuing a BS authoritative “we have a problem” remark, which was followed up by some other wackadoo here telling me about her “special powers”. Unbelievable. Scary in fact.

    And (if you have no life whatsoever and decide to do so)you can go back in the threads and see where SEVERAL OTHER POSTERS POINTED OUT I was being attacked by the clique here despite TALKING MORE HOCKEY THAN ALL OF THEM COMBINED.


    Oh, you heard that one too?

    I was referring to two other situations I happen to know of.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled Brittny Spears debate.

  64. Geeze, what a baby!
    Get a life! And an internship at Hockeybuzz. Eklund has much better imagination than you, it seems, so you can learn. And stay there!

    Good morning, boneheads!

  65. “Opening with a ques tion to which I am certain the Rangers have no answer: What if Wade Redden is one of the team’s two or three best defensemen in training camp?”

    “The trickle-down effect of both the Frolov signing and White acquisition is this: if Tortorella doesn’t have Vinny Prospal in the middle, if Tortorella has Prospal on left wing, then the coach is going into camp consciously cutting Sean Avery out of the picture.”

    Larry Brooks:

  66. Rod, if I understand your correctly you’re saying, ” I know something you don’t know, I know something you don’t know.” Is that right, like in third grade on the playground?

  67. Ban Rod Gilbert on

    Soccer starts today!

    The Community Shield on FSC at 10a.m. Manchester United versus Chelsea!

    Glory Glory Man United!

  68. Rod, I’m not in any clique, I rarely even post – but you are still being offensive to everyone who even reads here. Get over it and join in with the right spirit or go away if you feel too abused to forgive and forget.

  69. hey guys. good morning. im sick as dog today. ohhh and rod, youre right we should talk more hockey here. but there just isnt enough goin on at the moment. weve talked about the rangers endlessly,their prospects,firing of sather, then we moved on to other teams, other sports,hot babes,star wars,seinfeld,more hot babes,even got so far as to have guys betting each other over how many goals boogaard will score either for us or in our own net. summer sucks man, but if you would just start talkin hockey im sure everyone would join you. i never said anything to ya when you were getting “ganged up on” by a few people here. i could care les about whether youre “sauce” is correct about trades or signings. its teh way you came across about it that turned people off. you were acting like we should be thankful hat youre here to let us know some inside info and what did you say that actually came true? if u did call something then i’ll give you credit. as far as the other stuff we talk here, so what. its no fun if ya cant bs once in awhile.

  70. ddeb,orr,- my date was fantastic last night bro!! so good i cant even remember it! except a hot tub, beer and then skinnydipping. im feel like cr9 after the sox came back to beat us in 4 straight back in 04!!!

  71. right now i meant. i feel liek that now. last nioght was great but im payin for it now. geez,when i was 20,21 i never got hungover. now i need at least 2 days recovery time. but yea, lets go rangers!! zuchini!1 bikini!!martini!! linguni!! tortalini!! scungeelie!! da wicky!!

  72. Tank The Season on

    The arbitration is in Boston but the arbitrator is based out of DC. He came up there.

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  74. ilb- she loves the watermelon!! we both shared one and i picked out and spit all her seeds out to. what a gentleman i am!!

    ddeb, 23?? im 29. ur 23?? dont mess wit me this mornin, im still seein double. lol. ohh and nice i love that song!! puke!!! john revolting and olivia neutron bomb!! you are 1 funny dude.

  75. ATTENTION!!!!! dropo down and gimme 20!! ddeb i want 60!! on 1 hand and on your knuckle!! ok ok at ease heads. be back soon. remember to talk strictly hockey. and i mean specifically, the roster, line combos, prospects, firing sather, and waiving redden.

  76. This is a good way to start the day, a little jogging, some excercise, some pics of Brooklyn Decker

    Now I’m going to eat chili and watch South Park, then go out and do stuff, then come home just in time to watch True Blood, Mad Men, Humg, Entourage, more South Park, then go to sleep.

    That is a typical Sunday for me.

  77. Mike,

    congrats on your date.


    do you realize you sound like a guy who had his heart broken and now runs around and says “I never thought she was that great anyway” but carries a picture of the girl around in his wallet? If you don’t like it here then stop putting the address in your web browser…pretty simple.

  78. Mike – you did that 12:00 post with a hangover?? Im impressed. Must have been some date. Oh -good afternoon!

  79. My heart’s not broken, I just got so DISGUSTED with some of the sub-humans here that it made me sick. I am not alone.


    “S****** lowlifes. They are making some ******* circus cup cake jokes and one ****** actually made fun of Fleury’s rape/sexual abuse. WTF is wrong with that place?

    Calling Redden a drug addict over and over without foundation? And Carp did nothing about it.

    ****** losers. Stay away from that skull *******”

    Put THAT in your browser.

  80. I guess you’re not interested in the forgive and forget part eh? Seriously guy, then why keep coming?

  81. Ban Rod Gilbert on

    Woah Rod. Is your NHL employee Gary Bettman?

    Of course Bettman would say that. He despises the Rangers and their fans.

    Why do you use the handle “Rod Gilbert”? You disgrace the name!

  82. Ban Rod Gilbert on

    Nevermind, a toilet scrubber for the Bruins and Gary Bettman are one and the same!

  83. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    first of all, good morning ILB and grabby and everyone else.

    the wicksters say hello and it is always good karma at some point on a date to reference “da wicky”!!! Congrats on the successful date btw, good on ya!

    I think it would be a HUGE mistake to get rid of avery. This team got rid of him once and regretted it and was fortunate enough to get him back (at half price no less). The guy is far more valuable as a leader than most people give him credit for, the coach is just an idiot!!!

  84. ORR,

    what do you mean rod needs friends? Didn’t you hear him? He’s got friends that make money in the NHL? How can you not be jealous? Or maybe that’s why you attack him because you don’t get all these inside tips that mean nothing to nobody.


    what makes you think that the people here care what your friend thinks? Why do you think the posts of one or two people speak for the blog as a whole? I’ve never said anything about cocaine or sexual abuse and I tend to skip over the posts that do. Stop being so self righteous and lighten up, you’ll enjoy life a lot more. You act like this is your first few days on the Internet. You can’t control what people say and people say crazy things because they are annonymous…itsbeen going on for about 20 years now, where have you been. And out of shear curiousity. What blog do your inside sources visit to get their info from? What does an inside source care about Internet blogs for and why are you e-mailing NHL sources and asking them what they think about blogs? Just seems so desperate and pathetic to me. Or just made up, which is more pathetic

  85. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on


    It probably would never hurt, but it does always work on dates for good karma!!

  86. Rod- the idiot who mentioned Fleury showed up once and the blog took him apart. Never showed up again. Redden’s questionable drug abuse was actually discussed by Carp who asked not to do that since the incident wasn’t substantiated.

    Whoever is that “someone who earns his leaving in NHL”- the way he speaks, I can only imagine what he actually does for them. Nonetheless, one thing I do agree with him- you should stay away from this place. In fact, you keep threatening not to come back, but apparently can’t resist.

  87. Rod

    I’m not in the clique – I don’t watch Seinfeld and Orr hates my British accent.

    So…I promise promise promise not to make any ******* jokes or join the Brittny (sic) mass debate if you share with me your news from SOMEONE WHO EARNS HIS LIVING IN THE NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE that they have heard something about someone who might be going to some team or another team or another team that might or might not be the Rangers at some point either next week or not next week.

    And if it turns out to be true, I’ll give you all the credit for retrospectively being correct without actually divulging anything that proves the fact.



  88. Rod

    so it’s not OK with you when someone talks bad about Fleury and Redden on this blog *BUT* it’s OK with you when someone talks crap about Michael Jackson on this blog? WHAT DOUBLE STANDARDS!


    ” “Ros Gilbert” is a putz…rejected by life…case closed”

  89. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    what the hell is this clique that everyone talks about???? Just because I have to do a secret handshake with my keyboard before I get on the site, does that mean something??

  90. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    I think her name was kelly lebrock or something like that. Not sure, I’ll research!

  91. Oh, the chick from Weird Science. She was hot in the 80’s, but now she’s not. She was on that Celebrity Fit Club show I think. Trying to lose a ton of weight. I don’t watch it, so I don’t know how it went.

  92. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    apparently she was considered hot back in her day, but all the pics of her I have seen are with 80’s like hair, so nevermind and my bad…back to brooklyn!

  93. Hey, what you know i just got a letter from someone who was for Kremlin about “Rod Gilbert”

    and i quote ” “Rod Gilbert” buter wach his beck! Moscow dont likes stupeed peeple toking stupeed sinkz”

  94. Rod

    As someone who has read this blog for a number of years, carp has most certainly called out people, and in some cases baned visitors, for bringing up rumors that may be detrimental to the team, players, owners, etc. character.

    Also the nhl cupcake joke was started on twitter after this article was published on yahoo –

    the trend started when people like Down Goes Brown and Wyshynski himself started sending out status updates on twitter w/ the hash tag #NHLCupcakes. Their followers did the same, thus the “trend”.

    Between your friend “WHO EARNS HIS LIVING IN THE NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE” and you who receives so many emails from insiders that you can barely see straight, I dont understand how neither of you got the joke that every hockey fan on twitter, forums, blogs and message boards, managed to get and partake in for the day.

  95. Just talked to my NHL inside source and he tells me that an NHL gm is definitely talking to another gm about trading players for players from another team. But because you guys are so cliquish and mean, I’m not gonna tell you who it is, but believe me when I say it’s a huge trade that involves the rangers and you wish you knew who it was but you never will because you donthave a friend who MAKES MONEY IN THE NHL!!!!! chew on that you cliquish losers!!!!

    Oh, and if the trade doesn’t happen then just forget I said anything.

    Your buddy,


  96. Here’s my line choices…

    Best lw. Best center. Best rw
    2nd best lw. 2ndbest center. 2nd best rw
    3rd best lw. 3rd best center. 3rd best rw
    4th best lw. 4th best center. 4th best rw

    1st pair d
    2nd pair d
    3rd pair d


    redden riding the bus in ahl

  97. It’s true, ilb. I also have bad teeth, am exceedingly polite, live in a big country house and drink tea while wearing a top hat.

  98. ORR,

    your source is full if carcillo. Everybody knows Sean uses only gillette Venus razors! Get a new source if you want to get respect on this blog.

  99. I have an image of Torts reading Joke’s line post with some curiosity and scribbling down some notes. Or at least screaming down the phone: “Sully! Get a ******* ****ing pencil!”

  100. Just got back home. I am LMAO at this place today. mike, if this is you hungover I’d hate to witness what you’re like when you really feel bad :)
    skinnydipping on a first date?! impressive…..

  101. Oh, and LW, had the pleasure of chatting up some ex-pats on the train the other night. They were a riot. It was quite a lovely ride :)

  102. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    thought some of you might get a kick out of this from twitter:

    If I might paraphrase Sean Avery, the KHL gets the NHL’s “sloppy seconds”. ;)

  103. sigh. that phrase will never get retired will it?

    hey, at the time, it ticked me off, too, but whatever happened to redemption and forgiveness!

  104. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    here is another funny comment from twitter (just for cr)

    @mirtle I heard the same argument about losing Jagr. Fact is, he wasn’t missed when he left, and neither will Nabokov be missed.

  105. I dont have a problem with the phrase at all – when being used by Sean Avery.

    I think it’s rather disrespectful to women to use the phrase – as it refers to women as nothing more than objects – but I think Sean Avery deserves the right to use the word. Heck, I’d like to be Sean Avery’s “sloppy seconds.”

  106. Coach Beeblebrox on

    So much vitriol here. I will agree with Rod on one thing, this place does not talk hockey nearly enough. I actually made this point a while ago and was attacked for it. Several people said things like “we’ve discussed everything already” LOL that’s awesome. So I politely said I only come here to talk about hockey, and was attacked again for that.

    It is strange here, but so be it. I guess I will forever be an “outsider” who does not get into your non-hockey talk, so I guess I will never “get it”.

  107. coach

    you’re most certainly not an outsider. you were never attacked with personal insults. your beliefs were attacked.

    you have a great mind for hockey, and are welcome here. rod, on the other hand, resorts to personal insults and personal attacks on ladies, no less

  108. and i still don’t agree with your belief that only hockey should be talked on here. this is a free blog – in which anybody can talk about anything – even the fine delicious rear end of the Jaromir. You cant – well, i guess you can – tell other people what they should or should not discuss.

  109. LB had a great point. Redden will fight for the spot. So will White. The question is how much they have left. Both know, once they’re waived, the are unlikely to come back. I suppose the competition is never bad for the team.

  110. Cuthbert is a puck bunny. That’s a fact.

    It must be beyond awkward in Toronto, since both Komisarek and Phenuef had a piece of the Cuth.

    For the record, ever since Cuth and Aves broke up, her looks have gone downhill. Interesting. Or maybe dating Phenuef has done a number on her.

  111. Oh, so we can only talk hockey? Otherwise the blog isn’t good enough? It’s August for COL! It’s too hot to talk tennis, let alone hockey.

  112. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    let’s talking fishing with hockey terms!! That acceptable??

    I put a dan boyle on my hook and cast the line in with a broduer on it, after sitting on my assen for about 10 minutes the broduer went below the water line and i reeled in a huge bob bassen!!

  113. Oy. I’m gonna regret this, but….

    all, there are lots and lots of Rangers blogs, tweets, etc. And everybody here reads them, and why not! We all get news from them, and that’s cool, but it’s also because they have full-time beat reporters!

    However, and I check, nobody has the comments and community that we have here, and Carp, who has 3 billion other responsibilities, keeps this place going and rocking. This is a labor of love, not paycheck…

    People get off topic here, yes, but so what. Especially when it’s August, it’s dead, it’s hot. Even Tony in AZ is too hot to post regularly!

    BlueBlood et al, thanks! You get it. To the others…hey, have fun, chill or go talk to the 15 other people who chat on another Rangers blog. I love this place!

    Sincerely, mama….

  114. wicky, but if you’re going to talk fishing in hockey terms, with ilb, you always have to throw them back. i.e. we reeled Kovy in, but threw him back….we landed a big one, but let him go….see?

  115. larry brooks on

    Brooks column leaves doubt that Avery or MZA will get a decent spot on the team. or any other young forward

    his top 3 lines have EC, AA and White at center. that is pathetically weak. sorry but that is really weak.

  116. Umm, what did you expect, this is a WEAK team on paper.

    This team looks pathetic. We have to hope that all the kids will be able to carry this team. Poor Hank. Yet another wasted year for the Swede. Maybe we should sign Joel Lundqvist to keep him happy, cause if things don’t change, maybe he’ll want to go to a team that will give him everything he needs.

  117. C’mon. Avery is all over the Nair!

    Wicky ‘le clique’ —you’re not in it…… nanna nanna naaa naaa!

    “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”

    Coach B- your ‘clique card’ is in the mail, now bring up a topic that hasn’t been beaten to death or SU …it’s a long summer :) :)

    Mama – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You : P

  118. reel em in, throw em back….it’s the ilb way! dang, you made me wicky!

    MZA, maybe….Aves? Oh I can’t wait til season starts……TA!

  119. Hey, dde, speak Russian, please, I mean English. And no gibberish.

    That article actually assumes that Redden will come into the camp in great shape and win number 1 position on D. Tall order. But if he does, the Rangers are in deep trouble cap wise. Essentially, the will have to shave off whatever Staal’s contract will amount to. That’s why he speculates that few other contracts will be dumped in Hartford.

  120. Dde- ha! Any accent?

    I’d like to ask this: what if Redden does come in and plays like number one. Is it fair to send him down just because his salary wasn’t counted in at the beginning of offseason? And because everyone in the organization assumed he will be in Hartford?

  121. I’d sincerely hope Torts and Sather wouldn’t be dumb enough to be swayed by a week or two of Redden’s performance in camp as opposed to looking at his body of work over the last 2-3 years.

    If management intends to waive him, I don’t see what he could possibly do in camp to change their minds.

  122. LW3H- I happen to agree with you. Moreover, he may already know, the way the offseason went, that he will be in Hartford. So he may not give a carp. It’s just hard to imagine that a proud athlete would give up like that. By the way, without him, their cap situation is pretty good. I still believe that White ends up in Hartford too unless he outplays EC by a wide margin. With that, plus around some bonus cushion, they will be able to sign someone pretty good at the deadline if need to.

  123. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    forwards be damned, our d is still waaaaaay to soft and I have a bad feeling we are going to miss out on mitchell!

  124. If you listen closely you can hear some ‘jib’ in my voice.

    Regarding Redden, it would be stuiped to cut off your nose to spite yer face as they say.

    But then again fool me once, don’t get fooled again as another great man once said (Grabby? )

  125. mama- tbh, i was still drunk when i woke up this mornin. but about a half hour later till now, im really feelin crappy. had a meeting at work for about 2 hours!! i was fallin asleep and tryin to participate but yea, it was not good. i dont drink much so when i do i need to chill and have just a few. as i get older, my tolerance gets lower. i got a bad headache so i’ll just leave you all to chat about lines and stuff.gonna hit teh sack. keep rockin my fellow heads. love you all. especially about 15 of you exclusively. only you guys i really like. were a clique so i gotta remind all teh outsiders that they arent in our clique. our clique is cooler than anyone elses clique. am i right all you exclusive members of our clique?

  126. ddeb i resemble that remark!, haha later all members of the jibberish speakingmembers of boneheads elite club. p.s. our secret password for today is “shinebox”

  127. If redden comes in and plays hard for a spot then I see two positives.

    1. He will create a competative environment which will bring out the best in all the young dmen.

    2. He will make himself more attractive as a trade piece if another team thinks he will play hard for them.

    More likely he comes in with the same lame attitude and weak work ethic and finds himself on the first bus to hatford. If only he could find and keep the intensity he had that game when he one punched the capitals captain.

    Ok…too much hockey talk. Let’s get back to babes, fishing, Seinfeld and coat checks!!!

  128. Hey all! Back from an AMAZING 24 hours on Lake Champlain and just wanted to check in. I’ll catch up on the all the goings on here a little later on, but wanted to say ‘HI! and tell you all that sailing is the coolest thing in the universe. :)

  129. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    anyone else watch the show on msg a while ago? the hardest hits by rangers? One of my faves brad brown (we never should have let htat guy go….sound familiar??) blasting marty st louis, was #1!!!

  130. The Puck Drops Here on

    Three cheers to Blogmama! Folks, if this blog is not for you, move on! Nobody is forcing you to come here. Not every post and every day is supposed to be life-altering. Either go with the flow or find your niche elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad we had this little chat. :)

  131. Hey, did I catch you guys talking hockey?

    Rod, you are certainly welcome here, as is everybody who wants to come in and keep it clean. On Aug. 9, if we just keep it to hockey talk we’ll hear crickets around here.

    And you went after me when we were discussing hockey last month … when I told you all that the Rangers were not and would not be in the Kovalchuk sweepstakes. Apparently, for once, I was right.

  132. Kloucek was a beast before he hurt his knee and was never the same. Man, I had such high hopes for him.

    My MSG has been a black screen for about two days now. Not sure why but MSG and a few others seem to be having some issues.

  133. Mama – anytime….You and Carp rock, and you guys and the boneheads make the place is a fun read regardless of subject.

    Didn’t intend to pick a fight with the guy, just don’t get how people cannot appreciate the effort that goes into this blog, and why they feel compelled to come back if they dislike it.

  134. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    mess on modano was at 7 i think, I’ll watch it again shortly mrs wicky wanted me to dvr it because she wasn’t here to watch it when it was on!!

    toots was on there a time or two though!

  135. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    I really hope henry plays with montreal when they come into the MLS. Glad he is with the red bulls now though!

  136. And that is why I come here everyday to read Carp especially if my day isn’t going well the boneheads here find a way to make me smile when I feel like crying a BIG thank you to all of you from me please don’t stop with all the gibberish

  137. Hey Carp, do you know how many hits the blog gets each day, or can you only tell by the posts? (guilty of computer illeracy). If you can only tell by the posts you ought to ask readers to do a roll call for just a day or two….bet there are tons more readers than we know.

  138. blue, yes, I do. I am not sure I am supposed to share that info, though. Put it this way, and I hope I am allowed to say this, the Yankees blog at LoHud is probably the biggest in the country. Among all the blogs at LoHud, not just sports but everything, the second biggest is the Rangers … and third isn’t even close.

    I know how many hits/visits/views we get, and from what parts of the world, but I’d love to know who they are.

    Maybe a roll call would be cool, especially when we get into the season and traffic is heavy.

  139. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    no kloucek in the top 25, but kloucek hitting daneyko was in the honourable mention.

    what was beck’s number? wasn’t it 19? I think he was in the top 25 once! Pretty sure I remember seeing him.

    The hardest hitters we have had on the blueline the last 10 years are brown, reitz, kaspar, toots, pilon, and kloucek

  140. Carp knows where your coming from, where you’re going, and what you are doing. Just Saying. He’s got a BIG EYEBALL.

  141. Hugo Folkyerself on

    I liked Tyutin. He practiced the lost art of the hip check. Too bad we lost him for practically nothing. Thanks Glen.

    BTW Olga says “FIRE SATHER!”

  142. Carp,

    I NEVER went after you (and to then claim how you were “right” about Kovalchuk, as if the 3-4 conflicting reports saying the Rangers were interested and did extend an offer never existed, is beyond lame). I will a bit now. Respectfully.

    You realize you never even got a public statement from the Rangers on why they didn’t pursue arguably the most attractive free agent in NHL history?!?! !!!

    Neither did any other Ranger beat man.

    And people wonder why the Rangers are and have been in such a shambles.

    To be be-over-backwards fair, even after 12 incredibly miserable years of Sather doing everything he can to isolate himself from the press (and thereby, avoid any scrutiny from those on the front lines, like yourself, who deign to do some work, or from those that follow your work and the team, but who may or may not be aware of the often inane day-to-day)and Sather has succeeded wildly…. when you have an owner like Dolan who apparently doesn’t flinch even when it comes to bringing back a freakazoid and a disgrace like Isiah, well maybe it doesn’t matter so much if you do go golfing…….

  143. and Carp,

    I don’t have time to get into this right now, but you saying this (“on Aug. 9, if we just keep it to hockey talk we’ll hear crickets around here”) is weak as well, practically inviting the inane stuff that can often be found here.

    There are PLENTY of really interesting (and some very exciting) stories with the Rangers right now.

    And those things that never see the light of day, which could be important to this team now or in the future.

    For instance, can anyone here tell me why Willie Mitchell isn’t a Ranger?

  144. See, I was attempting to be civil, then I find this crap from CCCP:

    “so it’s not OK with you when someone talks bad about Fleury and Redden on this blog BUT it’s OK with you when someone talks crap about Michael Jackson on this blog?
    Then he calls me a putz and something, else, what was it… (I really can’t remember after scrolling down)right… a reject. Nice.



    Consider yourselves straightened out :)

  145. Olga Folkyerself on

    “For instance, can anyone here tell me why Willie Mitchell isn’t a Ranger?”

    Because Sather hasn’t screwed up and overpaid him yet. Don’t rule it out…

  146. Rod, your civility this morning was underwhelming:

    “My heart’s not broken, I just got so DISGUSTED with some of the sub-humans here that it made me sick. I am not alone.


    “S****** lowlifes. They are making some ******* circus cup cake jokes and one ****** actually made fun of Fleury’s rape/sexual abuse. WTF is wrong with that place?”

    Please, stop taking pot shots at people and just have some fun here.

    Night all.

  147. Rod

    You have a real problem.

    You attempted to be civil? How, by attacking the innocent BlogMama? By calling people pricks?

    Who are you to tell people what they can and cannot talk about on a blog? Is it your blog? Last time I checked, it’s a Lohud Blog run by Mr. Rick Carpiniello – only one of 2 people that have the right to tell someone what they can or cannot say. Are you Rick Carpiniello?

  148. Olga,



    I could give a pretty funny answer but it wouldn’t be nice.

    Everything else you said was wrong.

  149. Everyone is wrong and little “Rod” is right… just shut up already! Consider yourself straightened out, kid.

  150. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rod- That’s it? Just “wrong”? You’re a captivating conversationalist, I’ll give you that.

  151. you could give somebody else a chance to guess Olga…

    why isn’t Mitchell a NYRer?

    It’s not cause they didn’t inquire…

  152. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Watch where you are walking, Olga…

    Ohhhhh. Too Late. You’ll never get that off your shoes….

  153. Rod

    You either say or you don’t say… nobody wants to play your games… this was the reason in the first place why you got called out by posters on here…

    again…say it or stfu.

  154. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Rod, tell Olga what she’s won…

    Olga you’ve won a 10 day hunting vacation with Dick Cheney…

  155. cccp,

    I’m trying to show you how ignorant you are.

    Not surprisingly, you’re not getting it.

  156. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t know… I kinda want to take that hunting vacation with Cheney. I can shoot pretty fast and Cheney can’t run far with that heart of his…

  157. Olga Folkyerself on

    I was thinking of giving the gift to Sather… That way I can say “FIRE, SATHER!”

  158. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m not seeing too many other guesses Rod. So, tell me why Willie Mitchell isn’t a Ranger…

  159. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    look, for what it’s worth you can come here and spew your info if you like (I’m guessing you can because you still do), but a friendly suggestion would be either just post your info with a few player names and/or do it without being condescending to others.

    If you feel you are not able to do either of those then you really might want to go the way of the dodo. Insulting regulars and then expecting to be “accepted” or “appreciated” is just ridiculous!

  160. Olga Folkyerself on

    No answer? Rod you’re nothing but a lot of talk and a badge.

    A lot of talk and a badge…

  161. cccp,

    That’s me. I love to pretend things about players that aren’t even Rangers. Just for kicks.

    There is an answer, and you don’t know it.
    That or anything else that’s going on with the NYR, and there’s quite a bit.


    I no longer care. How many chances do you guys need to prove you’re not total douches?

  162. Wow – you guys were really bored this weekend weren’t you?
    We really need training camp to start soon!!

    Hey Rod, nice to see you’re still trying to police the blog and belittle everyone here!! Eklund sends his love!

  163. BTW – being a Brit i can think of many more you guys should be adding to your “Brit List”. Of your previous mentions Gemma Atkinson is not bad, Gemma Arterton has the Bond Girl Aura. Others you should look up are Kirsty Gallacher (daughter of Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher), Abbey Clancy, Kelly Brook, dont forget Kate Beckinsale is one of ours too!

  164. Good morning, boneheads!

    LOL @ yeesh-o-rama. Daycare-rama would be a decent description.

  165. mike, please don’t step in this carsillo again.Good morning all good people of this blog.Day of final chapter of endless Kovalsaga.(I hope)

  166. i’ll take a guess that he had some sort of problems with one of his former wild teammates now on the rangers. something personal who knows.

  167. Morning all!

    Sheesh, sounds like some people got more sun that I did this weekend and I’m very sunburnt right now ;)

  168. Watermelon- only if you bring enough for everyone!

    So hey, who wants to talk line combos? :)

  169. im off watermnelon ilb. i was eating so much of it, my body turned green and i started having withdrawals. i was up to 6 a day and not just that, but the comedian who smashes watermelons, i think his name is gallagher(sp)?? well, he is now suing me becaus he is out of a job because watermelons are now an endangred species. part of my rehab is the doctor has put me on honeydew, then i will work my way down to pineapples, then eventually,grapes,then raspberries and finally, mulberries. its gonna be hard, but im gonna have cr9 help me. hes an expert when it comes to fruit. haha/j/k buddy. ya know i love ya tim. i hope that was relatively jibberish free. i wanna keep it as hockey related as possible!!!

  170. I have great news relating to hockey!

    Entourage is ending next season! It’s aboot time!

    I hate when good tv shows go on for too long.

    Why does that relate to hockey, you ask? Because Turtle once wore a Rangers jersey on the show, and E wears an ugly Islanders hat every now and then :P

  171. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Larry Brooks – “What if Wade Redden earns a spot?”

    Yeah ok LArry, your such an idiot it amazes me

    WHat if he earned a spot the last two season
    and we didnt need his cap space
    and the fact that he sucks

    LB really likes to grasp at straws

  172. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    morning ilb, grabby, linda, mickey, mama, uk, orr,4 ever!

    who had a problem with what teammate?? I’m lost already!

  173. RealMikey-

    I think Larry had nothing else to write about so he grabbed this off his list of ‘inane stuff to prattle on about’. No way on hell does Redden make this team. I can practically guarantee that.

  174. morning wicky!

    Maybe people have issues with Avery? But that is not anywhere’s close to being news.

  175. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    ok, well I have to return a P O S dvr prior to work so, I’m off.

    Make sure you guys let me know when we sign that crease clearing physical hard hitting d man later today…..or what kovy’s arbitrator has for breakfast!

    Later assens!

  176. Would it really surprise anyone if Dredden does make the team? Honestly, this is NYR we’re talkin’ ‘boot.

    Nothing ever seems to go the way of the fans.

    Nothing surprises me when it comes to NYR. Except if they make the playoffs, cause that would be extremely surprising seeing as how they just flat out suck on paper, and are basically the same team + a 20 goal scorer and a goon.

  177. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    crickey, i’ve laureled.

    I think grabby had posted earlier someone having a problem with a wild (minnesota???) teammate on his 9:12am post….I was just confused because it seemed out of no where, but maybe there was another post I missed (likely).

    ok, now later assens!

  178. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    damnit X 2

    Willie Mitchell close to decision.



  179. Mornin’ all. (even if it is nearly 3:30pm here!)
    If Redden makes the team that means we’d have to say “Hello Hartford” to White, MZA, Gilly and hope that we don’t have to pay much more than $4m per for Staal, or possibly trade Roszival for a prospect or picks to stay under the cap.

    As much as Torts says the best man gets the job it can’t happen, especially if White, Redden and MZA all make the team.

  180. Quote from Puck Daddy on Yahoo! today:
    “Holy hell does Larry Brooks raise an interesting point — What if Wade Redden plays so well that they can’t in good conscience demo… hahaha just kidding, of course he’s going to be awful and get sent to the minors. ”

    Larry Brooks providing the humour for a boring August so far….read tomorrow’s article where he talks about trading Michal Roszival for Bobby Ryan or Blake Wheeler to ease cap worries and provide secondary scoring….

  181. >>I hate when good tv shows go on for too long.

    Speaking of TV shows, I was catching up on TNT’s Leverage and who do I see in one of the episodes? Our old buddy, Jeremy Roenick making an appearance as a security guard. I had quite a good laugh.

  182. The rangers will go no where while being strapped by the Drury, redden and rosival contracts not to mention the player themselves. Once these three dead woods are gone than maybe the rangers will start to build a good team, don’t hold your breath.

  183. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Hockey Talk:::

    Okay well my point was not to get people mad, or judge them. It was my personal opinion. I was just saying that I only come here to talk a hockey, so I won’t ever “get it” when it comes to the other extracurricular topics.

    This does not mean I think this place is not “good enough” or anything of the sort. It simple means I want to talk hockey. If I want to talk girls, or other things, I will go to other places. Nothing personal, I’m just a hockey freak. I live hockey, I eat pucks for breakfast, I used to eat sticks when they were still made of wood, but I cannot digest carbon fiber very well. :)

    It is not that I don’t feel others should or shouldn’t talk other things here, but I admit, I’m a little disappointed when I come here and read 89 posts about inside jokes that I don’t get. But that is not anyone’s problem but mine.

    I like talking and debating hockey with several folks here, so I will always stop in. I like Carp too, we Italians gotta stick together. ;)

  184. I like Carp too, we Italians gotta stick together. ;)


    Hey! Here’s a bowl spaghetti and a puck for desert! now, lets talk hockey! Ice, blades, nets and whistles!

  185. Coach Beeblebrox on

    UKRanger: RE: Larry Brooks

    Even if Redden plays his butt off, they can’t keep him now. They are at the cap right now, with Staal unsigned. So they have to waive someone (or some people) whose salary equals that of what Staal will get. If Staal gets the $4.0 million everyone is assuming, they have to waive one or two players to make that up.

    Technically they could make it up by waiving White and trading Gilroy. That would give them $4.0 million exactly. But that’s not really a smart move unless they can get a real nice prospect or high draft pick for Gilroy.

    White is already probably ticketed to the AHL, I don’t think he skates well enough anymore to excite Tortorella. So waiving Redden is really the only option left to free up some cap room.

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