Modano wings it to Detroit


With Mike Modano landing in Detroit, it reminds us of a couple of things.

One, a veteran with not much tread left on his tires can fit into a strong lineup. Modano will probably be very, very good in Detroit, though a shadow of the old Modano. (Besides, Detroit has always had old guys, including the older-than-dirt Chris Chelios).

Two, there are still a ton of unrestricted free agents out there. Granted they are all old, and many of them broken down, if not just declining. But if a team’s GM has a little cap space left and needs to fill a hole, this might be the way to go.

I don’t think the Rangers are close enough to contending where signing one of these guys would make a lot of sense. But a team that’s got enough talent and just needs some leadership and a role player could get a bargain there.

If the Rangers felt one of these guys could help them get into the playoffs, well, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to sign a veteran to a one-year deal. But the direction in which they are going dictates that they leave some roster spots open for competition to some of the prospects.

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  1. I really thought Modano was going to complete the circle and sign with the Mighty Ducks and play for Emilio Estevez.

  2. I’ll always remember Modano for being on the receiving end of a pretty vicious hit from Messier. I think he was out cold before he hit the ice.

  3. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Good move on Modano’s part, Carp I agree with on the rangers status.

  4. Blueshirt in Paris on

    CT, I can still see it in my head…him spinning around and around on the ice, leaving a blood trail…

  5. I’ve never understood why teams in every sport so rarely utilize smart, wily veterans to mentor their up and coming kids. There’s so much an experienced player can share to help young players develop. It’s also a great way for an older player interested in a coaching career to transition to the other side of the bench.

  6. Carp….shhhhhh.

    wicky, from last night, you get dumped into moderation when you post multiple links. it’s a spam protection thing or something like that, not a wicky protection thing :)

  7. Still amazes me that Dallas couldn’t find a spot for Modano for one more year to allow him to complete his career with one franchise. He’ll always be a Star (North or otherwise). Gonna be very strange seeing him in a different uniform.

  8. Yeah, getting an old vet on his last legs works for a team with top 6 talent that wants to round out its roster. The problem with the Rangers is they sign these guys (like Naslund) to be on the top 2 lines, not as role players.

    At some point they’ve got to give the youngsters some NHL minutes to see if they belong. They can’t keep saying that another year in the minors will do them good and acquire over-the-hill vets (like White) saying, “It’s only a one-year contract.”

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    Mama is allowed to visit any place she wants…. But…shhhhh

    Modano should’ve retired in Dallas. I still see it as, perhaps, one dollar contract for one day at some point.

    I’d stay away from everyone on that list. Mitchell being the only remote possibility, if healthy. They are still thin physically on the blueline. McDonagh isn’t a lock to make the team. And if Redden is really gone and Roszival is being dangled as a trade bait, they’ll need someone. I’m not sold on Eminger.

  10. Im no longer allowed to visit Fenway Field because of an incident…no need to shhhhhhhh. :)

    Everyone, Im doing a poll for personal research, who here has the NYR 1994 Cup Champions DVD Set?

  11. Flew into Chicago with my wife to celebrate our 40th anniversary. After arriving yesterday, we went out for some deep dish pizza (which was great at the Original Gino’s) and some conversation with the locals. While they are ecstatic with the Cup, they ate also extremely bummed at the dismantling that has had to occur. Crazy what the cap has done to that team. Off for a City tour today and a Cubs game at Wrigley on Sunday. (Hotels with complimentary WiFI in the room are the best!)

  12. CR9 – I have the DVD set and I also have every game on VHS that I recorded as it happened. I was also at every game.

  13. I’m always bemused to hear of the Chicago Pizza. When I was living there in the early 50’s pizza was almost unheard of. I found a place where they professed to sell it and ordered one – watched the guy take out a frying pan, place the mess in the pan and fried it! I said nothing just took the greasy mess over to the table and when no one was looking dumped in the waste bin. For a guy who’d come from the city that first introduced it to the USA in 1928, New Haven CT’ and Frank Pepe’s on Wooster St ( little Italy), it was a blow to my sensibilities. Pepe’s is still there, still run by the family. Try it – you’ll like it. They have a huge following among the Yaleies.

  14. Tank The Season on

    A lot of those guys still unsigned will probably get training camp invites, it’s a cap world and that squeezes veterans out in favor of cheaper, younger players.

  15. Even more memorable than Messier laying out Modano was 5 minutes later when the guys loading him into the ambulance dropped the stretcher! One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

  16. messiers elbow on

    “I’ll always remember Modano for being on the receiving end of a pretty vicious hit from Messier. I think he was out cold before he hit the ice.”

    haaaa!!! i was watching that game live. does anyone remember the medical staff dropping the stretcher as they were carrying modano out after that messier hit. priceless

  17. Forty years? You really are old, old coach. Happy Anniversary!

    Pizza outside of New York shouldn’t be allowed to be called pizza. Except for Capt. Clutch’s clutch pizza in CT, of course.

    CTBlueshirt, that was the incident in which they also dropped Modano as they tried to load his stretcher into the ambulance. And poor Sam Rosen nearly had a heart attack as they watched the stretcher fall on live TV. I think you can find that on YouTube.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  18. I see we all have fond memories of the stretcher incident. It’s hilarious to watch it now but I had the same reaction as Sam when I saw it live.

  19. The best pizza I ever had was in Italy. Thin crispy crust with fresh and tasty toppings. Much of the pizza in the states is nothing more than a mouth full of dough.

  20. >>Maxim Afinogenov going to Russia

    Nabokov, Grebeshkov, Afinogenov…
    The Russians are going! The Russians are going!

  21. “I’ll always remember Modano for being on the receiving end of a pretty vicious hit from Messier. I think he was out cold before he hit the ice.”

    haaaa!!! i was watching that game live. does anyone remember the medical staff dropping the stretcher as they were carrying modano out after that messier hit. priceless”

    When the paramedics dropped Modano that was like a scene from a Jim Carey movie or some other comedy. You can just hear Homer Simpson saying “Doh!” when they drop the stretcher. Then when you see Modano on the floor he’s all like, “Timmy!”

  22. Carp

    *Pizza outside of New York shouldn’t be allowed to be called pizza. Except for Capt. Clutch’s clutch pizza in CT, of course*


    AMEN! It’s like champagne…if its not made in Champagne, France then its not champagne…its sparkling wine!

    If pizza is made outside of NYC it should be called dough with cheese and toppings or something.

    Btw, great pizza place, actually two places, both in Brooklyn are Di Fara Pizzeria and of course Grimaldi’s Pizzeria! YUM!

  23. speaking of older players…Rangers always bring some old farts in… there’s even a sign at the MSG home bench “Priority seats, Reserved for elderly or disabled”

  24. LMAO, CCCP..

    Did someone say pizza?
    If you like thin crust, gourmet pizza- Trattoria Romana, Staten Island and Zio Toto, Bay Ridge.

  25. Blue Seat Horror on

    No worries about Madden not being picked up.

    According to TSN he went to the Wild.

  26. Blue Seat Horror on

    NYC pizza doesn’t get any better than at Domino’s…Ha, I could barely keep a straight face while typing that. But seriously folks, Lento’s.

  27. youse sound a fool talkin smack about new haven pizza,Ill put Sallys or Pepes against the best,but the real gem is Modern on State st.

  28. Gravey (Formerly known as jor71) on

    I miss the good Pizza and Chinese food of NY since I moved to Fl.

  29. If the Devil’s contract with Kovi is approved by the arbitrator (as many think it will be) shouldn’t the cap circumvention rule then be considered so feeble and worthless as to warrant immediate rewriting?

  30. From Jessiman to pizza… It’s going to be a long August.

    I have a feeling that Rodent is explaining some legal ramifications without having sufficient knowledge about it. Again. Where is Doodie? :-)

  31. i just had a customer calling in to place an order…her last name was Slatipus! I SWEAR! I had to put her on hold for a minute so i can laugh it off! lol

  32. heard the Rangers are talking to Forsberg. I’d much rather them have talked to Modano if they were going to go this route.

  33. CCCP i’ve been practicing NHL10 lately. Just seems every damn damn I play extremely well (+5, mad hits, 2 goals, etc.) I LOSE CONNECTION.

    every game i get my butt kicked play just fine. they need to trap your stats as of disconnection. or at least after each period. so sick of it.

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Indian who first discovered pizza :

    ” How , now who puked on my banick!!?? “

  35. CR-
    I own the dvd set, and, like Scott I’ve got a pretty extensive library of old Ranger games that I’ve taped since the late ’80s. Only problem is, I never get to watch them. Someday, I guess.

    Also, if we’re plugging pizza places, I’ve got to cast my vote for Sciortino’s Pizza in South Amboy, NJ. We live in PA now, but once a year we get there and usually bring a bunch home and freeze them.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carp posted;
    “I don’t think the Rangers are close enough to contending where signing one of these guys would make a lot of sense.”

    Rangers are close enough to contending. Honestly Rick ,( hehe Carp) Your thinking the Rangers don’t make the playoffs? I’d really like to see where you think we’ll be come playoff time . The reason we shouldn’t sign these guys is NOT because were not close to contending ..Its because we are a young team and we want NO ONES OLD TABLE SCRAPS anymore. We are a NEW breed and with Hank and Gaborik “fresh” …we are contenders.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Noonan , no offense but it seems yer internet strengh is garbage.

  38. Noonan

    i dont know, man… sometimes its lagging but VERY rarely disconnects…but 99% of the time i have no problem with connection

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    I didn’t think the Flyers were really close to contending considering they made it in by the skin of thier teeth in game 82 in a bloody shoot out of all things. They contended all the way to the cup and almost beat that one and done team the Chicago Blackchumps. We are better then that team .That night was settled in a “soccer” forum and we had Oli jokeanen trying to save our season…sucks bigtime.

  40. let’s pause and remember our fathers and grampas today…aug.6,1945 the big one on hiroshima…if not for that and one on aug.9th,many of us may not be here…my late,great father was a sailor on the u.s.s little rock,and who knows if one of those psychopath kamakazi pilots would’ve lit up that or any number of ships…rangers cupless streak was only five then…go u.s.a. and go rangers! (and please go slats)….

  41. Blueshirt in Paris on

    In case anyone happens to be in Paris, the Stanley Cup will be at the Eiffel Tower on Monday. Look for me, I assume I will be the only Ranger fan there.

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    omg , don’t tell me I spelt that wrong.

    Yo Momma , sorry yer site is down. I know how it ment to ya and I know I only went there maybe twice. I am a Animal guy whos had pets from breeding Mantises to Snakes ,Alligators ,porcupines and birdies that talk. Your still the catwoman ’round here and all the good ya did wont be forgotton.

  43. Completely unrelated to almost anything …

    I was reminded today that NYR Michal Rozsival finished the 2005-06 season tied for the league-lead in plus/minus with a +35.

    Curious to see who he finished tied with, I looked it up. Turns out it was Wade Redden.


  44. ilb2001
    The only sport-related “Banick” I know is a soccer club in Ostrava, CH, however it has nothing to do with Indians, pizza or Greg himself.LOL. I think it is just another cute spelling Gregism…

  45. I know, 4ever…He meant bannock. I was just giving it to him. But he knows I love him :-)

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    aww thanks guys . I’ts pritty sad when ya can’t even spell Bannock . The correct spelling is kinda dumb however. How can anyone sound it out when its pronounces different then the spelling?

    Rangers didn’t go after free agents cuz we don’t want old geezers running the show anymore.( players not gms) The Rangers are contenders cuz we never unloaded anyone like cash-striken Chicago. We never did. We only got rid of weak players. So in actuality ( Rick) we have gotton stronger and wiser…wiser cuz we are the same group ( minus a few slugs).

    Free agents are not free …it took us 20 years to realize it.

    – they really are not free..see Kovalchuk
    – they take up space on the roster ( not free space)
    – they count on the cap
    – they dont get a free pass cuz thier new.
    – nor a free ride during the season ( well ..see kovalchuk )


    So Lil’ Jimmy Dolan wants his buddy Isiah back with him? Even after all Isiah did to not only destroy the Knicks but MSG itself?

    Forget any chance that Jimmy will ever come to his senses in regards to Sather. Sather is gonna be here for a LONG time…because in Little Jimmy’s world it doesn’t matter if you can’t do the job and you make your team the laughingstock of the league…

    Just be his friend. That’s all Jimmy wants. Just be his friend.

    Reminds me of Christopher Walken’s retarded pedophile son in “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead”

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , I do not have the Rangers dvd box set and have been trying to download game seven but it stopped at 72.5 seeds.
    Only way I get that ’round here is if I order it from some place and I get scammed. I do have the VCR copy I recorded that day we won. wtg scott , nice ..every

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Winning a trade and losing in the free agency market

    Winning is when ya get the player for no other player , hence getting the player for free but in the market of getting players for free you can lose by having that player “bust” and your still on the hook for his salary.

    Losing in a trade is when your player does worse then the player you shipped out . Or they trade your player for a better player , thats when ya lose.

    What is more risky? Losing on a trade or a free agent?

    Losing on a free agent is the correct answer believe it or not . Mostly a player who is picked up( free agent) commands top dollar and ultimatly changes the club chemistry. Picking up a high claiber free agent is a finacial risk as well as a locker room risk.

    A traded player is usually on the same pay scale and his arrival was well though out by the GM and he is percieved in the dreessing room as humbled new guy , not a overpaid ,selfish ,cant get along with his teamates high caliber free agent.

    Which would you like to be?

  50. Tank The Season on

    Chelios evidently retired. 48 years old. I’m glad he did. Even if he would be able to break Gordie Howe’s NHL games played record, he would never break Gordie’s combined NHL-WHA games played record. That’s class.

  51. Is it opening night yet? Carp! walter’s for lunch today. always makes me think of you and the blog

  52. onecupin70yearsand counting on

    Rangers fans should be thankful Isiah thomas isn’t a hockey guy.If I were a knick fan I would retire.
    And how dumb is Dolan?

  53. Evening ‘heads.

    I always like Modano. He’ll look good in the Wings uniform, if a tad disconcerting.

    Isiah’s back? Srsly? I swear Jimmy Dolan was dropped on his head repeatedly when he was a baby. That can be the only explanation.

    I’m going on a sail boat tomorrow for the first time ever. Should be interesting.

  54. CR9 – I’ve got the DVD set but was really bummed that it doesn’t have JD and Sam calling the game – no “Oh Baby”

  55. LMAO Mickey – “I swear Jimmy Dolan was dropped on his repeatedly when he was a baby.”

  56. Of course, when I spoke about New York pizza, I meant the New York area … because you can sure get good pizza in Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, etc.

    James G, I’m absolutely jealous. And I was down that way today, too.

    I hate it that I’m older than Chelios.

    Oh, wait, I’m 26.

    emj, a noble sentiment. This is one huge date in U.S. history that goes pretty much unnoticed.

    Speaking of the U.S., put on your thinking caps. Which U.S. city is not located in any of the 50 United States?

  57. Down Goes Brown fake Brian Burke twitter – my favorite fake tweet:

    Ran into Eklund last night. He kept grilling me about trades and rumors. Finally I just paid him for the pizza and slammed the door.
    3:07 PM Feb 3rd

  58. “I wanted to talk about how we had nothing to talk about.” – Elaine

    Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are….

  59. Hello, hello? Mama’s up late and you’re all gone! Booo.

    Blushirt, MUST send pic for the boneheads FB page! So jealous! Send to me at please.

    Greg, thanks :) All the support I’ve gotten here for the (ex) sister blog is tremendously tremendous.


    CJP, didn’t want to mention Isiah here earlier. Our sports guys at work were like, “What!” I said, “That’s our Dolan! Better the Knicks than us!” What will he “consult” on “part time?” Wait, I forgot, I don’t care.

  60. I know it was easy … but somebody asked it the other day and a bunch of people didn’t get the obvious answer.

    Blogmama, are you going to the office on the weekend because, you know, you enjoy it there so much?

    Good night, Mrs. Calabash.

    Good night, Gracie.

    Good night, Sally!

  61. Easy if you know it. Lots of people don’t. It’s like gambling in Casablanca..shocking!

    Carp, hahahahahaha! No. P.S. About those owed Walter’s dogs….

    Good night all! TA!

  62. thanks for the replies. i was looking for some more people. (((((MORE PEOPLE))))))

    Ok, what is the answer to that question. im not one for geography, history, etc. so PLEASE TELL ME!

  63. was watching movie “Candyman” just now…that movie still gives me the creeps!


  64. Jess Hugh Folkyerself on

    Wow! I can’t believe that me, Hugh Jessiman, is a member of the Stanley Cup Champions! I’ll finally get a chance to get my name on the old Mug, all I need is to get in a few playoff games next spring when we repeat as Cup Champs.

    Gee, since we’re missing a few guys now on The Chigo Blawks, maybe they’ll let me have the Cup for a day. I’d take it to Ol’ Stogypuss’s office and dance with it on top of his desk!

    I’m closer to the Cup than Sather ever will be again, unless he buys a ticket to the deciding game of the finals next year.

  65. emj2348

    I know how you fell. I always get a funny feeling when they mention the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing.

    Yhe reason why is that we were down shuttling between Lejeune and Cherry Point, and prepping for an invasion of the home islands. It was a scary period..found out that they were expecting over a million casualties. I’ll always say a prayer for that gutsy little Harry Truman for dropping those bombs.
    Finished out my tour without ever having to see combat. No apologies from me = finished out my tour without ever having to engage in combat. All the heavy lifting had been done by a lot better men than me. Sorry bout that.

  66. This was a really really great publish. In theory I’d like to write like this also – getting time and actual effort to make a wonderful piece of writing… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to obtain one thing done.

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