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We discussed this to some degree yesterday: The Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks have signed Hugh Jessiman.

Yes, that Hugh Jessiman.

So my thought for today is simple:

What would your reaction be if Jessiman turns out to be a late-blooming legit NHL player?

Or worse, a star?

Yeah, I know. Keep dreaming. He’s there to fill depth on the Blackhawks minor-league roster.

Here’s the paragraph on Big Hugh in the story:

“Jessiman, 26, ranked third on the Milwaukee Admirals during the 2009-10 season with a career-high 20 goals, and third with a career-best 42 points, in 78 regular-season AHL contests.  Originally selected 12th overall in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft by the New York Rangers, Jessiman has posted 72 goals, 71 assists, and 512 penalty minutes in 316 regular-season AHL tilts over parts of five seasons with Hartford (2005-08) and Milwaukee (2008-10).”

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  1. I will laugh my behind off if he becomes a legit NHL player, aka a decent 4th liner for the Hawks.

  2. If he didn’t make big in period from 2003 to 2010, it will never happend in his life time. Train is gone. So, Carp and Rangers fans do not worry. Still no regrets and exellent conversational topic forever about Sather bad drafting…

  3. 4 genereations 4 cups on

    LOL! Hugh Jessiman is something thats just so miserable. We could have just taken Parise. Oh well.

  4. one thing i dont get about Jessiman…is he really that bad that he cant crack the line-up??…i mean, if Hollweg played in the NHL why cant Hugh?

  5. 4 genereations 4 cups on

    13 Dustin Brown (Right Wing)
    14 Brent Seabrook (Defence)
    15 Robert Nilsson (Right Wing)
    16 Steve Bernier (Right Wing)
    17 Zach Parise (Centre)
    18 Eric Fehr (Right Wing)
    19 Ryan Getzlaf (Centre)
    20 Brent Burns (Defence)
    21 Mark Stuart (Defence)
    22 Marc-Antoine Pouliot
    23 Ryan Kesler (Centre)
    24 Mike Richards (Centre) Canada
    25 Anthony Stewart (Right Wing)
    26 Brian Boyle (Centre)
    27 Jeff Tambellini
    28 Corey Perry
    29 Patrick Eaves
    30 Shawn Belle

    Every single player on this is one that i would desire more than Hugh Jessiman. Imagine we had Corey Perry to snipe some goals? Parise or Brown? Carter or Richards? Completely miserable.

  6. 4everanger

    lets all hope that Kovalchuk drama ends today… i dont think we’ll know anything until Monday though.

    Zhadnost’ fraera sgubila.

  7. We can deride the Rangers for selecting him but NHL central scouting rated him higher than Corey Perry, Mike Richards, Brent Seabrook, Jeff Tambellini, Jeff Carter and 14 places higher than Brian Boyle.
    The summary says “Scouts consider him a project but likes his raw talent and hockey sense. ”

    If you look at rankings alone the mistake was not to take Dustin Brown or Zach Parise as they were ranked much higher than big Jessie (#2, #9) and still available at that point.

    Lets hope other draftees like Kreider and McIlrath who were drafted above their rankings turn out to be better than big Shug.

  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Crack of Noon, Everyone!

    Jessiman is probably the biggest dead albatross around Sather’s neck.

    On one hand, Sather’s draft picking legacy would improve marginally, but then Sather’s talent recognition and development would take a corresponding hit since Jessiman never got to the NHL while in NY.

  9. Seeing Getzlaf’s name on that list makes me want to cry.

    I still say they should have converted Jessiman to a defenceman. He could have been that big banging blueliner we lack.

  10. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’d be ecstatic if Jessiman turned out to be a star.

    He didn’t work out for NYR, but I wish the best for anyone trying to defy ridiculous odds.

    For example, I hope Redden has a great season in Hartford, and that Brashear enjoys retirement.

  11. Joekuh aka Joerissian Lambo on

    Am I the only one that hopes Redden does SOMETHING to justify his salary this season?

  12. JBytes, that entire list makes me want to cry. All those really good/great players and we got the one bust out of them all. Imagine Seabrook mentoring DZ into the league. Or Kesler centering a line with say, Callahan and Dubinsky. It’s almost unfair how awful that draft was for the Rangers.

  13. Blue Seat Horror on

    Nah Joekuh, you’re not alone. I just don’t think it’s humanly possible for Redden to earn 6.5 mil for this season’s salary and pay back the several millions bucks of effort he’s indebted to us fans for the past few seasons as well. That stuff carries an interest penalty too.

    Seriously. I just want to see a TEAM that tries hard every shift. I’m not hung up on who’s in the line-up. Now that there’s no more Brashear there isn’t a player on the roster who I wouldn’t be delighted to see on the ice, so long as they come to play.

    The problem comes when players stop playing after the first ten games.

  14. I have a good feeling about our team this year. I think they will be trying hard on every shift. I think one year under Torta’s belt will give him the respect he commands, and the results will surely show.

  15. Big banger? Jessiwoman couldn’t bang a drum with his head!

    Remember when Rosen was bragging aboot how he took boxing classes, and then a minute later he got knocked out by psycho Steve Downie?

    That was funny. That was officially the end for Jessiwoman!

  16. CCCP

    I was looking for an actual date, dummy! ;)

    Seriously, though, when are you going to Spain? Saw your message about the Barca game; I hope you have a great time – both on the trip and at the match.

  17. all i keep getting is ‘soon’ :P

    Make sure that you and future Mrs. CCCP make a mini-cccp!

  18. where? in Spain?
    BTW, CCCP do you go together with Michelle Obama and her 40 ppl. entourage?

  19. Carp pulling out all the stops. :) Thanks Carp. How was your vacation? Did you miss your boneheads? You owe Mama 100 of something which I forgot, 100 chocolate shakes, and 50 of something else which I forgot!

  20. >>you want to know what makes me cry?>>
    only when I panicly think that this blog could be unexpectedly closed, like Laurel’s

  21. Tim
    What exactly has Torts done to command respect?
    He tried to force feed a system that the team was not capable of succeeding in. And was slow to react and adjust when it was obvious this team didn’t have the horses to play safe is death.
    He put guys in the doghouse, even openly screaming and berating them on the bench in front of the crowd and the cameras, while some of the poorest performers went unscathed.
    He threw his star forward under the bus at the end of the season.
    Never mind how he handled himself with the media.

    Most importantly, too many times it seemed the team didn’t show up for games, no effort, no emotion. To me, that’s as much an indictment on the coach as it is on the players. That’s a coach losing a team, not a sign of a respected coach.

    I know you can’t keep changing coaches ever year. And I’m not saying I would not have given him another year. But I’m concerned this in not the right coach for this rebuilding team.

  22. GCB

    I agree. I didn’t say he was a respect coach. I was basically saying that my hopes are that he will do things right after a full season is under his belt, and he will magically gain the respect of the players – based on his past success as a coach. That’s all I was saying. Torts did an absolute horrid job of coaching last year – for the reasons you mentioned.

  23. GCBlue
    Can’t agree more. Torts was my biggest dissapointment and brake of hope last season. What is worst, I can’t see him in team’s future as building or positive figure.

  24. Tim
    I hope you’re right. The way coach handles the team this year will be as important as the roster – especially with some new faces, a bunch of kids, some dead weight, and potentially defining years for Dubi, Avery, AA.

    They say there are horses for courses……….I hope Torts is smart enough to figure out how to navigate this course, even if it means he needs to change/evolve.

  25. Blogmama
    I’m not saying it’s not.God forbid.Just descibing my emotions,(after your unfortunate event)when it comes to my twisted mind.

  26. Tim


    I don’t know what’s worse: you always talking aboot women, or me about men :)


    I’d say the latter :)

  27. Gift of GAB-orik (Welcome back Carp!) on

    Yea that was a particularly brutal draft year. Who knows what will become of Jessiman. We could have looked alot different with some of the other names that were on that list.

    Gotta love those scouts.

  28. No, I don’t think jessiman will ever be a star.

    But is there a precedent at all here? Has any player become a good or great player after the age of 25 or 26? I don’t mean undrafted guys like girardi, but career minor leaguers who somehow busted out later in their careers? I can’t think of anyone.

  29. Not exactly a frequent occurrence – and I’m not expecting it out of Huge Specimen – but St. Louis wasn’t an NHL regular until he was 24/25 and Brian Rafalski didn’t even play an NHL game until he was 26, after four years in Europe. Dan Boyle bounced around until he was 25.

  30. Good afternoon, boneheads!

    The best way to deal with that draft and Mr Jessiman is to close the page. I did in my mind. No use to keep torturing yourself and thinking what if. We have been drafting much, much better since Clark came on board.

  31. 2003/2004/2006/2007:

    No first round picks, including 2 in 2004, from any of those years currently play in the organization.

  32. Well, st Louis, Boyle and rafalski all maybe out did expectations but would you say they were busts prior to having their breakout years? Rafalski coming over from Europe is different, but Martin and dan both look like they had steady NHL careers and then jumped up a few levels to be all stars. But what about something more like jessiman…a guy highly drafted who fails to meet expectations until much later in his career??

    I think a lot has to do with timing as well…if st Louis stated In Calgary and never teamed up with lacavalier, then would he ever have had those 40 goal seasons??

  33. Didn’t Marty StL also get injured early on and that probably didn’t help the knock against him because of his size (small + injury prone = not worth the time)? He did tear it up at UVM though so there was some visible talent before he made the leap.

  34. I know someone loves to bet!


    Would you like to make a bet? Or all your money tight-up in Booger stakes? lol

    I got $50 on Hugh never scoring an NHL goal.

    Anyone else?

  35. Montoya looked really good with the Yotes in the final games of the season two years ago, and even got a shutout. But, last season he wasn’t even good enough to be the backup.

    Horrible drafting the last few years. I’ll reserve judgement on Sangs, because D-men do need time to develop. But, Montoya, Korpedo, Jessiwoman. It’s sickening.

    Could have had Mike Green in that draft also. He was picked 29th, I believe. How do they pick two busts in the first round? Unbelievable.

  36. I suspect late bloomers are harder to come by if you’re only looking at high picks, as (a) a higher proportion of those players make it relatively quickly as they are more talented and (b) teams are more likely to at least give high picks an opportunity to succeed quicker, so they won’t spend several years looking for a break.

    Dan Cleary is the only one who comes to mind that might be described as a first round bust turned good, but he’s not All-Star calibre now.

  37. If Hugh Jessiman becomes a star then it would mean even the Rangers failures are failures.

  38. Joekuh - playing NHL '94... on

    Well all the scouts did say Jessiman had inner hockey sense…who woulda thought it was the sense to suck at playing it?

  39. I’m getting really bored with playing NHL10. NHL11 better be a hell of a lot better. Even online isn’t that fun, even if I’m winning. Too many stupid glitches.

    And for the love of pete, will they make the CPU a lot harder to play against? I’m tired of winning 11-3 on Superstar. I shatter every Wayne Gretzky record in the game.

    And get better music!!

  40. CCCP,
    I would gladly answer the bet, but spend my last $50 on subscription of “Girls Hockey Magazine” with Orr as Editor in Chief, sorry.

  41. Anyone else reading the words “posted 72 goals, 71 assists” and “316 regular-season AHL tilts” Beninati-style in their head? Just me then…

  42. late to the partaaay but…

    a turn of events such as that would include a rip in the space time continuum, thereby ending life as we know it.

  43. 4everanger

    you’re saying that Hugh will score at least a goal in NHL and Booger will score at least 5 goals this season?

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    interesting take …Im seriously thinking of taking that bet. Is hugh for sure on the opening night roster?

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , by the way you talk about NHL10 shows your a rookie and havent played much at all. You load in yer own music in the game ( like I did) you play online and the CPU is super hard to play against. Try hardcore superstar mode and I bet you’ll get stomped. I play 1 game a night in a online league with my chararcter . Its perty cool.

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Frolov needs a number!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mike Modano now a Redwing . Thats insane. I was sure he’d retire with Dallas!!???

  47. Greg, don’t fall for this, buddy. The operative word in Carp’s post is ” Milwaukee Admirals”.

  48. I don’t bother putting music in it, Greg. I just play music from my comp.

    And like I said, online play can be fun, but there’s too many glitches.

    I want to be able to play franchise mode and struggle to make the playoffs. I always win every award in the game. It’s too damn easy!

    The best NHL game was the one with Roenick on the cover. The CPU was ridiculously hard in that game. Graphics sucked though.

  49. Things must really be bad in our hockey world if we talk about Hugh Jessiman for three hours

  50. Declaration: July is mo longer the dead zone month. Early August is. Yeesh.

    ilb and Sally, fyi, haven’t forgotten, but I need mailing supplies and have to get to P.O.

    Hugh who?

  51. The Puck Drops Here on

    Blogmama, I used to post occasionally but haven’t in a while. I still read the blog almost daily. Sorry your P&C got dumped but really glad you will still be with the paper and on the blog. I love your posts. I hope things turn out good for you.

  52. Nah, it’s September, CR. Once they start the camp and the preseason games, it’s hockey!

  53. Puck, thanks so much….you guys are just making me so sad and happy at the same time :)

    I don’t know why, but you can still link to it from my name above?! No new posts, but say hi!

    ilb, so correct. don’t know about camp, but for me season definitely starts at “pre-season” games. All? Yes/No….those games, important or no?

  54. Traverse city starts the hockey season for me. Prospect camp is nice but who really learns anything from rangers playing each other 3 on 3 half ice?

  55. And speaking of traverse city…why can’t MSG televise the games?? MSG will show NBA summer league games that aren’t even the knicks but we can’t get rangers in traverse city?!?!

  56. Joke, don’t get us started on that subject. OY! Used to be you found Rangers on one channel, the cable came along, but still…now it’s MSG, MSG2, Versus…Byfuglien!

  57. >>Things must really be bad in our hockey world if we talk about Hugh Jessiman for three

    That’s much better than a Seinfeld discussion.

  58. ilb, from your “sister blog” comment: Interweb weirdness, I’m talking to TR…:)

    JBytes, awww….you think you’re better than….ah, forget it. Sorry, I don’t get to play much during the day anymore so I have to chime in later..:) oy.

  59. JBytes, some people may argue that statement. You think Jessiman is better than Izzy? What in Holy Hell? :-)

  60. RE: 2010 Traverse City NHL Prospects Tournament

    September 11-15th

    The teams slated to be there are:

    Rangers, Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina, St. Louis, Minnesota, Columbus and Dallas.

    Drop the NHL Network an e-mail in regard to Traverse City. I was told last year, they may consider airing it again if they see a demand for it.

  61. thanks Blaze. My hockeystreams sub runs out on 9-16, so I’ll probably be able to watch there.

  62. babs, i left u a comment on the sister blog. ive never been there befor today!!! sucks that i was going to start going tehre to talk about my new pet i got. oh well, hope yoy get a new blog soon.!!!

  63. linda, mine runs out teh same day. i think cccp told us about it and me n you registered the same day. thanks for indirectly reminding me to renew my subscription.

  64. GCBlue – Great post on Torts. I couldn’t agree more. It just goes to show, sometimes what fans THINK the team needs(a bad-ass coach)ain’t what the team REALLY needs.

    On Jessiman – I could see him taking his first step into the NHL this year, but realistically speaking, he’s probably on board to fill the void of Beach, Makarov, Skille, Dowell and Bickell all going to the majors. Hey, power to him. Hope he does well, especially seeing as though the Rangers let him go for nothing.

  65. Jess U Folkyerself on

    In honor of my namesake Jessiman, another Folkyerself family member seeks to join the Boneheads tonight…

  66. Jess Hugh Folkyerself on

    I am Sather’s worst nightmare! Either he gets continues to get roasted for drafting me in the first round, before all those other real NHL’ers. Or I actually make good somewhere and point out how lousy his development system really is.

    Sather Can’t Win!!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  67. wicky (Our D is SOFT!!!!) on

    are you mailing out pipe bombs or something??? Nice set of laurels BTW!!

    here is a link to change the subject a bit

    this is for you, but you may have to mute it to watch it (you don’t like rap if I remember correctly)

  68. Jess Hugh Folkyerself on

    Any of you remember watching the draft day video hype for my tryout with the Rangers? Slats was so proud! I went through the physical, the interviews… I NAILED IT!

    And on draft day, when my name was called, when I came down to put on the Rangers Jersey, surrounded by all the top brass of the Rangers, well, little did I know that would be the last time I even saw a Rangers uniform. Except on TV.

    I didn’t really wow them at my first training camp, but Slats said I had plenty of time to develop. No pressure. But, Hey, Hartford was nice… Close to home, coached by Shoney, one step away from MSG, no pressure to score, skate or hit.

    Then to my surprise, Slats said that I would develop even faster in Charlotte. So I agreed to go down to that American Hockey Hotbed, Carolina. As I remember it Slats said, “The farther down you are, the better you will stand out”.

    Next thing I heard was that I was traded to Nashville and I was standing out by the Mississippi River. Now don’t get me wrong, Nashville is a nice place, but the only time they mention “Hock-eey” is when the spit on the sidewalk.

    So, now at least I’m back in hockey country- Milwaukee. In my spare time, I’m working this summer in a factory that makes fluorescent light bulbs.

    Every one there tells me I have a bright future.

  69. Blaze,

    I’ll have to send an e-mail to the NHL channel. Thnx for the link.

    And I somewhat agree with ORR that the jessiman convo is bringing me down. Let’s talk about Avery spitting on the isle ice girl. Urban legend? If it happened, was it a purposeful act done in bad taste or a purely hysterical example of right place/ wrong time? I say he did it completely on purpose while perfectly executing it at a time and in such a manner as to make it appear as Though done by complete accident. Does tape of the incident exist?

    We could also discuss the geekiest ranger ever and my vote is for Tim kerr.
    Most spastic ranger? Darren turcotte
    and speaking of turcotte…my favorite ranger line of all time = broten turcotte and king (the working line as coined by JD)

    and speaking of JD…I really miss him, he made me excited to watch the rangers during a time when there was really no good reason to be excited about the rangers.

    Sam & JD were like Velma & Daphne. Starsky & hutch. Han & chewy. Pb&j

    good night.

  70. Jess Hugh Folkyerself on

    Chumps to Champs!!!!! Sweet Home Chicago!!!! Black Hawk Stanley Cup Champions! Outhouse to the Penthouse! I’m Cup Bound! Just need to do a little of that Byfuglien Shufflin’. Jess like picking cherries! No messin’ with the Speciman!

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    Looks like ol’ Jess Hugh will be takin’ all the Chicago Heat from here on!

    Ally, ally, in free! Olga is home free!

  72. Wick, I refuse to watch it. I’m off the Megan bandwagon. After marrying one of my most hated men, and then starring in a music video for one of my most hated “music” artists, I’ve officially moved on.

    Speaking of disappointments…

    Anybody hear that Morpheus’ [From the Matrix] daughter is releasing a sex tape so she can “be famous like Kim Kardashian” she said. The poor guys friends all chipped in money to buy ever single dvd, but it already shipped out. How sad!

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